Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 08, 1916, Page 8, Image 8

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    Want-Ad Rates
Ir word..., each lueerltoa
Special Bat!
Farm mid Hanch I .a ml.
70 per line. . , each inrtlon
(Count itlx worda to the line.)
Jc per wnrd one time
I'tc per word, a. three coniiecutlve time
c per line.,.. ..on Urn
5c per line, .three mneeutlv (lini
iC'ount tlx word to the line.)
ho as take if rom tha
10c per line each Inaertlon
(Minimum charge to cent.)
Monthly Rata for atandlng ay (no
change of copy) li.M par line
(Count alx word to the Una.,
Contraot rate o application.
TTfR injR will not he reaponalhl for
more Umn one Incorreet lricrtlon of en
dverllacment ordered fur mora lima
one time,
ADVKRTr'tfns annuM retain receipt
given hy The Ra In pnymont fop Want
Ada, no mietaKe can bo rectified
without them, i
ten rim m.r.rrtnvt if yon ennot
convenient y bring or gend In your A.
Ak for a Wnt.A Triker, nd you will
receive the m mnnj ervlee a when
delivering your ad at the office.
IWiNTT TTLKrt 1ofl,
WAVT-Ar rnt.t'MN'a rripF-
KVFXIVa FfitTlWH,,,, V,
vonNiNo editions had p, w.
Current offering of the beet Motion
Picture Theelera In Omaha.
(Changed Dally.)
r,c.-. i.ii, u uuuolah
J a dan In gradual, hut He creep In
"Counterfeit Ijv "
' Haul Pmllltif Pptrtt," Aide apHttlng
i 1 kt a rt5.AM; n 1 rr ars'a c
Now the h'HiKo of feature, orchestra
end pipe omen.
Today preaenla
ftobert Berwick end France Nlnn In
r' 'IH'MA S I illl KTWfH l),"t 1 mil.
TT'illKOp." LuitiHUl'7
I iri , In Fairbank In "Hie Picture In
the papers," eleo ' Kelly end Mabel in
Tit Plight Lle-hm
fr' 11 Eitre ft.l Feature now appear
In at tha following Theatera;
fcM rft us. Til i f 'A "n ft"rdt ;rT a'3
I-ove'f dawn la giadual, I'Ut ! graup l
UmiRop, ihirASffTTitu httV.
Iiouglee ("elrhnnlte In "Hie I'irlma In
Hobert, Werwlk end Krancee Neleou
In "Human lirlflwood,"
Mil ii-:viii ami. ( k,ik'I I' mu:,
ri'IiK while lemforceil cement mv
marker, with name end tlnia, I;. U;
i rH, ?.1L lnl In t deys Keilnvm Co., Vfii Hpi ncr. webeier ,
opritf AMiijiiiiii ivtjrna, nmueu
t'im, nil M"i niKfker' 'th "'on'lo
fiilS water end aerm-prot Tmnii. The
Marble arriliaaiia.
rh5-i v ccj nxririijin 7
plente, Aft Comlilnailriba, elilppnd every
where. EncHleti-, eervice to uur cue
toinera In peat yt-nre rei'timnienua llt.oa
HWriHMiA. 141 n-HHiam Kt I IW1,
I A mi hI XVix i (VI i r.N f of Traeli
flowera, delivered or ehlpil anywhere.
.. H KNIKH8i iNIM l-.nmm t.
. TiTTN A ' i 1 1 l ' T i rt 1 Ti h i on t " t io.ia"
h 't ' ' " J- li
Peraona havlna loat I'inii article wnull
do well to mil ip the ofh- uf tiia
. Omaha 4 Counrli hWra Htrenl Knilway
company to aacrrtaln whether tiny ie(t
H In the etreet cara.
Many ariiclua eacn day are turned in
and tha company ie anxloua to reatoie
them to Uie righttu owner. t.ail
1 mjg 4k
Ty iV It'M ittytioua and eti tiviit il htm,
0 ll urlj nruw II It found l, as kooMI
f (wtw.ii. Ku,ii)ia roTtM are Grouhi
h-.-.i evvrjr thrimctl Iht rnlunln.
THK (.AW-l'iNipliy alio IHiJ atllrlN r
miMi4 In tuimiria ihai tha iia l u
him hi rin!rtifa litem la m!i tha ent
tlotiufli atvvitiii)Rt ana (ahri u.t tlut
a fnui ta a& m. it aia uia be eiuvtv, la
nt, tvia pHati r.
rnn hn p.'kidip"palaa nm.
tain. 114 Iwo allk walet on eaet aide tut
IheV between a ami I Krlday a. in
hlndly 'ail Matihew'a tnnilt atote. liimg
. lit liewaid
5ifiTf.ii K,d ilia r leather piiree"ati'M
(lieum 1hnidfl afifinm'it It II Inin
luiin. Ilinin v i.'i, Hilatantll rem al
T'NK am pli inii up, oraniwil II
Ht.v ! . ir, I'hi linmte
t'oenliNr,' awe) k .1,1 Uimde.
" K1K. IAL Kl l'l Ci:ji
vt; can mi. tot rvM
v ic m ; 1 rcttMTt hp 11,
I'" it N, ! "II M Ti ll.t
4,...'!, f.,u,.,! ...f , ' .in . , o-
I i I ..- l 11 i" I
V i I t. eii l M-r..a tl( ur l i-f
h. ... .1 I .w Hiii,, III .t v'll'H
I "II I' m r. g .( 1. ! a t t n tlii nn
(,.:)!!, vvueui-rt f' aanvt. t All VM-
I , 1 ? ii.f 4 c sh
I Kli H.i.- r it ai..i" aatf
ll'Al 1 !'- v t I, tew I. , a t
I - ' tie ii lie "... ua
t .r ., i . t '1 a Man . .!i a 1.114
! f 1 I,,. . .. 1 1. y .ii?
i"iH tl t. . Ui.'i.i.i K. ..
,. , 1 r. 1 1 I ( .1 (,( n,,i
1 n-.-i..: , t-t -ii-K. .a ..
t"t etlfc .. , 1 k . !..
-i : t ii.v. ' f..t
V'..'.''. . ' .'t I Ut V ! '- I Mt
, S. I 1
. 1 i . i Si 1 .1
lw. w4 M eat e I niinwi wia
I I ..-.. . . .n 1. . ,
1 v- -4 t a ""- .u...-' 1
. ' : ' ' 1 1 1 i i 1 , m
("i t Hi i i !" ,,.,' . i- . 1 (
t ' '
at-ei ait i-lli.i 1 ttttji.
J ft 4 ' . -. . n u.
t-. .1. t.,, ev i i'ea litl4 A
I U I $ , I ..! 1 .,t 4 t ,
J t 1 , l'wM-4a. mi aa
I , , 1. , .. .,. , ,. , . ,t
t 1 1 I', ,fe"4i, a
t4 i4 I .,ia
I '-1 0 . . f . I .,-.,. lt f
" t at in - ft . ii n
I - I- ' t--1 'H i ta f
a . .!:" ih,t ( p . . c a,
Hv 4 4j'jl il I t
Triewrtiera aa' uppll.
KKW niachlnea eold the an ma aa rent.
f4 per inontii-ee ua befure ju buy or
rent. Mupped ,.ny ple oil ten imya
fren trial Unite Tvin-wrltar t.i nunaie
He H. inh. Omiiha Nb
rnnenlldeted w Itji tho Hi lliini e Co., no
Im-urat in UiCj wi st, Z2S Ucij likitj. LiouK.
TVI'EW RITKR.H aold, rente.) and re
paired Kent an Oliver iyrwrliar I
rtiontlia for CVntral Typewriter ijj-
hand, li' Faroarn
RKMINUTUNn. Monarcha and Bmlth
i.'ieinMira lor rent, aent anywhere. Kern
ln4"m 'fynewitier I'omiiHnv, It; I2H4.
liithlnai." FMra KVe
W K bui kinl e-il taiiol umiiH auita and
Marhlnery and Kiialnre.
