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    TIIK I'.F-K: OMAHA. I'KMDAV. MAY 1'Jlti.
r.t's Dr. Edwards' Olive Tab
lets For You!
He are of tbe habit, of cnnatlpatlcm. It.
eieop from Juat h few cnpatlpaled
lV, unlee you inke ourelf In luiinl.
Coax Hip Jaded bowel muac'lea hack to
lormiil h lio:i with III'. l-.dwaide Olive
r ltr-t w. lite milmtlttitt for calomel. Don t
nice Hum io unnatural action with ae
'ere medicine nr hv mutely flii"hlng
in the liitintlii'f nlih mmly, lchenlng
athai 'Hi
In l.dn:li belles e In gentlenea,
nr(tenc. unit Nature' aanlaiance.
I'.dward' Ollse Tablet open the
mwida; l heir gdlon I gentle, yet pnltlv,
''here In tielcr din punt or gilplng when
r I'.dwatdv ollse Tahlata re need.
III! Illl" kltld of treatment Olo pet-gull
liotil'l have,
li Cdwarda' ulhe Tablet are veg
tabie compound mixed with oilve oil,
on will know them In their ollvd color,
i'nke oiiii or two or'TiKmnnlK and has no
rouble with your liver, bowel or tnm
o h, lor mid . ,c per box. All fli'iiuKtnlo
'Die Ollie Tabid t,'omih, t'ulimiTma.O,
'this easy
way to heal
your skm with
Jf you are sufTerinij f rrjm rctems,
ringworm or similar itching, red,
i unsightly akin anVrtion, bathe the
J nine jI;p r wild Kminnl Soap and
hot water, then (;etitly apply a
little Ktairt"! Ointment, You J
will rob,ilily lie ggtimiaherl how
promptly the Itdilng top and ,
liraaii lif (in. In moat rand the
aii Ic akin quickly becnim clear .
Hti"l OlntitKirt iid Knlnnl Hntp r
aold by all dniggiat. nrmnlifd by intuit. '
Trial tttt, lpi. KK, KmumJ, jHjItimoft,
Alkali Makes Soap
Bad For Washing Hair
Mont anapa and prepared ahsmfwi con
tuli) too much alkali, which la very Inju
rious, a II drl th acalp and make the
hitlf In It Hi-.
The. bent Ihlng to ue l Jut plain niul
aiflH uoeoanut oil, fur tlila la ptiro WS
(iMn-'y inc'liK. it'i very cheap, en4
In ill (hp tnont cxputialve aoapa or any
tlilriK vrn nil to plfea. You ;an gt thla
K l ny ilriiu atoia, a.nil a fw outioa will
tnl Hip whole IdtTilly for montha.
Hlmply molBUfi thi! hair with watfr ind
r ili It In, about a uafipooiifiil la all that
la i'")iilrp1. It niakea an abunrtunc of
rich, crmy lathtr, clnanaM thoroiiithly,
ami ilticfl out caally. Tim hair drlfa
(Hilckly and evenly, iwd la aoft, frh
Inokliik'. lnlKht, fluffy, wavy and eaay to
handln. Bimlrti!, It looafna and tk(f out
?vry particle nt dult, dirt and dindiuff.
Advei tiKi'tiicnt.
luo and Wind Brim Out 0ffly Bpote.
Sow to kimovt Xaatljr.
IIiii h .i iliiui'f. Minn I'rPckfi-fa t, to
li V rMitcdy for frix kli-s with th K'lar
initiii. of n I'f.-liithli di-ali-r that It will not
cont yon a pi'imy iinl'aa It tunnwi fh'
'fi..k !,. while If II ilocn ;ivf you a clar
i'oiiip'foti llif fxpfiitiH in trlflliiii.
Slliipl;. K-t no i iiiii of otlilni-- ilonhlo
-iii-,iutii--fioin Hill rlnuwUt and a trw
njfili''.li,i. I'lioitld Mhow uu liow rfiM.v
;l ik w lift Miuii'flf of II"' hoiiiHy fri'ck left
i. nil i i, Iji'hiiitful coiiiili'iuii Hil
iw ii, on ill. in niic 1 1 1 n ii i' nielli"! fm the
w.l;f ill-.
i.(. 1. 1. rii. liir i J c ; 1 1-; t for tllf
,i. .,i.-,. .-.! r'-nhtli oi.iinf-. mk thin if th pre-
I- l! .'.Ill llllll''t !U'I Hllll'e Of lltllllNV
li;.. I. 0 l twill' to' l"iiilf fn-'-kli-li. -All-
. I ! -. III. I I
is a remedy f"r thcrvil effeitiof quick
ratine. 'vei-r,iini tnul alrrnuoua liv
ing. Thn iiicdii nm that merle this
m-ed that tune t ' Mumai h, etimu
Ijti-s the liver, regulutea the buwela- ia
I i. Sal ol Ana M.J.... i ka H'.U,
a lyvkata, aU, tO,, Jl.
