Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 06, 1916, EDITORIAL, Image 16

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    TUP; UKK: OMAHA, SATIUDAV. MAY fi. 1916.
Good Things for the TableOfferings of the Market Household Hints
Real Home-Grown V egetables
Now Grace Omaha Tables
Mix and melt. 0111 h"ipri fn,rwi .pan, fir ona taMrspoon of butter unit i half teaspoon r'Ttixfari-h, piw an4 one-
nt hiiticr In nn oniflrt tn. roup In th i cli-h!f I'vol tenepoun of Bait. When ! half tnnlnori(i vnnWa
and fry until IlKhtly brown!. Tun. hot., e.hl four wl-r.elen t-ra and rook I Mined'
am) pl." in hot ov,-n a. fw tiilnulM to until nrm, snrrm- mini to prmrni mum rh(ip t)i)) yokl( Hn,,, vhiu. n( lx hflM.
1 hollcl ri.', si-nsonliiii v It'i suit a'i'l
prpprr. Make a whlti pimvp na follows:
Hunt to fup of in Ik awl ndi on
si-t, rvp on n. hot
with piw l rr i1 KiRir.
;m In Tonnt'i
Now the rl. genuine hom urown
Vegetahlea r coiulnn In to the Omaha
market. They're fhffrrrnt from thus.'
that ata brought from thr fnr onih, very
ill'fereiit. Itiili'fil, Tin- Texts ra'lllirn aii'l
Irltuct aJd o on, were lo to three tiny a
old before the itiiiahii folks bit Into
thmu That iTinkrn a dirffif ii'-e. Hut the
lor truck I I'ss than txmly fo ir lionri
nut of the ground ehru you bit'! Into It
The horno urown thlnn now iti'-hi'lu
asparagus, rhubarb, piiiii',h, onions,
radishes, lettuce, parsley, mint and ttntir
ci'fM, and its (ill dciii'ioufily good, as
most thlnns at Hint ro grown lit Ne
braska, foil uii'Jrr Nehmslta's fun and
Mr herrlrs are retting better every
dny a thd season ad'sinea northward
end mak" ehrter th Journey Ihe t"-i-Tie
must tnk". They an now rrmilng
from Arkansas instead of from Mia
UMlppl and Louisiana.
New potgiof-a art ronilng hi ni'K'b
greater !ianlny and th prl'e HI ee
rut In half within n f'w (Jaya, ao a
to make t ..''in a hunt
They roiuo from Tina.
i n t n a po'in i
Meat one holf cup of thick strained to
mato pulp In h cauci pun, add a pln'h
of biiliiiiif aoila, on tiilih-ep'.nn of mlnr-ed
flatter rpi itiklrtl Inif. Heap on slh-ea of nl ely brownd
tiuliorni toast, aprlnkio llti cnopp"1
parairy and acne.
(o.l.lUfl Kbk.
I "hlldrcn tif.ually like coddl"1 vry
inui-h. To to tt'll bia'cti rsga, add on
n psat".
Add lh
other m, tiiblca ffiu Tun ara gin j onion, ou tciit.pim of loiit-r and on Cl)) )nn (.r,,an) ,) oni-lia.lf level
firliiK hin, hcail J w,n of flour tnUfl to a amooth
Ifttun, ik pliint, Hmnuda oiilona, ix-ci",
cm iota and turnip". All of tlu-m nr here
In goodly rjuiiritltlra and of :ood 'piall'y.
New rahhaKi In b'-ra from HorliU and
tomatoca ar conunil.v ImprnUng in
qunllly and flavor, though th'-v allll
mk th trip all th v from l-'lorlda.
,wrt potiilora nr'1 hrro from Alabama.
