Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 29, 1916, PART ONE, Image 8

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    Bringing Up Father
Ta'i Hirelings Batter Hoffman to
Pulp and Have No Trouble
Winning: Game,
Tii' (lemon Nohrkr rcgumerj filr p'lf
fif Irlnrlr n ymtfTilay flrnnoit li)
hfruiiir'rnr tli( dll'hl Mil of Mr, 'fuy
Hoffman, lmr of Hi h rlly, iiir) foppln
tho Utl.' tiny luittlp frnm lh lol
Ufik irctn t.lnriiln, uincli in ji iMli
if ncvfrfil h')iiilir liy hn haft
Ihilr trH rM'rlutilty of the jr to
Innf) our (ihlMrd In rinu wllhoul riir
f'"niltia four hlu ( the lndnw. Tlif
irt (( In 4 ,
Tin1 k'nirke trtlllTv In fin ulupc
? ctr'l-. Thfy mml clni'ii hll nil
fitly on of Mi liltn rmnn f tlmt wlin
llify )'il H'( lifin nin. Only tn
nnurh hciy- Iffl dtinnrtffl on lh imlhi.
V hli-h nm lillllii and lh rht y
to hit.
(irlf Army Rail.
' Mr. llAffmon it y tn a punk
'. In i h of th flrnt thr fmm
wlk1 tli firm nmn up. AnJ r'h
tuilrt (tlvn th trstultoui trinporitlnn
tllopl lh rret of th ty around (ht
r'iny fur tnr.
In th firm frurnn Hurt fot lha walk,
finlth mpld and Komytha aacrlflrad,
aft(r which Hldnajer Jlarty arnota a blow
to crnipr, counting Joe and Earl.
In th aci'ond Mania Johnny Trtart lot
Hi walk. ll wont to third on Okla.
homt Pft Kllduff a Iwo.haaa bit t lf
and markrd on rrt Thompaon'i ii'rl
fl fly, "
In lh third Innln Foraylha got ha
walk, krug amrlfhad and Millar earna
through Mh the pinch blow to count
the Tanfco ld,
I'lfih la fatal mm.
ftut the fifth round waa Hoffinan'i
Wtrloo. umiili marttd tha fiatlvltla
by hatln out a bunt, Toraytha aarrl
fir' and Krug groundd out. Mlllr
cam through with hla aocond pinch
bio', counting Fmlthy. Manhall droppad
n Txa luagurr Into lft, arndltig Miller
(o arond. Miller coiintfd and Marahall
went lo third on Frlrat'a two-haaa hit to
right, and Mmnhall and Prleat. romped
liom when Pete Kllduff mnahed a two.
bt8r lo center. That ended Mr. Hnff.
man, and KM I'owera. tha Central City
aoulhpaw. took (ha firing Una,
Fowera rtld pretty well, Rut na run
waa annened during hla term In offh'a.
That cam In tha aeventh when Krug
walked, awlped decoiid while held
the ball In hla hand, and danhed homa
fn Fileat'a hit to rlgl'Y
arllala II Ha Homer.
Tli lowly Mnka made but threa hit
off Thompaon during tha flrat tlx In
liluga. Then Cecil looacned up and let
them have a few runa. In tha aeventh
teenaon and l-e alngled and Carllala
boomed one over the right field wall
for a circuit clout which mtinted threa.
In tha final chapter old fllckory John
eon aemtM hlnwHf at tha plate to
lilt for Fowera and cracked a douhle to
''titer. Ila took third on Carllelaa In.
t eld out aud counted when Klnchman
lifted a narrlflce fly Into deep renter.
The flourkea jilajed a bang-up gnma at
the hat, hut were ritther ecentrlo In lh
re'd tiklahoma I'ele Klldurf waa eapa
(inlly After nmkltig threa anfira he
pulled off a meat hand atop In the ninth
Inning of a drive that made the lady
t'tig lihly ululate with glea. It wMa
"'me atnp and heat tha I'uckllng out of
fuit looked like a certain hit.
Today the ftumklela oicn a four-game
ecrle ih lira Molnea. The game will
aurt at 3 IJ h.ore:
AH. It. It O A V.
it . ...
Nimtli. tr
t ui i I he. rf .
br'ig. if .. ..
MUir. lb ...
F'lei.t .'1, . , .,
kll I .If. ,,,t, p
. 4
, I
I INi'ol.N
Al 1
..... I
t lli.' if
1 1 iii . 'b
"1 h,,t,U r., if
M,.r. .. ...
I . t.i It
l ill.lli'l lb
H i:1 n,. (h
.)l. K
l'...'.ll., ,
I . t
I . '.''l,. , l
t . , p
'I ...