J Very Effective Method
for Btiniihing Hairs
. : 1 I i I .!
, f . . r, - , t
. & . v li .P '' "If 1 '
t 1 ' - . ;: ' I ,114 ll
' ft i ".
-I.- Mi. ): - - ' (-' " I
.. .-,. ! . . 1
I 1 ...t ..'
i f . ' i t,r i
I - h .., - i t. (
.,..,' I ... I j
. , ,i. ... , .i . . .-,.. ... !);
- .', ..-,-. U '
v , , ,-l (. i j 1 t , II V, ,. ,.
, 4 , . .. i . 'I H - . .
A I t- , 1
.'.' ' ' '
, , . .' : . , .,1
... ! I - ,
,, ,.,, ( . ,i ,,
I I I - . -
' ,'!. . ' ... t. f
" ' - I J.K- -. 4. T. .' ill
Vl Tf'V
: 1
Tewnaaau'a fot SperHa Craoda."
LlfaUBf riiur Burg ta-GriJae.
Ulaoi4 latjavameat aUnfa, Edaolra.
a Boot rrlat It Now Be.iK.n Praaa.
Aadlroiii, rire Boraena. Sunderland a.
Ira, Tornado, Automobile, Burglary
Inaurani-r. J. It. I'uiiiont. Kaelin" lIU
Ooapel Team to Balatoa Dr. V V.
Ward will take a aonpel team, tnvliidl rin
Perry .Miller und tieoriie U. Vatter, ti
Ralaton fnndiiy.
Bakar ta Bankrupt - uliintai peti
tion In bankiuptcy una filed by C. C,
.tenaeti, l.akai. ITU Vinton atreet. Ma
billtlea, ), anafta, tf.S),
Today'a atorte rrorram,- elaaalflan
ei'tloa toilar. I ai-paare In The Baa
KXC'IX'ftl V I.T. rind ant what the fa
rtoiia hmkIhi nlrlijr heatr offer
Clilcke Are Swtped - H Itrleaniun, I6:x
Vorth nineteenth atreet, reporla to the
pollen that llilevea naltied nntranee to
lien liouaa to the tear of hia home and
carried off aeven fine i hlckena,
Concert at oapltal Toe hearta of
Inmate of the county hoepual will be
gladdened Holiday afternoon when the
Omaha poalofflra hand, under the dlrect
omhlp of 1. A. Pa hat, will lv a concert,
Beatrtctad Dlati-tct- The city conn-II
Pei mi ordinance ileelarlna Thirty
aeeond atreet, Woolworlli avenue to Pa
cific at reel, a a realrlcleij illatrlit
wherein no bunliiena enterprise will he
Dr. Tord Ooea Baat - Ifr. M .1, Turd
h none enal to buy fluliiree for tha new
Kurd hofijiltal which will he opened about
luly I. The doctor atntea he will Iniitall
fallile for iddlo luithi for which
iiiiialinna have gnna to Europe
Btadanta to Daoquet - trnlverally of
onmha atudeiita of the aenlor rlaaa will
hold the annual hancuel at the Pax ton
hotfl Saturday evenlna. Heaidea the
member of the claaa, cover will be
In Id for Inn faculty and a few Invited
Beaort Keeper rtaed-Iteaaln Wood,
I'ViJ Houtli Thirteenth atreet, and Sum
Pavllra, m North Tenth atreet, both
charged with rondurttriar dlaordarly
boiiaea, were fined and coat each
wlim nrtalfiied In police court. Jlanel
(Nell, Tenth and Dougla atreela, for
feited bonda by her failure to appear for
a li'urinjr
mltb Tlelta Omaha -Ho.le K". Hinltii,
ai tlna pfienaer traffic manna' r of the
VV(jtirn Pacific, aur.eeadlna; K, t, 1o
mux. who died eevi-rnl month o, I In
Omaha from Han (''ran'iaco. Mr. Hit til It
look for a very fair paaaeimer bualnea
Info California during the coming aunt
mer, but not ao great aa laat year when
two expoaltloiiB were held on tha Pa
cific; coaat.
To Direct Convention Chora -John
Hum, who ha been et-lected to direct,
th ('hrletian Kndeavor choru at the
atate convention In Omaha next Novem
ber, ha had bin early eurlnc In
rborti work In Hcotland, Whlla In
Omaha h ha atudled with Mia, Millie
Hyan, and under her direction haa filled
aoveral Chautau'iua engacerncnta, Mr.
