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Nebraska Nebraska
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Thousands of Them Flock to Meet
ing Places and Receive
GERIXG, Neb., May S.-tKpcdal Tcie
ram.) Th J.Ki-miie Itinerary of the
Union Pacific dairy, alio and llv Hock
special ended tonight whsn meetings svura
held lmultaneauly at Unrtns and Halg.
X final meeting wa held at tha former
plaoa and a batid concert given in honor
of the visiting agrlruluira expert. Htopa
were made today ul at Mi-Grew and
Malhata. At tiering I'rof. P. U. Holden
save a apeclal talk on the raising of
augur beets, a matter of vital Interest
to Nebraska' newest ugar city.
During the entire trip a total of ap
proalrnately 7)) addresac have been de
livered at 129 meeting, which ra at
tended by nearly Ji.ono men, women and
fhlldren. The interest has been linens
at every atop, and even at meellnKS held
Ji Isolated achool hous'S from ten to
twenty mile from the railroad the at
tendanee ha been phenomenal.
Every phase of dry farming, soil fer
tility and atock raising tins been dis
cussed and many question hav been
asked of the expert by farmer, who
aeem to be thoroughly awake to the
great rwaslhltltles In the fertile J'latt
valley aa well a upon the drier table
land. Many hundred thousand bulletin
on all the various gublnrt dlaciisd, In
finding domeilo aclence, which were
furnished by the agricultural extension
department of the harvester company
have been distributed.
The effects of the campaign muat cer
tainly result in an Immense amount of
good In Increasing the yield of western
Nebraska and In maintaining the fertility
of the oil. It ha been a veritable ag
ricultural revival and from every hand
have come from farmer and business
men alike message of thank and ap
preciation for the effort of those In
(harge of the campaign to bring experts
In various line from a large number of
slate to teach better methods of farm
ing and consult with the tiller of the
aoll regarding perplexing problem which
confront every one of them.
Food Commissioner Indicates
What These May Contain.
a Staff Correspondent.)
May 5. -(Special Telegram.)
Henry rang horn,
EHOAR, Neb., May .(Apeclal.) Henry
.angliurn, one of the pioneers of Clay
county, died at his home In Edgar Inst
evening, aged 71. Funeral service will
be held In the Methodist church Sunday
bulletin No. t. lsaued by the pure food
commission contains some Information
which Indicates that Commissioner Ifsr
mn Is of the opinion it will be necessary
for manufacturer of non-nkoholc bev
eragca to know Juat hfiw strong they can
make the stuff, It aaya:
1. The ura of aawhnrln or any coal
tar sweetener In non-alcoholic beversgei
sold In tl stm of Nebraska, Is specific
ally Mht!l!el by law.
.2 Artificial cMors and flavors sre per
mitted, provirt'd tbny arc hnrmless and
(lie lltM-i for purposes "f colnrlllg Slid flw-
voiing only and not for the purpise f
msskltijf Inferior or deleterious Ingredi
ents. The us of any mineral dye r r any
coal tar dv except the herein lists I
Is prohibited. The following coal tar dyes
mv be used provided they bear a guar
anty from the manufacturer certifying
that each one Is the substance which
name It beers, frea from contamination
ami Impurity:
He, rhades. 107-Amaranth, M-ronueau
t ft. fit7-l',rythroetn.
Orange shade, M-Ornnga 1,
Yellow shades, 4-NHpntliol yellow 8,
Creen shade, 4.16-Ught green 3, F.
Ultra shade, teJ-Indlgo dlsultihoacld.
3, The mi of artificial preservatives IS
prohibited. ! isi ate of soda mny be usd
In amounts not esrerrllng one-tenth of 1
per cent, provided Its presence Is declared
on the label.
