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    TTIK P.EK: -OMAHA. FTrtPAY, MAY 5. 191(1
ndkns Defeat Comiskev'i Sox bv
the Score of Two to
CHICAGO, May (.-Cleveland shut out
Chicago, ! to 0, In the first gam here
of the season here today. Speaker' a
double, following a base on balla to Tur
ner, give ttia vlsitore the firm run. Their
"ther run w mado In the ,th when
Wamhsgans' -double acorad Itotb, who
hut ainglrd.
Two lightning double ply deprived
Hie local if at leaat two .runs, and prob
ribiy coat them the game. Watiibs ganss'
'th cf Lynn drive in the seventh, when
Chicago had men on second and third
with np out, trted a double play which
eaved the gam for Coumbe.
President Com'skcy today arnnounctd
Ihe release of Joe Fautache, InfkMer, to
, thft fllchmond club of the International
leagu. Kcor;
' a a a a i
turner 3b., 4 0 S AMorlarlv.
An.ii.n a r.
(iru. If,, 4 0 10 tlly!1. Killed
lamar so., 9 0 fiMorla M , 111 1 1 I
el. 4 I J 0 OMi.'Mulln. (I., (Ill
'.-'-, 4 V UTU'ftHIII'l, ',l: i 1 1 I?
'lHh. 2 1 A i'V. IY.Hua 'h 1 fl I If.
f w.i i ,iiini, n a ? i w a
n-.w,.,. ,n. a II , WJi''ii.i?. jr., 9 I "i II n
'', as. 4 1 I I "r'alaiti, (,. 4 13 0 0
O'N.II. ..., I IfHvW, M,, 3 1 S 1 n
louiiibe ,4 A I wUchalli, ... 2 SKI I li
-Wilt en MM 2 0
Tonus ,,,., tJ II I'lcna 1 0 I
Klir. .. 0 0 i 1
TnU ll 1 I
falt'd for Willium In the seventh.
Cleveland ,,,, i o o o o i o o n-t
: hi ago o o o o n o o o -M
Two baee lilta: Kpenker, Jackson, M'nni
h'tttnax, ol n law; N:liak, HaerWee
lllt: Jil'k -Oll, HvllHlll, " lloiihle plaa.
Hi hi'lk In Weaver; fouml.o to liati'lll to
Warm i to, Howard ftafra
in ball": tiff William, t.lf lfiti r, 1.
lilt and anted -iinn: Off Wl Mama,
hit and run In seven liming; . ti
l'ehr, no hits and ivi runti In two )
Olnirr, Mricli out: Hy WlhlninJi, : by
i iii;ii'b(, i; ly Fabfr, 1, t'niflrra: Kmn
i id I lull.
fiilinnon ll-ata Ulncka,
I'lftMM.M'lltA. Mny 4. - Jnhitann k'pl
I'.illiid' Iplilt Ai'Nttfi-M and VVadhlngloit
won rraMly lol.v, a to 1. Hhrlmu wn
l. Illl, ,H in,' nllii; liii.'f'K m, I.hIIk h 1 1 J ronk
ln! tn lif pMrln-d 111 i-lghl InnliiK, but
Hi" vlitll'iin foul itovrral a nrdiif uppnr
tiiiiitlfi whrn erlppfd uji on tffoiu to
sic-l ha. hentft;
W AKIII,M',Ti)K, t'llllMI'M'.fttU
A' II A I! Alt, II. 'I, A I-
M'ttH-r. rl.,k 1 i ti M....4 I ft 'l
! i s Hull. rf.. n . i) !
o ft?iinnk, cf
Today's Calendar
of Sports
Mimii. it...., t
H..H1MH l 3
Me". 4
M'ifeiili. Zh, , f
4 3 3
I) IHlMr'nir, If , 4 tl I (t I
I I I.,I0"'. till . 4 140
I I 3 li M' lnl, lb. J !
Ml. . .. 3 0 I t lil'lrk. Sh,,,. J 113 1
.wt'iln. M., Z " : I htnt. K. t I I I I
lo'ifitui o, 4 1 ;i a ""ii p., 2 0 t 2 "
, Wcir, ti 0 0 0 I
,,. wi:;; il cmhh I o a f I
I'.uii. . ...a: ;'i i
f'dtt") fur f-'hrclmn 111 llitli.
Wmihlnglon ,,,...' 101001 3-4
rhlladlpbla " 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1-1
To bum' IiIIij: .Mocllfr, Witt. Thr
bann hllic. Knot!', rlriiiil4, WIoIpii liams;
Milan, Ju'l," 'ii, Alurgan. Hacrlflco hit,:
"Morgan. Baw'o on halli', 'iff Mirban.