(Jiinii haa alao been choir leader in the
Tlilid Prebyterlan church In Omaha,
and ta now filling that poaltlon al the
Manaon Preabylerlan church. Ma haa
opened a. downtown atudlo and lll give
two free ac.holarahlp thla eaon.
Vie "Tea-TUa" Shiuirlaa, Rundarlanda.
Shillington Is to
Represent State :
In Peace Debate
Friday evening the interalale peace
conteat will be held In the North Preaby
terlan church, Twenty-fourth and Wirt
atreet. (.'ollegca of Nehraaka, Iowa,
South latkota, Mlaaoitrl and Kanan will
compete In the oratory, The winner will
go to take Mohonk, X. Y., to ropieaanl
tha weaiern group In tha national peace
N'ebraka will Im repieaenled Vrlday
evening by Waldo K. Hlillllngton of
C'rnlghton, who recently won In the inter
collegiate conteat of Nobraaka.
The conteatanta from the different
atate and their ub.cct are:
Waldo K. Hhllllngton, Crelghtun unhei-
aity, "The Foundation of Pence;" Clariii
don Haiinnhurat, Kauaiia unlverolty, "The
Coming Conflict;" ('runcl Caae, liaknta
Wealeynn iinlvcrKlty, "The Mudern Para
dox;" Oeorsc V. Price, Wlllkini .fewell
lOllene (Miaaoiirli, "The riul'lde of flilll
xatlon;" Jooph A. .Miller, Slmpfcon col
lege (towai, "The Paramount Ifinue "
The orator will be limited to fpeeche
of fifteen minute' duration.
Representatives of
Railroads Named to
Parley Over Wages
I'lilCA'S'l, Ma J.-The genet el confer
ence committee which will tepreaent Iba
latlninila of the t'niteil ftli In nxgoliH
linn with the four orgaiiDiatiiina of ril
i; lirtln aervhe emplnea, who be ila
iniiii'b il a Incieaae of apploxlmaiely
,ii hkmwi win iifiii-lally annoiiiHcrt to
ditv The i-oiiiiiittiee will ronaiat of aev
euten memlieia. licludtiig all repieeen
imi.ea fr on die wotein r a II r on la. all
from the raati in ami five from th enuth
antrrn Tmr w , will repreneiit the
i4iirn tailiii,li aie s
i' W Kmioa. a.'ii .1 niiha, r .- r 1 1 1
limn i.f ai oiaoii i.,nka 4 .-hia l
fn li., 'i.-.-.i, Kan
t' It t,l,tl-l i'n. H'-neflil !lu,lK-r 'lf,Kat
iiH'ieri, b1i,4 m, M n
a ilii i'en to mflirM ei
1 Sll I lau, l, Illli,. (ll
J.,,' I; ,,! fimit mihiimi l n
l,i A. t) n iinil i a I I'n.itr
I' M Slt,,ik ttftiaint to ih tiel
lem i !,. li... ii, '.oi a U m, ial
-.,,.1 i j.
li-. r l.,i , ..- i.'l
a . r ii iti-t t - i t
' .-. i 'I - 4 i-t 1 Sa :
' t-.(. i ...I , 1 ., -i.-, ,
'I ' -s I ' t I 11 I I 4-, K
I l'' - 81 " ' ' 1 I" VH I, l(
' ' - - - 1 I . , -o,
' I .' I ' . I , lt . I. o
I K ' ' ' ' I t
, 111
t aai.M.
' III.I-.M ''I l"-l .... . .
I . c. ! . t i.f .., ,. I
So l , sr. ; , - , e, , ( i t 'fu , f r f
-''" - I . -. . I- ,', ,
et i '-' . e- I . f '
't.i'i 'i i.- i j.'i i ,, i'i"i i a,ti!
. .., . ,.. t , i ,i, ,4 , t -a. i. . ,i
i ' ( I'' t, i m e . ; i i M i, ...
. I
. ..-I
4 1 h -
, ,,l
I , -
A Problem in
wB-ciy niria' struts? iMiim&tvm umMtnum m
Resolution Offered Appealing to
Wilson to "Abolish Wine
Cup" Where He Csn.
May 3, Report of the progrees of
Mcthodlani in China, Korea antf
Japan, were preaonted to the Metho
dlut fSplaropal general conference to
night, by two of the mlnnlonarlea
bluhop of the church, W. 8. Iewla
for China and M. 0. Harrla for
Korea and Japan.
The great outstanding: need ll
China, Blahop I.ewla aald, is for a
RlandardlzAd and efficient educa
tional ayatein. The government be
declared 1 ao burdened by indem
nity, taxation, tbe upbuilding; of aa
army and navy absolutely neceaaary
for the defence of the nation, and ao
occupied in the labora incident to
tbe lnauRuallon of representative
government that It haa neither time
nor money to organise an educa
tional ayatem.
