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Union Pacific"! Offer for Informa
tion About Bandit Framed
in Broad Terai.
rilBTF.NNK. Wyo April JW.-(HpeclU
-Interest In th caa of William h. Car
lab, the ronfeaeed robber of passenger
c thro Viilon Priflc limited tralna,
I turning from th aelf-eomplacant prieo
rer to th compllna(a4 queatlon of th
division of the reward of IS,), which
mil beeom payabl bjr the Union Pa
cific upon h cnvitlon of the robbery
on Overland tamltetl No. J. There ar
o many perenng who eipect to share
In ihla reward, and irh a variant
of opinion retarding in equltaWe dlvli
lon of the money, that It ppare vir
tually certain tint litigation will aria.
Mar Mar .
Th actual, on-ths-grotmd-tthln-atant
raptor of Carllal ar Oeorg
Fis'hu and Chsrlee Herendon of Iar
mle, but th Triton Parlflc a- reward of
fr did not rlal to th mr captura
of th fugitive, hot la worded that
ny person, who In any way assisted
In running Carllal down, will hava
ground for claim to a portion of the
blood money. They reward offer, whlh
a laud th day afir th robbery on
th Overland limited, rda:
t'pon eonrVtlnii of th person, who
on April 4, 1l hld iit and robbed pes
rs fn train No. I of th l.'nlon '
eifte Hallrosd (ompanv between rhey
nne, Wvo. arid forlett .liiwtlfiti,
Wvo 'd rellrtisd eompsnv will Pv
'Ward of f'' thousand dollar f.H
in the eagreeaie to b shsred In by all who essls In bringing to nette
irh rreon o cnvlrtd tnhr bv par.
tlflnstln In M aireaf, or finishing In
formation lad:n to s"rh srrest.
rtmah. Nh KH,
Oenerel msneser, I'nlon Pa'iflc flail company. .
Others r.ete Informallne.
At h time of lh arrest of Psrllsle
by flat-hue and Herendori, there war In
ih fiM a'orc of pet-suns who had been
nesrrhlng for th ftiglttv and who, In
n wav or anothr, may hav upplld
Ml of i,formtl'.n eventually leading to
h fsntur.
Therefor the matter of apportioning
the 1'nlon fa' -Ifle reward, and th l-ara-rtii
rounty renaid of l-W, a well, ta
highly rornpllcated, Actual pe of
fleet, auth a Klvara, ar not entitled
in ettare In tb I. ramie rounty rid,
n'tofdlug to a ruling by lha attorney
eneral a offli e In another east,, wlill
niptftes of th I'lilnn f'a'lflc apeclnl
rti'e department ar not, under tint
rules of th company, entitled to ahaie
In th I'nlon raciritt reward.
(Continued from Fag On,)
tiva: Open in-operation 'of lha Car
rsns troopa with Amerlrens.
Kxtenslnn of tha American Una Into
Mexlt'o at leaat. aa far aouth as Taaaa
irande and probably further.
Helegallnr" In tb American military,
'h duty of policing a "northern aone,"
-onelatlng of tb territory dlrciiy ajmnh
f th International boundary.
Policing of tha remainder of th lerrl-iory-
"aouthern on," by th Car
i a rm a.
The co-operation In handling of aup
pile for American troopa.
Granting of tha ua of th Mlen
tallwana to th axpedltlonary forf.
on the arreptanr of fha rondltlona
it wa believed that th American
aoutd agree not to penetrate farther
outh than a Una to b agraed on and
i hat they would ronaent to withdraw!
mat aa aonn aa they would recelv aa-
urancea that tha Vllllata and other
hand had hn f radicated,
Heln Voir l,lr-lt Paya.
When vour llvar act torrdd and atom-
ch acta fiueer tali Vr. King New Uf
fill. Vou win ft bttr, Only r,
All diiigglita.-Advertlaemenl.