1 -'!
I' -l
, ,
! .. ., .
I .
lait.d f r t'vii tn i
. 1 I I 4
, 1 t 4
a .
t 1
i I
r . . ...... a a
I'l't . ft I 4
" l-.l- il. '1 t. k.4 Ilk
K i l dl ; F. - I .,! ,. l
.f '- .c g i . , I 4 t,ti
r. , a til,. t'i, I 1,1. . -, II .i-'l,
n . , I... r- t . t , , ,-
..,.) s l.,i,,!u i i , in it ii
lit in i . t M. ua "'f F, I HI
it- . mi", i ,. ..i I- i n.... r
i M " i ..
.) I ,1 i ff IM'WM il nil
I . ti- vii.i. ' b.
. lc Id.-, he, an li .,-il l,u
'W I I ) dl' vf
.,! t M
t i w II i
Ml Right,
i'm waitin
Standing of Teams
W,l'. I.' W 1,.1'rt.
Wlchllg ,,,. 2 ,7,Vi' FltMa S ,W7
Oil,!) 4 '-' .(( I, hlcago . 4 .pWT
) T"fkm ...A ,ili Itomnn 8 .O.
I'cuver .,ot ITneinnail ,.a I
WloUK City 4 J .ft'. 1' HI. Foul 7 .42
l.lhcoltt .,,8 3 .ftwii HioomIvii ,,4 5 .4(4
He Moth. .1 1'litnlnirgh ,fi 7 .417
Ht, ,i 'ph., I 7 I'.'.i; ,Npw York.. I 7 ,1.1
1 nl'i'ilar'i iiH,
f,ouUi'V . t .'Hl'fia'in ! "i W.
.Mliuieapi I A J . iN,.w Vork 6 M
Cohimliua t . ..ii't liila ... J .4ITI
llulllllinp'rllfl I ,j liU Hhllllirl'lll 7 ,,'".
KaiiMa l'it v. 4 'i ,cc;t e'mid ,,,7 g .fiV
M Fa' I ... 1 H Icll .1 B .n
Tolrdo . . , ( ::i i''IHea t) .4!,"
M lwuke , ? " ,':: I'hriiili ifliiri 1 t) .1
v. KTi':rt i ka;i ):.
I.lniolll. 4 OinNlia, .
fi. ,loepli, 3; I, lilt h , 4,
r Moiikh a; Moil ( My,
I'tnver !: Topeka, J.
N ATI' i,V A I. I.KAijl I"
Frookly I.: FhtladelphlN, K
Flitehifgh, :(', I'tiM IiiikiII, I.
rt, liula, Chicago. 7.
New Vork-f'onn, mow,
I'elrolt HI, l.nula, b,
I'hlladelphM ; aahlugtnn, 7.
Montnii, t; N Voih, '!
I hlrago, I. I in'lalMl, V,
Kijpkhi CMy. i' loulevlle, 1,
nt, faul, ft: Cnlimihiia, '.
Toledo. , Mlnneai.IU, 4.
Milwaukee, ,1, Indlunapnlie 4
nmea Toiler
WFHTP.RN" l.KAiifi;.
fiea Molnea at Omaha,
t.lncoln at Hluux i lij
HI. Joaeph at To'cki.
Iciiver at W li hlla.
Cincinnati at Fluehur.,
Ht. l.,oula at Chhaao,
Hrooktvn at New Vork.
i'hlladelphla at Hoeton.
A M KM It.'.' AN l.KAOfK.
Chicago at 8t. txiula,
Cleveland at lielroli
tloaton at Vahhiglon.
New Vork at Philadelphia.
Kaws Defeat Bears
After Ten Innings
TOPKKA. April .Topek defeated
Denver in a ten-Inning game here today,
f to . Kcore;
Aft, it.
Miller, rf 4 ft
Kellher, aa, ,,,, A rt
ftpeni-er, If. 4 I
Hutrhnr. I'b,
.. i
,. .1
.. 4
.. fi
,, 1
.. 3
.. ft
.. I
riyer, h. ,,
OHkea, cf. ...
Hhlrld. Ih. .,
(ilevena, C. ,.
Menaer, p.
Howard, p. ,
Reynold, P.
8 10 KD II
a a a
4 2
A. E.
Aglar. lb. ...
tloodwln, 3h. ,
fchwellier, If.
Ilanenn, rf. ...
Krunaer, cf. ..
I.atllmnre, Cb.
Cochran. . .
Monro, c
t (rover, p
Hall, p
Total 43 7 13 M in
Two out when winning run acorcd,
Hailed for Howard In fourth.