" mTvV AMI Vr, CuS IMlAJkM At tVFi IM.
M-W iJ'i.hJ?izJ.l',h-
K K V HTON H " Trc t Ion wall drilling mn
rhlne; H-horaa atfm cnfflii"; l,iV ft.
nt toola, Will take li.iM). KS ill take part
proiifity or live mofk In exchange.
Jeinee Madaen. Haker, Mont.
III lll.KRH, at'Brn. rieftrlc, kaa rri'lne,
dpa. Oroae Wra king Co., Iilf Cumlnp
Brarr, a1e aeil i maia,
aT7oT Oroiinil o( tne UaWTJitF iS"r"
aery at 1U Uioiglaa ttt
J. II. Mamette, Wur Phone l. VkA
Hth and Jeckeon. I'lione lioua HMd.
M."l."iHKU Nuiaery Co.,' ITih and UwlgeT
()tUr 11 44sn: Hew . iVilfiia 41111,
Kvar-beniiiiK atrawbeiry plum a, homtP
grown, W p'T hundied, Colfix 37l.
Mm end. and Hoili tua doiii Webnter 4li,
etelata; Hnrtima.
Hovvin Machines
We rent, repair, aell nnijle' and parti
ef all aeWlna mai hlnre.
Ifcte, end llarnev Hie !on Wi
llll I lard n ml "'fi4erTalilV.
pTill iMAI.I'.-New end aecond-tiand raroia
and pookt billiard table and IiowIIhk
alleye and acieeaorleg; aend for rata
loan; tatty payment. The l(riinnwb k
Ika-CollenHer ; 4tW.4tf K.: IWh lH
I.iinibcr anil Hntlrtlna Materlale.
iliAHtJ ie. crilar (eiii'e poal and email
pop aold dlrei't lo t-onintner In carload
lota. I'y after Inepei-tlon. liocker
Voxel, Clerk JKot It, Idaho.
Jd-hnnd " lumber and kliidlltia ilodirin
Cotiet , v,4i lf'lCiinilnf, T vlerJ',42
I'rlnilnu and offfre aiplle.
if;o.MMKI(i IAI, Ijiipll' aliiitf Co., Clrcuiaf
lettera, Public ateiio. Addrwealng en
velopee or i n 1 'fa, eta. Call . Vfl. MO
I'eaton Hlk.
OFT Ol It prhee on Job prlntlna;.
I), H, l'Tl Cl, HKK ltl,lU II17,
W AT KltM-M A KM i A KT i'tg" Co", 'Tiiallli
prtn"tT- Tl oue- Zl'-W- ? W. lath Jtt.
ryhii(hiilaiidrd of "Viierfty"iilll "lie
melntalned; 4 itnari of old Fotitenella
whlaky, PV,; bottled In bond. Ifenry
pollock mall order houae, bong ilni
P-lil4 N Inih Ht
" LAKi;,sii)j; jOilco.
flt-n, offiie, t.'tth jind Manderxon Hi
aL t;x j ti t ta i, 14 0 uh h o Ud kiT
Thirteenth and Dongl.
Kotlled III bond whleky, ).W, 1 Xi.
full una t,
Golden wioitWiiTak y, 471111
ouarla bottled In bund. DreDald.
Cai-klev Uroa 'imah.
i RliMTiiT'ir lipewriier, i ftarlori gui
tar, full. blooded lliiiidan cockerel.
Cell Colfax 3074,
M A ft LI N 22-tlf ie" "eaelTetiT "conditTonT !
eboc long or ahort. fouglaa 4:i77.
"fUH a'ALt- f'ulrl Viay." vV rliei" vVaUoSi
liar Co., Ininaii, Nate.
V'ANTKD-llljth clnaa uryeyor'a tranelt,
an Inelrttrnent that ta designed for gen
eial land mrveylrig a well a drainage
work. Prlf muet be right. Addree If
'to y f4'e
New deak. uted detkl. bought, cold
and trailed J JLipi-.J?rt.5 Br.P"m'
WANTKIj in 1j 1 j y , uaial Foard roadeter;
elate londltlon, age, prb'T. Addreae T
;, l ee
f(A IIM.iN will pay yon more for fur
niture, clotlie and ehon VVab, eliil,
Higneai priie paid for 2d hand cloth,
lioee, ti utiki, 'iltcne, M. 'teji or D. ew ;r2
lliil.Mr.rt iihi your prlca for I'd hand
rlolhen, nhne and hat Weh i'.'it,
6LI CUtf llKH! OLI) KHOKtif
W pay In? li"e) ptl'e webHter172(.
U per heat imI biTcTiithea. ti. SrJT
Real tiritna iiaid for o'ii ciothea. U. 4.U
l.i VJ- oTi'i'diM'fa V Nl 1 Ajfiili. Perk.
Ki(ii7ie(iAAtlii h "l.uidty VVtiJuing
Hinge" at I'th and Donglaa Hta.
I aivi,iiit4eie.
CALLED lor and delivered. R' lr work
guaranteed Haw filing fiouglaa 7iJA
lawnninor aharpined Harney MT79.
Matur heiiaire.
CAHILI. RLKO. C) . Hi'e Illde O .:.
1 urprnlriK ami loll initio ra.
URICK repairing and cement am k of all
kind. 111 Cuming llarniy 4'M.
"Tin work; Central Tin Mwp. 1. 44."
ltr,M iriiia I "iii.lna, aiMeimlim Web H.'lT.
lareaard ivenii i" ja" Capiiol Ave. I " PVit
C. V. iliikaiiaon, (ikib'Lvnwtn. TvF.
Accorillon. Blue Knlln, Hot Pirating,
Cov. nullum, ilnitelltrhlnu Neb. Plvat
lg A- button Co. (.11 5 Paaton H li. It.ltl,
I'rb'i-a reaaimable, Mra. H. A. Connolly.
Mu Hrtlrd Klilk , 1 74 h and linuglae. I), aim.
V'lta V Flei Imi. "ladle taiiornd aariun,
(or all ninii 4i llnee Itldg Tv.JSII
iedaiii" Mtli hut a loitAiia, null. No. 4,
e'loreiiiiii,. A nt a I tiiiln- Ikmula Li
I'LAlN' (U'Wing, work guaranleed. Col- ltd.
HT day woik gwarenteed Web. wtei.
ktlaim I ii-..,m.kii, v 11I iiik I'ny ,al.
Teiry t itaii,a g , ,0 vhi m r .i tiiia.
IPKAI. t'atr Paiinr Halril Ulilg
Xianb'niiia e-mti, and v I. Ut i(y
tta.,tniei.ia Toio-t artliira l Mi
4 Iteat-ire wed IHira,
MAIL I 'LI t I t. SM.Sil t"U..
I.w S I- 11 ft.
tleie 4 Irweieii ana Hlio-kest,
t ItA . I'aiiaiot, all k, u la Imu, . u.l
an 1 itti'Hii. t I . i , ,ie at
Al l. 1. 1 M a ut bale cleaned aiwl b m keit,
t ..I k ai itMiii t( rio-ee pe, ib4.
t iilllhiti, I or tkiiibta.
t r f M l- I o..- n k li! .( t.iihee
I ,e 1 ku Irea II l.ika -.Vetelrir M.
4 teal aeaee.
1 1' till ,il . I 1 1 ll a a.,n tut
Id I ." S I in at I. iti 11 r.i loian
pi lean imiae,
1 1.,.. i .u t ... a ikt
ti ,1
l. , 114 i ti t
4 wlroeiiaettate, afiwal gla4eaala,
l t. Ml. S I I it ea t. -I4 t ait),
I alo.a" e 1 wi tn I .i.m i. i-'ta lia
I r ti inn k.ns t (( a it. I. : -4
I r 1 4 lea 1 . I J li t4.