:; off vY-r, 1 llll and rurnrd iun:
(iff .lohncon, fl hit I run. In nlrin InnliiKu;
off Hlifnii ( btt ) run In pljfht IiiiiIiikk;
off ttfiKf it Ihm 1 runs In n;n Inning,
fltru'k out: By Jolinaon, 7; bv fifiefhani
1, Mld pftr.hai Phwhon tji, .tnlina'in,
(1,1 t'mplrii Idnom and Nallln,
rird n BlonU Vanba,
BO.T'"'N, May 4, -i-coiurd allowed N"
A'ork only mo hit today, th Boaton
Attirrleona mliilltlii out llm vlnltora, it lo
o, t'aldwell bit lo nt'n during tbn
ond Inning, one of l hem, Harry, K'-orlii
on f'arrlian fwrrlfii-a and lonard
nhurp lngl to ctnlr. Hoblllisi'M and
(.r-wln rlniflfr) In illia clglitli Inning, th
former bflng forrrd at third v,h-n Uard
nrr workad a double-deal end th for
mcr adored on Perry'g Infield lilt, Hard
ifr going to third. The laiiar ,
'aught off third, but tulllrd when Oald
dropped 'Raker' throw to the plate,
Nt'v VORK, twin. 1
Mim1 d 4 D i 0 OHeartfwn If 4 I S
'illhifilftv. r( 4 " ! 'I n ltnvrln M. 5 ! 0 S (I
Mtroa. If ., S e 3 0 H"r rl I t 1 M
n.k-r ... ( 0 2 i (illobliurl, tin 4 2 J 1 a
tlce !M M 1 ll . ! 1 I
P,o Ifc.,.. a 1 1 I'tuptner, l I
Pcinnca. l 14 1 ll'.rr.', ib ... 2 a 1
b'unamilier.e 3 t S 2 ' rrln, . 0 2 I I
i'ill. . I 0 a 4 1 Leonard, all I 40
Tofl ..,.m"j24U J Tnll ...'. 25 12
:ew York 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Hoalon '... .0 1 0 0 0 02 -3
Two-haw hlte! Janvitn. Perklnpaugh.
Ktolt-n l'ie: Irffwla, 'Jardner. ttarrlflre
bits: I wla. Gardner, ('arrlgan, ponble
pla: Buker lo f'lpp to penklnpaiigh:
PerklnpB.ugii to Baker. Kliet on error:
Bualon, I, Baisa on bella: (jff Caldwell,
1: off fvnnard, !. Kite and earned runs:
(Iff Caldwell, hlta 2 rune In eight In
nlnira; off I,eonrd. 'I hits no run In nlno
InnliiKe lilt by pltflud hull: .Tanvrln
and Barry hy Caldwell. Hirurn out: Hv
Caldwell. 1: bv Leonard, 2. I'mplrea;
Connolly and Owena, --
nronii llambln Tlaere.
rTTRC'IT, May I. Kt. t.oul.i brnk tts
long lomlrig atrek today whn It defeated
tiKlroll. J to 1. In a Inoeely played ron
tctt thm wofit th rtmn Innlnga. Water
led the w ay to tlmorv h-n be buntd
fafely In the final in'iln- and rorr,d nn
. (Nirrlfb'e, on error and a elnijln Ue
irolt ue'd four pilrher end at. I.oula
Ihree. Pubue, i hn .trted for the Tt
rrr, lout hi own (tame In the fifth Inntim
i niaklnij wld throw lo the plate
with the Imi.eii filed and a certain double
plnv In fits ti t lie jrot but one man and
hi nilfj eosf two rnn. Hcore:
ay iyt ii riRTBoir.