I nver . .. n v 5 s ti o n
Topek 2 0 1 0 0 J 3 n ft . 7
Home run: Haneon, Three-bnie iill:
Htevena. Two-baa hlta. t'cuhnin,
Hutcher, Ptevena. acrlfle hit: Oaken.
Hartifue flv Miller. Hnuhle plav:
killher to Hutcher to Hchlidda. Stolen
tiaeee: Agler. Monroe. Hall. Illta.i orf
ttruver, In four Innlnge, off Hull. S In
Ix tuning, off Mnnnor, 4 In threa In.
nlna; off Howard, i In four and one.
third hiiiihga. off l(et, i In two and
twu-thlrita Innlnaa Maera nil hull (iff
drover 3; off Hall. I: off Manr, I: nff
Hevnoldi, J. Htruck out: iv llrnver, h,
by Hull, I'v Howard, S; v Kevnohla.
I. W tld nltrhca: i,ifr l.'i. I'anaed hull
iHlevene, Hll bv pitched ball: HyUrover.
I, by He nolila. I. t ntpltra: - Apdrraon
and Foul 'ue.
W l. I II
I 1Kb
I. 4l'
Wlckr Make It I oar glrelght from
I t. Jmrph.
I I Wichita, hi,.. Vptii nt -wi.hit-i
mm. up lion) prhind ami t,...k ha Ut
Kama fioni M Ji a-'pti, makli g 11 four
3 kliaight. hrote
All, It. It O A I'
Toblln If ,
r,. rf . .
! I.. . n, i f
I M ,. In II,
l 'r tti.n. ?l,
,, I iHng. 'I'
t I I I,
i ,
rbh. riy, p
r r
!"M I H
Ut, !
J rt
. 4
- 4 t
, I
. 1
a a
II o
M . n. if
dill-an, it
l, ,i, (
Kni,,4,,i. if
i r
Krll,,,, I,'
H l' ,.(!? JK.
I i, .,. p.
,l p
1 !- ' p
f i.i a . ..
l I g It
...i I M I I I
I m 1 ,u
i' .1-. t
. 1 . ht
T ... t- , . r.ia 1 Mi, V ' .1,
v, i, i, i, i-ii.i,., ' -,.
-i Full-, li
' an I I f
i. a, ' I , I. i t " II i , .,
I- I.', ' A ' ' I I 111 I, I. I'l' (
I - 1 ' I.. ,! t ,1
i t ej " i '' Is ' ' ii i i
i, -' ii 4 ' ' j k , .p.
..'-.l .
V I I Jll 'I.i
t mi
) right, 111. Intern!
TT " -T- I
f - r j
I MY HAT ! J Qp y
j-i f i
H lj J
NF.W VORK. April .-Captgln ftobhl.
Watt, econd baamn and leader of th
Columbia unlvcrKlly nine, I on of the,
real mr of college baao ball. J,at
year linbbl went through tha entire
eaeon without an error In 114 chance
and batted for an ayeraga of ,;i7, In th
five gamea n far UN jr ha haa hat
ted for ,4V and ahow no a'gn of alump
Inf. tie cannot repeal big fielding rec
ord, howvr, h ha made on error
thl. er.
hy Thomaa, I. Hit hv pitched ball: Po
hy Fatteraon; Fulllvan by P'lehanny. T'm
plrea Kane and Ryan. Time of game,
One hour and forty minute,
I'' I w I,
I. 4 M II
Ilea Molnea I Knot Out In I'rey nf
Ten Kramea.
BIOKX CITY, April 2.Nlou City loat
tha final game to I'e Molnea today, I
to 0, In ten Inning. rVor:
A 14, II. II. O.
A. F!
Hahn, If. ...
Hunter, cf. ,
Jonea. lb. ,.,, 2b.
Hartford, aa,
Kivoldt, :lb. ,.
Hpuhr, o. ...
Hiecn, rf. ...
Uaker. p, ...
..4 (I
., 4 1
,. 4
.. 4
6 ,m
A P. It
Coonev. ;h it ll
Connolly. tl 4
Callahan, a 4 0
Uejeune, cf fi n
it. W aton. If 4 0
Kane. lb. 11 0
Hmmllng, if 3 n
Crneby, c 4 0
Kelly, p 3 ft
Lhlngetim 1 n
A, K,
I ft
TolaU , . 1
I : is
Matted for Kelly In tenth,
iea Moinea " 0 ft 0 ft ft ft 1
Hloiu Cll y 0 II ft ll 0 11 11 (i 0 ft-ft
l.cft mi biie fdniu t'ltv, (i, Pea
Molnea. Micrlftc hll: CiiMiibnn, Hun.
ter, Kwnlda. Hailfoid Two-bitw hlli
Kwoltlt, Jouei i.i, Itunler. Hlolmi bnr,
Connolly Cuntiey, Ihiubln piny 1
Crnby to 1'iill'ihan. Minn k out liy
Kelly, 10; bv Maker, Maee on ball;
(iff Ki'llev. ; (,ff linker, i Wild plli h;
Maker Hit hv pitched ball: Mv Maker,
lleiilln , iiiplri'. Aiulrew and Mu.
