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-nRHS mv to
Efforts to Find Solace in Primary
Returns Do Sot Meet with
, Saoceu.
From a Btaff CdmuiDondent)
UN'.XJLN, May T.-f8jlaI.)-Efforts of
ataia RotiiM dnmoorata to tot comfort out
or th. raaulta of tho primary era b,rln
ning io r4 IntereatJng becatuo after
numerous attempts to raimptn, add and
subtract they find thamnolvca haok at
tho starting point with a condition faring
mem which doea not tend t add murh
Joy to the orcnlon.
Unfora election everything centered on
fight by corUIn demor-rati'! leaders to
'lefoat W. J. Hrynn. Now that they huvo
defeated him they are wonlorlnff what
tney are going to do without him.
The result of tho primary showed that
tho republicans caot MJ,7iS vote, whlla
tho democrat enst tin Mr.miii(nM
liUn less than tho ropiibllran. Thoy
attempt to secure comfort from tho fact
that tho per cent cf democratic gain ovar
tho primary voto of 1911 wan conaledrably
larger than the. republican voto. How'
erer, with aJI tho Inr.raaac In tho per
rentage, tho fact atlll remains that with
a primary vote, which In supposed to '-on
nno voters to tho tlrkot of tholr own
party, they fall far short of enough to
win and furthermore with tho total vote
out II Indicate that Nebraska la nor
rnally from 20,000 to aimo republican,
Pointing to tho punt In. order to bolster
up oourao for tho future la an old tlsmo-
cratlo trli k, nod whlln they may ho
pooled to "Point wild prtdo to tho post
and view with alarm tho preent," they
cannot get away from tho focf that No-
tirsska la normally a republican atat
and with condition existing as they do
at ttia present time may double Its normal
majority at tha polls next. November.
Another condition which appear lo five
state houaa democrats courage I that
majority of tho nominee of tha renub
Mean party corns from Jongl and Lan
caster counties. Thin la a condition for
which no one la to lilaino but tho votera
IhemMlves. Tho Inauguration of tha
stale-wldn primary w for the very pur
i To of letting (ho people Mlmt candd
dated. H 1 n, condition not a (henry and
tho theory whic h tho timid one aro put
ting out that Toiik!ii and Ijincoater
"hogged all (ho office" In order
prejudice the rent of tho state "agal.rst
tho two big counties ainnunta to nothing.
In a alafo convention selecting cand
deles, It la polnlo to put up a balancd
, slate, but In a primary tho result of Hi
into selection of candidate la nuthlng
more thnn what mut bo cupcctei.
Pougla and I-irt'aster countlea aro the
two counties In iho atata which poll big
mrijorllle and have Ihn largest rcpuli
Mean population. It I ensy then to un
dertnnd where a primary fight I close
that unless these, two countlea would bo
Important factor In tha outcome. The
democratic parly haa no majorities In any
county thnt will nnywhero near compare
with tho two big Nebraska, count le, and
a there were j very rloso fights be
tween candidate the result was a It
turned out, and th outcoma come solely
from giving the peopla a chanca to vote
without bringing location of candidates
fnto conalderatlon.
Hd Lancaster republlrans stood by
fylr caivlldate for governor an Iioiigln
county atood by It candidate ttia reault
mlht hava been different. Had they not
persisted In voting for tho Hougla county
candldato Instead ot tholr own candidate
lis would hava been nominated and It
would have taken lesa than IA1 vote
hanged to hate dono so. However, no
body but tho democrat appear to ho very
much wrought up about It and thin la
olely beoaUBO they sen tho handwriting
on tha wall and already foresee tho de
fent of the democratic party In a.
!Wr('fMk eiia nlea,
M'COOK. Neb., May T.-(e1peclBl,)--Thl
evening, the d imp and appnach of ths
American Meet (SiigHr company at- t ila
place, on the HurUuBton line In the Mc
Cook yard, was d'iniHKcd several hundrel
dollar by fire, which presumably orgln
ted with a pasHlng loc omotlvo.
