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Young Men'i Christian Aiiociation
i-vomaj mn to Hear Build
ing: of Debt.
A movement to pay off th mort
Mge of $36,00o again! the Omaha
onug Men' Christian AattoclatloD
building and to mipply money for
mrrcnt cxpcnae of the Inalltuflon Id
to be launched In Omaha.
Heventy-flva buine men and di
rector of the young Men' (brl
t'dfi association lunched In the south
I'inlng room of the Commercial club
nnd heard H. M, f!eardiey of Kan
!. city In an addre on Young
Men' Ohrlatlan association work,
Mr. fleardeley fa preldent of the,
Kanaaa City aHorlntlon and ba been
for twenty fv year. II la an at
torney and a former mayor of that
city, He la moderator of the Council
f f Conirreiratlonal churchea of the
fnlfed fit ate.
I'le lor srl.
Mr, flerdly dwelt on the orh -romnltshed
by th Toun Men ''hrls
lnn saoristnn all over the won't, and
mart a plea for hearty support, of thl
movement In Omaha for rfelng more
fund to further the work here,
The bualnes men will oinlw the
ctnpsl- an4 ln wllh the euh'rtt
tlon list, shortly,
Th Vwina Men t'hrlsllan a'elrln
building at Seventeenth and lfriey Ii
heen occupied nine yer. The tvl'dom
ft tho of lh hullUna committee at the
turn In hullflln tmn h leiar than e"m"d
nei;eary at. that time ha been demon
atrated by the fact that the structure I
at present crowded, and there ate many
Mine when the ecrtiy la put to the
text to find room enough In which to
crry on all the vrtnit activities that
ac-urntilata al any ona time,
'In Vrrm from Debt.
Although eomethlnf over IKrt.iW waa
rslaad ten ysr ago for thla building,
It coat over f:W,0, and a mortgage of
MM hea atood agalnet It aver alnce.
There la a general feeling among tha
director that thla ahrnild now be cleaned
tip by a aiibaerlptlon campaign, and that
tha aaocltlnn ahould be put on a lear
UMUig, free from annual fnterent chaige
and other bllgatlone, to branch out and
aitend Ita work where they believe tha
work ahould ha (-(tended al the present
"We are unable to do many of tha
thin we feel that wa ahould be doing
now," id Kecretary Jv-nnlaon, "and
there la a f'H"g that we ahould be put
In the clear and that aome money ahould
b ralaed for current expense ao that
Ida work could go hed batter and In
a broader way. The building need over
hauling, painting, decorating, tha renewal
of machinery and lota of neceltlg.
"What tha aaaoclatlon wanta to do la
to go on eipandlng to keep up lla work
In proportion to the growth of tha city,
and do Ita part In thla great development
of tha metropolla that la taking place."
Stolen Automobile
Bubble Bursts Soon
After Club Notified
Telephone meeeegea were buzzing thick
and faat for a few minute early KHday
morning between police headquarter,
tha downtown headtuartere of the Omana
Automobile club and tha Wehater atreet
Attendant at tha automohlla club heed
quarter when thay arrived at the office
were complaining that there waa "noth
(ng new und'-r the aim." Thera aoon
ana quite a bit new,
Nelson 11, t'pdlke drove hie "big tour
ing ear to tha Wrheter atreet depot, leav
ing Inn! ruction for hla chauffeur to
all for the machine and departed from
.he city on an early train,
Hut aome way tha Instruction went
iway and aoon th depot employe b
jnn to entertain aueplilona that Joyrld
rra or automobile thleven bad atolen the
r and then at amhmed It after an attack
nf fnlnt heart.
The f.olh were notified, who tn turn
i oniinunh nted with H. K. rtn'tli. alt
tint eecrt'lury of the automobile club
Mr Wmyth huirled to the acene and aa
ifitained thnl It waa Mr. rpdlke' rnv
ililne. He took charge of the altuatlon,
hrh had attrai'led a crowd of the en
none, until lh arrival of Mr t'pdlku'a
Hrlwr. Kaiilannllona followed and th
' tolcn anlntiniliile" hutihle tiurt.
