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VOL .IAXO. L'71.
AIM? I!,
Oa Trwla, el Kotrt
Tw Standi, ato, M
GASOLINE AND WATER BOTH SCARCE IN MEXICO-One of the handicaps In the prog
ress of the American force is the fact that gasoline i3 as hard to get as water. The photo
graph shows a "juice" wagon carrying great big tanks of gasoline. This tank truck, used
by the First Aero company in ordinary times, has been converted into a gasoline station on
wheels. x
Boot, and Funittoii Arrive at Border
City and Make Arrangement! to
Confer with Mciicari
American Ambassador and Secretary
Leave for the Field Headquarters 1
of the German Emperor for
Arrives Across the River from
United States, Accompanied
by Trevino,
K1, PAHO, TeY, April 2. - - .Major
General Hugh ) Heott mul j-'n-ii-irlrki
Funaton reached ; I'hmo
ahortly before- o'clock mul Im
rnedlgti-ly bold h ronfereiico with
Andre Uurcla, cxlciiii inin.iil nt hi
Vhho, to arrange for tint ul hiiI
place of the fintl, conference Unit
to determine lint pcmllng. military
qijaetlone between Mexico and tho
United HinU-n.
El PAflO, Te April nil
Atvero Ohr-egon, mlnMir of war of
the de fa Ho icovcrnincnt, In In J tun c
today wiiltlng- to confer with Major
General Hcoft unit Ftmnton on ih
fnllllary queailoria that are Involved
In the American punitive expedition
Into Mexico. General Obregon, ne
i ompanled by General Jacinto Tre
vino, military governor of ('hlhiiH
Img; general Humiicl H. Bunion, Gov
ernor KnrlqiieB of Chihuahua and
J realdenle Joan m mt, Iorrern of
I'arral, reached Juaref on a xpf-rlat
train tli Ih mornlnc.
The ihird section of diiiiTdl r Miffiififi'
train, beating General J.nls ( iiilierri ,
military governor of 'hlhualiuii., waa de
tailed south of Jtjnrcg hiu! govern I pas
senger were riairfed Injured. It I not
known whether General Ouili'trci w
hurt, General Obngnn reached Juaict
oolt mill I'lllialoil H M.
General! Heott mid Kuiialou urn flu to
re!!,) lier tonight, wbell It In expected
t t)lt AI I'lllU' Ml' III H ill to Iliad" fr III"
first conference to be li-ld hi Jnnri'4 to
morrow. General Obregon unllnlputH mU'
fn' tory C'lnf'rclH'', nd wldl h (lid iml
r . H w linllfiild h wnn veiiifil
with ili)ry fioweri liy Flrnt ''Muf ''m"
rtnr. lit ffit r djutminl of the
mllltnry ultunilon tlmt now (ihtuma ftlnntr
h MxUn border,
Th Muxltn mlnUtiT of wr h'ld iv
rl enrifrnr;f tmliiy with th military
nod civil nnthorHlM of Urn d fnitto gov
rnmnt of (.'hlbimlnm., In which every
tthmw fif th Mlt UAtioii til dlnou!,
that th elrt praaonutlon of tlio
Meilcan propoaala rould h mada to
tjnrral Hrrtit nd Kunaion.
Oitiiriil (ilircK'iti Marta It cl'ar tddny
that Uia Oirratizn jtuvornitint w In
pnaltlon thurotiKlily to piilliii northern
chihuahua, and that t) Atnarlcnn
troiipit, havlna fnlflllnd Ihlr aiirmuni'cd
piiro of lirealiliiK tip I ho Vllllatii
hand, ahould wltiidmw lo the t'lillnd
Hla-lia, Hoiim fi.KiO t iinanzhtlit auhllern,
trat'dilriaj from northern Hnimru to
rn Clilhuahu, wa tineritl )hre;iin'
moat polant rKUmeiit tliat ha C'Mild
ini-ft Din altuiitlnn without aid from the
I'nlii'd PW.