Iteport of llarrl.
nifiliop liarrl deacrlhed th growth of
tha Japaneae Mnthodlat church, which
now ha a membrtihlp of lf,,UT, a gam
of 2D per cent In th laat four year.
There are t,H funday echool with 37,206
pupil, or nearly one-third of th entire
Sunday ei hool atrength of th Protestant
church in Japan,
In Korea th native Metliodlala num
ber 4I,;W0, a four-fold increaae In twelve
At the bualneaa aeaalon today the com
mittee on finance In It report recom
mended thai a budget ayatem be Ina'l
tuted to color each four-year period and
thnl the aeeral benivolent hoard he
unified in an effort to prevent mine. ca
nal) I'Mieiiilit in e of motley and duplica
tion of efforla, Hlnce the conference In
l!HJ the church haa ralaed 'lIW.nmt.ODO, M
pnceni of wlilih expended for
butch building, paaioral atlpiiort and
(irreiil rxiienae.
Wlint While llnuae Itey, !
Some Utile finny a" guard by the I
inn odiirf ion of ii reHolmlon expreeelng I
rcgrt be. miik" lne weic reported tut
be aertcU t dlnnein ,1! tlie White lliiiimi.
The revolution would lime the confercn e
appeal to Pteildeni W llmoi in l,ollli ,
the wine cup for all fum-tlona mer whbh '
he ba i-oiitrol,'' and would re(iiient llie !
prcnident to einlot and aupporl -ndlng
meaaiirea for nallon-wlde inohlblttoii.
It aa Intrndiiied hv ltv. .fame V.
Auderaoii of Oregun, il , and a I
ndmaed hv all thi deleaaiea from the ,
Muonrl luiiferenie Tliia reaolntliin wa;
refeir"d wlihoul coiiiivieiit to the commit
tea oil t.-iol-elno e to utilrli alio w l
feire.t aiiotber Mtaauurl reaulutlon to r
itiire tbe frreat i atlotiai p.-l'lt-al .onver,-
th. o ii Ineorpi.iair i pf .ililbltion planll
111 llie platform of the laapeclitr Parlle
Martin Will Build
Twenty-Nine Homes
to Cost 8100,000
r W Mattin A to h .t iai.'d
ll,tj-lill. d-.i lie . I.t ! fill 4U
l,t l. !! iV'-nl an lid ( itten
,.f i.4f1 I tn .o If i.(ail vf tl
i, i.t . I 4 ta ,M'"ii I a t .
1 1. . ! .n t t Ili Mill
,t ! ti I- !""
ia h . u I' l III f V.-
, ii- at r ''... I-
a l . . o ( .. I' . f
, ). , ,, I - 1 I 1 I. tl
t ll ...... I . . '' I' .'. I '"
It I ' .' ' N-e ...
I I " ' v . H i' is t..
1 . -. Mi- i t .
IV i,. ..-..I tl Il'il l
I ....I.-., I i-.-.
I , .i - k a ' ' :
1 . , , i. , ' t llie t. f, i
I ... . . ( t, . ' . ..
I , . 1 I . I ..- ' . t 1 I
; N " '' I f i
,i, '. ,, l . I
.114, , - . . 1
1 - a n .
1 in
-. t ..ri " 1 t
- w - I I I
II III.. I II. an 'rill, lata
ri& ti i nut eaji.v f r i 1 1 ae, I.-; v vow . jt
it rC) J tff-ri '.lik'"" 1 MIL' -
-ED r
Neighbor Says Woman Was Not in
Hospital to Her Knowledge
Boy Not a Minor at Law,
While admitting reaort to gainlKh
meat to enforce collection cf hia bill
oaalnat Samuel Keaaler In the chi
brought to the attention of the city
velfare department, as reported In
The Bee, M. L. Woolfaon, the Cum
ins street grocer, InalMted that he
was entirely juatlfied in hla course
'jy the clrcumstanrea and that all
blame attache to the man tefuaing
to pay big iioneat debt..
Justice Haakell, before whom the
rase appeared, tell the alory o the
case. "It developed that both me
son and father merely luughcd at
tbe grocer when he asked them to
pay tha grocery debt that had con
tracted with him. They told VVoolf
gon'tbey would pay nothing. W'htht
the grocer brought milt agulnnt them
In justice court, the father declared
he did not owe the debt becauae tbe
groceries had been sold to his son.
The grocer admitted mat aome of
tue groceries had been purchased by
tbe son, and then got out a sum
mons for the son as well as the
ft ther.
