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ry The Bee Publishing Company, Proprietor.
' fcntertd lit Omaha nostoffice aa aecnnd-cleaa matter.
Tir.pMa ri te KiTUMi'tMnrinKT
' By carrier By mall
n Pr month- per year.
i Dully and Pnnday S5c .oi
,,uily without Hundy . 4 00
livening unit Sunday 6.00
"T'venltig without Kiwrtay ffic 4.00
'.lEl'rtnng without Hunday lac 4.00
l'Miday liee only 2o..... 3.00
I 'ally mid hunday He, three year a In advance.. 110.00
Hend notice of rhanre of addrese or Irregularity in
'sleflvcry to fmiaha flee, ('Inula Hon Department,
P.einit hy draft, express or postal order. Only two.
wnt stainpa received In payment of amall account.
, Personal checks, eept on umsh and eastern ex."
c-hanta. not eecepted.
Omaha Tlii Bee Building.
Kouth Omaha aim N etreet.
Council Hluffa 14 North Main Street
t.lncln-6M Little Building.
" ,hia-ogl peopl On Building,
i TV. '.New Vork- Room 11'SS. W$ Fifth evenu
fct. louls (03 New Hank of Commerce.
Waehlngton-72a Fourteenth atreet, N. W.
' A'ddregg communications relating to news and edi
torial matter to Omehn, Bee, I'oltorlel Department.
ot I
.ft K.
if- r
$6,628 Daily Sunday 50,628
Dwlght Wllllatna, rlrcuietlon msnager of Tha Hao
fuMUhln rnmpa.iy toning duly aworn aaya lht tha
average circulation for the month of March, lill. was
s.(2 tlally and sows Hundny.
"' bWK.HT WILLIAMS, Circulation Manager.
ai'f.ubaeribed n my prsouc and aworn to before me
Ul ii day of April, hit.
'Zfi, . ItOUUlT HUNTER, Notary Public.
si.rJulisrllieis leaving I lie clt l'mMrrlly
.. ahiujld have 'Ihi- lice mailed to tlii'iii. Ad
dress uill be changed aa often na request!.
Arbor day In over, but the
Did nol jstop.
With1 KaFter so late, It 1 more likely to
r.ark the clone Instead nt the beginning of the
fprlng bonnet season.
No human necessity or ornament seem lin
r inie to the uplift of Mara. Bibles are now
U kjng the price escalator.
There is no visible connection between the
:gh cost at government and war, but war get
he slander Just the nHine,
I Periodical npoll ot nervounneae In Wall
tlrrct poKHfKij Ilttlo ilgHlflcanre beyond the
rokern' etsteem (or Iambs' wool. Buelnega la
uaineaa.i ...
' 'London's Insurance gamble raised tbo rales
n war ending this year from 70 to 90 per cent.
I he value of the prohibitive rates lies In being
f fciies backed by cash.
j X Tills week will see the big majority of the the Chicago convention chosen and
i&uiulHKloned and the. political astrologers will
jtotin" be busy casting horoscopes,
j At this particular time Japan's protest on
the Immigration bill Is mighty annoying, not'
,10 say positively ungrateful, coming from a
Jl.armcr'of the entente allies,
i ...
! The cause of humanity will not be fully
mfe-guarded until outdoor life la assured on
jM'nny spring days and Indoor life in wet,
jflnomy weather. Any party featuring this ideal
Jhyutein In the platforms will get votes to burn.
. During the lean months of January and
February the New York Central earned li per
ri irt on Us capital. During the aama months
r.mtinued with the last half of Kit tbe Bur
lington system earned 22 per cent. The west
Lcats the east from a railroad standpoint.
Most of the old time methods of war with
piodern trimmings have been brought into play
ir Europe, the latest addition being steel
breastplates Introduced among the French first
t;enches. Shades of old time knights, what
American shipbuilding Industries si e pressed
to rapacity, there being 360 ships now under
; contract, with a total gross tonnage of 1,067,-
; Present huge profits of sea-going traffic,
tvKether with the certainty of ship shortage
J lung after the war ends, furnishes the stimulus
! fir AinVrican marine enterprise,
' The inest packers have made a settlement
t with the Mrltinh government for cargoes of
' j mm Imoiik soucd durliiK the early months of
', the wai, und are rejoicing as though the remlt-
t unc hail the feel of "money from home."
