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Car So Well Liked by Foreign
, Monarcn uiai Me mcea
Second Order.
f or the second time within period of
ihrn montha, Kin Alfonio X III of
paln hii hon hi pri-fnrem1. for Amer
ican built utr,mohllc, by purcheatng hi
second Wlllye-Knlght touring car from
the Vlllye-Ovrleiil company of Toledo,
O, Thl latent order I significant In
vw of th fact that only a few dayt
elapd hatwaan the arrival of tha king
ftratt Wlllye-Knlght and tha taatilng of
limtrurtlona to duplicate tha shipment at
tl.a eerlleet poaalhla moment.
r Repeat orders from foreign htiyr
eVirh ti Ovarland factory with elmoat
fiery mall. Till In Itaelf, It la aeeerted.
It not umiaua.1, aa th moderate priced
tynledo product ' la aold In practically
every civilised city In tha world.
nd America. Leads.
h quantity production rnathoda of
manufacture which ara responelble for
this country taking tha load In the
tomohll Industry hava enabled few ft
tha large American producer of high
f rada cara to all tar abroad, tha price
r.f which cannot be equalled by th smell
Kuropesn manufacturer.
Tha price feature of American built
rare hi generally been behaved to I"
th only raon Why foreign buyer take
them In preference to their own home
product. Put when one of the crowned
lieade of Kumpe, ilka the king of Bpaln,
buy two Wlltye-Knlghts, It I said to
be quit obvious that the price ha noth
ing to do with hi oholoe. Hie grant
wealth would enable him to fill any num
ber of garage with the highest priced
rare In th world If he so desired.
Performance I whet Klnf Alfonso
look for In a oer end It U aaeerted
that It apeak well for th ability of
th Wlllye-Knlght, when a forlgn rul"
nrder hi second eer of tht type.
Hupmobilo Branch
Managers Hold Big
Meeting at Detroit
The semi-annual meeting of the tiupmo
ble branch end district manager wag
held at the Detroit plant Jaet week, Th
men from the four Hupmoblle dletrlbut
Ing brenchoe end th twelve selling dla
Irlcl of the eotinfry reported tejalnes.
more thriving then It have been In several
ereiona ana every inni' anon poinia 10 an
even greater demand for ear then hae
been antlolpeled, If the report from the
Hupp men I e correct Indication of th
biifllneee for thla geaeon, the nuuiufaa
turers will not be able to meet the da
mn ml by at leeet W per oent, This la
the first season that no car hava been
aimed by the big faotorte and very few
i.ValcrH have machine on hand, o that
by the middle of May It look very muoli
(i, f Hi old condition will prevail in the
automobile business, when It wee iwe
e.'xary to order a car a month or all
e'k In advance In order to eeoure It,
The unuaiial pert of thla demand for au
tomobile I Indicated by the Hupp buel
) r during the nine month of It pres
(nt with twelve month of It lant jell
ing season. Every eeotlon of th United
Hietce ordering car In larger quant)
t lea and the proeparlty la In all pari and
In certain aectlone.
From the New Tork Hupp branch, V. ft
Pcrlven reporte the blggeet business In
the hlatory of New Tork City and gur
rounding territory. Thla section hag al
ready taken more cara by aver per
cent. C. H Jeffrey, Jr., from th Boaton
branch, report aim liar condition and
elate that New England we hvr
more proaperou. From th norfhweet
branch of the Hupp company at Min
neapolis, H. D. Rrlggs stated that th
noi'thwent waa taking more ears than
ivn the earlier prediction tndloated.
Thla la also the oaee with the Omaha
branch which haa been recently opened
I y C. H, nolllaton for the state of
N'ehranka and South Dakota. This tr
iltory has taken an unusual large quota
of machlnea.
Chandler Auto Used in the Movies
mm t-eii i i mm
ii. .,
Barney Oldfield
Likes King Car
Hrney Oldfield. raea pilot, llkee the
multiple c Under motor oer. He apoclfle
thnt he like the eight-cylinder King,
Ilia rndornement te prized by the manu
facturer. tthtlleld during the recent race meat
In emit hern r'HllfnritU jumped Into en
right -cylinder King one day end wa
o fnvomMy Impreaned with the perform
'nice of thla make of motor oer that he
wrnt the fnllowlng letter!
I Imr luet hern heeling one of your
n w Klnun. It I soma Jh, No wonder
King ha mmlc! o ,ig an Improtnlnn
U' h liiind irilii t. Hi-e ytiu ar uilng
riieHi'iHK That'a V. Vou know
me "HA UN 1" Y Ot.IlKIEt.t' '
, lie Mail Mualtflfd.
