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ood Things for the Table Offerings of the Market Household HirUs
Palatable Way
of Serving
Cut about a doten atalk of rhubarb
lto mall pleoe, and tw with them half
j pound of ugar. Line a pudding dleh
lih tle of aula pong cake, and fill
ne dih with alternate layer of tha rhu
arb and etol cak; put over all a plat
elghled down ecurely, an et ld to
out. When ready to eerve Jura out on
si vl jilate, apread thickly with a mer
igue made of tha whltea of two egg and
wo teblrpoon of augor, beaten UffIy,
nd place In an oven for Juat a moment,
ntll the top become nicely browned.
Hramrd tittnbarb Poff.
Cream together one cup of ugar and
wo labbepoon of butter, add two well
eaien ga, one-fourth eup of milk, one
caaunon of baking powder, and uffU:lnt
lour to make a thick batter; then atlr
nto the minora one c"P of finely
honr-d rhubarb; half fill well-buttered
up with the mlature, and ateom for
aif en hour, Herv with riam or a pud
li( Miiite.
kul.arh PrtMrre.
; I'eel young rhubarb and cut lulo th r-m-h
length, Make a belter by mlalng
ogether el bug lablMpnone of fbur snl
ne pint of milk, HUr until amooth, then
irtd a plic h of H and two wall -beaten
fit; dip ai:h filer, of rhulmrb Into title
nlitura, end try In hot fat until a gold i
ron. Hervif llrd tilgli on H lihpUln
wverH dlah; elft powdered auger over
ill, end enl W the tnhle while very hot,
Watermelon Appears on
the Omaha Market Shelf
, Whin In Willi bottle of cream itlaea
if freah cruahed trwberrie. Il' two
dyfliigrr or thr di'llrHle rakea on
jr'ele and add a couple of tebleepoonful
it the lrawbrry and cream mixture,
arnleli on top with whole etrawberrlea.
i l,tn a g!n diah with thin ellree of
sponiie cuke. B'luiene over It reaiiberry
ulfe to aofteit It end lay over, It a
yir of whole, awenteneil berrle. On
,i,U put another layer of rake and in
thcr of riipbMTlr, end on, four
jner all whipped or pliiln cream eweitt
nd, ? 'fake iul nuentltlr of iilneetile,
'nurahttiellnwg end Kngllali walnula. Chop
ha walnut, upllt the meralnnallow and
fut t'i pinrapple In email piece. Aler
uiie leyri of pin'pple and marehmal
ni mid ai.rlijkie walnut between, f 'tit
n il.i! Ii'clioji to become thoroughly
hilli-l, 1iiIi Mini cover wtlh whipped
i "am.
I ml lame white or blerk rherrle Into
ibli eirup umll tl'y ra heated
hio'ijih. llavefoiii lili-rl rlre rrdy and
,,Im fhe clicirlie on a nmt of It on tha
'hitter, aervlng the whole with whipped
1 ream, fjanilah with a few cherry leavea
;t two or three fhi.etr of the dipped
h m Ii'b I i whh'h the eteine are till af -
I wii one ciij of Mixer and two of water
.'or ti I.., mi leu minute. Add two rupa of
t fiPir? pulp tliil haa been run tlirouarh
'. cohiu'li r. I'uiir Into the freeter and
1 'hill, thi'll add the braten White of two
; Kw and freef, Herva wtlh a large
j hi-ii v on ton uf eai'h portion,
t l'i el eomn penehn. halve them, lay two
h.ihn on each plnte, eover with aucar
uid pile ce cream over them. Add a
lit lie whipped eream and aerve cold with
plain take or wafer.
I I'ut a layer of preacrved plum on llloed
en.le cuke and eover with cuiUrd.. Top
un;i whipped and aweetened oream and
ileenrata wlih fanned plum.
i Taka one quart of tooaeberrlea, en
ounce of butter, on pound of whit augur
and four K. Cover tb gtioaeberrlea
with cold water. Simmer over the fire
until aoft, atraln through a leva and
hr ut tha pulp. When hot, atlr In tha auger
end butter. Heat th egg until light and
beat tVm Into tha fnilt pulp after It !
cold. Borva In glaiiea,
. Cook eome rhubarb atalka In half-lnoh
pli-rea, without peeling them or adding
water. Hweeten and flavor with a little
grated orange rind. For eaeh oup of the
rhubarb add th beaten yolk of one egg.
Cook until thickened, cool and fill email
poetry canoe. Put a epoonful of tnertngue
mndo from the whltea of the egge, wtlh a
leaapoonful of auger for each egg, on each
Watermelotia hive rnne tbefr appear
ance on the Omaha market.
Well, now, on aeonnd thought, that
alatement la allghtly exaggerated.