Mow ninth of the joy will radiate to the Amer-
J lean consumer may he learned from the re-
! tailor-
Semity-ftve tobacco crooks have been aP
I "thciided tn Nr York for defrauding the gov
fitmient -t rkenue rtftllutg cigar lxes lth
.te.p f!,iUt anj srlllitg them as well known
t- tmlt, dpnite pnnihinent of ihtae heart
i. -h tiilj rtl tn lotet the l a renulrementa,
l i t rini f;t tU inn short t( smothering In
lit V''H,es 'f thir o lahtisalos,
Thirty Years Ago
This Day iu Omaha
1 " Oorlli fra Ih ft'.ea.
T il h titelh, li ..e.'t A .,!
i ttf I M 5 it. t. i :, . ..i.uttte f
i- V ."i Ua a t'Hii .... :i.iit tuutt. M
u. t-i l ai l !..(. t,f ..matai.,.
'. - I eti i. -., , i
. ! t'' I e I"' t leivaxai. A I
I k . . t r .
t: . Klltt I ft PI ,V.(H
!, i ft. ,.:..., i i't ia i.t i laiftt4 ai
H t" fc.-fcl!M f lt ktHt tM4
n e ..... U . I h V 4H
Vii., i 'i'f Sx4 S'l'
I i 4'tin i t :fl el f w t( a,
! 4 t In c
Te ..!, h at ., a !--s ' t'l '
.. at l t t V.Kj..,a
f t'- t . m ti l4!tetMe)
' i k to t t u , e t !f t .
1, N t t -i htS t IR ri.a .(. n vt
. v.. : M . t .. i
- t t i -rf ' t -t .a" -a
" ' ' r ' ' 1 i e '-I
" i I (. M .,5 , , , i , Mtf t't
The American Mood.
The American mood Is plainly against be
coming embroiled In the maelstrom of Euro
rean warfare If It can possibly be avoided with
honor. From the outset, our people have taken
the position that this Is not our fight and that
the question of the balance of power In Europe
affects us, only Indirectly. Our people, it Is
true, were stunned by the sudden outbreak of
the war sudden, at least In the sense of being
wholly unexpected by us but the outrages
perpetrated in defiance of the Ibws of nations,
vhile st first evoking a keen resentment, have,
cf;me by repetition, to be taken almost as mat
ter of course. This may be due to a gradual
dulling of the senses as affected by war, or to
sn exsggerated confidence in our own security,
rr to a growing Indifferenre to the rights of
humanity as distinguished from our own safety
whatever the cause, and whether we believe
It regretable or not, we may as well recognise
the existence of the conditions ss explaining
vhy, In what seems to be the most critical mo
ment of all, the American people as a whole
s'mply refuse to become alarmed.
The American mood Is apparently to "worry
long," confiding In "manifest destiny' and de
pending upon a continuance of American good
luck. Our fervent prayer iiiist be that this good
luck may not turn, for, If jt should, our woeful
siete of unprepsredness would be a terrific In
dictment of our recklessness,
An Irresistible Conclusion.
Nearly two-thirds of the republican news
papers In, Nebraska, sensing the sentiment of
their respective communities, voiced the con
viction during the preliminary primary cam
paign that, with Charles E. Hughes as the psrty
standard bearer, the complete reunion of the
elements would be sure and republican success
in state and nation made certain.
So far as anyone can see, the result of the
primary ha not. changed this situation, and
while the magnitude of tbe task of "writing
in" a name on the ballot prevented Hughee
ficm polling the plurality of the votes, the neck-snd-neek
race of Ford, and Cummins, facilitated
b having their names printed on the ballot,
fells to show any decisive demand for either
cf them above Hughes. This interpretation is
reinforced by the fact tbst the moBt outspoken
Hughes man, running for delegate-af-large,
scores several thousand more votes than his
ntxt nearest competitor and that a Kood ma
jority of all the delegates chosen to represent
Nebraska at Chicago bad annoiinced their per
snnal preference to be for Hughes, ,
No one can weigh these different factors
Impartially without, reaching the conclusion
that the rank and file of the republicans In Ne
braska, all elements of them, would like, after
the favorite sons have enjoyed their rompll
tuents, to help nominate Charlea E. Hughes.
