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Their Majority in Primary Nearly
Eighteen Thousand on Face
of Returns.
'from a Huff Correspondent.)
UNCOl-X, April K.-tMpcclaU-A an
indication that the republican of Ne
braaka have quite a margin on th Vol
la ahown for seventy-two counties an
published on governor, the lotal vole
t for the democratic candldatee allow
ing .VUaj, whllo for (ho republican an the vote ws 71, X, a majority for
the republicans of nearly ItyM).
That dcmocial who arc not afraid to
express themselves on conditions recog
nlie tho above figures aa Icing a criter
ion of what may bo exported this full
has been repeatedly ahown since the pri
mary and now that they have succeeded
In ridding tlin democratic party of Mr.
Brya.ii, now they ro wondering what
lliey arc going to without hlin.
Were Mr. iiryati out of the democratic
patty for keep, many demooratVi would
feel happy. Hut now they for that he
may be able to come bar It In the fiction
find (be victory gained hint Tuesday tuny
not. be ko touch to brag over a It ap
peared to be when the excitement wan
on dining the coupling of the ballota,
wlgii It showed Mr. Hryan' fnr In the
i ear.
.Mr. Hryan haw left Lincoln without en
pleasing himself, Me liilied to Washing
ton to tvp the. country from war a aooh
aa the papera amted that the president
hud rent another iillltnatuin to (ieiinany
anl liaa since been "nsslnlliiu,'' (he preal
dent wllh the same able support which
he haa given him since he resigned from
tlin cabinet. Ho Lincoln democrat! are
waiting somewhat anxiously the time to
romar when Mr, Hryan will allow himself
to be Interviewed on Ibe Nebraska pri
ma ry flection, ,
MJVDKV, Nt-K, April T, -iiec-il. i'
The rerenl heavy rain of about three
Inrhia was a grenl boon to Ibis part of
the stale to all mop. Kaperlally did II
give a teai to the dllci which had re
ci -tit ly been constructed In the north prirt
of the county to divert the water of two
atoiipha, which heretofore had practically
drowned out all the crop on 'a long
trelo!i (,f the Platte valley. For forly-
Kht !iour ti e water riiahed in torrent
tt. rough th ditch.
Many of trio farmer were out watch
lug It m wotk and to ? llu.l i.o rart of the
f inl aifkmenta proved deficient. It ha
proven an absolute, success and the
benefited farmer are Jubilant uw It
fiftU. Neb., April 23.-r,pcclal.).--A mect
fng of the executive committee of the
Nebraska Pre association hn Leon
called bv J'1'esldent Horace M. Da via,
editor of the Ord Journal, for York, Fri
day evening, The. meeting will consider
Proposed plana Tor making the mid
summer excursion Into wentern Ne
braska and will canvaaa the return of
the referendjm expression that haa lately
been taken on that subject. The mem
rrg of tte commlttee'are: Kdltor Iral
it TIaveloi k, Editor Van Ieoen of M.alr,
Editor Kudl of WaJioo, Kdltor Bo-kbau
of Plena, lltor Hchaffer of Curtis,
Kdltor Wood of Oerlng and Kdltor I'ar
kina of Aurora, Kdltor Cutrlght, Ifelvey
and F'oxworthy of Lincoln and Kdgeoomb
of tloneva and M. A. Brown of Kearney
cotyitltuto the legislative committee and
lll he pretwnt.
OAKLAND, Neb., April 23.-i8pnclal.)-The
contract for the building of the new
high a'hool building haa been let to the
Trenton Itullding company of Lincoln.
Iik bid wiih Xft.M", The local men, E. K.
Nelaon anil Tereh Klertric company, re
ceived the plumbing and electric wiring
contract', w hile 111 h kxou A! Llndleaf of
iiiimha were low bld.leia on tho healing
plant. It will be a Ihreonlory, modern,
fiicproiif bulhlliiK. Work will lKiii at
U.i e
i.oMrti eliding nl llnrtfell.
ri llW r.1,1.. Neb., April 2:.- l'pecl;ll,l -
Tin- nwiiiy filend. mid relnllie'i uf Wl
lift in II. M ) 1 1 and bi wife, Miiiitiet
M t. ih, Hmcntbli'd nl me Mi'i ' VMiie
ii Wifl nniMt'll on Tbniid.iy eenii,g
vpi ll to t tji it i ine.r voldi'ii wcdilliu'
iiinh ei ,n y. T' i who liinrrlcl in
LPIoi. In., April I Ml-, ten bate luel
III In ril cr llie Inst thirty y .u fi f
i social i tiiutm in "hl' h all lnycl
liirM.eciteo. C.uh'v r.ipt riot, lolriii I I,
t. liitlii4 iiiiidi a piffcntiithM n,e. Ii and
fiMtldcl Itle i ,i";ile m eit i it 44 nl I il
! Ki'N f (i i ir fl h lulu f -t-eiil
t MHilif tiU tieHil tch lm U.
i' tl;l;liiii; Nt h , M ill iff- iii
t . i, i I in. i Hi 1 1 III. I ll I SI !i.H l i,9 l .. it
rtrii, nhipi'i-'t fr.ini t'rtotiirdl.. r-iai tj i iln
, 4lhit fur M-indil lilurhet Mi- e Jitli
I 1 1 fe ! It) IIIM of !ictt titttli t.ei l
i.rppl l fi.iltl l.t II
v t it !.- )... ..1. a r..4
t t i lifciii o l ll i. .1 .nt i l. t
, J . I . I 1 h -I" ' I fll I I I I 1 l
M l( .
