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    maha Daily
Call Tyler 1000
If Vou Want to Talk to This Kefl
or to Anyone Connected '
With The He.
On Traiae, motJ
jrw Standi, tc, Be .
i Rain
Principal Stronghold of Iniureenti
Destroyed by Fire and Rrolt
Said to Be About to
Baron Wimborne Aierti Seditious
Movement Will Be Soon
HI M.K'fl V
fONDON, April 30, An offlclul
announcement tonight concern tiifj j
Ihe alttiatlon In Ireland aaya:
"Heven hundred onrt seven prlri j
oner have been taken. Including th-i!
Connie Marklewlcz,
"The rebels ar surrendering
freely. The bark of the rebellion
ha hern broken.
"Messengers have been merit from
Ihe leader of Hie Dublin rebels to
other rebela In Ualway, Clare, Wev
ford, liuth and Dublin counties or
dering them tcy surrender.
! public library jHirliv rietilng.
IIMM'TIV, . . Th N'bf'HSlsa Oiullb'ihyl'i.1 union Will
Di'ULIN, Baturday, April 21),- -; M,1,1i WUl ,,, Anmm,
All the leadera of the inaurrecllon ! Bt ( hott Vriy urnlna, ,Mny
are reported (o have aurrendered tin-! s, riUiinK ld'ti frf. on-i-. voi
condltlonallj', It la alau reported : ""t H.-hwai.k of n- N.-i.jih Mint.
,,,, .... , , . . , . I fritvMiu fill If 'tin on liliiln ni tdo
that the four courts dlatrlcl haa bn ,,, , m hn. H.tur.
rccapl tired. - jit:i, ji a. Tim two ranidatlna will
; bold 'i f n-ll dv, HiiKnliK , May 8, at
I0NDON, Apl'll 30, Fleid Mar-; which three imnlin, eiicli h".i'M by en
rbal Vlacount French, commander of j of Hi prof a, will an excuralon
th hmiin fin., ,.,, i,,fi lliut thrt !
general poatofflco at Dublin, whim
haa 1een Hie prlinlpal atronghold of
the Hinn l-'elnera, haa been burned
down, Connolly, one of the leader
of Ihe rebela, la reported to have
been killed.
Many of the rebela have been
taken priaoneia and the revolt, in
Dublin i on the verge of eollapae,
lit the rect of Ireland the situation
generally la atititsfaclory,
f'rrna dlKpn-t'lica from Dublin rpert4
fovsrnl parta of ihe city In flami and
Ktatcii that arilllcry w telng uaad oh
i In. bnijKea, M( t -( fluhlitig and nudi
looting la indicated in the report.
Kara lleiolt ohrl anon.
1H'nfIN, April iy).-Ttirnn Wlmhorn.
lord llcuieiiant. of Ireland, exprenned to
Tti Acnoelaiad I'reaa ar (lie vlc ragul
lodt! today the aaourane thai the Mill
tlou movement would ho aupprcaaed tit
tha couraa ot a few daja.
The viceroy waa full of pralao for th
loyalty dlaplnycd by tb Krent majority of
th Jrlh pmile, and eooaidered th mo
mentary aueceaa galneil and tha 1 mag's
dona by the rebela a amall when vlawad
in eonnatlon with the aurprlaa ef the
outbreak find the avlrfent prenaratlona
made for it.
The country outalrta of Dublin, aeept
for a few laolated la ea, ha declared,
remained peneful,
"The rebela had cut telegraphic im
miinlefttlona with lh country rtlatrlota
end with Enalnnd, but had not aucucdnd
lit dlaeovarlng a telephona wtr whluh
eonnecti-d thn (.'.irraglt camp with head
U'lartera. Thla wa onn o th'e aratt
miatakea, They did not cut communlc.
tlon witlt North Ireland, with which w
have at ail tlnjaa heon abla to convorio.
Oner Held llnll atalton,
"At one time, the, rebala had poaneaalou
fit the llrnadatotie way atathm whMi
urn not protected.
"im Tueaday morning tl tb telnforco
menu had culled from Curraah had
teaehed Irulilln, and alna that moirnnt
the ri tieta hitv not n ttr-mjit (hI anytlrlng
exerpt. aniplng fi'm certain lornlltlea and
hnuei'N, It In enay for them to abandon
houpea Ity IiH-U Uooia and to kil ewny
to other inl.loi'i-iit piicliloii.i.
