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    Bringing Up Father
t prV iAiE? j ,LUC v; J I r
Battery Errors by Olion and Lyck
Enable Itourkes to Capture the
Combat from Brandeu.
)(. him Moriln Olaon and rf'ln l.yik
got tangled up and rontr United lavlahly
to tli battery error column l' Itourke'a
I rid unpaged lo make away with tb
flit ball gam of th year on the born
lot, A Wild (.llcli, a ped bftll, two
ie on build, and two bit batsmen,
COMplfl! Willi !'H) l;f bit, gav the
Koork I brc runt in tli fourth frame
wl'fe lli raault that th pro raptured th
combat, t to i, If Morrle and fit" hadn't
bn aon grnrrou thU yarn might havo
had different ending.
About MO bug and women bug
ahivered brfor the gentl April cephyred
tr Jay In order lo lump th llourklct
In thalr Drat exhibition of the an,
It wa Int tn.m tomrortbl In th aland
nerdny. but lb fa and ftiile aturk
II cut and enjoyed tin maelve Irnmenaely
by watching Cyrua Pnigythe, th reln
brt"d Tango Kid try to make gurker
out of Ty Cobb.
r"oraM In Form.
Korayth waj Jn prim form yralerday
and played about two-fifths of th ftay
for lb flourkovlnlarn. t'yru buud Into
the Mt column with a noupl of blow,
ona a two-barer. mad seven ptitouia
on hard hit drive Into hla garden ami
coDtrlbutad ona alat which cut down a
run at th plate,
Harry Krau, our of tha Athletic,
ii tba flrat hurler Marty KruK placed
on display. Harry did a food job. If
twilled flv round and didn't allow
iun. Four hit war garnered off hi
alant. Krau took It ay arid didn't
j ut anything on tba ball, rotting content
to outsit th flrandela. Kraune looked
vowr nuch llba th ood yaattrday and
it fhouldn't b tiiuih of a surprla if bo
ahould th i llit oulh)'w ppr
formar of lb loop thla year.
lilt Aim worth Hard.
Alnirth wa offered aa a auoceiuior
to Kraute. Tli lirandel bta aaemcd
to bev an affinity for th oltrjnm of
I HI aorii l topped youriKater and all th
run wr mad off him. II w nicked
for ven nfo awat and h wax hit
pretty aolldly throuithout th four round
h laiord.
Tha Itourkea atarted tb eountlni In tho
fourth Inning. Kid Foryth. hn limitt
h'i (ettlnit younaer vry year and
tlirfor that the term Kl'l I apropoa,
larted th feHtlvltlea by reefing; a pippin
of a two-ply knock to right renter. The
bull went a mile, a mlnul and If anybody
bad got In tha way thera would hav
been a rait for th coroner. Ray Miller
whllfed on Olann'a de't-pllva curve, but
Krlti Hrhlli-bner, th ciiiwrnuinnry centar
flelrtcr, poled on to left which counted
tli tanolt.
Hatlerr Krror Tatal.
At thl Interval nlon and l.yik atm'trd
llnlr fatal work. OInoii rut loonc wlih a
wild I'll' li and tlien l.yik h i ti nbp
Ihiotigli lillil. Thin put Hulillebncr on
third Kllduff wa grant. -I a walk.
Tlerney ktd lo Woodruff, krueger w
then hit In th !!, filling lb runway
ill. i. ii paaid KtnuwA In th arm, for in. i
fchllrbnor over th plate. Hnilth niaiel
n walk out of Ol.i.n, f.iirin Kll.lnff over
lb plat. Marty Knit anded tb mltery
I r rlimilmg f.ill.-r at Wowtruff.
Tli liramlel grueled Mr Alnwrth lit
th aittn with rnuih 'Ut and put over
innple i f iiiAikere, lrlim opemd th
liK wtitk with a two I kmxk to rrntir
ltd b liMig thud hn Tteeney ir..M.
the tt.rin In ll niiig! ount.J
tlrhm. A aaerifira hit by Wtwdiuff
n l" l.yrti'a Infield hit whii n tMUiito t
f Alnaworth bln toward I! li 1, n.l
'pd Marty Ktug egr pa
- -red I aw! r
Th (Sour It let mail It tw r n
k In tb bom l'f f I'm tilth. A
lt ly Aliw..rth n'i . ,
' ; i eftr,. nilrh MngU rul
..(ft ni" n-imtrd the r in
Witfutiwlf !.', d'.x.rit . 1 t
r ii. t t'-i'-l r . r..r tiu.
i i..t n te lt'ii
th l'ni!.i I ad l w una p
l. Iteult. ! f1 U.lid l4
lt I II. It !. u-l J .i. llmin
1 u is M . wt I i'.;' t t. 1 n
at p. k i
t"Vt Ml
Ul II tt t t t
h -',. tf . . i ; m
...( 4. i -i
i! . ' f I i
ttlu'. It. ,1 I
. r t I I A
. I .If M ,, I ' I
- . i , . , ; I
I i t r. y
! f
. I'
' ....
