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    Tin: r.f:r;: omaha, kuidav, aimiii, 2s, ion;.
S Society
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i r
former Students at Luncheon With
lthe Undergraduates at Hotel
Ht tlKI.LUH I prH ur.
U elwey bun been brought up aglnt
the wmnin Ineih utlnii of learning Unit
lir have not gufflelrnt ola spirit in
gi.e thun (ho proper dmllnrtmn among
Hi honl mill college,
The 'f-t logolhcr" luncheon of Kruv
III Hull' xtur,. nn,J nlumij.c hi the
I'milcni II" thin afternoon arom lo prove
in, Hr llii' lonttmy reuiiidlng mi OiiimIiii
r""fif'l. A I tin' mil for former atudetila
' the Hi'lioal I) bi' prrHfrit rponca
,nric from wmm-n hII over Ihe etiH. !
iiHliv nl the once poplin now grand.
mother '
OVW llll Klleet Here plfM'lll at I he'
lufii licijn, Tim ffilr u tclvt-n In the;
Ilhll rollll, ttllflf two long fllblr a lid
eome tve-ply odd jmn llrr table were er- I
mnged Mh ' liHxkwm of nrlng fluwi t
for ill i iiii.iloiif., 'I'lii' '-nl r i liu nf I I. i'
I" I'l'lil, Mix t Ill ll''ll)!' I , O. rllpli-il lilie
tnlile, iimi Ihe nnullet tunic M'Hlr.'l eight
H'.'iMx ciit.ll. 1 ' '
TliO,l Ml llll' Bpr:ii'i . t..,l,le were Mr,
HjiiilOli W, Wattle. .Vile Kiiphntlu
.lollliKOtl, .lodge Mini .VI if. W, A, Hcillck,
Mr. W, I. Mmholx. Mm. ('Imrli'K r,
;'! i. Ml .ilmil'in Turtle, .Mm. Mvlo
M;t,fllab, Min. I.mtl tjliiike, ,lr. IVel
lef rinhi'iu unit Mi Alii carter,
I', tplnlnx Vrn ft n Mil ln.
Mi, Wattle, the flint peker, gav
piVlif il Kill) upon the object, of Ilia new
buhiling. Mm, li, v, liiinlnnr of Lincoln
' iplsliurij how the Lincoln woinni
fouiidMj tlir-ir iirntvnt'll Hall fKU, an
"I'Smilfcntlnn tnkltm In nt inml'ra for
mer uniii'liiaipd pupil a well a alum.
ne all pM-,., In k'-eplim up claa plilt
to hlp-Mi)e fund for the nrw bulhllng
to he iitd on iji drotiml in Happy
lloilyw diiiiultl liy ,V)r. Charlca (", ticoigu.
.',11m .1 iiliiiaoii pok on pict)l inn'll
tioh In tli hool ami whiit to he
I, Kjuii.d for the new iirowtu'll Hull. Ml
.Mmloii Towlo, k prldnt of lh alum
na oetlon, ji"tt a hoit talk.
'The ul from Lincoln wr; Mr
lnu Lain wk, A. V, J tt hanlaon, i, W .
Innlnr, '. A, I'li-ne; Mle Huth
Xawrr and Luoinil Looinl.
T'tom ( olumbu: Milama '"srroll V
II'.v'h,-. U'llliiitfi llotki'tihrrifr and K'l
Mlrt 'l)ninhcrii.
Fiom I'lfiMmiiniilh: Mdni-it ft L.
)(ttr')ii, (ioi Taltu, II VV, flmiii.
Ii'hil 'J'alf'l, ('li'inttl and K. W. I'ook.
from I'fMflotil! Meimri'- Otli) I'ohl
fifnl, John Helti,
I'iom Nebrak l(jff Ml "Jrace
V arm and ,11') i'syn.
Other Rue!; Memlum HI' ketnan of
'relihlon, Ml Iluuli of Tcu(nh, W,
,1 !lk of Allantl", la,; llohrt Iiron
.f Aliilon, iJHitfrlth of t'ouiirll Jtluffa,
Jteeker of liavld City and Hubert Mora
of Vancouver; Mli lmoKn Merry of
Atlantic, Viola OIm of Humphry, Viola
VjIa pf Aurora and Adh Hndrlli if
Woman' Relief Corpi Mecti.
