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    THK WA. OMAHA, .MONDAY. MAY 1, 191(5.
I OWE -;
Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound
Washington Tark, 111. "I am the
mother of four children end have uf
I fored with female
trouhle, backache,
nervous spells and
the blues. My chil
dren's loud talking
and romping would
make me so nervous
I could just tear
everything to pieces
and I would ache all
over and feel so sick
that I would not
want anyone to talk
to me Bt times. Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound and Liver Pills re
stored me toheulth and I want to thank
you for the good they have done me. I
have had quite a bit of trouble and
worry but it does not affect my youth
ful looks. My friends say 'Why do you
look no vouncr and we 1 7 ' 1 owe it all
o the Lydia E. Pinkham remedies."
It! -- TJr.ttf (J Trxtn r- A Anfa A tr-mif
Washington Park, Illinois.
We wish every woman who suffers
from female troubles, nervousness,
backache or the blues could see the let
ters written by women made well by Ly
dia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
If you have any symptom about which
you would like to know write to the
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn,
Mass., for helpful advice given free of
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
oroves it 25c at all druggists.
Miifttcriile filvex llclli low. Comfort
When Uioho nhiirii pain go aho'itlng
through your head, when your aaull
ari-nia hh it It would apllt. J"Mt rub a lit
tle MfHTKHOIiH on the temple and
nock. It draw out the Inflaminutlon,
ruuthe fitt-ay tlm pain -Klvn nulck relief.
Mt'HTKKOM' I a denn. white oint
ment, iwidc with oil of mustard, flutter
than a muaturd jlaMer and does not bill-t'-r:
Doctor tand nttrac ' frankly recom
mend MCHTK.itOl.K for Hole Threat,
itroncliltlH, Croup, Stiff Neck, Asthma,
Neuralgia, Congeal Ion, J'lcitrlay, Itheu
riiutimn, Lumbago, 1'a.ln and Aches of
the Hack or Joint, Hpralna, Sore Mm
il, lirulae, Chilblains, Frosted Feet
Cold of the Client (it often prevents
I'Mcuinonln I. ,
At your druRulKts, In 2Ec and 50c Jam,
Miid a Knc-lfil largo hoapital size for
I .'.50.
tin ante you got the genuine MU8
TKKoLK. Ik'fiiNC Imitations get what
yon u hU for. Tho Muaterolo Company,
Cleveliind, Ohio.
To Keep Teeth Sound,
Spotless and Sparkling
It ha been dlnonvered that refined ava
tol will actually remove nil ataina nd
xpotM from the teeth In a few mlnutca, if
HH"d on the hrtiHli like a tooth paxtp.
This Is worth-while information. nine
mark- nil ipcrMoim Imve riltwol.ire'l filmn,
or "plaiiiie," on their leelh, which
hereioforu could he reniovod only by tho
More tluui flint, this hai-mlen ub.
Mnitce iuiH bepji found lo ioa.Mea re
hiaiimhle. Keriuicldal propertlew, ch'atroy
lug even the ti.-iraelte. which cause
pyorrhea. The linpoiliincii of thin can
harilh he exaggerated, In view of the
nlarnilnK prevuhin'e of ihlH affection
which lr reMpoiiNlhle for the h of morn
than hulf of ail teeth, nccnrillii; to Much
riiithoi itlem hk Inn. H and Johns, it la
no longer neceHiirv In dentrlfrirea
which nl host onlv i lcaim the teeth,
n. uHiir refined mulct which nur rinimiM
1N1I iiprl)- lrt priiiiiuiliMit 2'i i-ent Inl. una
ret. only Wr,i tti" Iciti a nl ihn.iIi ally cl.nn
. nl prt-iiiU iIip m, m ncff,iilnu lit r
'illiiK, lli tM-ih ficnl I'umeiiinK ,r rtfovlnf
Aivl nil. k' 1i llh m.iclMn, (Hl.lctllii
hit mul -fi.ii!;ful - A-lvtrilrfiiifnl.