President Wilson as a Candidate.
In his Jefferson day speech Mr, Wilson for
the nonce assumed the character of a candidate,
seeking support for hi second term nomina
tion, and with aucb adroitness as to suggest
careful preparation fo( tbe role. Ills studious
avoidance of real issues, and his deliberate em
phasis of Inconsequential mark him a the ex
perienced politician, pretending frankness and
practicing duplicity. Grave questions of Inter
national relations were touched upon gingerly,
while the president modestly claimed to have
aolved tfie economic and social problem of the
country through legislation euacted since he
came into office. Thl challenge to criticism
will be'met In detail, as time goes on, but it
will be a difficult choice to select one point in
his armor and say It is the most vulnerable, so
full of boles Is his covering.
The one-term plank of the Baltimore plat-
fcrm will be an awkward thing; no matter why
that plank was adopted, the president stood
pledged to it until nearly two year after his
election. Tbe banking law ot which be boasts
a the foundation for the present day prosperity
Ir. but the Aldrlch bill slightly modified, and
yet la open to all the criticism so vehemently
urged against It by the democrat.!, with the
addition of the sectional favoritism shown by
the administration In locating the reserve
banks. The free trade policy of the party, tra
ditional from the time of Jefferson, who was
committed to an agricultural and not a nisnu
factlng nation, has been abandoned by the presi
dent since the passage of the Underwood bill
with disastrous results, and the republican doc
trine of protection Is being adopted piecemeal.
Efforts tu provide defense for the nation have
been and are being nullified by the president's
adherents In and out of conirens, while the ad
ministration's foreign policy has been one of
consistent wsbhllng.
The whole story of President Wilson's
three yeais In office Is one of rontMly shift
ing views and (hanging attitudes, Ills single
track mind Is alwavs at work; the trouble being
lie doean t know uli h wav It Is turnlug.
Lord t'laoiharde, a typical alien landlord of
lieUnd, has crossed t'fle Htvi. possibly to meet
a heat of hi victims tin the other shore The
ttsis Ireland will shed of his demise will
a arret? nioisirn the e uf a dle V thj
'.lampion rai k renter of the atony north!,
M rnf in avra of tlUO.OOu front tenants
in iO.tHut aires of land, and fought eierv itivas
t ie nt Iriah telief iiui'"1 In ttte Uat thirty
teats. Nat ire sperrd ktm long rni h tn (el
the e.(iiiUe pain of Ma !sAttd (titaatot
I. .is from bit grap " the ieiamenl an! tld
id ihe utiaott
Gigantic Magnet
Under Our Feet
tiite ,f the ii'Slu l.wmt la the muaK'al
lit t: eo el the llafxa la .,.n,t to vrttiit
Suit t'tin'.mi i f t..n',it t,.hj pnm!net
SStl Murettue sere I twmte The rl
lf. it at ttrii text tttttoit ike
aa) vl Set KUi vf lite atlr f ! nt
fii.narr mMWI ft (.MriiU uctt tt atu4
ta f tar mateiitt aiaH';e for a !' n'1
tti tiuu t ttsH I' i"''-l be i ! Us
litits .f t (' tit aiin Mi're-e ih
t..),p.luia its ee "a at VIM n-l, f n lr
(alias i 1 Sl tnj f tuitata'Sj a'l a
time ti" a US
M' t 4 ' te ! sot kit si. S t
lie )e ia t te.l i oea tSe aen't nk
4 !t.:tftm tltat t (! i-.s '.el t-t '
i..l I . t pt'M 1 1 i li tfcxe it f'e n
H' ' t J.f "4 eft. u l?i' !
