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S. S. S. Gives Quick Relief by
Toning Up the Blood.
, but how, A naturaj question. The
answer In that you must cleanse your
blood by stimulating It to healthy, vig
orous action, so that H wilt throw off the
gi rmi and impurltieg that. cause Rheu
tnatlam. The action of the wonderful
blond purifier, S, B. B,, la to practically
renew tha Ufa blood giving It vigor, atlm
ulato the flow, making It throw out tha
ii'inni and tha poison Impurities. Tha ex
cruciating pains of Rheumatism, whether
It la tha ahootln, atabblng Holatkn, the
gripping agony or muanular llheiimatlsm,
or aohlng n rrna and Imi that break up
sleep, will ba entirely reihrved by 8. 8. ft.
Jion't use nostrums or druga. Talc a tha
blood bath Natura l blood tonic, H. K, B,
Oet It at any druggist's, but (nslHt upon
H. H. 8. Let ua tell you about blood dis
eases. Bond for booklet, "What tha Mir
ror Telia," or If yours la a pwiillur caae,
write Swift 6twv1flc Co., Atlanta, Ua.,
but begin treatment at onre.
Bow Tie
25? Varieties -Almost
50C ePaEc"h
$3.00 HATS
$2.00 HATS
Soft Collar Week
157 Varieties - Kearly
jeaBoB-xs satssanaaaa
My new display tables are
loaded down with all the
new styles and shapes In
Bow Ties and Soft Collars.
19 I A if M THE
Indiani Humble Chicago by Three'
to-Two Score.
CIUCAOO. May K-A batting rally In
the sixth Inning started by John Oraney,
caused Chicago! downfall today, by a
score of I to 2. and gave Cleveland first
place In tha American league race.
When Oraney caine to bat In the elxth
after ona man had been retired. Catcher
Schalk called the umpires attention to
thn fart that Oraney waa nilng a flat
bat, Tha umpire ordered him to change
hla oluh, and when he returnod to the
plate ha alngled. Turner and Speaker
followed with aafa drive., and after
Roth retirement Oandll hit aafely. Thla
bombardment reaulted In three rune.
Pans replaced Russell and held the vla-
Itora aafe thereafter.
Joe Jackson acored both runa for the
locale. Ua tripled In tha second Inning
and soorwdl on Weaver's two-bagger.
AB II O.i t
Beautiful and spacious home
In Wortblngton I'lare, conven
lent to churches, schools and
depots, $6,500.00, terms to suit,
for ijulrk sale. Present owner
oecd larger place.
ft(H ItranoVIs Itldg., '
Telrplxxne IIoukIaa 2.
Every Kind - Prices Very Low.
Over five hundred machines to
select, from. Rent applied on
Central Typewriter
Exchange, Inc.
f05 Ffti nam St.
Plume ItnuKlaa 1 121.
Tyler 1000
Vc MalS
sved Printmf Pistes
That .
lion i i
Marie Antoinette
tifi)Jiy, CGth 67th Sl
aW 0 lITf.
4; t i A 1 1 1 if a n at
tai.i.Ht t r ait a I I ..l VI i
H l t .!.
' .1 , I I ! l I. .
, fc-a Ii. i ...,(
, t j, .i I t . .,
i .a ai l t I'--., .e
a., ' iitu t imirai l".,tta
Koomt, with Hath
52.50 i'rr Day Up,
.Suites, MM Per Day Up,
eUWHS It a ft V
(inn 'M I la tt t .
Or.ner, Vf . . . .
Turner, lb., 4
flw.ker. ef . . 4
limti rf 4
'iinitll. lb... I
ll'wr1. lb.. 4'.. ea 4
O'nuii, e... I
Covalriikl. o a
1 0 0 UMurnhr. ri . i a t
t 1 1 OMnM'lll.n. 16 I I
1 I I) B iVillln.. lb 4 I 1
110 I'Kn.irnl.r. lh. I 1 14
I 11 1 iJickuin, If . I I
ill ir.iuih. et.
1 I i
0 4 1 06ch.Hi. ..., 44
0 1 lllluixell. a . . t 0 A ....... 1 ft 0
91 7 27 IT H'S Collin. .. 1 0
S i o
Total. .. II I 57 14 1
nutted for Keliteh In ninth.