May wood Rood rnada bnoati r he Just
completed the marking of the highway
between McCook and North Platte, op
erating two ganga over tho route on the
same day-one to thl city and the other
to North Platte, posts weie aet where
necessary and painted, black at top nnd
bottom and wl'h an eluht In h nh'te 'r p
hetneen. '
nlenllnr olea,
VAI.ENTINK. Neh, May 1. iHpeclal -The
Juniors of the Valentine High ri-hnol
f use tln ir ten'ilnr aimuiil bun iuet fur tii
seniors I inlay nlM at Hie au!oruui.
The room leauiifutlv decorated m
t iirple and koI.I mat hflng the rolms of
the renli.r :ths
Th frirm house belougiiig to Henry
I linnenwv, firrner, Vina binned in
i ioiuhI I.i-I evening Ills !! r wtio wi
t'te i.lK prriiou h'ne nl Ihe Inne, llsd
tuili n fbe in He sli' lnn sin and eni
i tit to IH. barn, an I np 'O inurniiiir,
fo'in.l it, house It (Iihih FvnuMn;
M . . I i . I
Miihhrrt at mhrrl.
ht Ar;l., fctb. Mil J -ie-.-lal Tel
eiiantt n hiti. i il"llrn wmlti !
!li an) I) i ,.!, i.! U!i, I l-v
SI t -' Aoid-rl I'M l-)l it
i n'.i 1 he l..r ii 1 1 t I by i'l li 1.
I'm . i'4rn huni'i
State College of
Agriculture Will
Visit County Fairs
LINCOLN, Neb., May 7.-fBpcial.)-Two
exhibit tents of tha College of Af rl
ciltur will make tho rounds of tha
county fair In tho statu th's fair saaaon
so fnr as possible. They will contain
Information on Nebraska agriculture and
the work that Is being done at tha cot -logo
and tha experiment station. Although
twonty-alt application were received,
but thirteen Could be filled.
The following Is a Hat of the towns at
which fair will be bell, together with
the date; Oaeeola, Aujrtuit JJ to Septem
ber, 1, Mate fair at Lincoln, September i
to 5; Lexington, feptiyriber I! to lft : Kear
ney, Kerrtember 21 to a; North l'latte,
September, III to ?0; Ogallala, October 3
to 4; Kimball, providing proper dutca can
bo arranged for; Stanton, Augist JJ to
Hoptember 1; Hirriaon, September 7 to it,
f'hadmn, .pteinber U to 14; trl-rtate dle-
trlrf (sir at Crawford, Hepiember !0 lo 23;
Madlaon, Heptember M to ?; Walihlll,
October, 4 to 4.
R&i'h of the two exhibit will be housed
In large canvas tenta about Mxio feet In
slzn, Tho display Inside ni l he enclosed
In large glaa cane containing Informa
tion ioncorning pr-tlcnllever) phase
of agrcultiire taught at thr college.
Notes from Beatrice
And Gage County
RBATrtlCK, Net May 7.-(Spr.lal.)
The report of A. ft, Mer'andles, whb
wa submitted to thr ymoro Conimer
lal club the other night, showed that
the; municipal lighting and water plant
t that place wa being operated at
lo of nearly 0,'0I annually. Htep
will be taken to see If the plant canno)
he put on paying hasls.
Announcement wa teiehed bora yes
lerdny of Ihe dentil of Mr, lou Powet
formerly of this city, which occurred at
her lmma at r'anta frn, Oil., May 1, Hh
wa li yenr of age and leave hT liu
band and one son Mr. Power wa for
merly engager! In the real ctf bualnes
at this p4iic.
The town Of I'o Witt will be wet th
coming year, lobn licences having been
pranted to .1. H. Wltle and A. A, Oonk
'latonla, which hn been' wet th lust
lonr, will be dry for thn ron that Will
htm ObschliiKen wn nnnble to eeure the
required number of algnei to hi ixtiiion
for a loon license.
Baby Elephant Seen on the Lot When
Circus Spends Sunday in Omaha
Must Stop Making
Sausage in Germany
("From a Htnff Correspondent )
LINCOLN, May 7.-(Kperat.)-Anolher
evidence nf the penurious system which
has marked the attitude of some, legl.
Inture and especially the lt one, to
ward Institution of (be tate wa eiiown
todny When a bitter wa received by
Adjutant fleneral I'hll Hall from the
Wr department notifying him that all
property of the government must now
hn Insured,
This la mde necessary berauan egl.
lature have refused to aid tha National
rjtifird of tho stato by appropriating
funds which would enable tho different
comTinle to have suitahlo n"rlers for
tho property owned by the government,
that It would not become llabln to
daniflgn from fire and other condition.