O arret t 1. aerrlss. -
A VAST nurtilx-r of people ride In aiitoinobllrs now
il adays, and probably Iras than on In a thouaand
of them would cat, to be told how the man
leal machine got Its power. They ore content with
being whirled away ea myaterloualy aa the old woman
on her broomatlrK. The delight of the experience l
enough; the explanation would be a boie. Ho moat
of the several bundled million pasaennera on ths
epeeilln: earth are Intereated only in seeing the stars
fly by, and care nothing shout the marvelous ma
chlnerjr of the snclvnt car that carries them or about
the eource of the electric banners that It flings out
as it daahes along the endleaa roads of spare. "How
smooth she goes, and what a eeneatlon we must bs
There la resenn to believe that at Mat half of the
entire bulk of the earth conalets of Iron. Ieep In the
Interior of the globe (here Is probably a great core of
rnetalllo Iron, lute rmlnxlcd with other heavy metals.
Hlnre we know that Iron Is the most readily magnet
ised of sll subatsncea, and alnce we find ores of Iron
which are natural magnets, we see the structure of
the earth Itaelf one of the resaona why It has become
a gigantic umgnet, with two oppoaed polea, such ss
sll magnets have.
t think that the ultimate source of the earth's mag
nttlem Is In the sun, Torrents of electrons pass front
the excited surface of the sun out Into space on sll
slilca, and the earth receives ta share of theee, as of
the solsr light snd heat.
At (lines ew'll outbursts of solar energy send
electric chargea of 'uncommon Inlenalty to the earth,
snd then the latter vlalbly responds with the wsvlnii
curtains of the polar lights, snd with "msgnetlo
Thus, In a sense, lbs earth la enveloped with an
electric field originated by the sun, and, routing
within that field,' Its huge globe, so largely composed
of pure Iron, heroines magnetized, tint this Is only a
genersl stslement of the manner In which the esrllt
has been magnetically ciiaiged,
Jloma of the probable details are Indicated In Prof,
tfyhanns Thompson's suggestion that the evaporation
In the tropica rauaea the aacendlng currents of heated
air to be positively electrified, and thst, ss they travel
northward and aoulhwsrd until they deacend In tb
polar regions, they act like electric currents,, within
which the earth Is rotstlng.
Prof, Thompson hss for msny years upheld the
view thst "this thermodynamic production of polur
currents, In conjunction with the earth's diurnal rota
tion, afford the only rational means yet suggested
for accounting for the growlh of the earth's msg
netlam to Ita preannt state."
In fact, It would be aet.onlnhlng If the earth were
not magnetised. In the presence of the sun it Is Ilka
a watch In the neighborhood of a dynatno. It Is likely
thst sll the planets sre msgneta, and particularly
those thst are nearer the sun than the earth la, vis.,
Venus and Mercury,; If Venus, now so brilliant In the'
evening sky, should drift cloee to our planet, I should
expect (disregarding the effects of gravitation) to see
the two behave like a pair of magnetised balla float
ing on water. If they approached, with similar poles
In advance they would repel one another, but If with
opposite polea confronted the encounter would rer.
talnly end In a magnetic klas. , ,
If w could lift off the cover of the earth-engine
we might find out why Its magnetic elements art so
strangely variable, When words are used accurately
there la nothing mora misleading than to ssy that tha
magnetic needle points north. At New York It point
st present nearly ten degrees west of north, st Denver
about fifteen degrees esst of north; only along an ex
tremely crooked line running from rharleaton, B. C,
to the notthern end of Lak Michigan does the needle
point tru north. ' (
At liondon the need) points about sixteen degree,
west of north;, 'but 200 years ago IC pointed exactly
north, and about 130 years before that It pointed eleven
degrees east of north. For some unexplained reason
there is a stow swing, eastwsrd snd westward. In the
direction of the magnetic meridians of the earth, oc
cupying about 6) years for each double vibration.