(linger ale containing added capsicum
or other flavoring or pungent materia'
except those present In ginger root should
be labeled "Imitation 'linger Ale" or It
will be considered mlshranded In viola
tion of the food law, '
S. Root beer and birch beer are held
to he beveragea brewed from a aweetened
Infusion of roots and herha or an extract
thereof, and, if otherwise manufactured
or produced should be labeled "Imita
tion" to avoid charges of misbranding
, Compounds, Imitations or blend must
not be sold under the name of any single
Ingredient, nor under the name of anv
other article. If artificially colored or
flavored this) Informs Hon must appea on
the label, and If It be an Imitation, the
word "Imitation" ahould also appear.
The quantity or proportion of alcohol
must In alt cases he stated on the label
If there he alcohol present In any quantity
7. In all esses the label must show the
net amount of contenta In the container
In terms of either weight or meaaure.
This rnsv be declared on the crown csn
If there Is no other label on the container,
or may be blown In the glasa. All such
stslements must refer to the content
and not to the cspsclty of the container.
The heavleet cannon used at the time
of the American revolution were eight
een pounder.
From Our Near Neighbors
let I rig, too
Itov Hmnf.liiger of Omaha vlallcd
friend her Sunday.
Mra. Adama of Omaha and Mra. 1 1 rrf f -man
of IJticolti visited at the Vestal
home this week.
Mr. and Mra. Otl lfendrtckson and
daughter of fea Moinea, la, are visit
ing at the John Hondi l ksori home.
Mleae Kthel Allen of Omaha and Mar
fan! Nelson of Council Hluffs visited
the l'elri home from I rldny III, Ht.wJiiy,
The play called "The Deacon." given
t the school house Friday evening, was
attended by over 3) people and tjoralllt
enjoyed by all preaont. Over " u
tuktri In.
Mrs. Adolf I'auleen spent the week-end
at Norfolk.
Superintendent Yoder visited 'hoola
In tliU locality Thuraday.
Mine Iena Ibbcrt underwent an op.
ration for throat irnubln rMlurday at
an Omaha hospital.
John Harder, who lived northeast of
town, died Thursday evening. The fu
neriil will probably be held tiunduy. ,
A barn dunce furnlifhcd entertainment
vdnc4(y evening when a laign number
of fri. rni tendir-d a autpriau pin ly to
III i'l oi Imow.
The outing camp of the Young Wom
en' Christian assnciHtlun of Omaha will
bo formality opened the latter purl of Muy
lit Hummel bill farm.
Miss ,Mrile Leach, teacher In Idstrlct
No it, motored to Omaha last Haturday,
inking her h.iuhl 1 gcada class to vmlt
various points of Interest.
V alley.
G S. Kopp la serving on the petit
Mr. Jnnsen went to Gretna Thursday
for a short vlrdt.
John Ientell returned Punday from his
trip to Wlleey. Kan.
Miss Cook and Mlsa Kubank will eirfuid
the week-end In Uncoln.
Miss Huth Hubbard Is out of school
this week on account of alckness.
Visa Margaret IeW of Fremont was
tha (itr t of Ireno Hron I'nday eeu
trig. Ml I'earl Manna returned from Tull
City Hutiilay. leg ting her brother elmhtly
Mr and tt F. C. Kennedv. Mr. and
Mrs C. It Nichols and Miss Nlilmla mo
tored to Omaha Sedueiiay.
The Woman's bible study class met
Tnursday at'ernoon lth Mrs Ir. I'ar
aorv. slot Is t'-si bcr ff the tines.
Mt nba CIiamerltln. h was Hi
guet of Kthel t.nlnk eevernl dr left
f.r her home In In'trislly 1"bi. Ties
Mrs A fisr Inter was sle,l t. liinb'
Ut wok 111 atni llit of lh ei.ot n:.
r.eae u( her granddaiighlri, frtciia
"the senior -' ,f Ibe 'sl'y Misti
ho. I ve I . i I'lw . ' t '.e T-.-'i
ir a I an I srere, nMve
i:ene In tl s a y i n lnci r'tt.lm
T'' te'la iti)I ii!"ii ..f
I .!'.' Al-I was e .1 wil l Vrs ' t
, Vt ,,1ii,i..l rt,ii,.',r( M - a l'4ii'i-i
Mi M r,: ..4lf ( Mil I
m --n ii,g u. 'i
1 ! i .1 i ' K I i. sil-m ! t,. V V.
