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    THE BEE: OMAHA. I'll I DAY. APIi'II, js. l(li.
Th Bw Publishing Company, Proprietor?
Fntered t Owthi poatofflco aa econd-clg matter
by carrier By mall
per month par year,
4 00
,. 09
awl 4 01
Jrm l.M
t'ally and Hundav Baa. three rear In advance . 110 M
ftmd node of choose of addra.a or Irregularity In
1" vry io rnin, riea, nreniatlon Uepartment.
Remit by draft, esprr or poetal order. Only two
rent stamps received In payment of amall accounts.
Personal checks, ecpt on Omaha and caster)
PaJtf anil ftundar
Isajly without flunday
Evening and Sunday
Evening without Hunday..
Evantng without UunUay,.
Punday He only...
Omaha The flea Building.
Kouth Omaha 111 N street.
Council Bluffs 14 North MaJa Street
Lincoln-! Mttla Building.
'hl.o !l eopla ) Building.
New fork-Ron ni 11"., t8a Fifth venu.
ft Loula Mg New hank of Commarra.
Waahlna-ton 7 Fourteenth trat, N. W.
Addrata rommunl'-ailorui relating to news and dl
yriai wiTir to umuii pea, rouoriat i 'apartment.
66,628 Daily-Sunday 60,628
Dwlcht Wllllama, olruulaUon manager of Tha ta
Pubilah.loj oompajy talng duly aworn, aa that tha
average clreulailun for tha moots of March, IKK, woe
a.i dally and tU.M Munday.
liVliiHT WILLIAM), Circulation Manager,
tubaoribad In my praaoiu and awuia to bator ma
UU ad d of April, UU.
JUllk.ilf UUMTKIU Notary fubllo.
tubacrliser leaving tha city leinporarll)
houiu ! Tbe lie) mailed to them. Ad
tra wLU bay (.banged often a request!.
Ireland, though allfhtly dlgfigured, i gtlli
fit tha ring.
Those Rotarlans of Omaha ar raising
omt 4utl
Tbi speeding habit muat not b permitted to
trow with growing Omaha.
Justice Hughes' allenca la ao Increasing
ourca of worry to tha noise-makers.
Spring poata mesa well, but tbelr ideal
lack tba aupport of tba waather bureau.
A report on tba condition of Nebraska'
two vice presidential boo mi would not bo out
ol order.
However, tba courteelea due a veteran Inaure
Mr. Bryan a aeat In the reportora' aectlon at
lit. LouU.
Ready to join tba abort ballot movement?
Or do you need a few mora demonitratlona of
Hi neceaaityT
Deiplte the war coat exhibit of 190,000,000,
a day, deluded tbeorlita Initial war maka for
protperltr and thrift.
And it la worth noting that Sir Roger C
inent I a native-born eon of the United King
dom and not a "hyphenated" brltUber,
Btatlatlca ahowlng three unmarried crlmlnala
to one married crook In New York astlll further
f mphaalrea'the reatralning Influencei of a mat
rimonial bobble.
Looking over the aworn atalementa or ran
dldatea' expenaei In the primary campaign, the
inevitable concluaion la that ao me body l do
ing aoma tall lying.
Another inalatent note haa gone out from
the State department. Colonol Bryan'a fanioua
recipe of a year of converiatlon la altogether
too abort for an Inaiatent administration.
The moat rampant of Brltlnhera, If capable
of appreciating a newa aroop, muat feel aome
what grateful to Germany for the detalla of aoa
and air ralda which a cenaorlous government
denlea to tba home reporter.
Chalk Hall county up aa the banner county
for Intelligent voting In the recent republican
primary. In Hall county the wrltten-ln vote
for Hughea outstrip the votea for candidate!
whoae namei were printed on the ballot.
Tha democratic World-Herald li already be
coming alarmed leal the "amut-mllla" may be
brought into action In the Nebraska campaign.
Heretofore that paper haa claimed monopoly of
tha "amut-mlir biiilne, which it evidently
wanta to protect against InfrlnKement.