A watermelon (singular number) haa
made Ita appearance Omaha mar
ket. It I a little one and you go In and
aak th man In th whit apron th
price of It, he any: "Two dollar and
a half," and then you eay, "Wall, I gueaa
1 won't tak It today, I'm not very hun
gry for watermelon, anyhow, I'll take
two box of atrawberrlee."
In fact, they aren't aniloua to aelt thle
watermelon. It I more of curloaity
than anything elao, It woe aent here
from Bermuda by an Omaha produce
man who waa recently on th lit t la At
lantic (eland.
While walling for watermelon to gt
plentiful there are plenty of other thlnge
on the loeal market, uch aa trawber
rtna, which are here from Ioutalana In
unlimited aupply and cheep; and orange
and grapefruit were never finer than
right now, Apple are ftlao atlll procur
able, though they are getting ' orce,
Home grown vegetable ar appearing
In greater and greater numbcre-rhubarb,
Mparagu. lettuce, radlehe, watercr,
little onion, mint-all theae thlnga are
raUed right here on Nebraeka ground at
Iteela, carrot, turnip, ahallotg and th
Ilk ar her from Txo.
"Iceberg" head lettuce from California
I here, It nam Indicative of It else
and crlapnea.
Tomntoe, though they journey hither
all the way from KlorWa, are plentiful
and of good flavor.
Dig whit onion hv arrived from
Oreen pea and lrog bean ar plen
tiful, coming lo from their dear old
aouthern home.
Celery i criap and flna and It aom'g
from th farm of Michigan.
Cucumber are big and aolld tettire4
end Ihey come from the ho houae ut
Ivavenport, la,
pie and aet in a niodenit ove'n to rlae,
etlffen and tak on a golden color.
I'eel eom banana, cut them length
wla In llce and pl';e them crlee-eroae
on tb bottom rf buttered baking dlah.
I'our over them one tuhleepoonful of
lemon juice and two Ubleapoonful of
plnpftpple Juice, eprllikin with powdered
ugnr and bake In the oien for twenty
minute. luniove from the oven nd
eover with meringue. Iloturn to Ihe oven
nd brown.
Jellied apple I a dainty daaaxit, Pare
the iipplc and boll them In wtr to
which a little ugar ha been added.
B'dl them until they ar tender, but do
not allow them to fall to piece. Make
th lemon Jelly after tha direction given
on the package of gelatine, place tho
apple In a mall mold and pour Ihe lemon
Jelly over It. Bet ealde to cool. I'our
from ihe mold and eerv wllh ur and
ilch cream. Th apple 1 clearly en
through Ihe Jelly and make a pretty
an well n Inaiy Delicacy.
Cook aome tapioca In water until clear
nd thl'k aa Jelly. Hweeten to taate end
flavor wllh nutmeg and lemon Julca Then
put In a buttered pudding dleheln layer,
with chopped preserved quince. Cover
th lop with a meringue Jna1 Of the
white if two egg, whipped etlff with
two tblfpoonftil of powdered auger. Ket
It In a alow oven and brown delicately,
Herve wltii the ayrup dra'ned from tho
fruit a a aauce, or with wbtppel cream,
HI yolk of egg beaten, on oup f
ugr, el while of egge beaten very
eltff and one lemon, grated rind and
Juice. Heal the qolk and gugar until
lemon colored, add Jufrw and rind of
lemon, then fold In th beaten while.
Mac In buttered pudding dlen, aet
In a tn of hot water and bake abit
forty mlnuto In a alow ovn. Berv
with or without uc.
One orange, on email hunch f Mat
aaa grp, on half cup of chopped
trngtlali walnut meal and ona-half cup
of diced pineapple. Mlg with a llttl
ugar and allow to (tend for one hour,
Jut before eervlng add one-half up of
Kit le Juice, eiv In dainty glaese.
On ijuert of freeh cream, th whIUii
n a naetnar
In wiutiMf
m s
W Give Them AIlTh
ey Wont
HWt a (fori tho cfildrn Uk ami make then atrorvg
and healthy. Write for recipe book free.
Skinner's xlu
jmp to'ieeeraae "
14t A Joafcaaei wee J
16 Pound for $1.00
Cane Oranulated Sugar. Hugar le ad- I
voncing evory day; buy now before It
?oe higher. Moyun beet coffee, II lbe.
ur M.0OI our epeclal coffe. 8 Ihe. for
gl.OOl (He a lb. Hlelwl coffee, 4
Ibe. for 91-00. We alao carry a fancy linn
new crop teae, too, Oo, 70o, BOo per lb.
Cocoa, 30 tier lb. Making Pnwiler, aso
and Oo. Hplcee, Kxtrart, Toilet Hoapa,
Ytc, Hugar aold with It order of other
9. t4f.