... , ,
'... I
I it i. H .
I .i
i, .u.t .,,.
t ; ...
i ! w, r ...
t l , .
Iftl I M ! I I I M-"'ia
llMim 0 0 ft ft 0 2 0 1 0- 3
HUM 7. I 0 I I 2 o -ll
Two. I a bll: Koraylhe, Vnou, Wool
ruff, I, i ii in. in iilHcii Hm rifli' mi
Alnawoith, Woodruff, rttrden lae' Krug
'oinn!, Miller izi. H lillibn r !
in bail; Off Alimwoilli, 'I; off olou, fi
Htruik out; iy Krmioe, 1, bv Alnaworlli,
3; by lilw.n, (i. J 1 1 1 h - Off KiHUoe, 4 In
f!v Itiiiliige; off Alnrworth, I In four I'l
(ilngn. Wild 1 1Kb: OInoii. I'"l bull
l.yik. illl by pllchKl ball, Kfileor
Hraiinn, I)yg"rf, Hobn, l"ft on bga
O'linha, It; Mrandi i, It. Tlirio; .'), I'm
llrea. North nnd lay,
This Press Agent
Was Even Too Fast
For His Employers
Tommy Kulllvan of (he Fulura flty
idub of rtt, Ioul la iiauully not willing
lo admit that any rard h ran put on
at hi athllhmnt will full down In
drawing qualltlra, fiut a year or ao ago
ha had a program of the "fill-In" order
and thought that It nerded a lltll boom
At thl time a friend of hla waa atroll-
log about bl. Loul on hi upper, thank
ful for anything he rould get. Kullivan
ilicldrd ba would lv him a rhanca to
enrn a bit of money,
"'lo out and boont till hor," b told
htm, "and mak yourrwlf tho pre agent.
Von wnt lo tell th pulrlln how very
body a arixlou to attend thla dinplay,"
Tha friend, with vlalon of a meal
ticket looming In front of him, rhaaed
downtown and prepared aorn ropy,
Hulllvan forgot th eplnod until a "port
ing editor of on of th morning paper
railed him up and demanded what aort
of atuff th club waa trying to aprlng on
th paper.
Hulllvan aaked what had hern aent and
found out, that th amateur pre agant,
In hi determination to attract attention,
had written aomethlng Ilk thlii
"All eye ar centered on th Futur
City Alhlello rlub and every ticket ha
been gold for tlx pending event. Jo
arnlou ar th member of th puhlla
to get eat that an InManv will auf
flra: "Mr. Jon, a well-known (porting man
of Fprln field. Ill,, waa alnwly going ovr
th Rd bridge lartt night, after falling
to obtain a ticket for the fight, when h
aaw th dead body of Mr. Brown, a well
known f.aat "t. fjoula man, floating down
lha river, lie recalled that thla F.aat
Klder had reaerved cat for th fight.
" 'Inntnntly h darted hark to th club.
"'Quick I' h cgclulmnd, 'give m tho
ticket that Mr. Jirown had rerved for
th fight. II I dad and no on know
It hut myaeif, I hla body floating
down th MImUhIppI.'
"Th ticket cllcr bowed apologetically,
" 't am orry, air,' h auld, 'but thou
ticket have already been taken by th
gentlrnmn who piinbed Mr. Ilrown In.'
"It I needles to aay," added Hulllvan,
"that w didn't rontlnu him pre
Reds Trim Pirates
In One-Sided Mix
CIMM.WATt. April U.-Clnrinnatl took
Hid flint mi ill of the m rir (rran I'ltta
biirnh lure loilitv. to 1. I'lttn'mruli wa
fiiirr.l to ue Hut pin hura, while Tne'a
uiIiIii.kk ki'ld th Imi h 'riiM. In iloul.t
ninnv lluie. a to what lb fliuil Iraull
would a
Clm Ha put In th ami when O ny
i. ni MmiiwIDi for itiapulln a trlH. .
