Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 06, 1916, NEWS SECTION, Image 5

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    r 1 1 1 : umaiia. sati ki'Av. may h. uhi;.
Kaiser Willing to Make Concessions
in the Conduct of Subsea '
Warfare. j
(Continued fn.iii fun' in. I '
with Inc. kpopiui principle uf vlalt '
nd Boarth and the dostructioa of
men-riant vfasels woKni.ed by in-i
tot national law, the koIh exception:
Mnit the conduct or warfare ag.iinat
nftiiy traili- earned on win) freight
xhipH encountered In (he ar znn
unrounding Great Ilrltain. With if.-1
Bard ti thete, no hkhii ranees have:
ever been given to Uib government
of 1 lie I'nited Htatcs. No aurh aa
auranrea are contained in the decla
ration of February K, lfllli.
' The Gentian government canno;
admit any doubt that tliene orders
were ftiveu or are executed in Rood
faith. Krrora actually occurred. ;
Jhey can In no kind of warfare be
avoided, altogether. Allowance!
mtiat be. made in the conduct of
naval warfare agalnat an enemy re
porting to all kind of ruuea,
whether permiHfihle or Illicit.
M ill I e aiiliiiiarlnri.
"Hut ttunri from the ixmniliihty
of errors, naval warfare, jtint like
warfare on land, Impllea unuvold
able danera for neutral peraona
and Kooda entering tho fighting
zono. lOven in ranee where tho na
val artlon Is confined to ordinary
forma of cruiaer warfare, neutral
peraona and goods repeatedly coino
to grief,
"The liermtio government nan re
peatedly and c pointed
out the dangers from mlna that
hare led to tho loaa of numerous
rolral Auonr Hlaki.
"The German government haa
made eeveral proposals to the gov
ornmcnt of tho United State, in or
der to redue to a minimum for
American travelers and gooda the In
herent dangers of naval warfare.
Unfortunately, the government of
the 1'nited. States decided not to ac
cept the proponals. Had It ac
cepted, the government of tho
I'nlted Plates would have been in
trumental In preventing tho
greater part of tho accidents that
American citizens have met with in
the meantime.
"The German government all 11
elands by Its offer to come to an
agreement along these lines. As
tho German government has re
peatedly declared, it cannot dispense
with the ua of tho aubmarine
weapon In the conduct of warfare
against enemy trade. The German
government, however, has now de
elded to make a further concession,
idapt.lng methods of submarine war
-.o the Interests of neutrals.
"In reaching this decision the
German government Is actuated by
"onaideratlont which are above the
cvel of the disputed question.
Dictator of German Policy
'. . 'V' ) V
' Vf" -w -
If lift r? V . i'
s - ; - r '
f? :K4 ' U
. V .. "7-V-.
. s- y v,
! ' -''' v., - .
- v 1 J ? s X
f " ...V .. , - . ; 4
lrv;i; X-' j'.V;'''7!
;--,vv V ' "; :
Pnli Blame on l.rrmt Rritaln,
"The Gflrmnn itovenim-nt atta no
'ei lmportane to the iacred principles
if huiiiBnlty than the Bovernment of the
I tilted Stat. Tt again fully takes Into
aucount that both governments for many
earg e o-operated tn developlnn interna
Uunat law In conformity with theae prln
lpkt, the ultimate object of which haa
alwaya been to confine warfare on lea thru i,t .,ihn,u,i,... u.rr... ....
and land to armed fonya of l.elliernls temjd wlih the .me irmth of feellna
anu ariiard fnr a iMlWe non- to many inlllli.i, r,f womn and chlldr-m
vxuiuaiania aKainti me norrora or war.
Hut, although tlicne eoiiNlderatlona are of
great welaht, thf-y alone yould not un
der preaent clreumatniioa liave deter
mined the attitude of the (It-rman ov
niinent. Kor In anawi-r to the aiieal
by the governnunt of tho fnltfd KitM
on behalf of the aaered prtni lplea of hu
manity and intertiatlonitl law, the Ger
man government muat repeat once more
Willi all emphala that It wan not the
German, but the KrltUli government
which ignored all accepted rules of In
ternational law and extended thin terrlhlo
war to the Uvea and property of non-
eombatanta, having no reaard whatever
no, arenrning iq he avowed Intention
of the Diltldh government, nhall he
ataned. and hn, hy auffprlna, shall
force 1 1 uf vl'tnrlona armle of the cen
tral pow'era Into Ignotnlnoua capitula
tion, "Tlie Ocrman aovenimenl, In agree
ment, v.lth the Herman people, fall! to
wnd. ri-iri nil thla dla rluiiriallon, all the
more aa It Ima repeatedly and explicitly
d(."iiied it wfir ready to line thu aub
marlnit wenpoi In el rl 1 conformity with
the rule of International law, aa reoof
nUed lii foie Die outbreak of the war, If
On Hi Hrllulu likewise n ready to
for the Intoreat and rlnlita of neutraia ! adept the conduct of werfuro to thee
and non-comhatanta thet tlirouuti thla
method of warfare have heen aeverely Injured.