. tt.- Hi e tie) I i,e o. ' g . 1 1
.f t-. .. r- ! M
!!.. I.I ,..( I
lie, 11 . - '. I ' I I m. . I .
, m r -I . ..
iil'l'H Iis, tl-' ii
. , i ,. t m V .
i , . re t I ' 4 tow.,..
. 4 'M I K " 1 ' . I
I . " k . ti '
,a Mj.t. 1 t in,.' 1 .-"
V ,n..l,i ' l,.r i,.;,i!i,, tr tt tl
Vt-..s 't 'V 1 tt.t a W :-
i f 1 . 1 I i . . a r..,s 1 , ;
' r ' . 1 . , - r I m I
p . , .1 V. 1 t , 1, 1 . ;i
4 . v
1 . l . . - . i l I' , 1 ' ,
I I . , .... t . - t e! t , '
t I . 1 st '.
W 1 1' ' .r - .t . f i' w'.
I 1 4 1 " K -
ir-plv.t v i ' . f l ' t S l- ,
'i till ! 4 t -
I- ' 4 t;.- 't-i 11' 'Hi 'V '..' , i
fc r.ti .1,.. 1 f . !
" t' . " ,. ,- " t. . t
f 1 e . , 1
w I I, tri . '1 i . - ,i 1
I 1- . i.c ,.,.. . t 1 . .. : IS
- 1 4 I- -r- e. ..,11 , ,
" .!.... J I ., U
a a ,4 1 - j
' ')' (('i-"-T!, , , ; t t " , 1
Inte a bonfire
as a result of
Mrs. C, II. ftrown read an Inatruotlve pa
.er on criminology. Mlsa lOdna. Wllsim
ave a report of the district convention
Ht Valley. The club will meet neat
Wednesday with Mr. Frank Leader.
Ther will be a base ball dance In
Treckel hall May 13.
The tramp who rolled
Bunds v died Wednesday
the burns,
Mrs. Jake Dunn, whose' husband died
recently as the result of a rnnawav ac
cident, la suing the saloon for If'A).
Will Record, editor of the Oretna
Hieeie, I yuarantltied for smallpox.
There will be 110 Issue of the Precise this
New aalonn licenses hsve been granted
to the following: John Kra'h, W. H.
Havla, F.rnest Knoll, C, If. Treckel, Wll
I'nrn Slebert.
Antony Hughes has stsrted the erection
of a modern bungalow on his farm, one
mil" east of Oretna. Mr. Hughes will
t'stabllnh a dairy grid chicken farm.
Flank Ilrynnlda, who la attending the
slate university, and Frnnk llearnek,
who la a student of Crctghton Medical
college, weto home Saturday and bun
day. Nprliigflrlil.
T. ft. Ttlhoii of Antelope county I vis
iting relative here.
Mrs. Msrfiile Itlcharta visited a brother
at Walthlll Thursday.
Kllxabeth O tlrlen of Cimaha visited Mrs.
I.. A. Hiitcs over Sunday.
Mrs. tioorge Sn'der and daughter of
Fremont are Halting Mr, and Mis. W.
W. 1 low.
'(iirv (intts. h returned Thursdar from
Pxceletnr springs, o., much Improved
Jn heslih.
Mr. 4lle Tfltig returned from Colo
rado Uednesdsy, where she has bean
since last November.
Mrs K, I,, rflug returned taat Wednea
dsv from ( olorado Pprlngs. where she hs
been for several weeka.
Mr and Mrs. w. Wamaley of Flatts
mouth were hera Suo'1hv to attend the
funeral of Frederick V'flug.
