Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 18, 1916, Page 5, Image 5

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    im BEE. OMAHA, TUESDAY. AI'KU 1. l'.iKJ.
Say People in the State Cannot
Understand Why He is Now
Supporting Bryan.
Mayor Dahlman, democratic na
tional committee aspirant, has re
turned from a trip to Platta county,
lie reported having experienced more
r lens difficulty explaining his pres
ent alliance with W. J, Bryan, who
fought him when he ran for gov
i rnor.
"I feel that my explanations were
ciitlnfactory, but you would bo sur
prised to know the questions asked
me," he said. "I told them that this
l, a democratic proposition, rather
than a wet or dry matter, this situa
tion of myself being on the ticket
with Mr. Bryan. You know, Mr.
1'ryan is a big man and is asking
only that he be sent to the national
convention. The democratic party
la big enough to send Mr. Bryan to
the convention. The nomln-tlon of
Mr. Wilson Is conceded, and all Mr.
Pryan would do at the convention
would be to offer a few platform
l lanks. I want to tell you that I
met quite a few wets who said that
If the democrats do not allow Mr.
I'ryan to go to the national conven
tion there will be h a-popplng.
That's Just what they said.
Just what resolution Mr. Bryan would
offer at th national convention the
mayor did not rare to predict.
"I see they have left the national com
inltteemitn off of the wet slate here," ie
mnrked the mayor, an he scanned th
democratic sample promulgated by the
The Dahlman nomocracy club brave
are on the warpath over the failure of
certain elatemakera to Include Mayor
rahlinan on their elate. They regard thl
na the work of Benator Hitchcock, whom
ihey charge with endeavoring to wreak
ruin upon W, J. Rryan by Itrnorlntt
Mayor Jim,
There em to he blood on the ilom
ooratia moon and the manner In which
the mayor rolled hla eye this morning
did not bode any good for "certain pua
isoii." The call ha gone out for a
netting of the Pahlman Democracy club
thii evening. The two-edged sword are
being lined up.
Somebody dragged out a familiar
phrase, 'The atlng of Ingratitude."
The mayor appeared to have been atung
and he did not conceal hla wounded
In tHia connection one of the Dahlman
leaders remarked, "It we Just had Tom
Flynn back In the harneas as leader thli
never would have happened. Tom had
the faculty of avoiding auoh unpleasant
Juat think of It! A democratic ' alate
without Mayor Jim!
Central High Cadets Hare Taken
Several Long; Practice
Company B of the Central High school
cadet has gained a marcti on the rest
of the cadet companies and la holding
a series of hike and drills aside from
the regular school drill. The company
Is commanded by Kdward A. ZlpM. cap
tain. The other officers Include First
Lieutenant Drue Kldrldge, Keroml Lieu
tenant Chester Trimble and First Ser
geant Leonard Wlnterton.
The first of these hikes was held dur
ing the spring vacation when a long
march was made, about four miles north
of Florence. A rifle range was set up
at the home of Csptain Zlpfel and prac
tice held. First place was taken by a
member of the company, who succeeded
In making forty-two of a possible fifty
A week later a long hike we taken
north of Florence along the river road.
Instructions In camp cooking were given
by Uentenant Keating of the state
militia, who has taken a special Interest
In this body of snibltlou young men
and has accompanied them on all their
Instructions In skirmishing, signaling
and army maneuvers, were given the boys
on a small scale. One skirmish was held
In a blinding snowstorm, but no one
complained and all conducted themselves
like true soldiers.
New siunal flags have been secured by
the company and flergeant Pierce Rogers,
Corporal t .eland Potter, and Bergeant
Clarence Fisher have become very effic
ient. In the use of them.
The nest hike to be conducted hy th
company will be held next Saturday an.)
manv of the com missioned snd noncom
missioned officers of the cadet regiment
will accompany It In order that they ma'
ttaln a little experience concerning teal
army life.
