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VOL -LY-XO. 44.
Idaho Senator Startles Congress
with Charge that Eight Millions
Set Aside Yearly Wasted
and Embezzled.
Speaker Declares He Brings In
dictment Without Qualifi
WASHINGTON, April 16. Sena
tor Horah, republican, attacking fed
eral pay for the National Guard,
aroused the eenatp today with a
charge that the $8,000,000 a year
now appropriated by the government
for the National Guard wag "ghame-
fully wasted" and some of It "embez-
"Tout's a pretty serious, charge,"
said Benator I'omerene, democrat, In
terrupting. .
"WeJI, I rnska It without any qoallfl
cation," Kcnator Horah replied, and he
trad from War department rcporta to
show that most ftf tli fund had liwn
utilized by officers of th National
Guard for themselves, and that enlisted
men had practically no benefit of It.
They Will Hrsllatei.
"If senators her will examine tha rec
ord of then appropriation!," Senator
Borah continued, "they will heeltat
about appropriating l&O.OOO.OOO for the
National Guard, aa It l now proponed to
do. Th way tha officer of tha Na
tional Guard bava been utilizing tha fed
oral fund to themselves to tha exclusion
of enlisted mnn I perfectly ahameful
wd cannot be dofended except for po
litical exigencies."
flenatnre I'omerene and Heed ataunchly
defended tha National Guard, declaring
that If there had been lrregularltlea there
were rernedlra at law.
tnator lxxlxe defended ie regular
army and declared It waa time to atop
canting aspersion upon It
The regular army haa fought and won
all our battlea and la fighting for ti
In Mexico today," ha aald, "and I am sick
and tired of hearing It attacked.".
On a vote Senator Sutherland' amend
ment waa defeated.
Benator Cummlna, republican, aald ha
was (hocked at Senator Borah' a tatv
"I do not believe tha charge a that Na
tional Guard offloera hava misappro
priated tha natlon'a money atolen It for
there la no moral difference," sola ha.
"I think consideration of thla bill Should
be halted while tha aenata ascertains
whether offlrere of the guard ara gu"tf
r.f such chargea."
I The Amonnt "pens.
Senator Borah In aupport of hla charga
"I find, according to the report or. tne
War department, that In tha Ohio na
tion h I rifle match In 1011, tlMM sus
pended on the atata rifle team, all of
whom were officer. In the period from
July 2. 1IW1, 'to September 28, 191J an of
ficer, a colonel, drew pay to the amwtnt
of H.411. In tha period from July I. 1911.
to September 1. 1312. another officer, also
In tha iame atate, a colonel, draw pay to
the ansount of fl.etL
"in the period from July JO. IMt to Bep
temhsir 1. WU. a thlrff colonel In the atate
drew pay to the amount of $1,599. So
theientlre appropriation or apportionment
to tfi state of Ohio for this year practi
cally went to the offlcera and there la
no report that any portion of It la going
to tho enllaed men."
Henator Borah atood by hla statement
In eplha of a ruah of aenatora to defend
the guard of their own atatea.
i do not know that there are any of
ficer of the National Guard whom 1
would dlatrust personally," he aald.
"I call the attention of aenatora that
1 have not made a general charae. 1
have auld that the money appropriated
uti'ler tho I 'li k law haa been ahamalessly
used nl not need as It would have been
If the offlcera drawing It had oeen pay
ing the taxes creating It.
tt them disprove the figures and If
they do I am not too proud to apologise,
bul I will aay now that the more they
are dUpoard to delve Into the record of
the Inet eight years the li nn they will he
liiclltavd to expose I in Ir findings ott the
floor ii Hie sinaie."
Another MrHeJtle tilth,
fl,Y i hXTHI, Nh., April IWHpa.
riu T"h simn, I - A iminkn-r of M.-Kelvle
ailiol.en I "it brre h'tul.iy evening and
i-ikani'"'! a Wukrhie i lob. with I. V,
I itnr i r ill, ami II. A. Ityrkit a
Tho Weather
tor i mi i i ni.iu il H.(f( al V , i.i'
.. .1N -t I' tl fll-l ,! tH'iW.-H.