TP vlallura' iri waia rpninll'l for
aiwri. I run Mir,
p i r t x in i in 1 1 nimwMri
h ii ii b an n o a t
MmlM Ik. a II KillHr, rt I I
If I t iu.f...a alalia 11 IWiliiama, It I I a
Mm. i.o-a rtl I I M.iliii. it I I I I I
Wan.r Mill! ft ,1 I I I I
ti i Ik . I t ito,... h I j I I
.....ii. :b I I iM .niit la I t I a
l,l.t f ii I u I I
ii. iM, i a I I a a
in ii .. ifw i a
i w-f a t a i a
a.i.... I a I I li I
...i. i i ii i
lun.-d fnr Hill In ffih
I 'utahiir h a a I a a iv. i
l In. n.r.atl . . li
Two la blla llnllmltl fhaa Thr-
hil rlaik (!'" bea II. r I.
W a.wi (! ."i i U'kn I -a
,. iiiii luiabunii I rin.'lni.all I
I a. on Lai n I"' Villi. r I f Mill
i.i l.mrv Itiia and aro- l I nn
i ti t Mill. t hit ! fi in t. ant Ian
, l .il l. Il.ttbia f H-M k I'.n I n "
! , i.t H. I'. I Ini.lna ! I'.pl I to! K
)ria l ihiva , . i ii it ..m.v. t Iti'a
i ... a In i "i i "
m i t v ltt, I I n i iva i' i
a I. I I a -..It
. ;.. f .1 ta bla i f f ai..".o rt a ' " .!..!. t i
' !" ... I'a ,!!. b
! I'M IMUS ' I t I
aa ! a -" a'. ' di-
'.'. ii, - 'h.f tini la i.ii.h.
a m . ii h..i.( il ii a- :
,vP,r ' ' ivs a'.i, ii
ia I I v. tat lit al a .-( It
. ' 1 ''. I'l n. .a i -a4
a- 4 hMiMet1 kl . !
a. . i. . . n . t' I w. .t I
a IH H.n.a ! fw Uat I ...
. 'l i, -.! .-.( 'i !., .
,.i,i I- ..iiii,...' Via. I.' an
I. tu.ii,. Ml'.hait, W. ii Hi
I a at a 4 - a i nw. ri .
'.. ..i4 f
..tiai. ti'-lr l.'"..' K. a
Copyright, 19H. mtern'l
Scnnational Support of Pitchen
Pulli Winning: Team Out
ot the Hole,
CI.KVl;l,AM), (., April HS.-Wlth two
out hi tb tenth Inning, lirnwy Of (.'lev,
land tripled, aroilng O'Neill and winning
the gm torlity for Cleveland over ))
Iroit by th arm of 4 to a. IMrolt out
batted Cleveland nearly two to one, thnlr
thirteen bit Including ';ven double,
but tb apeitacular support given th
Cleveland pliiher held the eror down,
ii,Kvm,ANf) nrrnniT
All II ' A t AH II OAK
r.ranav, K.J I 0 lilin-li aa 4 Illl
ii.. i.inaii alt I t nviir. 4 I 0 1 A
ll. .ih rf I (i 1 i)''.ii.r. i t 4 I 1 I 0
anoakar. it . 4 8 I tva.h. If.,.. I 4 4 4
l.aiiHI, II. ,. 4 1 II II I" r.wr.irrt, rf I I I II 0
fur-riai, Jl.,.. 4 4 4 7 Ull.iliinn 1U 4 4 It U I
V.tHiK ll, ... lt rirmiiia Hli ... I I 1 n
rr'NriH, it ,, 4 I 4 o... I Mil
liaai.r ... 4 4 4 nl mi ii, p ,,,, 1421)
I i.nriitia, p ., I 4 I 0
Himih I r Tniala IT I.V24 II 1
lliraaM ,,,, 1400
Tniala 21 I lo 17
Hatred for llrighy In third.
Halted for I 'irilliilie In tenth.