Little Bohemian Girl Who Went In
sane Dies at Lincoln, Where
County Officials Took Her.
1 elea Hole Revoked.
i CIIK'A'JO, April 17. -The civil service
; rule providing that enlisted soldier, snll-
uts anil marines may not lak i t. civil
service examination wlthn n 'he consent
of the department In arnich thev ri
serving, has been revoked as useless by
President Wilson.
Anna Stullk Is dead.
County officials who two months
ago sent her to the asylum of the
Insane at Lincoln have received word
of her death there Sunday night. The
death of Anna marks the turning of
another unheeded page In life's
book. Anna waa a "nobody." She
til i poor, Innocent working girl,
fiom an alien land. Therefore, In
her crisis, her pitiful tragedy Is
tassed up In the rush for material
things the suicide of a millionaire's
O lighter, the price of gasoline.
Two years ago Anna Stullk, a
pretty 20-year-old maid, with snap
ping black eyes apd balr of jet, rams
to Omaha from a little Bohemian
flhe oould not apeak the Engllah lan
guage, nor did she knew aught of Ameri
can custom. But she wanted to learn. It
had been her dream, hack In the little
town In Bohemia, where she left her
mother and father and brothers and sis
ter, to become s ' somebody" In this land
where womanhood Is placed upon a high
pedestal and where the female vt the ape
tie may carve out a career.
She Went 10 Srkool.
Ho she got a Job doing housework In s
South Tenth street home, snd went to
C'omenltis night school,
Hhe had not appeared at many classes
before her teachers became intereated In
ler because of her unusual leal and burn
ing desire to learn. hs crammed and
parked and delved, night after night.
Mis Klla Thorngate, tether at Park
school, who had Anna In one class, said
she never knew of a brighter or more
pereenerlng scholar.
Mrs. Joanna Oremllch, teacher at Vin
ton school, who hd her In another class,
took a warm personal Interest snd often
predicted a bright future for this girl
from a strange land.
Hhe learned rapidly.
One night about two months ego Anna
did not ahow up for her night school
classes. Tt was unusual.
Talked of tuna.
When the last lesson had been finished
'that evening Mies Thorngate and Mrs.
Oramlkh felt badly.
They were discussing Anna as they
left the b.illdlng. They were on the steps
when they saw a huddled, sobbing figure
crouching In a dark corner of the school
building. Thee almost stumbled over it.
It waa Anna Rtullk. IMrty. disheveled
and a raving lunatic.
She could talk but Incoherently. 8h
did not even rewrnlsa her school teach
er "She kept repeating, ever and ever
Main, "Oh shame! Hhame! Oh, shame! 1
die! I die!"
The school teacher look Her home, and
tarted an Investigation. The police were
called, but beyond taking the girl to the
county Jail, where she wss subsequently
committed te the asylum, they did
Anna had been drugged and abused.
When Anna plight first became known
a few prominent members ef the Wem
an'e club took up the matter, hut through
a lack ef co-operation It was dropped. It
we hoped Anna would recover her
senses and tell all. Now lhat Anna I
dead, absolute freedom la assured I he
man who betrayed her, iinlee further
steps are taken.
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re i
Enough to Nominate
Despite the growing belief that Colonel Roosevelt will be the Republican nominee
for President, the strong call in some quarters for Justice Hughes and Elihu' Root
make the situation very uncertain and presents a fascinating problem for the political
forecasters and for the public generally.
In THE LITERARY DIGEST for April 15th, the leading feature covers with a
wealth of detail editorial opinion in this country upon the Republican candidates, their
booms and chances of success.
