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Argument Before Supreme Court
Develop! Row with Attorney
(from a Staff Correspondent.)
I J NCOIjN. Aortl .-(SpH(il.)-rld th
rallrond attorney put on over on the
attorney (eneral when the Utter surccd
to continuance of the, rats esse before
ih supreme court; tnl In th Interstate
Commerce com ml fid Ion walling for a 1
Vision of th Nebraska supreme court In
th matter In order to fet new light, or
I the Nebraska uprem court going to
be able to Ret better I !ch t on the nil na
tion If the rae I postponed until after
th Interstate Commerce commission
Thee ere question discussed, he
i me of the hearing In the supreme
court. thl morning In which the attor
ney general ld I lie commission could
not hlr a lawyer to run things when
ha wa on deck, and In which the chair-,
man of the commission Intlmatod that be
didn't car what the attorney general
thought, and that the commission pro
posed to run It affair without the aid
and coneent of any other department,
even If It had ro reach down Into H
own jean and pay th freight.
Otrr Order No, JT.
The la ona Involving the rste put
Into affoct by the Hlal Hallway commls
lon' rata order No. It, and the trouble
aros over an agreement entered Into
by Mr. fteed, th attorney general and
ttorney of the railroad reUtlva to a
data for the ubmlslon of the rsa to
th (uprema court.
TA tfmlth of Omaha, who hed been re
tained by the enmmleelon, charged In
hi argument to the court that without
consulting the commission, or advising
It of hi action, Mr, Heed bd entered
Into an agreement with Krtsnn Rich,
representing the rsllrnads, to tiav the
ce continued until Hrpteniher. It ap
pear that when tha appeal of tha rail,
road were first filed, over a year ago, a
aMpulatton wa entered Into between the
attorney general and tha commission on
tba otia hand, and tha railroad on the
other, that tha data tor tha iibmlsln
of brief should not b Immediately
fled, but, upon ality day" notice by
either party, tha agreement hould I
rare ted and tha court asked to art tha
matter down. After urgent appeal aUty
day' nolle wa given by th attorney
getienl and (he commission, whereupon
tha court fixed April t a tha dale upon
which tha railroad ahould file their
Acre (oatlnaanee,
On that day Attorney rinneral fteed
and Pideon Hlch appeared In court and
r greed to a cotitlnuanca of th case unlit
September, according to the statement
of Mr, Smith and of Chairman Clarke,
thl action wa taken by Mr, Heed with
out consulting the commission and with
out even notifying It of what had been
done, It waa not until April It that
Chairman Clarke discovered the arlr.n.
In tha meantime the commission had en
gaged Mr. Smith in represent It. Mr.
Kmllh Immediately filed a motion to have
tha order of the court modified and the
act down for Immediate ennstdera
tlon. It waa thl motion that wa under
consideration thl morning.
kiiillb fie lews Case,
In arguing for an early hearing of the
case Mr. fcmlth reviewed tho work of the
commission In promulgating It rste
schedule and called attention to th fact
that, elmrtly after the schedule became
effective, tha commercial lntrrela of
Council Muff, fllmix city, Ht. Joseph and
Knaaa City filed a complaint with the
Intaretata Commerce commission chars -Ing
that the carrier were discriminating
agalnat threa outsldn point) by reason
of tha new low rate prescribed In Order
19 from Omaha, IJncoln, Norfolk and
other Nebraska point. Th prnhnble ef
feet of a favorable derision by the i.
prem court on th action of th Internum
Commerce commission wa the point
vigorously urged by Mr. Hmlth and as
vigorously opposed by the attorney for
tha carrier. In answer to a question by
Judge Sedgwick whether th Interstate
Commerce commission la delaying Its
action on account of the matter pending
In thl court. Mr, Hmlth replied:
I have certain Information which I fell
was (then m by one of the ciiiiiinUlon
ers In a 'sort of confident!.! murmur, tint
I do not feel I nnshi M disclose, and t
m not going to say thai th ronim'seln-i
Is delaying that heeanse nt this, hut I,
do know that the commission would we
mm a decision (mm this court e to th
reasoneblenees of three rates as applied
to local traffle. I know whereof I .aK
on thet. At the time of the hesrln bo
fore th Interstate Commerce nnntiilalim
they put the question 1i two or three of
us as in wneiner or nol the
lourt had pnsseil on tlm reasonablei.
of thr rate ami when they were likily
to do so.