At the same tlms the position of the poles of mag
net lem appears to change In the earth, and In the
same latitude the needle dips mors st one time thsn st
another. At the magnetic poles, which sr fsr from
the geographic poles, the needle stands upright, show
Ing thst there the magnetic Ilnea of fore run straight
Twice Told Talcs
Mias Floss wss a settlement worker, snd one day
shs called at the home of the Thompsons. Bhe found
no one st home but a girl of about 11 and a smaller
brother. After talking with the little mother a few
moments, she esld:
"And does your little brother help you st all?
What does he do sll dsy?
The little girt gave her younger brother a proud
glance, snd said:
"Hay, kid, smoke a cigarette for de lady, snd swal
low de stub.." Philadelphia I-edger,
Pet It I p to the Judge.
JudgePrisoner at the bsr, hsve you snythlng to
sav for yourself?
Prlaoner Tea, your honor, I admit I'm a vagabond
and a thief, but you ought to be very thankful I'm
here and let me off lightly.
Judge-How do you make that out?
Prisoner Well, suppose we went on s strike snd sll
turned honest, what would your honor do for a living?
Judge (severely! I'm five year' Imprisonment.
t'rlrego Poat,
Ilia I fieelir,
A wall knoen hreer end hie friend were dining
recent Iv In a certain grillroom Suddenly a very dai-per-louklng
man, with a suspiciously red nnsa, hrusnS.l
br their table
"A very prominent member of the Karly Clnalni
eix'trlv," announced the biewer
The friend ahneed a ier keen interest "WSt
le his I'f'lciel lapactty?" he aske-L
"ANoil three gttbms, 1 Ihlnk, " nald the tneteer -New
York Times
tie ej.iaaed ike JS.
After y, M bad bean flien Joe. tbe futeinait
aa Mm ron'xrtaMy s-il mi the aeml he ae to
ah.nel, dliei'tltig another dualiv letxirer 'VVh.
Mum. la ei')liiil, 1 Old nt hire IStl mat
What a ke doing " ' I got hint doirg mi uV
h ' rnil. M.iea W Sn rt him" I .
I hint a rixilab e !, ash W s that a il
i.. i .tit. M ttnw ll i tro i tH'tit t IS lianas-
thin tie ama t titn,n Vt.t) replied
V ' I aeia te !. ttn I" rhtit4H-n .
I ' i
People and Events
.. M'M'oi, eh li a ai
ite ii a a'.'i't aal aft aM m tha gai
iKIm that I e I h- : t t I ' at n.
t i n t v a i h s !' in t
i'. It tt l'.t.i...,ia a J W Vn,
n.t f t"ttt tx-l trtn .a t. tie ht flt
t- (it .ia in f i m i4w-iliii, a a
tv'wiiee ta aiue4 h i ea,u t, I
Im.i SaM4 a tit '! tP tttu.g a et
nt (S f iti,'i li'ei --1 te nieke a i,.iti la.
! I I' l t'Wl-t ltrtt' . Staltlt Sul
"Vie tte l it.'1 A ar ai h Ike
,t In4 I mi i.., tat kxut ( Vik( tea
i t I ".i l' ' - e wuut eet te,t4 t"
- I . ) tl t t . tkt eiatt Vat
t- I e ! ('"' -ae eel m-tktr lei It
u a lti- thia'.i.. a... i fm't t''tk it ka
a ' eta h. I f,i mi 4 ike its
i ,r i a - Sa a .
Juallee Due lu llenrf.
OMAHA, April 22,-To the f.dltor of The
Bee: I have been asknd by a man who
signed his communication "An Kx-Tar"
to snawer the mud-slinging article by
B. M. Collins on "Whst Mewey lUd."
It Is true thst the fleet Hewev le
stroyed was composed of mere tubs, but
that waa the smallest purt of bis ac
complishment. When wsr broke out ha
wss without coal. He got It when nine
men out of ten would probably hne
failed. He moved and acted so quickly
thst he was in Manila bay long befum
the Spaniards thought tt was possible for
him to srrlve, snd took them unawares,
which fai t had a great d'-al to do with
his clean victory. He passed the fortl
fled Island of f'orregldor and over the
submarine mines unnoticed snd sccom
pllshefl his purpose without the loss of a
man. After destroying the fleet his Job
wa not yet done. Without ammunition
ha upheld the honor and dignity of the
Cnlted htstes against the hoetlle Her
man fleet. In all, his service during the
Hpanlsh war wss brilliant. His greatest
lemsrd came from a cool, level-headed
congress, and consisted of their vote of
thanks snd advancement in rank to thst
of admiral of the navy. Whether or
not he was shabbily treated, I cannot
say. The service ho gsv the United
Wales waS. however, far more thsn
could be repaid in money.
