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With the Aid of
of the Clubs
They ar becoming very chummy. They
Fashion Note
By Nell Brinkley
(Copyright, Ml, Inter! New Service.)
' of
uvi dlaenvered a common quality ot
iompnlonablcneea, I allud to women
I ub and men aaaoclatlon for the din
'ti h of buln or the administration
of civic affair.
Twenty thramand delegate from (If
imm'i club of fhla country for the
fclennlal convention of th General Fed
eration of Women a Club will vlalt New
Tnrk from May 13 to June t. It la alg
nlflcant that theae women gucet com"
1o the mefropoll In reapona to an In
vitation given by the mayor, the Mer.
hsriln' armodatlon and the women club
of thla city. It I glgnlflcant that the
omen' cluba and th Merchant' )-
lallon are eharlng eoually the expene
the big ten-day party, Th Mer-
chnt' aaaoclatlon has laaued a circular
urging the public to aaaUt the aaaocla-
tl'n In providing the Klnew of enter-
Inmont, one-half theae financial lne i
)ivint been furnlhed by the womn
When thoaa 20,000 women gather In
!Nw York for the dlcualon of tnpli-a of
1ntret to tha club they repreaent, they
will not talk faablone, teaa nor quilt
ing pattern. That time haa paaaed. Thy
will dlactm public health, the ronaerva
tlon of fnreat and other topic directly
relating to the public good, the radiation
of benefit from home to city, from city
10 Mate, from etate to nation. All Nee
York. I lookln to the Walt of theae
J0.0M women a to omethln plant
lienefirtni and aMmulatlng to the city
u)It upon the (eland that wa once ex
rhanged for a row.
When any great evil la to he eorreetej
in a city t la now a eiiatom to ca'l upon
lit women' rli.b for aid. The wom-n'
eluba are never found wsntlng. Tee
ineanlng of the big convention fa 'he
irganlratlon of womanhood. Organized
womanhood I an InvlncMs power for
Jiubllc ecntlment.
When Mr, Carolina Fartlet Orn die-
rovered that the back yard of tha city
Jrt which alia lived. Kalamar-oo, were e
menace to the public health. It la re
corded that iha "called together a num
her of progreaalv women of ber ow
nd other church and organized a civic
improvement leagua."
Mt. Crane' work a mleirtonary of
municipal Improvement la well known,
Cltiee Invite her to ahow them how to
lo their houae!lanlng. But wherever thla !
rnlnlater to mutilclpalltle go, aha goen ;
ty tha primary Invitation of aoma wide- j
dwake feminine organization of that dly,
When Jane. Addam atarted Hull Houe,
r-he "brought together" well meaning I
'hlcago women of one claa to help the
women of another claa who delrd to
onduct Intelligently their home and j
When Mr. Albion Fellow Bacon ree
fpgnlmed the need of creating better health
rendition In tha city of Evanavllle, Jnfl
eh brouaht th matter before a combi
nation of club In her city.
When Mr, Hannah Kent cheff dla
revered that little children were being
rondemned to prlaon aa hopaleaa crlm
1nala, It la a matter Of record that "he
look th fact and presented them to
th New Century club of Philadelphia."
That conaervatlva but powerful club ba-
lilnd her brought about a change n tn
law by which amall offender are glren
hat "one more chance'' that nee Been at
om time the need of all of ua.
France A. Keller, learning that fraud
aind vice are practiced In many, ejmploy
tnent agenclea, eat about for an ef
fective meana to end th evil. She aaked
he aid of the, Women'a Municipal league,
nnd got II. Thla wa tho beginning- of
ratlon-nvld work In aid of thoae who
are too poor and Ignorant to help them
eolvf .
Ml Julia Tutwller, whom Lyman Ab
bott ald waa "the fcct cltlwm of Ala
bama," wanted to provide Indutr1al
training for gtrla In her etate. Th work
vent alowly until, a the record lth,
She iKcedd In attracting the beet
women In Alabama to the project" On
tinted clubwoman eummarlied what fol
lowed by, "We took hold of It like a
whoop." It follow that In Alabama
Induatrlal hool were duly catabllahed
for women.