Ii 11. Time. S.ui.
Des Moines Comes
to City for Series
of Four Combats
Flr.nk tabell ami bl ir of Mimmrr
from n Moine will Invade Oman
today for a four-game ere with (he
Itourke on lha local ml liuiin will be
played Hatuidav. Nundat, M,,ndiy ami
PueaOiv Monday Wilt he Indie' ,ly.
All gamea win mail at t 1,1 The lineup
1 i'n ha
j ril ....
Mm . ...
i. ui. her .
Kll.lnlf .,
Krug ....
i 01 , Ihe
Km. Per ,
M ,1
1 i,mi ,
I -1 ,w 11
T - i,iii. ill
b 1 .-, ,
Soil., II ...
JKif .
He Mnllica
I'll. I
. pei',,l
Tmid ,
Tbii.l .
Nhoit .
1 nii
1 ei - Ii
pi. o
I 11. ii
I 11 It
1'ii, ii
1 11 ii
I'n .-li
I'ii- I,
, . , . Kiaoiet
... 1 wi'Mt
' Ilarlf.trd
II lliln
I If 1 1
1 111,1...,
I. bii,-
4ruertia MiuHiUm
i i ,liiii.l,it.
'i Fit
V,,.l,,fiili . ...
itit Kri.,ia I', d
ant t-.iphv
VI I .1
-, i . t 1t . ,
t- .., ...
It It '
It H r
........ i s t
i'i ul Kir ! I
I illi il-l ll-, ,,'.
I Vt I ,
T ' li'
til l II : iiml
n m us
4 I
4 i I
it ii r
v I
l i. 1 1
I .
itt-t itaeii.
I " -.'!-
M Ifl-.lnf
V . . , ,1 ,
4,. ll .... 'ii
I HI, ! h
.1,1 l,li...
' . ,i I Hn
t ,w ,
A It I ,
M . in .
Tg , - "''" "w., .Xn!
Ei "'-' " .
Nnrw rvi.
PtAflrt. rvc
T- on:
Cleveland Wins, Two to One, from
Chicago, Scoring; Cncidinjj:
Run In Tenth, j
n,fivi:t, An, r April i..vfiui
won J lit from chli agu l.idny, a 'irtug ;
tha dfi lillng itiu In tow (uiiih Inning 'I'll'- ;
COIiIcmI Wlia a plli'licr bill (If. hf,li
Mortnii and Villlbima. I ' h allowed fh" I
hltfl, nclthf-f a me h Iriif, Irl Atnifoti lill
liataliiMli wIim pit, n il,
Not a hit tt mud" ,ff W il i'ii, tulif
there were lao out In llii II. id Th"ii
Warnhagatie doul b d and , oi d on
Wfvr high tinow of i'V.lir
grounder, ( hli agu H. d lha i mint In tlir
aluih when William ii hit and anured
on alnglea by Mirphy and MiMuli, n
Howard led off for clyearid with a
single In thn leiilh, mi,-. I In third on
Wainbagiinaa' trtltu. hit mul tiifcd
when founder ihnw wide. Heme,
t,ir.fKi,fti (iiiK'i'i
a'' it it A K
All II n 4 r
rfn, If , 4 Ii (j Murph
rr . I II
I'lrner It I I n i t Mulllii M, 4 I I I ll
rt it n
r r. 1 ,imi i 1 1 t 4 t
Pmim, rf
tiiih rf
,iri'l I
H'rd, tti
I It i n I I i.iirnl, ,-
n 1 I l'i I I
lleai J, inm II 4 ll 1 it
41? if l iwii. rl , 4 n I I
4 113 i..,r, I t I I 1
mi, at I '1 tw,Htk
4 0 7 1
o.lil, e' . 4 I I i. man,
a I A I I i
Morton, 0 1 4 11
T'-liHn . !!l t I
T'l . ,, ti It i I., I
one out when wdmnm! run jicnrcd
Cleveland ,0 H i ft 1 (1 0 0 0 I S
Chicago ,.,M ft 0 ft ft I (1 11 11 ft I
Two-baa hit. M nmbnteniM, O'Neill,
Weaver Haerlfhe hit,,: Hpeaker, Waml
?ane. riouhlc play: Collin In Weaker,
lrl bii on error: Cleveland, S, Chi
cago, . Hit ami earned rim off
Morton, S hltr) and I rmi In ten liming;
off William, It hll mid no inn In nine
nd orie-lhird Ituiliifc Hit hv pIM bed
ball. Hv MIIItii, Morton. MrucH mil.