1 )iHiaii t eiUi .
i-. (Wi :
r n , i
4 1
.t, 1. 1
t ' Ol
' I 1.1
' v-. i
.'. ft ,. I ., . - ...
.1. .1 -. -1 I '
, 1 , ) , ., 1 f . 1 I
... t I., . M
. I, . , I
I , , 11, t H
t - 11.,
, f
I ' I I' I 1
', i
o I
, V
' ' .1 I n
I 1, .4 I
' I V I '.,,1
v, I ' ....... 4 ... tt
, . I , t, I Id.,
k I
Still Unanswered
When you asked for the votes of
republicans for national committee,
man four years ago, Mr. Howell,
you made this declaration over your
own signature:
"While I am a great admirer
of Senator La Follettc, I am a
warm supporter of Colonel
Roosevelt. However, I am fir'
a republican and whoev
nominated will receive r . A
support if I am chosen
committeeman." v . '"'
In spite of this solemn pledge of
yours, Mr. Howell, you Insisted on
staying on the committee while
fighting the party's standard bear
ers whom you were in honor bound
to support; you contributed money
to the' campaign fund of another
hostile party; you tried strenuously
to prevent republicans from having
even a chance to vote for their
presidential ticket.
Forgetting the past, except as a
guide to the future, where do you
stand today, Mr. Howell? And what
will you do in the next campaign,
if again commissioned as general
manager of the republican party
campaign in Nebraska?
Teutons Taken on Subsea Boat De
scribe Torpedoing of British
PAMS, April 15, Inquiries of tbo
ministry of marine concerning the
elrcumstanccs of tho attack oa the
steamship Sussex have developed
precise Information, which bag been
given to the Associated Press from
authentic sources as follows:
"Thla Information 1m not baaed upon
suppositions or probabilities, and In that
it differs from the statement of llerr
von Jagow, (Oerman foreign minister).
The farts have been established by a
great number of witnesses whose names
are known, Including the captain of the
Hussex. ' ,
"They establish that the commander
of the submarine could not have been
Ignorant that he was. attacking a chan
nel gteamnr making regular service be
tween Franca and Knaland. The route
Of these steamer? differs from that of
other merchantmen and Is perfectly
known to all Sellers. Moreover, the
rout between Dieppe and Folkston Is
essentially tha route of channel steam
era, which make the Journey at a fixed
time, and tha Sussex was paxting by
tha regular route at tha regular time.
The commander of the submarine there
fore knew he was dealing with a regular
channel steamer and It was clearly a
premeditated attack against an unarmed
channel befet without the least warn
big to permit passenger to escape.
"The torpedoing of the Sussex Is con
firmed by sailors of a Oerman subma
rine which was destroyod a few days
after tha Sussex attack. Four members
of the crew of this submarine made
prisoners April S have been Interrogated
and all have confirmed, what waa already
known, that tho Sussex was torpedoed
and they have given the name of the
commandant and the number of tho sub
marine which attacked the Sussex. These
witnesses seemed to think the entire
affair waa known, so they had no hee
ltatton In confirming all details of the
torpedoing of tha ftuasox by their sister
submarine, which was cruising in the
same locality.
"Summarising the Information oh.
tamed by tha mlnlatry of marine makea
eertaln, first, that tha captain and other
wltneases saw tha track of a torpedo
and the captain maneuvered his ship to
avoid the danger, which establishes the
moral conviction that the Sussex wis
torpedoed; second, fragments of a tier
man torpedo found on he Sussex ii!(1
material proof to the moral conviction,
third, tha testimony of prisoners froiti
the German submarine rorrrolioralna
completely both the moral conviction
end the material proof, and this proves
the ruse, so fur as Frame la concerned,
beyond any doubt."
"Twlres haa been tna.le. The nuiiiliiir of
WAIIINGWN. Aprtl IS. -rp(laj,.Mra,lilt ,,.0,,,,, , ,utrthrnt ,, .