Andrew Msrtensen of Primrose vlsttd
st the home of bis danghtera, Mrs.
Chester ami Mis Kohert Kevrs litis
Mr. Tetnr harnnan died at the Methn.
rtlsi honpltsl In ( and brnirglit
here f.,r burial. "he lis I been III for
three nrnnrh.
The ladle of I'lnitford held their club
rueet:n (i it,,, residett.e of Mrs V II
Utkeii A iood r,nriii rendered,
b. It was followd bv refrtubmenis,
The t'nsteni "Ntsr t lt lim meelti
e'e'ted ih (ollnwirif officers Mrs W
H !nv1d,.n ,ii,t i,ir,, j .iPr
worth- istron ,. I M I w ' jr.,.'
mer. Mus t d iile xr-ritrt i
" 0 I "ell. 1 oiidu, irnn nod Mrs .
M Kieck. sssoi-ure cro1't' tres.
I'll hum,
"'rf-n went (,l tMl
Mr-.. 3 1
Mt. llenT Mi t,.r it,ir, Mr,
l'..t T' nw.Hy
M. I ,,t.- W ill .ttr4i
l.n Mrt l.ilnll... tW.lnr, In
Vr cd .tin f t!e h --t e
' ti," I Hf IM, U ,
d 1
V't I
It. I
' t
Comment of American Newspapers On the Note;
Views of Various Editors as to Its Meaning
Pittsburgh Chronlcle-TelegTaph: So far
as words go Germany has granted our
main contention, but If Its action is only
temporary and depends on thu future
courses of fii-eat Britain, the situation 1
one fraught with grave peril to our
friendly rwlatlons.
Louisville Times: The unofficial text of
the German note serves notice Hint the
t'nlted Btates must cither force Knglnnd
to end its blockade of foodstuffs or acqui
esce In a continuance of Germany's
submarine warfare along the litu-s al
ready laid down.
The Day, New London Conn.: (iormany
ha put Itself In the right and from Its
right and unassailable position a to
the United State end other neutrals:
"Now prove your good fnllh by dealing
with our enemies as you have dealt with
Providence) Ilulletln: It (the note) Ik a
brutal mockery of the wounds again and
aiialn Inflicted U!on us. It Is a suites of
studied Insult added to a long Inventory
of Injuries. The president must prove
that the lofty sentiment ho has ao ofteri
reiterated are not empty words.
Jlaltlmore New: The United Htates de
manded the eta.bllhment of a certain
tatu quo. Oermsny has established It.
How long It can or will maintain It )
another question. Rut for the tlmo being
we are left nothing to complain of.
Chattanooga News: The German note
I about a satlafactory aa Could be ex
pected. The Immediate Issue Is whether
or not the concessions made are suffi
cient. We believe they will caust) a bet
ter fooling among the American people.
Oakland (Cal.) Tribune; The response,
of the German foreign office la not In
graceful form, but this maf generously
be obscured under the transcendant fact
that the war cloud Is dispelled. Ger
many bus yielded, conditionally at least,
wbb h remove the danger of an lm
medlato rupture of diplomatic relation.
Walla Wallg (Waah.) Pulletln: The
reply of Germany again elde-tep the
main lue and puta up to this govern
ment the mieallon of severing diplomatic
relation. I appear that Germany hag
rot met the president's demands and tnat
llplnmatlo relation will be evered unless
ho "backs down." '
The Clovaland Waechter and Anielger:
The German anwer 1 that of the atrong,
whose conscience Is clear, who wlahee
peace, without fearing war. It put the
final eay up to Mr. Wilson and place
before him the chance once more) to be
the mediator, who brings the warring
nation together. The decision ahould be
simple. Unfortunately, there i room for
doubt -which alternative the president
will choose.