"Thi I eminently 1,1 ft right, according
lo law, for the eon, although a minor. n
inmf. IS or a) yeara old, and a minor win
ta attained to the age of 14 or over, miv
lie (tied for a debt of thi kind, par
ticularly where It Ix ahown that he la
working and auppurtlng tbe family or
contributing largely lo thnl aiipport. The
law emancipate him ftoiu mlnoilty in -i
ian in which he la aiippocllng hlmaetr.
and wholly or partly "uppoi t ipg Ih
family, and that la what luia minor fm
of Ham Keaaler wan doing
talher anil Una ipcr.
"Father and aon Hiipciiied In .otiil on
the day they iver aumiiioiieil lo appe.ii.
I ill Inalead of leliliu; the rim, ii" Hi
trial, they took n com inoii ic e foi .1 fe v
week. I Hi the day lo which the hearing
pnMpotieri hoeiei. tin y failed to
aptear. I him alloulng Juriimienl hv u
fault. Ken If it tied In en tun thai the
aon wa not liable foi the del.t, Id. Ii in
thla raie aan im:. tree, i',. iconic 01
tb boy wa 10 cm- a i,to .oil end t'! ' I
minority. The coiirac wa 1.. e-i ( l.u.i
but Would ha ' e done lilm no food F-o
tllllter the law. he lie allntoed ll'a till
Jority .y inl,g i.t, own lug ;,.,d c m
trib.itiiig to 11 1. auppi ri , f u - ftno.l.
ini ioliiiieoi did 11. t l-,l.. oil1 nil-,
III Keaali-r I. ml I.e. 1, i.ol.'u ) ) ta
III. 'hi llHll he, II I lKi ft nKinliMt l,clo till I
11,111 afll-1 tin-) hud I., ell Bl.., lo noil.
and -ay n ti.e an i .mp-. in 1 h
.ifw AgH'ii 1 1 Ki-.-iio la .lo.t a., t
fvpf&'.ol Mill Cltlll lllHl 110 -in , ,
lot . a 1 nit,
OllU tl.H. ..11- rf-.ltc.l, ,c i, Mil iii
o. i n. .1 len.o I. d !.
'AflPf 11 ,, c ' ' 1 11 I. n .
(. I I -t I'll... .li il l'l'ct 0, . , I
and . i-,ai 1 i(, ,. , 1 , 1 0.1,- ,,,,
II. m i-- 1, I 1 . II - i . . 1 . 1
l iili , ., o,l ii, 1 t. .(.... .1 ,1 f
I't op. 1 I ,l li I 1 I I , ,. tl I' 0, 1 It. ,
tint li I . .1 ' e t I .i I . . I I . I -!,
tM to-tattf
''I i : . l 'im I',., i f . a 1
1 '.et. l I -t '.. I .' .' I . - i
I rl 't4 ! (.., . I j,.. , I . ,. , .
w .a a i.y. c 1. ... ii-,... 1 . 1 .' . A . . ,..,,.1.,,,,
' I 'I ' . '.
11 I' i.. ., , I I I
'. ' I . I. I: : . 4-. . . 1
' f ' .11 a ' .. 1, . . 1 ; '.. 1,,
" .'- e, a, - . ...
' k . ' k 1. -', . - . a '. K ' '.' 1.,
I lMt,ritihlli Pel a
Washington Affairs
Prri'ltiit INnii evpn-ancil appiaal of
the uxr of liool lr liitlnuM I1H i olillllllliil
-eiilem to ii iMliiinll ' ei- r- I'li-K.-nltiiK Ilia
Nunoiinl ronfeience on t 'onimonit Vu
call In iieiili- n i :t 1 1 , i ; I hniird of
.eilMIOH til IIM..N Oil q!l lOlt'lllll attli llo
inentle mot ma Miit ne film ilmttii !i i'iia '. New Vnrl, nm y vard. toiu-e.i bv Pi eel -coiliilt.i
and to pnivent the linpot satin i tleol lUmi. aa in eniii cilniom meaaun
f". fit, t i''" e-
"Upli .'H"i
Queer People Toil Through
Steaming Jungle and
Frozen Waste for
Man's Needs.
Throughout, the whole vMt world Na
ture him her giitdeiia- In lb Jungle of
the earth' mid lie, hi the froren tundra
of the trgluiiH nerir thn pole, In the
field and foi cat of tte tempernle
zone, ill wild and waate, In dale and
valley and timuntalnalde,
Hlruligi! gurdenera hrvel and glean
theae garden, goina Nature' children,
wild men, othcie nml-clvilld.
In every one of her garden Nature
ha planted her reniedlea. While Nn
I in ei ai altered Ibetti tin oiighinit her
vant gardeua, matt ha gathered lb heal
of them for Nature' great Maater Medi
cine, Teniae, th reconatrimtlv tunic,
ayatem purifier, Invlgorant and revital
ized w hich la ap'i'lally dealgned to build
health and, alrenn It through the Initi
al h, blood and nerve.