In the latent official aummary, Nebraxka la
Vnt down aa the third corn-producing atate, lilt
nola leading the column. Rut Krbraaka haa a
vaat acreage yet to be brought under cultivation,
while Illlnol la practically up to Ita limit. N
tiraaka will paaa lHlnula aonie of then di
Ooverement reporta ahow thai the price of
meat animals admin t-t 4 3 per rent In a niotiih
and II 1 ptr out during tb twelve montha
ending April li. A (ew weeka a a etockmea
and packer told a romiititir of coturem that
t'tey were nut gfltlpg their da Who got the
iea moor) T
Teachinj Treason.
Thirty Years Ago
,Thia Day iu Omaha
Ca ailed tim a ftlae. ""' 1111
A a' i 'l ltk f !. i.l la f..,!
t Ma Hunt a '' aisl ervka a th tta i fr.-. (
if t' A IMnr
t ' ;t .' f lit M(lnl.
iiiiii t r iii.n 1 ttwa !.
V ! Il4 I 4 Wwntt tf f
a- '!
e l 'i - M W 4Muih , r, m m.m
lh kfvtkif t VAiO,i
t l f.i. tu : tri fl o.'itkt t .
mtt .'!. wfuea J . 1 1 vi. Vl'. h I
H"ht Of ' I- . ! I I . . Ik l nil
". Iwl li,lg w. U(,t, 1, B!l.1,.iKMMf tm
t. aa .v
o MtuH'f r. k (.t i !tH
A a.ia M a a fnwi tvu Vi
ai i- nlt ! u w ri'M a a .) r
i4 at In l i-
W. a. I'wjssttAa a4 tH a aatk a I t
t I f-W l'WiW
ttH!w trm kf r Ka tWl aa Um-i
kaai tit) ta a !
"You do solemnly awear that you will aupport tha
constitution of the United Ftatea and that you abeo
lutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance
and fidelity to any forelim prince, potentate, atata
or aoverelfc-nty, Hnd particularly (by name) to the
pi lnre, potentate, data or sovereignty of which y it
were before a cltliten or subject; that you will support
and defend the constitution and laws of the United
Htatea aKalnst all enemlea, foreign and domestic, and
hear true faith and allegiance to the eume. Ho help
you, God."
After hearing thia oath recited, which he,
himself, had adminlMcred to the naturalized
cltUena who were the Rotary club'a special
gueatg for the occasion, a Judge of our district
court, called on to make eome observations about
naturalization, said In ao many words:
"If, by chance, our country should have to go to
war and you should h called to arms and have .o
fight against the country from wlthh you came, If
you ahould find ourselve opposite your former
countrymen and should aim high so ss to ba sura
not to hit any of them, I would not blame your
as y , I would not blame you, If you should fire In tha
Whether or not Judge Searg realised what
he was gnying to the clasa of new American
citizen, he was teaching them a lesson in
treason, and If (hey were to act on hi Insidloua
suggestion under such circumstances, they
would be Inviting court-martial and summary
punishment. Evidently Judge Sears does not,
or did not, realize that in war time failure of
one company yes, of one man to do hie full
duty might mean the loss of the battle and the
defeat of the cause for which tba nation in
This Is not a quibble of words or a differ
ence in politics. It is a question of what la tbe
essence of patriotism for a Judge of a court
of law surely must know tbat when tbe citizen
Ij enlisted ss a soldier it la for him to fight 'or
till flag against any and every enemy country on
earth. If thia judge were holding Judicial office
Id Germany, or Oreat Iirltaln, or France, or
any of the warring nations of Europe, and pub
licly declared that he would not blame tbe aol
diers fur firing In the air, if tbelr line hap
pened to full opposite to a company made up of
former friends or neighbors, we do not believe
hi would long sit on the bench. In our own civil
war It was often family against family and
brother against brother and the bonda of blood
had to be severed when the uniform waa
donned. No man who deliberately "aimed
high" when the command waa given to flra
could excuse himself by any such speejous
pleading. That doctrine la the doctrine of
treason and nothing else.