' WV..i . - h.. . . ...I ,. .
, ;,. V , , . . it- . - ....
,h , . 1 1 -it..' ,,,
. .:. ..,,. , , , I
SI' I - I I
I ,, . , ,, . tl. i .: ii , i l. r .
" ""' '
. mi j. nt ,. i
r,,,F t 1, t lit- , tl.f.l.
1 t'll 1 i"
--.1 ... ,, tt ,i.
t- . ' III
i vt .. I
( I h. i,-.e I ii I
-,.... t .a. nl
--ll Li! . .,1 t
i.-li - it 4i i1.'.
, , ' k , , ti
', . ,. ,
ii -.. , . I,,..
i ' ' I '
t '- -
t I. - ,
, , ... i t-
' ,' , '. If
, , ' ,
I .,, .
I ii.,
t t ;
I'll, t . It I I
" I
l i, , I- I .i 1 , . , j
' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 1 ,11'''''
' '
Hay Fever Weeds
May Be Recognized and Uprooted
With the approach of early summer the
hay fever xufferer look forward with
dlamay to the beginning of W trial.
Tho effort which have been Inaugurated
In many of the atatea to eradicate or
control t tie hay fever weed give prom
ise of the eventual eradication of hay
fever, but tlieae tmumure ahould be com
menced at once In order to be effective.
Fortunately the weed that re the
moat noitlou to the hay fever aufferer
arc already on the blark Hat of the
farmer, ami have no redeeming feature
In color, eent or utility. Their chief
charge terlatlc aa are follow:
1. They are wlnd-polllnated.
2. Very nunierou.
it. The flower are Inroiinplruon, with
out bright color or pleaant cent.
i. Th jollen la found In great oian
title. All hay fever weed are wind pollinated,
Otheiwlae their pollen would not be In
the Air to Irritate the noatrll of u
ccptlble peraon. Ilrlght color and wet
"ctit are Intended to attract Inaect for
fertilization, and are therefore absent In
hay fever weed which arc wlnd-polll-nated.
Among the hay fever weed which will
wood be in flower and dlHlrlbutit their
noxlou pollen re the yellow dock
List of Nominees
In Nemaha County
At'lll'lt.V, Neb, April 23. -(Hpcll.i
The Tuei ..pllmnrle reaulled In the
nomtnallon of the following local ticket:
llepubllcana-Treaaurer, J. M. Kleckner;
county clerk, W, It. Flatter; aheriff. A. It,
Mogei; coutify nnrmir, '. K. Iile'tig;
coumtlaaloner, . 10, Keyt; clerk of court
K. it. Itlxby; eiiator, It. F, .Veal; repie
aenlntlven, tlentg" t'hrlaly and K K,
I;emoctaia- Treuauier, F,arl IVinnet ;
county clerk. '. O. Know: aheilff, W. i.
Iliigliea; county eor, It. tlrant; com
mlnaloner, jif Illvgln; clerk of court,
O, W. Harmon; n meentatlve, lienjmnln
T, Hkeeii and John T. Kwan.
It. M, Armatrou nd Fred t. tlawxby
arc the nominee for county Judge.
For Judi'c of the dlatrh t court John II,
ftiipcr w!II t unoppoHed utile II. A.
Lambert hould accept. Three hundr.vl
and Ihlrty one voter wrote In hi name
and made a cre, and probably lot) othei
wrote In the name and did not make a
croaa, find three were not i minted,
German Youths
Light Cigarettes
With Currency
if.'orrepondence of the Associated Pre,)
UKIILIN, March 3l.-tronipulory vlng
ha been Introduced on a small (oale In
t eat one district of Germany. Thl
If revealed In sn order lsued by the
military commander of the dlatrlct of
Cael, famed a the early schooling
place of F.mperor William,
The order 1 aimed at the extravagance
of young men and boy who are earning
high wage in wr Industrie. The order
recite that young men In receipt of
awollen war earning have In many been leading profligate live and
aometlme neglecting to support depen
dent relative. In some place, tt is ob
ervd. boy have been lighting their
cigarette with paper money, which la
tanned in denomination s small a 2j
cent and M cent.
A thl cla of youth ha not dclted
from It practice after tepeatel warn
ing, the commanding general docree
tht person tinder 21 year of age muat
henceforth make audi economical nfl
of their wage with the gravity of the
time, must adequately supitort their de
pendent, and muat deposit in the sav
ing bank their surplus earnings, or they
will not be allowed further to collect
their wige. Instead, their money will
lie handed over to a duly appointed trus
tee, who will withhold such mount a
he ws fit for deposit In a aavlnga bank
until after the wnr, or until hla charge
ha attained hi twenty-first year.
It I of Xoclnl Festivities Which
trough! nnalneaa lo the
"I Just saw your wife going Into old
Pr. Soakum office ns I came around
the corner," remarked Hplgwell Atklna to
his old friend, Jonathan Jlmson; "anyone
.ilck In the family?"
llmson, who always appeared tired,
looked unusuitlly so, aa he made answer.