VrMfxtluK lh api-clal train of Onneral
otrrexon hy u hour wan a trunp train
noiit In idvatna to protect tlcnerHl
Oiireifiin'a party from n poaalhlr aur
pi ica attack from rosing hitmla of
IIIMlarr Hcleomr fur Olii-moii,
All Juurex turned out to muUa l.eiit,riil
uhr'giiit and hi party weh-iioie. l-'nihr
ordera from (ieiieral (iuvlm. mllltiuy
rornmitoiler In Juarez, troop Mro-d both
ld of t alis I'onierilo, from the rail
road aiiitlnil to tho etiHlnrn houne, w hi-i o
Ohrefoil and It party were enrolled,
'I'll Juare military hand aided In tlia
welroina, pliiyln- ta liveliest air at the
railroad ataJlon, whera awoea of Mex
ran ditlhereil to greet the Inlninter of
(ieneral (iahrlrl ('Savha, with hla utitff,
dreaeed lit field tinlliinn.i, with Aodie
fiaicla, Muh au cnixnl I i 1,1 I'uan, nffi.
cially wi'li-nmeil Ijcnul nl iihnnno nt tliR
Tlt band Mew 4 fanfare when the e
Mnn baarlng tienerul (ihregno (In w In
ifHinlliiord on 1'ngu Two, t'dUinni Twu.)
Tho Weather
FW't Hi) t i
lrtr 4 nt.-iliM. t 'ft. ill
m. Siii inliiv
.1 liMi(ti) nlld Vn Hilly
liiuahM Iralerilat.
,". .i m . i
a hi . , T
I ..... '..i ... ,i ....
1 r Mrrlurr Ml
k in , . . , !-
a in ......
n :
1 1 a til wi
i -i l.i . , , , . ... . l
I l m 1 1
3 l, in ' .'
p. in . J
4 p, in , . . , m
I I in
a l in . . , , , . : ..
l' l , r '
r i h
I mal Mvi ril,
Hi )'' I ,t Ml
.i i. .
II n I
9 II,
' C Ii
i I, I 41. II .l i t.
1 Mltttt
I ' ( iji.-iit
I t- i .
I , i ,-i
l j ! . li
I i a) i-m t n I
l.i ii Itl. i a
MepMfi In. hi latln it I f M
.1 Il'l I . nl, -! ! 1
I.Hfr-tf -,11.!1..
' ..11 - !. ' M It i . i
i"i l-i"" H 1' ' 1- 1 1 bin -i
I ! t.,1 1 I I
1 I ,
1 ,.i.i .,. f .. 1 at,.
'! , I I,. l
'! I, . . I r .
t . I . . , I
! t -i a I 11 4
I I- k
I - "il- I
t .1 .
I 111,
'. 4i I
1 1
. I - . I
!-i,,.:. , i. , , .
. I l: . 1 1 ti
I l- a 't i I, .i i v
w i r , . t i. ii
fl I.'. f neit ,,,H tt
' ' I t i 1 I . . ' I -I I
miUt in' . t i. f -t ,
I. A, l I itil, ,uit.j,, i iti
j '-" , . I-1 1
... fc
J1A.I mlitf. HUSH L. SCOTT
One Dead, Five
Hurt When Auto
Turns Itself Over
KfvAKNKY, Nb April 3l.-(r!peclal
Telfiaramj- Joiiepli N'ovotne, 17 year of
nae, leaiijent of near Ilutlcr, thla county,
la ili rul a a renult of an automobile
acr-ldi'iit Thnraday evening, In whfch the
uiachlni nilflaid a tirldKt over a arnall
e tri o in and vtm hurled a dlatanca of
aUIV net.
I'lvt other pi-i.nona wera In tha car.
John fii hiiii r, l.",, auatalned a dislocated
ahoulder, and Alike I'ontlienkey aeveral
hrulten rlha. Ilo.' Muaall and Mary
Hclmler, each l.'l, were badly brulaed, a
wa oJhn llimh, IK,
The new ma' hlne, waa deiiiillnhfd. It
tinned over three, time following the
accident. The n in n who died w driving
and wllnendi-a nrt that he waa travel
ing nt a fiint rate. In an attempt to
dudu a mndholc he bust control of the
car iiTid,i niili not get It hack In the road
before marina the river.
fnniial i-ervl'iia for Novotne will be
held In thu lioheniliui C.'Bthollo church
ri 1 1 iT. i h y afternoon.