Summer School to
Continue at Omaha
The c,r,atri:rtloti of the 'l.' a in'
iii.iltllt.g for the t'nlverrlty of Omaha will
ft Irit't'erc with the nork of lite nm
i.i r H'l.ool eelon. flcd ik tall. In hl h
he larger number of the flame ara to
e, held, will not he torn down until tho
nmpletum of the new a'rm'tnre
I ion. )rrti( tinn'irlf the aiumner
. (m il en; iilluiriit rnml-r tl lnpaa
lint ft Vir ellttiilaiiie at pieent. Ft
'e t f t' e pecti (1 In 'len-e, the tudii
ffeiel thia e.nniiut , will have a iintch
niifi ran j than tis luri-ti-iiium or
mriiter -nkin, Th plttn,",l'l depart-
era hi mhl'h th lrett Incieaee i
ipcrtol, will he rnlnrged the add
t t,f vf-rnl i'C inattuctor in
hrininttv and bioo)t'v tl,pAi'ttumt vt,M
'' hi- hi' r ed
Mia rfll tie oi; la to he III- fi'itur '
f th luinmei ar iioi I. arar'-inl.' ih la
V tut imaKK to b i: o,il A p i
!! rum nl under ti e aut'er netmi ef I'emi
lln) riiihrai' i'I e iniitue tf iiMiru. Min
'm 1st1 In (hat o' t'm lui al high -,iitl
i, h rferel
y itti the m eiitlnti cf Mla fiiinlmi o'
In- finH-li (I. pnrtii.nit l (He pretem
; lil 'fiiimi f t Iheei'nihi r i ru. 1
tttc-k Ilpl4iarpr,
1 1 U e l iltlvi h
,i i. , ii.ii i h. i'l'rtct that ait I
i.t ,!!.- if al t.U I mat .
.'' Ml A I., I fail Huh
i v V , tl ' mii '
., k t, .(., ,', rinwl t .! d
.ij srj t t ., ' a I
1 , '- . i e Tihtwit i i i.iii f
i-, a f tkiit- w 1,1
i! i.ii, IhIUi 1 vnt'-t '
Wife Tips Off to Her Husband,
Highwayman Has No Weapon
"Run! He hasn't any gun," crld Mr.
P. M. ITItchard. 1 North Thirty-firm
venue, laat night, when a man tried
to hold Mr. and Mr. Pritchard up In
th vicinity of their own home. Follow
ing hi wife advice, Mr. Pritchard
ran In alg-aag fashion for nearly a Mock
finally rarhln hi own door Just a
the would-be hold-up man (llanppeared
In the biiahea on th eaat side of the
Mr, Prltrhard told the polle that at
flrat he thought th hold-up merely a
Joke, hut when It turned out to a real
ity It ao startled him that for tha time
h ua helpless, III family had been
downtown for the evening and were
Juat returning when th hold-up occurred.
Whortly after their arrival at Thirty
first avenu, they notlied a man walk
ing ahead of them down th aldewalk
In th direction which they themaelve
were going. After they had almost com
pleted the first block of th journey
fmiil th car th nuin turned and
toward the couple, I'pon reachlnu Mr.
Piltiharda side, the holdup placed his
hand in front of his Intended victim's
fac and told him to throw up hi hands,
which did until his wla'a ry, when
he ran. Mr. Prltcharl was not mo
American Ambassador Confers with
Emperor and Other German
Secretary of State Says After War
'Application of Principles Most
Be Readjusted,
WAfiHI.VOTO.V, April 30, "Tb
preaent titanic gtruagl of th great
empire of Kuropo hag ahakfti Inter
national law to It foundation," Sec
retary Lanalnj derUred here to
nlnht at the dinner of the American
fiodeiy of International Law,
"There Is coming a time, a tlmi
City Takes Rank with World'
Metropolises as Home of
Smart Styles.
A woman wrliaa from New Tork; "If
th apparel and women' wear advertised
In Omaha measures up to th puhll Hy
given to It, surely your city Is ono of li)
most fshlon-fvored In this country,"
It doesn't tali an expert to see that th
publicity given to alyle Is extremely on
scrvatlv In It estimate. Much has 1en
ild about Nw York fifth vmM,
Afichlgsn boulevard and Hi' street In
Which will begin With the restoration ji'hhego end terloue other street In other
pf peace to this gufferlng and war- b f'nih sireet in Omaha to-
'ly minora aa mail t'l lammm m
ick world, when we will have to r
adjuat our ldgg aa to the rules of
International law, 1 do not mean
the principle of that law, for they
are Immutable, founded as they are
ou Jnalire, ilahleouaneae nd hu
manity, "I mean that the appllcedon of these
prlii' Iples to new conditions will glv us
new rules which have never before been
recnanlrcd or t en conceived by the
Hons of the world and which cannot,
thifoi. be now Invoked by belligerent
or rieuti!.