"Some Kervi.e, Hn)y," argued Hie au-l-imohlle
lull bubInIhiiI necn-tary.
School Children of
Germany Subscribe
to the War Loan
i( 'nrreiuiidi m e of the A"irilei Prei )
MRItl.lN, Manlt vMtti uhrlplln
tu tha fmirtli Ueiman l"u ' erely Hint"!
. aileala o Ihe ai-hexd i-lilldien l"
ilet their tffnrt iluilri the mrlu-i'
1,'KiK are alfealy t'eln nl nut T rt
ini M'''I"I rinilim 1 lein Uhl
Hi oaltltlty of fOI'IU III hih'lier I. .,!
h are iio i, i Imv ,e n rle money
, t ihi"i own a jl fitting nn, i.n r tttiii
n, lii-t U.I time
n, hnot tniil en tMl . uh, In ! tMfl
I an abo il inaikt It I ihatt
In II. nut itluo lit I'm I. it ali II
' 'tipi; (ill tn MM ioih in auni ol
hm I m'k iftt1 t'i et. tia
,rli. n if Mil ilMll,-H In I.
j ill. (he o " nf I on hat a i
, . .T t i II t. ' l
l i ! ll !! i " ,i'.,C,
i a hit I i ! tht
i.,i h- ai'k i- iinw Hii i t,i"i I H
!( -.ll -i-ll.
hi.M '' '" l i a'l
i.f (( ' oiog a unoa
ueuaf 1 1-a a ino . ' " mih iiih
i- t f i . i a t u a
i 1 1 I,, ' i,i i m ' a, o i an I re
I ,1i.l ,H i. i -,.j l,',i.l: 1
n ifc 1 i -.i I ''! m 'lr 111
"i ' i - i I 'i'oii -i i la !,
a t i 1 1, t I aa
t trm iMtiitaxettrtN
Hht Jka mi' i t S li tl 'k
n t l ' . a ! a i t !' I'i -V
,1 .l.a.,(. tra n 4 I t -i Mia t-e
1 a.-l M in i- ' W It tl-V
(J I' . it " 1' l .Hff
Aided By a Helping
Advice, Gray Hair
Intrnducln,' laldlee 'n' Ken n'emen, Inil
liiay lUIr, the educated Indian
I-oiila lan't one of thoae red men of
whom th poet aang "l,o, the poor In
illun, whose untutored mind"
So, no, Mula' mind I tutored Unila
cn wrll a hla name'
II wrote It on the back of a chaek
up In the I'nlted Miatea marabnl a nfftca.
A reporter a him do It. The reporter
complimented him and toula almnat
Ill wife, Jan Four rinud, aaw him do
It, too. f'ciar Hharp Hack M him, alan
I'eter had juat flnlahad making hi mark
on a check and deputy Mwrahal Nick
eiaon bad to guide the pen even In that
I.oula Gray Hair graaped the pen In a
nand that aeemad deignd raiher for
Ilia tomahawk, braced hlmaalf firmly
agaiuat the (oiiiiler, look liU tnngu he
tween hi teeth nd wrote. II wrote
tlie lellr of the whit mn. Th fien
m ratched and eputtered, but lyjul per
evertd, Father Fitzgerald
In Serious Condition
at Local Hospital
Key William T. Ft4iarld, W) yer
old, aealatant paator t t, Cacella'a
Catholic church, I In a rtou condition
t tt Joaeph hoapltl. He waa oper -j
aiad uoon Thurdy by fr. C, C, AlHaon
for an tnlHnal dlaorder
llev, Mr, fltzgerald wa ordained t
Ht. 1'eol aemlnary, HI Paul. Minn., four
year ago, and came at once to Omaha,
I'non hla arrival heie he waa erit to
Grand laland, where he aerved aa aa-
alatanl paaior for al month, I
II came back to Omaha aealatant .
paator at Hi I'eter church for ala
month, later returning to rand laland j
for a coimlderalle period lie then came
bk to ftrnaha, wher for the diet year
Ji haa tieen aealatant paator i Ml, i
f'ocilia'a church, Ida parenla are dead,
but a brother and elaler reaKle at tne
old home In .lartford, fonn, Nefor hla
recent lllneaa h waa cotitemplatliig a
trip to Hartford early lu the eummer,
Pioneer South Side
Livery Man Is Dead
1 J. f"rpentr, 0 yeara old, pioneer
livery mn of tha Houth HiiU, a realdent
of tha county for the leaf thirty year,
dleij at. hi farm home on I tie Ft. Crook
boulevard aoulh of the ( ty Thunday
evening at It o'clock, heath w due
t.o complication of cauaea, principally
old ag.