"The military ojmnot ill:lnul!"h rebel
fioin other clileiia. Kiiinetlmea they
Irate tlmir Imnun after hiding th ir rifles
and mrtrldaea end mlimle with ordinary
liih.ibliinila. Afu r liiklna olmervethina of
ihe eddlera' coniiiona tliev return to
begin anlplujc aaiiin, Moat of thn hmiaea
ihej' neeiiiy t' ey have enteien hy for -e
mi net beeaua (lie houaehohlera ynt-
pHthii!,' with their moveinents. ,
"Aa ii mutter of f''t the etieral run
nf peoplo do not ayntpiithimj Willi them,
' Mnee Ilia mmber of triwnia lint liMn
meer.aae.1. ihe n,,(ltuin of (lie rate a ha
niiialned the mn r U'lieri their MciHltita
at any point become ton lively tlie troop
throw a few - el . into the hntirea tln-
occupy and soiii fit'-loia have runnel
fins, whiliv Mhi r fli' bave t e- n sirte
by the rebela, lln-inielve.
The Weather'
t ,- t C Wia'l'.r f.if Stiiii c
V nr ,s. I., ni, i sod I , (t
I eit.perelarrs at Omaha ttrMr
. a
It a
I, i,i
t .
t f
1 (.
ii i lu'rv.
t '.' ',v'
"j'v.f v:f
.S!'.vfC- ;
t Hwrmaiii
ll '.il u,
I . ! lri,l'U
' ' 1 - i
t ' , Oft.t I.
1 - 1r tl ,1 ,. t
iat Hrrut4
i ( I l i l'"t
I i I.. U e
i t,
a n
! II
i i -
ii 1 1 j i
i-,l-ww riuL ci 1
Educational Campaign on 9
to Be Conducted Thro: v
in Bakery Pe .vv
The Nebraska Audubon society
hag romp lited arrangements for a;
unique educational campaign on bird j
life among the children of Omaha
and vicinity, through the distribu
tion of 250,000 cards, bearing beau
tifully colored Illustrations and de
scriptions of songbird common lo
The campaign, which will atari
May 1 5, waa made poBHlblo by th"
cooperation of the Jay Burn Baking
! cnimniv which haa agreed that each i
Haled packaito of Ila lroduci will !
contain a card, At Ihe close of ih'ij
dint! Ibutlon, Kometlme in July, the
child having the greatest number f,f!
picture will receive a valuable prlo.
j frizes will nlao be given for second
j and third place.
The It y ami surrnuniiua tfritloi y have
hfcii ilUUfi'l Into semi ilistiicls, first,
second ami i bird pitc to be t 1 1 tMi 1-I
In mii'ii dieiilei,
Plan Made fn Campaign.
Plans for lh" eimipiilgil eeie made l
a, meeting of tlir Aii'liiiion society al the
10 ttli- ooi Miiiiiii
Tlie Aiiduiioii em h ly is planning an
ehihorule entei tiiiHin''nt to mark tli iledi
callon of Chllila I'obii aa a blid aait'-tu-aty,
mid during the railv mrt of .Inue,
.. I..,,. 11,,, ni. will tie held, mem-
her (if thla 1 ulbuahalle oranla.tU.. will i
lin Klvtn a mre tn-at,
litre lliicatii si' mafii neabu't lb
fcllii' family at the meeting ntirtuy
inliig, 1 i
Press Association
Trip is Officially
Ordered to Be Dry
YORK, .b- April 'sa.-(pf(?lal Tl
gram.) -The executive ominltti of the
Nebraska Vti aanoclailon, Which iit
In Vera to arninge for Hi annual ex-
eurafon of the Diiintjcra, etoaed tbpir ae-
tion jeierdr' and left few tbetr home.
Tha esctiralon will tie up the North j
Platte valley, leaving Urand. laland Men-;
day, Auguai , ami reiurmnw nuRuai 11.