I ke I blef ( ,
tvpe In proportion to th popultlon a
ny other rl'y In th world. In the
rests'iiant and hotela, and gstherad
rond th evening festlv board, th
smat'teat gown', dresses, wslst and
wrapa find gurh fu tl preaentatlon of
tho newest siyies that fashion. In It
most critical mood, look on and. emlle.
Hlrals W orld ( pllts.
A visit recently by millinery spert
to th vsrlnus show room and hat ahnpe
of this city prompted her to mk thl
statement: "I hav been through th
atelier of Parla and th continent; It
ha been my privilege to e th r
sultsnt. effort of I lie master rnflllnare
'If I wa asked what wa the chief;''' W 'ounliy, In New rerk and Chi
cause of the nee condition and changed
mrthoda of land and naval warfare, I
would unhesitatingly answer th lnvn
tlitii of the Intr nmI cnmbusilon iiviti.
It has med crartlrahl th auiomuhlle,
th aiibmarlne, the aeroplane and tha
dirigible. It haa mad aurprls almoat
Impossible on land and It haa vaatly In
creased th possibility of aurprlae at sea.
The chenge of conditions which this In
vention, aided by th telephone, th wlr
le and th camera, haa brought about
la comparable only with that which wa
wrought hy the Invention and use o(
gunpowder. These nw condition ojfer
to th student of international law a
field of apeculation which la at one at
trartlv and difficult.
"t mean by 'difficult' that, however
ardent th student mey he, he must go
very slnw'y or hs will Ins hi hearing.
He must be a philosopher rather then a
legalist, It must scrap-heap lot of th
old Idee embalmed In layer of prec
edent and re'urn for light and lnplra
tlon to those eternal principle which
must guide nation In their relations
!th on another If liberty and Juat Ice
ar to be exalted In the earth,
Th I'MCliaaereM atandard.
"It, I the unchangeable atandard of
thee fundamental principle which Is
th rock of salvation of International law
and whatever code of ru'e a to th
conduct of war may In th future be
formulated by the natlona of th world
must find a sure foundation on that rock
Hhkh la Imbedded deep In the conscious
ness of modem civilisation."
In conclusion Msrretary lAnaing paid
thl tribute to former Secretary Hoot,
president of th society;
"In th new field to which w will ini. p,W() w,hetl . trtp to any other
turn our attention and which I pray find . Hy anything but ajnciflunua. The
may aoon be open to ua, I hop that the i vfTjf ht Ihat tha world producea Is
society may coiillnu to have aa lis shown In Its wonderful shone. Th fact
piesldent the wise statesman and pro-; that reutnla are lower than thoe of tha
found thinker who for the last ten years larger cities enables merchanta to aell
haa given ao much of himself to tha ao- tho best of everything at lower prlcea
rlety and to whom in very large meaaure than would prevail In the amarteat ahope
our pteaent prosperity la due. With Ills In any of the larger cltlea. "Huy In
coiiiiiian'llng Intellect and lofty Ideal to j Omaha" la a lngn whlrh every woman
guide ua, can advance with the full! should tie to, t mesne perfect sallsfae
asauiani that w are treading the path; Hon and great economies.
which will lead us to the height." ! .
t.ETJSflllllna:, Alberta, April
Herman prisoners. It waa learned today,
em sped from the detention camp here by
tuum-llng a passage four fet under
giound and 110 feet lung, leading from
the hunk house, under th compound
fence, to the center of the city nurseries
adjoining the ramp.