Th mate Railway commission Vila
that under th authority f the d cle mi
ft Jurta Keilgwh k In the c of 1 nllinr
saint eiste, tt hss the amherlly or the
l-oople f f the state of Nel.ini.ka, has tie
rlilht In pMMtr this ouirt hv
lis spee9 rnunirl M, thiH It .
atven th r aht as tiu.ter the de 1i,im
think you enld ttn-y had a Hxht to control
In a mrsurs at I. m-l ihe i nure end con
duct of thl cms Is tVr tin court.
In conclusion Mr finlth eke.t thst the
nrder tie set atlde and th carrei be
Kn until the first silting tu mv n
file thlr briefs and tha ri..m.iitt m
tasntf f thirty dty theiesft.f Id r (,!)i
Hee4 r'titlata,
la eiplansttiui of In i-i(.q u aree
tft wtth th ratiriMidi , corittuiisiu'
if tha case until f- i.tin.lwr, Attotorv
Iteneral tteed aseeited 't he !li,..ig,
r i,ut n (he r'uft it the
ini, eMornrys fm a further l :
d hs it, tit aeieiU t i l U.
' h rtr't'M t l i fair, lie ,, t,
farther, thet i Injury a as b-'Ing .1 i,r
s titr f,i th tain that th iti
r an la " et u a . HMi.,ei h,j
C'"' t.l ya t. i, .'i'ii t ,y B , ,..(,.
' l lis thaiikr.l J . ' 1
... ii
' a '. ! t' if aeath.ii thai it a . ,
ii. t'et tta,l l r..,,t. ,!,,
IB) (..lfi,ill,;..l( r ') tl Ihe ltlM.f
M f o.let 4 111 f.l.. t.l I,, ha
f ' .1
ton, and A. A. Mclaughlin fur the North
western, arsued thst the court should
postpone lis decision pending the out
coin of tho rase before the Inters!!
Commerce commission, thu securing the
hem fit of the conclusion of the federal
body of expert. They were Inclined to
minimize th effect of a decision of
this court upon the federal commlaslon,
arKulrig that the Influence, If there wa
any, should be the other way. They con
tended, also, that It would be Impossible
for them to go over a fiioO-pag record
and prepare brief within the short pe
rlod of time demanded by Mr. Hmlth nd
the commission. In answer to a query
from Judu Hedgwlf a to whether or
not the attorney general had not Joined
In the motion to have tha ess set down
for Itnmed'at hesrlng. Judire Itoot eald
the attorney general had not. for the
reason that "he waa a man of his word.'
Intimating that tha railroad felt Mr.
fteed was bound by th atlptilatlon h
entered Into on April 4,
Numerous question wer asked by
Judges Hrdgwick, lotion and Kawrett.
Chief JiihIIia Morrissey was not piesent
end Judge )' wcett presided In hi plac.
In addition to Attorney Root and Mc
leiiighlln th rl!rod wei represented
by Msnn llkb of the I'nlofi raclfle,
Judge Holmes of tlie IU k Islnnd and J.
A, C. Kennedy of th Missouri I'aclflo,
Hastings May Be Dry
For While Because
Of Action by Rohrcr
JIAHTJNCH, Ne"JhT April M.-(rpelal
Telegram.)- A' partial drouth In Hastings
wa threatened today when C, H. Koh rer,
for th antl saloon Interests, threatened
to prevent twelve wiloons from opening
under new license on May I. Th com
pnny which furnished th surety bond
for th license ), grtr,e tlt0 t,
of a receiver and tha elty administration
hsa given notice that new bonds must
be presented.
Th lljnse wer granted laat week to
operate May 1.
Rohrer holds thst all applkanl will
hv to readveriis for Iwo weeks and
g t new licenses, The licenre money nid
by the applicants hn been turned over
to th school district and applied on cur
rent r iprnr.
Th brewery I not effected, lis bond
having been eecurod from another com
From Our Near Neighbors
Weeping Meier. i Mrs, II. I'. Ferree and W. R Hddy went
-Mrs, A. K h'heldori of Lincoln (lave an to Wahoo Tueedoy to attend the meeting
illustrated iti-iur on hlnls at Ihe Con-I of the J'reshytery of omfiha.