Weak Stomachs Heed
So Do mtm Bowels
Fin! Thinj-Eich Mornim
Bifon Biukfist
tl Olf flUlKT from phvtc. pihi. mineral wtf , wta
nt (iwni aad.iv l irm nhl BlfflKKI m
Uii, i tton, tnutl. h-u with Hi
ut ieo.i'iMon ej himlin) almeii pji jy
like mut !(( It tun. D fflllT biuU
lr.iniw ni1 uiibuildt.tmltlCAUktil w njtu
rl v lolxilkf twtitn, tftvAriitr ttom., roof
ruur bootit, 0ti , I'M
f art din itfwil e jfkf 4i rt rriirt.
V 'T ti yu 11 e If t'f ! "
v tiifii rv U'i i ui t I oo.
. - i w 4 r . '
, . 1 1 f i . .
l, v , C 1 f
., n , .' Mli'l !'.
..... t ..(
I '" ! ' -i . . t '. I t
I li. 4 , I."-
' it.. ,i
, . c . I . I-1..'.. It . . '
,. ct . , t . . !.
..- 1 ' ' ' ' I
(.,. , i - 1 U
. ' I '
. n
f i
c , ,
.... . t -
t. i i ..-. i f T
, ii.,,..
i , , , t . . ,
It. c U hi ' A lt ,,. j.
Presidential Preference Vote on
Republican Side Indicates
This to Be the Case.
(From a fluff CorreHpomlent.)
LINCOLN, April .1u.lSpec!l.)-Mth-out
the count of DotiMlat county on 1ln
vol for president It Ifc a lartnlnty thut
no candidate for lh preference vol if
the it-publlcnna of Nelnanka han received
a timidity and republican nie brglnnliu
io flgi re bow tlgl'tlv dclcKntlon elected
lo the national convention inn be bound
by the vote an allow n nl the primur).
The rub) of tli national convention ro
'tulie a nmlnrlly of the (u'l vote caat
at tre convei t on o nonil a and i n that
noi l of proponliiori all the candid il a
f n v oral lit the primary for prcHldcntlal
picfi rencf fall fur ahoit,
Fortilnira lfhnul IIoiiiiIhu.
Jcet a an Indlmtlon of how the foot
ItigH KtBitd without Doug'.a. county, the
HhowitiK la a follow:
Cuminliia -'i'..!-l
Fata brook ...
Uooaevelt ....
iji J'olleile .
Vli H make
, ti.till
, r,.'i.;4
I. Ml
the o(e hi,n.
total of 7.!' wile ca t
for prealrP nl ( n tl e pr"feien"Ml tail t, of
hi-, h Ciimniliia, the hlglieal iiiun ao ine l
;'6,!iH, and Ford a few 11-iifniul lem. A
nialnrlly of all vdea Inhulaled would le
3l,l'j2 and Mr. Cuiiimlnn la iked !,! 0 .
nieihlng that number, In fact wl.l In
the final hnve bp Ih.m one third of tit -whole
number of republican ballot. C;i..t
In the pi limit ,
if Mr. Cnniii ilia la none I lie -aa m Hied
10 Ural (onahle atlon le.-aia. le no e 1
out dl eid of Mr. Fur, li If riied, I at
Judtfe lliighea, who wli'onl IkiiIik in
iiiini'i printed, wna written In by a uu
15,') 'I voter", 1 nlo entitled lo a Ktei
deal of cnnalilei atloti
lloghe nle (alonialira.
The big vote received bv Judae luglie
baa iiatonfahel rien, hla moat order t
friend who. wliil they expelled a gooi
ahowlna. flU not be'leie that ao ininy
voter would Ink tho trout In lo wrlc in
the niitic In the face of the etrenuoua
canipaliSii put up bv other candidate,
riicy point to It aa nn Indbat on how
atrong lim'.hi a aentlment la emitif N'l
1 roaka repnbllcniia, nnd ttat the de!
liiitlon would a!lfy every one by )olnlni
ultimately In bringing nhout Mr' i o nl
ration of Juatlce Hugiie.
i From ft fctnff Coneapond'tit.)