Mhny statea will not be required to
Insure their property, because armories
have been furnished thern where Ihe
property I reaaonably safe from fire, but
In Nebraska practically no protection ha
hum made because of lack of fund, and
now that the emergency ha arisen there
aro not funda sufficient lo Insure the
If there wa ny surnee that the
next eglsltuie would be a little more
bnslness-llke and look aftsr the property
of the slate In the same way that a
private Individual would look after hla
on property, and appropriate fund fnr
the premium, the matter could some
how be arranged, hut in the face of
actions of the last legislature nobody
jeem willing to tnk a chance.
otea from Went Point.
Wf.ST POINT. Neb., May 7. Special
News has reached here of the marriage
at Vancouver, Wash., of Kdmund Krausn
t Mis Julia Knapp of Wymore, Neb.
Mr K reuse I a on of Mr. and Mr. Kd
mund Krue of this place and haa llve.
for some ear In Washington, where the
ouple will make their borne.
Mr, frnnces Yung, an Inmate of f-t
Ineeph Home at West Point for the last
elKbieen months, (lied in that Institution
at the age of Hhe was n native of
uslria and yie mother of tliree chll
lrn. i iio suri'e lier. one of fthoiu is
Mrs John Paul of N'ellgh,
Hiruhtiid ion hengein and Mte Iter-
tha llnwkivt were married lit Hi John's
Lutheran church, on the cast Md on
Wednesilai afternoon. They will r eie
on ilielr own farm, soolb cf Wet Point
The fuiieml of Mr. I'm-im ft,-,Mirred
at Vii I'nint trstenlay Hbe wa. the
wife of Leo t ocps. a farnn r of Ihe went
aide, and the daughter of Mr nnd Mr
tie .lie terin of this place, ,-lm hsd
en rnsrriel i nlv a ir and r in her
lenlv.ereil'1 yrsr
Tha niaritage of Anton c;,,!.! nd
Ml M lilllrl Llincr i'ielllil4e t at
Ihv ' Jitholie ( imr-'h i f rivder on Tipm.
1 i el t' iii i bid boar ) or
nlr. b ll.e tleill. n of O r r, .,
son st iellri,i e J iin i Hinin.
rr!4tV Mi litfu( Ifeli of l'. n-
d"' h ! Il ' tipr cf the 'blh
and ttia cti-. t Jin t. t'l-H
a iiimiler t ( ban cb-. f, tilt
a v , i(t;r ow I
riit -"A , ;
V " J '' '
J .aiffufmi- $ kMsisisw s""1'11.
A J -y Jp N
f 'll J (I I
ei " ima -e-
Little 4-year.old mary swket and "little miracle,"
Tllfl flicils is 'n town! j Hie Vpinlugly hoiinnd and oun otlier
American youth tHlull. too. if i ci'vun "I"' P'rfl 'y t"iliig, urn
thny'll lth.v thrilled at tho I 'It, !'.!' f""l'""f "
Hiking It easy.
Here wa a clown who, six rinv of the
week, cavort about tho land of Ihe aw
dusl ring In chalk face and outlandish
continue, writing lo the folk "bark
home." Un ha a wife and two kiddle,
and like oilier of the circu world who
are legion, lias a love for home and Hi
old f i lends Jlke any olher ordlnry nisr-t-il.
Playlnu ( rlbiinur,
The tattooed mnn w plrilng crlh
loige with the 'fattest liunin In the
world." and over In th corner of (he
side show lent ihe "wild msn" from
ome irngn land t on a trunk and
down upon Omaha yrMordiiy morn-1 pl'ived "Annie Laurie'' on a harmonleon
Ing - "d hi listener, snake charmer. Al
ii whs roriu.iy, anu accoirinij,' to , n i.
L,,f--i(inior(Mi uiisioni in me i'tt mi or trie
tiiHRic of thosii words (or Rf-ncnitlonij
and gpiicratlons.
Kailons may rio (md fall; gicfit
public (iuPHtion may octupy tho
Krwator part of th llmcllKht; I hi
movies nmy nmke their hid for pop.
iilarlly; but tho arrival of a circus,
he It in vlllago, town or cliy, nrivic
lonra thn power of Ita ciicliiintincnl.