II O A 15 AB H O A H
gii.ulen, It , U IlVtl. Sh 3 2 1
H ni nbb. if. ... n 11 n
MWh. II It I ft fi
I H rMfnr-l, ill 1 M
I Jb .1 I ! '
It nirn. lb .. 4 1 lit ft ii
e . a 4 I
ft IHianaaf, f. 4 2 4 I a
I ifttktr, c ,. t 0 I t
1 t'li'ihuc. ,, .2 I e I n
J rr.rlraano, A
a 11'anaa. e . fl ft a 1 e
A iV maletala a 0 I
Kaah , 1 ft ft 6 0
Tri! . IA I l M,rir I ft ft
uiiwi .... n a a ft a
Twala ) 14 Kl II 1
Baited for f'aenpoti In fifth,
tinned fnr M.'C.,e In ltb
Mmin'fl H'r I'auaa m pirrnm
Fmite l fur Hnker In Ihli'eetiilv
flan f-r . tna; In ninth
tt l,u' o HMIJHMHI I
.eir.,lt !I1(I4 0-4
Tn hae bit: Kialer Vrh, Itellman
t l 1 .ie..a. hlt I'rall. O'lli. l"f
I n.' Wtxlrn be I ') MiHijiie. Vltl.
i-ih twin plat l .hnaon l.i f'rt
HaH li ' i f I 1 i!f"l , 1. 1'
i ,' I : ,-.f l'-.. . .'f I ri Mftiiu I
i I' I a oa I. ..If ale.kl. J Hit.
rtnd rnie t'lf l'ie'-i"'e a bii 3
rune in I- -r in'.li a a i.ff Vl-i'iat.
X run In el Inning tiff l ir 3 Jilla no
r u euiii titiiii,a( off pulitii', 4 bl'a
t ii In I. e iHH.t.a'a uff I . Main I Ml
im. n none uvii in at at), ni'f pa n 3
f.ila 2 rma tu. aia mnliuia ,ff '. e'.Kte
5 Mia 1 .! le I., litnlfia eiii. a I'U'
Hi iir'n, J v luit iic. I, lu i
I i ! II I I'l i"l end t t . nn
Fhnollng: Annual American clay bird
t'hamplonehlp ehnni biuln at Travera
Island, N. , Annual tournament cf
t'tah ftate Jiporlifincn a aonoclatlon upena
at lilnsham, L'lah.
Track; Kanma-Ncbrnek dual nicet t
Ijiwifine, Kan
l.acrom: Coinell Kinl Slevena In
atllute at Ithaca, N. T. Oorgetonn
against Rutgci at Washington, V, t.
Uoxlng: Hcnny t'haveg agalnat C'hlik
Ilajca. twelve riiunde, at kanaaa City.
Jark Torre agnlnat tdrk Wells, twelv
rounda, Katuaa City. K. O, Krauae
agahiat Eddie Borhme, ten round, (it
Marinette, Wis. Al Nelson agalnat Crl
Hera, twelve rounda, at Parts mo nth, N
H. Finney lloyle ngalnal Marry Carlaon,
twelv rounds, at North Abingdon, Slan.
Big Bonus Offered
Athletic Club to
Locate New Home
The proposition la now open whereby
the new Omaha Alhletle club may
squire s lot for a building alia
by Dm B' lunl rapendltme of only. f 10,000,
The rntnmlilee appointed nearly week
ago by the mnea meeting of Inialneas
men. who determined to nee their efforts
lo hold the rlub In Ihe down town :
tlm, has leaned a rtstement, saying
Inige number of the real relate owner,
vih'ileiili is and retailers, east of ell,
teenth street, have offered to buy the
lot, 6xl.'i2 feet, at the southeast corner
of Fourteenth ami Marney streets, and
give It to the Athletic rlnh, mi thai Ilia
eoet of the lot to the club Will be only
JI'i'XiO, or about one sUih of the artual
Stanford Votes to
Play Rugby Game
fTAXKOrtri rNIVK.nxjTY. fl May
I, - Wat'fi.rd titilveralty iludents voied
doavn today a proWltnii to abandon
Hutfby font ball In favor of Ihe American
me by n vote of 141 In "!',
The vole sate final imrer to a ques
tion that ban b'.eii allnled rlnee Ihe
I iiherflly of California broke off foot
bull relation with Flstifnrd laat year
and wriil'b'Mk to Ihe Amerl'-an game
t -'-
Three Sioux City
Players Released
FtOI'X CITI. Ia May V.-Thre ply.
ere 011 tie rloim City Western Ieiii
team weie mifniifllilniially released to-fsy-Klrrt
Haeentan lme Kane, Plteln'r
Al Kunhncr and Cat' her Oarles ron-
1 '.iii.
Charley peters, the pardllfon grnppler,
who I carded lo meet William Pemelral,
th Greek at Ihe Omaha Aitdllorlum on
Miy 10, has started a"llve t'slnlng for
Hi rombot nd epects lo b In lh ver
best of rondltlon ihe night of th mituh.