The I'. 8. tJrant Woman' llllf eorp
ntrtalned at a knlnton Tuday
t. tho home if Mr, A. A. Whitney.
Heven P"t prldnl and on ilpart
mnt prldnt wr amonif the fu't,
othsr honor gut Included Mr. H. V.
' 'hcdtnnt, Mra. Frank Oil kin and Mr,
'. A. Tenriant, prldnt of th fJnorif
A. Culr corp. Th mombera prnt
.1 M. Tnllitfro,
Jlrrll K. Mlac-
It, V. t lffnbckrl
II. H. Wilcox.
' II. K. I run,
'I'homa W. Allen,
Vnlnna Mora.
' '. A. Tonnnni,
lila A. Miller.
.MmHI 1hv!,
MIi. -Suphltt
Hi hni'ldef,
Arthur M. Newell,
T. I. Hnv I.
Kllsahelh I-onglrelt.
Allc A Hrov,
(. W. Munaer,
H. (". Ohnprnaii.
K. H. Houdem,
, A. Whltnv.
William McMurry.
Frank Calkin
B, Hlern.
Today'! Affain.
Ottiah, Woman' fr rlnh had luncli
on till afternoon Ht, Ynung Women's
I'hrlRtian 8oclatlon,
Th North Hide rrogriv club meet
thla renlmt In the aiwmhly hall ol
Holy AnKl' chnol. f'ard and a aoclnl
tint will he th aprdal featur of the
Tunslef tmpl Phflnrr will glv n
utertHlntnent and dane this vnnlng nt
."'oltlf I) Idti' rfcthedfiil.
Social Gossip.
Itt-v. and .Mil. .1 A. Tmnoik nd Mr.
nml Mr, John Vltr are at Tie
rim In Kxcrlslnr Sirlna.
Mr- 1'iiiroll I). Hi mi and Mr, fvlw :
hainhri a of ( 'nluinhu and Mk 'All
'lui iier of Hli lnfllt . I', totiM'
llrowiiell llall s r ml 'iat . me l t'
Mr nml Mr A M Uro,.
iiintd fiom a ten itvis iiiiv
M r.
lor fpillll!
Mi I .OW rl l 'lilMn ten i
!' ilium t'i iH In i w Vi-k
C'io Club Eirthdy.
'I ie I'll, t ,'!, if. ',i.t,H l.
' ft, lh loilhln ,lnv I,, giMII H I'll.
, at Uic h .mi ' f Hit W, 11 u .
.,i, Iim I'll, i "1, m irti eioUr e, w.t..
, 'III 'i I ll ln:' l'l i 4 Pl (;. .(
i',, .p -o, ttthioi llii M.ii''k l.e.i., i.
' ,h p . to i. I Mm 'A. I' Mrrm t
.! ,t'. a 'nr ii.iry .
Mid II t M I I. .'Ii .
i I
1 1
I , , I-,,.I ' I
r)i.. Ii.uie I"!. f 'I . , if M ''.i,
, i- n i i 'i i T t,fl
'.I.. I .l .. mo.) .""I M il H
'f IH" ,h4ii'- H'l-iilM' h 1 '
rt tl fit (it. I..i Hi ' t
',,,,1 V,, l ilh. l I ' t..t.'.l M.
I ill.', I
-1 1
Brti Miiiiohgty S iciety.
it , l Nl . i If.. 1411
It, P--(l'-' llll' i!H.. I. !
' t- , wl'l e tl, .' !' '
, .1 Mai w,a i . fc w iiniiii ) I-- f
Vlutinr. '.o'o.i 'iilf l In, C.
i rt n . ... t 'eN -ii. - i
' II t I "
e l e I I I - w .. i ' e . t
I . ... . . ii.'li. ) t i
l ing Arlt Society M?t:r.
'ti, km.i tnUi. ... I .e i-b A
. t vl r,n llll . ..;;t 'l-t
I'-H t t' k-i ,1 It. liii, ri I
MM t I l
1 .-f 'h I --!t-' ikt'lmn
M.t i.i ft , u 4 t,e h. iil
W. O. t'r. ami Mm. J, E. Hummer,
chairman of lh courtesle committeo.