Two out, when winning run nored, I l u 0 0 ft 0 I ft-i
Cleveland 0 0 0 2 0 0 o 0 I 1-4
Two h hlta; Hirkfr, Coumbe, Veach
r.ll, eilanage, Vllt, Cobb, Voiing, Three
he bll: Oranry. Stolen baeea; Chap
man, rirker. Iiriulile play: Turner to
Kvan. I'lrat bne on error: Clevnlan'l,
t, llaae on bulla: Orf llaghy, S; off
Counib, I; off liauei, 1. lilt and earned
run; Off Heghy, 4 blla, il run In thre
Inning; off Couiiibe, It hU. 1 run In avon
Inntiiga, Wtiiick mil.; lay ".'iiuiiiImh, !; by
iJauaa, 7. I'mplrea; Chill nd Kvnn.
Hronna Trim kua.
ClllfAflrl. Aorll 10-Tbe ft, I.OUi
Mrown drfeatmi the local Annl Icnua, 1
to todriy. In a raggeil, wim arm errnm1
Kint, Jf wh the flraf aipraiiir. of
Fielder Jour lu-arl of no American
leun club here lnie be rinlt tli leafl
viiln In r"' of the club, which wa hi
opponent today, Fcore:
nr. iir
Hhftlle. If,. I
TnWn. rf ... 4
Miliar. Ik ... I
Maraari. uf. 4
Pralt, tb ... I
traal, Sb 4
Human, c, I
f.aran. aa,,,, I
Wallman, a I
tiannpurt p 0
Plank, a,,,, I
l O A
'UK "A 00,
r, ah ii
Falarh. ft ,, I
0 4 0
IWaavr, Ih., 4 1
Oi'i.llliia. Jl . I
li V .in-mar. tli. 4
Oti'iMirnlar, Ih. 4 1
Olii. k..m. If , I I
til a.iiina, rf t 1
l.M, liit iv,,, I t
II 0
4 0
flTarry, aa.... I
flM'.nK. p .
l.ynil ....
Mi Miiilan
Mhiiull .,
a ..ii, p .,
.. t
,,. 1
... t
... 0 0
,.. t
Totala .. 14 ( 17 l
T rtala... U I 27 10 i
HI. l,olli,,., 1 fl ft It S ft 0 ft ft-tl
Chicago 0 1 0 ll 0 9 0 1-4
United for IturaKcl In the fifth.
Catted for nlfumiK In llin geventh.
HhIIciI for Mi'Mulloii III Die acveiith.
Han for lilin In the arvcnlh.
HmMciI for Kent l In llm ninth.
Two-hilar hlta: Hartley, I'l att. liouhh"
jrlav: lnvan lo 1'ratt to Hlelor. Flrat
haee on error' Ht l.nnln, Itnaca on
ImllH Wellnmnn (.'.I, linig ("), HiiskcII.
Iraveniinrt. I'lank i.M. , Itlla mid
rarncd rune: off Heng. hit. 3: ruii.
0. In four anil onr-tlilrd Inning; off Hua
aell, hit, t; run, none, In two-thlrdi In
nlnua; off Wolfgang, hit, tioiie: run,
nonr. In two lnnli'K nlf ftcnlt tilt. 1,
run, none. In two Innlnga; off Wellnmnn.
hliM, S; rune, 4, In l)l mid ime lhlnl In
nliiaa; off Pavi-mmr!, hlla, 1. run, lioim,
In our-third Iiiuiiik, off I'lank, bit. I.
run. I. In two ninl one third lulling.
Si t in h out: 1 1 v Wrlhimn, 4: bv Wnlgnnu,
1; bv Orienport, I; by I'lank, I, I'm
pire; o'l.oimbMn nnd lllhlnbrand.
Haw in rrwi Crop.
When (he child I uhtect to attnok of
croup, a to It that h eat a light even
ing meal, a an overloaded ttomach may
hrlng on an attack, alo watch f.r th
flrat aymploiii-hoarcne, and glv
Cbaniberlaln Cough llemeily aa oon a
th child become hnarao, irbtalngbl
vryv her -Alvertiai-nirnt
Lamr 'faitlav.
' i(..i,al I tg r- Cht' ago at "I I
i Mttbnrll l I'llo lolirtll. lUtatnit t
I'liilitdelpliia Sew tmk l Itra.thiyn
I .VniPtt.nll I a"e Cl l.itill t l hl. av,
jrvmrott t Cleveland. I'lniadelphla al N'
jlun, W hlnKleii at tioalon
ll I nail Hewed l.
I i Hrli l"m I at II 'liet l I .