Peter ranks favorite for Ihe bout, put
Pemrtrsl I pretty foy wrewler and
has bad a lot of expef"''. and '.'an' be
expected to give Charley a run for his
DENVER, Colo,, May 4.-Krl Howrd
an- Tom Phillip, plteh'- , wer re
leased from the Penver ttarn of tha
Western league today. Howard la ra
turned tu tha Marshalltown. 1 , team of
the Central amo.-Uilon. t'hlllli returns
to tha St, Isolds ftronn.
Trl-e Tennl M-e.
TARKIO. Mo. Msv 4. -(rperlal Te'e
eram.i-In the Trl slal lllh ebonl vti
nla tournament, boia' double w. r won
by 4'rnlg and Weher of Clarlnda, In., t.1,
r-0, till, over Jfnlfhlnj'oti and lie U of
Blaneharrt. It. Ilertram ond hatfer of
Mound Cttv, Mo., defea,ted lln-grave en I
Iteavlaof 1'all t'lly 1n the prellmlnarjea,
llin'.. Ha. & ft 2
Viler, rf . . I 1 I
'lr, lb.. 4
'iO. lb...
via . ft. I
lira I Sb
! ancrl 3 I
Vfi ata. e, , 0
1 .!:!. .
Kill 'HI .
2 I
1 4
ft (
4 2 I
a a
l I
1 t
Man i.s Killed in
Bout Arranged to
Settle Dispute
Not a Bite of
Breakfast Until
You Drink Water
ftiy a gl of hot water and
phosphatt prevent illnei
and keep ut (It,
lust a coal, when II burns, leave t.a
bind a certain amount of liwimbuatlhla
material !n the form of ashes, so the food
and drink laken dy after day leave In
tha alimentary canal a rertaln amount of
Indigestible material, which )f not com
pletely eliminated from the system each
day. bs'-onies food for Ihe million of
bartert wlib'b Infest the benels, From
this nun of left-ner waste, tnalna nd
piemaln like poisons r formed nd
inked Into the h'eod,
Men and nomen bo can't at feeling
right niuet begin lo lit,. Inside baths
lafnr rating hrethfaat ea'H morning
.lilnk glass of real hot waiee with
iesionful of )itntnne In It
in Utah f"il f ib thtrt leet of bowal
(Ha .f.., is day s a - im ililn cf pot
u.iia ii loams slid 1 1 keep the antlr
alliita-iiiajry van) i lean, (lire an t fi-t,
ffioae s.b!'l to al a hea tache.
it'ta, bllt .i.aneaa, rnsti stteii, Mlir
h i nn with ba t esl, f ii brlb,
b. I j hi, iaiintlii sltf(ea, or hv
.. '. sev a'.xna. n after Itieata, ra
W'ge lil get li .attar md of Urn.
a -i i ii,.i.h. fr..m tha rti t stir
a 1. 1 l-eit ., 'i. i.i Inian al saiuiai I '
ti i'l , liiile, I .1 la .f'i
, t.,,1 i., i.. i. i-.,.a am una a s nn
: t )!. I
iafniia loai'le txlHlsiaf la -r tea
. ' ; an suidr I ie a- a-ae la
am it I h i Inii .nna lnl
. 1 1 .. i kii i . !.a"h. M ia
v , (. .i 1 a. a aa t t I
a Wf . .. ai. aes aaaaiana aa t fiaaaa
i-a aaj.i, si b I watar an I !!iaa...
l-a; !, it I .a n,. a,, tf,
V. t . a a ae-l t. , e P a' ia.-.a.i
Henry Ordeman Lasts
Twenty-One Minutes
In Steelier Match
MINNEAPOLIS. Minn., May 4.-(Special
Telegram.) Henry urdeman lost to Joe
Hteeher In straight fulls last nlijht at t In?
auditorium, but he won the dial diction of
being the first man to etuy umre than I'
minutes with the Nebraska oomrt. ti
elilentally winning lila wager.
James Bush of Lincoln. former nelih
t or of Joe at Podge, wagried :") to 01
that Ordeman would not lust JO mlnutot.
The man who put tip the l'0 waa Ord
man himself.
It took rtecher 21 nt nulea and 40 sec
ends to pin the Mliinenpills wrestler
shoulders to the mat talc. Udh fall
Here securcl on combination lii'lfejia
holds. TI. first, whldi iame In U tu n-
ulos and 35 econd.a. was with a Kvly
scissor and half Nel.-on, nd th econ I
In 10 minute and 6 geoonda on body
sclnsora and further arm hold.