Russian Railroad
in Persia Will Be
Extended to India
WAHlll.ViJTuN, April W.-The nucaian
railway lul exteiuli-d to TabrU, I'erala,
I i ol hi 1 .1 .. will he puahed Into HalindilelHn,
to Unit t'ein.H.I ih lirlllah Indian
i-lli.'H. iici ill 1 1 1 K lii ii ciniiiniinli iituiti to
the 1 ii pill Inn -nt of i 'minni'ice front II, It,
linker, iiuiiiiiei.ini auuclie at J'el marad,
ih- i Ihlna the in tuna nf the line Into
I'ei la
'the Una I Hnnn-, m dln-et to l!u
Hhii iile t ho ii,,.. i,f Tnhru, nuiat of
U'h lnilnelb Kent llit'cifch Turkey,
Tlirl In (lie Irii.llii cat pet market of
tlia wurhl noil hit ii popiiliUli'ii of Iii,mv
It l a ii hem y trnile hIh In tinttim and
ill ! d fiiilla jlitniea nf rialii are
fclHlMl ill tlH I I . 1 1 1 1 ii 1 1 1 1 4 tlillhll).
Lasting Peace Must
Unity of Power, ''lti.. i-i ii i r H Hin'ii, '
to an alii' ' i ' Inn nwi.eual I . . . . i
Hi .ii in. ii, " I. (Mi. National iiutiii ;
if h .i t.t el-ic. t.t r l.-liv null fiat
liy till hj III.I II.-Ill f it ll,l t1 ef
I ... I
i II
It ti ll
illl .'
fl Hi 4 '
1 t
t. r
it .1 ..f
.... M
lit 1 1 .
I fc '4.
'11 -I
1 1,1, .,
i I"
ln. li
I I lia
I 111
I if 11
J,l It
(I. I ' I I' I
: I I.
U I'll I
..I'., f n
. t
.. :
1 1 1. 1
I . I
i f fn
f IH'i..'.
it: I. . m
1 I
'lit !
I 1 t r" .it nt
t I a tial lut i
l H it oil o ul I
''I- i (..
H ! I
f I
1 1 V 1
i t . r i . .
,( t... I ...le
-.. Il'n. t
I fl.l . 4.
i.nuM fi tali
i : if- ,.i l "
a ,'tn Mi y .i
. t, : -l,l
I tht IS I
t U
' :"! a
',' "";': ''-JA
,' , ni, j. i li.i. ,, ,ft
Fred Bisjell Confcssc to Peniten
tiary Warden that He Killed
Edna Dinimore Out of
Confessei Luring Child to Empty
House by Promise to Buy
Her Some Books.
lANKIN(J, m n . K , April '.'x. I'red
IIUmoII, h TopekK linker, cnnfcNMod
lute today thai ho lonrdcred Ktltiit
liliiHiiiore, a lO-yenr-old lrl, In To
pi'lut lunt TuendHy, HftonRn cHuar I
hy the refuaal of the child' mother
lo niBi ry hint promptrd Hip ( rlnip, i
ninny of lite (itiilli of which went:
! of a revolting character,
I The alory of tho murder wn told
j to J. K. Codding, warden of Kan-;
Hpn hiitle peiilicnlHty, and I 1 '
K lo tdicrlff of Topcka. !
HctiHcll lit aald to have admitted
(hat he lured the child to enipt-'
liouxn by telling her hn would buy I
her noma hooka. After lying her and 1
placing her In the cellar, h went
out and purehtiHcd aonm tohacco and
a newxpaprr. Then letutnlnK to th
houae tio found hi victim at III alh ul
hut going to an upper rnnm of Ihj
building ho et the Mrurture afire
From a nearby corner bs waited un
til the flro companlea arrived and
then went back to hla father'
T, P, A, Gets Warm
Welcome from Live
Wires at Alliance
AMjIAN'i.'K, Neb., Aprtl W.-ffprclai
Telegram. )Nearly 200 delegate ',r
aponded to roll call thl morning, when
tlie atata convention of thi Traveler'
Trot active aiaoclatlon opened In the Im
perial theater. Mayor Romlg welcomed
the delegate, preentlng them with a
, large key to the city and Inviting them
j to partake of It ltopltallty. 3, W.