"la aelf-defenae aaalnat the llleeal con.
duet of Brltlah warfara. while fighting al'npou the Mritlah government tn act
Mttar atniaale for national exiatenju
Oermany had to reanrt to the hard, rmt
effective weapon of submarine warfare.
Allrgea TUcrlmlontfon hy f. S.
"Aa matters stand, the German gov
ernment cannot but reiterate regret that
the aentlmenta of humanity which il"1
government of the United Htalea extends
with eucn fervor to the unhappy h:
More I harar Aaalnet llrltleb.
"."everal afteinpta made by the govern
ment of the Tutted Btaiei to prevail
cordingly failed liecanse of flat refuaal
or tin! part of the Biitlah government,
t'oreover, Great Ilrlteln aaaln and again
has violated International law, aurpaaa
ing all bounda In oulrnglns neutral
right". The latent meamua adopted hy
Gn at Hrtialn. declaring bunker coal ron
trahand nnd elnhll.-IilnK condition
under whli-b KnKbali bunker coal alone
la B'lpplKd to ucuiiuix lx nothing but an
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Yl '!'!'- j:iiU'U.' ii'aliu.usittiy M.i'a nt .'hair .i.-t!ir-i nk- m,. it-nl uf i tu-w
til I !' ''' I'''''-"4 "'' ' lialltrtrl- ..,!. , mii ('.....tuU V li. f ,
';,) ilC'it'l tin' Ilw.m .i,-- fni:M-'t-!it ith !' i.,rrr!i.t;lij.iii
":i l
A -l!'l 't.';''. liU ''111, Ml (.1 1,m'.' All'lV.c Mnln-liHJil So I'd. a t.i till'. ,1,i... ,.!... I
I 5 ' ' g; ut'i
i: .Ju.yttnv s 1 1 . vii, , I'.K'.lt'l t. .1 tit i Hit,,, t, ! I'.'un ,j , lour w ;;!, L.tif
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hi- .
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unl'i'Mid o aiifuHU tn e nl unci,,,,
to f.u i-h nential ;oniii.' Intii ti.e km sic..
! Hrnl.'li tied- si
iif i nlted (tain
Tlie lii-rmaii pe.ipie l,ni.. ;i n; ,.ir
gOVellitlll'lll of the I ntl.'il SI .!,-, ,i Mm
power to confute 'he n '( , Si ill nh-d l.ii.ea
of the hidligerent . .omtiV. In Mi,- nitei .
eftl of tot n im nil and ni-ilntviotnct oi in
teiimtloluil liH. 'I'll.- ! ,i inn. Ml ,.f Hie
fnltrd Hiiti ! til It , no
uf atlHIIIIttfc tlli- Mi l hliii i.(.tl , ,
Icrniiiu'd tn :i:Mnt auimi ilr. i: HMiniii
on the ii'i "hi i iiimi tih'e n.l i,. .i t , , , . 1. . tl 1
Of t!le nenii
tui' hH noi i : -I . , i in
pin a I e illidel 1 hi- lilt-' -(jiivei
nnii lit n" i in' I nil, d
item, inline iii.i I i f oi i in
rxlfit Hi e, fcii.iM nifiio I;,, . m. .,
feel i .. It i H pin, o, M,r, p,,,
Ml, i' I nil tin Mi drill, il, , , . ,M I,
Inn Inti ioiiii e n i ( in i i ;
i unfilled Ilea !)
mel ncilM lid' ' If!
Mm...,', it, the i
v. , oni. i e i ii h
..upplli d .i ill-, I i
f l oni I he I ' nil. it
"f Mic t'ultiNi Mturs. i i i c ,i mke 3
tin fi .mull t in i,r "nltut n'dliii.'n.ince
of peace hnwi':i tin two nation
eit unit r to aiiiintaclnee.