I'ox k aa4 Vk Ia4na trvwe
1 I l . 1 . , j( . t t
M-aee lesalag.
g IH"' - aeai.t.a wur w aa
r' (-!.' . t 1 . 11 .hi
' "4-' l'--l gh4 let I awl
. 1 a a t I " I
" ie4i lllia,
i'lui V- i I 4 1 '. I . I A a 1
N 4 M I e'l ! -at l( I .
I - ,
. l-t ti
( i
. - al Iw-iil .un'i
Hail- I'laeiiaaaa,
i , - -' 5. -a ' 1 1 ' a
a . , a . a - a aa. ,
I ,ji ( I'i.iiii-'i at'', llllit.
,wa- l.a i ,.,4
I 4, si 1,1 1 tii.i . . . ,
; -.. a 1. iii.a '.(-4
1! a, a .1 a . a-, t-.. -..,...a 1 a ...... ,
! t t At. t It- a A ,1 I I 1 4 il . ...
laa eat ii (iiga a-
K, A. HJWOItAK,' C. V. A.
t4?.1 Ramtta Hldg. Tel ' Mnuala 74.
I'H HKNItA-iilpliur, Hieam Uodeia
Tnrkleu RATMH ANU M A.-SA'iK for
tlrad nerve and riiaumatlam. 1'iPaie
aiiartnient for ladiea with lady altend
ertte t9; Farnam, Phone Lmiij, J77.
ahur Heiialrlnal.
CAUKFL'I, WORK ipnrkl.v doni-. Klej-
trio shoe Hepair IfcW Ht. J1ry' Ave,
Hhoe i-n r iiat" el'na ii'it Far. Kei tt
K t preaa Cunipaoeea.
TWIN CITV K.xpreaa Co.. l!CS Caaa t.
Tougle Kit. Hiavy hauling a enectalty
Joje g Kxpreea Co..i, Il Farnam. Jlr.3.i
kbovr arda.
CUT r;ile. quh'k rervh. I'enwork, Pag-
ton Hlk Htndlo Hm. Ml. OM
Hand I. "under,
"land iBonoy, flrat clav. work, nuiir 'ntaeT
Call for ape lai pi bee. I'hon foug.
( felroKodlaie.
Carrie J. P.ufoid m Pa. Hlk Red 457.
Jealli-ee of the Peai-a,
II II. C'LAl IKiltN K, 612 Pednn (ilk.; Red
7401 Notary public; depnaltlon eie.oo
C, W. HrllL il HMrker block
Varaein fleet a ere.
M II.H1 I'KIt CAV lH,OIAf 17U.
1'aiuiluat Mild l-aivrluat.
yntaha I'aaia Co.JIM H. I3ii lioiglaa !K
Klilnrea aail M lrln.
! iflff C K Kiei triij waablng iiinchlnea,
1VI eleclrbj Iron and leading
lampaWJa Cuming Mt f-iug Jfiir
H. MAIICHH. labor and cleanee, pmei'ni
and repairing. 'M N. I nth Hi, l6A.,,
" 4leieniBlh Ph allHiia, 1
Mr. It, Mnaiek. 405! Hum 'liila T.v2 '!
CAI F.H. pa!ry a',d f ncy bakery good,
ti.pplli i to ti rtl, lodge Ht,d entertaln
menta ', M Heater If-' N. Hlh W. ml
pnroaire ami lluware.
linOKIMl, (iirnace and general llowork,
H. Abralo. Ut N. Wth at. Web M.
(i a fiMi4TH i7i iaWiioiry Tr4
(lamliiM Arailemlei,
VK LUX Af AI'KMV. Ill 1 lb W.
Adterlleluat Aiuvelllra.
U F Whaler A t o lz'"Frnm:J'jlH
" Weddloat glatlonery.
WFnniMI iinoiiii niH iit end printing.
rtOCOLAM Print). itr t'n. ,TI, J.Wii I4.
C.JT. Idjklnaon 611 PatonJ(lklJi
" ' IlealiaiB, ""
nr. Bradbury. Nojialn.WMyl-iy' n!'1
Ta?f;"i'ent""l(tiT . ia"(Tt7ea"l"4plar."igif.
, i.aMarwr 'I rlmiulaae.'
Omaha Tr'ni g Co.. Vrt Karhacn flla l&
- iMtrfrm, .
FRANCIS MOKOAN. 613 Hee, , ,W'.
" " blrctroliele.
Ulna Alleiider, II '4 He Mldtr Red ,J
Mraee and lri "riiMlrla.
paiii fi Wltchell Co., idh and Martha t.
WaloN apectellate.
Chrleilana-n, gil Itoae
Wlnea anal l.niuiira.
PUT your family Imuor t Klein
Liquor llou. IT, N. Idtii. Jioitgla 1W9.
V T i . w ii I iV7iTii I e " fox Terr" le'r," f cm r
old, flrat rlaae wPh dog; elan on
male pup, J week, almoat white, both
fine for children. wh have you? Ad
dreea K, VIM. Ree,
INT K H NA1 li, Ab" ctii'iiie7"l 'k ")or
power, and a Meadow waahlng ma
chine. Will trade for a good cow. or
what have you? Add re a. 4;. JM.Bff.
ALiiiNiV'MATTrrNrT-V'i HI etthaiige for
typH titer, new oak office furniture,
good book, picture r,r what have you?
Addreaa H C, 'M), Hue.
WANTKU-To"' mip" "ll)-g X-Ray
Incubator In good running order (or
. laying hen nr what have you? Addree
H 1, 4m. Hc-e,
tilH Ti ""Tmuvlrv for anl"' or trade for
Omaha, property; population 2.Mr, no
other laundry within, 2, mile, Call
jlVebater .
LAHUI; "e"i "itiiiii In cscKanga for
rmki-r or illnlna table or will i'H
iheei, Web. Ji:.
I lLM8 TV KUirKIJ FRTB when pr'ntt
ar ordaied. F.nlargmnnt) from any
neeaflve Knee Minim Huh and Harney.
I'.ltoOATcn't'laKe,'' prb V,VC'H ewe p" for
a good automobile, W. K, Craig. 1317
CiyNtionaJ Rank Bldg . Omaha.
VlbK breii" t-y ea r-ftl-T'rolt to trade for
Ford paaeengep or delivery, or what
have you? fH Ko. W,hHl.1
TlA'Vriilgh-grada "piano to wap for good"
u Lomotil le, A'ldrce H.C. Il, H".
FJiT-wltTl maF Tiouee fo'r irado for
good Ford auto Web. 7R.
"business chances
BAKFHV FOR WALK, with lot aid build
ing, three-dec Robert oven, nne-bai no iluuith miner and oiher equip
ment. Clt le lt Saturday I'W. No
wholesale, all over the counter. Si-,
Leavenworth -
MOVIN"i Picture Theeiora. real lxiriiiiiK,
machine, repair, aupplle. a' ceeaorloa.
new and ecnnd hand. - ua,
Batrd Wldg. J,,,l-;?IL.
F11K iriALL-GoiKl. cleun atock of h-iril-ware;
live town central Nebraska.
Omid reanon for elllng. lie quluk. Ad
dreaa Y i. He
LIST "wnrH i Bit "S (or uiilck reaulla. llav
live cuatonier waitlnR. YdCNiLMAN,
!t O M. N AT. ANK. Vl'l . 147.
tiowd Sale andAuct!on CoZ Dmaha. have
cloecd nut mora indue to?k than any
other firm In C. SWeli forterrn.
til KATKKft-Uuy, li-ua or aelTyo'ir the
ater. inchlne and aupplle throuah
Iheatei K (.. IPkl Farniim, l I.