Jan.ea M. Fulton of the roast .rtllkrv u gr,.tt,,.r ,, f ulWli ,
at fori Grant. Tanama. Was diamUwd j M,ttI., fl,rt., , Mrk,, ,,, rmv ,,,.
front the army ti-tay for violating an llPfM ,h,ii,i,i ,,t Vtlla has nn sp. ,
aWtlnemo ple.lga. rrealdrnt Wilson SP- ,,srrnl tlfrii-iill y In ...lo thr.,.,t their
,r,f,l tt.e court n.aritrtt srmen,, t hp- j
talit Fnlion Is a native i.f Virgin! end ,
was pp..oied to lb rny la lti I
Former Omaha Rector Makes Cross
Country Trip in an Automobile
Ida , Jehu Nll'U'ii n. w U ,
i me n b 'n, 'i I I't " ,
,i,,.n ft..m l'w,if iS) t,t aa i
U, i,UI,(i in fl m t M nil !
,!,.' I emiin -I '' -'-l-o
(i t,ia if w a;i
,,.,i, f, ,..,.(. i. 1-' 1 fill' t'-'t .! I e 111,11.1 It,., tn,i ii
id t I 1. irti'.'l. l l r-o-! an i Is 14 t'O'i jinl I .. . ,...! 1. ,
.! Il t.ltl t. I ' I t.'l II 1 I I lt !,,! I.I t. l, i f,
V, I M I, ' I , .. I .-. I .. i ' ! C I I t .1 .
... l' ( 1 1 v ii it - i. j I'I'l l. hI , Ml (., t- e fc,,.
1 . i.t, t .'- I' It.. l, I".. i ,
.. ti. t .f. 1. 1 1 J ' '" ' ! " a e I- " . ! w utt .I
K ,- "! I''- '!'. ' t -l . i ,
t, 1. (! i t ' ' imwt (.MMi . 4 I .tia'iia
,i t I.-. 1. i't 1 ( a - l"a ' ; - ' wti ir " nt .
.!..!, t,f CMil I i .h.'M ".-h Jl. -I-Uu i II.. . f., t .... ,f I ,.
,.,,..... ,.,. if..,s I'l. fit 11,1 t.f k 1 t I 1 t la
l! . .f I "' ' ' " -'" I 111.1,1 H t.r.
1,.,, :, i l , i.lil l'" Il ' I II C . I t...t ;!
t ., ',. '1 tut - 1 ' " t ' ' '.! ... It
t It If V r- - l' !-.'. M.jM . ,1 '.. , ,,1 I a ' . I .if k-,..i
, , , ...... I . t tt - , , i 1 i. i 'i . 1 , .. h u.( 1 (.a t- i
, ... I ) . H 1 .ii,., ,.,(.,.-..),
. . 1 I . n , i v I - ft . i n. . . ,, , , (
, . . . - ' ' ' - ' II I ." I, I . m I I .:- , I ,,j
l.fcM''' W '. 4 ! .'.('" '!
Asserts Co-operation with
-a Forces and Expedition
Vf- 'St VI I IS Still
. J
State Department Inclined to Think
Clash at Farral Overstated
by Mexicans.
WASHINGTON, April lC-8erre-tary
Lansing pronounced tho Mexican
situation unchanged today In any as
pect. '
Unlfss official reports to General
Funston disclose a more grave situa
tion at Parral, Vhere American
troops were fired upon, than la now
belluved to exist thorn was nothing
to Indicate that a change might be
oxpoclod in the near future.
Secretary Hukcr said General
Funston Imd not heard from Gnnrral
Pershing directly for three days.
That caused no uneasiness at the
War department, however, as Gen
eral Pershing haa reported only when
he bad deflnlto and Important Infor
mation to communicate.
( luh .Not Mvrlnae,
As time passes without offlnjal Infor
mation of tho rarral fighting from Ameri
can sources, officials are Inclined to doubt
that thn ilesh was as serious as waa In
dicated in early Mexican dlapatuhcx.