'A fnr n.i Ion with the ;oiinn fnv
ei nuiioir. :i w iahe to prt veul thlnad
fioni ; n ltij mich a couni'. The ilerman
K" i" nini iil, iii'i"o i, 1 ptepaied to do
in 'iimnii in iimi'lin- nieillen ef tlie
Win- fnr Hie ril of in urn m inn to the
f'uhtliiK fmifd of tlie belllgmenl, there
hi nl.,, inJiiiii ji freedom of Hie eia, a
tn m ill!,' 'in m ul.nh the (termioi toi
n in-
'nl, in.
Hi p..)
. ii -.
'O. Ini
,in ef
I - m'
In th note piemented hv (li aovernineiit
of the I'ldted S'a'e to ti.e Ttrltiyh Snv
einiiint t'f emher ... 4 nd Not ember
r.. p::.
Il'ifrifi l llierli or li'llnn.
' Htiniild it tl n tn the am et uniciit
of th I'lllted Ut. i not HIIKIIl Ibe ol.rl
tt de!r, to hei.i the of humanity
followed I'v all he!!ferM nilliin. th
(ieimari government 'M"ild then he fee
ine new nil n'lon In w.ijch It meat te
ene to ltlf cmiplete Hberli of deelnimi
"The underli,. d a v H U lilinnelf of tin
einii i.iliiii'H. now lierni'F. tliat II ' ' '" 1 ' " "
I in mm with the gm eminent of 1 "'"""'ler a.utpce of .lahet con-
ft Mlf'l HI f't,
'i Ii' if i ii mn gm i MMichi M'IM'mI ' V
tin iilrj t)ii(ifl 1lt- ,;' ' i liiiH-liI if tU
nil. '.f fiin'M II. ' .r'n-tii imt fnic- n
(mvr i"tr.r1 fir f-'Mnu n1r:
" I it ti'('"i tlti iM i- 1 1 H I b uf lie rn !
M-f tll'lfll Uf )lt), Hltl scHM'll MMI,
t Ifnlriirlliiii it f iiiavrhiitf vmm)n
n m I r rt l(ilartinHniifi I tmi,
Mllt'tl tCMfl. twit It ilNln unit lih
otii fh nrfii if4'lftriil n iimmI nur ;
..! atlinll mil l..t aultL tlhnr.1 !
VI-.(.M NMll MllhlMM MllDH hNIMM (KOrtJld illM Hf I UU Mn.nnMt Kit-
II r ti it Iran (In iv lil ii nHfin nl I a Iim 1 1 ( nlU't Mn nit hit I mi m- N Lhi
uliit Iihm l'tn illni lm i $r i'i mi ftn i ill;'-
Says Collection
Agency Beat Him
Out of Four Jobs
Keiiume of in. iii.iin of r l "d
llemli .
"II will. Ihele
the HIU'i ill i
tn l .
1 j Willi J 1 1 1 ill, I
in w i ii iino;
nieel lo i-;i in-
1 .'ei uniii p.-o j ,1, - m
oi here le m . . , .
the lirrnmn m en
reeolved to I n In II
tepiona It hue 1
hy tlie fi h-ii'lii on
enf.tina ii'itinni ii
elm h I In t i,m
whl'di Ihreati'iie n
I it K 1 nl d U o i't
1 1
I '"Mi i . H
'nil nl . llli
lllom' i ' I! ii I he t ii
.I l'-i o-i.: li-ii
il' 'lie u ' e I : lloniil
hlh I ' . Il III., ll Kiil , i !
i ll ' Oil I y w n i
atlO'll'l the I in I l 'i t
Xlellded and pl'lllllliKe'l
"The 'ierniiin ai' tine nl , mn, iom i of
Germany ' elir-nalh. I i . . HIHihl tin1 Inn
few luonlhl iinnoiiiii i'il li. rmi' lln mii Id
It l enduiexH In hllil.e pi in i- on n Ihihk
mi feu mi i dim; i.i'tninii' iliiil Inieienli.
ilni Indiiuiiiia t Ii it 1 !i ii mil ij.-i nniiiy
fmlll If pi m e p. Kllll him. In Id from ihe
natlnii of Cnrope, The Ocnmiii uiivern
nienl fnr In nil thu mine Junlillid In ,
clnrlna Diet i ' .tionililllt y unil'l n.d li
horne liofiiie Ho- fioiitn of niniiMiid .ind
In hleloiv, it nf!in t ii i-ut -one inniii lie
of the wore dm u I inn, lln- mil'iiiHriiii.