1 h men need liuplementa stolen from
th kitchen for tunneling
Cult her detalla regarding (he scp
and Ilia charges agamet the prisoners
er not permllle, hy tht censor
i ago, and J have traveled the country
over gathering tha Inspiration her and
there for new Idea In millinery; my
first visit to Omh wa productive of
one great big surprise,
"I looked for an assemblage and dis
plays correlatlv with those of the
smeller towns In the t'nlted Mates. J
found some of the most superb example
of millinery It has ever been my privi
lege to look upon. Not only ha the In
spiration of the maater designer of the
world been reproduced, but gre,ty to
my surprise I found a greater number
of brilliant, original conception that
would do credit to the maater milliners
even of the old world than I have ever
aeen In any town with th population
approximating that of Omaha, I can,
with perfect honesty, place thla memo
randum In my notebook, 'Omaha, th
central city of the middle west, end th
city centrallxlng more brilliant millinery
Idea than any other town of It els In
the I'ntted Klte,' "
I Hra-Kaeblonahl giylra,
"hoes, In the estimation of many peo
ple, simply convey the Idea of practica
bility, but finish engage th attention
of manufacturer, designers and style c
pcrtl all over the country, because of the
surprisingly gieat amount of th very
flnel shoes sold her. When th newest
bin kit s and th snappiest design mak
their first eppearanr anywhere In thl
country, they are seen In Omaha Imme
diately, Hiyls doe not atop at th door
of New Vork or Chicago-It hasten to
this wonderful city of the middle weat
with the peed of a "Mercury,"
There I every velld reason why the
women of Omaha ahould buy everything
they need In frmaha. The day haa long
BERLIN, April 30. United Slat-
Ambassador Gerard wan received In
audience by Emperor William lant
night and conferred with other lead
erg of the empire. So Intimation bag
been given at to when the German
reply to the American note will be
ready, except a hint contained In a
Berlin dlHpatrh t0 the Cologne Ga
zette, which aald:
"The conaultatlona at. great head
quarters probably are' near a con
clusion. The of tho
American ambassador wag designed
to permit him to conault with per
aona In authority there over the sit
uation. It la anr.urned their final
declalon alio will be communicate I
to hlrn there."
Statement Mleunderslood.
Tb Tagehlatte explains thl morillng
that It statement that the baxlc fc
tur of th answer already hav been
aettled was misunderstood. The paper
asserts It niesnt only ' - say that a draft
of th nwer hid been niiidc, but llml
a decision bsd not yet been reached. Th
wording of this morning's statement In
dlcat clesrty, however, thai ther whs i
no mlsunderstsndlng on the part of the
readers, but I list the Tagehlatte mode
an error jesterrtay, Theie. la virtually
bo comment in th press upon Ihe situs
lion except from th pu of Count Ki bst
von r.vnMo, who still sppean to be
Have a lf ea k wMh the I'nlied Slates Is
lees Sllnellon ,ri.
Tb offl'lsl crgsn of the JIatisabuiid,
lb organ of th commercial Interest,
refer to tha gravity of the decision to
he reached. It ssye the representative
of commerce, Industry and trade belong
ing to th llanasbund are certain the 1
q'isstlon will be decided with Mhe ills
pssslonst car which tha altuatinn de
msnds, but are emielly certain that Oer- I
many'a dignity as a nation and Ms fie-i
dom to use all weapon of defense would ;
be fully regarded. 1
Th llanasbund hope, however, It Is!
declared, Ihat an honorable mid peaceful :
understanding will b reached, but that I
If such a solution prove impossible alt i
Oermana will stand united behind lhl
emperor, 1
Date Set for the ,
Graduation at the
Bellevue Academy
The Dellevun academy Hnd t'nlon Hlich '
school commencement this Juno will b
held distinct from any connection with
thn final exercises of liellevue college,
Principal Albert Chare has announced.
The preparatory department will ataxe
a separate commencement and the nor
mal department of the collego will unite
! tth the arte depart rnwnt for a joint
commencement. In order to secure Prof. !
F.dwin I Puis, head of the Bellevue j
college department of expression, the
school board has decided to hold cxer- j
clues Saturday evening, June 10.
Several extra featurea will ho added j
to the regiilnr commencement exercises. '
Prof, pin will deliver tin address on
"Men Wanted." The exercises will be
held In the new college gymnasium. tey.
mour Kmith. who will be graduated from
the academy this spring, will deliver an
oration. HamUII Ulitrt. also a member
of the graduating class, will deliver an
oiijUtui. K.irl CraueUnl will Rhe a read
ing in addition a i liorua composed of
hiah school girls will rentier several se
lections. The academy and high echool will lose
eeveral of the students most prominent
In school Hi'tivlttea ru tho graduation of
Seymour Smith, nnutlsik Ulart, Karl
Hrmiatsd, Florence Wciler and Ttobert
Walker. The Hut of seniors follows:
Randall Mart
Mil I lie I 'nesell
Maude I. lloer
Atlstalr D. Short
Pesale Van I leuscn
l-'lorenre l Wcllcr
Karl Hranstad
Klmet linrdlannert
Forrest J. Meanv
Seymour L. Smith
Uolicrt D, Walker
i 1
I 'Hill,
-kuul don't forget your
Sound O'lvicc Jntlor'tl! Ami from the heart,
for llio rloctor knows from long experience
liow isanatoc:i h lji whenever it i a qtichtion
of toning up a patient. '
t'p to 1912 some l.WlO cOTT'mendutory leliera Jiad
Jieen rccrivrd from fihyaicinru who used Snnalorn to
aid t!ic treatment tliry had prescribed. In 1'Jll this
totul pre to 19,750 ami now almost 23,000 iu-h lettera
arc on file at our various oiliccs,
Twenty-three thouean'l letter from practising pliy.