Mr. Hiiflnlph Blnnkenburg, wife of the
mayor of Philadelphia and member of
the New Century club, waa interested In
elartlng night claaaea In Inatructlon for
working women. Tt began with three or
four clnaeea, held In the building of the
Vcw Century club. Out of It grew a New
I'enlury guild, compoaed of working
women who were eager for th atlmultie
mill education of aortal contact, The
I ill of the rtcheat and poorest women
In Philadelphia are a mighty fore be
hind any clvlo movement for good. Joint
ly they have propelled many a ball of
rivic Improvement, anil wielded many a
briuiiti of municipal houae-cleaning.
Kvny woman club In every large
ciiv underalanda that It i likely to h
ailed upon to lend alii In inaltara of clvle
teilrrmeot. Tha help I alweva gener
nmly nnd Intelligently given.
Il I a favorable mm ami prnmiaea
lu icli, thla Jninhig handa of ciiy offlrlala,
lniiie men irniiUatlona and worn
I'll M lIllltM II ! 11, M flral rnll.n.l
( (lie iUn of a t -1 1 r time.
x71tr A IMw iis.vtf' y o. s TSFi' X0K-"v'
1TNESH tb ca of poor man on the boardwalk at Atlantic
City, who filled to look up Spring; faahlona, or If be did,
nlffed and forgot them! Who got tba gurrows now? If
you arc a rery clever yoong rhap -of courae, If you haven't any Kirl
you will bare one aome day you might met one aornewhere, aome-
mmmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmnmammmmimmmmmmmmtl mit mil tmm iiwrv-j- i rinr" t r i -" 1 -
"A Word to the Wise is Sufficient"
time, that you'd Ilk l he on th tIkM vide of you you will either
go with your gweetheart when nh turn a gwept eye on gpring bon
net and pick a little one with no brim at allat all, ho you can gee
the pink ciWk of her and every fll'krr and turn of the blue eye
above It, or you will renumber a you do your telephone number
and the tag on your atreet car, which aide her bat tllti down oa.
You will remember which aide la "blank wall;" and wblcb aide la
full view of the picture you carry In your heart, like an open door
with the light flooding Into the night. You will memorize It for
the day when gome other man la moat pretiferoualy alongl
ii hiiii iiiMiiwwaiiiiMiiiwiiiiiiiwiiiiwi gim nai i u MHirirnr ijnw"witi"TiiifrfTf ' i i mimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtHm
Wrongs and Those Who Make Them Worse
Dressing Simply
Br rOrlTVXB FRKK. 1 In lh-e day Oirie ie
' ' thing that go wrong. Tiny have to be
The vat number of people who arj xonn. but one auffcrlng la often ren-
liitiunii-rnlde wif to John Strange Winter, "that our
certain they could put thing right tf
thoy only had their way for five minute
I Increaalng nowaday, It aeern. They
dered all the more acute by th peraon .
who Inform one that all the tlilnga
might be a i right In the twinkling of an
v If people wer only enlhl or H
are vague aa to how they would mnag rMrg,n,; m hlmaeif There I undonbt:
llr l.itl lK lint. .!;, . Kor, b It underatooil. 1 am not edvo- wanted a change. And a aack coat
Kverybody I meet rm aci-iu to lie rating the coatly elimillcllv of a drea what? Tha uric of the Dotatoe lnalda
It. You eat the potato, naturally, io
there' no waate there at all.
t r .
a vice to Lovelorn
Hit l kat rice Fairfax
i.e. n ruitfit I ni ;i u,
v. ii linn n a )tiiiig nmii In i.r rinplnr
,l lit' f l ii ti m ii, ,f iiiaate ih
ti t, i F'lun iii , , -.ii l. i.m nt.
Mi i l-l ai'.l ittKlillv hut
,1 , III II. l.M rt.
'Mi',, t l.Atrt ,l t .
II. tk'rmn tflii.l Ht lit 1 1
,,rl' 1- ! 'lni 111)
-, i !w ,1 ii ilit. i
,1 t . , I -I ' 1,1 I I , , fe f
..i k ,t. n. .i " iw" Jl,. tint
.t e HI t lii , mm .
I I . ., t I ' b , u
I. I'H I I1 'll, lit l
C AH ill1, I hit ,M .
1 .! l--.ll
..l i. ni m 1 1-. t ,ot
I. 1
I "Mi, -l.l-.-t
II (I I'
.( I-.
... fx
'I ,
' -a i (Ii t t 1
.1 , I i- , Vt
. f I. , m I
t 1 1
i ' ,
. . ' a g
.ii I i -m u in,
ii . atiiuit i iii
1,11 t !')! .