404 W. 16th St.
J. D. Crew's
Quality Store
(Wimtiiin Ilrt'eul
"Vreih HptnaM'h
I'Veah TnnatMM
Nt-w I'oUtoca
Krcxh Aapiirairiia
Whx lli'lina V-tli Plant
VrvU Wtrawbfrrioa
llnknl I'liH'iipi'le
AlHinlto I'lmcntn
(Who, 10 IkK-
Ailvo While Vhrtrj
Ailvit SIIiuhI ltnMtpvl
Ad( lUirtleit rretni
AAo Apricot
rt 1,1 aiul ftta.
lUiney It:i7.
of four egg, on cup of grape juice, one
and three-fourth cup of powdered augar.
"Whip half th ugar with th cream,
the reet with the egg. Mix well. Add
th grape Julc and pour over aweetened
etrawberrlea and pineapple, or orange
and banana. erve cold.
Whip a pint of cream (tiff, add a
many halved whit grape a deiired,
aom confectioner' paite cut Into mall
Mt, a few ehelled pecan nut broken
mall ami eight marahmallnw cut Into
email piece. Herve In eherhet glaaet
and gamUh each glaie with a candled
rherry. Thl renip will aerve eight
For a dainty rleaaert cut Into email
piece banana, orange, pineapple grape
fruit, trgwlrrle, cherrle or any fruit
available, and let It (land on Ic until
thoroughly chilled, rill tall hertt
glaeee, cover with aweefened fruit Juice,
top with whipped cream and aerv.
To th etUfly beaten whit of three
erg and three tapoonful of powdered
i gar add on glee of any clear fruit
Jelly. B"t until thoroughly mixed, put
jtito trnall cup or glaaae nd plaog In
tne refrigerator until cold. Herv wltu
gweetened cream garnlahed with finely
chopped nut.
IX for helping yourelf, Oo out to U'hi
de. fie i'ag IV aOvertlenient.
Fifty Per Cent are
Rejected Fifty per
cent of all applicants for
Navy enlistment are rejected !
as physically unfit. Strong,
healthy muscles, sound teeth
and good brain are built out
of the foods you eat The'
most perfect "ration" ever;
devised is Shredded Wheat;
Biscuit, the food that fur-;
nishes all -the material the
human body needs in a di
gestible form. Don't be re
jected! Keep yourself fit for'
the day's work by eating;
Shredded Wheat for break-,
fast with hot or cold milk or
cream. -Eat it for luncheon
with sliced bananas, baked
apples and other fruits.
Give nature a chance. Made
at Niagara Fails, N. Y.
i I. aim i m Mmmrnrntm.m .,.oui'm -.-r
111 Qmahamaid pi m
a t PeaaJjLi ' u e e i
BongU ItOt
131 2 Lbs. Pure Cane Granulated Sugar lor $1.00
Wrrle, 4 bn lor 25tf
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ild MealoJ Flour, at 1.U5
Kgtrm Fane, Teu-RA, Itlpe) KlrgwWrrli
Vmncf Klp T'mvt'ir, all ammd,
4H-W. aack ferwMl Hour, aionclal
gn-in, ng waennurn-t roei) tuna nrniaj i lour, i, ....... .
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or Mixed Nute. we nle ttiem on ante rlaturduy, at a lb, for Boo
Planer freeh Rhubarb, t bunche,,B
freeh Oreen Onion, 4 bunehe,.ao
t'Veeh Turnip. 1 bunehee. .go
Koine-grown Aaperegu,, buneh..TH
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iOo can Chicken Karno, .Be
Thrte Ro pka. Cracker for.,..,10o
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10c hottl (illve for ........... .00
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(Choice Pule Porte-rhouae; and Hlrloln Htk, prr lb. .IH'if
Prlnu) IWb Itogjit, rolled, no tnnttm or WMtrn, jkit lb .......... j f
No. 1 fluter Cured Bklnned Hm, oolf one to a cuatomer, lb., 181
No. 1 Sugar Cured II aeon Iluttg, per lb l l
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C'bolre C'uta Pot Iloaat, per lb 12 W
We deliver frw ever where In the dl jr. Mali order, filled at above priee.
oS The People's Market K
Think Thb Orer
At the horkiraxiicl dmn ik1 a
trtKtiro atoret chroufKt ut thl conv
munitr where Jiil7tnjJt
Ice Crntm U auU, you am mk Kr ftivl
grt ttve hctt ttd nat)t wholmxne Ice
Crrm that U pomlLU to tern, Aik for
It by Dime Jit A PUte of
it W U ti yvH wtfll jWU i It rf silng
Choice Aocelug Brand, af, per I Faney Olive Prand, per box,
bo 8.'L14 t 83.42
800 lze, doien... 2d 3") x dor.en,, Kir
800 alze, do.en. ....... l. I 300 alze, doieo... 15
MarkeH Ktrong and Prlre Hure to Advanre.