Eitchie-Arthur Wedding,
Th marriage of Ml Kunlr Arthur,
rtiiiiKhler of Hnv. I-nuln A. Arthur and
Mm. Arthur, to Mr. William RllohlP, Jr.,
of Hrldreport, Nh., aa ollrtad In
t, Htophon'n fhurch, Grand Inland, Tu
rtay vonlng.
At I o'clock th bridal "purty; with the
liHilrmld. Ih ,MIi"m r1h(rlni and
HtHln Tltiimninl nt Omaha. M(rtnl Holm,
Mauiln llrntrr, Until Ilpyiln. Q'ralilln
llsyman; tho maid nf hmior, Miaa 1'Hu'l
lllrkfriid of (irnflld, la., and Ihn
luiiiron of honor, Mm, I, t'lyan, n
lid lh rhiliTli lo IIih wcililpiK mai'eh,
pli)'l by Mira, Harr nd Mli I'lrnlir,
TIip hrlilnl p,rl a nul at tho ilinn
til hy th arimm and hi bmt man, Mr,
John fllt'-hl nf ( 'lilraito, t rot;ir of th
arooin, and iinhprn, th Mraar (', (!.
JVrry of ftrlrlgi port, Td M(ealf of
j Lincoln
'fiiiii llowxnl of Omaha, n.
J'. v llon nf Lincoln, f r I irnrii llim
i n of llilnjia ami '1d Parlnn of
Klllh:il I'll),
Tho prnyfr hook, held hv t h" offlilnt
lni( i 1 1-1 v n , n ii, lh I rlilo'r fiitlnr. bn-lonid-il
to I'liarlntt A r h -j i , tho great
(,riiinliiioih'"r of th" hrld.
The hi-PIc or an 'XiilHi (town of
'I'1"' I
icpf inetroi' and rhantllly Inc.
" celliir laoKht bi th tlnoHt
h ii hue pin, t In diamond nnrt pimi'la,
lh gift of t lie aiooin. A tiini" nf Inc
f'Oiii'il thr niipcr pnri Hi 'holt aklrl,
noil i he ,iinc train of th lac, p
i ..,i,,t ii,,. Hlk. w." 'Ir.-itifd from lh
rhopiiihin nvr nil huna; 111 fllipv vr II,
hifil In fnp fotm h" n wreath of natural
oKiiiKe hlo'iaoiii'. Th ImiKpiet waa of
orchid tnl whlio I lift m
'Id hi IrVonjinln Hid nin'd of honor
wi aowtid nllk In full aklrt of flow
i id orennd,'. , 11h onnlut bodlrea of
ro llk, nd wot ph'tur ht, Th
1 1o'"iuir of wet pen. Tin gown
, the mimn of tumor hii of e-grpen
llk with Mhr lw h farrld Lady
llaltlmnr roe with orrhld. Mr. Ar
thur wor hr , wttddlnf aown of rrp
nu'tnor and Lyon c nmd with court
,rftl"' w''k ur '. '' h r"f-
nn lynoy iiuitiinom to ami orchirt.
Mr. Marin wore hrr wi1dln aown of
tnty-ltht er n.
Tli i ntertiiliiliieiil foi the giiitfi wn
In lh hand of the ladle of th the I'lo-
I nr I'rk oclntliin.
Th Mendume Hoyden, ijlover, liunaan
and tVllkln prealded a' eneh l( f,f nr
hiiiiiuoniely appolnled Inhle, from which
lh iiiper w ervd The Mle ,v
I)iihltrnin, Murgaret Town, J1 Dolon
and MkidHllne liny man nltd at the
piiiicli howl. ' Lvelyn IDan and Mr.
florton rtlti hi, brother of (ho hrld
groottt, preen(d each guet with a
ditlnty box nf wedding rk lo "dream
on "
Among oul-nf lown gucl wr: Mr
William nihlil. r.; Mj nilchle, and
Mer. John and Oorton ftltehl of r'hl
rugo: Mr, and Mr. John Mchlhop, Jr.,
fVinndl Hliiffa; Mr. and Mir. 0org H
Thummel, Mr. W. H. Metcalfe of Omaha;
Mr. and Mr, n. . Klllott of Chadron,
Ry. and Dean needier of Ht(ng,
M!m He of Council niuffn, la ;
Mr, Myr1 and Karl Pwanaon of
Aurora, fll.; th dean and Mir. (inrg
Wore of Kearney, Flv. r,d Mr. Xander
of f'olumhna, Dean and Mr. Ilnwker of
North Plall, Neb.