LINCOLN, April .Hi. -(Special.) The or
flclnl count of LRncnaler county, the laat
to report with the exception of Doiiglaa,
ahowa that Futabrook ran better In the
capital city of tho alute, compared with
other candidate, than ho did In any
county o far reporting. The vote of
Lam-eater abow-a; Cmmnlna, 2.8W; Ford,
1.607; Fatabrook, 1,127; Hughe, "2S, and
rtoaa, 273.
fenator Uurkelt, for vice prealdent, re
ceived (i,ll, -wltlle Wlllbim (Irani. Web
ater received 1,243, Mlorehead, for the
democratic nomination for vice president,
received 2,975.
On Fnlted State aenalor, Aldrlch
polled 3,7'el vote and Kennedy 2.S17.
Iemocratic eandldatea for aenator ahow
Hitchcock 1,S1. and lunn, 1,810. Taking
(he vote on aenator Indlcatea thHt the
republican vote in Lancaaler county I
3.107 greater than that of the democrat,
the combined vote on the republican
eandldatea being 6.625, while the combined
vote of the democratic eandldatea on tho
aame office was but 3,3M.
Job ii Piir (liven .fall Sentence.
TKfTMSKH. Neb., April .10 -(Special. I
A tramp called at the home of John
tllllette. aoutlieaat of the city, and
begged for unmet hing to eat. He wnii
rcfuxed. The family left home during
(he afternoon and aonienne got into the
bonne and helped himself to a quantity
of food and ome few dollar in money.
Mr. (illlette had the tramp apprehended
nt Stelnaiier and the fellow waa brought
to Tecumaeh. Ho would not give hla
name, but gave the name of John TKie.
He waa taken beforo Juatlce K. if. Cot
ton nnd fined 110. Ilelng unahlo to pay,
Jion waa aent to the county Jail for
twenty flay.
Three Draflia at lurk,
YORK. Neh April M.-(Ppeela.)-Three
death occurred in thla ilty yea
terday. Mm. Alberta I'lilppa, wife of H.
V. I'hlppa. tlbd at 3 o'clock in the morn
liuj, aged 45 enr. Funer! aervlrea will
be held Monday afternoon nt 2 o'clock
at the rinldence, Adam Koed, aged "I.
retired farmer, died at ail early hour.
Funeral aervlce were held thla after,
noon at J o clock. Kdivnrd Maater died
very auddenly at the family home, .'l
nt Fouitli atreet, following a abort
l!lne iili typhoid fever. He iif
jeua old,
ipnln(nien(a nl Huperlnr
11 TKItli 'It, Neh, April X - special
Telegram I The new illy in imil luel
HKieriluy and Mnnii'. for ttie enaulng
yvuf. Mayor Ttninr cut the d tiling
vole me king l 1 1114.(4, i,.llm
t'.inr M..0 wni iiatee.l an it v
and ll iny HI. kii. b f -r uu,i .t t N I
f f a " IU"I f t tfilrn ,)t aft.r wl.l. h
in 1 f'ic i-f dr iii,triii wi't mmiMi
,. a UP i ta C- f of i?.
1,..' i.i.. r J -tio A i.iict-l t't
; M..'llr, Mrll V'--U. ltel !
t . ..t-,i- at. I --.. t o.i a. o. . r
Nona IMalle I M we Ha,
v . 1, r i 1 1 . i 1 t .tii v
, , 1 1 . r Hi. I.mi lit.K . I -nt i.'na
V ,,ii I ! t.i i.'.c. 'l, la,
. sl ' ic'; m . !- y
I 4 - I- I' - I I t if I
nl 1 - In In 3,M . . I.. I" i ' t I VI , I, I
t , CI l I I., ..-.( I I I . 11 44. I
t .l t I .! I"" - - ,1.
1 i 1 . I I .-l l I
k lll".l
! ti i 1 w. 1, . i i.i . , -.