New York livening Sun: We cordlaJly
hope our government may find in thu
note the aolution of our own difficulty,
but as a general Indication aa respect
the prospects of peace It fill u with
gloom. Plainly Germany U not in the
humor yet to heed the counsel of wis
dom or humanity. It la atlll wortd
deflant. New York Globe: The mply ta thu not
to be accepted a a settlement of the
matter tn dispute between the United
State and Germany, There I no com
pliance or auhstanUal compliance.
No choice would thus seem open to our
government but to carry out It deolared
Intention to over fllaplomatlo relation.
Boston Traveler: The note Is an amuse.-
lnc combination of evejilone, denial,
Irony and fact. It I an Invttantlon to the
president to begin a new aerlea of com
munication. Milwaukee Kvonlng Wisconsin: In ef
fect the nolo seem to bo a roUeratlon
that practice shall be made to conform
with profession In the rnattere concerned,
is'jr-. K'E
II EA TRICE, Neb,, May 6-(Hpeclal.)-
Tho churches held a union meeting Inst
evening at the Presbyterian church to ar
range for a picnic on Flag duy, Juno H,
of all the Sunday schools In the city. It
I planned to hold the picnic at the
Chautauqua park and a parade will be
given through the principal streets, In
which 4.0W) people will participate.
Kdlth Belle Adam of Crab Orchard
yesterday filed ult In tho district court
for a divorce from William Atlanta. Th
plaintiff charges the defendant with cru
elty and Infidelity. They were married
In 1912.
Announcement was received here yes
terday of the marriage of Henry
Bchlachter of thl city to Mis Or Luctle
Wave of Omuha, which occurred re
cently at Omaha, where tha groom I tn
the employ of the Omaha Gas company.
Wesley Fulton and Mb Winifred
Tot'ner were married last evening at the
home of the bride' parents, Mr. and Mrs.
I. N, Yother at Liberty. Rev. L. g. Hum
ham officiated. They will make their
home at Liberty.
Indigestion llail Rreslh Nour
If you suffer any of these take a dose
of Dr. King' New Llfn Pills tonight.
Only So, All drugglsts.-AdvertlHcment
Sale of
Mr mi f Mr
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rum, .
a -i- '4
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t-1 1 n ff
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I '
. t I 4 1
ie... ,
V t I'
I;.' w ". t i 1
I ' i Vt 1
(1 .
1 -
V" : vi 1 ,11,4.1 1 4 J
' . . I, I ' ..144 4-
' -.... t
.... V
4 el , J
1 4 ., .
t' '4 1. 2
" 5
. i I 1 i i n
I M a . 'i. ...,,.
t a t-1
h ' 4 4
i , . . ,1
v t! , ,
- ., I
' a - . t
It 'i t w " T
I- 4H
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sew t in. w .,i(k
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aj'.teia, a a as
I ii i t l i
i . t ... t r 4
ft i ' 4' ft. M 4 ft
1 ft ift 4,4 I I til tl
ll'i I ft 4 I I l-.l
tl, r. f-i il'il
a' ft I ' i wb. h i
ftnt .'Kft'Uftft
i l.4
lV,t,, - 4f
mm i
Hear Motor Complaint.
liASTINf'W, Neb.. May 5. (Special Tel
egram.) State Railway Commliialoner U.
c;, Powell yesterday heard argumentf en
the application of the Commarclal clubs
of IlaatlnR and Kalrbury for tha restora
tion of motor car service on the Ne
braska section of the 8t Joseph & Grand
island railroad. It was ir.slet-. Hint the
present service was incuiivonU'iit for tlm
wlshlni, to coma and leave these towns
the iam day. Representatives of I'M -tar
opposed the appllcKtion. which the com
miasloner took under advUement.
Bee Want Ada Produce Result.
1 ("Values that will make you remember me" Leon. J )
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ft" .
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1" ;-i ft t'tij'i
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1 1 s 'i ' t , Jit t !'., ft Hat n a
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I i 41 I Hat at iHf
I 'MI, Va
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In' r,
II I .O t