Cleveland 0 0 0 0 0 J 0 0 0--3
Chicago 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 i-2
Two-baaa hlt: Fliich. Weaver. Threa
lift hiin: Jackson (2). tttolen haae:
Hchalk. flacrlfUe hits: Oandll, Weaver.
Iiouble play; Weaver to Culllni to Kour
nler, Jlrat b on error: Cleveland, L
Liiifea on ball.: 0(1 Coveleskle, i. lllla
and earned runa: Off lluaeell, S hlU, t
i una In alx innliigi; off, 3 hlta, no
runa In threo Innlnga. Hirunk out: Uy
Coveleekln, i; by Iluaaall, I. Umplrea;
Kvana and Chill.
Vanka fleet Red Boa.
tfOSTON, May S.-Playln an UDhlll
game. New lork dofeatad Uuaton In
tlilrUen lnnlnn., by a arora of 8 lo 4
today. Tha Ked ux piled up an early
lean oy uuncning long nrivea wun jsaw
Vork'a battery and fielding mlaplaya.
Kor els irinlngx the vlmtore could gat
only two hlta off Uiilh, but he weakened
In the seventh Inning. Maya replaced
ltuth In the ninth, but Kakar'a alnale
and a clou.. Infield play brought In two
more runa. Hmukey flnleheil the game
in me nox ror iew york, allowing only
one Moaton ulayer to reach flral haaa.
In tha thirteenth after New York filled
ina baeea on two paeeea by (regg and
one bv Mava. jMiivrln'a wild throw and
I'lnn'a alngla accounted for New Vork'a
rotir runa. Hcor:
All. II () A K All. II O A B
rillhnoley. Til III) IH.nrlkwn. If 1 4 I 4 0
l!rl... rf. 1 1(0 DM.IIi.r, If... I 0 l A
Ma.M.I f... 4A1 Ul.rnrln. ., 1011
W.I..I. of... a 111 01lir. rf.. I 1 1 1 0
iMk.r. lb ... 4 114 OHnhlitul. lb I I 14 0 1
;r'A,n tb.. a i 2 t rf. ,, i i a o e
I'lnn IB b I 19 2 I'.arfln.r. lb. 4 1 4 4
I'.rk' P. t 1 1 4 DJlirrv. lb.... lilt
Nu miuipr. c. 4 14 1 Oltinmu. Q
KI.N.r. a ... 0 I 0 OA.n.w. a.
Mn.rlri.a. a. 1 111) ORitth. I .
10 14 0
0 o o a
1 o 0 I It
rth.Pk.r. a. 3 0 0 0 0M.v. ii 1 A t
Maum.a ... 1 10 0 )ri, s 0 0 o 0 n
Mullen 0 0 0 0 0.Ton. a 0 0 0 1 0
McN.llv ...00000
Total. Mlimi I'Jfliartea .... 1 0 0 0 0
Totata 41 711 11 I
riaiied for Mogridga In ninth.
Halted for (fllhooley In ninth.
Han for Thoman In twelfth.
Mhawkey out, hit by hatted ball.
Hatted for Maya In twelfth,
New York 0000 0 . 020044 a
boaton 300100000000 04
Two-baeei hlla: Pakor. Gllhooley, Bell
man, Mobilise), Oaniner. Htolen baaea:
Janvrln, Cillhunley, Malael, MuNally.
Iiouble playa. Haker to ledaon to I'lpp.
Malae! to Nunnmaker. Kaeea on balla:
flff iHaher, 2; i,ft Mogrldge, 2: off Khaw
key, 1; off ltuth, 6, off Maya, 3: off
Gregg, 2; off Jonea, I. Hlta and earned
runa: Off Klaher. 3 hlta. runa. In ono
Inning and none out In eerond; off Mog
rldge, 4 hlta, no runa. In aeven tnnlnga;
off Hhawkey, no lilta, no runa. In five
Innlnga: off Ruth, 7 hlta, 2 runa, In eight
Innlnga and none out In ninth; off Maya,
8 hlta. 1 run. In four Innlnga; off Gregg,
no hlta. no runa, In four Innlnga. none
out In thirteenth: off Jonea, 1 run, 2 hlla,
in one Inning. Ktruck out; Fly Phawkey,
2: hv Ruth. I: bv Maya. 3. Umplrea:
Owena and Connolly.
Hrowne VI"tora.