Tha parly will vlalt Itroken How, Alli
ance, Crawford, Chadron, llrldgeporl,
Korthport, Mitchell, fierlng and Mrott'f
Bluff, which will be tha official meet
ing place, fldney, North J'latle ni
ether lnterme)lato (owna ar on their
4 flrat-claa band will be provided for
tha trip, aa well n a, band and mlnatre)
troupe among the member
Tha eacuralon will he llmlled to mem
ber of tha aeaoclatlon and their fam
lllc and employea and icaldcnt niemliera
of euppiy houaea.
Thn committee went oil record not to
allow Intoxicating lhiior on tho train
New Teuton Haider
Runs the Gauntlet
NKAV YORK, April .W.-War riak In
aurance, both In tlii city and in T.on
don. allffened today a tha reault of a
report In financial circle that annlher
I German commerce raider had slipped
I through the Hrlllah aea. patrol.
The raider waa reported to have e
raped during the recent bombardment of
HrUtnh caM eoaat town liy n. tierman
hallle criilner aiiiadrnn.
Fall of Kut-El-Amara
Heaviest Blow Yet
AMHTl-'.rtPAM, April Jn.-Oetnian nca-
paper ittlrltiuta the fall of Kilt Kl-
' A tniira. wji a teleKniin from lierlln, l
j prepmaUoiia made by Ihe lt Ki' ld Mar'
jahal tiiiron eon ih r Ileitis, ho died t tha
ITurklah bead.(UHrtei a April lit
The Viisala-be '.'-U'llig eonaldei lh
I surrender of Km Ii Annua lh liavlt
blow so ttr stun k guai Kngtsnd
VV VlilSii'MV, April Sn. Pre. t V il.te. v-l l.trt.-H. h !g HM in r-j tn IHipef. I'errv. W )'-" "irr' The be. I
! Htlvflv. tmte. .. Ite t.l. ' ' "" ,""",, I
,fl ,....H e, e. to.. e,e,r,...kttlg,b bad In ... an4 i" '''
!,h P, and M' It.,- ' 1 ' "'f i
tUWH VV..... I"..-... Ids c ,,.,, Horn., .met U, v.. AM.. j
f; 1 I 'vl. I null.
j I n pi.i.liit am) S( u y itled
it ,i I. ,i sr. .ii i I ' li..r i.i,
:', Hoi alu ti l , .r s .i.ioi'il'Ue p,i4
ii.r-1 t'l'i-r 1 rtg i.hU thw eie
i . i., ! I f.,. t Ti r
I I ! I I '- 1
asks viltlsm WIOINQ
T 4 vi li ii; S !.,..!
t . I. . t 'V . i. I ..14 (l,i. sit,, ,1
IV'. 1' U.ilim t't r
t-l I .!! S nt. 4 ' ! b -
en.'lk. I ,h I ( eii..t. ! t
. .,.'!, r-t ('( ! till t Vi )!
(, I, t, I1 m i ll , M e ' l
. .11. ( ,f V HI . ,.l, !
'.lit tn.1 srniN i ij
I.-., ,v ., ...,. r , I i
.., h o I . ' , i .. s , i ,
. VI 8 t ,
1 !
. I It
) 1
British Campaign in Meiopotamia
Comes to Disastrous End with
Fall of Beleaguered Post
on the Tigris.
Repeated Efforts of English to
Succor Garrison Meet with
LONDON, April 30. -Another
! pfttiae of the, Ill-fated campaign In
Mesopotamia ha cloned with the am-
rf"nd"r of aM"",al Townshend an!
(h garrlaon al Kut-KI-Ainaia on the
Tigris river, about ,130 mllea below
!!. Home 10,000 men In all,
laid down their arma to the Tin kit
after having dealroyed all their guna
and munltlona.