My Mmlmi, It; by William 1, 1 mplre:
Chill, .
fled ko Win gecond,
NRW VortK, April 2. Momon mde it
two out of three front New pmk hero to
dev. winning th aecfind el"Vn Inning
game of Ih erle, the genre being 3 lo i,
WUh New York leading 't to In the
ninth, l,wl lied the. m-n with a home
run, which followed llohlllxeir buna on
ball. In Ih eleven! , hlniilhg llooimr
walked, took Ihltd on Holitei ilmihl
nd cori th winning run on lcwi' in
field mil. Heme,;
H'lfiTliil Mtw r,pg
ah H not ui,.i r, , 1 n ii
MenrlkM. If ft I 0 (Hli.ii Ir 4 I i "
.li'ivrltt, m . I I 1 I 111 ai,m-in rf 4 I I 'I 11
lln,,pe, rf . 4 I J il rilui, Sh ,, 4 t 1
IIi.i.iiupI im I I' I ,i-mi tu . ti 0 a 5 i'
i-t. f.. 1 4 1 (ii iim ii, iinn
iK'Uner. 4k I t 4 11 A V 11 II HY
luerv. 5ti 4 t I I ! - lope. , I t 4 c
': 'Hrlcpll, c. 3 1 t 1 "UOMinilfapr.o 4 1, f I
MIioIipb .... I ft ft ft (Niiiiimlir ti 17 1
Anp e .. I hKphiiii i , 1 J I ll
AnnirA, 0 I icM.ili.r, ., I II ft ri
Thuma 6 it ii ir.v.'ipuVr ,. t 4 i
Mi Sf.llr ... 4 0 ii ii -
Oie. D ,,. I 4 H Total ,, 43 12 M II 1
Tmal II I II I
Matted for Carrlaan In th eighth.
United for Iotiard In th eliihlh,
Han for Thotna In the elahili
Hatted for lei,tit,u In the eleventh,
Untied for High In the eleventh
Itoton ft 0 ft ft i) 0 ft ft ; n . ,1
Nw York o ft 1 ft I 0 ft 0 o ft u- 2
Two-ba hit: Nunaimiker, lloblttzell,
Home rutin: , Miiiiiu, Levi in. Hlol'ii
bae: ftaker hai rifle bit llliih. im.
bin plav Keating to Feckliipiiuglt to
Fipp, Feonnrd lo Jnnvrlti In lloilii,l,
1'lpp I UliiieKlnteil i, l'irt. bnen mi mini.
New York, I Mea on luill: OH Keat
ing, 4. off lnnnrd, I; off OteKg. 3 Hlta
and nirneil run" tiff l.eoimiil' II hit
and I run In eeveti liminii, off Oh-i-'k.
1 bit In four Inning: off Keating, 3 run
Kttuck mil: My Keeling, 7: bv (.coiiard,
1, bv Orekn, 5, I mpitf Nnlliu and
Tiger Heel llronm,
MT. I.I It 'let, Mil,, April JH - With the
wore tied Hi the ninth, Hun doubled
lo leri, ecorlng Hellmaii and el Htoit
Ht, tiiila In n ee nw g-ime hei,, tnitny,
H to il Mt, 1,1,111 forgid nl.B, lii ,c
"Kill When Mui.hiip Hila hll bv Pitt he.
bull, ami 1'i nit and Johttenii . 1 . . -1 1 i . I I n
Irull Hid Hie ei'iite In the rmhili when
Holme, balling foe In, land, ilt,e In two
run with a male t ,,i ii i,iiini i., it,n
nine In.lnv ll, I ol , lout, I., iiml a alngle
The do, lb! ei ii, K a , una i nil in Ihe
aeielith. Ht ore
Mmied nt I 'a, fip. 1 1 in iiimi,
Mill, I tor Niunaue in iiahti,
Mailed lor i i, , I, It ll. In e,iUlll
" liaite.) f,,r Mo land lit i ImIiiIi
'linn tor l"lbu, III llghajy
1'Mlorr ni lull
a 'i ii it a r tn ii it t
Mil. 11, , I I I ri. itit, II I t l ii I
ki aiuif'i M I li I..,,., '. twain
' l.l. ,1 I I I ii , ..,. Ii, ,i o ,1
i.i. tr i a i ,i , ,i. ., . .ill i a
W H. I I
It I tl I
i it, l l i i i
" if I
II. ' 4
. ,. .,..,1 M 4
i'-pi,iwii a 4
ii.i.. - I
4 I
I ..ii -a
I" It
I 4
' i
I e
I i ii f
. i
h a
I .