V ..iui. In an lii'llana villas
ii. ulil In. i-imiii imttrova i ho limn .r
siui'iiiii i I' lii Hi.. In. a I i hurt'li
it..- -..I, 4 i'-"i ft a l'iiili talk, ,
i li.i-i iii hu'iI thai h ii t, it t Una
t . i Hi l-.ili.t
, . ii hi .innnanv wllH kral
i : ii. ,i. i i ,.,.i. i.i wia tu tha
iinni ... Hi. i liui. li Km imcii.r. think-
i, i i... linn niicMiiit"raiii -
.11 t,. ll.UI
s i lit hi- v i r iiliin Tbli
i i i-"- t 4 t li l. r. '
,u i ,.i." I li. i imii.i I hat
i.i i ..! f"r in.-! iiitii an
i 1 t a'i -ii"i baa ki li inula l uia l
i ' I -iM 1 in kim
i i- I ; i tir.ii on Una1.!
4m ie mi i' ."
.a ee ! " r PU
rl the l l " P J
I wkf . 4r4 le et kj
i" weue rt eewl.ei, tfl
w hanh.M u k. l-s r
A f ,, iM'win Ie4 el
tg i.'iH -ve M it
M rvi er ie H a - K
U I i''l r k .tt ! W'
I k'.!
ire! i
ii - i 'a hf e
em X a ". i I..
aV & fM-mmM
The "Only Olrf Company" play fplvereal Hty with a -handler Kli. from
left to rla-ht; Ann Walker. Klafo Halrd. It, ,', Hrndii, ninneger. "Tb Unly tilrl
Company;" Huhv AH"n nd Marlon ntinintun, pliotni(iiinh'l on tha "lot' danger
ously cloae to one of (he leading cltlaens of I'nlverant ( liy's anlmel quarter,
Non-Stop Car is to
Help Uncle Sam
The non-stop Mexwll, famou after the
reiviit 82,023-rnlle grind without a single
halt of the engine, has takan up a now
job, It Is now an aimlllary and an Im
portant one to Uncle Ham's fighting
furoes along the Arlsona-Maxlco bound
ary line,
Shortly after the conclusion of th no-
stop teet In outhm California a few
week ago, Charlie Wilier, district repre
sentative for the Maawell Motor Hale
corporation, took th toll-scarred cham
pion and started for Arliona, Etiroute
the machine was an objeot of Interest
everywhere and more than lived up to
Its record by establishing- new Inter-olty
epeed record all the way to the Mexican
At Douglas, which Is In the western
center of military activities alone; the
International boundary, Miller's ride of
triumph waa Interrupted. A dusty-look-Ing
army officer, without any formality,
state that he needed the Maiwell to
trsvel to a point fifteen miles acmes the
Miller wasn't a bit In favor of losing
his one. fit fsct, he told the officer so
In a few well--hon, Arlsnna words.
"All right. If you're such a poor patriot.
1 guess we'll Just have to eonflecata your
meclilim," was the reply but It wee
enough to make the Maswnll man some
thing Ilk niad,
"A poor patriot, am It Well, If that's
the way you fuel, Just take Oil car, and
Inside of ten minute I'll have all more
Mas wells here to take you to Meiloo City
and baok. Why didn't you tell roe It
was for federal service In the first place,"
Miller we as good a hi word. In a
short time a whole fleet of Max walla,
none of which had seen le than 10,000
mile of Arlr,ona tage service, were car
rying nine trooper at a load to th new
(lamp, The no-stops champion lad tha
maroh and Miller drove It juat as roughly
over the desert bump a thouah It were
a brand new car. Instead of one that had
already een M.outj mile of travel in lea
than five month,
Heeiy CO?
TO build a motor car of light
weight, attractive appear
ance and low operating cost;
to equip it with every device for
comfort and convenience;
throughout to instill a value and
character that we could be
proud to endorse with our name
and reputation; and to offer
such a motor car at a price
made possible only by scientific
manufacturing and a great vol
ume of business.
This ideal, conceived almost
thirteen years ago, has been the
guiding influence in the destiny
of our nstitution. Its sound
ness is established by our suc
cess and the great good will
earned by the Maxwell car.
' i , -- i--. i
Oaa kM fa ,!
tea I'aawtigef R..a.ttei. , , , M
KU l'etiger Tnuiliig Cet, , ftv
Touting ter lnh AU VVretHer Tnpl, M
Ten l'en,r C bil'tt, . ,
hu l'aiigti Town I'af, . . , H
t u I'awviigtf t lei lift
Full 'il(iiwnt, Imlik.lui li.tiW Starter
siul t ight. AU I, U, U- l!ii
C. W. Francis Auto Co,
UtH-H I arnatn Mteel
Cadillac First
Car Over the New
Southern Highway
Bearings of Cars
Aro Subjeoted to
Most Severe Tests
i j vine nut the route or the new
Southern Netlnnal highway, from Hun
1'lego, Cal , to Washington, a Cadll!'
eight re-ently mnda the S.WO mllea In
twenty-elx days,
The expedition wns plsnned and ess
etited by (he t-nbilllo Cnmnierclel cluh
of Han Plcsn, fr a preliminary survey,
or iath-fliirtln lour, over a trnnecnntln
ental route whh h mill ie open to motor
touilim all tiii' Mir rnuii'l When thu
pew highway Is realised, It will travrrne
eight talea- southern California,
sntia, New Meiilro, Teaa, Arkntiens.