"Well, no, there Isn't anyone really
ii it. but my w ife said she was going to
see the doctor fur what alls her, and T
expect old Hmikuiii will render me a, bill
for about leu bucks for the valuable ad
Vice he git i s her "
"What's wrmiti?"
"Well, In the morning my wife drinks
Hirer rups of atrong Coffee, and repeat
the xpernthin at dinner time, not forget,
ting.iiei pot of e for liiin h, Hhe very
',,i,, of rating between tueal and usuallv
una inn a pound of l aiidv or half a
site il'iilng the dv, tost for th
I.e. whlln he remU lb latest nut el or
linn tl rmill the fi,.l Insssllnri
'! - ,r i iiliihls a week 'ie pls hrtdga
i,m ii.tll IJ it i hi. k. Slid lirur mme
sn thing "it the menu aerved. at tha rhiae,
a i., il,, i the nti nalnnifiit I gtteu at
.. if Iciin- or i a in ighlnif '
'V. Iil hi b sti guns t'i ih
d-e.-t.-e f- ' '
ah.i i f ii t i. i bt she ea t
. it t Ut-U " t-eU
tit ike .
' e n ! - '
i l lit I . 1 ft - it I"' ef ll ii' I ' lt
i i .1 ! I
j " --' ' "
- " 1 "
i i. ..-I ii- not ..--
i i I' .,.. I.
I kn.c l
V i 4 t 4 ... ;i 4 I i . t
( I , , . , i. I I it 1 1 it H i i-l. i l
Ii l ., . ..i I .-, 1 SI ttl '
I A 1 t . 1
I.I i't.H
ll I
: , - OH li- 1
.i I a ..i.g '
i . 1 1 , iii. t,t, f Tii wfcl t-ii.a
tf; t-,. .i... ;
! Ii v ,t .il i it', sn I, 'tl -if '
i.. i ,' n , t t . ii t if ,i i I ii.i.'g i
1,1 tn.t,,tl,V .
t. ' .! . ii .i i . i ,
I t 1 I
t . i 0 '
1 I
,' t I '
Hi Make Ma,i, ;t
- .i -I . - "-. .. I l!
i .. f - . i . .1 i.i t ' i - y
t i t. i i
t 1
. I. ! '-I i
. 4, - . '.. r
-. a " r - , ' ..t t i . j
, . i . J.-i.. a
. ... .-, ,
I 1
I I to, ,,: I i .1- mi -.,
, . i- . i . i, . . . i. i ' i f f i ..
. , , ,.,.,.(., ' I , I .
. . I ., . I . ' - ' 1 t .tl I t I I t
and How They
(Humex criapu;, carelea we-d lAnaran
thu splnoeust, cockle bur (Xanthlum
trumartum), etc. The grae all srs
noxious to s certain cla of hay favor
ufforer and should not be allowed to
bloom unless intended for seed.
Dr. Hchcppcgrell, president of th Amer
ican llay Fever Prevention association,
call attention to the dly flea-bane
(Krlgeron), which Is beginning to bios
oni and whose toxldtty ha recently been
established by the ssaiclatlon. Children
collect these flowers and In on whiff
will Inhale sufficient pollen to cause a
paroxylsin of hsy fever lasting three to
five days, Hnch attacks are I most In
variably attributed to "cold," the real
causa not being suspected. It may, In
addition, cue a "smsltlxstlon," whloh
will make the child susceptible to hay
fever In later year.
From an agricultural standpoint, weed
alreajy cost the farmer millions of dollar
annually. When wa add to this ths eco
nomic loss due to hy fever cud by
these weed, several million msy easily
be added. The representative of oar
grlculturl tid legislative lnterets
hould therefor units with th health
authorities to erdlct the hy fever
weed, which are sllke a n.ilsanca to
sgrloiiltur and a reproach to preventive
Mine Owners and
Men Agree on Plan
To Prevent Striker,
(forreapondenc of the Associated Pies )
f'AP.Dl FF, Wale. Mrch '.-To pre
vent restriction of output In th Welsh
coal field by strikes over the employment
of nonunion men during the wr, sn
agreement ha Jut been mde between
the miner and the mlna owner, which,
both lde admit, would hsve obvlsted
hundred of trlke If It hd eltd
during the last twenty yer. It provide
that miner nd other employed at the
colllerle nall be remilred to become
member of th trade union.
From the lndutrlal point of view ths
decision 1 regarded one of the great
est, im potts nee. The miner have been
lonlcrfdlng for thl recognition for mny
year and are especially elated vr tho
fact that the mine owners have stipu
lated that they have given their conent
without prejudice to their action sfter
the war.
Notice have been posted In 7 col
llerle advising all the wotker of ths te
elaion of the employer. The sgreement
provide that If workmen fall to Join
the union or wlthdrw from It, the
miner' federation can apply to th
mine owner' association for sllncs
In canylng out the term of th sgree
ment. In the event of dlfflcutlle (rising which
cannot be amicably settled, th diffi
culty la to be reported to the chief In
dutnHl commissioner for final decision.
English Commend ,
German Methods
For Getting Trade
(Correspondence of the Aaocltd Pi.)