Tho liU top find all It family of
ttmnllfr tops, In thcmnnlvra a dietlnci
Ivc Atnorlcan Inetittiilon. nwonncd
'big top," tho day of rest for (he Hells.
Floto shows.
Hut tho circus ground at Twenty-first
and Pu streets waa a ene of bustling
acllvliy, circus ground on the day the
show arrives always "hustle wllli sr.
tlvliy." In cirrus parlance, they have
been "bustling with actlvlt)" from ttms
"li , llnbe!"
luen, roustabouts and other
thn "hey rube" coillliigent,
The lent
cohort of
Wfm busy all dny bringing the magic
city of ' canvas, flaring banners and
gaudy wagon Into existence.
Clowns, bareback riders, ring men and
Italian Futurists
Launch New Theater
(Correspondence of The A o idted Press)
ROMB, May 3 -The Italian futiirla'
dramatists liave launched a. "Synllieiic
theater" here as a means of ials n
money for war charllfe. Mere they
produce fourteen drams of "con 'nitrate I
Impressionism," shorn of conventional Most of the plays are one art
"rtn in raiser. The most popular tdav-
't haa no human actors, but only a dog
In annher. only the rg nf the player?
Ppear behind the half -falsi d i iiitalu
blnns, ballyhoo men, et al, remained si-
and with faraway looks In their
In the inengere lent hlppopotamt,
lion, tigers, elephant and all the rest
of the "finest specimen of the wild
beasts of the Jungle," grunted, roared
and munched their food ns If Sunday
'a Just the sume to them as any oilier
do y.
(ill, yes; in the crowd that visited tho
rlrcua grounds yesterday were hundrede
of small boy Just a eager as ever to
"cany wsler for the olcphnla" for
Po to the big show. v
Two performn(cea will be ataged today.
The clrcu will make It usiiiil parade
of the downtown atreet. leaving the c!r
'ua grounda at Kelt) this morning,
; BKftLIN, May 7.-(Py Vlicea1o ,Sy
j a f 1 If. i - A large numbe r of French rpt ,
1 balloon broke loose owing lo a suddtn
storm, say Ihe official statement ijed
today st the tierman army hesdqusrtera
and er dit'en over the Herman Hue
Morn rhan fifteen were captured by the
Applications for Crulss Heversl s,n
plications have been receded at the local
navy recruiting office from men who are
nU r-linimo inr- into enosrs n ie civilian cril.
UHI UUriU J int. VVMd nUUitU ".Is cruise lasts ona month and Is for tha
;lnpos of giving clvllliins a tasta of
Tutu "irr lllnl'a Tele.
Hniimht The mi In
Ihe I hiirch.
ny lite. Men accepted must depoait
t n for their board and pay their own
ti.inepoitiitlon to and from th bnrd
Hlilrlly b'lstnrn ie of the telephone Is
all right, but hr ii a man cniuif lulu ih..
tore wluic i mi are nsuklng and usra
the Icleplunic lo lilh 1. 1 oui Kilt tl H
tune tn bri nk mm,-, Huns, .''uliiig in
Loul I lutein. Jt iisn old t nsii'ln ml
Menu I line mm harsrd Hli ass.mll
d battery on each oihei .
Vtlrit. n), be lu a store I ml In
1 pi'fln tirolher lulh Ihe t, Irl lion
hell he n atlaekrd bv I inli-ln tin
Id t p,itrin Ibreaiened bliu with a
("iihrr "!',' a ml ati,, bd lo otlier
knur I p. (mm ilniird tbitsienini I.,
Hie ko in
Malae for atrel Men.