The llrttlah Meaopolamlan cam
paign waged along Ihe Tlgrla from
the Persian gulf northward almoat
to the galea of Bagdad,-bad aa Ha
j chief aim, the raplnre of that ancient
'city. To divert Turkish forcea from
jUalllpoll waa another object,
i When almoat at the point of!
achieving flat main object laat, year,'
j the effort broke down at Ctealpbon, j
eighteen mllea from Bagdad when I
the Turks, alarmed for the aafety of
the town of fabled memory, rushed J
I up reinforcements, Inflicted a defeat j
I upon the British and compelled their
j retreat 110 miles down the Tigris,!
to Ktil-KI-Amara, where the Turku,
soon had theni aecurely '.milled up,;
llnlila Oaf I-iihm time,
fleneriil Tawiiahend In Id Oill for 11.1
"lay, bin eupplle aieadliy growing lower ,
" !l" awaited the relief imoy l,Hh fir it
ini'ier aii"nii jnner, una 11111 unu-r
'lencial 1 ion Insa, buttled It way tm tha
Tlgrla toward him, Thla army auffered
eeverely from the Turks blow, on bft'i
aide of the river, Mtid although arveitil
of iheae were tarried. It haa not. teii
ahhi to work mm It eloaer to the ha
leaguered gnrilaon than a aenre of mllea
bacauan of the alubhorn Turklah re.
alalanc and flood condition on inn
The- Bvenlual aurrander of fieneral
Townehfiid had been e peeled alnca the
fall ef forcea under Ueutnnant (leuernl
Qorrlnga and Clereral Kery to brni
through th' Turklah poaiHon at Ban
nayyat, Juaf. below Kut-KI -Amara on the
(Tiarla river, and the unauaeeaaful at
I tern ot to a. lid llio blockaded army provl-
i(()M by teanlera, Ii, had been In toich
Rjth h ,mnn rt)h tt)fet fer Wfny
. ,
Tha position of Kut-KI-Amara, ah! h la
on a per.lnaula, esitendlng In th Tlgrla
rtver, mad It lmpoibte to aend auppllea
by air a there waa no landing ple for
While a aupply hlp, th loaa of which
waa reported In an official Ilrltlah die-
patch aevrl day ago, got beyond th
main defenalva llnea at. T.aalnn, It waa a
forlorn hope aa the Turke inveallng th
city, advixed of it coming, could ally
Ink her from ahor even ahoiild he -cap
the artificial barrlara tn th rlvar,
, Aa for tha foreea which attempted t
relieve General Townaand they met with
almoat, continual mlafortunea. On av.
era I ocraalona juat. when It waa believed
they wer on tha point, of auecea, rialng
water made further progrea Impoaalhle.
After penetrating Turklah poaltlon they
were, compelled to retire or remain ta
tionury owing to I ho linpoailblllly of at
lckln( tha poaltlon at Pannayyat, which
waa aurrounded by water,
Tho rirltleh tropa did actually attaz-lt
tho prepurad poaltlon tliera after wading
tlnough mud and water walat deep, luit
only to find when they did meet with
pome gueeeaa that a failure at aome other
point made their aarrlflca fttt Do.
IM.noo Men taken,
l,nf)iiN, April 2I, A t'onatantinopla
dapgtt h received by wy of lteiitn aaya
that the vice chief cnmmiindrr of tlie
Turklah army announce that th Ilrlt
lah garrison at Km Kl-Aiiuira under
deneral Townaetut, which eurrendered
illienudltlonally, nunibered l.t HO men,
Omaha's Big Booster Finds, That He
Is Not Even a Citizen of The U. 5.
One would nsni'S Hunk Hint Ihe his
last tn.'-mer In Omaha -tug III Seveial
way would be a rlllarn of th I'ldtad
'laies ih
tif rniire' Who J a ilinhs t-ii.-
.! is . muni ,t m .(,.
V hrt i Hut loan ' S in (I 11(11 A) r
I- ,t , l, 'j- I (! I ' I '.'l
rf i hsmt l-iiser iJ . -I i. ii-g U i i Ii
M.f. lift m 1 1 t bo teS a I' o-Im -I
l4 Sf.-I K tl.l- the I iC
f.-r ii , i i i . "l -f -
Vi V I" i I !-" Se I d i.e-Mi,.!
a., ii,i i.i . g.o. r ii bif a
in iH tm, tail a.. 'niu-l a Ii w
,.u , I,. it t ii h '(i
aiitt , f!iiU' in t"i. t int
ti , ' . i t l e,t '. I 'i
.,. H M lie ! t t -el l 4 i
t. iit ni ?ll.. l-t l.n, Hl'.'l,.