Alud-sllnglng Is not so detestable when
men confine it to men, but this person
sttacks a good woman, tha wife of a
prominent official. In all probability be
has never seen the wife of our admiral,
snd It It certain thst be dne not know
her history. In deeding tha property
presented to him by sn sppreclatlv
people, the admiral made a practical
move, and the dearer the present wss to
him, the greater the present wss to his
wife. At that, the house belongs to both
of them.
Hero worshipping msy be wrong. 1
havs never thought so. But hero hating
through a Jealousy I cannot understand,
la much worse It Is abnomlnable.
Title Is not written with the Intention
of becoming Involved In a controversy,
for I will not argue with a person who
sttsrks a good woman in public or else
where, but It Is written becsuse my
friend, the Ex-Tar, requested It.
vlf Women "Were Soldiers.
OMAHA. April B.To the Kdltor of
Tli Bee: The American Women's League
for Defense voted several daya ago to
Wear trousers In tlm of wsr. The desr
,women sre drilling and getting patriotic
and preparing to be of service when Jingo
sotlvlty shsll have driven the country
into wholesale slaughter.
They do not propose to ftsfht They
will drill and strut around In mala atlre
and stay at home presumably to bring
forth sons to carry on th work of de
struction In th future. To be Ilk sol
diers, however, they would not stop st
this. To be real "defenders of th Isnd
of the free," they ought to do mor. They
should go to th front, burn and destroy,
malm and kill, and those surviving go
home, covered with glory, foul with dis
ease and filled with contempt for honest
labor snd lsborers.
If these women expect to be like sol
diers, they must expect to desoend to
the lowest depths of cruelty and shame
and aufferlng; to purge from their hearts
every fooling of pity; to commit any
crime, no matter how black, If It be In
the name of law and order and lov of
The picture Is not ovrrdrswn. Their
setlon already bellea the best instincts of
womanhood. Tliey bav but a short dls
tsnce to go to have lost every worthy,
typical feature of femlnln character.
I.lmltatlone on eeravry of gleite.
EXETER, Neb., April xl.-To the Editor
of The Bee: I notlc that Secretary Pool
has gathered his brains 'Into tnsssed for
mation and "decided" that an individual
voter cannot write In the, nam of the
candidate of another party on th blank
space on th primary ballot provided for
that purpose snd hav the vote counted.
I can hardly think that Secretary Pool
could have made the Idiotic dectelon thst
the newspapers attribute to him, or In
fsct thst he would be foolish enough to
make sny decision st stl In mstters en
tirely outside of his Jurisdiction.
The lew asys thst the secretary of state
has control of the preperstlon snd print
ing of the ballots, lis Is simply a clerical
officer, not In a eenee a Judicial one, and
his decision in mstters outside of those
which the lew puts under his lmmedlste
control ts Just ss valuable as that of my.
self or Robert a. Rosa of Lexington, who
is generally considered the champion Idiot
In the stste. A "decision'' to the effect
thst a voter haa not the right to write In
any name which he rhosea In the blsnk
space on the osllot provided for thst pur
pose snd have his vote counted, Is sssi
nine and would not stand two minutes In
a court of law or common aense.
The supreme court declalon tiled In sup
port of Mr. Pool s views hss reference
enly to the details of the bsllot work and
does not In sny wsy define the rights of
the individual voter. For Inatsnee. sup
pose I had written In the name of Judse
ftuttnn sa the democrat).' candidate for
governor and If enough ethers bad don
the same, be would bate been legally
nominated sa such candidate Of rourae.
erervbody knnwe without 4 ' declabm"
that the vote wnulil not be counted tor
b'ln s a repuolltsii candidate TbetS ia
n dciiM thai the aerrtarlt of Nebraska
aln the ilav of Tom James have bean
liitelle, tua prndlalea, twit eriar I'xot
I the firal I believe, to asmime runltal
met tl. ..tet f lt tndlil.luel iltiseit.