The Ree Is aa anxious aa any to keep this
country at peace with all the world and to help
our newly naturalized cltlzene work out their
salvation and ours in tbla land of freedom
which they have adopted. But they must, aa
they really do, place America first, come what
may, and it la not for any of ua to plant in tbelr
minda the aeeda of treason and disloyalty.
Crux in the Submarine Warfare,
Secretary Lansing ha clearly reatated tha
American position on submarine warfare. He
emphasize tbe point that warning muat be
riven by a submarine warship to a merchant
vessel under all condition. He does not admit
tbe right of a belligerent to aink a neutral ves
sel under any clrcnmatance. This revert back
tc tbe case of, the Frye, tbe first of the war,
which 'has been somewhat overshadowed by the
more aggravated Instance of submarine activ
ity. Secretary Lansing also laya great atresa
on the absolute right of tbe ship's company to
safety at all times. Tbe statue of armed mer
chantmen Is given more full consideration and
explanation, so that our attitude on this point
li now unniiHtakable, and the privilege of
flight and the tight to resist la Insisted upon.
The sending of tbe note to all embassies and
legations la intended officially to notify the
world of the American position on tbe question.
It should be possible to conduct tbe aubmarlne
campaign effectively along human line; If not,
It must be abandoned, and thl 1 the attitude of
the I'nlted States.
, ' Democratic Split on the Philippines.
The house caucua of democrats haa been
unable to agree on the Philippine bill aa it
came from the aenate, and a lively issue has
teen raised behind the closed doors, where the
work of congress Is secretly mapped out. Many
member of the majority party balk at the pro
posed perfidy of the measure the president drov
through the senate. These men realize the ob
ligation of the United Statea to the Islanders, the
ti'ore binding because it ia moral rather than
igal. and they understand the dangers of fol
lowing the plan proposed by Messrs. Wilson and
Hitchcock. Opponents of this Iniquitous meas
ure w ill at least have a hearing before It la dra
rooiud through the lower house by the party
A powerful lobby of mestizo polltlrlana is
buay, not only at Washington, but throughout
the country, seeking support for the Hitchcock
bill. Thtie will become the ruling clim.. in the
UUmK khoiilil th United States withdraw Its
piote. toratc, and will be permitted to devote
lheuiH lvra to the exploitation of the full blood
liative on a scale lieer practiced before. Their
keen Inlereat In having the independence" of
the nallvea l up l quit ctimprehrnaibla,
Moi material Hiti rt-U vt the I nind ftlaW-a
are involved in thr malti't r'or eaiuple. all
the KtltpUio imitiey now In UtruUtlon reals on
Die credit r lHtln !! h? tha prearnc ' our
It.ivef umi'Ul. Atl Uaue of I '.'. (' 0 uf Klli-
I uui .,.ii.U i entiiei oned l thi rvuntrt,
chltH li v lugs baulix. and Ihrae become
irlhie- thi n mnnit haul ! n ilie fl
at MauiU Aiitvruan .ti'al rmpUveJ Mi tha
laltud t!l l a !!, aM Aiot-i li'n rrautcttt
tiivie, l at tH Hmuii'ui 1 our tuvrr&iuent,
ill ba tpit to en. lit cm ,oUai lo lue en-
I I iMit'f il in Mmo, bm I ftiir l:ii glf lip
pt.l. tvitalr
r rvm a lal and politu at fui ef t.
Id ilaoq II t,hi' k till U atui'liu tn
of !m 4 to il i it is ii.ltetei'W
Saw TvU t l fifty Im'4, tn tha
smouat vf la e-voi" Warts- ( pee rrut
mt n4 In! kelci la at w, troin'it th
I Ikeal rn.a ef lh aeaaoa, IM1 Aa
hani, tf t alt tr tk to8trf tn li aa4 ra4f trkt for m4
Lost Stars and New Stars
Oarratt T. laraiaa.