1 I )( 1-' . .
t a- .k , 1. 1 a .ii
1 1 t H . -.4 , . i,i' v )
ii it-- t t .i' in f .nf ,) 1 1 e
' I1 t , . 1 1 1 I ..! Ii I. I ,'!
' ' hur act) b -t.i'iitii
1 ' ' imi.' - ) t - ifi i.i t t
' : t t ...:, I i I ,
( ( j i...i i,.,., ii m i,,ii
' "" n t i l I've
' i t - t t. i. 4 I .
i w rX'S lig t) man ) ii
i .--, I t at (ma aiiir
i' t t"i- il (H, )
i 1
r '.-ii
It, but they are quite ure they would
manage tt aomehow.
I waa once In a company dlciilng a
great tragedy. There had ben a
dlatreaalng lo of llf. and the company
waa unanlmou that auch a thing ought, omnia' lent
never to be poaalble unanlmou, with th
exception of on llent gentleman who
aald not a word. uggtlon a to how
elly auch a calamity might b mad
tmpoeatble In the future were plentiful.
Tt wa quite Irritating to the auggnetore,
to find th itlent gentlemen deficient In i
approval nf any ef them. It juat blinked i
and amoktd on calmly. At lt on of
th company appealed to him fir hi
"You , gentleman," he remarked
quietly, "I have been tudlng the auh
Ject of llfe-taving at for about forty 1
r Yeu have been etudylng It from
the urn yeu plrkd up your morning
Ppra. It i a tough tnh a very loitgfi i
)nli tif (our, there ar thing to b out about It great Improvemantg
In he mad Nut II I quit different
thing aeelng a thing In b righll and
aering )ur way ta dnlng it," j ate very fin difficult! that
n not in cur ta the hurried and ,-ltd l lual who weuld nt thing airaight
air llai.r. tnlug Iia4 r rtr
frand h at tt emeibat ef a
Hr.ii.h tiaiinnal Mit 111 Mm w
known l,i rrowd. wh tang g Mlivilar
tut i -i in him, and hg ,. fell hi
and tM naaHif' dxlv ItifwrmM the
t'" ' ih tact, hi letter e Un
,i i In nU Id i.iiiiiihihI, iin
hKi a"iv. ra ii morning un,
km. ,1 a.imirai ah a all aeilnue f ir
lt 't fhair ht hd v (
' et'ttg H .I.Md rav,l , 1,1
'"M IM" M auld ti him l hi
m e.u
I hH f iRHtalll Ulnar.
' -t .?. t.i iiriiiiii i ii,4 an
...!. I.. ...i ( , ., mtH.n
" l.lhl t,t n.,.,ii,t ),., ,(ltt
k. 4 I. II a.:ia.l , l :, ,,
thtei Mx . i,,,!. i,
.i i,.t ,i,rt i,, ai.i. uoiM m.
'" In nwi I.. t ana-i.
tmni h ta.-v4 i (Webi lanaig
,4 l"ii... '.!,. g imx i,t (t,t;
'l.r . a firiuM ji,it a fatal '
H -m -. i rHiit t.uir , u 1 1(
' l-..i.a ih , k. ati
'-"' ' " ft 4".,t (, ,
t'al ii4 ta ta a.r
I in.a't'e .4 mI ii I iirt
ie " i . 1 1,. Ai(i ,an
ilif (( f Ma tlti. r ),
ii.c t M !. I eui
1 Al) ! 1 1. I IK! IKKX U
'"lli't I a til Ii ti.i ' I I, t ,.,
ki- "h
edly a great deal wrong that we ahull
he remarkably fooliah to let hve th
chance of ever going wrung again. Wej
beve got lo aen that they are right In
future, Rut tha wholeaal grumbler and'
Individual I not the perenq
home will be a real model in time." Her
eye gllatened with cKpneliitlon of that I aiaiiig auout ine new uanHiui aim neet - (hBt or,kai ae If It coal rent but really
happy time, "John"-lhul w her liua-ko"t diet. T.ilklng, iplnd you, not try - 1 rout 131. Neither am I on the Me of
band-"le wonderful at finding out what " fr I can . Not that I ,,9 in.Val mode of dreaa, for to live
wrong-wonderful." I '''"" """i "hla weathor, when all aenal- j ft ow wn,,rB everybody walked about
"I could not help elghlng when I heard'" r"'"l"l would mituiaily piefnr t. have wHh ft walking atlck or a gold bag Tor
thai," remarked John Mtrange Winter, i ve,yi'lng mulligatawny, from eoup tn ; e article of attire would bn to live
"for I knew that kind of man-the mini '" that tf II haa ocuurred Id me to , , a (own 1on morHy , fur wnrrl.