ininn ucknowleiling the pood Sunntogen lias done
in their iracliceii, or pven in their own families! A re
mcrk iMc tribute- jet these letters imli'-ale but a fruc
lion cf the aetiml nuinlwr of ibjli:luM who recoimncnOj
Si)stncn, for naturally most doetorn cannot take the
time to report ihrir egjierience of .Sanatogen.
An( so also with laymen : The letter from Col. Henry
Wstlcrsoniir Gilbert l'arker,.(ohrilliirrouxhsaiid others,
telling of the invigorating cffrrltt of fiannlogcn are but
an echo of what thousand of other daily experience.
So you may well take i he advice tin-
M )"iiref and when through over
vor!,, worry or Illness your body
(i nil nerve get outof'ktilari".rcolvn
not to "forget your banafogen.''
Ctmni Priui, InUfnuninrml Conrm of
Afferua, Isoti'ion, till
Ssnalourn is sold by good druntiet .
ererywliere, in i.e from f 1.00 up
Cut, lltnry r"ai.
ttnmtt it ndtlor,
"leoulit am hav
raj(alitff4 njy Vitality
aitliiMii bnaisa
sell eg etj us lly
upon my rilgaallvs
erssns ssd uerva
Th distinction between navy yards
and naval stations Is haaed upon a com
parison of their equipment rather than
their strategic. Importance.
"a g - - .- - - : - -
Tl ;
Ltv-Tii j I I
fiC2 fin i Ji"
mfK m
S;il W i
Mv 'I
1 1 ri if ti . ' t a id
I UK .1 V v-'w'- j ri U S;
,111 a? . . I 111.. J 1 . . I 1 .... I II I li 'h ,t.. ' & ' 1
if ..
mmmmmm ir ' ' ' Vg7isi I k 1 Sill
! I I rPrMjasiisw.i s,tpea. (EIWw.' ei 'ii'iiiTiiTwf' ' $. t .' 1. 'iVViV . 'i , . Vivi
m IlllsiJiilllil Ifiiik illli
for the "Text Book of Sanatogen. giving full and interesting feel concerning .Sanatogen incl including actual signet!
statement from eminent medical authorities on it Ionic ana upbuilding value iu many ailment. Xhi book uHne
Write today for it to THE JJAl'EK CHEMICAL LO.,TJ Irving 1'lace, .New York.
A play In which all the memheis of Ihe
cast wei mothers, grandmothers and In
some rear gresl-grsndinotlieis, waa pre.
suited hy the .Mother' Circle club at the
Miller Park school Frltlsy evening,
The production, which nas called "The
Idstrlil Hchnol," was wliursvrd by an
audience of more man CO psnnle The
Mother's i'lr-le club ilesied over Irno j
The members of Ihe cast were coached
hy Mis John V titans, I
Wt buslnea men siaaxs ua Th
lice's advertising columns
Mi. a I loll Hsid, bo lues en the
eilit-r Mi ' tench In ,.iriu Sehika,
la tUlll'n l.t I untie, It I. fet.t, U"
t irlt slit el
Washington Affair
j (- . fvf --U j t U
t h-ii t f '' . ,i
(,..; i l ! v, ' .., i 4. . . . t , t : 4,
tr " t' -! a
4 kite Htt ktlif. tlt l
4 1 4c. 4H . - t'tlt'll
1 .laM i.'tliff If ,t' ft (n'u.i,.