THERE) la no known Instance of the midden or In
atantaneous dlnappearance of a star. Jn fact,
with tha exception of tha vanishing of atars which
had first been seen to make their appearanea. I. .,
"new stara." there la no certain record to prove that
any reoognlied member of the starry host haa aver
A conalderabla number, however, have faded, while
other have brightened because they belong to th
large claaa of tbe variable stars. The star Megrez,
at the Junction of the handle and bowl of tha "Great
rlpper," for Instance, was once, on tha authority of
Tycho Brahe, aa bright as the other six star con
stituting the dipper figure, but at present, a you may
ace any clear night. It Is relatively faint.
Tha Intercatlng legend of the "Ixat Pleiad" Is, no
doubt, baaed upon another Instance of a gradually
fading atar. which was once plainly vtslhla to the
naked eye, but has now becouia too faint to be no
ticed without optical aid. There la uncertainty, how
ever, aa to Jut which of tha Plelada It Is that for
merly shone more brilliantly. Some think It la
Plelone, other Asteropa, and still other Celaeno.
Rut no one of these thru stars Is Invisible, under fa
vorable circumstances, to a keen eye.
Tha brilliant topaa imr Retalgeuaa, In th ahnulder
of Orion, although ordinarily of mora than the ftrat
muKnltude, haa occaalonally sunk considerably below
(bat magnitude, Tn IM2 It waa the hrlghteat star 1n
the northern hemisphere, and In IsM It again blasod
un with great brilliancy. It 1 probably hundrede of
tlmca greater than our aun, but Hecchl thought, from
the character of Its spectrum and Ita erj-entru)
changea of bright nees, that It ta approaching extinc
tion. Tha Inhabitant of th planets that Retelgeuaa
rules ar to ba pitied! Their sun may hurt for million
of yeara yet, since the agony of a star I vastly pro
longed, but already Its radaatlon hsa become ao vari
able that their seasons must be In fearful disorder.
Hut there la a far worse raa than that of Bertal
getise, 1 refer to Mlra "the wonderful," In the con
stellation of the Whale (Cetus). In a period of about
331 day this aalonlahlng alar changea a thousandfold
In brlghtneaa, being at one tlm far below tha rang
of the naked eye, and not brighter than th ninth
magnitude, and at another time rising to a degree of
brightness but a single step below tha first rank.
Aa It fade It turns red, and when It brlglitens
again It la like a ruby flaming Into a diamond, A
flee e outburst of white light marks the culmination
of each struggle of that hopeleaaly dying aun, avnd
then It fndc snd slnka sgaln Into a atate of ex-
Ita planets. If It ever hsd any, must long since have
perished, their death,. atrli kn forms periodically Illu
minated by the fitful glare, Ilka stiffened victim of a
maaaacr, left near their expiring camp-fire.
While no long known and recognized tar haa,
far aa record a show, aver suddenly disappeared, new
tar have suddenly buret Into sight, and afterward
faVtd rapidly away. In 1901 an amazingly brilliant
atar made Ita appearance almost In the twinkling of
an eye, far as nakad-ey observation waa con
cerned, at tha border of th Milky Way, In th con
atellatlon Perseus. For a little while It waa nearly,
or quite, aa bright a Hlrlu. It soon began to fade,
and In a few months It had changed, wholly or par
tially, Into a nebula, Invlslbl to th naked eye, and It
still exists.
Thl marvelleu phenomenon 1 generally believed
by aatrononiara to hav been caused by a collision in
open space between two previously Invisible stars,
whose Invisibility may hav been due either to their
axceaslv remoteness or to their slight brightness, Wa
know that th atara are atl In motion with valooJtlee
sufficient to causa an Immense outburst of heat and
light If they ahould run agalnat on another, and th
fact that at least fifteen new star hav been re
corded since the acientlfla observation of th heaven
began make It aeem probable that oolllalon do occa
alonally occur.