with an eye for everything wrong. It rv act a talking atunt of my own, i The aiyle of clothing I urge you to
lunied out luat a I expected. John w -'"d a mucii morn renaimo and prac Bdupl la a alyle, 1 mil atruld. nut one of
eo perplexed and worried with auch a
multiplicity of wronga that he lied no
time to help her to put elngle one of
who will bring about that happy r"ult, ! thnm right."
II aim ply -llr Irritation and i1lgut And they weie not happy ever nfli r
round, nd there hla activity end. Ifej.lnhn bicame a i hrniilc ilyapeptlc, llml
eihauat ell the energy he had In thai waa all. Thit ar jilenty of folk of hla
procea kind,
"t fel iire." nni-e aald newly-wedded
tciil one Into tho bargain cloth. Why
not liiiiliiity In rlolhea ii well aa diet?
Why piiy lent for chiffon when you
cm net ina fur no'hlng, lo Improve, upon
ii favonln In mPi id ndvertlanmetit " I u
h .nunc i,i i hiielinnda ranging them
i'lii on my anle na they red thla ar
vol, will aay "thank you" fur, becuuan II
la elnmat aa uneahllaraliiiK ae the raw
vegetable (Hit
I, ut ecoiniinlcil in ni. e, I'nr In
atunce, wliHl could bent a potato am k
for nice uaeful hnuae truck .' Il doeni t
allow Hie dirt, It era vvnll and you could
turn It Inalde out when yon fell yon
Then for fur, Inatead of chinchilla or
ermine, why not rabhltT Her again,
you ea, you can get your meal off th
rabbit flrat.
Then, gmilu, for undercloth. Why not
keep a III tin red flannel for horn lie
Inatead of acnillng It ail to the heathen?
They deaerv a rt from tt anyway and
It would be awfully good for our lung
and love affaire, ao long expoied ta a
cot, ree of pneumonia and paaalonate eolda
Ki oiiomy la the greet tbinua nowaday
And, anyway, tho red flannel would
match the luncheon carrot or th dinner
beetroot. If not the lueakfaat banana.
AiA, J" TaBKIw teMtfrialillMtlllll'tlllllliiiliiMltilllillllllllllt
Aya' .ill!!
,! H'aiaM1. -V - L j" '1
T t ''
With Milk
dtM rlh.ifile Rtvalncft,
r.vrr ylwaly likes I hose rtisp,
diky liltlt t f.u kt ih with a
hji inkling of salt, Jimt tiy
thnnuithalkpAliif rlthmilk
if ytm wfiiilil know their in
Trify'tr oi 'f the
Ti. . . .
thihtil in Omaha tCU
Vali In Ih Vunahit llakriif ot Ihotn, , n .t; , ti' S,,,, ... ,
tW ll III i,i.av and M I I V I Ii -ii t I i 10 Pll ll,o,,,,
' eo V t'o.ij Hit tin ,M g ik li I . rv I f it
"Tell your mother that Star
Stockinet means not only clean
ham, but best ham."
"The Star Ham is smoked in this
Stockinet Covering, which has kept
' . II . I - . . ! .- 1 .1
m mi tne mrmy jtmrs tnui uavor -aiuihI
fuj at nut,"
As you slice it,
cover Iha cut rnd
Wilh th JiHXaUvet, thg
Ut !ne Milt t g
li n,u a Iha .)
111 l0
Valeet a
Jlaaak,e Jli,g
I i "t e'
r ' A 'wis..wiiii
i eleVeW rWtMWMl
- H
U tWM, K4
4 !
-aV fctwIHH
l wiwtMI
i i.
4l tw i wXV
4aW fWal UaU
IWae f t4 t 4 II I) 4 ..:
I. ' oU, ap in h-t lulling
Itnv Arrnovir 5ur lUcon.
Th Nituviv
4l, Mtl . tlk 4 i- ti, raa D Ut,
.,. i W V Wilt !', (Hk Q Ttl: Il IIM
Cat intti tuiinr vii the "Huinra Chinct'
? a
4' 1,1