ViLl1 AH.s.''raladirtid i S year. To "buy
or eell builncaa es him, 411 MiCagu
H'dg Reference V. 8. Nat. Bank.
" " Klbfl),rpl ;TCHK NlAClilNKfl.
New and rebubt bargalna, eupplle.
Oman Film I: urban a J'', lth Ht.
OFFICK. for rcul al.atu ir itiaurame,
Itnu floor a He office; i;ix3l feet. IM,
The Hee Mdg Office Room K
RES1 AV KANT (or al, iloin g"T
buelneh; mill ell chcup l( taken aoon.
it,1iea Y I"', Ree.
FOR SALF-il'l. k If Ilia drnij etote. "in
nna of lameat (owna. hah. im. .) Al
drrea Y M, He,
lil V niovie tn town c' i -'. pailii-r-
'elup iliaamei'mi nt. C. W, t-liultiu,
t'Ku ,-im i. Neb.
Nli'K "1 iear i, 4lat and Ht-auldtng, .
( liatign (or diamond. Ad -Ire i' IS.
Yn )F,1",' r ' buy "a h-nin - rial' en
Il ia, h Ibiiahnff. I'"iu Hlk i xn
TH ill T In 10 i.ut nt ttiinia vail 4-a
ilSOIHTAfl I lee Ulilii l.ui 4T
7 . . hi. ai 01 Pin a 0 .aiti aa write
JIM W Hat, fl ' liv la
It ! Iluaaee. (
Hh' l.l'Vr. TW nianed imilta-t
elm ,-,i- 11 1 - r!.- an.1 "in . i m
; i..oi, 11 i t-.-i if r - (" b.i
S.i tea. l b 1 1 el I ! t 1
hi I, i i- i .t- Ih ne l.'ei 41 1
P." . . 1 vl t-- a -a -,t , . , 10
a'king d-ian-, "rIH LnatttHk
4.1 l.vaa K I tl. H a I
I 'It t)l.i- I Sit 11 ai.l-l "Hi ' i-i. .-I
l',,,,ai-i e 10, M" j- i. i. pt - ,. ,
1 1 1 t C ... - I - -ou,.
a- -I I'-.-.i."i- l.m I i , Weta t
wii hH h 4 1 . &n 1.1 mi.
4r wi at kaa-aaaa a-l 14 -i. ( i
t n--i ea ,.. ., Am
I I 1 ia xaa - a . ...... w
j a, . 1.14 tt'.x . f(
Uli l.,l ,.-h a .... aa a .,4
,h a a t i t ' '-Ua .aa t . aaa
ia 1 -a J.aj.'aaa a,. a .-- .--ii t-4
t,i,m .i-.aa. a. : t .a.l n. ..a, ,
I - ai.l
V.' Va Pi'. I N f I4 'ad Wife ww tAli
. I n a , I I a a. . i - i i ,i n I f
t, ...,.. ai.aaaaaaa l '.. A
i. . H t:a a
'1, i, '-- , a. i ,., I ..a
I .,'.w,M m -a a, - -a, a I a l
a a - "i i::nii 1 1 ' .
, M i . I . o a - , . , i
i-..-'.1! f 1
a ' . -;. . - ' I
a V. '
il,. li 4. : I I .4 , j im , i
,,, 1. . -5 1 a,. , j i., .1,,..
- a I I 1 1 V,
i 1. 4 a,, a a 4 - - I a
a il IP, a I --..rli f l,aaiiat..
1 tt I 4 it. ' 1 M4la.- hi.
JAPAN L.-i L, want poaillon a chaufte n ,
rook or ireneral houeewurk, In like
private, family, Addreaa Y ?X. Jtets
jilTI ATI'iN " wanted by a colnred "man
rook, in or out of city, Addreeit l
It'l, R'e
W A. ST til 'Job In garatu or a me'imtib;
helper; aome experleffce, J 131i). Ree.
LA i in Uiv w a ti ("" o ik o( any kind
H'i,lIUt til.
llaatela and Ka-af Brnta.
1010 liavetiporl fct. Dougla IM.
Heed'iuartera for hotel he'p
FAHMe.iiB-v bun uu want help write
or call fcmplrr. Labor Agency, Jo A
lth Phone fioiig bloS.
Va AMtU-Houiu-cleaning by the da, mf
rell! cnloreti man. Call weneter ga.i.
WlNLuVVjj wafied, rug bten, c.reeii
repalrmd, wliltwhlng;Walni't 8127-
,A 'n i mowed jho aecjeanlng '.Vbifli
il A f TTiNO aahe and" ruhbiah" Wh iVfflA
LA I" Kill IJNCKU colored woman want
poalUon on farm with I child, cook;
can furtileh good reference. Phone Ty
ler 1'i-V, or write '.Mr. ), ltoblnm,
m N. ilih. ,
,, ii'n ttv without children wlahe pol
tlon aa liouaekeeper where ah can mat)
f ill I'ltarae; ran fnroih beat of refer
erica. Addreaw KJ9.MBg. Omaha.
TDK HKF. rharua for "thtiiutlon ad"
I lower thn any otiir form of adver-tlalng-not
enough 11 rovtr coal of
tirlMlna. :
r.iUV' dealr' noaViion aiouaTkeeper;
no objection to leaving tha city. Ad
iliee A 1', Ree.
RKLIABLr; cnloid girl want chamber
piald work or work at Jg,ll,J',:.z!'':
(V)K.'" private twiardiiig hoiiae. tl.. fciW.
Laundry anil May Work,
Jv KAT colored girl wnm uay work of any
kind, ''nil Weba'ar H!'l Anna Mltcheli.
WANTKI' I'oeillon n inmd or ilay work
hy experienced col. wotimnWeb 7nw
V 1 1 1 r1 T -i . L A a1 H "" la it ndi eai, ilutuiliig ; by
lOloieil woman; beat of ref, Web iVltl
i'l.'MiLL or family waahltig calb-d for
dl. k. guar.; raaaonable. Weh, 'A'i
flu rid le waeiilngi day work, or "hoii"ke p.
log poalllon, Afire. Cauieroii, Red KMh
RL N'TiLK waaiiing,' piece workplace cur-
taina; work guaranteed, Webatcr Z)
LKK V tri" LaCnohV, JhiH t iiiir'oiina
Hand work celled for aid rfeJHfered.
COMiklTi iTiT""want 'fioiiae rieanlti"""
r'feientea Phone Harney KIM.
"TiAMBi;R,VfAjii or3irwnrjIil'aX'
Jyiindreaa. day work. 0. Jaekaon. W. 1
Cooking or dayworkrikl7)
FI HHTViaa' ia"T""i'iaa."'eli'y wrri it 4t
EX P l uiKirea rnen'a aTdrla. ij I'M.
LA I N I II YaiiaT" A 'Z"''l SyJ!4''y
ft Hti 1 1 LI', WJilnk ia y woTk Well, t.i.
ivililng and luce curtain dme, Ty. li'
jts.iT a.B9x "T..w----a-.. , .- '2a. aiav. T-it, . ail
I'r ifraalona anal Trmlea,
WANTIdlahlo" ii'noij
opfrator, wlio in nlho a
priutf-r. Hloatly pot-ition. iN'o
lioozcr or fii'iid, Apply nt
once, Qdvarka l'rH.f Clark
801), Nolt.
CAN Iil" "experienced meat culter of
good. eeu habli. Apply In peron
Meek' Hlore' office, fill Rrandel The
ater Fihig.
!'arillhed Ten Year.
10IA-I Cltv Nation!