Editorial Snapshots
I'd. led Leila! Tn In'aeastt nl
l...ina 11. 1 1 t a . 11 fii ,ii l ti nt'
i'n, bat i!iu Mama 1 dlan4, '
I'. .1 list I 'M It how ive;i
t t tat tt.t at 1 "i aie. b
! li .11. iil.J Am. it' ) ! n..i
.iii. is rn talis rt tn
te int
I'M-as Mt l r rtial eejiiMtt
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p.. itfuti..!' tan I iMfcoitaet tt a
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Out of the Ordinary
llalr-cutting waa ones a crime in
The first steel pens were sold for shout
40 wents each.
An ounc of gold lesf will cover a space
fourteen feet square.
One-fourth of the world's lesd supply
Is from Orest Britain.
The meat packing Industry of this coun
try leads sll others In extent.
The largest meteorite known to have
fsllen to earth weighed tV pounds.
The mest-eatlng tendency of the Ameri
can shows sn Inclination to decline.
The tiaea of whale oil are more numer
ous st the present time thsn ever before.
Of all the citlct of the 1'nitcd Kingdom,
Belfast hits fewer unemployed thsn sny
Tbe annual Increase for telegraph snd
telephone business Is more than 4",ono tons
of copper.
The f'hlnese have cared for their flah
resources for centuries, but the United
Htstes leads In scientific fish propaga
tion. The total product of the farms of the
t'nltod Htstes hss amounted to more thsn
that of nil gold minis In the world dur
ing the Isai six centurlea.
A party of glpslea traveling de luxe are
encamped near Hrldgeport, o. They are
traveling In three automobiles, well out
fitted fur camping pnrposos.
No other plant gives such a quantity of
food to the a' te as the banana, which Is
forty times more than thst of the pointo
snd 123 times more than thst of wheat,
Ireland bus W,;'J In in) hcddcis . hs vlng
plots not exceeding1 sn sere. ),7 who
hold mors thsn one s re and not more
tlmn five seres; l.Vi.Kifi under fifteen, and
IS'i.fXS, not exceeding thirty.
It has been estimated thst the telephone
snd telegrsph systems of the world hsve
used shout fl,flo tons of copper, (ft per
cent of which la charged against the
United Htstee.
Charley dear," snld young Mrs "Tor
kins, "are we going to celebrsts tllisk
Sieare's birthday?'
"If von wish,"
"I think we ought to. We'll buy a.
ststnette of Rhskeanear suid put a
wreath around Its bend snd then spend
the evening st the movies." Washington
Helle-Whv did vou vswn In young Mr.
f-'appy'g ftice?
Ncll-J didn't. Did he sy I did?
Jielle Well, prsctlcally. He remarked
that he had been struck with your open
countenance, lialtlmote American.
"Hsv." said the landlord to the tenant.
who wss two months shy with hie rent,
"when am 1 going to see th color of your
( an t say." replied the party or the
second part. "The color Just now is
an Invisible green." Indianapolis Htar.
Mr. Pess mist What is a consulting spe
cialist, anyhow?
wr. uptimiat un, ns tn big doctor
1 that save you are going to die snd tells
you how to do it properly. Judge.
1 "That parrot ot Utelia! Why t ralt
off all of thi gosrip of to' nt-ftuWiWixl!
Ye. urn tt was tcatnuiK t!
they fotafct, ..' Lake tt nut ot the room
the day the eeuTne: ubiety nint." Brown
lug's Magazine. " "
Hicks Tbe snclenta could siv us points
on the transporting of troops. Kor In
stance, look at the way the children of
Israel crossed the Red Sea.
Wlcka That waa a regular nalk-over,
wasn't It? Hoston Transcript.