Carpenter waa for yeara one of the
moat prominent, bualrwe men of the
Houlh Hide, owning on of th largnat
llvry tiable In Orealsr Omaha. He la;
on of th erllet pioneer In thla part i
nf th county and h lived In flout I)
Omeh for nearly thirty year contlnu
oualy until a few year ago, when lie
retired from actlv bulne and look
up reeldeno outh of th city.
Flv year ago hi wlf died, lla I
iirvlved by on daughter, Mr, Karl
Brown, who Uvea on th Carpenter farm.
Tha funer! w held Friday afternoon
at i o'clock from th residence, llev
rtobrt I Wheeler officiating. Interment
will b mad Saturday In the cemetery
at Ktneraon, fa., wher h haa relative,
Candy, Perfume
MaMBMBMSBMSBaHaaaaBBBaaHaaaae naBBBBBBBaaaaBaBaaaBaaBBaaaBBaaaaaflBaBBBaaBBaBBaaBBi
and Toilet Articles
--at the
Re pkg- color.
Ilox of
Nnrwk-h Dental
(Vauu, apeclal cut
Special Cut Prices
on Some WELL
jr.o lloulilKHiit'a 4 n
Kirn I'wilr.. for. 'C
price, 2ho
alia, for. ,
IMI'I Tl-I '-M
lull lint
Hot Ileal,
VI, l.tvo,
lull Qnurt
1 lionnoa
llol Ilea,
fir Pep-n mint,
: for
II I'lnkhatn'
Vegtitalile t mil
2le I.aiell e
Maaaata Talc .
11.00 Wlna
Card til, fur . . -Sfjc
(ido ro tin
for , ,
( (iKS
iMlunlaj In our lr
llepaj-t llH'tlt,
r Prefrren
( la fur .
I III I till n II
old. fur, .
I ,'ir He) iinltlu
ln nf I era, I ,'.
(t V , f"ll fP
ml t'.r
' una!
I M i
linger A ltllot' Vl'i
let r'Urai l. CQ
per o'iiii . v JW
thicrlaln I" ranch
Jnrliej KilraiJ, CJ
per tiuni. , . wC
1t I f k e r . er ll,,!f
Quet.ii I it rail
ir otitv . .
I I UU Itelatl
Nefte l onir
tl IteBf)
llenf . ("I
ltii l.f td
( Ittla Ton
Jit Ktl
WK lit
l it I H l.iMltl- I'ltllMI
Sherman aMcConnell
Drug Company
Corner Uth and Dodft Strcett.
Owl Drug Co., Uth find ll.uncy,
ItArvAfif, 2Stli nd rrnani
New Store Soon st Nineteenth and Firmm Sis.
Hand and Much
Writes His Name
He waa already lu'Rliinina on the "i"
ahen I'eputy Nlckeraon artopped him.
"Vou forgot th '' on th end." ha aald
"I gh." auld lyiula, he heinn all
over again. It apparently dldn I occur
to him to add the "a" without arndlug
th pen traveling th ilovtnu route over
the ret of hla first name. ,
Thla done, he hegnn ugaln on hla aec
oud naina,
"Now don't forget the a' thla time."
warned Nli karaort alernly, "Nick" haa
liipi'iintendrd I oii!m' wtllllia of hla rl
nature on aeveral occaaluna before. Mi
Loula got Ihe "a" In and then aal-ed
triumphantly on to th end of hla In ait
"Willi (i r ii mi ()i lio'ulia pra," mid .lane
Four Cloud, ho hud been an admiring
wltuea of liar litiahand an ompllahment,
Appanntly ehe wea i onipllmenMiia h'm.
lie prrtendd to think nothing of It,
he raaponded with a atolld "Cgh," con
veylng tht Impreaatnn that ha rould
writ a whole pnge If he wntd to.