I Outline, prealdent of tha Commercial club
lalao welcomed the dolegatea. nti,t preal
dent, W. O. Wa.te, Teaponded playing a
nice compliment to Alllanc and Ita
After a abort bualn aeaalon the dele
gate were taken about th city In auto
mobile, The annual memorial aervlco
wa held thl afternoon, attended by the
delegate, flaltor and cltlxen. National
Chaplin Rev. A. A. Brook of Hauling,
Neb,, delivered the memorial addrea,
Secretary l-l upper calling the roll of de.
parted member. At 7 o'clock thla even
ing, 1'oat M of Alliinee tendered the
delegntea a banquet at the Drake hotel,
cover being laid for S.V). A grand ball
In the Phelan Opera hotiae cloaed the
entertainment for the day.
The committee In chars of entertain
ment baa aomrthlng aperdal for every
minute the delegate are out of eajon.
At Rundown thl evening lx "wild aid
woolly" cow puncher rode Into town
through Main atreet "ahoollng up the
town," when an attempt wa made hy tho
marnhal to arreat them. I lo waa roped
and rendered helpleaa. but with tho aa
alatanca of aevcral dlegatea aucreedeij
In placing the cowboy In jail. An tninio
dlate trial wa held, attended by about
a hundred delegate. The "ahoot-up"
proving to be a feature of h program.
Joseph M, Cudahy
Is Vice President
Sinclair Oil Co,
NKW YORK. April . - The newly,
formed Klin-lair Oil and Iteflning or
poratinn, a roAiOfmi) Imlepetident ron
i ei n oiganixed hy Hurry K. Miiclair of
Tnlaa, dkl , waa formally launched here
today with the election of officer and
director, They are: Harry I. Sinclair,
president: Jnirph M. t't'Jhv, I'hhaao,
flret vtce prenldciu, V . It. lanm, fhl
eagn, aecond the prealdent, and II W.
Hln. lalr, Tulna, aecrrtary - lrenaur-r.
Thrfe. offlcera and Thennr Itunaevi-lt,
Ir , Albert Hhiim U. . I'avlion, f ew
Vnrk; W, T IVniim, thhaBo, I: it
1 1 iilou and Ii It Ki-im., Tulaa. and II
I". rliiht, hiin.m I itv, ie iii.m tun.
Be Based on
Says Oscar Straus
l-i mi ait nii,,.,- 1 1 - . tf
"lliy ,l, t l,ifn .t rf. H OI ..(.,.
.1 u.B u.t t ,,,,!, .fim ni UM m
' rie Hi" plat i.f tlitiimaev ft II.
iet lui..,n hitii." ) ri (
.ian in lii.t..Hi,l ,i, l iii,l (,,,.,, h,
I l I., I li X l.f l . l ..'l. I SI,,. vt.lll
I 1 1Ui ncli t,i c ih
I '
l 1 1 t
c. 1 . ,1 .
: .t .,i,nl i. I
1 l-fll. ,i,i ( L . ,
' I ll lll'l ,,). il
. II I 11 I I , .11.
i -It llnm I
if i aiv. 1,1
li l 1 r'.i t- .ii ,
I ' I ffl f I Ui. IN -..
Ml . . f -.
t .'i? tt h u- hi
I 1
H o
1 hi . Ii
, I il .,.
I'f t
I It
' tli
i.f itli. . if
I I . !
Ill 1 1
II 1 1 l.
. I '
.-l .I--I U, i I,
a ... f ia"t I 1-1 an I
I I I ' I
. f.
c II tl I i l
1. . 1 .1
t , .t I-, t
it .if ti
i . i ' i ii
1 I 1 1 ll I . IL, I . . I. I .It
I . cf l
if a '.ii , i( ., k
i"it rn ! f.. w IM' K -ni e
atiiai ' ! l.i ti. ai- a t j
iHa f i . M
m 1 -' I 4.1'- h V,..-, 7 V
I Tf iJ S -" f 'k'' r. ""! " ',SJ i :
l1!' ? W-JT
; V v, - J .a r , - ( ' - ' -V- V 1
f.-. w.t;.'.;'- V, i-':, j
Worry Over Fact That She Wai
About to Become a Mother ii
the Caue for Doing Deed.
That, Ml8 Itoao Vlaeh, aged 20,
li!8 rirree Blrpet, whoao decaplla
len njjd mangled body wa found on
the (rack of tho Omaha railroad,
north of Klprorvew, Thuraday, com
mitted Mulcldf, wa all but conelu
aHely determined by police inveatl
gatlon yealnrday.