"Won't you please croak like a frog,
grandfather?" anki-d Willie.
"Crunk like a frog.'" eaked the be
wildered grandfather: "why, little man?"
"Hwatisei I heard dudily aav that when
you croaked we would get V'.0sV' -Harper's
A young wife remonstrsted with her
husband, a dlaalpoted spendthrift, on his
conduct, "Love," snld he. " I am like
tho prodigal son; 1 ahull reform by
and by."
"I will be like the piodlgtl son, too,"
she replied, "for I ahall arise and go to
my father." New York Times.
"Lep year doean't attract the atten
tion It used to."
"No, replied Miss Cayenne: "with a'l
our progress, we women haven't managed
lo slriko the courtship psce of the men
when It coinee to giving away candy,
flowers snd matinee tickets, Washington
"I knew a man who wss very mVeh
afraid he would be loved not for biro
self, but for bis advsntages, so he put ll
to the test."
"How did he do that?" ,
"Wrote an anonymous letter to the girl
he loved, asking her to marrv him."
Ktiltlmorn A trier lean.
Clinton Hcollard, In Judg.
I have gone a -sonneting -,
Hown tlx" wood-ways of the spring, , , .
That therein 1 may discover ,
Koine fit Kaatcr offering! -
I line sought by field and shor ,-.
Hindi arid nn-tsphor, i
And brive found ah, lucky lover!.,
Tills for her whom I sdore:
That her hair baa cowalip dyes;
There are violets in her eyes: ,
Thar the fl.ish upon the briar, '
With this hue bar fair cheek vies;
That ss sways the fern the swaya; 1
That the thrushes sing her pralae
(Mstln-tlde end vesper-choir:;
Lilting lovely Utile lays;
That her voice la In the wind, 1
In the rlllet unconflned,
With the ralnbow-bubhleg on II.
Vaii hut'd as Is her mind;
That she has a wooday sir;
That, If fortune but prove fair,
This I'll sell, snd buy a bonnet
For ibe halo of her hair!
to paid on Tim CartificmU
All deposits In th
State Rank tf Oaim
ltht& JL3 Heresy J u..t. ,
1 , -
I ere nrntartad hw Ibe rinnlinr' rtnar-
ante Fund, of th But of Nebraska.
0 , Cvmmircial Acctunl$ Invltii
3 Safety Deposit Bon. 00 a year and up
OJq paid on Saving! Account $
ei : .
Haul the "Olympian" and
"Columbian" over the Rockies
Mltfhty aa arc the ateam locomotives in
mountain anrice yet far mightier ar
tha new tranaportation giant THE
World supremacy In locomotive Is now held by
tbe powerful eleetrlee thst biul tbe superb sll
stssl trains "The Olympian" snd "Tho Columbian"
over th completed unit of th lctrtfled msla
lint of "7TX MUwauJut Road" scroa tht Crtst Con
tlnsntsi Dlvlds.
This suprtmscy rests on thslr ability to hindl
heavier loads with greater dlipatch over th
mountain to master snow snd cold to street
vstt economies In operation snd to travel farther
wllhout overhtulln than sny other locomotive,
ithsr stssm or electric.
Electric operation adds much to th comfort snd
dsllihts of trsvel II meant smoother riding snd
freedom from smoke, cinder. and other un
dsslrsbl Incident unsvoldtbl with stssm trsvsl.
On your nest trip Northwsn ttk "Tfte Afffivouse"
and enjoy Ihs comblnstlon of luaurlout rvlc snd
elertrle trsvel over the mountain amid msSnlflcent
Miniry uniurtiniid on th continent,
fKr0fnj Mesr ee mmud.
Tlrket OrTirei ISI7 rtmim Street. Omiha
tCLENE DUVAU Cenerti Alnl
.Chicaf40.MilwauI.ce fi StPaul Ry.,
fioo iWdvj.I)opailiDoib
Cm 'PublUfiiit u t Frep'a.
Persistence is the cardinal vir
tue in advertising; no matter
how good advertising may be
in other respects, it must be
run frequently and constant
ly to be really succeed fuL