Tha groom prentd hi uhr with
llvr mounted rne, engraved with th
monogram and date.
Th hrld' gift to her meld wer
Pnrln boxea In ble and pink enamel,
A very fortunate shoe purchase enables us to
sell at a profit $5.00 and $6.00 shoes for $3.35.
ABOUT 500 PAIRS all told, in the lot will be
found a few odd pairs from our regular stock.
There are really five divisions--for your informa
tion we enumerate them:
NUMBER ONE Bronze kid pumps; Louis heels, Q QC
turn sole, narrow toe; $6 grade, pair . . . P
NUMBER TWO Dull kid, narrow toe, French heel, in
step strap, trimmed with buckle; Jo opj
$6.00 grade, pair J)3t30
NUMBER THREE Patent leather pumps wi th white calf
insert in quarters, Louis Quinzc heel, short JJO OC
vamp, $6.00 grade, pair 3.jD
NUMBER FOUR Fine dull kid leather, five strap slip
per, beaded, medium French hel - o ofj
$5.00 grades, pair. tpu.uO
NUMBER FIVE Pat ent and dull leather pumps Louis
Quatarze heel, small buckle, (To QC
$5.00 grade for tpu.uO
Leather scarcity and increasing cost makes
this the most attractive sale of the year.
Low shoe time is almost at
at hand, indeed, we have been
wearing ours for some time.
Timely Fashion Hint
Vind tmd yarclii of tulle and llk net
imake tho dnn'O own of till yur tin-
hutnnt a faai'lnntlng affair, lioth lln'it
and dark ahuge lire adopted for thl
purpo, though lh former are generally
dt!i:tid by oldur women. Ono delightful
gown i mown In whita, (h diop ikirt
and lo ti matron of honor n Kt
Indian tiffin table
Th young roupl left for a trip through
the anuth nd will ho at horn In lirldga
port after June 1.
Kensington Club Meet.
MH Klorence Aor titrtlned th
HnnKrnm Daik Kenalnglon club at her
home on Tunaday' evening. Twnty-one
member were preaent.
Entertain Art Section.
The rt dopartment of th Omaha
Woman dub waa imtertalnod thl after
noon at th'' noma of Mr. Hobert ('owell.
Tho hoHter wa alBted by Mr. W. 8.
Knight and Mr. ('.. J, Ilihert. Aftor
the giving of a program on flusnla und
I h7f-v :-V Ml
i ttr- r7
At Kilpatrick's Starting Friday Morning
ptnbroldoied In border eifict wllh irlde
lulil iiiiigle. Ovur thl Ihnie are three,
pointed tunic which full l uneven
length. The bodice I ipiHe impl. how
lug a deep crualmd glrdl of lh apangled
embroidery and angl wing drape of
ellk not.
the aiuiuiil olactlon of officer, a aoclal
lime and toa followed. The dining room
and tea table were deoorated In pink.
Entertain at Dinner.
Mr. and Mr. Jam. N. Hmlth enter
talned at dlnnor at lhilr home lt even
Ing eompllmonlary lo their romln, Ma'
vln Stomi, who I wllh Valeka Huratt
at th Orphoum (hi -week Cover were
placed for;
Mr. and Medam.--Jule
Oreevy, Krnet '. Wllllm,
MInhom Mle
Kiln, Hmlth, VVnnnoh Mmlth,
Imllle Mohr. Dorothy (Jreavy.
C'brlBtlne Smith,
Pergonal Mention,
Mr, nd Mr. C P. Taylor, who pnl
the winter In Florida end alo vllt4 In
rinfffllo, V. V., have relumed nd are
at horn at lai Houth Thirty-fifth trt
Ml lirrtha Wolpl of ChliaKo, for
merly of Otiinh. I visiting Ml lln
Whalen, and will mak a week a tny In
tlil city.
Entertaini Whist Club,
Mr, liny H Thorp" entertained
"I. X. L." Whlt Huh WiMtn,y vn
Iiik at Inr hum. I'nie were won hy
Mr, i J, MeOIII, Mr and Mr T 'cor
don Candoea and Mr. t'lainnea H Wood.