LONDON, March IM.-Tha Hrltlsh Boatd
of Trade, which haa underlasen the task
of Imtructlng Urltlsh manufacturer and
merchant how to cptiire Gnrmn trsde,
doe not permit, patriotic prejudice to
atand In the way of profiting by Cirmn
method. It haa Juat announced an ex
hibition In London of a collection of over
3,Xii) German catalogues, representing a
great variety of German Industrie. Th
exhibition I given, It atatr, In order
that rtrltlsh manufacturer may have sn
opportunity of familiarising themselves
with German method of publicity.
It commend the method. "One fea
ture of the catalogue which I of spe
cial Interest to British manufacturer,
who are themelve publlhlng catalogue
with a view to increasing their export
trade." It states, "l th number of lan
guage In which the German catalogue
re printed. The rollecllon Include Fin
nish, Polish, Italian, Imtch, Hungarian
nd Greek. Many re polyglot In char
acter, and arn printed In three, four, and
In aome cases, five different languagea."
It o in liar d easel l.jlng at Anchor
anil Man? Hint Ire
I aught.
Hundreds of wild swans, which had
apparently lost their way In the fog,
dashed against Ibe steamer Krlcson,
early In the morning, while the vessel
was In the mouth of the Chesapeake bv.
The huge birds shattered many ne of
slais and rned so much disturbance
that many passenger spisn from their
berth and rushed on deck, thinking
sum mishap had befallen the boat,
iSeveial of th bird were raptured and
were brought lo Ibis cllv on the si earner
which ducked at Pier S, Bomb Wharvee.
F, ft Gloves, r.rfaidnt of the company,
deiiared IheM tlie finest spettmana he
had ever Men Th prlannar, which
I were pur white lit color, were among a
number which flew In the forward gatig
wav, which a open, and failed to find
their wy out th other aid of th boat
I Home c f th bird became rnnfuaed
, linn. I the iaigi and wvi etxly tap.
t apt kin Mc.Naniee, t oiitmaiidei cf Hi
i it, said tl. si Hi it it atla. nr.
ciirre-t slxi'it ! H in II ventured th
"pinion l ha l th bint wr 'ile!l hi
i. elertrtr I nf Ibe t m-l I'ht:.
ile'ptc ld-r
Mivrmv v.i. viint i' ip ti . t
It In ni of K i m iili i t I
l it!fi ill t trlls. It m an in I
tiin ef i' .tit war and tit t in
f.i..i,ili.tni (.nt ,h i Ins tlii af fli
f Ift tin .1 r 1 1 ! I Mi v.,1- ,ilii.( Ht
I i tli . -t
i' i f
(a lilltial ttiiuillii
mm t i" '-et
l 1 1 ! .1 I- 111 "It.. tH of i ) i , tti nt. ii,i
T !- M I Sllm k' Itil f a
I I - niiig ...i I'nnif.u ml
I fc't- , , I 1 tit.. Ill I 4 ' SN I
i n 1 . i . f
In li
I-, lie f( ' I lis Imirt
sal i "t " i , a -.v
i f s ' i
. ' " !. awtwf
.t v I.. ,i.i ,
I i i.rt i ' p c
-, la VI mi H I In I t
1 , ...tit ', ., -
(, , in, I -' III hit !l ti. S
"..i ii I , i. tri
I . ,1 . ' ' 1 1 I. t 1 H VI t,
, - ! 1 f Ii- 1- I ' I tl,
t "t 1 -.
Country Facing a Crisis in Price
and Litle Belief ii Now in
It 1 a eurtou Illustration of the fre
quent lark of foresight In big business
that th hundreds of millions of dollars
Invested In Industrie centering about
th Internal combustion engine motor
Car and bot, their accenrle, fsrm en
gine, elc- hs done o little toward
aolvlng th fuel problem. There ha, it
I true, been an oeclonl prine offered
for a cheap gasoline substitute. Not long
go It wa reported that th Intern
tlonsl Association of Hero nl zed Auto
mobile club had niiiiiiined mihIi a prls
of IOO,f. Hut of really Intelligent rf
forta to olv the problem there hve
been almost none at eat otttsldn of
Clermany. And yet these Industries are
absolutely dependent on n ample and
relatively cheap supply uf Ibiuld fuel.
Take ha automobile bualiiess. t'nder
present condition It would be bankrupt
In a month without gasoline, Wllh gaao
llmj at from On to til centa a gallon it
prosperity would be erlouly hampered.
And it-rent gasoline next summer la pie
dieted by people who ought to know,
In other word, this great Kgicijatloii
of capital la practically dependent on a
single product which to alt Intents and
purposes Is controlled by one group of
corporations. Furthermore, It has Ix-mi
frequently stated In men lompetetil to
express an Intelligent opinion, that the
supply cf petroleum front which gasoline
I obtained la on the wane, and lllfly
to be gretly ledmed In iiiount If not
ntusllv exhausted In the near future.
It Is true that the l!HJ scare i eg id Ins
gasoline exhaustion proved unjustified.