Tbe gathering of iiuy'oti of the Ingre
dient, of Tanlac -all vegetable, free
from mineral taint would make a t Ii r II
llpg glory In telf. Dome of them at
galhcreil by niillvea at the rink of life.
The picture auggeat to th Imagina
tion the varied land and people tid
by Nature her garden and her gard
ener. Nature line all thing gnd all
men. Nature In turn la need by wiae
men, who take Teniae when In need of
a reconatriictlv tonic.
Tanlac may be obtained in Omaha al
the four rilierinaii t McCoiiiu-ll drug
.Many wonderful eiidoiemnt hv
been given to Tanlac, but the aiatem'-m
imtde by Mia Wnndr. Allen, Who Clerks
In a downtown lm la of pecll inter
et to men mid women who lend an ac
li.c life. ,MI. Allen IIm a at Xi'Si flee
"treei, l,im;iliu.
I nil I Hied with 111 a ouaiiee. ' maid
Miaa Allen. I had very poor digeailon
and tin iiiiclne. I did not aleep well, I
war ao wriik that fi.iy little exertion
1 11,. I in'. In iH' l. I wit.', nil run doi n
and hud henihiiheM e.ery day,
Weil 1 In Hid of Tanlac icitevlna ao
iii'iny OuiHliii pi-otile of their ailment
Hint I declih d ie try ll. Afier taking one
l.olllc I ..111 hlipliv til r:i that 1 fnvl like
a in W WolilliU. I leel f 1 much,.t
und In iter ll. eierv w 1. .
Una grand ll 1- 1.1 be ndieird of tlioe
linn ib lie.idii. lo ." Mi. I want in 1111
nil ti.e liuie ,iin. and nil iter! e Hie ,if
neiiilv a do I, I iii-or wake dm mk
Hie night ami feel ni o il,-nhi.l in tin 'lllllik of It. I mil ihlie poind--I.
.1 i. I . loo
1 li il a In ,1 'i n ni 1 - o t lo 1 . -1 w 1.0
I,..-. lo I" III.., I ti.e o .,,11 I 1,11 ll--.
tl 1.,..'. III 'I w-elil li -I I Mlollol
a mo
l.iiilai nirtl lo ' he iililaiiie-l al
Hiiiall,! i III the following li.l
A'.hti.a - Bailor t Blur
atliaie-Mii Taiel
Aa.i -t; at f ai.tamder
Aiua-n at cm
A,i4ktt -i K
A n . - I' B, laair
.aiar Ci' J - Ste4" C
.iu.i at 1.
a ,,. aii i' t"
am Bytih-f W.iilll a
a. 1 1 t- o -1' r M.n.
W j J, . f S -' t "
liaia.ll - -' '
1 .1. -. . e.
I a ktii 1. a - 1 - itita - I
I aaita. t'C. f - ga !. l'u !
I ', - fl t IU.11.1
i ii, ii a .
t .iim.iil - r'i( M.. SI
t - fi-t U. I
li.l tin i.a. !
I. iiat - .l.ae4
t .. k
liaail liw - !.
r.aaaa - tg B '
i; tit ti ." Buewatia aeidl
f a I HatU
I , -a - - aKM B4 f
iKai.i" -1 rt'r
in lad
an, I Hill
. I-
anil intnuiHte -hlioii'Oil of immoral pic-
l-'ii. v. nt n,;iee, iioii l,y Hie hnuie
rilih-ntluil im,Ui, ipltlee.
Ail world ipnit te.oio er i.i,,ken' A l'lruii m I ion, ,,t f:. : e. li ffr new
hv llie I Hi' - ! .Lido dniliin Maud aim1 di -loi l.n in le I 'hi Im il.-lpbli. and Nor
II an nrcdl, e,t liV lienni tiin-iil if . 'ion-! folk nail vi.nt." thin mil aide, to
tin 1. 1 offi. Inl.i that mi i he end of Hie aerommodme llie Iniuem nhipK in the
fimul vri.1 11,1 couniiv iv.ioid liuir i nuiy. ''' in. -hid. d in llie limn! ap
1111,1,. I, .inn. of I ' (i lani.Mai In it facoi. ; promt it 'or hill hv the hoiw naval affniia
The ,'i. (in ap'ii olirlfii Ion foi a tlilili-flu-fnot
ilniiiiitd in the l.n( rn.-r to th"
. -n . s--.l .vL'i lw ' f
i 1 K-v
Americans Lead World in;
Wise Use of Earth's
Riches for Self- ;
Protection, !