Kiegitional church KrKlay evening. j The Valley Woman's - lub held the yegu
The women of the chrysalis club enter-ilsr meeting Krldav afternoon with Mrs.
tallied their hushsnds at a 7 o'clock ' N. K. Jonnaon. Mrs. Kennedy gav a
illnner at Rest Haven Tuesday evening. , sketch of the life of Meibn snd
Mrs. .1. .. Miiiebina avhn haa i-n 1,,,11,'Mn Jngrsin a paper on Town, Town
sick for several days, Is reported much
Mr, Al Compton nd children hav
gone to Clyde, Kan.
Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy hsve re
turned from (Ireeley, Neb, where they
vlslied Mrs. F'strlck Murphy and family.
Mrs, Mildred lying hss gon to Dres
den, Kan., whre she will spend ths sum
mer. Mr, and Mrs, Hsrold Tool and Mr. and
Mr. Hsrry (illllsple were Hutiday visit
or at the Mayor (Jorder home.
Mr, Oeorge H hroeder of Atchison.
Kn,, wss a Monday night visitor with
her mother, Mrs, J. II, I'avls.
Mr, snd Mrs. Charles l.yrnnn tit Mini
tare, Neb. were Hundav visitor with
Mr, and Mrs, W, )!. Iyman.
Krsnk A. icl returned the first of
the week from California, where hs had
spent the winter.
ship and
County Government of N-
Mary bavls of Neola. Ia. vlstied
her sister, Mrs, Krank Mlnturn, the fore
part of the week.
Passion week I being oberved at the
Methodist church. Itev. It, . Capsey Is
conducting the meeting.
Mlsse Margaret and Emm P.ohert
of Omaha visited at th home of their
mother, Mrs. M, A, Roberts.
Men Miller, an Invalid suffering with
rheumatism for the Isst year, died In an
Omaha hospital Tuesday a rid ws brought
here for burial.
Mis Kllssbeih O'Rrlen of Omaha vis
ited Mrs. I,. A. Kates last Hunilay.
The home of Oeorge White la quaran
tined for ecsriet fever.
Henry fiottech left last Tuesday for V,x
eeislor Mprmgs, Mo., where he will take
t mi's,
Mr J, If, H' hinldt ud daughter, len, !
wer here from Yuleii over Sunday. , I
Mr. hd Mrs. J. -', Zlounerer snd son,
Om ar, wi Llm oln vlslloi the first ol ;
the week. 1
Mr, snd Mr O, D. Hogenrlef wer
I Hun ha visitor Tuesdsy,
Itev Oeorge Iceed of Weeping Wsler
occupied th pulpit at th Congregational
church her Isat Hundsy,
Mn ttoherl Mtekle hss returned from
a week slay at Hhannon City, la. i H attended.
Mr Slid Mrs John Kverett have been
Sliendlng the week with relative at Lin
coln, Mrs.
Th Isdles of the Christian church will list.
hold their annual Haturdiiy.
Mis. Oeorge Cunningham I visiting
relatives at Hennlnglon this week.
Torn liarlow and family have moved
hark to Ihe Hslley farm from Kwlng.
Mrs M. Kudge of Allsn, Neb,, wss
here Iwo days this week visiting trlnfl,
Mr. snd Mrs, K. A, Hchnrman went to
KlldnKa, Mont., Tuesday to be away a
week or more.
Ths leap year dance given by the
F'ythlati rimer Saturday evening wss
Tom Ourin
the riebolt
dora J.ieohen, Horn Kundell
snd lip-k i-iunbard visited
bi liool ViednesUsy,
Miss NeHl and Miss Klllisn lsited
Washington Katurday and rlunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry spring snd Mr ami
Mrs. lieuls motored to Ulair rlundiiy,
.Mr, and Mrs, John Williams of Florence
visited st the Williams home Krlilay
Krnll Jncobaon went to the hosplfsl
Wednesday to bnve. an operation for an
abscess behind the ear.
About forty young people surprised
Walter and Honss 'indell Tuesday even
ing They will travel across ths country
to Colorado in a Koid i soon as the
roads permit.
Mr snd Mrs. W. Tonne-r of Dreelej,
Neh, ai here visiting relatives.
The Methodist. Ladlea' Aid society
cleared over iOO at their hiur Uai m.i.
urday. ; C. I
The Oretna base bsll nine will ow n the I Oste
and Henry Ifnlllh. Oscar Neuhau.
Krnll Kunneman, otto Neumann.