1 .1 . 11. r . , 1 - , i 1
, . . .li- ,. . ,, Ill !,.. . 1, , - ,1 '
1 , , ., f i t a ,. ... i. ,
, , 1 ,11 1 . 1 1 . i . -1 I t
Saloonmen Must Pay
For Juckett's Death
(Krom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. April So. -(Special. )The
Judgment of the dlatrlet court of limine
county fur 117,000, affirmed by the au
preme court In an action brought by the
widow of Oelbert II. Juckett, a Podge
county farmer, asalnat aeveral aaloon
keepera to recover duuiagea for the dciilli
of Juckett, under thu Hlocumb law.
Ten of the aaloonkeepera were In bual
neaa In Fremont, one In thu town of
Cedar Hluffa, and ono each in the town
of Nellgh, Iirunawlck uml lioyal, In Ante
lope county.
fn December X IMS, Juckett procured
liquor In Itoyai and atarted for home,
W hen the team reached home aome time
In the iilnlit, Juckett waa found dead
from expoeuie to tlie cold,
It waa alleged Unit Juckett aitice Win
had been In the habit of letting the ilf
ferenl town and drinking to enceea.
Desirable Widow
Files for Employment
il'lom a Hiaff Correpoudenl I
LINCOLN. Neb.. April 3n. -iSjiecinl.)-A
widow 31 yearn old, weighing mil
pound, five feet, four nnd one-iuilf liu hea
trill, with bin eye and blown hair, with
no dcalre lo I rip the light fnntiiatlc toe
or to attend niov ng plcure ahowa and
chew gum and blink bet eye trying to
dlaocrn lb character In a ujilverlug and
poorly acreened picture, luia filed an ap-fill'-atlou
Willi Labor Coiiinil!oiier Cof
fey for a position a hoimekeejiei- for a
bachelor nt a whinner with or without
children, but tumgest limit nf two chil
dren, Kmploynienl In the city 01 couiiliy
will be accepted.
Thla widow aa ahe ha lived
on Hi" farm and kuoua aotnelhlng about
the work of the farm hoiiaehold. Ilelny
n Chrlatlan woman, with a good reputn
Hon aa a neat and ileun hoimekeeper, ahe
would prefer aleiidv eniployliienl.
1K10111 a Stuff Cnrreapoiident.)
LINCOLN, April 31) -tSpecUl ) ' When
the plaintiff In a aiilt for pergonal in
Jurlca ha execulerT 'a releaae In wrlllng
of all i lalma for damage from the lc
feiidant and hna received n conaldern
llon therefor, hul aeeka to avoid lb re
leaae on the ground that it waa oh
talned by fraud or deception practiced
upon him by the defendant, and that at
the time the relcaan wan executed hla
menial condition w audi that he waa
incapflblu of understanding the nature
and unallty of the act informed, or of
comprehending II onCfiienc.ea, the bur
den la upon him to prove theao fact,"
aaya thu aupreine court,
"When the amount received In gellle
menl ia groaaly lnndi-utiiito to enmpen
aulo for the Injurlea auatalned that fact
may be conalilered, with other evidence,
tending to ahow unfair practice; that
the party hud been overreached, and
that the mind of the pnrtlea never met
in the coiiaiininiAtlon of a valid run
tract." la alao (inserted,
In tho above opinion the aupreme court
affirm the Judgment of the dlNtrii-t
court of Jiouglu county in a uit
btoughl by Allio L, I'crry against the
iiiiinhn Klcclrlc Light and Tower com
pany for K'.Ow for peraonul injuile re
ceived wlille in the defendant employ.
Perry we an arc light lngpector Bnd
received a aliock which threw him from
a pole to the pavement below, aualnlnlng
a fracture at tho bnan of the aknll. The.
company aettlcd with him for Iffi.fA
Fraud waa charged in obtaining the nt
tlement, Terry elnlmlng ho undetHtood
the 11 mount paid waa for buck wagca.
FRKMONT, Neb., Xprtl art. -t-Speclal.)
Miaa Helen Ktoneburner, n pretty
ml liner of I)"de, cntr c to Fremont trdny
and iai;el n writ rant to l i liau... ,01
Henry Koeiiiiu.n, a well, known youn :
farn er of the north' in iv: of tl e c hi lty.