Th nl nieelhlk will h held Ht lh
hum of Mr i, 1' Mclilll Tho pre,
eul war.
Menr i, nd .Meilnnv n
N H Kletl ' rit,ot. Oenr II Thoip,
hirviii e H Wood, I tiortlon rmler.
i'. I', Mi.'O II, Hot H Thorp
Entertainment for I
Elks is Arranged!
Kull pln for il'e entertaltiment dui
1 1 iK lh tiMlitl) iinnunl moellng of III
N'hmeka i:iki In man ha June 1'.' to II
hne been coiiipeeil hv Kmilled Kuh'r
llarwood Hecielmy Miner nd Tinrli
ltor, C I', ll' iiloii, (ionld Dirt. K, j
HiMkmgham, O. V Weat, (, K. Ml, k, j
I" W. J'idoii and V,. P. tirlley ,
Th ulghl of June 13 th Wk will he
KUeata nt the Ak Mr lien Den T. e-detf j
I ntfllt i (l-pei Wild I'fllT'e Will t ,IVel
11 on., if tin loiintry dun 'In. -,ny
! li ,'li l n mi Ihe nmeii will he
t' en iiii ml,, tiho'i' Ihe cltv Wdn. i
i ilii) on. in ik the Lit") will he enteilnlne'l
Ion tli" ,-onld Hide hy Ihe Xnnl't ."l.hv
j I.Ik, ihe I, lie Simk enrhange and th"
jxtoik vind All of th vleltlng I'llk
I lll ileiid,Klng day everclae. which
ii III he hehl Wdnialy afternoon
Airliie I'erdue of Coiiiicll Hluff h
enl in Hv. (,'hnrle W Knvldge fin
i-tieclmeti of molher hen with a brood
of twelve Utile chicken. The r a
prenl lo Ihe new Hou of Hop being
erected at Floreno.
The lrtile of thl hou own on
and three-fourth arrea of land at Klor
ence end are well equipped for Ihe kep
log of poultry, nd Mr Havldg gin
cerely hope that other pemoti will
follow Mr I'erdue nobl ettampl
Doiigla Volk' "llcmwir Mothr and
Child," one of lh painting purchaaad
by lb friend of Art, la on exhibition In
Ihe corner window of Ihe Hurgaa-Nah
lore, whet It will remain until th nd
of th week, from (here It will be
hung In th publlu llbrry arl eolledlon,
( elelirle1 Mnuera, lntrumptHallla
NUil olril Hand Drllahl lloala
of Mnele l.iiTera.
A very notable addition lo Ihe Ancient
Mwali? lfltorv I mad In I wo fine edu
cational raeon'j rendored hy Olive Kiln
and Relnald Wrrnrth. There are aUo
two other ednontlonai nuitihera hy Wer
renrath and lumber! Murphy, and the
Victor Btrlng gnrlt. I heard In Ha
thoven "ijuartet In O Minor" end the
"yuartet In F Major," both numhara
being played with fine balance and an
Intelligent Inturpmtatlon.
It I real delight to hear all thl aplen
dld mue, and there are urnlv ome
selection mntloned which you would
Ilka lo hear. Von can hear them If you
will atop In t any Victor dealer, and
i you will enjoy every minute of your tay.
The sockless jibes and jeers applied to Jerry
are gone like the snow of yester year, as Villon
would say. It really isn't comfortable to go sock
less, let alone not bein? real nice. MEN will be
attracted to the SOCK SALE FRIDAY.
These have been displayed a day or two and have
drawn the eyes of many men to our windows. Unless all
signs fail there will be a great many buyers. Two weights,
medium and heavy. SILK half hose. All the nobby
wanted colors extra reinforced heel, sole and toe 35c a
pair everywhere, where GOOD SOCKS are kept, 50c pair.
Another, and this a really beautiful sock Silk, with
high spliced heel, double sole and toe, $1.00 per pair, value
LADIES' DAY ALSO, two splendid silk hose bargains
for them:
FIRST Black and white silk hose, medium weight, lisle
top, double sole, h?il a i l t e price 65c value $1.00.