I'nriflrmatlon eierclses at Ht. Johns
church Inst Mundny brought out a large
riiiigiegallon The meinlier of th clsss
ere .Misses Clsra and Klla Anderson, Met
Kshler, Marv Hans Hisrk, t'lsu
H.-hiiejder, Ie!lef Kroener. Krneat Meeve,
Henry I.u' hen and l-oul tiuttst h.
I'apllllon. '
PAI'LUOV, Neb., April fl.-'flpeclal )
Th nominee for county officer are
follows: County treasurer, J. P. "pear
man d m,, and C, U, Martin, rep ; county
clerk, Tom Pootey, di-m., and Kmest
Huff, rep.; sheriff, Jake !,ewl. dem., and
Chsrles Mutter, rep.; county attorney, K,
II. McCarthy, dern., and K. H, Nh kerson,
rep; county eiipenofcenderil, Cordelia
Oramllch. dem., and W. C, Kleck, rep.;
nounty assessor, T. J. Wright, dm., and
Hell, rep.; rouniy commissioner,
Mlley, dem , and Frank Ratay,
No Sore Spots Left,
Declares Mr. Miles
clerk of district court, J, ft. Wilson,
nd Ivm 'eteron, dem,; urvey-,
s-aeoii on in noma niarnond Mundsy. I rep.
April 'IX with a gaum with th Hlars ami ' Mo
Mr II r, er. axL ... ...!- l''r.on, dem., and Ira Itaadle,
d!ghte'r. iJ'?. rtl'r'P--. 't. representative, Jscb mn.,
duv. Tlie body was shipped to rivss j dem., snd Kred Isk, rep.; tte senator,
for burial. Mr, Mr was V, year old, j J. M, Oat, dem,, and V, 1, Rolak, rep.
Mrs, Krsnk Horan of North Malta, On th nonpartisan ticket Jmes T,
enme out from Omaha Thursday, where. . ....... ...a...
she has been In a hospital for the I.., i 'r T." .'"l ' .." " " '
riv weeks Her heslth is much Improved ' ' M wbt anl H, A. I oinn ic
The hlnh "hool has bsll team played 1 """ty Judge.
gainst the Klkhorn team at Klkhorn
l-rlday. Th liretna cltizena donaie n.e' Want Ads never shirk fhelr work-lhey
lfAfclTIN'jM, Neh., April 31,-iHperlsl
Telegram.)-?, J. Mil' h given out the
following fUteuient regardltif alectlon;
"Tim verdict of the voter at Tuesday'
prtmarie leave no or pot. rhirine
the entire campaign I received from my
opponents' courteou and friendly trt
metit. M thl time It appear to be tin
(erlaln a to whether McKelvl or Judge
Mutton will b th tandard bearer F.lther
would be a worthy choice and mk for
lb uccs of Ih republican party at
th genetal eleotloft. Tlicr cannot b the
slightest doubt but that th voter of Ne
braska wlil ratify th choice, by th re
publican primaries, at th November elec
tion, and tt wll Iglv m great pleuur
lo contribute to hi tlectlon by every
mean Jn rny fsrwir,
"Th splendid endorsement I received
in vry precinct of my born city It a
euuic of grt pride and tlfi'tlon to
me nd compeate for th aeri'l" In
tlrn and nrgy In making tha cam
paign, "0. J. MIMCfl,"
B?HcJic(l?rlr.ri?,7i.lh hlf." M! - ruli,'lf anything will
prsitirally sll of the pupils were con- I
eye lo Klkhorn. Th score w 10 to
oi mvor in I'.IKhorn.
John Anderin, sr., I on th lck
Adolph nd Miss Mry Zlmmerer were I tors Monday,
Mr and Mrs, Brenner wer Omaha vis!-
here from Nebraska City the first of
th week.
Mr, and Mrs. I, J Marqntrdt
Ornslia visitor Thursday.
Mis flophla Tlilele of Ixrulsvllle
vlslllng In Avoca this week,
Mr, and Mrs. W, II Thlel were PI tu
rnout h visitor thl week.
Mrs. Itosa Khler I ber from Per-1
trand fur a visit with relative. j
Nlchol Kohl of p'lllngs, Okis,, Is
visiting hi brother, William, nd family ,
esst of town. ;
Mrs Muncell visited relative In Ben
nlriKtori Hattirday.
Mrs Union Wlllm
visitor tvednesday.