Kocrinann Is charged wl'll iitteirip'ed nil
attack on the Hudge . milliner, while ahe
wua alone in the ahop nt lioilgc nnl
wlille lie wna there tinder th pretext of
buying 11 lint for Ida wife, A little girl
who aaw the occurrence ran out to cull
for help, but when the marshal, who wan
near, entered, Koeinann I an Id to have
left through a p ar do , r nd Jumped. Into
hla automobile.
FltL M'lNT. Neb., April .V.-(Special )
Traveling in a Ford tourln-r cir t'lit
allowed the algim of wear. .'1 I am lty of
nine perxonn from Smart, i ll,, pnaaet
Ihtoiiah Fremont Situr l.-iy rn th'lr wi
to Slilmy. white t h y will lo nte, Tiia
parenta and their aevnt rhilili en, I wo of
thrill grown, found room in the ' prairie
a. I.oiiin r" and aeernv.d to be riiiol g the
one l.y ant on the oiitiilde mi nn Im
pr';lii .t over tlie wheel lloth
apilng were breki-n "it tie nsl eoning,
but the er i iietntla'.lns tl f" I
tl hu t any Liffieollv
A Utile Olossom
To Delight the Horn
hi... 1. 1. 1 .1... 1
hr ll U L I., it. . ... .. lt,. home U Ui ileue4 th
rTl " 'tl It- .r
tN- .! ahaul l a
vi.ii-r't rtiMii'
1. It 11 eil..a, i-Ki'r ai-i- i I
' tt.M k ,
'- It ftittea I'...
. n an 1 11 I, n.y
t, --! H4t4l t
n.t iitw ! , It
f t a a
1 1 ,
t-, -..4 im , I.., I u. l,4
!' . at
t I l .
b.ll k,J
let -".f 1 ' 4 I
tL-JJ I ". It k..tea p....
w w 1 r m
t - u. 1 1
1 ... .
J tMa . ...J 11 paiii i.i,.,.
': '11 I le .1 1 , ,
I hi . J v H
, .., ... I
f I
1 -' -' - r n ,ti
j'1 ' -i iwi,,.t
1 1 - . v, ' 1 j,. ,,,,i .,, r t tj ,r, I
U ,r V I I, I ,-i , t 1 t j
''' -t '' " ' l, 4 .1
I '. "ii I 1 I"-' !. , ...ifc. I , ,., !
1 ' 11. 1 . 1 i." . , i vi 1 ,,, ,
I ' ,1 i- 1, . I . I ! t , I l , ,
' ' I . , , ,,, .
' ' CC I ' . I . I I ,, -I : . . t .... ,
' " ' ' ' I- . . , ,
LINCOLN. April 30 .- Special.) Lin
coln la to get the big auxiliary plant of
M. K. Smith & Co., .shirt manufacturer
of Omaha, tho compiiny havlngleased the
brick building at lMii X aticct, of Hurry
J. Hall, who will lucre the aie of the
building on the ground to 71 by 140 feet,
and add another story, making a floor
pace of 4n,lH) ainiaro feet.
The Lincoln plant will be the main
branch of the big factory and will be
equipped with the very luteal modern
machinery and employ lo aturt about lifl
people, to be Incrcaacd to aeveral hun
dred, a the buaine.ia rcipilrv it.
eiv Land Official In t hame,
NOItTM TlwTTK, Neb., April ).- (Spe
cial. I- J. K. Lvana and 1. L. Hare, re
piihlicau incumbent In the office of
leglnler and receiver of the federal hind
office here, yealerday turned over their
iSirTv I,,
In one respect children are very
much like chicken, puppiea, kitten,
or other young animal. If you begin
early enough, and feed them right,
you ran teacS them almoet anything
and they w.ll never forget it.
A normal child I all curiosity. Th
more curimii tha child ia, the more
hope there is for Its future.
Farly accuwtom your child tolooking
up thinp-a tor himtieH in the Hritannl
nd you will never hve to
botit hi or her future.