I .
! i i
MAftft 5 I. -1
il ii rt i ) ii ii fc
I ul,ti tl pli.iltoll
I'., I.. I
t 1
I ' i t v., ho
il"ti ,h,,ii,,ti
t'V,,., .4. It !,'
l' I . ' ' - l 'I l't,M".ll, I'1'
, - '.., l,l. I l I
11,1.1,1 I ,, f 1 . , . - l I I I' ( I
tint. I met t'f t 1 1' f Ml.
I In ' ll-li l-. . eft t t ' . l i ' I'' t
i i,,i, in i.ii,,, inn,,,,. i ' I ..'-inl I b'l,
I ii, n ll, .,!, i., .In ,-f I'v", 1 nd !'
r ii. Iii I. i,. Hit I i ,.',,,', h'l
VUiMiti ! t itiu "'i ' k mil l'i
1 1... .....u in i vi, po.i : i ."t-i -
1(11,111, ami tt t 4' I.--p ii
t ek I Iwal
w v ii I S' i I- I- i n .i,i , mi
e-l, ti .,1,1 I i I I t It. In ll' nil H.
I,,.. i , i . . ii. i ui i .i I -fi ' i"
I.. . I .- ,1 i in-, a ...I 11 "' " '
,i.-i,i: . h.d i, pint 1'- i "
.., p 1. I S.l-,1. Ii- I l-'t Hi l ' l 'i w'i l !. I I'-- mil i , I vi't
i-'i . , ,i , I i I'nt, i , ii in. i'',i
.. i ,, .ti t i Cup. ii. a
ml t-i,,! ,nSi.a '-ti I lit ,u
I e ''I j
I it ID
Drawn for The Bee by George McManus
f r
' rT
y i 0 ' ha?
lauibl m 1 f r liij,viiit mid Foehling hud
1H ' I, UM ,ei If, tin llin lil.f Mi ore-
(if i,r nil wAifiiirojoK.
i i .i a i an ii ii a r
tH M , i, I Viw-lur, rt . 4 1 9 I 1
1 1 m,i, i.i, , i it I i fiir. Ill, . 4 A 'i
'. .in. rl 1 'i i I) i. vluiri 1 1 , 4 4 D $ 1
lli'l it i I , 1 D It lH'tmli-HH If 4 1
.... I' l I I it i I'llrr Hi ,, t I l)
4 I 4 ' tli.n, il, , (i 4 a
I'l- k lb,, ii
I ll,.: II
I f U I I'liif,. I , I I I
I I I ., .
, .if;
It I 4 I
I i ii ' I, mi, ,ii ii I it II t I)
inn i ,iii,niia, i m M
ti i n n ik uii. i, j a j
,D I) 'i it
'i',ii! i niiniiiiig ,, a a n
.,r I I I I I
Tlla ... M li( II
One mil whmt wlnlilna i mi acurn'l,
Mulled for riinyi-r In ihe ninth,
fiinii lor llemv In ii nlidh.
i-, l ,. . r ,l I,,,- lii.lliu i., l,. i,,il.
'"ipbiin , ii a u A a
ti ii.'htngi'iii
,.,! 4M1M4 4-7
'I ii, lm.1 h 1 1 m
bll.e hll Jill!'
Ml, HI' I. ttl:.
H'rurik, l.alme, Thren.
Hloleii baaeg: rlllUlik,
Mm bin on trrore
Mwli illli' Oil I
I'uliiidelphni, I Knaea
: on (mill- Off Iminoiil, off Nnhnrn,
off MiiililliiJ, , )in nH,l aarneil funa:
i iff nimoiil. hiii. dud (uiih Ui four
nod inn, llilid Ifililngn. off Idiehllng, K
j litt and '' run In ine-fhlid liming, off
, N'nhois, I lili and ii rune In eiuhl In.
iiIiim Ulirec on l,i,R diii in,,,,, mi) n
iiiuini nrr i ti, well, 3 blia and I run In
linn Ihltd Innllig, riti'ick out' Hy ii(.
inoiil, liy Naliora, ,1 by Oallln, I. I'm
plrin, Cuiinnliv and Owen.
Doanc Tigers Blank
Wcslcyan Coyotes
t M.rr, Neb , April :i-ff!pcll Tl
gnim t .'yti(f rrrorlea bull, cw-h
4''hlrr g Iman Tlgr applied g roaf
of wbllewaali lo r'llita g i"oyoteg grw wbt
y with g 11 to- ft victory In th f rt
home ,.lo,l (am ef (he geon Hay.
left In Hi box for the local had lha vi-
I dor at hi mercy and hi mmtwrt
ru,.i.,. : ' : .
fanlileB. iman grabbed four acoreg In
the fleet wllh no one down gnd got ..
ol her In the third. Lineup:
) lO N l', ..
boater, cf,
Alimey In , fib.