Jessie Wllllums, Kvelyn
w an Omaha
Bart, Theo-
Spring Medicine '
Department Orders,
WAMIII Vi TON. Apill iS.'-inw
. Igiom I- Ihe poslofflce at Ivf flllll'on, lloo-
H"n,n'"M- rt county Houili lakota, bs been
Mis A 'guxls Ihhert rlel,r ted her ; thsnned to New Kff Ington,
birthday Hundy, I Itnrsl letter rriis annolnted : Ne-.
Jay 1, Wllliiiins; I'.rlsiow,
nice, visited st Arllnvtot. u.t...iv ' .Chsrlis V leegn; pelershuig, flerl
I,, Htewarl; Iowa, Tripoli, ly I! Young,
rural free delivery route
lished on June I at O'onona,
i-- " ' ...- ....--- , , , ,i-r-r 1,00017, n.'il..", I", lain Ol l'i"i-(
ilh. 1 0",, rlnnl" ""'""so, twenty-eight miles, families b aerved,
uouiai -.linear, r,V rteriKe ,l)
Mrs, Hurt Mulllnger end daughter. Her-! !,.fl'"l1' 'i'.""Y''
ce, visited st Arlington H,i.l.v .thsrl.s I-. He.
Zioo a 1 ,,,1,.,.. ! ' Htewarl; Iowa,
conflnn. I i t l " Chrr i"'1h "' 1 1'' '-y rl
l H o Ll nL '""" 'f he es.ahll.her
ths r . ''y'!!'' Th "-''" of Cu.ler county, Ne
me cisss are Altnu t.A VfiMi iii. ....... .. . . ' ..
j HrdbloBiti Oel Momlnallon,
: HTUOMtdlfrRrt. Nb,. April ll.-lr'parial
isl Tele- r Telegram.) 0wpl,t return from the
Klevenih aenatorlal dinrtct give Albert it,
fledblmm th nomination by nlnlen
vote plurailty, Th thre camlldav re
ceived vide a follow;
Hedbloom, Hlrornsburg, l; wnon,
t, Kdwn, m; Todenliof, Columbu, i'D,
Me( lbs,
Wnt Ad nvr ahlrii their wort H hey
will get ruli, If anythlnf will.
god' lariaparilla, th Ort
Farifier, 1 th Bsst,
WArlHINHTON, April 2l,iHpt; Tel.
egratn )-Th president, sent th name of
J. ft. Cooper to th senat as postmaster
at Moldreg. Mr. Cooper I editor of th
Holdreg ITogres.
Miss Myrtle Onirics I 111 at her bonn.
In Kik City,
Mis Iieulah llynr of fnon spent the
week-end at her home,
Joe Archer of Omah was th guent of
W, H. I'.ddy Wednesday,
The reKulnr meeilng of the "Husy I' '
wss held at the home of Mrs, John Moms
han Wednesday, Mrs, K iHiiliauimer as.
aisled Mr. Monahsn In serving luncli.
The l-sltes' Aid held a bazaar nnd
rerved lunch In th K, H. Clarke ston,
Xalurdsy afiernoon,
Mr and Mrs, VA Parson motoied to
Omaha Monday to take Mrs John Irf-niel
lo the Methodist hospital.
Miss Paul Henna wss railed tu is'
home In Kalis City, Neh., Thursdey by
the serious Illness of her brother, lloy
Mr, and Mr. A, J. McDonald, Mr anj
spring sickness come In some degree
to every mn, woman nd child In our
If I that run-down condition of the
y'ern that reul! from Impure, Impov
erished, devitalized blood.
It is marked by los of appetite snd
tha t tired feeling, and In many case by
om form of eruption.
The best way to treat prlng slckneas
I to take Mood' Ksrsaparllla. This oil
reliable family medicine purifies, curb hes
end revitalize the blood. It Is sn all-
th yar-round alterative snd tonic, and
I absolutely th best Spring medicine.
(Jet your blood in good condition st once
now. I.elay msy lie dsngerou. Ask
your druggist for Hood Haisspnrilla,
land Insist on having It, for nothing else
I can take lis place. Advertisement.
Faster Suit (SBF7!