I ..or, loci I. tli raw it t h i In. .a t ing ailinanl i VII
n,,la'. A . r( al.lit
. ii n
: iirtffejt"c..-Junr ..JL
mmrni mm
I J' i j;? ?i. -,.k
i -- . V 1-V
ft uvhmM? t:
4ft '", f
MM ' " '
W I t4HMt tl I. .
N'iw Hervie
Ncbrankam Visiting Lincoln Seem
of One Mind in Favoring
Supreme Justice.
(From a Staff CoireKponilcnl.)
UNCOI.N, April l.-(Hircl(il,)-Aa the
llm draw rloeo when lb voter will be
cnllnd upon to expire III prcfi rencp for
th repuhllran nominal ion for iho pr..!
(lency, II become apparent llm I llieio
would h lltll doubt what Hi remit In
Ncbrankii would h If tb name of Cluirlca
K. Hughe bad been printed on the tu l
rnary ballot.
That tb effort to hav votei writ
In tb mini ha met with favor I fti.por
ent by tha large number of voter In
Uncolu, from out In the aluto who pro
tiounc th Hughe cntlment aliong In
Ihrlr part of th country grid Iholr bcll-r
that ther will he a general rei.oiH to
th call for th lead pencil brlK.nlc.
He I Uvea He I Itlabl.
"I think tb gtm-.d taken by .Mi'. Hugh
ahould tnak him all Ih atronger wit i
th peopl," an Id a prominent cltlr.en from
out In tha tnte. "He baa mlhered
lrongly to the principle tht p' lltlr; an I
Judl'lal matter ahould not mix. I he
lirv that he la right, Hnd t In. Judg
accepted tha petition filed for him or
even allowed it to aland it would h,v
irfadn It very embaiHroiIng for tilin and
3 really tltli k I (Id rlnctly wl at any real
true iltlen in hi poglilon hIiouI.J h.iv;
done ; n (leiiignrllng that hi mnne be
withdrawn from th Nobranka primary
ballot A apontaneou dernnnd marl by
Ih votr of the country througli the
writing in of Mr, Hughe' nn me would
aur-'ly appeal to hltn much atronger than
th filing of a petition by a few politi
cian, "Judge Hughe la the logical randldiito,
Ih man who ran draw to hi upport
th undivided republican vol nnd the
fact that democrat and democratic
paper ar trying to throw cold water
on tha 'writ it In' campaign goea to
ahnw thdt they fear the candidacy of
Judg Hughe nd recognise In him tin.
man who can defeat FroHldont Wllmin
In th next election.
Mud lualaut liupreaaloa.
"Htfore I heard Judg liujihc alien k
hero In Nehrnaka a few yeara ago, 1
rather admired him In a mild fanhion,
but when 1 heard him In ll.tiroUi the
time tin apok here, 1 becHme eiithuNiaa
tic. There waa onieihlng about th.. man
Uidlcatlug thut every word apoken mm
from a mnccie heart Hud I heard ihmiiv
men y tht they felt atioiiger for the
man than ever befure, Mm. Id Judge
Hughe be nominated at the Chicago con
vention, Hnd i he I love, he will. If Ne
bi HHka voter nnd thou of other at Men
do their duty In allowing their prcfermice,
he will be greeted with aucli an ovation
ahould h tour the country, itn ha nover
hcn accorded to any prceldentlal can
illihita for year.
"Ho la a highly educated man and hue
been brought up In high circle of o
clety and hualnra life, but hi heart
hrata warmly for the common every day
Individual and what i ripially trim, he
ba a mind of hla own and no corpor
ation or other Influence ran away him
from what ha believe hla duty.
"I hop to ht a ready rapmiut to the
campaign being waged by Th He to
have the voter of thl ntate write the
nam of Cbarl C Hughe on tl.e tuefei
ufll ballot aa ihrh choi.i.
dent "
; rV Vf'HK April I. - I'rcat.lein Wtl-
on tt;rclertr, t'i ilrimi.-rtk- l arly at
i the pari; "foi a!l the fortv rd h kli.0
l.o . itf the country In n Ii tti ! it.
iiniil illnner lit V.i tng l n a l..o,u.
Iriatic club here LUilgHl 1 i i r.i.lmi
w a I. 1-. i-eu iti. pun. ii.l .enV- i,
: but III pfttl r,.i,i 1 1 1 1 . al the . .
gvn.'iil bv pi.. ire of I.Mttt altfi
" "' -l-nh I II '
IWak. f
44 " 1 V I I
17. 1!MC.