Among tli- fruits liavo fuban pln-
appt".. big nod of fine tontura and Julcv
Whlla ruivcl urangca aro anil picm rn,
Valencia or.-ing'-a h r hcglnnlng to PP''r
from Iho -iilirornla orclmrdn. From
Florida uimt ' King" orang". Thy ba-r
tugh akina. hut an vrry a'"t "nd
aom'thlng Ilka ' kid glow" oioiigr.
tlion blir nv-cft chTrl'-s from I'all-
fortila hv arrhr.l, too, both thn black j hot pliilicr, covt villi the pi-aa, pour
and tin whlt kliio. ovar, a, and llu n phu tlir rcmam-
A fcrv alligator prara rrom nonn ing run'H't nit top, i pi iuKii wiui ono
pn.ti wllh tbna tabh-ap-ioii of craam,
fciiaori wllh fill anil p-Ml'"' r"J',
imlll thick Unak lu thrco whola fgga,
cook until thff ubltca an partly !, thn
atlr unill firm. Hcrv on buttarad toaat.
(,rcn I'ra OiiifUl,
rtuh our teaspoon of flour amooth with
oria tfa-p''"" of tuiinr. Add ruia-half
nip of rich milk and iair and pepper to
Aiu,n l ook until thh k and amooth.
Ihivr raady one cup of hot rookad grce.n
pens rph'-r fresh or i-nnh-d. Hat thro
egK umll light, add four tables poona rjf
milk, and s-ilt nu'l p' P er to aaaaoii. Kry
until llghily hi-.iHuc.l nnd dlvlda thu
on.tkl In Mo puria rim i cna P'ii1 on n
Anierlia air here, for thou who Mk
rare fruH and want lo pay 3, rent ea''h
f,,r Ihem
When Eggs Are Plentiful
( th nmelel.
Ilia, ( r
Turn tli other half or I ho
In a hot oven a. lew minutes
I'llftrfl Kall.
rrrrara wrn egg ln no err- , hM pU,(l, f,irlllllM
lowg; PTrtr lm whin from th yolk, ' ,( r, ,,.,, ,,nralf y.
add a pinch of salt to the. wlilia and brut
to a atl'f froth. II'hp th whlia In an In
dividual buttered rameuuln and plan tba
unbrokrn yolk ruirfully In tho renlrr.
fiaka In a hot oven until drlb-alrly
Drowned and orrvu In the, raniaijuliia,
tUiragn tlitiilrl,
fook ona cup of aspaia.gua tips until
trndar, Hub one truspooii of flour smooth
with one t'-aapoon of butter. Add anlt
and pepper lo sei,in nnd on-tlilrd cup
of milk. Cook mil H thick and (month and
add Hie ttpa. Heal three ega well,
lug thrra tablespoon of milk, one fourth
level teaspoon "f gait and a dash of
pepprr. I ry In buitcr and Just before
turning pla'o (ha creamed tip on half
I gus In llaoieriilns.
Huh one tenapoon of butler smooth with
one level teaspoon of flour. Arid ona-
Ji ft If rup of milk, one. fourth level Im- j
'Ipoon of sail nnd 11 dash of pepper, Cook
unlll Iblclt and atnooih and illapoaa some
of the mmr In two I inneipilns. Hreak
on whole i-un In each riimeriuln, d in' J
with anlt. Ihi-ii cover wllh Hot remaining j
sauce. Hiiliikle on- lublcipoon of grated .
ch'-eae over rch egg ami bakr In it hot I
oven unlll set. !
Iller (Imrlrl.
To three well henlen rgg add luir-bnlf
rup of rookad H'-a, four tablespoon of
cream nnd one dm If I'-w-l tenspiou of suli. :
trasiioon of (-lioip"l paralry and rv
lliioiina llnirlrl,
fu-iit four e;gH unill lu-iit. Add two
tablespoon of creiim, two large banana
which ha ben peeled and mnnhed, ona
Iriblespoon of augur and one half level
teaspoon of ,alt Mix well and (urn Into
an omelet pan lu which one, heaping loft
spoon nt butler haa I" m melted I' ry
until (inn, turn one half over Ilia oilier
and place n n hot oven a. law minute
unlll firm clip on a hot platter, sprinkle
with powdered sugar and wrvs,
sirnmlilMl l.'uu" tvltli torn.