More than a i,iaiiei o' a million pen-
pie -ovet two hiindlil and fifty I lion j
mini men and women -pialae Tjinlii,'
t nlav becnuai. Tanlac haa nimbi them
betlni ---lltade lln-iii feel heller, given
them more etretiKlli, more energv, moi-
vim, butter iiervei, anter iiinhllloti, aniier
There air nuitiv l. k 1 .entile - Nome of j
litem . Itiully dlaeaae I, otlu-i lniily
"ailing," "not feeling well," 11111 down.'
And very often to be idling, nut feidini!
well, run down. I mi 11, k beglnuliiK
of being illced, hcitiiai. wenknef
brink" Itlne. The weak cannot i.
reaafully reaiat attack of ilKeii.
The lck people ai.meiltue get need
til belt g n l.. They gel an they belli re
It la natural lo guffer fiom Indlfieatloii,
dyatiepalti, behlitng und bloating I'o'n
liii. eoiiiiietn and anrenea of thr atom-
111 ll, lfllloilne.. llillclive li Vol , dU'.llieail,
kldnev trouble, pnlua In tue -.Id.-H mil
back, Mi.-iolai In.", "ringing In the eat a,'
aeakniea iiervoiiHiiea, oaa of appelll.,
slaeptane, falling off In Weight,
catarrhal condition of Hie mm on mem
brane, foul bieallt, coaled longtm hii'I
Tb i)ile who win their heiiltli
through Tanlac piaiac 'riinlac 11 their
heat defenae agnltiat dlaeaae- peiaoimt
protection ; foe dlaeaae in hcl cionna led
by aliengtli, Which Tanlac bullda
'The hem health renioiei I ever itled"
I the way Huy Waaucr llowen, of Jl'in
Tempi' ton atreet, Ulioilui. din illiea Taiit
lac, and Mr. Howen'a eiperb u. e l ennlnly
Justified hi enthiiHlii.iii.
"I certainly can recommend Tanlac
wliho'ii feni of conl rail Id Ion." Mr.
j l;o.i ett aliiled.
j "I wan ii'ty uervoti hefoie I look Tan
I lac. I had 110 niipellle for iii.viIiiiik I
had no amlill Ion -no gel up - ,1 ml It nm
jail I (loll foi llie In go to Willi. I tin 'I
I lofd wrliihl, I .Mid to line. piti.H owi
J my lildiiei a.
' "I w the ad( et H'emeiil of T.mli.
in the newnpup.-in mid Hied U AH.i
t'll'lllg one ho'lle of Tanllli I coll'. I
l.-ndllv are the thank". I loifl no lime in
. lllnk iinothei i.oiiu I i oi, I . I ace how
nm h II helie.l no tin. firal to. (lie,
' I lin e u .ll.'i. i t,-ioil .'(ppelri- Hi
l.ere Hie niiih lietl'l I nm U'llili.
uoslil. V o.l I t,,, lo .p ,,, , .0 l,. In
I li. 111,.
I in,
. i
i n ii..
I... 11 1
, i.-i 'I n
I. led '
111 I lv . 0 , I . . I
! ,l I Willll', f.ll
the b. health .
llie four lii'iiiiM A Nl. i.iiiiiil li
rueait S. hii ' ii.. tt
r.iliail. a -Ii llfin M.., Ur.ig C.
t"a r.,iin
ilaai fitar t fhinany
UlkWi a i al VA't'kai
U.alaa- MaguU frog I'ji
ftitiot a at it ...I
ti lalaa-1 llaH.a P)iiiuvt
l-u.l la - v. . Utvi 1.
Maila ni Pin I
Ma at ilaa . tl i kka. r" a tlMi ..
in.Uiii a , at ..)
M ,,. - T1-- tl B-a.a,
K . .,., .Wi.i.i.i t--r t. o t
lofailal . B r B r
.- - Kaaa.aai ft ig I
aaieat -A i I
I ana (M t H -. .
I ,.i a - ! if) . V
fk.aja Val - la(aal ut k-.-ii Pa,
a a- f
aiai - ) rii
Wa 1 - B ((.
m a a ri
(,. .. - a w mi. i
a . . I a . - f 1 ki a
H aa B. I It. ('
- at i e. ..
kaa.aal v . Maa.i I I1411
tt'. ..- - S a A M ima
xgi'ttii (.. t m!m I. aw I l
I. .iM ami (ill tlffHit rtie ,.im.
.a ai laotiir.l al i 11. r Vl.l.r.-.
MnlMiHe In. ) a 1 1 1 11 . I'hia
aiZaa V:h
faaT Ha
and agreed: K
hv ti e hrtine, waa dlnai-
prmed i'l 'Ih
i.-iinte i itmiiicri-c i oiit-
. lollllllt'.