Drawn for
French Take Ground
From the Germans
rARIS, April 16. A French In
fantry attack In the Verdun region
goutb of Douaumont ycBterday re
giilted In the capture of portion of
Homo German trenchea, the war of
fice announced thla afternoon. Two
hundred German were taken prln
onorg, , BKUUN, April 16. After exten
sive bomljardnient large French
forcei on tho Verdun front attacked
German portion near Fort Douau
mont yegtcrdgy. The German war
office KtHtement of today gay the
French were repulsed with heavy
"t .Nr".t - ' . . J
7 r 'l r J
dead of
Making aa entirely new anil novel beverage, from th choice! American
ranaala, WITMOIT MUT, without fermanuilon. without rugar, not
trwd. containing SO AICIIIOl, being ! free, not a ' beer.' "nastr
kuaa, '. j.
Vm a,..a i j I
-l. -'IT. VklWkak.- J
I'Sito Spta OaM
M - N
jge M wa tacaaf
The Bee by George McManus
Murderers Respited
For the Sixth Time
I.ITTI.K HOCK, Ark,, April lTh
death entence of Joa Ktrong, 'ii, of
Heilgman, Arl., and Clrnc Hewln, tl,
of frellevllle, III., who wer to dl In tb
electric rblr next Ttiedy, wer rom
mutcd to llf term In prlon by Governor
(I. W. Hye today, Th men hav been
reapllrd from th chair lx time lnc
they were ronvlcted for tha murder In
November 1913. of I If. Thompaon, aged
merchant at Henton, Ark,
AUrtORA, Neb,, April l iHpeclal Tele.
gram,)-Aflr twelve year' aervlce of Aurora, J. O, Alden yeter
day checked out and 1. H. (Iroaevnor
gumed control of the poaloffli.
During Alden incumbency th poaial
receipt of thl office hat neatly don
X r3ir.-Jv i.
1 v.I'Hitto.r"'":
TT Tr?i7'r7?'rrnT77
Masters the Mountain Barriers
One of the most atupendotii obstacles of weitern railroading
has been the mountain. To lift the tremendoua tonnage oi
the transcontinental trains over the mile-in-air crests of the
continent is a herculean task under the most favorable con
dition. And when snow fills '.he passes and cold beleaguers
the fire boxes of the steam locomotive, the difficulties of
mountain operation become well-nigh insuperable.
Remarkable, therefore, waa the recent record of one of "77ie
Mlltvauktt's" new Electric Locomotives pulling the all-steel
Olympian" over the Rockies receiving the train
Lodge, Montana, forty-five minutes late, and having to traverse
the mile-high pass of the Great Continental Divide in the
winter, It made up the lost time in i run of
and arrived Three Forks, Montana, on scheduled
This astounding record showa that the Electric Locomotive
haa proved itself "Master of the Mountain Barriers." Fed
with the tremendous energy of tha mountain streams
making an ally of the cold weather, which aide in keeping
the motors cool -it penetrates the anow drifta with com
parative ease hauls heavier loada with greater dispatch,
and with a pronounced aaving In cost, and makes mountain
travel clean and mountain views clear.
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
On your next trip to the Pacific Northwest take either
of the superb all-steel train "Trie Olympian" or
"77s Columbian" and enjoy the advantages of electric
travel combined with unsurpassed scenery and service.
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Lltcliifitatton Jm an rtquut.
Ticket Office: 1117 Farnsm Street, Omaha
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Omaha Beverage Company
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tho fioatorflee, .nrrk on th new federal
building I now progrexalng rupldly and
the office will b pennsnenlly inatallrd
there before many month
nBATflICK, Neb,, April H.-(perlul
Telegram.) - In a, gun duel which lid
aeveral minulea (ittlwr l.on Trud of
th local police fore abut nd fnilly
wounded Nel Kiullh on Bouth Klftrt
treet lat nlghl,
Hmllh had been arreled earlier In Hi
evening for being dUorderly and had
been releaaed on promlan of good be
havior. A oon a he gained Ida free
dom, however, he obtained a gun and
began threatening Ih police, who gent,
a iiid of men to capture Mm. II"
opened fire on the police and after eight,
ahola had been exchnnged Officer Trud
hot him through the right aide. He died
Kome minute afterward.
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at Deer
1 15 miles,
erwva to AiUrt at. vu K !tNli nire.
44)1111 MUK eriTIN tiMUl.t, sn.
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