1,,,( .III 1 1 l t -i I 1 I
fci-.ll, I ,, I.. . I. I '! I ilt1,'.tt
I 1 ' A '
lisr t i
. i ( , a" i
U dsf '" l'i ! '" -
!. ) .- ". a 11 I '
I 11-l-t I t ';. i I n,
-.- i , i ' a t ,.i
...' '- . I . 1 1 ' I i f
, . I I H,' 1 I i'
MISSILE' 1 Somewhere in the Near East" this photograph
of a "bomber" was made. Instead of a cartridge belt, he
wears what looks like a game bag to carry his grenades in.
Each of his grenades is about the size of a Bartlett pear.
i - :.-
Germans and French Both Report i
Some Advantage in the !
Fighting. j
nicriUN (By Wlreloas to Bay
vllle), April 30. French attacks on
tho Herman poalllona on the eastern
slope, or Dead Man's HH1 and adjoin
ing lines In the region of Verdun
were repulsed lunt night after tena
clou fighting, nays the official atate
ment lasued today.
On Ihe Buaalan from, tha aiate
ment adds, four more Russian. cannon
were captured and elghty-lhreo pris
oners were taken last night by tha
German troops north of Nnrocz Lake.
a Hi ore t.erman Trent-h,
PARIS, April 30. Capture of a
German trench north of Dead Man's
Hill with fifty-threa prisoners, thn
ejection of tho Germans from
trenches they had taken aouth of
Lassigny and tho roptilae of fJermaa
assaults in the Voagea were reported
In the official statement this morn
ing. In the Argonne n German aero
plane was forced to earth by French
maehlneg and Its two occupants cap
WASHINGTON. April 3ft. -special Tel
egram.)- Tlie Interstnte timunoreffl com-
mlenlon, in Ihe complaint of the llik
Kievator company and the Merrlam &
Millard compmiy of Omaha aanlnat the
trhlcttgo, ftoek laland A l'm-lfle railroad ,
with regard to rule charged for tha
i transportation of oata and corn from
Oinnhi. and Koutb iiuuilm to Dniiulnn.
Naeo, llereford. Warren mid Knii
llunchau, Ar' . have found ihem not In
hava been uiireBmuirtl.i!e or unjiistly dis
erlmlniitory Keparatlon la denied.
Gas A iVc?rc
, Jf-,v,t ta '! m
, 'I 1 'ill! l.l Ii
U. .i t ) r.
i ; i.' ': . i .1 1
i i ' '
-.mi i.-
a. ' . j A "'"' -
If I ' " '
, .-.(!. -
'' -Mi I l
'" ' V ', , i I.e., I ,,
I -! 1 , f I
iiv - '. '
-: 1
i s jf
Conferees Hopelessly Deadlocked
Over First of Big Prepared
ness Measures,
WAIIIN'f!TON, April Cmifereea of
tha bouae and senate, after three daya'
dellbeinilon mi the army reorganisation
bill, the riral of tha b'g preparednea
meaaurea, bate coma to a complete
deadlock oyer several Important feature.
i It waa alrengty lutlmiiled tonight that
thay. would .report jdiaiigremient and
Hfii tiielr respective bran eti n- "uf "eon
gress for futiher Inatructhin.
'Ifopeeaaly npnrt on tlie ale of the
regulMr army and the proposal for a
volunteer reaerve army anej a govern
meet Kit in to plnt,'' waa tha report of
one member of the caucus tonight. And
he declared congress would b asked In
tlie near future to pa as again on the
feature of tha measure,
The eenat conferee era tnslaltng de
terminedly on the provision In tha sen
ate bill for a regular army of tfAWil men,
and rteprcsnniaUve Kshn, th republican
house conferee, Is standing with them.
Iteprcaentatives 1 lay and Dent, how
ever, a i insistent upon tha hou pro
vision for 140,mi0 men.
Denies that Villa's
Bandits Cross Lino
In Marfa's Vicinity
MAR FA. Tex., April 2.- There Is no
truth In tho report that 6O0 Mexicans,
supposedly Villa bandits, had crosd th
-"m-rean rmroor at i ,iua, near nere,
'lecuple.t twenty mile of territory,
according to a alatement made today by
'l'tln Vox of thn Texa Itangers,
Flta.l) 1 1 F.A I y I' A ItTKIt.- NAM l-
" A. 1 ninuaniin, April -i liy vvira-
' " ' oluinbila, IS, M April :)-Th
cob mil of American cavalrymen under
lienera' Cieotge A. Dodd. whlelt for l t
i.aya hs heen pursuing large land o '
V,l!itiis ;oider four chief, throng i th
f'-'cky d'-fiha if th continental divide,
wa.l renontl tinlav in rpliirnr-,1 I
11 bus- at Miim. a.