I NinvrnWN. a . Mav 1 ..Vnrtv
iliousmid miner and enkewnrker of ine
I' I r r 1 1 K I iiKe c..,i i i, y n nbdlarv
ot the 1 nlii i K'a'ea (Sieel i nrpiirnilon
were nolllleil tiMlsy cf a was hn tens
of i. iii iu pt-f i rut, opiialiva May s
I ,).. Ird I" his
li I II! ..t t fill, rt
e (h It jit, .11"
(bill I Ihll.S 1 1. It 11,1
ihl't ni-llir li't,,, , l
I '1 I'll ..', Mill
.'In I have ...M-. i
ISMi O'll leiel!!,!!!, j
1 I " es t A ri(fflff
I c1 ' In nid I
I tri a n aii I, .
i ae t l;s it iji y
i .. ! I
it I bis lim'iif !,
ie ".li I- e- nf M r In,. Il ,t j
et II IS l..ll,.e i , .. i
. I nl 1 '.I '1 I'..' nil , ,,
M- l-.t. f Ik- d'Htil 11.. lleKill I
l i't I .'1:11' ' cit'.'l... H 'ill ll in ll I j
t t I . 1. I CI , !' ( 1 C t 1 : 1
IH I J - l 1 I U l l .'11. ' I 1, I .
An A f Infill. ! 'k It '
' ' a-i . , 'st. - ' I' '4
I li'!' f i- I IS' ..V "i' . ft I !" 'i v w
t I 1 I 1 ' .1 ' . . I II . .' I I . 1
an'-i-.' i ; llf f- m l.t I
a 4 k ' i ' f 1 i - f ,'i 1 1 ' 1
- i . '. i i . ),
. a I i li . i ' , .. i' .-...' 1 '
pi .lit.. . Irn 'in i 'lull , , ' 1 '
. . ., ' . . i
I I. -..f I I 1 1 1 f - ' I , - . 1
S 'i - i i iv.i I'm l '
" I '. 1 ! (
I 'i : ) , . . . ! f , ., - 1 i , , A
fc . . . ..... ...
MbtMii riH km.
.li iT SH , Mar f ' i -
i 1,, V ijux-b I ' I I- I t iljt l.i'Ml'l I 4 l en
m inh.f ii vs in ir.- tiii
ni ii I 'i ! ..t . itlt -1
i,-ll'.V ' t'
s mh ii i i' is i't an st.if t?r i M
,: It 'It It'!' ' '! f I -
I t
I'll- i'.'l
I,...,, I I. Tfv,,
I I . ,' 1
I'l' I' 11 1",
I !ii 41 1
1 t I-. I ill.
u-g il'.II
I h'n II
I . r: tl
V '"J
in i
i 1 i I
N V ti I - i' . 1! t
' f a i-i . ,.,i tnii
H t'lii'i t hi ,
e . .-I I t , . g
1 1'-1
I l i.i
Kl '
I ' ' I t . s ' . 1 I $ . 4 , , .
C h a Aim if, i t i
ml ('t ,1 iaj ii f - "i I ; '
hit I I. l-ii': - li
.! " J I ' "
"g4g al a t4. i- t
M III I .I l.i. H.f.
1 ' i It H. lOltl Vv 'I
'' !' i''U' ..' 11,. 1 . .
1 V ' ' 1 ''' C ' ll ..'!.,
i ll Kf'i i f
j i.. a-. 1. 1
I K i
j (-.... t i.
." i-i
: H I'
I, l i,f i
' .. , I .
. t
f i i t
f - . '. A
Broke Out in Small Pimplpi, Itching
So Severe CoulJ Not Slfcp,
Burned Badly. In 10 Da)i
soapand ointment
' I hat i i at p Mn tut m
id t ll ttwg l". ..t tutgll ,l,..rl
1' i i w la,,fc tut (n glfc4
tfmt, 't !'' Ill l4t t
t jiiit'tsa li eete i,ua g,w gr ,.
If i- !' In ! IU'4 .g
I - "
l I e,n mt tti gi
lieg b'iriim g,t
. i-S 1'. I .,,i-iip ta.a,i
' i git (mill ' iji a.g
a .
I t i -e I 'i-'v,.l i
t" l fWU I . v g gg.-g I
g. t -i h .ri'g I .. .(. ,., ....I j
ll ' isi .f g I t H'itt u- g.t i
!- .(. I t" . I i.,. tlt j
l - ' gig-.b, I -
,Snii0 I aiIi I rrt lv Mrttl i
Wi l l "'e I I -i rii S I ;
1 U f- . g-l ''I Htl, gig, I, 1. I
ll,' t-At I1(.-t'i..,t I..JI 'at, j
, ' . l"l J f-.H B'
I ' t
' ' . v t I 1 sa
ROMANCE HOVERS OVER js,flla' for ,hl3 h" an Haay -
lA,'IWnV I nWPCniUIC Crunni I Banks, a oun mnn of the dltrlct, wcra
fil ial kVllkWVIlll. VVIIUWt.