DETROIT, May IS.-Sr. Iula defeated
tha Detroit American league team here
today, 6 to 4. Kcore:
SWten. If.. 4 110 OVItt. lh I 1 0
114 lKtvan.h. rf 4 0 I 0 A
I 1 A ip.hb. rf .... 4 1 t A 0
i 1 0 OVntih. If ... I t 0 0
0 II 1 lUl.tlmaq. lb 4 1 1 1 0
lohnkon. a. 1
Miller, rf.... I
Tnbln. Tt ... 0
Hl.l.r. lb.... ll ... t Oil KHurna. lb ... I 1 a 1 A rf.. 4 110 OVnutia. pa... I 1 I a 0
lal. lb (110 Ifitn.. c ... I 0 I tt 0
llanl.r. 0.1 411 0 un'aham. I 0 1 4 0
I'l.nk V i 1 1 I lK.In4 o... 0 A A 0 It
Criiril.ll ... 1 0 II 0 OJ.rri... B....0 0 0 0 1
AuMIn . ... O 0 0 It (IMfTl.tie. t.. 0 0 A
R,.phl.r. a ... 0 A 0 It 'I
T"tala . . 12 I IT II IMIaliori A 0 A A It
nnt.u" ... I A 0 A ft
ra.lorii .1 I 0 0 l
B.i.h 0 A 0
Mtl A A A A tl
Kuller 0 0 0 i (I
Totals. '...Ii 7 V 17 1
Patted for Cunningham In seventh.
Hatted for Roland III eighth.
Hatted fnr HiHiiaaa In ninth.
Hatted for fwhler in ninth.
Hun for Crawford In ninth.
Han fnr Hush In ninth.
St. 1iuls I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 g
petrolt .0 0 ft 0 fl 1 0 0 3-4
Two-haao hit. Vearh. ptnlen baaoa
lnhnann. Auiln, Plaler. Marian, Vearh.
Hums "2 Iiiiiibla play: Young to Hume
h'ltst be on errors St. Uul. 1. pa
ir. ill, I I ' on halls: otf l'lank. 1,
ff Cuiinlnghem, B, o(f Jshea, ?, off M'-
Tt"e, 1 HUa and earned runa- Off
l'lank, T hlta S runa In nine Innlnga, off
riimiltiKham. 7 hlta. 1 runa In eaten In
nthv t'ff Mntaiiil, 1 hit. no run In one
Iniiihg. .iff James, nr. hit. no run inone
out In ninihi, off M.'Tlgue. 1 hit, runa
In t ' htr1a Innlnil, off Moehlr. no lit t .
imi rui lo fne t!t'r.I Inning HtrMk mil
Hv 1'lnnkt. 1. hv i 'unnlnsham. I'mpirra
i l.nughlin and Hlillirml
R ii r.
7 I
. f in 0
Imerlrss A.s.wlaltna.
At Minneapolis -
..iu..ll . .
'ii ,. M(.,.iie
I .tlerloa Mt'ldlaton anil WIIHama m:i'l 'Wlis
t Milwaukee, rt If fi
'uhiniua 'I
stu.N. rt a 1
iatirrte I via and Muirhr, shaekal-
f,r. A ! v fv , n anil .V!ti.f
v,t kannv v'llv Rll f
-..'.... ' II.
!.. I t I ) 14
ttMri Niran Main an. I
av- .t II .'.ri,r'. aii 1 :r.avs
I vi I,, i H it r
I.,.iir,.i-,.ii i I
I jm I'm.) 1 I
tu'. ( s M a- . I
i .n i. t I I
j V t,r tiff,, to M eli k.
j i vsvia ..f.r ,,t t
.. "V'l-i, - f V tr .ill .. M i
I . i 1 . . II'. i', I ,i . . . f , . i 0 .
: I I i ' I le-l I !..( at
Hi . ' . I I k . l -a' It w'tH i
m ) .-. . r lt
I iMalktl. la.irlalluK
v ..-a v h l
I. ....- I M.B 1 t
! I ........ 4, S t . 4 : t.ta
Collect; Basi! Ball
t- , n - H . i . v. I
. '.. I
i . l
H.4 i.avi t.t.k' h.i.ii i
" . . . .... ... , . , . .
i ' 1 I . p
Today's Calendar
of Sports
Horse. jhowa Opening of National Cap
ital Horse 8how at Washington, D. C.
Sower Fall Hlver Kovere against
Bethlehem, la, at Pawtucket. H. 1 . fur
national championship cup.