Publication in Mexico City of the terms
tho Carranx government .seeks to tin
poso, limiting any reciprocal troops move
ments across the International boundary,
shed much light on tho diplomatic (an
gle which preceded General Carranza's
suggeatlon that the fmerlran troops be
walled from loxh o,
Secretary Lansing declined to discuss
the matter. At I lie time the ds facto
government suggested that no expedi
tionary force should exceed LOW oavalry
nion and not cross a doaijllne, there were
sovcral thousand American troopa of all
arms In Mexico and they were 'M miles
or more south of the border.
Secretary linker said he still waa wait
ing for a report on the conferences be
tween General Pershing and Generals
lierrera and Gutierrez.
Ellseo Arrendondo, General Carranza's
ambassador here, said today he had no
further Information of the fighting at
I'll r ml nor of reports of a later clash.
A battle at cuernavaca, the Zapata
stronghold, was reported tmmlnent. The
advance guard of the CarraniA forces was
said to be In sight of the fortress,
Raker's Statement,
Secretary Baker of the War department
this afternoon gave out the following
"The status of tha expedition Is as It
was at the beginning In cordial co-operation
with the de facto government of
Mexico. That co-operation continues and
tha expedition continues. There has been
no chanao either in purpose or in the
orders, No change has been made and
none Is In contemplation."
Iteaaaurlng advices from Amerlran con
suls in touch with interior Mexican
points led officials to hope that there is
now little danger that news of the re
cent fight at l'nrral would arouse resent
ment among the Mexican people which
might lead to further complications. "
General Fnnslon I'ncHay.
SA.V ANTONIO, Tex.. April U.-Un-caalneas
was manifest at General Fun
ston's headquarters today over General
Perahlng's unbroken ellenoo concerning
the fight at Parral. It became known
today that General Funston directed to
General Pershing Inat night a communi
cation sharply urging him to expedite a
General Funston received from the War
department a rather long communication,
but he refused to discuas its character.
There waa reason to delleve the sub
stance of his late reports to AVaahlngtou
dealt luridly with the poult Ions and ac
tlvitlca of ('erratics troops In northern
Mexico and the failure of them and
other t'liiruniH authorities to ro-operate
more effectually with tho Americans.
Army officers here and hi Mexico have
reaentii) (be repealed statements that co-
nperatlon wus being given when, as they
Indignantly aaaert, continue, I refuaal to'
u tho rallrnsila and lo pernui the'
traiiainlaiilun of eoiln menaugea over latut i
,, wht pr,.rJ frM! hr Am((r,
.' i r. i ! .a ifc i ., ' ,
I tMotieit u t In n.,t,,(iinil. (,
aitl t) at, lit it,. ,.,.t i , ,1,11,1,.,,,
I il. U, piii, ri; Tot v r .
I fit liu , 111 I, I, ,
eaiaial u, t-n. 1 1 ,1 u i,,.i.,, t,
.1 V X , A l I I I I I tV fiU MAfMff
l A WOMAN fl.fTSl I iWii -afttVA U nT Uti
we've GOT I I (
V 67 MAMl$ J I Ir VLIISi.
Come on in. Prize Puzzle answers will be received up to April 20 and tho awards announced
in The Bee next Sunday.
Residents of Select Neighborhood
Divided Over Question of Hav
ing Spot for Kiddies.
The worst etorm since the J'blg
wind" of 1913 hag swept over tho
select Dcnls park neighborhood, the
disturbance this time being a differ
ence of opinion over the desirability
of a public supervised playground
within tbo park. One set of residents
petitioned the Recreation board to
abandon the playground, on account
of alleged disturbances during late
evening hours last season, while an
other group la equally insistent that
the playground activities be resumed
this bphkou. .
The members of tha board are In a
quandary. They want to do what
they believe Is best for thov com
munity. Tho situation Is an aggra
vating one, to suy tfie leant.
One of tho dramatic features of the
situation Is the fact tlmt this is the first
time the rcaldenls of this pretty dletilct
have dlnaented upon a public propoaltlott.
Hernia park neighborhood has been held
tip ss a model of neighborly amity.
KatalilUbrd by llequeat.