Worry over tbe'fact that aha wa
about to become a mother, and the
cLaenna of the man who bad prom
ised to marry ber, wore rpaaoni
given by her frlcoda and relittlvea
for tho act. .
ftoae lived with Mr. K. Kaatron
fit tho above addrea, and for more
(ban a year had been keeping com
pany with Ledwlg Kozamek, who
Ined with hi cotialn, Wr. T. Mo
liilo, 1309 South Socoad atreet,
I'riiniiae of Marriage,
A month ago, according to Mr. Kaa
Iron, Itoao dlaoovered thut he wa to
become a mother, and aaked Koiaerek
lo marry her. Ho conaenied and told
her to look for a houae. TwaUa day
later aha completed arrangement for
their future home, but Kozaerek, after
telling hla ciiukIii that hn waa going to
leave town, did io Immediately. The
fart of hi absence wa determined when
he failed to appear for work the next
morning at the Otla Klevulor company,
where he had been employed, koine time.
Itoae, who had been working at the Hen
Ulacult company, for aeveral month,
waa forced to quit work t-aturdiiy night
on account of her dclli-iilo londllloh, and
alnce that time haa kept to her room,
grieving over Koxaerek ijeaertlng her.
the repeatedly told Mr. Kaatron and
Mr. Martha, tiroes. 1IW I'lerce etreet, an
Intimate friend, tliat aim wua going to
kill hi meir.
Thuraday n Ik lit ahe left tha houae,
alone, about ii o'clock, after bidding
everyone gnodliy. I'urlng tho inornlng
ahe had rxpreaeed her Intention of au
Keen lir lllpa teher.
fHi-patclier Miiitliiaon of the North
aeaient, while itrhliiK hla auto north of
I Kimence about T."'J Inat eienhig, mi a
girt wulklng along the track, i'ondue
! tor I liiimhera and l.imlneer intmcrman
! of KKtra hoiuid for Hie city, aaw
j tier nit ilowu on the tia a and tie her
' ahoe. at a apot near heie her jacket
! and hat urm found At Mai tlmum'
i IV of wattling ahe ateppeil to una able,
i mid when the train hud gone by again
! luck the I In Mo. illy af'i-r thla a
j north, hound extra, vi It It nitd'ietor Hart,
ilng and tnnlncer Madlaan.
Mailan aa Me la aaw an nt)wt on;
lii.i track, but too late to avoid ti1klng
, i He iraiU'd H it he bad run cvarl
aoinenne, aid bi king the ttaiu In thai
apot hnin thl olijeii tgy, foul d lUma
tier ll a ftMlclile, '
lti.iiv I. hi, liiioB, nl i anli
ii n. I on Urn nil and ili j
oinatioii witch baa pig-
t . ..Ill Mtllfl the fl I'll :
!' I itin I, r n i e i i i t mat
ll.l ll hii waa woilnl ll.ilu tli bo if
l ihnii iltiia ', linn t l i
a in. i! iji.nii..n a tn a 11' w .i
il. I
11. e. nl i pi that team -.
. .in .1 it.. iMt I tr
I l 1 01 1. i
trrMiig II '-ii n i
, ,1 I HI. I,. I 11
I'm l,,.- ..1 I" i
VI, a- V I. n
I . I V ' i-
..isl i'
I - I Ill l
I I It I , .111. I. I
wlill l .1 4 I
i.l ' It I I
l. 1, 111 K I '
V I.. 1, I .1 It
.1 I
II' c
i 1 1 t
f ft.
n M ti
I.H '
l H I
il .11,
xii, a I t'
t I . i' I
t.i ' t
i ' - ' I f ' I l
t I
- St H '
Ml lt I
t-l ram
'tit f I I' -lt I
.,.i .i . i iii-ni-a'iWiii. i, - . .-..( - - . . 'Ji. : .--i -i .i- A--.a-oi l jfLt-L-A. w-ii-- . f -) UMawu ii- aai. mW8ii .ir-a-' 1 ,tuallHi iii Mr fcWiHWi WWi m I
Alaska Union Rejects
Offered Wage Scale
Hr.WAItli, Alaaka, April '.'X.-The An
chorage I.hor union relet led today Ih
wnifo ainlo by the feilm-iil arbitration
board endeavoring to aettle th alrlka
among workmen on the government'
rllway In Abinka. Tho alrlkn bcgnfi
Kehriniry 12.