The band a (,! t b. practically all
dil..ed. numbers of
pareti.h lo the b.llef tl,.t Vlt
, . ,
'lie- I'aii.'iusista force. iiniting of
IrsttibiMd of men, was detraining
u iili nf ilui-risiii t..d;n and rcprta lie
11 Id llii v Intend i'm , peraMlig with !e
Aii iricii niinmaml.
Jit (lt iit ti ltLif Hit"
t'i ! 4 thh f. ..-i .nn fir
ask i. f I i e hlir f iMia' r tMn I
M.ttU,- i(.,;, I ih, . !lfS.. i,
f i ' i If - lit p
i' 4 it i - 'i S tlr i '
e t M . 1UH
'-'(vi. tc-,. n 1
Ifi Ha tn 5-
m- iui I,
I ,1
i l' I . ' I .1
, E t ' 1. .
1 . i ! ' u..
1 1..;.
, it.' i
' - i,,-4
, !,.., ll.','
I t S I I
i t,t-H (' .
,, , kwc ' ;v t . -i
y ' is i'-'
j v. ' y
f ' , t !
People of Cities in Southern Part of
Island Not Allowed to Use
W ATl;ftl-'OK ft, Iieland, April ?S.-tVla
Irfindun, April ."W.-Soul bent Jrelnnd to
day a In the ailp of a atern military
cenaorahtp, which virtually cut It off
j from all u of the ailrrlng event now
oecurrhig m tnihlhi. Tne newapnpera
; heif, liy l n pi-iuiiited to publjalt only
1 the bilefiat offh-lal leporla, 11 ml th peo.
I pie of thla aectlon are awaiting with
j keen eMec(m- th detail of tha up
rlaUig. j Tha hiny city nf Waterford, although
I 'inlet prevail here. ha hern rut off from
I all woe eoniinunleoliim with outalda
poiiua with the ex.-eptioit of the direct
; wire Uh Lntnlon, mid rlgtd la tha
I mllitacy rule that even telephonic com- !
I iiiuiili-aiion from houiie 10 Imuan ha been !
j foi Million, The n'liniiion tier la aald to
be a aood rkaiuple nf tlie coudlttniia pre.
vailing under tnllllai-y lulu In other aec
! Mima of Iralimd,
J M'aierford hear that Dublin la iur-
rounded by the great cordon of troop
j and Ilia! inllwfiy traffic from aoulherti
; Ireland lo Dublin haa been auapended
for aa the puhile la tunceined, beyond
point appioKlmalely thirty mllea from
Ihe rlly. Varlnua dlaiii(elliig put uncon
firmed rumor tegriling event In varl
nua parte of the country outalda of Dub-
jlln haie hei-ii received by word ef mouth.
I Willi all lhce inporia, however, I eou
i pled the atatement that tha military
jhave the altutitlon will In liand and that
I outbreak have been quickly cruahed,
; The Minn l-'elnera, which I credited wlih
fathering Ihe uprlalng, baa n nrganlaa
J lion ,f conaldiirable eatenl, bit t aald
to he Milium! In Cork, errv, Wenford
j and I'liildlii, nf Iheae arganixitiima, thai
1 In Wexford appenra uulte active, hut
j Porlt I aald to lie quint, No report ha
been had here from Kelly,
Mnlerfnril l.nardrd. j
Walerford ha only a amall body of i
gum h'elncr. but every precaution la j
being taken. The poaloffic, whlelt con- ;
Irol the wire to London, waa guarded i
all laat tilght by a large body of police,
and the big brlilg over tha river waa
lifted, prealimably lo prevent a poaalble,
Invaahm of the main aectlon of tha towrt
from the direction of Wexford.