Even the near approach, without collision, of two
great atara would suffice to prodiur a similar e&taa
troph through the effecti of their tidal strain upon
each other,
In IB7I, In the tlmeof Tycho Brahe, a naw star, even
mora brilliant than that of 1901, burat out, also at th
edge of the Milky Way, In th constellation Caastopela.
There were no tclescopea and no spectroscope thnn,
and when the atar faded beyond th reach of the
naked eye tha precise place that It had occupied wa
lost; but Tycho, with hla Imperfect Instruments, made
meaaurea of Its place which today aerve to tell ua ap
proximately its location. There I no visible star ther
Baltimore's Goodby to Billy
Baltimore American.
For two months hsa Rev. William A. Sunday con
ducted revival aervlres at the York Road tabernacle.
It ha kept every appointment, ha not missed a sin
gle service, but with unflaglng energy, with seal and
with wonderful carnestneas has callod on alnners to
quit their sin, to lead upright, decent Uvea, to make
better records on earth and to prepare for tha here
after. Thouaunda upon thousands have hit the trial,
hav promised to he good and It remains for them
to keep their prominrs and to prove that th leeaons
learned at Ihe tabernscle are going to hav a per
manent effect.
Mr. f mid ii y and members of his party hav entered
Into tha soetnl life of tha city and have held religious
services in the homea of some of the leader of Balti
more society. In these homes he ha been treated
with the utmost consideration, ahown every oourteay
and haa arouaed among throe people a true Interest
In the work he la doing. Not a few of thoee who
henril him in theae homes have'made frequent vlalt
to hla tabernacle and nome have Joined In the hitting
of the. trail.
To the critic of his language and his method Mr.
Numlay haa made, no replica. In this he ia wtaa. No
one who knows him, no one who haa coma In cLuaa
contact with him, can have a doubt of his alocorlty.
He la, without a doubt, the greaieet evangnluit In
the world today and no man living could hav done
the work he haa done in Haltimore In th iaat twu
In In letter to the American Mr, Sunday thanks
Ihe people of Baltimore for their hnaollaltty, for their
enlhuaiaam. tr Ihelr lilierallty, fur their encourage
ment, for their loyal support. It haa been a great
t;m fur him and who hil nay It haa not been a
great and good time for Haltlmnre? Ilia work will
prova itaelf. If 11 bi of mnn It will mini to naught,
but If It I'" of tied ye laniiut ntrrthrnw II.
Ualllrmwa . gmltpced to Mr, tum.lay and to alt
hie m May their lampalgna In other rltlaa be
wttemlett with lb Minn auccvaa that haa marked than
tajiipain In tuitimore.
Twico Told Tales
7 irv v
Indaatrr end Peralatenec.
tha Editor of The Bee: I received your
check today for the amount of the sec
ond prize awarded In the Shakespeare
puzsle. In thanking you for this, I nleo
wish to say that I enjoyed working on
it, despite the fact that I went over the
entire Hat four tlrnea, a rather tiresome
task. A it la the first time I have ever
sent In an answer, I was greatly ur-
prlaed and pleased at getting a prize
when they ar always so many answers.
Who Wrote Abakeepearef
OMAHA, April W.-To th Kdltor of
Tha Be; The Chicago court the other
day that decided that Bacon wrote the
plays and sonnet of Shakespeare had
all th evidence en that aid. Other than
that William Rhakeapesre waa a wander
fng actor in London In th time of Queen
KUzabeth and that there ar six of his
signature extant (beside those found
lately by Prof. Harriett and hi wife of
th University of Nebraska) to ordinary
document on oourt records relating to
property, ther Is nothing to show that
he wrote the greatest of all literature)
and much to th contrary.