Ileal min.ihird rup of iwnned com in
teaspoon of salt. Cook until thick. I-'o-variety
It may bn poured over hot rut
terrd rlc. If cream la unavailable, ub
fii it ijto one n'p of 1 1 ill k find one hcaplm;
easK-,on cf huiier in plffe u( It,
linked t.aiii.
Thicken one half nip of chicken ato'-k
with one tablespoon of flour, adding; aalt
nd pepper to season. I'lace half the
sauce in n, baking dish, lurak In three
whole isK, 'h'st wllh silt and rover with
Jhe remaining sauce Hak In hot oven
unt'l !, aprlnkli with three, tablespoon
of cil.iped buttered crumb and acne,
Kaater lielatlne,
New while so many egga re belntr
used, save all the sheila When you upon
the eggi, do make any larger hole
than U r eeded, ltnJ.e ' with cold water
and put away The day beforo liniler
lake as nicny shell as you want and
put thern Into a amall pan o they will
stand on end. If you find It difficult to
make Ihem stand up, they may hi put
Into a pan of brn or meal. Kill with it
many colored gelatine a vcu, wlah, ua
Ing a amall funnel to pour the gelatin.
Into the hell. While, pink, chocolate
and oranga lo gsrve, carefully break away
the shells and you have perfect eggs. It
you wlah to gerve aa deert, a auco of
the following may be used: One pint of
milk, ona egg, one half rup augar, nne-
i tablespoon of flour made Into
' Aid butter nnd tlr till boiling.
j minced f-Bgn and e-,e on fait,
j ,el Ka.
f-epa.raio the whiles and yn k of alt
I fix, till-ing rara lo keep tl.e vo'k whol".
I Add a plm h of anlt an I heal ihc uhli
lo a fro'h. Trim sU p eer ( f loiat an I
liuttor. IMare spoonful of the tnl;tur)
on lo each piece of toast and add five
teaspoon of chopped and cooked l am
Ipto the hm drop the yolk whole nn-1
hake for a few minute In n ju k oven
llaked (uatard,
Pet up two egg and add three rupa
of milk, on tablespoon of ugar, a pinri
of knit and rlx to eight drops of vanlll i
Put the mixture into custard cups and
t in a slow oven lo bake till set. ferve
with rtewed rhubarb, prun or f'gi.
Woman World.
The Turk were originally a tribe) of
Tarlara. They first appeared in Kurope
In loan, crossing th. Hosphorn to .lt
th l.mperor tiotonlaleg against hi rival.
A meeting of the employe of the seven
teen Btsk't stores In Omaha and Coun
cil Bluff wn held Thursday night t
the Vouin Men u Christian association.
C. S, Alvord of Lincoln tonductcd the
meeting. H. II. Howell spoko cm th gtrug
glea of the youpg man In hiulnes.
A, C. Morlis of th ii-o'it department
of the Omaha rtorr i ;i; k on "Oppor
tunltle.i for You 'tCny." Mrs, W, W,
Hxou gv a n.ujhal nur.t!r. After the
meeting the men took a plunge m the
Young Men' christian soclatlon pool.
The Hllk Shop, currying; ona of the j
largest nd most e. !, , . e llpeg of silks
In fhl sectlcn ut (!,,, coi.'piry. ha move,)
from the City NbII.uhaI Hunk hul'.finR
lo larger o,urterii In t!-. Ron building.
Th change of location wa tirceaaltated
by the grcelly liicrea.ied bulneaa of the
II. A. r.esalre, proprietor, I widely
known In the allk trade a he wa man
ager of the silk department at the tlrait
del.i store for tweiiiy-flve yer.
OoenUpallealth .
Account. Open up a; V
health account that will
yield greater enjoyment of
life and higher efficiency in
work. Cut out heavy Win
ter foods and eat Shredded
Wheat Biscuit with fresh
fruits and green vegetables.