Red River, Choice Minnesota I Nebraska Ohio Choice fittMk
Stock, 1 bughel. 60 81.00 1 buanel, 60 lb 07i
2e leaa la two gack lot. Per peck, 16 lb 2."
Per peck 2&4 I 2c buihel lens ta 2 Back lota.
sl'WA li
Market Htrontf and Prnlmbly llllier Hoftn,
Deal Bert. l(K.b. a k, 87.55 't "iiie. lOO-lb. ak, 87.65
IS lb., 81,0(--Amuiia Limited.
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can (or !c
MacTtren'a Peanut Butter, p
lb., at 11
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8 cana for 10
Beet Bulk Macaroni or Bpaghettl
per lb , at 5(
Large bottle Vinegar or Ammonia
for 7t
Peal, Corn or Hominy, 10c ran
for 7
Climax Macaroni or Spaghetti,
10c pkRi., each 7f
8 pkga. for 10
Gardnn Henxle, regular alze pkga.,
3 for 5
Crlaco, (up aoon), can, 23, 45
nd 0
ler Vinegar, gallon. . , . ,
Shlnola or 2 In 1 Pollnh, 1 ic
aire for ,7
Ptire Fruit Prcaervea, 32-oz.
Jura for 21f
Buy Ttiih'i PnjH'r by ilie ( v
100 rolla Keo Cretie. . . 8U.20
Two rolU for 5
Northern Light Bilk Tlaaun,
1.500 ahenta for 7g
Three for lf
100 roll for 80.00
Krmemher That Kverjr I'urrlioAe Made At
U CitiaraiHcetl Tit l'li'n.
Yea Eladam, We Can Recommend as the Best for 35c
Bufeffut ,
sa, f ir irir-r :
LlX 7) 1
PIQ PORK LOINS, Fresh, Not Frozen, lb
PI0 PORK BUTTS, lb ...13?
Pteer Pot Ret, lb UUo
Hterr Boiling Beef. lb...
I'lg Pork Hoaat, lb JJVe
Young Veal Roaet, lb "V
Young Veel Chop, lb.. 1H
iyuio iega, to '
Mutton Chop, lb
Hpare RH', lb
Halt Pork. lb.
Hklnner Ham, lb......
K.xtr Lean Karon, lb...
Hugar Cured Bacon, lb.
.. . .o
JTrom 0 t 10 p. m-lork Chop
.it ut .ha eitr. Mall erdera filled at onee.
PIO PORK LOINS, Fresh, Not Frozen, lb 13?
Hieer Boiling ef, lb He
Hteer Pot Hoaat, lb ,..HVa
Young Veal Kooet, lb... HHe
Young Veal Chop, lb UHo
Pig Pork ftoaat, lb , lSHo
Mutton Chop, lb
Hpare Blb, lb
Halt Pork, lb.... J."
Hklnned llama, lb.... JZ!4
Kutra fan Haon, lb ,.,.140
Sugar Cured Hacon, lb. .. ,,,...17H0
Dllrrte to all part of the city. Mall order filled at onoe.
Opp. Woolwortb 6e and 10c Htore. 1J3 Kouth lOtb t. Tel. D. 1W0T.
, '! "f7
Careful Parents
Should Give
Their Children
Plenty of Abso
lutely Safe
Pasteurized Milk
Milk la one of the rnont economical and nouriah
fng food you can give a child. It ahould be uaed
liberally In cooking food for the family. There
la abaolutely no danger from dlaeaae contamination
In our perfect paateurlzed milk and cream, and It
haa all the wholeaomenoaa, purity and good flavor
left In It, Paaleurlzlng deatroya nothing but the
dangeroua germ, Inalat on Alamlto aafe milk, aa
It coeta no more than ordinary raw milk.
The dealer who aella you Alamlto producti In
doing you a real aervlce.
All Leading Dealers Sell It-Asks Yours for H
If your dealer don't eel) it. fall Doiigla 409 n4 we
will give you th naret aealer'e name.
The "Milk-White ' Dairy Omaha
Give the Kiddies
a May Dajr
Ideal diet for the growing
child, and as a Spring tonic is
a wonderful success.
To mailt tf party ft iwvrt, U lor ywtl acrv Uet
Wal I04 Cnnua-rWicl la ih U1U deaarV
Totur DnifsU Ca Suppl Ywu
TO Fftlmtont Cfmrf Co. OinnKa, Nlr,
mmi c uucjtsp cm
a-la 1.1. T
1 1 i yrrn r1 - ;