Mayer, c
Wert-., If
Krh, Tvl'f, rf
Mh'kle, ','h,
Ward, II,
Hnylett, p
Hll: in,
wtnumAft .
I'ody. in ), ,
lllnnman, rf.
Kabm, If.
F H"don, ,
f,', lierilon, 5h,
f'ulheiliMin, il.
Whittle, rf
A nrleraop, (I, -
K. iienton, p.
Wealeyan, 4 f.rrir'
fioaii, ft, Wetleyan
3 Mruck out; f'.y
million, 7; br Hayleff. 4. Hmidrg Vager.
Auto row w (lrrd ellerdr by th
rrHl of a cr with loud bark. It
waa a chadwhk W, which grrlved at
the Aeio Clegrlng Hou and wag -cured
by Mr Mrmioer Itj the at,
where It. had been dipoed of by a
millionaire who had th machine mad
to mder with a'l the beat gc,c,eorteg.
Want Ada never hlrk tblr work they
will get rult, If gnythlnf will.
f'.Ti for helping yourelf, flo out t- pun
dee, fee Fag I'J gdvertloement.
Drive It From Your System
M.'u catarrh affect the tioe and
throat, raining tore In the noatriU,
Nioppage of alr-paage and gthrlng tn
the throat, It, b been common prai.the
to treat catarrh with alvea, waeheg and
pray applied to the parte. Thlg
mode of treatment cabnnf. give feerrmtv
nent relief, and I liable to aggravat
the trouble. Cutnnh cannot b ttlfle
with. If Hllowed to run on It will die
ee th bronchial tube, til on th
lunge ami affect th elonmi h -imb-ed
It I u vety eerloii dlneae. liim'l treat
It i"hII, Thn one trealmvnt that ha
proven etferilv In Ih treatment of Ca
tarrh I rl H. H , Ih grealeat blond puri
fier ami blood innln known. It relieve
the can of I rilerrh by ri iiotirlehlng
Ihe blond, rttiFuliig II vlgir, giving
new lifn to thn ret hlnnj c,irptle am)
i iiniiCailng the flow n Ihal It baa the
j vitality tu throw orf thn .poii and
I germ from the itwitiit. It I literally
a .i,,i,, batii, mi uui kly fee I reauit
I lea, hi, 'be iIIum t'PM r, Hie galbetlii III
in,, ihrnal pi,,," the p,iitlU I,, pi ft
i'. I a nil .ml ,i,,, ,i t . , i , 1 1 and ha
II ,,. II efle.lne In the tlrnlliielil i.f
lilund atfc liotui, I I'lteimi, t,ttt-i, raali,
r, i.ifiil.1. Oil M (4 t vmir tlruagial
If 1 ,"l li, Pit i i I adv , n will the Pelf I
enm Iiir in, Atlanta- ut,
It will av you
money to write
for prlcsg on Pure California
erai luintirea harreit itoreil
ll miipiiiiim imrri-iff-rr.rilr-"'! r i'--"r
iri" m ayniitaa;'-la-piwiiytte'igt 1 "T"l ''"3ltJBOTn ain m H. ,",""ri" TT"
1 t
Penmylvania Talwi Fetur Event
t Annua) Relay Race
rnif.AHKU'HiA, April l,-ll,fi
Herry of iba l niveriilty nf fnittyv anlg
today wot) the, Frnlathb.n, m 0( tl,
fBture evetitg of lbs gnnual relay nn
,.,..., . . ., , .
carnival held on Kianklm fe,
Ferry won Ih eyepl lam. year, Thai
final point genre In the Fenlathlon wm
Ferry, ft: A, Nh, llutgcr, Y,',; l" Kim
kle, Feiincylvanla Iftnte, Fi, W. t'rt Igh
ton, I'rrtnayltgnra, l'i; J. 'Im Whuott,
fleorgenwn, 'l'i.
Thi throw tit Ihe Frm four men in
Iho pound lht tlitoty brokw Ih
Collgit fecofd of SI fi ef, 4'4 In' h' ,
ftido by While lt yr, itrimry;
Hi od .lump, Fftlihlon-W'oti hy
Feirv, Femtrylvnla, illafanc U teei,
1' trnhe: eond, Nh, l(utr, third,
Kunkle, F'titm Ivania wiaic, font ih,
iirwnurgr, i.tiurK'town; rum, i reigtilou,
Throwing Found Weight -Won by
While, yfeu, dliiu'. 31 feet, I,
Inch: eeond, Krhrd, Cornell; Ihltd,
Hobeil, Harvard fourth, Johnon, yr
cu; fifth, Murchle, ndtri unlvrltv,
,lylln Throw, l'hiihlon-Won i
Ferrv. Fennvvnl. dllnce I4fc feet.
i Inch; cond, Nh; fiuigcr; third.