Largest Range Sheep
Market In the World
Looks to Montana
flht pagea of half-tonaa and reading
matter concerning Ornaha'a Indnatrlal
plant and bualneaa aertlun are contained
In th laleal Indualrlal and Agricultural
ftevlaw, publlahed by (laorge V, Cram
nf Chicago, The -ul and Information
wer furnlahad by the bureau of public
ity of Omaha.
The Helena Dally Independent, edition
of HuMa y, A in II M, contiiina a full page
alory a lib cut concerning th Ilv atock
market In the Colon tock yarda In
Omaha. Thla waa alao furnlahcd by Ihe
bureau of publicity on request of the
editor of the papar. Will Cmphell, for
merly of Omaha. The article la an at
tractive on In a atock country like Mon
tana, aln'e It la headed, "Omaha, I -argent
Itange Mheep Market In the World, !ooka
to Montana,'' Tha article give Ihe Ma
lory of tha slock yards and th market
In Houth Omaha, and carrle th flgurea
and fact tip tu th recant phnomenl
receipt of clock wljcn put Omah second
In receipt In tha I'nltad IMate.
ARE SOLD FOR $75,000
Th T1ialln apartments, 6M Knuth
Twenty-flrat atreet, have been old by
(leotge. Iteginald Kroat and wlf to Jam's
V, Thompaon, Th consider lion I said
to have been In the neighborhood of
Whtn Itching Stops
There la one aafe, dep ulabla lieal-
nient that relieve Itching tortnr In
stantly and that cleanae and soot lies the
Ask any driigiflet for a 2f.c bottl of
r.ftno and apply H aa directed, a) ion
you will find that pimples, black hinds,
eczema, ringworm and similar akin trou
ble will disappear,
A Ht tl r.emo, the penetrating, satisfy
ing liquid, I all that la needed, for It
banish all (kin eruptions and make
tli akin oft, smooth nnd healthy.
Zemo, Cleveland.
50 Manila
t Iiim uluto Cream
Easter Ess
10c and 25c
I '11-11 I hit.
. 5c
We aril , pr
klrnU nf ahoitlUar
I'lacea, truaae. mip
iiirtt. ankle's, arih
pKipa, etc peila I
tilting, tiuiMis, ii
men mi wnmn hn
hat ili ne IhU nik
for u ti yer
ntw hj mi,
( ll KirtiUl
I n'nrU 1 hili
lil', in ihaie
I lki - aha lea
Hitler lu Num.
ii i.
I'KI l
1 -
Caii Vrooman Sayi He Telli Every
body to "Go and Do ai Omaha
Haa Done."
"(In and (In what Omaha lu done,"
tnat a th recommendation Inspcr
lora of tha I'nlted Stale Hopttrtment
if AurlriiK urc ne lu other live
mock market of (ho country, nnd
eapeclally of the Mleaourl rhrr inr
Ket, after niaklnit a ihornnnh In
viel iKatlon nf lUe aloe It market rp
u"d down the river,
Carl Vrniimn. BnltMiit seeretary of
rliullijre, aiieiililim liefore the iVint
meri Isl club al noun, tnentlnnrit this.
Me aald he had sent lnterlnra mil tn
Inapect the live stuck markets of the
Missouri valley aome lime o to '!
t'icaa aa to how to better market condi
tion, and diet their whole reciiininenrla
tlon aaa rniiiil ni In the one aloan,
"Ho and do what Omaha haa done." or
'Tee Ornaha'a market a a model. "
The Inapertora were aft well Impreaaed
with the eacefitlonally fine faclllilea In
the t'nlnn stni k yard In Omaha, the new
A Revelation of
mi aOktfil
in TP cunflifhTii vs! titi ti flan
disiin o mill 11 a
An Unrivaled Exhibit of
Distinctive Styles and Fabrics
For Men and Young Men, at
00 UMliOO ttM O00
Oraxfnl, no), two and thrce-biilton, high
walntd model, alaghed, plain patch, lapel
Pt-h and regular pockata, and th rrj popular
Norfolk or plnoti back tyla, In bomeapnn,
aerresi, flannel, fancy mixture and novelty
we; rut tripe,, gereen check, shepherd
plaid, Poran cbecka, I'lplng Rock flannel,
Onft-foartb Katla Tape! Knam and Fall I laed,
Mot conaerratlfa tyl for men of middle or
mor advanced age, that lend youthful line to the
flffura, but quiet in gfyle and very popular and ei
actly proper for the average man, Neat atrip,
check, broken plaid, soft gray, brown, tana, aub
dtid mlitnrea, homeepun. flannel and erge,
Onei-fonrtb and Fall Mned Model.