Wre.tllng-Natloiml Amateur Athletic
union championships, at Newark, N. J.;
Southern Amateur Athletic union cham
plonahlpa, at New Orleana.
Automobile Opening of first Northern
Indiana automobile ahow. at Oary, Ind.
Shooting Eaatern Intercollegiate trap
shooting championships, at New Haven,
Rowing Pennsylvania against Navy, at
Annapolis; Harvard second freshmen
crew asiiliiBt Exetor, at Eieter, N. II.
LacrosMO Harvard against Ftoaton la
crosse club, at Cambridge, Maae.; Tat
against Ootham Athletic club, at New
Haven, Conn.; Navy ngatnat Mount
Washington club, at Annapolla, Md.: J lo
bar! against Rtevena Institute, at Geneva,
N. Y.i Pennsylvania agalnat Swarthmora,
at Philadelphia; Lehigh agalnat John
Hopklna. at South Bethlehem, Pa.
Marathon All-western marathon of
Missouri Athletic club, at St. Louis.
Tennla Maryland state championship,
st Raltlmore; Princeton Intercollegiate
championship, at Princeton, N. J.; Tale
against Williams, at New Haven, Conn.i
Columbia, against Wesleynn, at Middle
town, Conn.; Cornell against Colgate, st
Ithaca, N. Y.; Harvard against Dart
mouth, at Hanover, N H ; Army against
Stevens Institute, at Weal Point, N. Y.
Johns Hopklna against CMhollo univer
sity, at Washington, f, C; Brown
agaln-vt Trinity, at Providence, R. I.
Track-Paclflo coast conference cham
pionships, at Hnrkeloy, ("al. I iiml meets I
Yale-Princeton, at New Haven. Conn.)
Harvard-Cornell, at Ithaoa. V. T.; Plttj-burgh-Hyracuse,
at Plttaburgh, Pa l Co-lumbla-Rrown,
at New Tork Cltyi Pow-dnln-M.
I. T., at Ii runs wick. Me Wei-
leyan-Colgivtc, at Mbldi-town, Conn ;
Pennsylvanln-Partmomh, at Philadel
phia; Amherst-Williams, at Amherst,
Mass.; Navy-Lafayette, at Annapolis.
Mlchlgan-Notre Pumi, at Ann Arbor,
Mich.; Ames-Mlssourl, at Columbia. Mo,;
iJilnnell-Carloton, nt NorthfleM, Minn ;
Iowa-Dm ke, at IVa Moines.
Omaha Runs Away
From South Siders,
Nineteen to Nine
Omaha maintained Its hold at the top
of the Trl-Clty High achunl league hy
romping over the South High nine, by
a 19 to 9 eroro. Carson, Yardley and
Welrlch led In tha atlai'k for Omaha,
Welrleh secuilng a home run. Rugle,
tha star hoxman for South High, who
tat Omaha last year, was In the boa,
and Coach Spinning's aggregation secured
ample, revenge, puling nut Us long hits
to all corners of tha lot Jiaumgardner
had the visitors under his conlrol at all
I''or the visitors Shanhols and Wilson
played bang-up games. Wilson puling out
Omaha High plays Fremont High at
Fremont this afternoon, Score;
AM II it I f. All HUH
Wolf, rf,, 4 1 IBldhe, If,, II 1 0 1
rvvaon a ,1 I I I 0' V.rr .1 I I I 0 I
till.., i... I44 luiwi.r.a aa I 0 1 I 0
H.i.n. If .1112 O-ti.nh',,1, jl, i t J I 1
H.lrlrA. rf . 4 I 0 OIHiiL. p .4011 1
r.!r.oa. rf. I 0 0 (Vfiraa.ra rf. I I I A n
D.n.h'r, lb .114 onii.r. lb.. 4 I I 0 0
i'ni, i, 4lii AAn.rann a 4 0 I a e
K.ln.r, lh 4 CP 4 IV.ll.uli, lb. 4 I 1 I
liaiimar'r, p. I I I I
Totals ,. 40 II 17 1. I Total. . II 13 "I Mi t
South Illuli 0 I ii ii ,1 ? S tl 19
Central High . . I o ;t n I " 7 I I'l
llonui run: Well led Thn e been hlta
Carson. Ilnzoii. linncr, Hliniiliolir-. Wil
son. Two-hnaii blls I'msoii. Vanlli'V i".