Drug aioifi aiiup. Jot,, Kneiat, tie Hldg.
kaleainrn ami Hollcllure,
WANTK.U-lilnhly ia.coinit.enili.-d, ub
etantlal man to reprent a large farm
tractor comp.'iny In Nebraaka and wet
ern Iowa, Not tiecary to open an
Omiih office, but muet he In poaltlon
to actually aell farm tractor to dealer!
In the territory, Tha right man will
t hacked with plenty of good farm
paper advurtleing. Olv reference
peel ef.ertence. "etc. Addra K "OIK. Hee.
BALhK.VI''N wanted loiMTiwri;ha ndi ae
In Omaha, Nehraalc, De Jlolne, flloux
(.'Hydatid Waterloo, Iowa, Call .'2 8o,
imp ft . Oinnhft. N"ebrk.
IF Vol, nave eeiling ability aa tRand
rd bee lnv. Co., 1017 W. O. SV,,
Bull, omaha.
BiiSik. i hiMI extra good, blitmoney lor
the eniceman who la a buaine getter,
(i)7 W. ft. XV. -
eAl.Lh.MAN lo travel in Neb. -standard
Hee. and lnv. Co.. 1017 W, 0. W. Illdg.
W" A NT KD Young boy In deliv
ery dep't; permanent poalllon and
good aalarleg. Apply eup't. Bran
ueis Iriioit.
Trade kciauois.
Men wanted to learn tha trade. W
hive originated a plan to teach It
quickly and earn back tuition while
learning. Tool Included. Open to every
one. Wrlta for catalogue. UO tio. lth
Bt., Omaha. Neb.
to learn auto work for tna big prlrl
ruah. Fine tralulna work on autoa and
'Ci'lrlc atartinav ayalema.
3 Kariiam 8t. OmhaNea.
Li. A UN bather traue, more tna 11 make
your tuition while learning. Hut of tout
Included. Job guaranteed. Call or write
lur vaialogue. 14i4 LoJgv
ht.S wanted lo lea in thu bai bar trad.
Tuition li iti' ran tsi., tiiuana.
OMAHA It A II h hU' Ll-t-.tJ
l laci'ltHHeuM.
A lai T or' H'iti I'M 1 Lll WTA'i'KrtTuTvf?
WANTKL. Able-lmtlied unmairled men
Iti wren ae uf l and iliidiia n(
CniiaHt Maim to aoai i-baiactet ami
temperate liabtt. who can ((teak, read
lull aainaa Ilia tMiirt..u laiiaUM. . a . lii
f'llli.itlo'i 11 ll a I,. l;a .-a aiit -11 .'. llfl'I'Wi,
Army Uldg, lath and tHaig Hta.,
11 a. -li J"l Mailt ,,., (la-a
Miiltt.a, l; v,'f l-iiiirtti Hi , Htnuk City.
I,, 1 In N Triuit T-ii l.inniiii, Ni-b
. ('11 I ai ter iniiiitii eatia nc'tia-i to em
i'l,i, laoiiielt and liien ailhuut biiec
feiing wiiti ie 1 ai aiirk, no e im. no
iaiiailn (lalilarlv no liiaeitmeiit.
uueii, hee l not a('!v Hpell "er
I... t; W Ma tleaaej I'lm-ag 4. PI
Va S I f I a Namaa 01 auililtlania mailt i
to S. w 1- 104 taa PaM-aoiaa imiatia tna I
carii'fa t 'witiiiieitc I ' linn. 1 11 Adilrea
V 11,1 to .
p a, S t i 1 1 A tiaeti aa lib r. f,-ieta. I, if
' anil 1 ll.UO( b-olaa I 1, In , Ha ttiaji)
1. 1 -.1 I 1; II I .
a ! 4 I f !. .....a' e .i .f.,i... , a ,1
1. 11,. 4k tlte -aa. i l"al, hi
In' ', V. i Ut.Mt N t'lamnaia I iJ
" a (-' .atl .. ae A f. a,
, I.
! , I;H( 1 1 A it ?lt $A 1
H Ut U-iUhi tv'jftli H-4 ( aj
Sfl ( I ' 0 1,,' -m
praala'-aataalaa ami Ifaiaa. i
,i l.'- f I'H I I 1 I ! it X' -t
i-t 111 S : i in sea pa .mi in r a sh ;
tit IntH I . l Hi! A Vt 1
Iti,' .s i I I., 1 ". . r 1 .pi rt.M
I ill 4 a I l I. I, ' ! lilt . K
i il!HI A iii . Mil AAp 1 in il
I a
SI K ( , I , (i ,).., , ..,
1' a a . l ' t j . I a I it, ,,4 t . . , m
1 tiMs!:l ,.! i. I 1' p 1
' 11 Alt ' l 4 . -a-, i at
... "a. I It ..,! ki(,
liH i a aa.... aaa ' .. .a a- a "
talaaai .aaaaaa eaad kll llua
WASil -- ,, .-i teM . (nil il..-?
1 '"o a i" aa a - 4 ia- aa ' ,iai
.t . 4 a-.. I a. a a- it", . a-i-
,. il ni i 4 i Mi 1 I-. a ,.-.a I
t-a. Vl ! c t a.a.a (' a ,
la., in, S '
8, 101 (1.
. la-, ho III end Il.aaiealta.
WAN T I" I X m rl wlm" w ih 'tipprcciute a
Hood home, have a nice pteaaaut lotim
for you; will pay beat of to the
right parly; einall lamliy. t'C7 S. 3Jd
far . llarnev
N KA T a "p I tea ri 1 1 g whTte gill for gftiei-al
bouaework. amull new apartment; three
In (amilj ; houc cleaning done, Apply
W ti. t'Si HI. Harney 4f,li,
W A XT K I 1 iood re'llabla girl for geiw
eral houaework; good f and a
good home (0 the right, pnrty, -.all
COOK"VVAN'T"F.I'-Wo'tnaii cook wanted
t Chrlattan Home orphanage, n. 7th
St., Council III 11 r fa. Apply between K
and 10 o'clock, mnrnliiai
?j'ouiy"e"xperleliced white "glri for general
houaework; good pay; 4 In family, Mra.
R, Vi. W'llcon, telephone Walnut
& California
WANTKIi Competent girl for giuierai
houaework; no -vanhltii or Ironing. Mr.
II, F.. Pattemon, iW Uougl 8t, Wal
nut S32
elibfiLK ageTlaly houaekreper, 5 day
each week;go home nlk-lit. ne'erence
ri'tUlred Addreae o I3)4, Hee.
COi FT.Vi' aviiiie Klii or woman foi
houaework; no naahlng; niuat have
good n-feiencea, Ti' K. Call Ho. MI'-'
WANTl!.i-ioodglrl'""fo"r genet a l' howee"
- work, email family. Hood wage
llouae cleaning done. Call Web 4.',i:t
W AiSTI',lA coiiipeleiit gn Mot "aenern
houaework. Mr Robert llenipmer. Kid
Harney HI. Phone llnrriev 'I'lxt,
fi'lllTr: glif for gi'iieral liuuaivvoi k ; n
waahlng; good wage . Il:l -j. .'i'th Ave,
I'lione mi Ml. -
WANTKU-A while" gnl lor general
houaework; mnrt he, experienced, I'hona
VAANTKO till! 101 iaeiniiii huuai-wiiik,
white or colored, no war-lung. Call Wal
nut a.. .
(jiU, for general huu, envoi k, nu Wft-h-lug
01 li'miiug; linnae cleaning (."'inc.
Mra, Hrci-Uenrirlgc, ;''lll .lackaun.
1 Ac I 1,11- ,1 I'oiuj'i'ii in cook; I't'icrcii' i'ii
reiiine. Apply .n; ri. ;',:d Aie, Her-
Hn, 1 1,1 aoou voi'tk ; wiily three in
fooiii-.. Mie, A L. Reel, Phone Hen--a,
111 17a
a A a 1 l.l 1 1'tt'ti ani foi' houaework; no
viiehdia) Mm. Frank Martin. Harney
!1. I
illli ftir general hinteetvoik. In fam
l!v, Mra- W. II, Head, 12 iJ. Mlb.
iA,. I el) 4 iff I forienerai hoiifework, I
In family, good Wane. Colfax IV'k').