Wanhip Sinks in Mediterranean
and About One Hundred and
Twenty-Five Men Loit,
LONDON, April 28, The Hrltlab
battlcahlp Jtumiell hag been aunk by
a mine. Admiral Krentnanlle, the
caplaln of the Jtitttaell, twenty-four
offlcera and 67 men were, aaved.
About 124 men from tho fluaadl ore
inlnalng. The warhlp was aunk In
tho Mediterranean. '
Official alalcmenl,
The alnklng of the j'.uaeell and of lhCnele Sam.
Oermnn auhmiirlne waa announced In I
the following official altemeut;
"If, M, N, ltuae, . Captain William
Howdnn eiinlth, It. N flying the flag of
Hear Admiral Kreemanl le atruck a mine
In th .Mediterranean yeatetdajy and waa
annk. Tho adinlrul, captain, Iwenty four
officer and Bid men were anted. There
ara about 121 officer and men lulaalng.
"A (iermaii eiihiuiirlne wa nul off
the eaal count yealerdny, One officer
and aeventeeii men aurreudi'ied and ware
miido prlaiinor."
Under oldlniiry condlllon the Ituaaell
carried between 7n0 and koO men,
The Ituaaell waa laid down In ISM and
completed III I!m3, It waa 4oTi feci long,
Vfi feet 'beam, tvventy alx leet deep ninl
(lli.ilitced M.oiiO ton II wna armed IHi
four 12 Inch, twelve ll Inch, twelve, 3 -1 mil
and alx 3-pound gun and four torpedo
tulma. It coat about Hi.m'i.'mO
Tho Ituaaell la Ihn eleventh llilllnh
hnlthiahlp which bna been lout durbm ihn
war. The other were tho AmhiclniJa,
llillwark, l''ot mldnhle, IrreHlKllhln, (icean,
Colialh, Triumph, Mn ienllc, Nntiil and
King l..iir. VII In addllloii about
thirty five nihil irltlili warahlp of
varloiia ilaaaea have been deftrmeil, ,
New York Police
Will Break Up Gang
of Blackmailers:
NI.W VHtli, At. Hi
A 11 inilier of
arreata ar ekiai teil here anno In a pulp I
catuiialun In I. leak up galig-f of lilaik
miller who have len feting upon
wealthv ilalior pollen 1 'ooiiolailioier
W01..I (ill ln.i that bla liiveatlaatloli
had heell pioceetlllia for aavefdl lnolilh
and action in ht l e 1 tpa. lei la lb
imar f itute
1 It h ,i '"' leaned 1 t e liU I.
11 a-lr Ii atuitiutttl 10 ii em proapetuu
tljtifH 11 I I. 0 laie tooiight ttiiMiiitilM of
mil to .In l u.ltini men In Nw Iml
T'i nt'i-al I .ta.'kitiallli g ng I tl
1 r).. a In. tinting t lout 'n tn
ti'trii I 1 1. 10 I c t mm
lni i f t- .!-.! vn Ho. in tli Horn
l,. a. i.l...!ll ni. I Uir
Tie fi..m a. h' in li iln .
Lit 1. .11 I, 11, I 11 il.timi tn ttv ni
lint, ll ' Ilirl,iei I (t ill. tl
Hi tn I I H ill" I... I V
United States Leads in Production
of Most Metals and Field Crops
VV t ii I I ) V . I 1 1 s
I . I. . I l l I'
i .! a
i t .nt l i t ftl liv an I
It l 1 ' U.ii
t nil.. Kt ' -il I..J ,
I ll.l
i it i
. 'I'l I
rot tit I1- t. (
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. ft
t 'Of
u .
i 1. 1
- g t't e
'! I t '.
I I V lit.
I- I I' !
I I '
. - n
t I
Nearly Half Million Dollar. Worth
of Slampi, Cardi and Envelopei
Included in Requisition.
John C. Wharton, pontmaatrr of
Omaha, did a little (hopping In
Waahlngton, J), C,
lie apent $77,958.20.
)e gpent It all for poatage aUmpa,
(natal card and alaraped envelope.
"Hend It, plcage," he laid to Uncle
I'ncle flam waa Tery much gratified
nt (he order, He noted that Omaha
la buying more poalal gooda every
quarter, berauae Omaha la proaper
lug and growing ao rapidly.