Kalnar, Hhsnhollx. Ornhiim, Ktter Htnleri
bases: Wolf, 'arson iL'i, Yurdley lit,
Welrlch (I). Imiigherlv Ci. Kaunigiirdunr,
ttur. Hit hy pitched Lull rnitla.
Haaea on balls: Off Kugle, 'i. off Haum-
fardner, 1. Struck out Hy litiglo, H; by
(aumgardner, 4. I'mplre. Enua Adams.
Turn ntd furnttura, household goods and
clothing Into eaah with a Pea Want Ad.
Scant Margin by Which Paving; and
Grading' Bonds Carried Bone
of Contention.
Klertlon ComuilHsloner Moorhoad
has (tlven out a report of the total
of votes rust at thn primary, for
state offices. The proposed 11,100,
000 paving, bond Issue received
13,315 affirmative votog and 13,003
negative. Kor the 1200,000 grading
bonds, 13,700 oton wire cant, and
Hgulnst, 12.K03, Many lawyers y
the majority In favor of ttui bonds
was not big enough, as the law Is
Interpreted as requiring, a two-thirds
vote. County Attorney Mugney's
opinion Is that the ponds rarrled.
The following Is tha report of votes
Issued by tha election commissioner!"
President Itepubllcan, Ford, 4,M;
Hushes, 4,IN3: Cummins, 2.M; Kiatabrook,
l.ii 5, hoss, 6.1. lieirioi rtttin, Wliaon, lu,2KJ;
liniicrt '. Hoss. 71.
Delesales at largo- Democratic W, II.
Thuii..iiti. h.ISC, U J. I'lattl, f),f.94; J. J.
Thomas, 4.W), William fl. Price. W.
i. Olilham, tii.H, Dougliia Conre, 4 tti;
A .1 Hryan. 3,Me;.
Dlstrli't leleatee Keiiiliran, N H.
I nila, 4.171 . W. IT. Hur'ey, .m. M. I,
l.ei.riti'il, .4f.l; ("J W. Wattles, V; Oould
Diet. I.J.'a, ( barlna L Hattiiders,
W. 41. I re, 4'4, John T Yates, I.4S4.
Oovernor Itepobllnan, A, I Sutton,
K,m, S, It. MolieKle, 1.01 f.; W. A. Ucorge,
C, J Miles. f,,fii William Madgett,
t.l. Charles A. Josa. T.OT0; John B.
Hamee T.n; C.eorge J. Hunt, 6,170; L. 8,
Hastings, s.lfW; bamuel H. Seilgwlck,
6,til; Jiiinea H. I'eao, S.U4H; II. C. Palmer,
f..,; .1- tin i Martin, .!!$; Kdwtn Tal
itn, !.vs
AMK.4, la.. May 6,-(Himaal Talegran.)
Missouri university piled up seven runa
o Ames' ona In a heavy hitting game,
ekore: R. It. B.
Vtleat.url 0 4 0 4) 0 l 0 n J 7 7 S
Amea 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 11 4 7
ltteriea: Bryant nnd Haumgarnor,
.'atnla. Neusham and Sdtwart,
Htsta llallwav Ctommlsslonara Repuh-
dull, 2 :ta
Mean, f'lsike. i7fj4, Johnaon, !,,
Chlsf ,luslce-Nonpai-Uaan. A. M Mor-
rlssev, li,fr; Jacob y'awoatt, U.WI.
AsamlHle Justices- Albert f. Cornish,
Blair Woman Dies
In Omaha Hospital
Mrs fJ. V, liross, wife of W. J. Ilrnsi,
M air, ::cfloner, dl"d In the Omaha
Methodist honpltal ynstaMav afternoon,
ss tha result of long suffering from
Plight s dlsesaa. Sho waa 42 yvars old,
si d is survived by hor husbind and thraa
Tha body will I taken to Plalr for burial
Harry H, Hfrna of Omaha and Verne
Hedge of Lincoln left las night for Min
neapolis, wham they will represent Ne
braska st lite district conclave of the
Kappa Sigma Natlnnnl frnternlty on Fri
day and balurday, Mr. Hedge Is dis
trict grand master of the eleventh dis
trict. In which Mlnri''B! and Nehraeka
are loiated, and Mr Kyrne I. r'aldent
of fba Omaha alumni chapter. Moth Mr
Hedge and Mr. Hyrne will apeak at tha
himuuat, which will take place Saturday
night at ona of tha big hotels In Min
neapolis or St. Paul. Mr. Byrne la work
ing to bring the nest triennial conclave
of the fraternity to Omaha In 1017, and
has already received considers lile en
couragement. Several hundred delegates
will be at the district conclave.