Remarkable Suits, CIO
Styles and Values at .
Rioh Tweed and
Hornet-pong, 1 n
the moat attrao
1 1 e ooloringg,
icUn and Rag
Ian ilervea
.S Pc.
la tha
1 Easter
' ijWv on A C
m "
; .V'
ho parlors where all ho irt protected
from every kind of nenthei, a her not
a drop of lain or a flake of now ran
touch them In the fireproof, concrete
iiiarters, ullli the new horse barn, also
nf i-onrrete nnd sled, ahsolutely fire-
- (iroof; Hh the new sheep barns, alth
; f.icllltiis for hendllna Hie vast floi ka of
: ihei'ii that annually swarm In there to
1 make thla Ihe Kiealeat fenler aheep mar
kei In the anrld. anil with all the modern
liii Ullli s of yardnae. lhal they ar today
liolilliu; up the South Omaha yard end
llieli eiiulimienl a models to other mitr
' Mr Vrouman mke of liiinliiena metli
' oda alao and their lelatlon to aiirli iilture,
He aald the I nhed Alatea is dealluetl to
aaa'ioin lndimlrljl and moral leadership
of the world and lie dm lined the ht.slnr
. men must liethliik Iheiua. h ea aa to how
Hut me kuIiik In do thl and what
i iiielluidn to employ. "Hlmll we aaaume
Him pnnltiun In Ihe world." he asked, "In
H way that will make other nations
IihIihi or us and make them seek tn
hamstring this meat power, or shall we
! do ll iiy building up a lepulatlon for
I honesty ami wiuaie ttKlln',' It la the
! al'lrlt of Ihe American business man that
lla to determine the jcisa or failure nf
the nation In the future"
i ll y Cummlaeloner Jardlna rontlnuea
to Impmva. Indlrallona are he will he
aide to return to hi office nent week
lrJJmKJr KealaaaaVar f l S
The World's Finest Master Tailored Spring Suits
Unparalleled value and euporb styles, th Hcheat new weavea and (inartnat coloring;
mmlela and aiiea for men of all a gee and ahapaa, on a, two nd three-button modal, ona-futirtta
and full lengths. Kegular and patch pockata i
"Kappenheimer" $20, $22.50, $25 up to $40 "Society Brand"
Boys' Easter Suits
Tbi tore offera Ui kind of Eaater BulU
that pleas tbe boya. Thla atore get tb
faahlon becjuiaei It undeiratundH tha clothing
requirement of more than half tha boy In
Omaha, and we invite all boy to come ber
Saturday and tba new alylea made ape
clal ly for them,
2 Pair Full Lined 7 qO-l?
Trousers Styles, 0U 1 L
F.very (Inoi and ropalar Material and Htrle.
Suit Styles J Vi iI25 $5
I Belt t sil(k. I Cap t MKk
lew Helled or
Confirmation Suits
llandaiima ne Hlie Serge, tiarnteed
ft color, varum weight, In fine and
heavy wale aeave -
as-.oo. 7.:o. io.oo. 12.(m
Maier Hat and riater Shin and
t ap i llloue -
rOtandSI.(K) I -IS " Bl.W
Heautiful rter Neckwear, 'iZtt "
Good Dinner
nii..i hii. t' .al lu ii ' ! il 4
t . 1 h . i - ., 1 1 l i a ! I thlli
In n:
h,t . I 4i. - .. i. , 4 I . u ii l ie t
Ml llftf the filii.ll IfniH .it In Ul
t : ;i l
ltie.;vii H .! ii'iiiii tn i iiMiim i
I lit i- li. b-i la
Ida fmiteatll il n. tun ell"
V lint bank
Maima'f iiieli'l
M. F, McClure, President of National
Exchange, Will Conduct Meat
Price Probe.