The playaround in operation season
was eatubllKhed upon intent requeat of
the ltemls Turk Dlalrlrt Improvement
club, which will hold 11 meeting this week
to illaciias the sKiiutloti. Al a mi-dlng
of the club a year ago Hie nn tnlM ia were
unanimously In favor of the playground
iiiol extended a 'le of lliiiuka to i.'ntii
mlaaloiirr Hummel when lie asreeil to
locate this fee reutlon tinier In I'.einla
A( a tic tit mertlng of the llecreat jon
boaid a Binned prutrnt frmil tealdenls
around and tu-nr the parh aa rend
Superintend! rit llngllxh of Dm plm moiiinl
syaleitt eiplalned i tha Imitrd that the
irolel had bfeii .tiirt'd by (Hie woman,
and )m tii'l"'l that a., inn of tlie algneia
realdn ai vrral ,!i,ik fiopi lh. paik He
tlerlaieil Hint Hie union ancea bPh were
,iiiiipintiiil of C'oiiiiiiiti.l not hy
4ll. l,,t,.i,t-i of thn pin) SKoiod. hot t.y
mnng 11, en h,i gutluiid sftir Ihe pUy,
Ki.nn.d limns sod rpiiied llielr en
tliiiiiii of fotilli In 'ilg
t uu.plalHla,
t h.i' liil l i 1 omplsliil i'f SH
i.. an it . m, Hi" ii solnr ilainnuiil
ll.illl ' ll flpri ili.U'l.l
I' oU S
110 to I m
1 . 1 , it
!! tjll in
i.r ii, li
. . r.i 1
1 (., i . 1 .
f.. o ..1 .1. '
1 1 1 sol 1 1
dm I-
,! m-i.i
, IH, ' '
,,ii if (tin nltett
. .. ." ... 1 1 ,.,0 ,-.i: d
. H.,:,0 1 II ll
I.., ,11.1 i- Sjl'lll Mo
,..( I,. 1 ! t III 1-
, IOk 1 M I I . tl, I' ,
tie Mrlol
as a
,'ii, ui
I inii
I ' I
!( .1
Il 'lt
1 i.-M
l k,f
this vaiiMiig fint vtri
irtf t a.lvise against ".iit
itvg U" () f (. herUs
I . llsiHa dr italiisiit It
ia kti tliat tlie ( tM kj
ll .wt II .iitliit at figuttitf
tut 'srtHinf " ' tUttiith
liuur alUgeil tltant (unit
N aaltiitftiiH. He (in stain!.)
elist sitilt tt kety ,
The Eecrudesccnco: of Shakespeare
m mm w w "
tJjLy f iOX I
S 1 lj J
. ,.,;NA ?!)
Nebraska's "Big Four"
For Deli-aatea-at-Larsei
Howard II, Raldrlge, Omaha.
Frank M. 4'nrrle, Raraeat,
V.. R, Onrneri Fremosl.
11, J. Hllpatrleb., Heatrli-r.
Far Altrnata-t-l,aral ,
F. I. Heeeh, Mneola.
Vaelar Rarrah, tlaiaba.
A, (Palilalia, Mct'ook.
O. O. gnyder, O'Welll.
For National (nmailllrraiaai
( barlra F. Mriirrm, Omaha,
Republicans should know that
they will find the above names
printed on the primary ballot,
names of republicans not only de
voted to a reunion of the party, but
also of tried loyalty and proved zeal
for party success.
ion v.mTrnmwrmn'mi m m mm Bwaw3
the proteatants are either rhlldleas or
live several blocks from the psrk.
The proteatants, however, are equally
Ipslatent that tho playground Shall not
he resumed this season. Moth sides srs
culling at the park nfrlcs snd thn dif
ference of opinion seems to be growing
more acute.
May Take a Vote.
It Is poasible that a vote will he taken
of the people of the neighborhood to de
termine Just what public sentiment Is
on the subject, t'onunlaaloner Hummel
and membera of tha Recreation board will
be Invited to attend the forthcoming
meeting of the Improvement club of this
park diet rli t,
The Hi creation board notes that aev-
eral signers of the protest are prominent
t'Unlneaa men.