Adoption Latest
Incident in Life
Of Ruel Ziegler
The life cf little 2 year-old Ruel Ziegler
la a most tempestuous one, Yesterday
he waa hurried to hla great grandfather.
Judge R. W. Hi-eann of Red Oak, la.,
and adopted hy him. Mrs. B. 8. Bloae,
little Ruel'a grandmother wanted to adopt
him and filed an application, but fearing
that the lade father. Lewis Ziegler,
might Intnrfere. the trip to Iowa wsa
made secretly and he was given to hla
grandfather Instead.
Little Run) s the son of Mr. and Mrs.
L. W. 2!legler. whe were dlvoroad several
months ago. Mrs. Ziegler was given cus
tody i t the child snd agreed to allow her
tool her to adopt him, hut when she henrl
that her former huaband Intended to In
terfere, plans wre changed.
three years ago F.innta Bloea, a 19 year
old school girl, eloped with young ZUrjler,
who la the son of Calvin Ziegler, eon-tractor.
Culls from the Wire
A proclamation Issued by Oovarnor
Whitman of New York designated May
H aa American Indian day "for observ
snce by the descendants of the flrat
Americans In memorial snd In honor to
their forefathers."
The Haitian cabinet haa realgned. Par
liament lias entered a protest with tha
American government and congroaa
agalnat what It ileclarea to ba a viola
ttlnti of the rliflns of tha legislative
branch of the government, i
In a compilation Issued by tha foreign
trad" department of tha National (, Uy
bank an enormous growth of trade he
tween the l olled Siatea and the Philip
pine Islands Is shown for tha In at slg
tren yeara that tha Islands have been
under tha American flag. Exports from
the 1'ptled Stateg to the Islande for that
pmlod amounted to I3nl,fi0,0ii0 and the
I 'tilled Stales Imported from the Islands
products to the value of 2311,000,000, while
for the alvteen years prior to annexa
tion axporta amounted to only fJOnO.OftO
and the Imports to about Im.oiin.nnil.
: q I,,,,, :: :i:";"i:,,i-ii,i:;1;1 rr j .vrrr TNcztjo
f:H ' : ia
J) J) j) J) )) Supply Lasts aS)
!,- l' I I'll
Jf .le'
ILeather Bill Fold with Clasp
To EaA Purchaser of 10c Worth of TUXEDO Tobacco
Made of genuine, fine, soft, close -folding leather, this is the snuggest fitting,
most convenient bill fold ever tucked into a man's pocket or a lady's shopping
bag. This is the famous "Titcvvad" bill fold, millions of which have been sold all
over the country.
CoffTrr-Tiicrit poach, innerlined T
The Perfect Pipe Tobacco
This unusual Free Offer is made solely because we believe
TUXEDO will become your permanent smoke after a trial.
Every man can smoke and enjoy TUXEDO because it
is unquestionably the mildest, coolest, most delightful tobacco
in the world. TUXEDO cannot bite or sting.
The original "Tuxedo Process" of treating the ripest,
mellowest leaves of high-grade Kentucky Hurley tobacco
prevents tongue bite and develops fragrance and flavor as
they have never been developed in any other brand.
TUXEDO is different from other tobaccos and better,
A trial will make this absolutely plain to you.
IP fr" Takes nuvnnUg of this Freo Offer totlay nnI a void
ii - ii - s twwi nviitiiiiiiu Kit tiiiai s 13 win i imiiif nun nvi'iu
Ii II diai.rKitmrnt. Dralers have only n limited supply
' " of tlieie Hill Folds And cannot ct more, lcxk for
I-rtwi Of (ft aiL't. nn n i!fn!-r'a wnwlnw tf 1 ( X- wvrlli
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with moiMure-proof papcr
Famous grcrn tin, with gold
loitering, currexj to fit pocket
In Tin HamUor; 40c and 80c
In Cuu HamiJoT$, 50c and 90c
-;;- i;
t .t "X. ...
' ..'3.W',
- . V . ! I , f
Special Notice to Dealers: ;
aWri.Se alsVsT2, 'ltia.1feJa4Tt:J:.- g-JSd!SJa.-J -'.. . i
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