Shredded Wheat is ready
cooked. Delicious for break
fast with milk or cream
for luncheon with berries
or other fruits.
Made at Niagara Falls, N. V.
Pig Pork Loins fresh, not frozen 137hC
Forequarter Lambs A .llc
Fresh I.'ressed Chicken
KU-cr J'Ot IIOMJtt 11'4
Tig I'ork Hull ...134
Pig I'ork Hoist ia',o
S'oiing Veal lloaat , 11 10
Young Veal Chop. . , , , , , 14', o
Mutton Chiii M 1 jO
Hpure KlbN ltH4o
e,ull I'ork M
t-kluned f In nisi 17J4n
Huuiir Cuieil lliiiiia,,, la'jO
l)ilia 1,' iin llreiikfaat lii on . , a04c
Hugur Cureil Uncoil . , i , , . 17'o
' Ballvarltg all part of tha city, Mall ordcrg fillad at ono.
Op. WotilnoHh 6c mid 10c More. 1 J3 Houtli 10th Hi, Tel. I), 2't07.
Pig Pork Loins fresh, not frozen 13c
Fresh Dressed Chickens 1378c
Kleer Col Hons! 11,0
lig I'ork Hults Uo
I'lg Cork llo,isl 130
Young Veal Uniist.. , lHj0
Young Venl Chopa ,..,,,.l'io
f,amh t,ega , I7ta
Tram 8 to p. m LAHH CHOHK
rrom e to io p. m. rout cuora
Mutton Chop
Hpare Itiha
Halt Pork
Nullified Ham
Km II Ham
Kxlra Lean Ha con
Muaar Cured tta'on,.,.,.
DllTr1 to all part of tha olty. Mali orlr fuud at one.
, 14Ho
. ,1040
. . o
. . 170
. .uvtio
. .an no
. ...iao
Plini lf m AD If ITT 1610 Harney St
Wi-a ' I l aW phana Doutla 27fla
' -!,. Sit--tiirfi: i
The Best Food For Growing Kiddies
Fut Spatfhrtti rloean't tx the delir.ate little tomarh of tfrowintf
rhilrlren like mrata. It. is riisily diaegted and almost all of it goea Into
Mood and tiue. Kiddie all like it, too. rauat Spaglirl ti, fed to chil
dre n two or piree time a wetk, will build them the foundation for long,
liappy live. Write for free recipe book.
Your irottr f'mutl Spaghtttl
MAULL BROS., St. Louli, U. S. A.
? Mie n
' MAC 40NI fj
I toadHrrri I
I tffNMTCtil I
Dottflaa 3009
ala Agant
u at i f Hf n tr kt t ajt tJ lj tar fw
TIP Means
High Quality
Carload of big, Juicy or.ea unt re
nlvtd, cutra low pricra to move
Bifrplua yulckly alnioht Hiire to
go hlnhor hooit. I'rr ilorrn
12, 13c, 14c, 15c -
W hole box. S;j.l I and S3.-12.
Atk pricra tf ullior vpgptnbpa
and fruita.
Quality oth.-rn. n-ll for cf. ThU
is one of tht hlg ptdflt il. tiis
p make j.m Id smlim
MM. I! p.ii kMgeR ' ,
lP'l Ihit. A 4 rf- ., If, -a ty
(or. . Olif Ojfor . LC
"c AscoTr b u ltry food"
Mailt MU taike at atiilt" flt. A
l f'Uil .t in 4 i h i'in y 4 f
jn-uiid '. 'f v.ilue nr I UC
i t DC
A .'i.- I it a
f-r ....... 4C
Hi.llgill 1 ,i r. , i ),i j, I 1 I,,.,,,
t . tor I 1 1. 1 ,; .I, .,
) - i it h e I i ... e ; , . ., 4 l f i
ii'-i4lW t.B t.lil-J i 4. t .
23c, 25c 35c,
40c, 45c
, I..