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Irish Opposition to the War
Excerpts from English and Irish Newspapers Which Reveal the Attitude of the Irish People in
Ireland Toward the War
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The Value of Semi-steel
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Cartoons and Striking Photograph
Proving the "Digest
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!hhlii!i. on flu' i''iit if the il.iv, Yi'U will Vain.,
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lie Jteary Digest
FUNK A WACNAtU COMPANY PuUl.fcm the Fimoui M'.W Si.e,de,J rVtk7), NEW YORK
All Saints' Choir
Sings Fine Lenten
Cantata Sunday
In Msec "f His isanlsi n l e ' AH
falnl' fcHs.tip! rluiri'li y.einnlsy nioin
ln, twin Palm Hiihriiij, in elmlr. mi
dsr l lie rtirntiiin of J l Minims, pit
'ntrU Hi lnlfil i solate, ' Tim Mihhi'
from Hi Cruss," by Will '. Mm f'srlin,
Ih prfsvtil ni'inli'ii'sl flrssiilsl nf ihs
rlty f I'ortlmiil, Ms. In Ihl rsnlaia I In'
"Hrven Il Won1 from thn rn" ar
ssnlsiifd to til Imrlloti snlnlsl and wsrc
mi li I'. M llHTHirk, Other solos
were sunt ty Mlsaee fhnnle, Howsll ami
Tstibln and I'sul Hltcitnn am) Ofoni
Th oraan prwlude. "Onlanih," fiorn
Olio lUlllna'l Thrislns," snd sll the
hviiins chosen wer seleiled In keeplna
ellli Oie spirit of the estitiiu suit I'slm
Hundai .
The isntnls lell In poeiry snd tissnllf il
niusli' ih sloi of th sufferlna sn,
ileslh up on thr i ross, liniKeii Into nv the
retllliie f nttn. and hy moment of
inv at the i nnverrimn of one of the
thieve In romli.sion Ih soul is enm
mendeil Into Ills rhnra. by th slnelnf
of th "Havlor'a nettle."
At th conclusion ftev. Mr. Miksjr
mad few fltllna renisrks shoul Ihe
music helnej heller then en.v sermon. He
called atlcntlnn lo id faithfulness In
rii which Ih choir liil (Ivan, ni
that muslR wi pert of Ih rvlc ef
Oofl. Tor en nifirtoty lh conreieii
nK. ' Hide on, Itlde on, 1n ilalesiy,'
nnd th rccesalnnnt wa "Hark, Hark
My Honl" Ttil sam choir will alnf
another cmiisis Hauler plant, "The
l'fii hsl Vli inr," by J. Xsitan M'
I lie we
sss Je e e1
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PUX I ; ' f tJTTtm a Iw la sMrl. " " ."
aj l'-'' I-''' way av fcio4.- J
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Whfl KonKSmlion a mniilrief of pubta npiiilon
Cnl. Henry WsllelKin. th ulilor. i rnnyimid lhat "wilhcsd
ilfilijn h xmM not hv ie.vt hi vilalily,"
Whe wrilef snd nelliislul so leaivxied lis hi MMrninf
ae4 sn powMft of otrvlion John lliifimth i mi thai
taaau ef lunlin h "rn. heller ixp " nd hat a "mind
and liiih nun h unpiovrd,"
When nuvlti limuut tt A'nold IWoneil nd ftu OilteM
ftikar, and mataul snl! illi i)tii.iiihi a r C VV,
Utty el towkai tml pus ( Von Nvuke of Vmm. Iia
liW thew bK M tUni
And when lb infl l tuo'Miuat h pVl ill " l
tppimsl Ml eaneiof n wlu h a h to 'l Wlii laf cent.
MadalMI lrna mat Hun l ' (ihriii,
eui ymi mini ii i yi h lie h n
end una Iv thai tl a .ieiia c irt lnji.n wme lit
antuttit ! uhummI inwit. Hi aiwi'y It n.k -l '
And iuiuii ( lhat now fitfwi ktkui a-b 41114 u4'
tli ti(l taxed a !
Sal.'fa a lail a tm4 Jiu( l,
iVm, w ai Itaai l wa
Ofaad le'a-i',t t W lj,.a. . Ii
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