"Von might aiao note, uncle," aald
John C Wharton, "that the inereaa la,
perhap, due In no alight degree Id tho
efficient admlnlatrallon a poalmnater of
a man whom modeatv forhhl me to
"Quite o, quit o," aald th pollt
lllg liirreaae Miimii,
The poatal good bought by the Omaha
poatofflce In t qunrler iiotounted to only
f:!in,iin. (.'ompare that with th more rn
cent figure mentioned above.
Homo of Hut Item on Colonel Whar
ton' hnppln7 Hat were;
1fi,0iKi,iKO j-cent atamp.
to.myiDoO I cent aliimpa
lOnmO 3-cent alamp.
jm,m t-i-cnt atiimp.
Solium 5. lent atiimpa
lon.OtW "-cent ataiupa,
Jon,)') 10 cent ataiupa,
l.f.n.W't poaiul card
Thu-liiilf mllllnndollar order will he
ahlpped to (imiihn by frelgiil In an ordi
nary box car.
Relief Ship to Kut
Grounds in Tigris
I.I'MinN. April ii;t,p. m l-A relief
ahlp bi nt hy the lli itieh vvlili aupplli
for tho ijarrUim at K ul -ill-Annua
grounded In the 'Maria, four nillea to (he
cant of Kut, It waa announced In 11 11 of
flclal a! h 1 1 liu nt thla evening,
' An attempt made on the night of
April '.'I In aend a hhip with auppllea for
th ntiglo Indian Ihhh abut up In Kut,
though ran led out with tho uliiioxt gal
lantrv, uiilort uinitelv failed," a) lliu
off Iclal announcement
"Our neroplniii a ibniniipil ihf uliip
aground near Maganla, ahout fnur lulliW
iat of .tilt "
M41H ufitii 1,1 .,11 tula 1,1 1 1,,, ii,imlm,
AtM.tlt 1 Inn tut ioaiUi trt(tii.hiy altyr- :
lumli. all I1.1l liitii- i.f wblilt h 1 1 at t J
I'lli't by lb .iiiniiillt. '. , , .in, 1
le.i a out of tb i,n.ii..n at h.iii in, 4
li for thl itr . Lii. biiiian Ttui f .i.i j
are takfit ui,,t, r adv I ul , m, im m- ;
fiiiiialimt It aiven u M , fl,,
iiri'('ittiuii irt, or tn th pr..rrty
in i
A iiv.inixt f n it ,,Mri, imti-,1 mint I
he iltn IK tai l to unit ,.f tht
iro-etty liflvKil. t.. II I i tr. I n . tw
SJuiilaf It 1le. I''. ll)! tg .1ft
nit it t aiixicni. t j
in t c lint l it
I 4 ti n 111
I-. nt anil 1 1
ii i in i t
I ''.vinli-. t t
im U l.i lii
f 11 111 I
t ,1,1 I
I , ,1,1 1, 't 1, 1.
ill. .1 -. I .1. .1
I t
I t
I It eta in t-t
lf Itl .icn , '
..,.t.M. l-i i.f a . I I i
" I
'- t' I"- iiiW mi.!) of i
h ii t ..x. i j.i,,,, t it
1 Htlitil
I 1 . 1 1 -.
4'l I M .
I i--l I Itl
t ii i .
l in.iMti
t'littiAtt In
i I Vltt
. -t : .! '
III I. I- . ,1, 1 ( ,
li I l I I I ,1 , , I
ni i - i-. i t m p.
ir--. . , .-I f. , i , . ;
i tr i ttit ,
., t M m ,i I
i tut
I i . tint
... ,i
e t i ri,!. ,..,
H iin .
' r- 'i
Stock Market in Berlin Firm and
Higher in the Belief of a '
Peaceful Agreement.
111 i.M'-.tiv
HKIIUN, April JK. -tlly Wlrelea
to Kayvlllo.) ... vice Admiral Kduard
von ( apelle, the naval officer who
auccocded Admiral von Tlrpltn laat
month a mlnlater of the navy, left
1 rrlln on Wcdneadiiy lo confer with
l.mpcror William at the Oerman
nniiy headquarters.
riKHI.IN, April 27. Vl London,
April 28, f Jameg W. Gerard, the
Anierlrttn ambaaaador, and Joaeph C.
drew, gecretary of the American em
luitay, left flerlln tonight for German
army headquartcra for an audience
with Kmpcror William.