1 b... !: Ill , if J ,
a -i I
IF YOU CARE TO SAVE you'll want to read this Ad.
The Basket Stores offer vou a NEEDED REFORM in the
GROCERY BUSINESS. You dodge the high-priced credit,
"free delivery" (so-called) system and enjoy our likeable
prices and quality when you pay cash at our stores. BE
hn Iho quality without lhn lileh
prlrr. I.lkrly mat mure If mil
linn Roto oprnt iidw-riiKlnR It.
for floor, Hutu, furniture, etc,
15C '"aue. 30C
Cur Intlf .uiiili-nt ha the
drinUnn uualny ttmt ti.ti- mint
pftiit luir lr more .'i!uar
;t,.c j;r,td' hti'i-I.i'iit, In
1 lh tint
Tlillftv IUhH. ,.ic
f'.mtui l l (mI Iji i'.i
HI iiitllit .;i;,i
i c i
' !! I
I.Ike rery ulhr-r iirtlclr we m,
our (Itiur iiniht plr-HHc juu or re
iiirtt II inn! Kit your .lioney hark,
t'ash lUhlt Hour, utrlctly iilKhoal
l'Hlont-lho bU, while. inaf kind
1Mb. fhl rf 41h. eye
but!. P 1 iOU hit ft, uC
Thnfiy lUbit
luilf.niiui! breail.
He -
V'loiT. make
rjkM, blsiuitifl,
$1.35 !',.68c
start on the road
to independence
High grade Fremont brand,
made from Concord grapes,
nought the manufat'tuier'u surplus
no we coujd, rut the regular price
In two for yon
23c, fori 12c
Another carload ptircbaaA, Mar
ket hii advanceil Kieatly. We'ro
Khlns you the advantage, of our
fortunate ronirart at these prices:
lllo I'reiie, r
2 rolU for DC
t'nah Habit Ci'epe, 3 rolls
lllr. pH(h DC
Ti; t icpe, vety fine s
Iho roll OC
Northern l.luht, i!k tbtaue, l.r.OO
sheers to the roll. J
3 roll. 10r. erh C
in each store. See the equipment. We try to have them so
sanitary you'll fed like eating all you want;
Good Con ed Beef
';rUr.. i5c
V. 1 1 tun or in
. I KII. lit ,1 4UC
. i-4i' hffti", y f
p.r . tuUC
f trnl '111 nt J
1 l.H, t 'l' . C
tf.,. ')t
im(. :.
Hi !h .
l Vlt I'llllrcliiit Hut
j Inline, llu (hr fiesh
,! buttrr Ihik,
f.o . ,
VUfiii'li i M 1 1 v' n. f 't
tll in: ttHikteit,
: ih
f-r .
Nr. a H'Ti.
l-r It.
Tha Tender,
Juicy Kind
l' l. . I'.f
I'-I lh .
I'l'l li !
1 ' i:fi l 1 tr-
24c l" 1 '' " ' 'iflr
1 Nr. a It-ii.t .1 M.-.t I i.n ,.r n
4tC ) 4C II.,,,.. !'. OC
ilsnte of our UMikeH will alsti r.irry roikI, whojeiome,
KfM'rntuerit lnjptHteil, (aij teef ,tt lower pi ices,
5 c
Unit ti'.it i .. ,.., .,!,., nm t,,,,, ,, (iii uS
II llll Sinlf, l'(l "U.l, .,., K llii.ln
tut SI, lit tt(t 111 Ij, yn ,nl(. . . H I.. I,.l tt
lltnl. i lt.(nt-
tt.tii I. I i-l ",ln- I ,!, t ' ;t j, s, ni,, ,,,,),
itn. hift th tirt ,.f litiittj it l.,t V.ut inliw.
win r,, ii
I li lh tit ti ull '11 I" 11 ii,
I tH t ltlh
I IH t !,. rt
I 1 14 ...! I, tl,,. , I
I Irt ( .UU l iHxtf.
