Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 09, 1916, Page 5, Image 5

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Steelier Matched
to Meet Lewis in
Omaha on July 4
Joe Stcchrr nn! runnier l,rwU w!
tnnglo In the wrestling ring in Omaha
cn July 4.
Article for thin match have jimt hron
Consummated by Genu Slcluily.
The bout will be Mta-(1 at th Pouglas
County fair ground and Mpiarly Is now
workln on plans for a pavilion whMi
will aecommodato ,) pornoim.
Thta will b HtPfhcr'a first apppanttiMi
In Omaha lnr hla bmit with Charley
Cutler last July 4.
Steelier and Lewla met onm before. It
wa at Evannvlllt?, liul,, and. ac-cordinc
to reportH, wm a foot rai t, wllli Uewla
leading the Hprlnla and BtecHier In Iml
purult. Lcwla hiia Mmt thn rmildi be
come firm In hla bellof that lie can beat
Sfi hi r. J'io liria lrenioliliiK for another
erack in Itn- Striiiiiilrr and ! this time
Lewis won't W able to (fnpe bun.
Melndy dt'lareH the artli'les tin ban pre
paied iinil wlileh bavn heen piened by
both p.irllr. me (Diffidently HtlOllg Mild
blndlnu to prevent any fouU or uiuuitts
factory ttiil!ii' and Unit the Steelier
I.ewjn innti h In mmilm will put be any
two-honr and-H-hiilf event with neither
111 u n ticorlnu a fall.
Touring onwa-emiiitry from Pittsburgh,
Penn., to point on the Pacific coast,
Mr, II, '. Albrlcht and parly paaned Omaha. Highway tlnoiiRh the
cunt wi re ri ported In be In gind rondl
lion. Another loiirlnt enrotite to thn
went. v,hn rcRlMeicd at the downtown
hc-idriuartei'S of the Omaha Automobile
dub In the Hotel Fontenelln win ll. K.
Ituwllnnon ChlciiKO.
Farmer Burns Finally Bumps Against
Unruly Opponents Can't Put To Mat
' t a hammer lock on 'lm. farmer'."
"I"no the tne hold!"
"Attn boy, Farmer, old kid! Turn 'lin
over now!"
"Yow-oc! flplii Mm! Hooray for Farmer
la Farmer Burn, retired world's cham
pion wreatler, bark In the tunallng game
a train?
He la If you'd Ijave (teen him yester
day you'd have thought no.
No, "Varnier" la not golnir to wrestle
("lotch or Kteeher. ile a grooming himself,
though, for two well kiion.n opponents
who lately have been pinning his pride.
Stover, Imryea Is one, and a certain party
called Flivver, la tho other.
Farmer baa acqulrod two machlnea-
one by purchase ,-nnJ the oilier by aiiticU
pated acqulfiHion of a miii in-law. Ilea
learning to operate both cars. He gut,
behind the flivver In his flint bout and
slipped a bar-arm on the latter' ateerlng
apparatus. Tho next thing Farmer knew,
he was passing the top of a telephono
pole and still soaring. He lost the first
fall In lesa than five elnutes. "I'll try It
again, rateh-as-eateh-ran," Farmer de
fled, as he limped home. Then be tried
out his big tar. He rnn It around a little
while feeling It out. When he went to the
mat In earnest, his adversary stepped on
half a dozi n nails and hurt Its feet. The
bout was called off until repairs could be
made. Hums went underneath for an
Inventory. A crowd gathered and rec
ognised him Instantly.
"Slip on the s.-lwors!"
"Toe hold! The tne hold'"
Hums tame out from beneath and
looked around him. "Aw, you funny guys
pii to' the devil!" h" siim'ted, walking
angrily away.
MNCOLN. May 8. (Special Telegram.)
Harold Corey, captain of the 1918 llusk
ers; Hugo Otoupalik, Kd Hugg, Harold
Campbell and P. W. rPoctor of Omaha,
wero the five student members elected
to tho athletle board of the I'nlverslty
of Nebraska at the election hero tod iy
Ten esndldatea were fn the field. Mugs
and Campbell are basket ball men.
Corey. Otoupalik and Proctor are on the
foot brtll team. , I
Pea Want jM bring the beat result.
Good Scores Mark
Weekly Shooting at
Omaha Gun Grounds
Some cviellcnt choottiK marked the
weekly program at tho Omaha Gun club
Sunday, ttaverul marksmen turned In
perfect scores lit the varloua trophy
Henry McDonald and Clifford tied for
the Rrandela trophy In Clas A with
scores of 24. The tlo will be decided
next Runday.
In Clas ft. Hall, Heard and J,es tied
with ii. and Hall won In tho shoot-off
with a :i.
Mcpotiald. lilxon and Clifford, with
perfect scores of and Koherts, 'Kill
son am) Iteagon, who broke 13 rocks,
which, with their handicaps of 2, mado
(heir total score "b, tied for the Keellne.
trophy. Iixon won In the hoot-off.
Following are scores mado In target
shoot1 ng:
Shot. At loft. t. B, T.atta 84
Bert lUxon ftv Shot At -75. Hit.