IJi.e W r.t Ad i bring Ini I '
" ''t
; - . '
I')'. FJ I
! - Haif-cciete Chlnatnaa carrytar
mi iildnal leave. S Mattv laupolili 1
boat loa1 of bib. S ramlly of liarn
gdharer la the Orient.
relief of sister
arrived in time!
Mrs. Kate Sicgel Tells How
Help Reached Two Nervous
Women Waiting; for Aid.
"I'm one who ! all run down Tanlac
fine Ionic und builder," ItriMrn Kale
Hteifcl. of III.' HIiKiman avenue, imiah.
Mm, Mi. (el hml nnumial cpporliiiill v in
Jiiilue of lh wonderful merit of Teniae,
Ih.lh br and her alaler wtue rallevnt by
III" Mft-Her MeillcllUI.
"I anffered with alnmaclt trouble ami
jlh nerioiieite flint l goi with
I u. h an ailment," explained Mr. Nickel
"I could nut alcep well al night anil the
I if ault wa that I full myaelf lotting:
latreiiklh My nppellte failed, too, and I
' began IO fee nilnci a hie.
I "My f. if lei, iilxo, aim III. We look Tali
j lac tog.illier. We al on. r found Ihe!
ThiiIbc la a aldcudiil liiiilc and Nlem
piuifler. My oUter wa nervon and
could not aleep well.' In fad, out Caea
j were nearly alike and I g.iraa ihei are
I iliouaauil of wimien In (imali who uf-
f'er Jut we did, ,
"A tha reauil of nm Tanlae treatmenl
I are bolh gaining atteugth. VY aim p
well, which mean good iei and hellct'
nerve, Our iiervmia trouble la fad dU
appeailng, a It tloiia whenevrr liullge.
lion la overcome, aa Tanlac baa oveirome
It for it
"I want to recommend Tanlnc In Ih
hope that other may be aided we
There are Ini" of thing about women
! t'uit the average man doe not know,'
'Women genaiaily unreal how llltle
lieiikHi Ihev mnellme have. They )ul
go lo I heir endleaa tueka alio ut the houae
and aav nothing.
When Mr, Annie M HnberUoti, of !;U7
lioi.kle ilrcet, tiinaha, found that Tan
Im pul liei ba. k on tha lob," o In
toienk, ho became lely graleful to Tail-
I can go about niv noik aa imual
ulinc I hn.e iHkill Tnulac," Mr. P.oll
1 1 1 ami a t . 1 1 ll
I auffeieil with 111 v eloiiiach, I lent my
nptietlle, and became iii-i 1 nim, atul my
mtein w.ia In 11 1011 dim 11 .oudltlon. 1
win. weak and filway (tud.
' fl u en 1 1 UK I would Buffer from g,
Mont ilia und 11 fulliicart In my etomch,
(1 1 ntd I auffeiett from a general
,im,I 11 i.f lln w hole pi all 111
' i iiili.c h,,,l ili'ti.. .i,'. "on much
01, it 'I. i1 I d ii.c. 1 lo i ii. 'I'iiiiIbc l.
li.-'l-.d li . lio, i, i-iii. tl guve Ill a
ii'iii'l i,,o-,,. Now I tan ao a'lO'll mv
iiti. .1 - - . 11 ft
wti.ii,, 1 uitr iieareal itgeut
l(irli riiHfln Plan lliwg t'a,
W.ou.aa - tatal ail .na.j.
tlnl -- J 111 1 I'll,
lta -ia tt T Bar
Oafutil t-att..a tlf if ',
' - " a ii:iva,
allaltr - - ti vi , u M aauu
r 11 ifi -taiital. r,.ai.. a.r' U C .
Baa I'll f . J I rial.
'--" t taia..
aa,4 - r -.. I. . ta
a allu ..l..i p .,. ,i
- Ill ll.'. I . M I l..l, u
i '.ig . ( 4. B a,4
1, , . . i ) kta.att
' I .a M.nt r ii4iii
B aa i.f - kl ... a I, f ia,., a
.i - - a liU'st,
.. 4ia-.. li. . It
f i at Miii't
1 i. 1 t (
a,,t a'iti
"' a. 1 a a
t M.i J ... a Banna
I H1H IO I,,l
I a ii a W -a I
('''ni hi-i- h a a.i,i rt!4.
t Wana. Maltt . g paj,
I. . .- t(. " ((
WlH - ilt .lt I, I , fa),
.lt - W V B-'f
il u.iid
t.o. 1 I (I ,
'"'aeaMaaiaaji.a T n,. ,,,. ,, , ., lt. r .(. ; , - ,
'""iim.yJUM. -faiiaatiaKaaiw,, a aaa a-a 9mmmm'