With audi an aid to elf-confidence
a very ordinary child will acconipliah
tha seemingly impossible. It is like
water to plant you ran fairly watch
th growth from week to week. Kvery
father who has tried it will bear out
this statement.
It will show your children how lo
educate themselves. It will show them
what knowledge ia collected and ready
for use. It will really help them tn
decide on their lifo work. It will show
them the easiest and heat wav to
whatever fhey chrxme to do. It will
show them the method uaed by the
When the Knryclopaedi I)iiinnica
could not be had lor lea than $150,
and then only In volume really too
large lor a child to handle conveniently,
there was some ex.ruaa fut a parent's
, not buying it. Hut now, In the "IIndy
Volume" Inline, the volume mllei
than a marrxine tyl containing evei y
word and every pb into that i in th
costliel Cambridge iaaue), at on third
the lowest pile 1.1 which the Cam.
brliliiM Inntie ia n.iw ii.oiu.i',
1 ao afi.oit l.
y Uoilly
(H lUrvai l r, fr.,na n,l rum,, .
tors nwn it; ?1 at I iIuihIii, es tela
in the Guv eminent l',.i1n
t Washing-!. ,n ; and j1 an in Di.
Nnw Yi-'li I'ut llc I ibmy, Jlut
do nut th you to buy on tbl
I ac otn in a it d a 1 1 1, n n , n n r. i, r
We nl '.i In ii'fv -nMwt( le
y.iiir b. in w, i'iti r.nn , fm !,.i a. r
V'.'i t'mi ti ' lUndy Vsduiiia '
la in beat i, i .- .i, I yn,
mad In vf l . b it tb t" .
UeiimgH lnil, and I an ',
itimi i..! i I a i.i. ,,i -.
lll.m, I ! it n '( .,,
See t .
iat, it I
i-,i. i-it a 4
'i t,
i a
.1 III.,
..! i I I n.
i . 1 ii 1 1.
I I ym In-.
offlcra to their democratic aucceasur, U
J, lOame of Maxwell and A. F. Heeler
of Herahey. Although no contest ha
been on for tho appointments, the ap
pointment were confirmed but a (short
lime ago and the botida approved only
Viclc Sum never mill "quit!"
Fnlte, Stated Naturalization Examiner
J, M, C.nrnct, who la In Omaha to imsist )
In the milking of aomcthing like a linii-i
died new clti'ena who will bf culled be
fore Judge liiy tomorrow, ha bud the.
iiatiinillaation of John 'Chimin Winn!
Stanley, a Canadian, cancelled after I
Stanley had been two e.-ua 11 cltixen.
Unmet declare Stanley, ti,aeiuent to
hla bei onilng naturallxed, pns.ied worth-'
lc check and la now a fugitive from
Juatlce. When thla fact wn eelnbllnhed ;
What are you doing for your family?
HAT answer
children, in years to come, when they
ask you why they never had the great advan
tages which other children had of learning the
real facts about everything from the Encyclo
paedia Britannica?
for they will certainly ask you.
Are you doing your full duty by them?
You can make sure without risking a penny.
The new "Handy Volume" Issue at one-third
the nrice of the Cambridge University issue
can be examined at the store mentioned below.
On payment of only $1 the whole 2(J volumes
will be sent to your home.
There each member of the family will have
a chance to examine it carefully, thoroughly.
If you are not satisfied for any reason,
return the books within three weeks and we
will refund all you have paid, including the
shipping charges and the $1.
You must act quickly, however.
This offer holds good only while the present
supply of books lasts. The prices of materials
are advancing rapidly. Taper costs 00' r more,
leather 50, etc. 1he publishers notify m
that the price of the "Handy Volume" issue
must be increased.
A 130-page BOOK FREE
Th. publish! irfth. KNCYCI.OI'AKMA HklTANNItA have piepd a
ii. hly lllualr.,l t..i 4 til p,'e I i lull y n, ad alxail tin Krai .. ami lb
new ' Viilnin'' Ume, and n uMt,a m ym,, It n, ,ill l I n i t n . a;
ai.ri.., t' level ilialue, i. lure a t.ti pa. Veil ftnm final In cui.
h .it n M cciiiani in, q,, j
Inn ii,ii..tniK bn ,4 ai.wlde levealmf iti -NC Vt I.OI'AMUA tk.