Tennessee, Korth I'srollna a Ml Virginia,
with a gulf division proponed throtish
southern Texas, Louisiana, Mlsaleelppt,
Alabama, fleorgla and Hunt!) Camllue
Hen 1'lego will ha tha weatern terinlnus
The more one seee motor truck and
automobile In aervlce," aald B. U. Koe
ther, general salee manager of the Hyatt
Holier Hearing company, "the more one
wonders at the perfection which their
construction has reached.
"Thla tlmusht waa brought forcibly to
my mind several days ago when a great
motor truck went by A large chain waa
faetened around each rear wheel to give
linrtliiii, end the vchhl bumping
along over the pavement. I wondcreil
i w briber people realised the Strain those
I'lillntlrea hump eserted npmi parts of
the truck mechanism, eapeclnlly the besr
line ' If yii stsrt lo lliinli about It. siul
will renllie how tmrlflc Hue shock are.
The truck and Mm load are isrilcil up
and Washington, P. C.. the eastern, I when the wheil Is passing over Hie
Wlhur Mall, mngaslne writer whol,h,'! end (lin Hie ilri.ipel rtuwn sud-
msde the trip In the route findini. in. I'bnly upon lh- asles anil the hearing.
Illnr-. save thnt If the gnnd-roads tnov e- I l''cn though It bns eil this to cuiitend
ment, now swcetilng the smith, continn-a '. "I" 'fl mcciianlem Is resdv to
lo gather Impetus, It is only a urn sllnn ' work in a"tlcally every day In Die yesr."
of monthe when the bad stretches will
be surfaced,
The nw hlrhway gives tmirlsls
chenne to visit the Ornnd Canyon of
Colorado, traversea stretches of desert,
the copper country of Arirone, and tnkes
him through the rent south. However,
desert running Is made ensy for motor
cats, esiieclnlly between the Imperial
vslley of Cellfornla end the Colorado
river. Mere engineers have devlncrt a
double plenli trail for aulotnnblies, so
that th motorist glide smoothly over
sands that baffle pedestrlana and burros,
In spite of the fact that rouie makers
encountered a week or leu days of ruin,
the Cedlllen made the rerun! lime of
twenty-! dey for th l.tVo miles, Tlinn
who mede th trip were R If llurrell,
englnear In th federsl bureau of ronds;
W. B, Oros. Han Diego; II, U, Taylor,
who drove th esri Wilbur 1111, and
Colonel Pell M, Potter, Cllflnn, Aiix,
preeldent of the etouthern Nations! High
way association,
Thl 1 tli second path-finding lour
In whloh a Cadillac eight hs rsceully
figured, the other one having been the
run from Chlrsgo lo Miami over the
proposed Dlile blghwey,
Fined for Driving
Fast, Although He
Is Told by Sheriff
To he oidcri'd by Die sheriff and thief 1
of pnlu lo ilrlv en sutniuihlle at full
'fcl ninl In be fined Inter for speed
ing Is t ln ith"r queer prcill'-ament wlih'h
I'ffill M. I htime, Marmmi uvslrr In
Itlrluiiond, Vs , some tliim a". ft S"enis
Unit a negro sci usci) of sssuulilng ,
young white mini n llimulit to I"1
In ilniigiT of vlolcme from a nmu, "tone,
driving Miinnorl it. w rci by
the chief of police to drive l full spoed ,
from I'clershurg, Vs., In Hh hinonil, Va.,
where the negro would be held In safe
keening. It Is said that Minns made the
distance In lass lime than hsd ever beau
known before end reports give It that
he wee going t almost a mile a minute
clip, The Judge In fining "tone end
costs, said thst there wss no csuse for
Hie car being driven at tilarh speed after
srilvlng n the city, as ther was no
dnnger st that lime.
For roomlne tha METZ airlg In tha ltfht far elagg.
Then, too, tta long wheel baen, full elliptical epringg and
aplral shock abenrberg give. It further parlor rar comfort,
nd It bugg h road a no other light car doe.
II gearlee tranmUlon la atrong, gure) and glveg you
a speed for any road condition. It mahee Jerking, whao
starting or changing gpeoda, Impossible.. Combine thla with
Its light weight and you hava tha reagon why tirag laet
longer on a METZ.