WANTF.I.V girr' aaaTat lth rhlldien
end honsework, Colfax 1141,
W ANTKIt-Oood Vxr'ci'laiiccd white git';
(rood wane, ainall family, llanicy ,i9
W'ANTLIi-A competent girl. 2 In (amlly.
J'"1 J4"-J'-i ' Phone Harney 717.
u"iili glri for genergi liouaework; go
home at nlghl. 34l Cuming.
VA A.iTr.if A gondigirl tot general liuuaa
work at 4iV43 liodge. , i
VA AVfhfi A ""girl for ""liili'rhoiiaevvo'rkT
Applv 3000 nrney8t.
WAN ' K 1 1 Tltiuneiimld. ""iVeupor"r
llarney fifl
llotela and lleataneanla.
WANTKM an eprl"med chaniberma'i
nd experienced panlry glij. Apply
i lalrmoiil Inn i. lll J. 17th ft.
I..KA II N manlriirlflg; earn $'. to 175 per
aeek. We wi III give away free boo
corhlpa to Introduce our manicure
outfit. Write for clrcuiaf. A, Irfind A
Hone Co., Ravenawood ftt:, f'hicao.
VV A N T Kf Perioii To color ri picture
at home, cay work; no experience;
good pay; arfiple free. Wheeler Co.,
JOT Madlaon, Chicago.
For ' with good reaaon for aa ti
ll. g, a variety of eour In a reliable
Bualne -c.huol, one of ih leading bud
tie college of Omaha, Will be aold
very reaaonable away below regular
price. It vou are conelderlng taking a
comae investigate1 thla at once, anic
Spring Terra begin aoon. Call (flea,
Omaha He.
Bvery day I enrollment dy, Roog.
keeping, Hhorthand, tetenotype, Type
writing, Telegrephy. Civil 8rvlce-U
Commercial gnd t-.igllah braiitbe. Cat
alogue freo.
181 h and Harney St, a
. Tel, Uougla IMkS
Day Scltotd (or Young Women.
Kvjnlng b-.huol for. Young Men and
bat ui day tvornlng cla In typewriting.
lot. C. Duffy, Owner and Alanager.
m H. lUth H. i t'fnaha.
HAHP Wuriiiiicr term offer lo atudenu
beginning April 11. Harp furnlahed.
M Lyric Bldg. Loretta Delxine Studio.
Dr. B. R. Terry euree pile, flatui
and other rectal dleaa without aurgl
cal operation. Cur guramel and ne
money paid until cured. Write tor boo
ea rectal dlcae wlto tcatlmoniaU
UH. E H. TARHK, ilAU tie Uldg..
Omaha. Neb.
1'fc.KiioNAl-Miaae eitaple and Bha-'-fvr,
bath, elaciiio tieauiienl, tipen o.
Ul, to p. III.; Hiafiilay, II H. .11. to p.
m lmug. Jia, 41 W ar Wlk
t,''. NU wumeii oumlug lu Uuiaoa" ai
unl aie invited to Halt the (uiin;
Woinetia Cbrtatua asaoclatlnn building
at litb l, and m Mary a Av., whet
hey will be tiliftcted lu auitalle buard
lug p.acea ur otlierwtae aa.iaied. Urn
lur iur traveaer gutu at tna Umu
411k, eaiiaatioii Army liiuuatiial huue .
Il' 11 a yuur nn) ctutnliig. lurnltuia mag. We iMi;ea-l. VVe iHairbuiw
I (lougi 41 and our wuu wtd
IBil. Call Bill) Ilia,,. I Ualf ll Ui'llla-a
Hm Ul. all tudkB 11
knSii poettta iaanl',1 t it lauai effrr W
romp .eta a-ali h lti,. ntul h IP aell I ia
II itat ' ".tt-l.ei a e-.c a ".4 1 1.1a laaara.
li e lici aai. Via 1 1 bail' a ,'IH II 141
l,,iMe M o
If i I'T I 11' ) " all ll-i u
44 4' 4 V 4111 ,!, . ,( a .1 . a.
miriati til t I of 'e to
Ai all.- M a. a H t
L' I ' I,' V' iatia tt at as a It I ill" lit l
I A 'It'll I la l anew 14 " fie ft HI '. f M III'
Hall 1 l-i ' I I- a " ? II!
HtlVHUTr A A Hll'dVI AM laifiitit'
1'iai a av ata-l'aa' I rl t-'O- It lnwal
!.),, maaaaa ' Ha ha I ! ata.l
a '.i.i or. ' ' Ki" h I l-tg It -at t
I au a ., , t.fliai. ! i ,n,. -ai-l-el,
,aa l-i e. a. a ..ri4 ...tine. I ai
., .-i . i - i ul t n-.t-'Vreifi-i, i t
, a I . ea 1 , -ea a
I'll 1 1 I I a f 'N t l, .;a ., 111-,
ta n A It ii. ia 4 1 e.i,. 1 1,
i ia ii f .. a ,i; 1 ti a
) II aa i',l''.a -4 .-la' a a ,a I ae I
lt-.loe I I a I a .at I- . - 1 t ,
t ,. t it a taa I t.
l 1 t fi.l ai P It ' U II -l.i,
. da n-' 1 1 kt -i-ia i . a,
li a $a4- ' . tai4a, t - .' .,
all ....a a, a. J l a a" t an a
a... , , , a t .aaa a N 1'- a .. aat
t,.., ' el- .11 la.4 v Ha.1
44 i a a.,,, a -a r . - . . 4 . .
ikl. ."-'1 l'a'" I '"! ti.a4 I
ia ii ia A
t I I . it ' "' 10
a, , ,-.-,,,i ..t.r,i-i,ia
..a I ... t'-i.-
I ' I - aa
' a , .
j.iiiii I l.l "a !' .'' t a I ,C1 I I
1 1 4 aa- I l -I -a t 'll.i
. '., -' . . I
ii a i
Vint 44 (I,-'
I a -.a a I
II a . 1-. a
4a -a t a I
WiAXTKIi imy ol mglii miralng by col
O'ed crndnate puree Call t etilf.
eCll. til' lC
l.arar li.tig
a' it' I "
Furnlahed Hoouia.
1( you fall to find lh room
tou dealr among thaee ad, call
at Tha Hee office for a Room LtM
-give complete detailed deertp- .
Hon of vacant room In all part
of Hi city. If mora convenient
phone Tne Bee Want Ad pept.
and give your name and addre. ,
and a liat will bo mailed to you
at once. New Data ara laaued
everv week.
tTAR JlOTBL-SiiiRle rwbrraT il.6); ulu.
..;,;. I'liiiiiOieo mat rni, "m
hot water, Indcr new management.
Tyler fc.. ,
A FRONT Bouthenal uiln, ail excep
tional opportunity for refined couple.
la rave If iljalreil ''IS-A.---.
Ci ,i,A ,n , colli, at rlct Ty moil Ji i rootn, fur
nlahid or unfurnlalie'l; i n client Iocm,-
(Ion. ii fi- Xlat Aie, llnrti"V ?'
t'V i ; ii XI rt 1 1 K I ' 1 'oii 1 1 1 a fur li'glit' ho"U
keepliig at ffil2 l,i aven ort 11 fit., oyci
olfbe, It per week, Po'i ia jion. hi I't;
FLItxrHHrjiToum wiih" board In mod
em! apartment, bualneea woman pre"
faired Phone Harnev 274.
fulT luVxt - Nlceiy ftirnliaiied aieeplng
roorneApply VM I la rney HL
LltlilT. airy "alce'liing room; c"ioae n
walking; $2 weak up. Wi N"tlh
Pit. m
FI KXiHUKIi room In Imniiee, one block
from car; tulvule fainlly. Walnut 'SlU.
tm Webatcr.