On every hand one heara Innnlrle fnf
newa, end alrong condemnation of the
Crops Good Along
'The Northwestern
Line in Nebraska
The traffic department of the Omoha
headquarter of the Northwestern T!ail
road company Is t ul w lih Its reiiort, how-.
iig .'lie condition of .Nebraska cfojia,itt1lftt1t Iha purpoaa of the present confer
tite end of lni week, Tno repor cover
the entire terrllery traveraed by th Una
in this slate, the data having been sent
In 1 y tha company agenla al th stations,
and her compiled.
F.verjwbere In tha state tha anil ta
reported to ba in xecellenl condition, with
plenty of molature. Tha only drawback
during th week under review waa tha
weather. While It waa idel for tha
growth of whent. It was a little ion cold
for other vegetation. Wheat is reported
to be In the very best of condition, with
tlie a rrag considersoiy In excess of Isst
yesr. '
Plowing for corn hss progressed rapidly
and generally farmers have about fin
lahed. Should tha weather turn warm,
some plnntlng would be dona thla week,
Th opinion la expressed that white oat
atul other varieties of aprlng grain have
made fairly good growth, they ar In nend
of vi armor weather.
Early planted potatoc at beginning to
show thtnugh the ground and th acreega
Is fully up to the n irmal. I'aatures are
In good shape and everywhere live toc!i
hss gone onto arais, t
Buds on tho fruit tieea have been held
back by tho cold weather and as a re
sult, there la a prediction of a lure crop,
the opinion being ventured that when th
weather warm end the buds swell and
hurst, the S'-aaon will he so late that
there will not ha any danger of frost.
Villanueva Routed,
Is Report of Riojas
i ''l'"''1 Te.. April -Colonel n.o-
i ""' c"" emmsnder al OlliiLgn, hss
.' lo tha mllltiev .uthnrHle,
'""'.g thai .,.! Teleafere 1..oiIi.Bih..
with n itetiirliinent nf fiflv ru'ii, routed
In a tlslit, vliaiitinva
nine men wte ktlU.l mid sK wounded.
iT'.n-e prlaenet ami number ef ifrs
, Ullll hl e Mfte (itell by t'olomi t! out
T Ii'i t- Apt II l Th in h,
- i -In lii- r"i :- 'i ( "on-oui.ti t-U 1
et, iri (in, ei'tiVi i, Hfie ,v
t. I., lUid'ier d'-lryale to ih in,'ia'Sii
l.,llKit,ti iiilinHliill '1 I ill llllrl t . it
inn,iri. led
t,.- . nine Vi it - ' on l.l tl r
'pi,i-i. -in inl.'Hial e..irl!t..'ii ne ha
' o i i- ,i srv ti . ,i. .., t. ,
it '. ,,1 - ..; Ilit .1. ii - ' i rf lh
i .. ll-.- ...ii.iiiiiilun ot h, -Him tVri.ks
.-nil,. ,j,i H4i,,,-i i.ti..
. f-- t ti-i.l lo
.,(.! 1 l,-?,l,; tfe ft ,
'l ,,f VI . . f. I
, ,1 -1 I (It.
It (I ). I.' 1
t,,, . 4 - t l-64fcl C
f svici . h-c h t I
t v,,
. '
e. 1' ...
., I M
I r
id a U 1 1
i i. ii
t f t- d I'-itHi f t
f t i t i- I!., tl i m .j J.t
i I t a, i lit , I
a " ' ' ' i f
tl.! tn - -a si tht lin,,
ft Ii ,.. -V. ,i '.I ( .,..,,4
,'.t w t
1 I1 m to i 1 ! t .1 ..t .
f.iluav. Vi ;'. s .t i,,,,
' I t't ll Hi- r Wit t OVI
't'' ' t.tV i uj t .
! I. - I'. 1 ' )
Scott and Funston Understood to
Have Told Obregon and Aides
They Can't Discuss With- 1
drawal of Army. t
Joint Policing: ol Bandit-Infested
Country Probably Chief
EL PARO, Test,, April 30. Two
conflicting proportions developed
Immediately after tho beginning tn
the Mexican custom house In Juarea
yesterday of the conference to do-
cide the future dtapoaltion of th
American expeditionary forces In
Mexico, They arc vinderatood tern
porailly to have Increased the grav
ity of the negotiations. The confer
ence began at 6 o'clock and lasted
two hour.