Syracuse Electric
Light Bonds Are
Sold at Premium
fiVrUfT fi.:, Neh., May T.-(Spee al l-
Bids were opened Friday evenlnn for Ih
isle of 1 fi, (sto electric Itsht bonds by the
villa, I'll lit bid wet received from
bnk snd bond house. The bet one
was a bid of ld,ni by the (ierman-Amet;.
Iran Trust company of Iienver, t'olo,,
which was ' accepted. The nearest bid
to this was that of an Omaha firm for
IH.o.Vi. Th bids for ths construction
of the plant will b received St the bo id
meeting, June k. si which time tha con
tract will be swarded,
draduatlon eircla for tha flyrseue
Mlsh school will t held May J'l, when
a rls of twenty-six will rcte (heir
dlplomn. Till I th largest class In the
history of the school,
Kelrlinri ew Noles.
FAIItm HV, Neh., May 7,-lHpe"lnl )-.
Vltli only wo weeks more of s 'ho d 111
I'slrbiirt, the sen'.or clas of the h li
schocl . actively engnsed lit nnpirluc
for coiiimetii emeni. lb g ad ist n i lsg
this ear number fifty student T'
n n on v I I stake a ! idty, ,t tl d
'I mij t upid ' at Hi npeia house on ! .
day, May IS, fin the following fiin'av.
Iliv, I, K, Khellenhf rg r of Hie Clrl tlm
rlmich will tlellier the annual bc
calaiirnnte sermon to Hie gradual, Tin
alumni lanuuet will ink plin on Mon
day, May ?1 The riininteneeruent exer
clseg will be held Mrldny, May 21.
f'llff t rook b deiir.1 for Nw
Orlei.n tn refre.ent Ih Nebrask Htal
futnll sfs clntifii, a deleiate to tia
National t onvent on cf detail nro r, to
be held I hi week, Mr. r'rook went tn
ft. tl rail snd then donn Hi
Mletlip in a boat lo New ('rleais
With continued tT'd weatlir In thli
roiin'.v. farmer r enssped In planting
coin nnd t,l l wll probably finish
lid work. Th elfalfs in slnady h'alt
noiiidi to hi-'; a rabbit,
Th summer band conceri will' corn.
tm nc In thl city on Tiiefday iiilil and
continue throt iih out Iha ununer. s the
tax liny only pet mils w to le r'cd In
this msriner, other menn will be iiavlo
to inaltitaln tlie l-alrbury band.
A number of business cltungi s In Ih?
Utile town of llehcy, eleht miles north'
west of Kslrbnrv, h lieen ronsum
niHlid. Johnson pros, of Mw Khl, Kan,
hat purchased the farmers rhatri Icink
Harry Ilartinan, nishler, will be trans
ferred to Ihe bauycr eMMle bank st Wc t
'in, May lli
NelirasUa n,g,
IIAI!TIiTii.-Tho fcilar county fair
will convene bi-pteiuhcr tl to I.
fTtOKTOV-Mrs. John Mlsrhke, who
Willi her famllv moved to Colorado om
lime ago, died t their Coloiodo home.
HOVAI,A ball lein as orsfltilred
here Willi p. ' Hiemhock . nianairer
-ltd f'lltftird Ituti'pilsl si secrefsiy and
,,r-arir r,
I'l.Af.VVJEW-nevlval luee'lua, started
Friday night In the rnngiegnilonal
church. He. F'fleld of Kansas ( My, Mo.,
I th evangel!1.
fillOKTN-Tbe n.eniher of the Ton
gregsiion! church rc I'lsnnln on th
erection of a new pai'sonng adjoining
th church In the near future,
PKNMKR - Henry Itehllng and Miss
I.oul Ton1e were married at Hi Her
man Lutheran church aouth of her.