T ANN It' A Ii a b-imliad diffeieil .nu i vi..
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to the HatlafHcllon of the court ami him
aclf, Stanley' cltlzennblp paper were
cancelled. He had been naturallied at
Oabkosh. Neb, nnd the revocation oc
curred laat week at North TIatte.
"We keep 1 lone watch on nil natural
ized citizen," declared Gurnet. "For
proper caime, citizenship can be revoked
at any time and the offender deported,"
Mr. Joaln Svnbodit, aged 52, a realdent
of Howe, Neb , died at a local hoapllnl
liiat nLht following a flye week' lllnea
with heart trouble. Her body will he
taken lo Howe thla morning.
Mr. Svobodn la ant-vivid by her hua
bund. The lumber mill throughout the coun
try have effected a great wiving In wood
alo by auhatltutlng the band amv for
the obi fnchloiied circular ana.
Tha "lianiljr Voluma" laaua of the Encyclo
paedia Britannic wilt make hum the moot In
teresting place In the world.
will you make lo your
Samuel Suildue.
TAlh'tt, la.. April SO.-l Special. 1-Sam-itel
Savldge, 77, one of the pioneer eet
tler of thla locality, died at hla farm
; liome aevcia) mlb a aotith of Tabor Sat
urday morning at o'clock from ailment
due to old agj. He was u veteran of the.
civil war, serving three year and threa
mouth In Company It of the Twenty
ninth regiment, Iowa Infantry, and had
readied her on hla Fremont county farm
tlnce the war cloaed. Four children ur
vive him, Kd and Charle 8avldg of
Tbor, Mra. Alnieda Iloa of Tabor and
Knymond Havldgo of Sheridan, Wyo.
( h amber In Ilia Tal.lela.
l'red R. Hunt of s, neca Kalla, X. T.,
aya: "I hesitancy In recom
mending Chamberlain' Tablet for th
HU'iimch and liver for they proved to b
Hie beat medicine I ever uaed." Obtain
tibio everywhere. Advertisement.
Huw everything i made, Engin,
tuibin, dynamua, aeroplanes, auto
mohilea, bin gun, ateel (34 page),
glass (19 pag!, sugar (I) pages',
inaihinery, armor plats, ppf, pins,
perfume, bridges, china.
Aimnat every unlveralty and colle In
tli U. 8. baa Hi flrttannlca, and naarlir
all th hi mniifcturr.
How everything grows. 4188 arti
cles on agricultural subjects, every
tre, plant, flower, crop and shrub.
The U, 8. Department of Agrkultur h
4 art of th Brltannlra
Where any place Is. 10,838 articles
on places 1 1,1,000 words on China
o valuable that they are consulted by
th U. S. Gov't Department, travelers
and merchant.
Painting, Sculpture, Architecture.
2204 article on the world's maatar
piecen by the greateat authorities of
all nation.
Rverr muaeum haa th Rrttannle.
Literature. 3OO0 articles on great
writers by Swinburne, Goaee, Cable,
Lang, Stevenaon, Mr. Humphry
Ward, Van Dyka, John Burroughs.
All the famous books and plays.
rtaligion, 3089 article by 161 grt
authorilie. The best hand-book for
Hlhle studle.
Meilieine. 644 articles by 75 of the
leading physicians in th world.
Illatury. 6023 article by 327 hl
tnrians. I-'a tnaling raiding.
Biography. 9100 articles on famous
man and women. Brilliant word por.
traits by grt writer.
Science in daily life, 4476 articles
nn tentiflc subject, in simple lan
guag. MiMt id the tethnical schools
and club have the Britannic, so have
I', Ale. Graham Bell, Oary,
Schwab, Th Ueneial Elwlritf Co.,
Th WiinghnuM C.
Law, Jnaeph H. Chnate say: "If
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lUiiking and Cimimri. Frsns
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