It seema that In lf97 (Hhakespear died
in 1816) rthakespeare waa given a thou
aand pounds and sent from ixmdon to
Bt rat ford on the Avon, which was a long,
long way In those days, Thl ws done
In ordor to Induce him to Incur the risks
entailed by allowing hi name to appear
upon the play. For had Queen Kltzav
bcth known that 8lr Francis ftaoon, sft
erward Viscount Bt. A loan', had writ
ten them, she would have cut off his
head, since sha was determined to pun
ish tha author of "Richard II," and alia
Is reported to hsve said, "Brest thou not
tht I am 'lllchard 11 "
There 1 no evident tlitt Shskeie tie
ever earned as much ss ten slilllkiics In
any week while ne livtt m lonJn. Of
the three llkeneaaea extant of Hiiuk.
pear, known aa the 4tra'ford, the
P'Avonant bust and tha wood rut lit
the first edition of the works In HU,
known as the lroehout print, not orm
of them can bo called authentic. "It
seema almoat Incredible," says Iuirnce,
"that people with eyes to s should
have looked on thl so-called portrait
for 800 year without perceiving that It
constat of a rldltnilous putty-faced mnak,
fixed with a stuffed dummy, clothed In
a trick coat." If on will notice, It will
be seen tha th coat 1 Impossible, be
oause th front and back aro composed
of th same left arm. and the right-hand
side of the forepart I obviously the left
hand side of tho back part, giving a
harlequin appearance to the figure.
Bacon' aotentlflc works ar under hi
own name, and they are I'e Augment!
and Novum Organum. The flrat 1
about better advanced teaching, and th
aeoond. refer to th new logic of science;
that Is, th Inductlv method, aa n ad
dition to th book of ArUatotl, called
the Organum, which treat of peou
latlv or deductive or old formal logic.
On th title page of "De Aug-mentls,"
publlahed In 1646, and aa the frontispiece
to the play of "King lUnry VII" In th
Latin edition, published In Holland In
Wl, th same wood cut appears. In
both w aee that ridiculous coat on one
of th figure of the dummy Phuke
spe&re. To the left Hlr Francis Usoon
stands himself in the garb of a philoso
pher and with grand Roaecruclan rosnt
upon his shoes to prova It. On the right
we see 'him again, but tbla tlm d l eaned
In the boot of tha actor and In his ift
hand he shakes a apear. The turning
wrheel in th center of tha picture shows
th emblem of many hf the plays, Wil
liam Shakespeare could not even wrlle
hi own nam nd the clerk had to do
It for him. It generally appears ss
"Wllm Bhxpr" and then Shakespeare
put hi mark aa an "x" or a blot,
Borne twenty year ago the people
thought Ignatlu Ionnelly of Minnesota
crazy when he ald he had found the
key to decipher Hhakeepeare and clulin
lng the authorship for Bacon. Hut he
wa right, for Bacon algna the piny in
cipher often, and in very many wuya.
Not only by aecret numbers, as ";V
secret letter. Ilka "hlc," "hlg,'' ' "hoc,"
"hog," or take thla from "Klrur Henry
IV": "I have a Gammon of Bacon lo
be delivered a far a Charing i'ro."
There are hundreds ef these ciphers that
show that Bacon meant that the people
ahould know that he wrote the playa
and sonnets when the time came that it
would not be dangerous to his rerxou.
Editorial Snapshots
Hatred el Pawllrto,
i-jtna iril hat ,it.t u u y lie lha f.vina t troi
maw He tti. la a liskt tilling alt nf tha
laical ml, and b Wlui.a .tuMliM waa a 4 wm t(
!? -at nfvmnt tnt be waa 'tln)r ohau"'i
ba e'i'. Ha rdtixrt tfta
t waa li-iii iij ! . read a ei'ltc ta vf
rat "I r eaaaemewl." k fc'aa t ana.t ta'l
t'i h ahi. ka t t waa t a a t.iuai . 1ium
Mi l.i , tii'tt VV ware ail rl.astm t
It.w not.-k) r" ia f lha t ' aa flaw
ita a t',fitil
Mteplaveit atbt,
! '''a ' v l ! eiraeia iit
i i ,a l-.l lii'la tki!4 t ttaM A n4t..l
twkta iwtina w.Hiaa auj ktw Hunt (or a t
iet Tka in - t f aiHitk alia e..t
' ik ibl ai,t I ! t -r r.,r laa.ti- at. t. .
lt ! alai Oka, an4 s ka t w uM
ti-t a wk e-wai tu k .uw. iiv,.t. nii itu!
aa. wl,-k4 owl thtna rare M um
fa4 Ik et.u. !!,'
' K"4 lte t h d wma ai4 Ik tHira naa
r ' I " t n4 bar at I ' w-y i-i
T"f MI lltt.