'tueeilnn, under rlH.'UMien hetwien tin.
'ii rnuin K'U ornment and the no" enuuent
chcHpr.or offer relletiee.
I lie in lnl I an He (.nod,
I: ,i Hi. lie i r ' l anin.t expect Hint j
i! in'iiny, ''oni-il In fight for ( latence, j
knin loi ihe oide of lie ill i u 1 1 1 1 ei i' at '
ii.iiih'. Hie '! o' en ('fee he epui,
If the rnen'' peil.llllfd to totllllliie ;
to ,IJI1 ,M lici no'! IiimIv of ttftlfl ,
t:nl..ttS inle nflnl'i tuMnnl la i fin h 1
a d-miinil n'iid he lie itimnHinlr with thv
iIihibciii of ii"iiiiltty at iicl tli Uermun
i;m ei ninenl ir i-oiii Inced Hint the goiem
m ill i't Hi" I nileil (, linen not IhliiK
of miitona h a demiind, knoHtng tint
the ,ii . i ii, in 1,1 in ll i c I nl:.'.! Hllllen If-t.-
il. ili '. !. I.i 1 1-4 Ihel It I ill-let mined In
r eloir lln I'linclple to fieedmil of th?
..i, ii'iiti iviiiiieiet ipiHitet It haa hern
' i i onltnili the am eniiinnl of Hrr
in, hi j loidliletit In coiim-u 'eni of
the new oideia tieiied to the neiel foice
thu cm .1 mi mil of Hie t'inl"d Htnte mil
iiIko iiom ii'ii.ldei nil Impediment li
on, .il uiihii nmv loon lieen tn the
ol miiliinl .((.. i a I Inn towiiid ii'Hlolii
Hon m Hie lieeihmi of tlie ea during th
vial, aunaenied In the not of July A
I'd-., iitid It dnea not ilnuht. tliat th gov
iinno'it of Ihe I nlted hhatea mill now
ilenmid mid Ineinl the! the lirltleh a'"-'
leieni tiiinlilon t n In i (j i , i
I i e it In t ' 1 1 1l rout liv liie Lillet, in
whli It he ami lite innit Inr n ile'.
t .ui:,uii art'l lie ii.iiii in e 1 1 ,. iiii.
aoiooiiiltig to I'i i pun of xl.l'li lie p.iii.
In llt. III the cult of Hie Int. ,l n!r.
Almiinli Jitdanienl em louiul a-'lii"i li'ni
for It. ilU ni'ii uji iiNhe. .1 fni
the ii'liount, ud noun II loud l.m
lug ! Ill' ll'l lll loli'l ll II' ' linn
iiaeiu innu money (hmi lln- in I. inn
ilehl, ImI 1 1 it- v mill ilii.m lie o,i th.m
j The him four Join" he h oi in i. utiii 'In
! violin lieere IMoH iiiutpen.v, Ihe H'-i'it'i;
! rrtlllp, ll1 , I', III. lll.mlinf u 1 1 1 1 the X' -!
hllllku l Oil lie- rollipil '.
,ludl.e Ih'S I'm in, ml- 'I a lemi'.ii.Hi h -
iliitinina cl''!, pi ci .-nl loa ti
ii Ke;i' I i inn f nl I h''t inle' h
I ,11 1.1 u Otitil I 111' Vll"le II I
I In niiignb lfl. d no ii 'I'I '
hi' Hied l 1"
I I I loll
III ll
I II he
"An April I'av" ft mil .lie hoiKh of lion.!
ert I'', illldei, in a In. n nii In. -til i) ,1'iLu;
ll, Colllne. e lorloddie, In , u M i oltertm' j
The ton Hi' piiln'hia nl the Ullder
I'innieiil .hull fnirhwllh olidetie tile i idea ,,lhil at the Inolint unlhii l'h. f
of iniei'iielloiiiil law iinlieiaallv rf'o- Midi will lout'iiue oulv todn) end In
nixt d tiefoie Ihe war. a are laid dnw t, mnrrow
, menu .4.-.?
Professional Safe-Blowers Crack
Both Vault and Safe of Danish
Pioneer Company.