The opening of a new oil field patented.
or perhaps better postponed, that result,
Hut even though a similar hnppy dlnp
polntment I In lor for us now, there I
no reonable doubt that much dearer
golln ha got to he fsi-ed In the pent
Over A, 0011,000 loiitihlle,
Th Horseless Age estimates I lie num
ber of automobile In the world tod at
S.114,0f0, of which 2.4W.OW) r In the 1 nlted
Htate. end they are Increasing by the
hundred thousand every year. The MM
output of crude petroleum In I he fulled
Btate was W.mi.lU barrel of forty-two
gallon each. The gasoline produced from
this smoiinled lo 'i4.Wi harnd of fifty
gallon each, The cellmate of the I'tiited
Htate geographical survey of the crude
petroleum output for litlti I Jfl4,7tiil,5'ifi bar
rels, Thl I quit likely to prove the
hlgh-wter mrk; nd that It h lredy
fallen behind th Increase In motor cars
and other ggaollne -using nun blues Is
clearly indicated by the rapid advance In
price of gasoline.
The so-called Improved "eirklng" pro
cess of Tllttmsn, which I now being In
stalled in a number of refineries, may,
If It prove fomtnerelally picllcoie,
postpone tha gssollne fsmltie, but can
hsrdly b espeited lo prevent it flu)
advent, II simply Incrnaae the amount
of gaiolln oblalnahle from petroleum,
while the resl basic trouble I the fiillure
of Ih Crude petroleum supply to keep
up with th demand. Thl I hown h
th recent price change in the latter.
With th decline In production of the
guablng field -th prlc of "crude" be
gan to eteep up. "Mld contlnenl" was
V cent a barrel a year sgo; now It 1
tM per barrel, J'ennsylvanla grade was
11.86 and now la IZ.W per barrel,
ftaaolln s. rude."
At flrt lght the Incresse In the ptbe
of nrud petroleum msy not em to Jus
tlfy th doubling of (he prb of gssollne,
nut they do justify ll, or a consldershle
part of It, because of the relatively mll
portlo.i of each gallon of crude tht cn
be obtained a gasoline, for example, If
each fifty gallon of petroleum furnishes
but flva gallon of gasoline, an increase
of fl In th cost of the former will In
flr tha cost, of each of the five gallon
of gasoline cent, or would lncrcae ll
by thl amount If there were no other
nlabls product obtained by the distil
lation of petroleum. There re, of course,
many othera Illuminating oils, fuel, u
brlcatliif oils, grense, paraffin wx, etc
If it wr not for these other product,
whose total value In 1HI4 amounted to
about $2ijO,ono,OrO, gasoline would already
b beyond th reach 0f the motorist In
aplta of thm, hywever, there I iii.l
reon to believe that It will be beyond
hi rech before mny years, so that the
motnrman's real problem Is to discover
a ubtltute for gssollne. Of possible
substitutes there are a number, of prom
ising iiihstltules but. one. namely, alco
hol. The heavy or fuel oils which abound
in petroleum are now used in Internal
combustion engines null a the IMcsel
The latter, howevei, hi cumbrous,
heavy,, more or less eomplieHied ma
chines, not suitable In their piesent form
at any rate-fnr use In automnblles and
aeroplanes. Kerosene, which also occurs
In considerable amount in peunieum
can he Used an explosive in enulnns
la, In 'fact, to used to smiie extent al
readybut It I not nearly so mi! Infla tory
a gonllne, soil lis the disadvan
tage of th latter, aa have also the
heavy oils, that th tupplv of It Is ile.
pendant on tha supply of petroleum Hen
ml la another suitable t il. It mm.,
lies i It- resemble issollue than ant of
th dUtlllallon of roal, a by . induct of
the other. It I. howeier. a putlutt of
work, and the siui.'uit of It, i a
prb making it sisltsble as a ilinii ,
soul i nf power, is lliiil'fd
The remaining auhalllule ti a' ..Iml ,
ml tt I iMinlv th most pr.niillrg i t j
Ih lot. Th oitllnaiy giUn 11111. .
after a few t arlniretrr all 1 at men 1 sill
uperai with b e furl, aiul in
fe lt lit.. is p.i,i t'sn wlini (tie j
tin tited H it It 1 niia'niie ni'i-Ii
noil Itnliul An i 'oe bu!i j
rtaSlii f..r ali'i'hul Imsstsr niti htgti
ci,iii(iiiii.n. ti be ns. tu update '
e iftnnil' (III Ih g.iiltte olo -l
tttt IS t h h"' p.twsl in " j
a tit i-f 11 on i! at- "li"
fi. iti a '! ' "" a "
t eas-uina ' riti-iuc-r, an ..I. ..
iigio nt Ills as nil it!i St.. ,1 , ,t t
gta'i 'tt.r am ! -1 . it 1 .