Tho initial meeting waa held b
hind loaed doors in the big, green
tinted rootd which Francisco Villa
used as his council chamber when
ho dominated northern Mexico and
Jttare was hla headquarters, Gen
erals Hugh L, Scott and Frederick
Kunston represented the United
Rtaiea. The Mexican conferees wer
General Alvaro, Mexican mlnlater of
war, and General Jacinto Trevino
military commander of the north
eaat district of Mexico.
Two Thing Learned,
The progress of the negotltlnn waa
not divulged, but from an authoritative)
anuria two thing were learned.
I' ll at, that the Mexican ropreaentattve
reiterated the wialt preed in Oeneral
t'arranxa'a recent note to the Washing
ton government that the American troop
should be withdrawn from Mexican soil
at an early date,
Koeond, that (hey were Informed by
Iho American officials mat. th latter
were not empowered to rflacus th with-
drawsl of (Jenaral Pershing' columns.
It la understood th American repre
aentslhes told tha Mexican confer
that If the de fscto government Insisted
on an American svseuatlon th confer
encs so far as th frilled (dates i.
wiiol mstter would revert to a dlplo
malin discussion between Washlngtoi
and MYxlro City.
llamllt Must lie W Iperf Oat.
Tha Mexicans were further Informe,
eric so fsr aa the I nlted States wer.
eonoerned, la th development of a sp
rifle ptsn for th co-operation of lli
American and de facto armlea in wiping
out the bandit groups that have eplllni
ao much blood along tha border and hav,
repeatedly taken American Ufa In tie
Interior of Mexico.
It la underatood that General Obregoti
tha Mexican minister of war, prior to th.
conference openly expressed a dlslnclln
tlon to discus any other subject tharl
wlthdrswsl and that ha cert-led this attl
tud Into tha Initial meeting.
After tha primary Issues had heel
broached, however, b la reported to hav
carried out the Intention b announce'
ahortly after hla arrival on Friday o
meeting (lencial Hcott, snd funstoi
"half way" In the negollstlon.
I, title Made rnbllc.
Tha attitude of eerallvne mslnt,lne
by the official taking part In tha con
ferance gave rise to all sorts of apaoula
tlona In Kl Taso tonlgnt. Mexlcsn off!
clal. declared their Intention of allowdn
the American, to do all the talking, Th
latier refused all but the moat I neons
quentlal Information regarding develop
In well Informed quartera, however, th
opinion waa freely expressed that th
preaent negotiations ar vnllkely to lea
to any derinlte disagreement. It ws
pointed out that the (.'nrratixa. governmer,
could not afford to tali any atep tha
I would endanger Is present peaceful rels
j lions with Washington. As fsr as th.
I I'nlted Plates wss concerned. It ws
argiied, It had consistently held to a ' h
i brother policy" toward tha country sout
of the fllo ilrsnde snd hsd repestedly an
uniinced tiself against intervention.
I'ndvr Ihcae condlilons, It ws point
nut, both aides would find It to their ar
vantax to com ede a few ointa In th
lntteat of an ultlmte agreement th
would meet In th main tha Inter!
i both iMirttes.
Joint rolli-ln i, f ( OBtrr-
This sgiecmenl it m believed amil
pro Ido for joint policing of tha
ill miestud teirlliiiy of ( iiiluiahua, wit
the A iiii can army stationed soma dl
tan soolli of the Itln ilraml In th
s lum li s i ss huftii aniuiit tha rt
llli'ni of baud t lUnrti mi th bord
SVhlt t' distinction tent by Se
Imi 1 1. iker. aeeieti el war. t fl
itl e.-i-n suit eiinaluii t v tia
! ! kept secret, it is kinmn thi
li.e f,i:;,.in genemi . .nuluiot.i wttl I
lit ii -.1 en t-v i Amiu an rpant
t in l'i T-'. i 'ii oiii a Ona
BIG Gains
r Trn nri
I t'! cck
Li r., ,.
l-ritititt . . .
n a r t '
.'.-rsjlpg fr
'. I I l S1
r II II I, I
ri ' Wgat A.
flaln of .i .
fhen VOUU A,! in NOV