A new diHiatrli from WaahlnKton,
It. ('., to IochI atock yutd authnrl
tira rotivey the Inf orntat Ion that M
l McClure, precldcnt of the National Stock eKchanne. ha announced
t'.utt he will no before Ihe rnnnrea
tional coniniiticc that la maUlou hi
l.i veal I Kill Ion In Ihe Intercut of the
I atlonal aaaoiiatlon
lie aeeerted In Ihe dlapnl-h thai l-e
will demand a ihoioujili Inv cstlital hm mi
the part of the committee whether hlsh
pihcs and low pioflls III th lt few
ear liaie been due to iratrlrii-d com.
petition, aitlflrlll foiled li the Paeli
eis, or merely beiause of mitniiil cnndi
Hons The fact li evldeiil, he stales, lhal
price live been comparative! low In
the leal few eara for no eppnrentl.v ade
iliuile or easily, foreseen reason ltiauae
of tlda an ln eatial Inn la nerissary,
This la en Important matter for liolh
sides of the fiueailnn," he ssld "At tll
Mulls It
ii rz x
i 1
X (
h "fa; J
W7 dm 1
V ' i BJl a l
Men's High Grade
Spring Shirts
Well known make of fin ahirta. In
French Percale and fine Madra. Specially
priced Kater Saturday selling,
Uandered and Soft ( off Htylea- IMeaaVd
and Soft leou
$ I 50 qua 1 1 lie $1.15
$1 .25 qualltlea !),
Toe qualities 15
Mr)' Hickory Hnrklng and (latJnu
Khlrt. 43f
Spring Underwear
Superior and Vansar Union Garment In light
cotton, for enrly apring. full and three
fourth length $ 1 ,(H) and !.. do, of Athletic Check Namaook In ion
Suit; sold regularly at lltm-
Special nuw at iTtC
New Oxford Hose
imt do thin, pleated Silk lloe. In black,
white, rbampaane and color
Keiralar lie valae for I Or
eV ?A
" t taeaa
HrewU unU
Jetter Brewing Co., Ltd.
OMAHA. Nf .11.
ratf vtM a f e
j eighteen principal live stock markets In
j the t.'nited SUI. in ll'l.'. aliout
cattle. .".,l.ii nK and lJ.Wl.0H0 sheep
j were marketed, iheh alue belli more
than b billion dollars. The tiHCkera huve
milllcma Inveated, and all these Interesti
; are an laal that nu "lie wants to destroy.
bin nil mint In Improve fur the public
; ;., nd We Imp- lhat roiisresa will ha.'e t'ie
; I eibuiil 'I'riule rnmnib'ilon proceed wllh
Ihe im emluii 1 en Willi mnllce lowids
nine wllh ihsittr fur all; mid n ,tiilnT
j less will sailsfN either Ihe producer or
th i finiuimer "
City Hall to Close
Account Arbor Day
All office nf ihe ellv hall will be
closed tod.' in ober anre of Arbor day.
rviiiinl iluldreii i,f nil p.ihlir schools
hire been reminded m the siwnlfliance
of Ihe dn and ill",' liave been Impressed
wl h H e t tin n ti i ! Dial Arbor day origin
inl In Nebraska.
The i onset at Ion inmmlllee of Hie
(Uiialia V onimi a rlub w ill plan! a tree
al Central 1 1 1 ar It Sihool ground, In honor
Ihe HI. iik ispr-a re Teri enteii rV, and an
in her tree at Train si hool, In nieinnrv
cf Mrs. N. II Nelson, late president of
the club,
Or. Klna'a e lllaeoter.
Tlieie la nulltlmi belter foi jour rough
or cold thmi lie. Kin s New Dlaroverv.
In use over forl jeara duaranteed. All
dm a 1st Advertisement,
Nothing to i-oinpnre with
thin magnificent aagrt
ment of aprinn nerkweur,
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