Vi t .- nt in -I, v ' tS,i- 1 It u't.t
1 1, ,ei.i , -i .nt t n g ' j
Hii i l.ei,.i '.!v u ' '"i '
,l. , 1 h,i iiniti'il . M .'H t.
er.,l.kai't Th, ..ii.'t vi. it, d i ts
if . ' 1 !' n f t I't- " ' ''"
f.l'.l ef oil tl 'in f 'I '
I Ik .'ilill i. ft I " 1,1
,i.i axnsii.v 'l.i.i . ''il -
, '.". "'! . '
gt b tl I lltn i 1... ,. 111 ,
i ,r t ti.ikiit a t ,i it,, t ' -
tl'.. '!- 'H- Hl j
hSltl. l t't o ! 1 1, iti-.. I .''
at-a ia,i nints ! i l' :
H4 a Hi Ne "t I u -....-(-. -pti
. t. ii In it., is'n't . "i ' ,
aikt a ,',.' , t
hi(it mat fm
I ig l-i t ' '
.snlt.a t i M '"i.s-i t ,:
Imi'-il mi ih it 1 :
e. la I . ''l I 1 I tia ' i
Tli a i- nmri-il -' -H t l "', i"
paganda, and aided In th giving of ex
hibitions, prises, etc., to help In Ita per
fection and encourage Ita uae. It had al
ready, before the war, replaced ins
steam engine on the farm III many re
gion An liniiilry made by Prof, Htreeker
among l.D farmers who had adopted the
alcohol engine allowed 01 per cent, nf
them pleased ulth the change. Klfty-aevsn
per cent reported that it w cheaper
than the temn engine. nd tha U per
cent who found the cost about the mc
preferred the (Icobol engine hecgvise of
its simplicity, comparative compactness,
and eaae of operailou.
It may be afey assumed, therefore,
that the only obstacle In the wav nf a
geneial aiN.pllon of alcohol as sn engine
find Is He high i-ost. And regarding this
side of the question there Is, unfortu
nately, no ery definite Information ava'l
bl. Yet this alcohol problem once solved
the liquid fuel problem would be olvd
for all time, ,t long a vegetable thing
ronilnue In sprout and grow In thl vale
of tears, the raw material for denatured
ahohnl will continue to be produced.
New York Tost.
llail I nnibt l eterlahf tirippr t
These oilmen's weaken your system:
don't Wnll t'ae ,ir. Hell Plne-Tar-lloney.
Il alloy Inflammation, kills
germ. 2nC. All drugglwt. Advet tlsement.
Cafe Joy Center -for
itli ltish Official Kve Willies I
hAI.UMKI, Apiil ( - riuil'l lies be
come the social focus of the entente
nimli In the lift I lis us Home surli ren
dexvons lome to be asaoclHled with al
most every expeilltlonary war. The bar
of Hhepheaid hotel In Cairo waa th
place through which everyone passed
sooner or later In the lime of the Hiidsn
campaigns; the Hand club at Johannes
burg fulfilled a almllar function In Houth
Africa. Here the same unexpected great
ness ha been thrust upon I'locs s, so
that It nam will always rem sin in th
memory of those told off to spi nd thl
tedious winter at Halonlkl,
Mot a' In peace time was Juat a com
monplace cafe, with no more than tha
modest dial lin t Ion of bring Hie best of
such establishment In Halonlkl, Here on
an oidlnary week dny were to be found
n Hpilukllng of Levant Inn gentlemen
ft inking Tuiklsh coffee whll they dis
missed with fluent gesture the ltet po-
llilial rumor from Athena.
Its fortunate proirlntor. who like ao
mnv others liere. I making a small for
tune, ha to thank I wo of th irtW cher
ished allied lnitutlon--lh Hngllshman'i
afternoon lea ad the Frenchman's aft
ernoon perltlf or appetiser. Krom 4
o'clock In the afternoon until I, Kloea'g
Is more densely populated thn any spot
In Hlnnlkl. II I filled with officers of
the Billed rmies-be of fl er, emp of
ficers, embarkation officer, eff offi
cers, flying officer, f rencn, tiritian,
Merblun, flreek-such A vsrled collection
of officer of every rnk end corps that
H'locas might be th animated fashion-
book of a military tailor nf International
Hut Kmc' would hardly b a iceess
In fashlnnahl ixndon. It Inierlor Is
gloomy snd often foggy. II entrsnce I
beset by sn Importunate horde of raggad
urchins, 11 ilreeli wilier, of slnltr
iispecl, only condecend lo serva when
their attention I Hrcled by a aerie
of sharp hand-claps. Km In Halonlkl
men count themelve lucky to find a
lable free, snd for lho who have llvad
for month on a barren mountain , aide,
It Is ahadnwy and distant re prod irtlon
of the Institutions of home,
V j S ill
Sk.. . If
What About
Starchy Foods?
Aren't Klnrt liy I'muls nil i i k 1 1 1 1 TlifV ci'itjiinlv
nr. TI10 stnn'li nf grains hup tf tin1 i liiff Mturffn
tif filtn I'lHTlfV.
Hill piiHIii liilliilll II If, lint llMe In tllKt'fl I In
ftnrflit' it s iHtM ittftl in nitliiiiiry ltntl, sut-li as wliilt
liit'inl nnl wliilc I'ltitir irtniift, wliitli iin tiflfit tln
utiMiiHft'i i aut' nf ilijit'ctivf trnulii' iti)iTlV't ih
MtnilntiiMi, IVriiH'iitatitut nml mt.i, liiliiiii.Hiua, ii'itl
iti n, iiiiistiiiitiiiii, iiiii-iuiit nml titlit-r fi.intiiiiii ill.