Deiplto the short duration of tha bouts
the ?,W or more wrestling fans were
given plenty .f incitement. There whs
nut one minute of loafing durng the
Rhole period ISti cher was working for
, fall and with to or three cacopttoin
Henry waa working bard to stave oft
(.'efcat, being on the Uefenslv nearly nil
I lie time.
MANHATTAN, Kan,, May 4.-Nebraka
took the honora In the first annual In
tercolU glata tennis tournament with the
hsniias Hlate. Agricultural college here
today. Knowlea of tho Aggies won from
( halt, Nebraska, 3 to I, In three set of
males, h only match on by Ihe Ag
Summer Schools
For the Pupils
! Who Fail to Pass
On account of the scarlot fever epi
demic that prevailed In the rlty during
the winter, a lame number of children
were kept out of the public schools on
iiivoiint of sickness. Superintendent
tiraff cetlmtitca that by reason of the
sickness, so general, there will be not less
than 6i children of the Fourth to Fitglilh
grade, iiicltifh r, who will be unable to
The teachers' .'ointuUleij of the Hoard
of Education and Kt . perlntendent draff
have Into the situation pretty thor
oughly, ami sa a result, st Ihe next
meeting of the board, a recommendation
Mill .e made that a term of summer
school of alt to eight weeks Iw held 1m
midlHloh after the eloae of the regular
adiiiol year, This school will ho for
... ,L,.-v . - . ,3a aw.
'hot who fall to pars the grade a and
'or no other.
It la proposed that the school, or
arhools, to be held In four of the build
ings, two In th north and two In the
south part of the city. The. houra pro
posed are from S o'clock In the morning
intll noon, five days each week,
George Wilson, IU North Nineteenth
street, waa arrested t th t'nlnn station
lato yesterday evening Just aa he was
about to receive 14.80 from Harold nosa,
ag IS, who wss passing through Omaha
from Hturgls. 8. P to Kansas City.
Wilson told th boy ho waa a rac
horse trainer and waa on hi wy lo
Kansas City to lake up hla season a work.
Finding the boy was Interested In horse
and somewhat of a rider, Wllaon offered
lilm a Jb as soon as h arrived In Kan-
CM) and (hen told the lad that
through a misunderstanding be got th
wrong ticket at the ticket window and
that they would not exchange It for him.
II asked the boy to lend him the prlc
of a ticket to Kansas City, which ha
said was HuO.
From Tire Trouble
riiDcture anrl Blow-out and
Tire Faults are the benettlng woes
of the Motorist. Using LEGS
Puncture-Proof Pneumatic Tires
banlghcs every tire trouble, ,
POWELLAuto Supplies
OMAHA Street
' I Beaufort ' n4Mi ; Al i "i;,Jrr5
jX."'r"rs: -- 1 i : ' Ll'--" l-iV-ir1riiitki'i,tirJtr., , " ma? ' "" CtWMtl4, Tftafiae of IfuprwnMiner 'i-'.; -
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at the back even if you stoop slightly or carry the head and shoulders
in a forward position. Ask to see a Kuppenheimer Foreward Model
The Kuppenheimer dealer Is the only one who overcomes this clothes-trouble without making
alterations. He has the specially designed Foreward Model in all sizes; all the leading suit
styles and fabrics. Prices, $20 to $40, Our new book, "Styles for Men," sent on request
Originator of" Fracfjon! St in Afn' Clothini
ir!!!!i!!ll!!!!i!t!iii !!!iS!!ll!!!!l! !'! IMIH'H iji'l! I.ii
lli! llliiliNil! llllHi illlliliSiijiiiii ill!
i f 1 1 1 1 : p ! ( i 1 1 1 1 i . i .
i : i : ; i i
ill iiil'I'U'
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lor Vouni! Men HICHT NOW Is the
Tiro-Milton, off ro, cutaway front, patch pockets, or Ml linej, two and three-piece stylo
f f
tthtni la , Ut r;f I
Paakarf H l. uf ie'eai.iH ml
th I r n tl.Mjt I . !( t !
). . la !( 4m4. V'iHf t nt(H
f ' I l.a'. I .a . -I'.ai a a- .
in iit tltar M tea, - . la ti--
- p.-M(lJnae Ts' af -f. a
I' t I 4 '4 I f'-i
t . i ' i- t 4 N I t
h tll"a r ( , i '
, May 4-5-C?
l ul I Kt I Uih
I g t.a. Mat . t-atla Par
' a:la4 1 1 r I
, i Jis a, 4a t lHi44 fc .
I, lift
1 win1'
1 1
I !
. j ll