Although no Information ha been
phen out regarding the purpoae ht
Amhaaaador Gerard's Journey, It la
evident that Kmperor William wlabea .
a thorough personal talk with him
In order to obtain a clearer view of
the American position on the sub
marine laanfl. The) train will reach
lie deatlnallon at 7 p. m. tomorrow
(Friday) and Amhaaaador Gerard ex
pect to return on Bunday,
The Invitation to vlalt the fierman head
quarter was brought to th amhaaaador
terannally by relgn Minister xon
The Invitation la regarded In finnclI
circle a a good omen. Neverthele,
enperlemeij oberver conlder th altii.
lion very aerlou and bllev that th
mr fait of the amhaaj1nr' meeting
with tli emperor and hi advlaer la of
lea Importance that what wna don at
Ih conference at Herman, headquarter,
Tho ultimate derlalnn at Waahlngton l
held lo ha quit Incalculable until It la
known how far Utrmany meet American
Th nwa that Amhaaaador Oarard wa
going to I Im heedifUMl'teri wa known at
noon today, but the venaora, for aotna
myaterlou reaaoti, refuaed to allow
cahlegrama lo be aenl announcing that
fact until, tonlghl; Jual a lhy hud re
fuaed lo p dlapatidiea with new that
th American note had beep banded , to
the foreign office, until th next day,
Merlin Mock Market Klrin.
UK ft U.N, April IS. A feeling of con
fldenea that a aolutlon will he found to
the pending tlorman-AmoHcan differ
einea and that the pmnnit tcnalnn will
b inl. cuerted an evident Influence
on the berlln Htock exchange today.
The market wa ipilet and firm, and
dealer who yealurdiiy unloaded varloiia,
line of atoi k wera today repurchaalng, '
Thla feeling wna atrngthencd by the
repoit of a recovery eh th New York
atock market yeaterday for the game
reaaon, No tangible developtnenta upon
which thla confidence I baaed ar yet
evident and the situation an far aa It
can be obaerved lot changed little In
the biat twenty-four houia.
The chancellor, I'r. von Rethmann
Hollwrg, and Admiral von Holtaendotft,
chief of tho naval general ataff, ara ,
i.ii at the general headquarter, hut
no Immediate decision la expected from
litem on the giitrral bmun, although It
may come tonight or tomorrow morn
lug, which will liidloiita how the chan
cellor' report on the poaallilllly of a
aettlemi nt ana received in the circle
tiemrii' Inatrnclton Delayed,
American Amhaaaador Herard haa not
received the general luatructlona from
Waahluatm, which gr heralded In th
ni wapuper dlapatchea. Their arrival will
aubstantlnlly cotilrlhut to the settle
ment The worst of the dlffloullle In
lha mv of rem lung a ttlmrnt I
tli ti-ati b led channel of ronimunlea
lion between Waahlngton and Herlln.
Ambataador llernatorff t unabl lo com
munlealo with hi government except in
oneit ilpher and no auppUimrntary in.
formation on th altualion In Waahlng
Ion I available her.
(carman atatratiteu read fully thla
great handicap lo a ettleitiitt, Una ct
th blgheal of th rot ld to the rorrai
pendent of Th Aotlated Tr this
aft i linull
"No. hnv no nw and Amlitut
dir Herald, I vindei aland, b Hun
el!hr 'Una fc ttiake piaitlalton -tirmrlv
il f'l i. It bv )et tXt
im il-illni, it, i .1 nut vl.ti ti lili
Iheut in i gb.ieiii' of f irther ln'iirii-.
I 'on
1 1 'nit ..!! nlvm el lit ..-M'tH.t i,4 t
luM'tiV, Ai'ivl -rv, ituiuMtt,
i., I. t In. I in. I t'.a tlii ti e
it,,, II it i icya ef t'
From A to Z
and Then Some
tt WmsM titkf ,'t l.iuc
tvtik ti liat tlity tmiHi
ttl Ii t'f lliHUi Wiinl
,i nn !t-l,i . t i v , l.t
wijijii ful I fun t,
t ,ifV ltUv. -,ty ,,t tt, ,,-4
''l y!l tl. '. i Hli-v
W It A I ii iml ,t!il t
1 .
i' "
li i fii4 tt Hi r I
t i ii
l 'i I lt Inn i I l