(Mil- I'm "I tlltlt Hpillft till' llllllllili' -lllltll I'll
iin iiti iii in-tlv tliirt'htililt" funn ii
t It lii,t.i' n thv 1 !. IsElflliiC KUUIl. W Itiilo Hlli'rtl
Mini luitltil l iti , Ui" ttwri li i i-IN nt w In It ui Iftt'sTt )
miix iili.l lv I'Hsf I'ttkiitst itttii iliitiin it it. I Kntv wnnt
nlirl Hff r.itiil t -iililitttil t v t'lrll Wiitkilicl ii,ii
ii nrhtti'i' ii'Mi' N'iiI iltkHt'kt iu wlittil ntii' liiitu,
' i t 1 1 lin'.l i Mit" nntl) t.t , inninKnn( a 1 i I
it !..i. i , lit I ti It ft'titlli III) It'll! Mild I nf tin
i;ttuti itit'lib litig tl Itillnlul t'li'llii'lit liUK'!)' lrt'V-
itr in ti c inutl ili.-tnrv il 1 n wmnlfrful lutlilr vt
Wl'i! lirtlttn'l t I Ht, lift . !(( lifrtin.
'There's a Reason'9
Urmvi. nviryvthr) H'll (lr NitU
Memben of Fair Sex Swarm Into
Every Field of Activity in
German Capital.
(Correspondence of Th Asaoclated IJrM
llKKMN, frch il.-Nearly
women ar now t one kind of work or
nolher In fterlln They hav (warmed
Into almost every field nf activity, no
matter how difficult; they are earning
more money than they ever had before;
many hav lost their own bread winners
nd ar for all time dependent upon their
own effort a. The probable tmwllllngn
of the women to go beck to their hornet
fter the wr I being more and more
anticipated by the labor leader who ay
the women must go In favor of th men
when tha time ( nines
By fur the Isigest proportion of th
women now emploied In Iterllh at tin
skilled , worket -perhps f,Or0 of th
,. . Of the remaining MO.fsio skilled
worker, only a small part ar custom
arily ,0 employed They li done won
derfully well, even in such difficult end
sterenuoiia occupation a metal worker,
but 1hy,re not, hei sue of physical
hand capa, the equal of their male prede
cessors Many war Widow,
.lust how large will ha the number of
widows, or of women left with crippled
husbands, after the wr, the labor lead
ers a yet to cstlmal. Th, on th
on hand, constitute, however, but prt
of (he problem, fully as puaallng Is the
question of what to do wllh thoe women
who, though they Inter will hv other
men of support, r espected dlber-
tely (o balk sjt retiring to a non-prn-durlt"
life again,
The employer who la able t hire women
more cheaply than men will be loath to
clung to h old melhod, snd for a tint
I not going to be able to f'ord it. A not
.fncoiialdeiahie degree of diplomacy, com
bined with a Judicial use of compulsion,
1 1 so 1 na 10 na necessary, is nor tesuera
feel, before the problem cn b adjusted.
There I hardly an oncitpatloti Into
which women hsve not crowded during
th last )er, Ths employment of women
ss straet. csr conductor la tlreidy sn old
nd fs mills r rondlllon, snd women "mo
tormen'' have hrcoin more or les fn null
la" sight even In Hie buy downtown
Street of Herlln.
The first woman lsxlcr chsiffeur ws
noted erly last ummr, snd she has
multiplied lomewhat sine then, Th
construction comi'snv building the new
tube under the Krledrhh ".I rises comisrl
Ing th northern and outhern ntlon of
Ilia city h for month employed femi
nine "h'tkle," young and old, In shovel
ing out the sandy underpinning of Ih
Two year no th ititel of Ih rspllal
wer cleaned by man of military sin,
Their place wr taken by boy, nd now
women are being Introduced fast a
Ih youth grow up lo military ag and
enter Ih army. It I s common sight on
any street to e cosl being carded Into
residence from teem by women lnsled
nf men.
The underground tsllwiy roinpinlei of
Herlln month ago IniKllad women
ticket choppers, and thn Introduced them
f guard. When It wss found that th(r
dresses frequently got caught In door
the companies did not go luck to male
help, hut ordered the women to don
bloomer, and today there r more of
them to be seen than men.
Kew of the trde re birder or mor
strenuous than metal a oik, which, Just
now, of colli, I booming hecaua of th
need of mtniiuItlon, Yet thre sre thou
and of women thui employed today,
who do not eem to mind th hevy work,
snd who ar earning, relatively, s great
deal of money.
Requires real energy to travtl 'q
over the steep road
to success.
Th amarleat brln In th world hs !
mora chsnc of carrying Its owner vt
Ih rod to iiec, without perfeot M
gesllon bek of It, than a rHf aTl1
ha of trvllnf from Omha to OhloMH
without im. ll I digestion tht fum
llhe power for the entire body.
Mr. W, W. Cross, 110 Houth Twnr
flrt street, Uncoln, was run dOTri
lacked th power furnlshd by dlgloii.
"I felt like thl," said Mr. Cros In ra
iding hi prlenc of how Tnl, th)
mil I mile eealorsd hi health, "A CSIg
of Indigestion for thre yra undrmln4
my ytm and 1 became hdly onn
paled I would blot ftr rrtel an4 ,
epollly after uppr. ena wr ba4
for ni nd meat w a trngT o m ;
"I w Tsnlac advertlaed and detni
to give,!! a rhnc. It did mora to tM.
ter my condlllon than all tna other medva,
cine I ever took, and I tried lot aft
them, too,
"Why, I fel o much bttr !