Crelahton, Fennevlvaril; fourth. Kunkl.
' FennaVlvanla Mala, fifth, Uwhuit,
Two Hundred Meter, Fn!afMnn-Won
bv linrrv, FennyMnl ; eom, Nti,
f(ugi; Third, Crfighton, Ferinylvnla,
fourth, Kunklg, Femijlvnla Hlt,
flflh, lwhurt, 'ieorgeiown, Time, ;,
Folni-Kerry 3, Nh , Kunkl II,
freight"!) II, ftwhurt 14.
i mmunm, .i.n a. i wigggw a,, p , 'y-e, ,.fm!4tt4 .. . - .43.33?
w ' LS '
Your New Spring Hat
Should Bt Either a
The Standard of the Distinctive Dresser
Wc are alo Showing the newest in Spring
and Summer Shirts, Neckwear and Hone.
Our line of Spring and Summer Under
wear ia complete. Let Ua Serve You.
Her Grand Building, 511 South 16th St.
Th Only Stort in Omaha Showing
both DVNLAP and STETSON lUtt
rurt, SWry, Muicat an! Anjalica Win, They have iev.
an1 will sell out wine cheaper than
r r- -Tfffi '
' jir?
Amortdin 4 oil' n chMiiirdoitalilu Hpilnl,
M.,Iey luliiy l(Mce.Hil 0'f e olid
nii-n cui-li rim :"'i yiai,ji, iblid man. 441
jrid; found, "ivi yaid V, mi .,y Fi bii
uvl .iinla , Chicago, per mid. WI''""Hi.
third, I rlm eion, fuuflh 'I line, '",
pew woihla record, Freylou remrd,
made by I'enneyl'. ni In Villi.
Untitling Mop, Me-p and ,lumi-W'on by
' Hl'icr, IIIIiioIb, 4", f"'l li''i Inchea; Ivorj,
'eiiriaylvenla, ocinnd, Id-rl'ilet, I'nnnayl
yanla Ihltd; Frown, ryreciir". fourth,
f'ilmer, Fi-nnavlviiiU Ma'c, fifth,
44i V a rd Hurdle - I' Inn) won by Hurt,
M'leronelii, William' i,Veeyn, awnnd,
Tn iilnlm, lianuiouih, th'id, Whlilna,
Feiiiinvltanl iie, fourth Tim, feV.
l iV't M' leia, Fcnfiithbiii - Won byFeit y,
Feimaylvaui ; KunHa, t'ennnylvaiiiw.
Male, iierond; Crelhtim, Ferniaylvanlit,
third; iewburl, OemfC iwn, fourth,
Naali, Tlu'.gcia, fifth Time, 4 !!',
Ani' i I' mi Cller'i chftmplnnmi'u, file-
! I1"'" M' dlev ll. e- IHr-l man mil miar-
j ter mile; iK-m, half mile, Ihltd man.
iiiree-'iunrierii, bit innu, line inllci
V, on .y VV li mnlii, Fcnu:'' I anl'i, e'l
,, ,, . ,rUlil ,,,,,.,
Hammer Trow V.'mi hy M't'ormlrk,
' iiiiieii, iii imn i, .n f,,,ci ? in, he. ,,
rla, lliif atd iieond. While, ryni'ii''.
thud; ntin ibirid, FIHaburgh, foirin,
Muri'hle, Imllana, flflh,
l,OOAN, In,, Aptll S; -imperial Tele
gram i -The Komh ld High g' hool
b bull team arrived wtlh color flying
W hen the hoy went home tonight, the
,,,,, Ar..a i n,. e-i.p
i " " 'rft 1'"l " u'' The
I touih fide boy met ih membaig tit the
t Vn a b III i liool r,li,e and were defe led
3 to I, (-core;
fgn ft ft I I ft ft 1 3
Wnutli Mde 0 ft ft ft ft ft ft ft
Mgttert: For logan, Wood and Hull,
for Miuth Hide, Fuggl and Aridefaon,
f ui il re: Foadlfer.
"--- - Wl,p,,.p,p ...i ,. ,
April 20..7); My 1-2.
Monday, My !., Ia4ig y,
0m Clld ma . M.
j!'g( Seelein. Fale Majkaii-v Fro
St. Joaeph,
you ran buy new,
) !