New York World' Nebraska has votej
In favor of total abstinence from Bryan
Ism, Houston Post. Recalling the beautiful
way In which Nebraska acted Iaat Tuea
day, we would be glad for the dear little
state to eome down and take dinner with
ua next Sunday.
Ixmlavtll Courier-Journal.' The fic
tional father dislikes the suitors for hla
daughter's heart and hand and kicks
them down Ihe front stepa. The real
life daddy wonders which of them Is
adequately prepared to relieve him of th
expenae of Mabel.
Cleveland Plain I'ealer: A Pittsburgh
poker plnyer held two straight fluithe
within thirty minutea, and died violently
a few nunutea later. Thla country lan't
what It once was'. In former tlmea lie
would have ped out much sooner.
at, !vu!s tWpuhllr: If Colonel It.wae.
veil contetnplatea th number ef people
In Vebiaek who wrwte Juatlce H iglica'
name on tbelr hallol a In the prvud'-nital
primal r election he may become i-unnld-erwbly
mure alu. era la hla ilm' i:i"ti
tbat ha la ftM a iand)lit
Chicago HeiaM If the tox'i 'r In
o to iih loer Carienaa wilt pmb
aa I-r v Wviils lilmaote lip l tie It a l.t
lelr I the 11 ' lU i., I t f
clita lha ttiintrttxte l.tlni if , l ear.l
l) aiabl-'ihuieiit of a i"rniiiituunl a v-
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Firt uti t itwa t,n tWi.t trf h t h piiaia
Inal a r-uihual a-mm i Ita t- table l
min i ef a ntr e m-ia Hafuit, w.n
t.k.ei be i,W( wi.iia tie Ui
a ....!..! a'' 1 1 a him w a
ia' Ike war I WotU ke a lUmi
t li aiiiti oi'.n !. ., Ik niii,
I, .ianr u Sew,- meb.-w Ikat
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kraita fi,i. rl wa a- t wiitt eur
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at ak tff i.a a iha
eikar kt.ja k4n , H r-,f. 1 ..i..(
Ikat ta -,.' I - a 1 ' k. .- .
4M aair C. a'arj I
Itii'tl t th aia;
' The conk wanta to borrow something
from th library, fchall I let her have
"Certainly. If sha gets Intereated In a
story she may stay until she flulabea It.
(live her one of thoae long Kngllsh novels
In four volumes." Kansas City Journal.
"'Vlli you dance thla dance with me?"
"Mother haa forbidden me to danc with
"But she la out of the room."
"So It wouldn't be any fun. 'When she
comes back I'll give you a dance.'
Loulavllle Courier-Journal.
"Where's your little brother?"
"He hurt himself."
"We were seeing who could lean out of
the window the farthest, nd he won."
Boston Transcript.
"The ordinance for all vehicle to curry
a light was one much neded, especially on
the roods. They ere not enough lit up."
"But a good many of tho speeders are."
naiwiuore American.
doean't care what happens to bis ward
robe when he makes up his mind to
slide for second baae'-tt ashlngton Star.
The imatl datiirhter was lndustnomly
Ironing her doll clothes when her mother
"It's wrontr to work on Sunday, lluve
you forgotten the Lord see you?"
"This iHn t work. And if the Lord docs
aee me, he knows perfectly well this iron
In cold." Judge.
"Mister, I'm a stranger In town,
loat and can't find my way to
"Better settle right
advlaed the booatnr.