"If e could stop the rowdyism during
tin- lute evening bonis I helluva all ob
jections would be removed, slated
Superintendent Fugliali, The proposed
dmihlv-ehlft plan of playground super.
llama for this season may placate toe
pro! i'hIhiiIs,
Truck Driver. Hurt
When Autos Crash
ftm eipman. t.! Mrant sueet. suffeied
MHoia si nip Wniimls Slid probably Miter -pal
Inlutlis alien an automobile delivery
Innk that h bad bean tlilvlng rullldiHl
llh aniithir tuns, driven by Art Toiif
S"n. !"! IHiln etrt. si tha liiletaecllnn
.f Klsbtertith snd t barlea slirels, lata
ft inUy attirnmiii.
j Ivti-is.iii allhoh I'SosM under tlx
1 i. is of Jus tnai Line, rs. aped ui II
..!! noa, aiii. .1 l was nst. en
:' 'bsrgti tf r. si-.s rtiUlog and la ln
i . Hi- h.Ii, w 11,11 i g a lb..r,iiiii
inriia4tioii at wlm i to loam.
io. an t,t o
t 1 i I l'i wttiii sn, iii a.s a 'i
.i.i.lns at a Nir (nl hm t't'i
i.-tastia-t ..t!iar 1b ! Mr li.en-i.
111. HI l Sip .nail Sir ' I r t !( 1 1 ,
twl l.v.i I, 11, . 1,1,1. Wrl l ti( .! (
Currlo Peclartvs
Ho FavorsS llm
tin, u t in i'. . So a
-. I.) ) . .!. I I I
1, it ft - a a "i
, B t'Sl .1. t I 11'.' l't(-..
tl- I li'mt-l f''r. ,'.;
to ii
I In 1
. I 1 1
III It 1,1ft
I t .1 mint ..
' ! I t ''!
. iuii I''.
I "; u l '..
I . t t t 1 li'l S
I- t I "
1 a . ( I I a
-1 1 . 1 1 i
... ,u at ti
1- f It' I s s-
, I . I ' ' t i I lk
til 1 4 ft! ' II !" I it t
r I 1 n , 11 .1 t
l,Ui..g ., i. ft ,m iktl
1 li saiilntl'si-a i
-I , i.i ,
IMMt M t. Phlfc.
v iii i rx
Repeats at Benson that Senator Was
Disloyal to President and
While William J. Bryan, candi
date for delegate to the democratic
national convention at Bt, Louis, did
not take the cuticle off Henator
Gilbert M, Hitchcock, democrat and
candidate for re-eloctlon, ho put the
knife under ant! rained It In numerr
our places during his short address
at a meeting at Henson yesterduy
afternoon, '
The meeting had been booked as
an opon-ulr gathering, but owing to
the Inclement weather, at the last
moment Ihe Odd Fellows' hall was
secured and pretty well filled with
town people and fanners who had
come In to do I heir woox-ed trading
And In disposing of Henator Hitchcock,
Mr. Hi) an gave him this parting shot
after lie had laid cotulderaia stress upon
the part that the Nebraska senstor hsd
played In playing into the hands of the
trusts and played "traitor" to President
"1 read In the Klble of the men who
strained st the gnat and then swsllowed
the camel, snd every time I read this
Can it Be the Masonic Order
Sanctions This Kind of Electioneering?
mu a. Savanna, St, a,
M. Ml IH
Ii I.
. geklss, lea
llsasia, I
My Sssi kraiasr aoklear
I beg tt at U ru taat r avtust frlsal, Srstkar
Ahrahsa I, guttan, It a sanalaeU far Srnarnofaf laSraaka, ta
tbt Jle subl lean tleatt, iM I a tell log te ay rsenl frltnle
tareugbaut ths ststt sailing taste atlsatlsn t hi eanAHtay
an easing tkea. st a sersaoat farr t mt satomlng ta
ktl Irstker gMlten,
If yen r a Mrsaaally tesjelntet alth jr Veatkar,
I aa alUflat yj km bla rra rtsutttlen, as be Ss tarttl
Ueg aa faltMjlIf an 1st Ptstrlsl a.i-a la (waat, a4 1 San
an suiii-g tiniiU at allt s aa ial teiar.