It engine la one that any owner can take ear, of, aaally,
In hie own garage glmpla aa can ba In construction, but
speedy and powerful In operation.
dearie transmission doog the work. Tha motor world
ha proof of that. It make the upkeep of a METZ almost
nil, and la one of the main reason 'wby tha gasoline and
oil consumption of a METZ la o low.
2056 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.
Phone Doug'. 6187.
Road$ter or Touring Car $600
Completely Equipped, intludint. Electrk Starter and Electric tf hi
-, ,.nf,f fi .f 4sw.
ForS-Pancngcr Model
fiiimi ..ilium in iii miiw-rmmmmmrmms'm v wiwiasssiiyisw iii)iii)iiiiiLaiiiiaji)iiiiiiiiaiiiij iui ,h a i ihuhhim iwyiii-iii iu ssisne .UHI iimiim
... ,. ,: i n' , , -Un, ..'i, n'a in.,. -.,.,;,, , ,,.. i ir ,, nun- ; u ' ' '
iHbA c 4
ii iS- f,'""' " ' J ,mm,r' " "' " f'''' 1 .PI." '"'
.. , m.j 1 1 in -in nnaiiiiiiniiii'-""'" "I-..-- .- .-i... ,.- - i . 1
257 Cars in One
We now have the Mid -Year Mitchell, completed
after the New York Show. Combining all the best
new ideas that were shown there. Designed by
experts who first compared 257 of the latest models,
to embody their best in one car.
Each great designer, every ea
on, contribute new ideas to can.
The Mitchell dciigneri contribute
their ihare.
At the New York Show in Jan
uary all the.e new ideal appear.
No one car has all of them. One
designer has excelled in one fea
ture, one in another, The ideal
car ot the season would he a com
posite car. And that's what we
offer in this new-model Mitchell.
The Best-Liked Ideas
Some new ideas were fizzles.
Some were immensely attractive.
On each one our experts secured
the motorists verdict.
They picked out the lines which
were voted the handsomest. They
chose the new features which men
and women liked best. Then they
completed this new model to come
out in the spring, and combine
every hit-minute feature in body
and equipment.
This never was done before.
This New Mtuhell, theirfote, it
show in itself. It shows all the
approved ideas. You will find it
by far the most interesting car
on exhibit.
Exclusive Springs
This is the only car which has
the Hate cantilever springs. They
offer ease of riding which was
never known before.
You will never believe what a
difference they make until we take
you over a stretch of rough road.
The car ridei ruts as a boat ridei
waves. This, to women, is the
most appealing feature found in
any car this year.
30-Year Service
The Mitchell, we believe, holds the
record for aervlce. Six Mitchell cars that
we know of have averaged 164,372 miles
each. That means over 30 years of ordi
nary service. And all are running daily.
The Mitchell is distinguished as being
the choice of the ablest engineers. We have
a long list to send on request of great
engineers who huve chosen the Mitchell.
The Mitchell is long, roomy, impres
sive. Its wheelbaae is 127 inches. It has
a power tire pump, reversible headlights,
bull-bearing steering gear, gasoline
primer on instrument board, and many
other features whkh make this car a favor
ite with men.
26 Extra Features
Because John W. Hate Saves Us 20
Tbe New Mitchell ru ?6eitra features
- thmgt yuii went in a car which other
car fiiMi't nlfcr.
Moit of these are esclusive t Mitchell.
And rto rur at any price hei inure thai)
fuur fit them.
We invite yon to irs these eitras,
Jnilfc-e fur yourself hut tmh ue myitis.
Jmle li"W nun h ymt would hum it. When
uti ee I'fiuf them in a single tur, w think
ymi will wnt that var,
Due to 10,000 Savings
Th'iie nlr me peid (r out of IO.Ojh)
giving inida t'f J hti W. lUls, tha
eftu iriu i rijirtt.
Our buildings covering 45 acres
were designed by him, He has equipped
them with W time-naving machines of
the moat r flidrnt sort.
In this model plant where every
second is sved - we build !M per cent of
this New Mitchell car. We luild it for
helf what it would have cost in our factory
of 1910. Wt build it for id percent less,
we believe.. Own any other fintory could
build a like cr.
Th ne are the reasons f r these Tft
trss, They are due to Juhn V. Ht. Any
uten who sees the tu will have new retnevl
f.ur fei tory efhVienvy, tarried ta the (era
theft limit.
Come, let us show them b ytt.
Wtifc rmmmt . im4 mII4.
ajkaalkM. ! I,kiu, ) .t ll't
u . i ... m. I.i'w,
e.iitaat tua i iv.'.'t. aa. kii.i4 ate,
I t m t ' Heii
ie l'4igri 1 tlii t er i
li, 'a.iigrf HeUi,
tM r lnMa'Mie Sl
f4ew Mil, Kelt light, SUM, let. lexee
Racino.Wlt. U.S.A.
2048-52 Strrft
Phone DougUs 138
m far
wiv s -rfs w