They will make ihelr homo on a farm
r.IHN-Tha bnimunlly clith h pur
chased the opera house of Heymour
Wolfe for V.Mi. and workmen are fs
modellliig the building and making a
number of Improvement.
nHKHT-!Viikliii-thal a farmsr llv.
ins Ihree mill southwest of here, wss
kb ked In the fre by a mu, (he lion
shoe lacerating hi fe badlv. 'rt of
the nose was tor.i lonss and a aerlou
Inluiy Inflicted,
IIAKTINIiT(lN--To lot hat been
purchsed bv Ml s. Mry K, ,Mc.Nmr
a nuise, and work wllli begin at once on
Ihe erection of a hew hospital. Tha site
I tost et of the parochial school. The
building will be a frame structure, thirty
by sluty, one and one-half tore high.
AI,I,KVRev, HamU'l F. Merrill. dl
tlngulkhed a the llrsi white person born
In ht I now the slt of Nehrssks
't'ed r'und.-iv at I Angeleg. t'.l ...rf
M r. delh being dim lo thm and
h ft trouble, lie horn In a nptlt
nnasion maintatneo hv bis father a mile
south of Hellevue. and left the tsfe of
NebraNka when S tears old.
wedded In Lincoln. The bride Is from
My T.- (Special ) Love ! Mouth Pnkota and cmiie to Nebraska to
pet new and different, experience. In
teaching. Khe brought new Idens to her
school, nnd was a em resfiful teacher.
and ronmticfj ttero lilcinbd thU car
whlle Mb. i tiertrinle Mci llll taiiKht Windy,inu reboot, a country dlntrht near
f'1" 1 " ' "v
".T"J""'T"'f "Wi
t IMWIi.rtrlH tg. iy
ds Jg'-' t., .
ONEY must rest In the bank to
draw fnt'rst'. VELVET never
could have its age-mellowed smooth
ness I( didn't rest "in the wood"
two years. ,
iiLI ViriDAl, Haarlem fill ',iil
will lirlng new life nd iubkly rellete
thnt stopped iip. rongeeted feeling They
will Ihoroughlv climliae Mid ah nut
the kidney grid hlmliier nnd gently
carry off the ill effect of eeeseg if
all kinds. The healing, southing nil
ok right Into the all and lining of
Ilia kidney, gni enpel the pnlauna tn
your evstntn, Keen your kbltiey In
good lin by dally use of (Ol,l
MKfiAL Itnarleni oil Ogpsulcg nnd yioi
will have ood health. Ilo to your
druglt. at once and secure a package
of thl time-honored, world-wide rem
edy. It la not g "patent medicine." It
I passed upon by L H. (lover nnient
chernisia and declared pure before corn
ing Into Ibis cniinirv. liAI.D MKIiAL
I Hie pure, orlKlnl l(nrleni ml, (,,
ported direct froni tlif ancient lhor
toilea In llollend, nhern It Is the Nn.
tlonsl honsehohl ri'iiu-ily of tlm liinl
1 Mitch, Look for the mini (iOLi'
MKIAI on every bog, Ae, ,
slllute Vour drngglat will glsdlv re
fund your money If nt as represented,
Advei tlsement,
SHBsnAIg itXm h J,iiJif
Tin or vai tir.viu.r
nll V MATINRK . I 15 - KVKnr NKMIT I-!
IT"- I Th, Mgiikiiff gi
A mWm ,lrli Mlln I Isrb V.ritl i al,g I
HXI0 tlicrl i'o, tlurrgv Miui.i r,M I
; rise 4 Intrare 1rv WVeg. .
lr. I'tlil r. Msllnes, gall. re, joc , l,..i aeai,
lagrapl HalurSat giig Kunsn Jlr. Nignla, e- '
Ur, t.0e gftif ;
Veroted to
rllllant Mustoal Bitrlaxqn
IU.H k II All V ALI,
IfllUL UntLIt
MAf. I00AY
firtfn Ih Mti(ll"fnl H'sr 4 (lnr Tht
r, Mittin and Hitlt-i m
' tS flrrar tlaluia ' CfitiY nf 111 t'gmiti.g
Pllnllrig IVilliit, William, d llaiignr. Hams
I' tt,,lrg 4 a, l'ai'i;pllv Vm:gllat:
Th Zrf,wlla (llil, r 1 1 glil lltff lli AicU
aiee IVrla A 1 Hllliian, einalaia. Sleriptala,
1 s II. lals II, glil iii. lii I Hawiica,
west 1 to CHORUS
Attractive .10 wHUIlU
If inu re i gpprs,alva ef g gvi4
att'iw a I sm of ieir Invally la Iha lit
ila old ilacfi? gi in, p,t ,gaon, lhn
rmi'll make ihia flniil aark i! leirU-aana
Ihs lismirr ef all -anil ihal'll Im
nelia tea gofat ter ilia ahftw. gMher
K. L. J'lltNWlN, Mgr. ;aalr
Cvsnlugs. llunday and Rollday Mttl.
nss, ISo, 80c, 60o and 780.