-.4 Ht-'l t f ' -.
ri- f h4'f' ' m n -.-4 f-t
... 4 141 f 1 ;.., &
: ( ,1 1 ..W.4 t s.ixa- h.-t
f . -I ! f mi 4-r'stn,( r t. if i
1. . i I V f " fci , j, , i
C:-4 t li-.! in Ut r-4
1 - .i.t .r.,Jsl i , J t v
Culls from the Wire
I tl.H.iWil.t -'tfJ ill Mltil ill .'.t'l
r t,n ii( 4 i v . t'Ki tit- , i -. mi i 'ft. r 1 )
i -' ' ! i 11 t itftsitai.ila hit .l.i ii i t,. w
I' t'ti,i('ltlu(i Ii J m :te..
I ' 1 Vb ' f '. inlihi H .
Hi i, Or- i'ttl i.J H t'gif.,;..:,
'il fx- iii ' i m-- i Mfid v t
I . i i j- i i ' t I s I j"HIN( ! ifi
h-'.-v . i it '( d i l Us
i)'t. v t tit . n
V ,. I 1 ' f V ' I'H
mi U I f f l I Ik ttU t ' li',- g, t
1 X ' i. t I! ' I ; , " ' t
U 'i ,v-. . t . .( ...Hf.uf l,t
9i- i '.; t , .
"" I 4'l 1 -u ' V H I . I
M . Ir as. I Hw ,i ,
H . ltd f in. !' i-
. n kMHi (t U ,1 r . . it, 4
f- a f n - . l
ft, f lHt ivf M 1 I'''
i i"-V i tai u
t .-.- M
. "l ' 1 ' t. ', . t' It 1
,.... M ( V' , I ,
W I f I- ; .?
'.tt. -t I I i'ch.r ! a-,'
Irif s -4 y f tt - g) ,
k.s H I jC i-t -"-iWt . i.'
i It , a 4 if " " - M I l ' it -
- t. i.'n-"i f i . if
t,- t '-m-,, i (:i t
:"' ' t f - t.4 i
Went All Over Hands. Skin Wry
Red and Burning, bit Rest.
' Could Not Put Hand In Water,
"Mf ski (, I 4 ee-k kal paeilag
It wl it r nit ' a I Iv li a I m
sai P" . '! e iiwd I k, I
m . i i '
, -'.V M M en I !....
t I kl Ii ra. k !
0 , .... I . ......
Kti, a'-i . i "...
1 tH t l f.
' t'a tl( I f ..... g I n
ru vaki a lHa.aaani .,
ul I uikiat iHt.iiHa.ti ! taaa
l I tlllW 4e. 1't ' W llMrtt
a H,. s , a, 'va K. M ,
-' t UM - -SB t !" 4 )
S , a.. u,as Ml l'lat,( I t
.ia ' ..! i l ta" S"t. I
, I A Id , e 11,
,Hm,il I aih trt hy Mull
Wita e ki i
,'. 't vii. M.a, 11. I. .
." p,4 li. ls ji4.
, . i
1 a a .1 tut
- w m gr gy
. . .. i
PFhaf the Engineers' are Doing
HIRTY thousand American engineers are
making a card 4 index survey of .American in
dustryso that if may be prepared for' its vital,
part in defending the Country? if ''need 'comes.
The past eighteen' months have taught us' here in
. America what lack of industrial preparedness has meant
to some(ofthe countries now. at war.' NThesenations
had the ships and they had the men; butwhen the hour(
struck, their factories were not able to furnish the colors
with arms and shells and powder.' TheirfactoriesVere
not prepared. And our factories "are not prepared.
But it notvcnoughto drav a moral. In the United States five
great HnKjnecrinc Societies Civil, Mining, Mcchanica!,"vElectrica!
and Chemical have pledged their seniccs to the Government of the
United States,' and arc already working hand in hand with the Govern
ment to prepare, industry for the national defense. They receive no
pay and will accept no pay T All they seek is opportunity to serve their
country, that she may have her 'industries mobilized for defense
All elements of the nation's life the manufacturers, the business
men, and the workingmen should support this patriotic and demo
cratic work of the engineers, and assist them cheerfully when'asked.
Thtre an h no better national vtutranct"asavnt u:r.
The Associated Advertising Clubs of the World,"' representing
all advertising interests have offered their free and hearty service to the
President of the -United States, in close co-operation with these five
Engineering Societies, to the end that the Country may know what the
Mngiuecrs are doing, The President has accepted the offer. The
I'nginccrs have welcomed the co-operation.'
This advertisement, published without cost to the United Statei, is
the first in a nation-wide series to call the country to the duty of co
operating promptly and fully with the Engineers.
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