NP 'I'J.Y " fin iii!ili"irleivnlng room; j.rl
trite family. I S. 2tit li Imuglag inik.
ill N"".'!!l-'3 iir '"ij'pleeiv fiirnlahd room.
with kliehefietief rcaaomiblc.
th lii.ii'i -r'i'oiit""piii'lor, iiioderii, a
lliolllll. .
FI RNlr ll KU room In bachelor apt.,
nun of complete fiat; ha room lor
three gentlemen. t W-'i'i.
SPLKNiilli" 'aiiiiihnaiiiii-lil, cvervthllig
furnlaheil, walking (lltance, eliodo. Wi
ai 'lath
Ti4s'( i. "2f,TI f ':.Twive"rfiorii "f 1 ("Tiewi v.
a fiira.iuiiea aaa necoraieo: aiiit-iiy iii"a-
ern; leeilrig room only. j
f.AIPiK, Weil fuiiilxlicd aoutii room I" I'll
vate family walking -lattice,. Red 7!iO
N'lT'I'ii.if'Turi'iaheti fri'mt room at 1Mb
and Vx'tmin ' " ' s 1 ' , .
LAIi'jirpNi Un bed room; furnace, bath;
tl W. Wit H. Pith. lioiiKiaa ji,2 j
VkT IMiHfika-HtrTi'tly niodirri "Tleeping
room; private fmiillv reaa'dtable,
it A H N KY ii;!:-'- L'aTgai ' front room,
private nome, ii, iianiry cio
rpFRFBCTLY cTean room, nuilable for
4 nr k tiureea. phon Wbter J). ;
II A I ( X K Y STilf-Front t o Tn d t wj i m
gl room; iiitn wnn iuhiio. ' i"1".
1WU fiirnlalit'd rooma; I'.'.t'iO
" a week
linnrla li7f7. rata rti. viat rr
NTcK roori"i,"wrth breiiklaat. Call
nllik. JH N. -Ld. x . ' .,
Mi Kl.lf furmiieti room lu in, an
modern Ml H. tt Jt
MliliKitN ala'piiig romil. " Ut, Mry
e Jt C4. i
NKAfl.V furiil.lie'l tooiiia, lioiiieTlke, till
H. 1'Mh R.
V TRNIHIIKliroiiin, front. Iioitg. W
Hiiliartaei-plllH Itaionta.
fliiCKt iHTOC"Suri 2tJt""KtTTia a
two room and one three-room apart
ment, exceptionally well-furnlalied and
cnmplele for lioiiackeeping, reference.
Harnev 1 '. j . ,
two iilcelv 'Tiirtiiahed front room for
light houaekecplnx, In private family.
Phone Webater 7IKS
f Wf) nice hoinekeeping room, reason
able, electricity, ga range, vj Fr-
nam. -
"Taaenporl. yifi i-ii'uUld 2-f. apt., tf fi 1.,
elec. It,, aa ranirejiltch. cab. ""?'U,P
"irinl-T R N "hTiUaw-keepIng rnom.i42 ft, 13
Board and Boom.
fWO laraa airy roormi In nw, prlvato
r'ldeiice; board optional; near i car
line; near Milller park; very delrgb;
fererencea i.oiraa
"tTLARUK ciimfortabie front room tvllli
beard tor two gentlemen, In private
family; cloae In; etrlctly modnrn. e"0 K.
2'h Ave.
ROOM and bon"rtTfor 1 workliignien, V.
Phone IiotiKlaa(4i,
ZXS'kf. MAUY AV-4i.ft to U.W per
, . I nf urolatied Moiinie.
m . fn fi
l,'.SFl,HMPlil"'tJ rooma.
Ave Call T-r
jjaisar Tkvif6h Ave., "'iih front room
with kitchen Pong. 4637.
rNFi."RNl'Si""Bn room at "li'M S. &ih'rt.
Phone llnrney TM
Y(7tPr.uPLt, WHO HKNT ItoOMb.
and find out all about the FURNISHED
KOOM OUIUE. If e. plan that I
hulphig n-ny peapl ren their homee.
jailCrX lurnlBlied toonis. hut and told
water. 12 and up.
2474 Harney rt
l'.ith an1 Farnam. nh and harnam
Hweclal Ratee 'o P-emnnent Oueai.
Apitrtiiifnl nrnj House
A .r"uD,a
ipUiii-M'Tijr N L iv . r Ij HA lott S.U.
Catering to Ptoplu of retuwd tate
Aprtmenl I tompletely eu,uipiteJ (ol
hmiaekeeiairi. un-tu-dal and cumfoil
b'' 'thAVRH BROS.
Tel. tioug. fAk4- ' Om'iha Nat. Hank.
or Cad ixt-gla .. ,
"iitk I M" imuait, goon loftillain, near car,
f..r aumince itvntha ''-a ' Walnut "il
ii I'.tinM i.,mpielfl pnicahed linnae, wt
Hiiiitey ."tt
AI ral,
OCT Ol' TUB tiill'JNAiiV
) nnlll A " 111 it l.'t'iaa i !f'tlt
f.w. ta v-i ( lta. tit lig i ..on; 1 1 i aa 1 1 - - -a.
tk f.t.ita ant flllleh ibtcngl-
,. j i i . . I , ..,(., t lo -a'la ; i
I,,: lilM 4II.N l.l.ll'- II- .-
lilil.l iii..,lili Wltil lui ailil heal
. ! l.l..- ll
I'lui M4..S '- ! uta i'l t. a W'Ll I'll
ttnallal I aa- t. a Ml a I l-i "letll 4ll '
i.iii re l"i A '! l
. , a . . li . I . --4 .. I..
l-aal. a at la la- i a 14
"" V ' nt f iaC""
Kta t- -tw I. -a. 4 in. g'd
li.,',, ... i f n t '; '! I I'-itn.
i a, i aa , .- - a '--
,41 ill . t 4 .1 fi ' I -' ' ,!'"- I-' -ia ' i aa- - ' A ,l m nib
, " ia ea e pt ar t "
i I aali - i ' I 4.H4 - -
...,i , ,1. ' a t, nt!,- i ;tt ta'j
i , it i , - - - - - a - I a
.fa ,.aA l ' !l a' wa . fax. I
a u1 ia I I'l .i Il' lf I a tt
i'. fl Hill I - I I ' ' i I' ' h,..
.' . a"., -S Iwf-, It 44 o a''-l
k I. i. .Vl "I , It' I-- t a)
.t a ' ' " '' - " "
',-4 ,ik a, --I t I' t , li---,aa t'-i tt,t. i --I
a 141.' a 1,1 i',,.-i i a '- '"a A Vi
4 ia- a "'. ' art I ' ' ' an
a . a
I,. I . "
, ..ft .,- . aa - N 'ai. a
4 a a I 1 "l.t(t. -
' a I. a ' a '-
t at I
M laaiTlliliM-iiua.
tfa. Mt.-l.- Mllld ivifil i
Ul'i Ml. ;:id, brick, moilcrn. tZiltt.
..... .... .... ? ,..iaau
.ua ratt. iiei. iiiott'-ini t a.....--.
IVi't I'onnlcton Ave,, f.-r. and liatli ,JP"
W A LK I Nil diatance. Im podge S-rc torn,
moilcrn houiac. IS. W. VV Mitchell..
owner. 1H:t Hpencer Phone Wao.,.4li
..... 7TJ,.,i,-,i,jaii u He al uiienl, either I.
oi S .('noma, on Weil Farnam treet.
n,ii4' i uonril il" yiRNAM ST.