Henry Mcl lonald. !r Frank Heard .... ft
H. S, We'herhend Vt Shoemaker M
Hilly Clifford ,.. M Pollard M
Frank Klllsnn ... !.')! Art Stnrx 7
Joe Uoberta '. MK'-ar Talcott .... M
"'. a. Hall !..' 1 1. Colvln lift
Chillies Iwls .. HI Tom Hnuse t'.'i
Dan Mef'own ... !i !r. Dunham a
(leorte Hrandels. Shot At-'iO. Hit.
V, Weatherhead.. KM John Young 43
Don Iteagon St1 Lew Adam S!
Herman Met ... T5,Krvlne Hrandela . Jtt
Hettlement of a 7ft,roo personal Injury
caso brought by John Schmidt, a switch
man, against the Fnlon Pacific railroad.
whs made out of court for H,.7V after
the testimony mi both sides had been
presented to the court.
Bee Want Ad bring the beat result.
" '--y-r'Ti yiiTlfflT
"RIALTO CITY," at Ralston-Omaha, isanas
: . surcd fact. Within six months no less than
500 persons, and in all probability, 5,000 per
sons, will be engaged in the manufacture
and production of "Ilialto" "Made-in-Oma-ha"
films. The cornerstone laying for
this project with which you are already more
' or less familiar, will be celebrated next Sat
urday afternoon. Omaha will gain interna
tional prominence by reason of being the
home of "RI ALTO" films.
"RIALTO CITY" will cover a 160-acre tract, lo
cated in Ralston-Omaha. The manufacture
, and production of films will proceed day and
night, winter and summer, rain or shine.
Ralston-Omaha is the most ideal location in
the United States for such an enterprise.
"RIALTO CITY" will be the most important
factor in the world's motion picture industry.
Plans for the Film City are drawn and ready
for execution. Construction of, studios,
stages, buildings .and other institutions
necessary will go forward immediately.
No Stock Will Be Offered For Sale. The capi
tal necessary is already provided for. The
organization is all assembled,' ready for the
signal to set it in motion.
The Rialto Realty Company has several hun
dred lots in Ralston-Omaha not needed in
the film enterprise, as the 160-acre tract
will be amply large enough. The remainder
of the holdings will be sold THIS WEKK at
astonishingly low prices.
It Is the Purpose of the Promulgators of this
enterprise to give Ralston-Omaha an in
creased population within twelve months.
We are going into this natural garden spot
of Nebraska to make "RIALTO CITY" a
success, financially, artistically and scien
tifically. In m doing. v make Ralston
Omaha a model community. We want none
but progressive, constructive citizens, who
do their part by developing their holdings to
thare our pro.K'rity,
' CAPITAL 300.000 60
tuafivs a uhdmsco paorir 0.0001
llr." 7 Schaafer, Pre aidant i
The Ilialto C:cpan7t
652-3-4-5-6 Brandels 3ldg.,
0 m a h a, . N e b r a 3 k a.
Dear 3ir
The Rialto Company has aski
The State-Bank of OmaJu to aerre aa its Depository
during the reriod of the construction of the film,
plant at Rialto City
This bank will accept payments'
on lots in'Bialto Cltyln trust, holding suoh de
posit until a film plant is erected in Blalto City"
'and has made" and coopleted at least one picture,
said film plant to represent a value of at least;
$50,000.00 according to the written opinion of at
least two Omaha architects. Should said plant
not t completed and a picture made on or before'
January let, 1917, said deposits will be repaid to
purchasers upon rroper re-transfer of lot or lots
eo purohased
This bank," In so' acting,
assumes responsibility of any Hnd or charac
ter other thin as oli Depository, as herein re
cited. Very truy yours,
?K2 ariri; sirc or ei'-uu
It Is Our Intention to secure for Ralston-Omaha
efficient transportation facilities, public
service improvements: and municipal devel
opments far in advance of any other busi
ness or residential district in the United
The Property We Offer you will increase in
value many-fold by the time your own home
is built., We will sell no more than three
lots to one individual, and all building opera
tions will be subject to inspection by our
civic development experts.
The Money You Pay for the deed and clear
title to the property you select, you pay to
the State Bank of Omaha, who will hold it
until we construct our motion picture studio.
If our studio and film plant is not in opera
tion on or before January' 1, 1917, your
money will be refunded, dollar for dollar.
Our Purpose in Buying more land than was
needed for actual. "RIALTO CITY" was to
control and properly guide into permanent
channels the rush of prosperity which al
ways follows big business. We want no
speculators to have a share in the fruits of
our efforts. We want a .community of
home-loving, progressive business people.
Maps, plats and all other necessary informa
tion is available now at our offices.
The First Step in Actual Building operations
will begin with the corner-stone laying ex
ercises next Saturday afternoon, We have
arranged for a program appropriate with
the magnitude and importance of the pro
ject, and you are invited. You will be cer
tain to have a pleasant time.
All Roads and Highways to Ralston-Omaha are
now being put into good shape for the com
ing of "RIALTO CITY. " We have made
special arrangements for transportation fa
cilities to accommodate the host of friend
and well-wishers who will be with us on
this memorable occasion.
fttit? rrrm
G52-3-1-5-G Brancieis Building.
S. E. SCHAEI'ER, President
Telephone DouKIa '3SS3.
Omaha, Nebraska.