It alts sin'stit t as It anil S seaallMnt tt tie
fi4r t be a as In lag tram tk aseaaraai af 1st
Silt, eiil I fatl l It a Sily I Sirs. It. a ta stoat tr
iMi atttstr lain 1st klgiatl tfflM f kt Slats,
1ra Susan tt ttwtkar vital tmil
tajtirl elk.r till.s, tlnt . , rwllais, aea ,f th ttraeg
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Kaiser's Government Will Be In
formed It Has not Fulfilled the
Promises Made to the United
i States.
Note Will Leave Way Open for the
Teutons to Avoid Severance of
Diplomatic Relations.
t'nlted Htatps government today was
eonimunlcstlon lo he sent to Berlin
designed to bring Ihe situation to an
The roiiimunlcallon will go for-
r, . .1 u.l, I.I n Ik. .. I t a ,1
IndHallona are, however, tlist 1 1
I nited Wales' eitiv agnlnnt (leimany 1
I riimpletii and Hint tii rinany will be In-
formed that tlio Waalilngtmi government
(.niiniijnra t nm tiol fulfilled prainlsrf
made to thl country.
It Is Itiad" clear (Imt the forthcoming
I nomiiiiinl''slioii sllhonsli Intended ss the
final tttird of the t'ultid Klsles will still
leave (he way open for fieinmv to avoid
n aeturaiii-a of diplomatic rriiiiions
.eemna lirflilnla IVrlnrbeit,
f.HMiiiN, Apr ! li. - loiiiapond
tit St The Hague of the ICxchange I'ele.
graph I'lOipany forwanla I tin folioalna'
"CnniilrtcrNlile pei iiirtiailoti has bnoi
canned at ihe lierlln foreign offl s by
hess reiehed by tslr'lee of Aoicrlian
dlssatlefsctlon Hh the recent German
noli). The rhanenllor hsd several con
fi'imiiea Mh Ihe A merlon anibssaailin' ul,'0 ijli:ow d poaallillluea ulili t.'nitnl
von Moiliin. Autrol(tiiiKrlii foreign
milliliter, who la now In Merlin, lengthy
; jiiatriii'tloiis Mere sent lo Ambnaaadoi'
i i n. to, rr at u eai,i(,on,
"German officialdom now ccm willing
to stta'n eery ti'ive In order to avoid
s rcptnie allh lh Ignited Males, while
the press continues In a moat .flsiolioj
Slit wy to give sdvlee lo PlraMent Wil
son, publlahllig villous arlhlca and uo
loons of Ihe preaident,"
American Women
Soldiers Vote for
Trousers Uniforms
.SW r OHK. "April '"'! iV.'-Amei'iesn
women soldier will wear trousers ss part
of tlitlr uniform If they fullosr the .
ample set by the V) members of the
American Women's League for Pelf He
fense. These women hsv been attend"
lug weekly drill throughout tho wittier.
The style of uniform fama up for a
vote Inst night and wns the cause of so
animated discussion. In which Mrs, ).
Hurigiirfoid Mlllbsuk, head of the 01
Ifanl.uilon, saaerted that the suits worn
by the women heed not necessarily be
uniform. She ghjected to trousers on the
ground that eii"'i a uniform would b op
posed by husliHiirls,
Other denounce,) dresses as "a run
and burden" to women and advised th
women soldiers to get rid ot them.
"When your husbands go to the front, '
said one speaker, "you will have to
guard your home against marauders. It
will t a man's woik and you cannot do
It In dresses,
The olt tor 1 1 onset s was cat rled by
an overwhelming majority,
passage of scripture In It I see lite face
of Mr, llltchconk,"
The tribute to the senator followed the
remarks mads by Mr. hryan after he had
dlscuaaed ftenalor Hitchcock's official
record, asserting that when he waa
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