Calculated to Cause
Considerable Comment
FIRSTThe making; wmply u
pprb, viewptl from every critical
NEXTTho, fit: Absolutely true
fnKhioned hy expert men tailors.
reasonable! Of
$..00 to $7.f)0 on
THEN The prices:
eourHe. IIjo Having!
overj' 8ii it,
AND AGAINTlie Mylen ate accurate
reproductions of the Benson's KuccesseH in
Silk Taffeta, Silk Poplin, Gabardine, Poi
ret Twill, Wool Poplin antl Serge. New
and fstnplo colors as well as cheeks antl
plaids. Tliree prices
Coats for Eastertide
Breezy Delightful
In ronls, tnliliires. vclnur. i-'iihiirdines,
etnerts, scrnoa tml silk ft.lor mii'h an
trntty, siitnl, ,Uk Mini wlillo ti'csM. giiaVer
and silver gta, navy, rcstvU and Mailt, wtih
liCMUIIful, lURtelllllH nllk linings.
New Iniltcrfly full sklrtd ino.lets, rtigny
ith 1 1 a plait, collar that run 1 worn a
Haikrr or pcrfei tiy ft, new 1a-,ttt three
quarter un.l full luitglh style ami graceful
litixlcl v Hluoit licit,
Iruluding larjt it up to 46
1000 $1950 $25
5 xsl )
'I I I
Oeanln W. jfJ i I Jl t.Iacb
leitd ' ' ', f f fdtal
I msIe nf selected iilld n.k; hsa hesvy
barrel pedestal si.pp'.ited hy fm.r carvyl
elsw feet, lArgi, 42-Inch Afl eyiai
top, emend to foot, A I II Tt
Kpl, for tomorrow, only. "
fiA K COM Rl NATION Hi;i KKT--l-
iiilshe,! a"''len; roomy china coin-psrtiiM-iit,
bent alsss ends, silver
ware drawer. Ilnen cnmpariment,
I reiicli beveled plt mirror. Two
pleeea In one. pe. 0 1 J "
Is I IV priced, at . I a. "Ill
T - ' "
I ' r It ms A 9
' .A" , i
1 1 H-
si f ,rl
t: "
K I It B H I I r. li' K'KKIt -Krame of
cholee K-ilei ti-l srillil oak. Ilnlsliel
finned, llsrk and seat upholstered lit
guaranteed Imitation Ktuuileh leather.
I olillortRMn liey lest.
I'rli'ed only for tiitnor
row. at
fft ii'f'.'i.''''
Our fall lie
of Ba and
rtbr rorat.
Elm U'lorr
HI'I.KNIHI. VAl.t'K IV A Kl'l.l,
HOI.I,, KXTItA I'.OOMV, com.
Km 'K Kit liai onlaj lirnwn or nat
nral finish, liiir et
tremelv low price for
tomorrow, at only. , . .
w w ii rr
a nmiKD BAnoAf.v i.v a
I,Anc,B fllZK MtKHHfER. 0n-
truck! entirely of American
niiarter sawed Imitation ok,
finished aulden. All drawer
fitted with wood pull. Heavy
'roll f,ot, carved claw feet.
I.asa Ht7. Krsni-h
heveled plat mir
ror, only..
" $9.85
Pretty New Dresses
High Qualities Low Prices
Mostly in Oca d Umdr and TaffnU In
new ttcel nrK.v, t hincsii htuta and ronkia, at
well as stnpln iihnde,'fnntt.rln(t very full iklrl.i
nnd lower waist lino: many naw captivating
rffri In itiltrin,, visible, stltthtrtg and hm,
tort trim.
Two world beaters at
$1250 $1475
But only two of many
Attractive Values
.i -
Hand ubbed
aud l-lnlsh0
HulH throughout of liard wood, rich
ly finished in American ii'iattcr sv.
rd Imllullon oak. I'liitiPd nr Riilden
finish, An iiiiiiKlnK Of) 0 0
Kl) it K VH I (J K K ATOIt, Triple wall
coiiHtructlon, iieiavlly Interlined.
Two sanitary nickel iholv to
food compartment; 40-lb lea ca
pacity, our low 1J7 nr
prl" pt.OO
(Ml'ttOVVIi TilUM I'flOVT OA.
I A It T The em lose.l front sffords
ample pi ill." I Inn kkhIIiSI WHlil or
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A Sale of Pretty
Easter Millinery
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Worafn'19-in. Boots
of Washable KiJ
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$12 tH) Vatu for 19 00
Drei Putupi
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151rt 18 20 runum Street,
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1414 -16-10 DOUGLAS ST.