Sfc tilimoiM, wlnine expert crafts
liinnalitp, lln jinlt :e aaaett, indicatea
lliat tlipy ate profoaalonal yeKgtllcn,
Clacked luitli Hip vault ami lite safp
of Hio Iiatilnh I'tnnorr conipanv
Thui ,iliij niKiil and toblmd tli snf
oi I 1 5 in ciiMh,
'I'lm jim(rt Ruined ciiirHiico to (hf
i iiliilill.iltnicnt liv pi'ilng upon I lie
('mil nl the nroms toiiin, TlH'V then
I'iflli llltu tlie 111 H i ll officii uf lho
l imit liy pi'ili'R llic diuir lict'M'cti tlie
I'fflce and ll'o ptcin rnoin.
'I lie ( of Mm' IH Ifllllt ill coin
lete!v hhnl . off II, i lllote-i h Ihe nlllo
Ull'i 't"!' pliut He 11,1-1 the d mi nf till-
i.fe lln-lde the vault,
Houli i.' ! lie, iiie-ldi-ni of th paper,
ileihinil (hit inhi, mii . -1 1 ,.,!., I l, .miln
nnihi v noil iHluahle paper with h he
i n, I In till ili-ili. tie Ml o aitul lie had
IkiiiIi"'! 'rinuil i iif'ei immi Ihe mutt of
i,T'. whl' h hud pu t Iniialy repoeed In
the inifo Htid tiiii'h I lif y.'Kai would ha
imi!oiihieil) Imie Hlnlen luiil they hnen
'o ll'il .e ll eli i ieil lAein-edy II I K lit In
-oe iil in Ti.ill - tt,i i u'alil
Tie Mil'in-iv ori'ttiied hetween the
hum oi i' m i-'.M u mldtiluht. when tli
1 ImiiI null ipill wml.. Blld 4 o'clock In
Ihe irolEilna
H no fi.lim ihe -mini, I of the eiplo
"'in 1 . 1 pihiiii r-iKi, piipere and the liie
' nd tin I mil hiiiI eefe iloora, the
i. hi... in in . i nHfnlly kept tlielr V lei r
line, "d Hint ..nphii Ni-lile, who relde
in tlie honec adjoining tlie plant, failed
'o dear any of the hi hence.
Inn in f tin I unali mill I'nlil,
Keefi not of dinfin, aield expoffure, e'jtl
and Ihe liahiinnd inl-e in, King a New
lUeioieii. in im,. mii forty jear. Ouar
iiniee I All di iiggiaia,-Ad rtlenienl,
ipr v sz&xz.
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i " ' ' I !. .. n,. It i , ,M h ..v.t,
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r "t '. 'i- I- -iil !i! l'irvii
H l"i ' ' i , 5 1-
U'I't. ' (! 1 ' Uli 1,-1'
Hl-ll Itlllt' ''.,' I'lll '
V, . ' .i 1 i ii l..i 11 ' ' ' i'i
t ' i. -. i I" ii-, ', n - i i- 1 '
d.i t ',. n' - 1 f- '( "
v ,,-it, no .i" r. ru
I till 111 It . e ll kl U
ut,c ' ;t. lllltl I - "
IHk I "i1 '' il
r.r -' '
.Sprcii ls for ;' h i il
l'ni i' . Ul ti ll I !
l air Inniiitl
I' ,:. I. - - 11. i
I ll I I f . , I
. , . I I. , , , , '.',1 1
in! .i, .t , (HI
t I
I ...Mt i , II,
. - I: i i !
' iit .-ii , i t
' " i nt,
' ' k ' . i - .i ,
-'. !. .- tin
it.OI '
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it" - v '; Our
Oh 3. Wind ows
W A,
fa ) H
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1 ' ' f
J . ,j Where a
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' ' , UnJerstood
I I " Satisfied
A Older
r Uiand mu (..".,., f .- jci)
t'l'-m i.r .i'.-i' t-isin I"" ' ' St f
,hi.4mi I ' v t a
Satn...'k .no I V-.ii til,, ;, ... . j A Well
.'. i 1 . I ii l 1 1. . ii ... i-t.i,. , - ' - ' 1
. ' ' ii , i .. . in t, I ' ' ' I;
A". I l p
!'.' i i t.".l.v " t V " li
v , I-. a i i. f , ... f j!
tuit a. at tut, at tt t ii;
i 1 i'1
? ' " I
I ' IM'I 'II'. 1. 1 i .
t!r .- L. '. . (j
"!"-"-', - , 1 - .,V jl
. --I' I . ...,. V., - f ii
ITr -.. ;. .. 7 I
I ,-', : i ,si, " , ;s 9 h. 4 '
N:.- y , . ) j
1 ilt
I '
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ver you fouldn't find
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