Cttte In a better place,
here, my friend."
"You coitldn 1 lo-'-Uill.Hl.urKh
-PAUtwe- 5AMfJ
WIHUr The new cook Is a .tewel, dear,
Mr, Willis Ye, but I'm aTralil that I
must dlachaige her.
Willis What's the matter?
Mr. Wlllla I'm auspicious of her. f
wont to the library this afternoon snd
spent three hours In th" reference rooin
and couldn't find any of hers. Judge.
He I suppose you women will now
hsve to have all sorta of military touches
about your new spring costume.
Hhe Well, why not? Hon't we wives
hav to fight to get them? Baltimore
"I understand your husbsnd hn
equipped his factory with a pitltnolor,
Mrs. Nurlch,"
"Well, I suppose h hsd to; they han
dle so much heavy frnlght, don't you
know." Buffalo Kx press.
"Parents often disagree about, raising
"Yes. A mother like a boy who
wouldn't get a sieck of dust on bis
I'lolhes. And a father llke one who
"(Senator. I wish you'd recommend this
young msn for office."
"But 1 know of no office I could net
him "
"That's all right. I don't really vnt.
him to get miv office, Hul he wants to
marry my daughter, nnd If he hs dime
anything shady In the past I'd like to
have facts brought out," Lotil.nllle
Little Lemuel Ray. psw, ate all Hie
word In Ihe dl' tlonsrv?
Paw No. I guess not, son, Cvery lllllo
while a new word come Into lire,
Little lymuel Then what Is the very
Inst word, paw?
Psw I don't know, son, 1 1 nml ssk
your mother. Indianapolis New,
K. L. rtoberts, In Judiio,
No carping critic, I, of dress;
All feinnle garb looks good to me;
1 deem esi h style s gresl suei ess.
No matter what. Its slinpn my be
I hold that women folk sre fee"
To wear the styhs they wlh lo wear
There's Just one tiling from which I
Bustles re mote tbsn I csn bear!
Tight garments cause me no distress,
Nor slits which show the rounded knee;
In low-necked gowns I McqulcH' e,
Although they court cetiislrnpbe
Hy showing (wenly vertebre;
Huch thltiKH make women seem more
f 11 It
Hut one tiling fills me with entiiil;
Hustle uta mote thnn I oin hear!
The style which none would lulu sup
press, J view Willi Mpprnhallve tjlee.
I like tlm lacy gowns, and - yes
I like the shortest onis I see;
Nor do I care to whiit degree
A skirt limy swirl or cling or l'lmr:
But heitr oh hour my fl rut decree;
Bustles are more Ituiti 1 cim be11! '
Mv love, I'd go upon spree
if you should ever, ever dure
To he ft hustle-devotee;
Hustle am more Hum I cuu heui !
Absolutely Pure
No Alum No Phosphate
If IF '
1 f
-A,ri-. itikeli rtoMkagMjgMB iaWailk 'A- .Va u-i-
Eat a piece of broiled Supreme I lam, and
you'll never forget its delicious flavor.
There's mildness, and goodness that can't
be described. You'll just have to taste
this toothsome slice to know how good ham
can really be. It's of the same quality as all
There's Supreme Boiled I lam, and Su
preme Ilacon cured and smoked with
every care. Supreme Lard, Supreme
Mutter and Supreme and Supreme
Poultry. Supreme Canned Meats, Su
preme Cheese, Supreme Peanut Butter
allgood as good can be. A Supreme dealer
knows that his customers will be pleased
with any Supreme Food Product.
"!t'$ alwayt $aft to $ay Suprtm"
Morris y Company
8. T. Waieh, JO LaavaawurtU, Omaha, Ma.
W, . Wataoa. li Cuuttba', Omaka, Man,
4. ahairar. a. a Omaha. Hak.
Is an ideal beverage, most refresh'
- ing and gently stimulating.
It tones your system.
Phon DoutU$ l$$9 anJ hav a can) itnf fSom
a SN ar' VrjmS-f