MATS. 15c and 25c
I'liaw giun tf f'H Ilka t'll so arnoaliig
i.ADirii' ngT mwEcK
ttnhT f:rrtir Osrag tn the Lobhy
'snMiiuftua ll A M to II r M . AU W
rtrst, ust only Charlie Ch2"lin
Omaha showing of vildliie bllllil
In lli gmtr-A't btirlaaiius on 'Tsrntan,"
alaifi mat aggmn
28 th and
Mr. Tnrpln tgachgg all tha Bw modern daacss. Too gt tha bast at onca.
Class maatg Tuesday and Trldaya, 8 p. m. Fumlg can loin opening night,
May t, or phona application, Harngy 6 1 4a. Term, most reasonable.
Tin j) in's School of Dancing
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all drucgistg.
l They
Dee d
t 1
nave vouit
S I 1 MSgigg, at .... .
will maKc bcllcr
Photo-Engraved Plafes
Phnngi Tk tl.u I AAA
uWlX&m v Ormjha.Nebr.
inaiTi gaiiig.ijg'"riwr' i
lir'iii'i,' i'iEifJ'
,ym.,mv,.l ,jmp-,t. ' ri ?ltl l Iff.' .,f , , fa.f, : ,,,,,, M ,m.
Wj Master Feats of the
Railroad World
Fiva year ther waa completed th mrmf fTi
nrnt liantcofitiiinital railroad buililirm ol history.
Thla year itnrM an vr n mora notaUa hleva
me nl the plttcin umlrr lmr al opfiatiun tl 4 10
milra o( muni linn at rosa Iha t'iml mental )vile.
Doth master feaii are the wot k o( the jrn tl!4y.
ll was th C. 5f.iy.vr. p. that k t a new mstk la
railway ionstim y Iniililinn m the remarkably
shut! iwriisj of Ihrra years, a nrf steel tHiihwsy
aiii.og the iilaiiis, mountains, ul.nuls ami vallrya
lhat lie ln-tett 1 b Mintnuti Kivrr and I'ugct
Sunitl, Hy a arnrttii hniliant engiiiariinu lrium lia
Iha KMtl pushed tuiwgid ilnnlly lhnniK-li Ilia jirsct
nl Ihe Kisliu-, llittrr K ( siul C ig. !-. As
result Iha C. M tf .VI. P, Is tha ahf tt hit l i
h rint North luasl, and Ira.l Ihimmh tha
Iteateii r.triii t Uautilul numtitam aruriy oti
Iha (initmrnt,
A;ln - H l ihr. M W.VrMhsfdrfti.itrly ugh.
ri m lh bew ti4 in iailn,li(g-ih etaol lhrU- .
Ilk buliu.ti SUillo Sim fl l""IIH.l hstn
Ud I HI iij and Mt i4.g In lill'orla ami let
mm! - 11 1 1 thru Hn i,g In Iiait4tiiiiiii4iit4
rui.s - hgiilu g ithM Iti tnunliy 1 Ita'bv
in I ID 4l I4in(itg n( b Ki k is. tin g
gtssl itxkiitMfa t i'iatii'n, tliiitiiiatingi 4l
lfH4t4hoi4(u4ii.t aiiJiiiaklug moun.
lam daw) titan, and nuiuntiit liii glrir
I t li 4v ,1. mt nl, Imutv !.,t, t
J.n.lg y..ij ....f .l a 4IM, '!!,
I . nti4 tl (il-rg Intel tt in either
all !! Il llil ' fht Miy'ii'MSt"!!! "
tlaa, tfli.4 faim (.l S.,11 efwig g 4
ktigg4 41 lUiatg,
l.k-lt' Ht lgg , tlMtllg ig,
"iv,' 1 1
., t. il. . fir'
IM fl Ml
r- i' ll iN" ' 'Jt ...
i -,'.a, v- ,. -
gg-Tasf-" .
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1 mr am t .