it nt i tm
I l II it. I V
I I.I I lilt 1 1 III t lit
t 111 t II. I it H
H t.-il. ( N.
x m s. .ut
I h.'Nn i u t i
. -1 . . J 41 4 t
I II i U l . t ;t4
S-K W I f M I'liiitt
l.i,it ,i-4t
V . - I HI I t.
t-iiclt l4t
- . ll Nil,
I . V , i .1, r k 1 j t
N i - IH' nH
I h I ,.i t ''
ii f -m t"MiH K(h M
K o.l.t I'll I
it rfrfi M,i.i Ve
.tm.ii "t , j
,. t ' wi
l h. Mt I. , .1,, tii
. ,ni i in iiiitmiii (
lll,r "ttnH
s . 1 1 .'iii v tii "m
I It l . It t 1
I .t ' -tEl" M ! l . I't '
i I I'. If. It 1 1 I
i lilt
ill "l
I'HH .
I (i . 1 1
V' H- IIH I m rt.-tiif
lit, ii, t I tu. i
Nt 1 1 ; I h t .M4tt It I't..
W.K.i,, ;u,n
Nl, t i .. ,' K 4,t. , nn
' Iiil
Nt 1" .III II I 4trttt,ittt
i i,tt. it., nn
i, I " - N. 4 t IVrt m I i.ttit. tl
III nil l'h.,11, Hit U. 1 1 I '(,!, ti I
SATURDAY, MAY 6th, wo will offer our complete linn
of Kilosmfii f-amplf'S at ppocial pricos.
Omaha Cut Glass Mfg. Co.
12 1& Harney St., Third Floor.
16 Pounds for $1.00
fane tiranulalxd Hugnr. Huir la ad
varictna; svery hny now hefora It
Kna hlithrr. Movuna brat roffee, 3 lh.
Uir $1,001 our sprrlal off, SV ! fe
11.00; i n Ih Hsntoa ltlin1 coffe, 4
lr,. for $1.00. W also rarry f,noy linn
ni-w crori trJ, f0 000, 700, 80x p lh,
Corns, 300 pnr lh. ftnklnu pnwirr, 88o
an1 800. Hpfrce, Kitfrsrla, Tnllet Soapa.
Kif. BuRiir aoM with f 1 order of othar
O. $440, 406 IT. 18th Bt,
Ask tha man who baa uesl Fae Want
A! 30r to 1 you will hear a booat.
J. D. Crew's
Quality Store
Cnrnnllon Brtad
l'Yenth Nplncvrh
Freeh TomAtoea
ew I'otatoes
-'reh Aaparainia
W'ux lleuna V.xx nant
Frenh Strawberries
IWiltivl l'lneappl
Alanilto Pimento
( boeee, JO I'kg.
Advo AVhlte C herry
Advo Hliowl Tlneappl.
Atlvo llart.lett .I'eara
Advo Aprlrot
a.Til and Arbor fita.
Ilrney B37.
' ' fil) A delightful lurprisc once a week for j
t's yer' I ncre are over 50 way$ of pr J
paring Skinner' Macaroni or Spaghetti. 1
It h&s a deliciou "wheaty' flavor and is P I
firm and tender. Write for recipe book free.
SkinnerS .
( I ruk.t uLm Producte A
I 1 Vm-ratl Mnotrmtl facun r"" " ...m. , . ' mm
. 144a JUhj Sir.ta -' I ( f fYRFW"? tiTU k
,11 I ... .. av Jm A . 1 1 VT J 'j-MM r: im-, , arw , f
lW,., I.UIV . SC. X.if
1 r ; r J
I ...nti!iint
Hr.JM hour
V v- h.tfh J V -V; !Ynta toll t r
it' 1 r,-tf h -I '
7 v....
! . . .
. ' III.
Ma i
, t lit""1 ;
W i v
f I
t ' . - ,,'
ai hull
MaMi sM.l fla-aV mNW 0m aatMa. V HmmmtM ' '