SECOND Black, white, tan, gray, pink, sky, There's an
array of colors for ye, and there are many shades of these
colors. All Silk, hig,t sp!ic?tl heel, double garter top, sole
ami to?, also black only, with Wyds top of a very superior
quality. Price $1.00; value $1.50. ONYX DAY IS THE
REASON. All on Friday morning at 8:30. AND IT'S AT
Toutitm cro-country from Llng-ton,
O,. to j-tn It Lake City, H. W, Hunlamiui
nnd parly pnd through Onrnh ovr
thj,t,n '',r""11n Mlnhwy. Th lourlt rn
I tMeieq ai inc nowinown nefinipinriera oj
th Dmnlm Aulnmolill club. In lh Ho
tel Konteiielle. Th trip from lining-
ton In Omaha waa mud In a week.
I Another vIMtor t Ih loral aulomo
i hll nlub wn J I, Hmlth of WhIi1oo,
1 In , wim In louriiiH in leiiiei They will
ii. ( by the way of Lincoln. Th roda
throiiBh Iowa wm reported to h In
I Oi'd eondltlim
How Lydia E.Pinkham' Veg
etable Compound Kept
Her Well and Strong.
I,'. Pliikhum'g Vfi'lftliln ComiHitiiiif for
.tern your with Kii
rrpuiiu Bin 1 hnv
four lnuilt.liy cliil
ilnn. 'I'lii numtniT
I wn in a Very run
down condition Ami
th vrr vhotwpAthr-r
gprmiwi more Uign I
rould eUtiil, tiut I
comnn-nccd tnVing
Jour ('omnoiind In
une And from tlien
until HeptAmher
251 h, whim my lnt
biiliy wag born. I irot
fllotio; much hotter Vtinn I had lforn.
My 1'iiliy wag a girl And wi Itfhml 11
poundg ut hlrth, And 1 recovered very
rapidly which I am eure wag flu to your
mudklne. I am wtill end Atrong now,
riuniA my hnby And do all my work. I
had tha iima piod reeultg with your
medlcina when nvld before) my other
rhiMrem rnnm And they urn l healthy,
Mvr mother bit taken your meilielno
with fojtiul gntigfactlon. Hh hd her
Innt child when nearly 44 yeArg old And
feel eonfldont gho rmvpr would hnv
rorrled him through without your help,
aa her health wb very Poor.' MrA. T,
V. Clovd, la North Culick Ava, Va
catur, III,
FlepeeUint motherg ghoulil profit by
Mri.Cloyd'g experlenef,And tmet toI,y
dlA E. rinkhAm'A Vegetlil Compound.
Fre confidential Advlcg hud by Ad-
rlrelnfr LvHIa tl I'liiklium Moilicine
Co., Lynn, Ma
r 11 i
! I - r m v n
Attention, Piano Buyers
Your (Iol Joiiil Cfrtificiilo will he kochI Frilny and
Nfitunlny only, so cull nt ow and wloct your Piano or
IMayer I'iano,
Wp will liolil it for future delivery if desired.'
Pianos At All Prices Your Own Terms.
Schmoller & Mueller Piano Co.
1311-13 Farnam Street,.
Cluraitoiit Inn
610 So. 17th St.
Now Ready for Applications
A Real
Hotel Home
For Out-of-Town
It I JiiMt a nilnut' wglk
lo the henrl of Omghs'A
KhopplnR dlktrlrt. ftpnclal
rule by thn week,
Our Beautiful
Dining Room
Offer eplendld meal at
liojitiliir prleeg.
for Mervt,loni,
tan KOSALIWD MULL, ryop.
Quick Way to Remove
All Stain From Teeth
t Homo llAiiuty Alibi.)
The recent a imoiini emenl cnticernlii
Ihe re nut i h a I' " pioperliea of hl)irto
III lie ii auliitntico ha given iww lioti"
In a rniill Itii'Jn of tooih-lriiuhled folk. II
H inly loo Well known I llll I 111 u"l
iletillfrl' e hm llllle effe t on lho ill
ioIiiiiiI III mi" or "placiiuea " whirl) adhere
l tl IIH nllIV to th tenth. 110 111111
Imw one rohe atid i iiih. Vet nrdiiiHi'i
refined aveli'l, need on Ihe hruli the aam
tooili iiiic. will tlioroiialily ed nuh k
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Pure Srun Aluminum
Cooking Utensils
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