M O liBH N ti-rouili apartiiM-nt, lncliicilii
eleeplng porch, well loealed.JarW'S.
Rt lOVb-a' aiid" bathriiit"T"ii the MaewoodT
2611 Harnev Kt.; ery delrable. trneit
Sweet Call U 1471.
;0t" soi2!t triii-"' mod. br feif flatjfiOU
'l.nejoi-atlnn D. ,V';7 orjted iZI.
. .. N;rllk.
?j6 and 2'Jo7 X. 2Uth t., nice apart
ment, on car line, near school.
Firt floor, cily water, toilet, ga....l!l)
.second floor, modern, 4 rooiu... t'J
Haacment, 4 nice room, part mod...... W
t all for appointment; Sunday, t,olf a
"SZi n. K. bu-ck & CO..
012 Omaha Nafl Hank. Pong. &r.
a Ah IN U. ib'i'U bT.
it-iooni modern flat, oppoilt Ford
Motor plant; good for roomer; Ki.iA
per mouth.
U. A, WOU',
All 4, if( Hlk. Doug, HOflA.
TUnuM. all niorii't-ii. eteam heated apart
luent, IioiIkc. Har. Ub'iO, orHar. iXafi.
(7,",k N , iilth, "two or (iirce-rooni looderii
w Part men I a, i'l per iimnth, ...,
C'laOhl'i In, liicnp rent, " 4-rooiu mofleni
apt., Hiriil, water, phone, laundry. ISuin
mer i n ti-, I22..VI. iWIS .nvtijmrt.
Jkdi'H l;iti.v""ail'.r TfiKiiiia." I2J. ii'ar po'gt
offlt e, O. P, Hteblilns, PilO Chicago,
i ROOM"'modcriT flat, Bcinl Park, ' J25).'
,,'"l''lll- V"-- ...
V WJUSIH and a'lii'ouni,
will bo vacant !:y I, lo
cated at 'Wo lone lit.: IM
per innnlli; look til over,
(1,1 la a imp; walking dlt
lance. New oak flnlah.
,'tr, OiTinlia Vnf Hank Hldi? I). AAKI,
tiK.ilV uluiii.'w orick Hut, o room anJ
bath, trlctly modern, very dry cemn.
aeparaie baaeinent; gaa lanae, blind.
cret'iiv; fit at floor; FX), tie Aula-
k" ",,r, MaVj-"'!! Ity?th Kt. 1 1 a rney 8744,
" ia ' giiui',Hi miia. on y :'&.
14-MiiiHT LAiaRI'IIY, Hong JM.
f rtOO.M" modern aparlmciit' W "". 2";t
Ave, Pr;4tc iiitrHii'ic ami laundry
i n, m. 41
a;4 Orii iha Nut, Bunk Bldg. Phone H, 7(4
. I , 1. 1 -I a, .I.IIU
iicatait auurtuiatiir ,
..-ru a..ln, -I'l.c i'lillla
Vt'.a, yth
arid t'oppimori. Conrad Young, 'iii Bran
del Theater. Doug. J671.
" l-uf unit bad lloiiaa-a ii nil Flala.
Wanted to Rent Hou'tie"
in DUN OK K.
W L. KF.LHV HON.' rViugla 7!)
gtore. move, pack, ab'oi; l-hor
in and 2 men. f 1.25 per nour; itoraga.
12 per month. tBatlafacr.lon guaranteed,
tmnirlaa i.'lf and Tvler VA.
Packing, torge and mov
ing. 2i'J N. Uth St. i'hon
Lougia .tit) or WebBter WW.
iJEPiiool warehouse
faVparate locked rooma, for hotiehold
good and piano; moving, packing and
H' Iti'h Ht - Uougla 4Ua.
bTufSl l T i V Li ti E
Phone Uougla 'in for complete
lift of vacant houae and apart-
iiiitiU: aiao for ttorage, moving.
14th and Jackmn Hta.
I'aeairtH atoraee IliCen A ve Tyler IJna,
Van nd atorage Co. Moving, packing,
ttorage and alnpping. phone Douglag
I I If CP II islxprea t. Moving.
LU. IVCiLP pavoklng and etoraga.
VHJt Farnam Mt. Uoualaa 6144.
A downtown retail atore building, ait
So. l&th. Owner will remodel to auiu
tanu per month.
Dougla Z7. ' 812 Bo. nth.
Modern atore room and ha semen t. t.'j
Ho. ltHh Hi.- tin localiun tor grocerle
and meata.
4 Hrei net. ( heater. Ooug. U5J,
ittiii. iiuoAWa hi Imki-Isu raitiain du
'I'll. -a k linn. It' Hamice lll'lc Ii ,'4u,
aiwiva, uuiiutiia. ilt liiai ruaitua .41 rvaaiaaat
Hi .ten i inuaiae iitU. ,
Of fire ami Oeak Huami
1 1 1 b 1 1 ' l ami t't" . for rent rheap
Ml tin- Hl'tiltiley Kin. W. lUiiminntl,
impa-i intcinleiii, 2b.i f't, nth Kt.
Ill XK u,,n, loll t. l lb nk, "Jlll ilitt, (; (aaa.
wilt r t -e. Cli It.-e. ji Hit
11 a , i a, Ua,
t.Al.tat., Haiti i,aauia,ii, on l it'h at i
t Inn. ti catlou (ur tutpar l and pool,
ia r ant .v i.a.u.u t. j,
"Weal". """ "' ""
Hulit In I 'ii. "
f tut Ml,
' I" ' I - 'a' ' lii.-tein,
Will Ilia ,!,! uh .n
P-a- I I a Ian ill
.1 . !'-'. S.., at 4'., I -
" i H'aa-M i ".m it m. t i n n-.r,.;
t; ia -I tKila I ar il, ft it Pii-iviiii M,
I'll I" I'll'l I'l''' t 1 tl al.i ae
..,"t I'l'-.'a '1 -t'tti I t ,4
i -mi an. I ' .n I'.l-r,, ,-.,,,-),.,
Iit'el.-'f fli-teli a H t 'I aiaai.f,.,! , f,,n
1 1 f H'l t I'll t'C-lMf ,, a,,!
fall', l.l n I All 1 ,
I ., ',, fa " '1.1 . aa-Pr jljj
i ( .h t ii c 1 -ii th. si; 1 1,. a- ,,. ,
ll.ala' 4. 1 -il la..-.- In if l-'-i-a'sa 1.
,t',."' !!' i'-t ' -a llli , I l ,,,,,,, 1
I'AHiKi'UAl. I'lMTiU I
T L'MMM ,s,t'
lei t-t t a- ' " '! eaa lag,
II ii aft '---a-, na 'i, ,ihtm
la- I, , a ait nt- a a '- la ,4 1 at i. a , o at,
la . m; ai a 1 s-'-a ! ia l"-,aii ;a
t-. ..i'. t i-tl 'a ' e.-t'4i', 1, 1, . , . t
I an a .a . , -I a 1 , ft "t
1 " '.. ' r i i :. ,4
! la. ,
AliMsitaiiNVt.UAf Ml n,
4 " ! "-' a I ''i
t . nil ri tt -i f.i
t '- a . - 1 i
i. .- - . I 1.
i - ... a
1 I . ;
I ... a .''. 1
a--'- ' .'..
. , '.. . ! 11. - . - I , . ,
- 1 4 4 i. .. Hat ,.,
J ar
ajVp-j, rfa4Vj4w
,' 4 , a- . I v - t.t..i,.n
4 a ..n -i f-taa.l I - I '
i-rAt-ViM 't IJW-ialVt lav":-- t '-I I'd I
I IMA ATA- I ta-a f " a. .t t - , a a. a
1 tai -ied e a a, ti ana