Ing Tnle lht I cn t anyttiln with..
out dlcoinfort.
"f am going to get two bottle an
aend them to my daughter, t want h
i.t irv 11 tr I area! remedy and
who try It will find it fine. Hlncstalrtnst,
Tsnlae I b nvr 1kn a 1UTa "
Tnle I blng pclly lnbrodied f
Omaha, by an aapart, at th lhrmri A
MrConnell Urug ., Hltnth and lodg
a 1 reel..
Tanlc mar b obtained In Bnon
tha IPhlller Healths Irug ator; eVprlnaK
field H. nahum: Weeping Wt
Meyer Iru :o.; Nehrsska city, Hnr1
Hchwk Co; Auburn, FS. H.-woraj
Aslilsnd II. M Con: Mlmo, P. ft. riler
rrainoitl, Hrown-r"rdrckon Drug toril
Ukliid, M. O. Harding Hon; r.laria
ton, K. It. Koa; Columhit, rurlty rni
tot. Monro, Hill I'hermary; Md
snn. V.. K. Hurrl: Nlrkron, Young ag
Murrl: rullertnn. (Irlffln Bros; HrokegjJ
How, H, . if, l ndlll, Frnk Aj
1 iincoin. iwiiipiii'
, ".1.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
Rub Musterole on Forehead
and Temples.
- - 1 1
A headach remedy without th dsn
gets of "headach medicine" Jtellev.g
hesdach and that mlseisbl feeling front
cold or congest Ion. It acts St onc4
MCHTKItOLK I a clen, whit olnb
menl mde with oil of mustard, llctter
than a muslird plaster and doe not bits
ter. I'aed only externally, and In no way
can affect alomach and heart, a soma
Internal medicines do.
Hest for Hor Throat, II10111 hills, Croup,
Stiff Neck, Asthma, Neuralgia, Congea
Hon, Pleurisy, Ithoumatlani, lumbago,
all J'llns and Ache of th Hack
Joints, Hprslm, Nor Muscle, Dntlse
Chilblains, Frosted Veet, Cold of th
Chest (ll often prevents Pnaumonls).
At your druggist. In 2''0 and On Janf
snd a apeclal large hoapilal alia for
He sure you get the genuine MU3g
TKrtOI.B, Refn lmltallon-gt whtl
you aak for. Tha Musterol Company
Cleveland, Ohio, j
You le swollen feet and hanrUsI
Ktlff, schv Jolntal Hharp-ahootlng rhnuj
matin pain torture you, You have aetw)
Ing hack, pnlu In the lower abdomen, 1ltn
tlcultv when urinating! Look out! Thiuej
are danger signals, Ttoulile la with yoi
kldneya, I rlc add poisoning, In on
folio or snot her, has set In. It msy 1
to droieay or fatal Inight's dlanaa ill
not checked
fiet sum llol.l MKI'M, Uaarletn Otl
fapsnl.a immediately. They ar an nidi
preparation, used all over tha woi-ld, fotf
cenliliies, couiblnlug luituial healing rsl
nd Imrba, wall -known to physician aivg
ued by liionsanda In tbelr daily pratitlnna.
lb t'Hpaiilea are not an rperUnnlt,
make-ahift "patent medb ln," or
wtioM e'feci i only temporary-, Thn
ar a als nil a id reiiimlv and wot nstaraliy,
gentlv and uuii kl. Hut wtien yon go IM
the drugalal Insbit on getting tha pur,
mlaliisl Hamleiii 01) In i'pula He)
am th name lI'il.H MI-.'iAl Is on th
I. u and thus pmieit tuuisU ggiUajt
counterfeit Adveitisemeul.
Vesk Stcmachsllesd
So Do InactivB Cowtli ii
Ditatt Biliktiti
II ttrrtHat frm sAyttt-, Bill, snlnrlwNie fjf$ j
awkl mini, iiiIk M ti.wu 11 .iit. ilst M
taiL ii.kv leauit luilsist Mcsum wua at I '
nt iiiv!i..n.i end kuHtiaJ Kwii u uf ut
lititai r..Ht. a m mitl ,m "(
te.ig .ie it4 utittvLt. elit.tS.l a) nMi ,
ti IuImmim tun, tMtMtetaw tlunnaa- a. atM4 Mi
agutal austas. i !( Mas gisi -. .
LET FnlllTVIS0.1 Mill1 !0U j-.'
laf aitt nit wi tia tot m0k ,
V g.t. km 1M yt k ii" e-t.1 e,.4 ,
a tut 111 It - rt ! 1 1 ii) , . Mia I i utt, .
tiwigat r o 0 a c v ut i its I. ti
avoid root TR0U1JUH
t A ' I
j '4 4 4 4 M
I 1l4tN ' t' f- f
' M if 4 A
; 4.,i4 -c.t. I J
j ti. (i !..?, " k I
J - a,
j o- i V 4 I ' ' i
I 4 -, ' 1
tt ) Ml (' J W li :
. ! V'-H
1 in 1a 4
I -. - ' J ,
- i tt.J
Wit ( 4 Msb
, ta) M 4 M