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Dr. Eugene Kurd, American Sur
gcon in Eusiinn Army, Performs
that Number During War.
(Corrsgpntirtenee f,f the Associated Press.
HiTROOH.U), Msrcii 5.--Mora thiin
eiirglrsl niH-rntlnna, mnet of them
Hose to the fighting line ami with the
tone of artlllrrv In hie rsrs, It the laat
ear'a ro ord of Vr. liugane Huri. until
t:-.fitly the only American eurgeon at
thf front lth th Ruaalan forces, rr
Hurrt Ik rhlef aiirgpon In oharga of tha
Twenty ninth, known a tha "droilno No
Mllty" riylrm column, I In haa I lia rank of
i olorif I In tha rigular army. Ilia
lih.yliiiihn aliitifle U feel thren linh.'e
in iifiiflit tul wflh 23f poiirula- rnuki-a
lilm a loneid'uoli figure, even muring
ih Mi filloa of ihe, Siberian corps
among whom ha works, lia haa ar
iuiel a reputation among tha elnipw
minded auldl'Ta for doing tlio Impossible
A aoldlar returning from tha hoariltal tolrl
hi fellows that tha "big American eur
geon cjoitld take a hand Hint bar been
aliot off, patch II together end put It
back on nmd ai new."
Kurd Iiiwi been reported several llinea
killed, wniiji'lr'l or rnlsrtlng. Iln baa inailn
a, number of hurried geusy, but. ha
he always: turned up with bia outfit
whim ttee amnke cleared. Ilia column was
outflti by the nohla fHnllca of Orodno
oon after the outbreak of (tin wiijr. Then
thay looked about for a aurgeim to take
iharge. About thai lima Kurd, who waa
In aaUla, waa offering hla aervloea to
fluesla, Tbrougli tha llusnian consul In
Hcaitla, hla offer waa aenepied and ha
sailed mi November tor Vladlvoetok,
Ma waa at onoe sent to Orodno with a
"onlreet to serve during tha term of tba
war. Ha believed ha waa giving hla gerv
lnag gratia, but aeveral months later whan
ha had lima to have hla contract trane
Jaiad, ha found that h waa to receive
) roirbUia moiitldy,
Hla flrat taate of battle wail on tlia
Orodno front. On tha retreat of tha Ilue-
alait army laat gwrnnar Hurd narrowly
escaped an involuntary tranafar of hla
activities to th tear-man aide. After a
twenty-hour gtretch of hard work ha waa
ordered to retire by night to Or an I, At
t o'clock in tha morning he had reached
an aetata six miles from that point ami
there ha decldod to real, until daylight,
Whan preparing reauma hla Journey the
following morning, ho found tha aUbl
yard full of Ruaalan eavalrr horaoa, aome
of them wounded. A Ruaalan soldier In
formed him that Oranl hnA been catrt.ured
by tha Oermana early in tha morning and
ihat they were approaflhinjr leaa thnn
two mlloa awuy. Ho md a hurried frxlt
aoulhward throunh aand dunaa, wliere
Napoleon loat hla tranaporta on tha re
ireat from Maoow. trnlll i o'clock In
the afternoon, when ho rearhed a new
riucalan poaiilon ha waa between tha hn
ilia llnea, uncertain aa to tha location
of either army.
K.aeapea Under rtra.
At another lima tba Oermnn cavalry
broke through tha Ruaalan llnea before
Kurd waa awara of tha fact and had cut
I I field telephone. They , paaatd hla
op.-ritlliig laae, avldontly believing hli
raptura aanured on Ihalr return. But tho
American doctor harneaaed hla horaaa and
with hla operating forca made a break
for tha retiring Ruaalan army. Tha Qvr
hinna turned a battery on him, and with
ehelia buretlng all around him, h gal-lopt-d
teama over tha creat of a hill
and cvrni'iiilly made hla way to aafoly.
rr. Hurd worka rut)marlly about a
tulle buck of th trenchea In Una with
I lm light artillery and In front of and
under Ilia heavy battering.
"I hellvn tha Ruaalan aoldier to ha tha
bert in tha world," ha atd, on a raeant
Oa t to I'Ytrograd, hla third brief abaano
I nun I he treni hea In mora than a year.
' The Ituaaian ta a fatallat, la abanlutely
leaih'ra, willing to attack under any con
'tit tons and la an expert with tha bayonet,
M favorlia weapon. I am convinced
Hint t tie tinrmana loat twenty men to our
M" on tha retreat laat aummor,
"A new form of trench bomb, filled
with an acid that aota like vitriol, la the
lant element wa bava to contend with.
The effect la fatal If tha fumea ara In
haled and tha leaat effoct la to produce
total and permanent bllndneaa. Theae
liomba ara fired at cloaa rang and ex
plode on contact. Prom one to aeven
mm ara affected where tha exploalon
i.i.c ura among men unprotected by res
I'lmtora. Often tha men have not time
lo adjuat their reaplratora In time to
' A remarkable thing that I hava ob
served la tha number of cnaea of froen
Oet iimong t'lcrnian prtaoncra, while T
haie et to treat the fltet Ruaalan for
I lint trouble. The reaann la that the
HiMtnana wear clone fitting hoots, while
i he Paiaxlan boot a lara, ami In pln'
rjf aiM-ka he wlnda hi fed In yarda of
woolen cloiha The Imota aia water,
light. On aehlom flnda a Ruaalan aol
rtlcr wlt' wet feet, Atiothar thing: The
ItiiaMan teenchea ara diep and wide
fi.m.Kli that the men may atand and
inme Hhocit 'Trench-fool,' due to
itamped x wit toot and lmalred olrciila
lcn. I unknnwn amnng aur oldlera.
I maut iiiHiit rlald dln.lpHne In my
iit f aitialant.4, and through a iv
t.i.i i f r4 h Mm and handling which I
.'e ilrttaed. t can hreuk Camp and be
no i He move williin twenty mlnulea, or
I ten yiiliiiib.-i and Ihiii an 't'ratUm
eiihln en itiiiuiiea afir arrival "
Mir miiv other Aruerlean aurgaon at
t. liaito fi'onl U Mmv'olui i. row, re
ei.llv made nritn i'f INa Twem r-flral
r hi iulnmn. hh anuther hlhrlu
i ..I .
Kmti Ja Tha A mr
. .i'tm 1 hi. ,itt i..i.i n la (
' t ,i ,f i I '--. Wi li.e til
t. o t ihn aa tiran d't attfwtal
i li im:. I v ahK'i i'''i ".I InatauniiaHi
! frii I pmi .h,.U la i
.. . ? tt t -r4 -I IS'.IH n.
.--I ff I ; a 'i 1 . i ii ew'.tf
I'm". li p.. .;.! i ! tl'H, tii)
a ..fw ,4) re aiw t a
' ugu'a.i. ii I I a it'll.
'"' m ! I ! i i a ' In
a I Ft- a K. -.. ,. m'l'n t h .
" a-' ti.,u . in g-a t awl
i'f, i.t a iai Mi la
niiMn a i !'
Government May Take Over the
Patent Whiskey Still in the
British Iilei.
"ii,. lit. ia
v i 1 i i1 it, t : t .a ' a
i fwl t ml ,lav
v -. i ..... u. .... i, aii. -i
. . - r ... i ''.. m
tai ... . -.,.....
' ' '-- i . .. . ,
(.... i i-,, , i ., . , i ,i , 4 . w
. . . . . . . f i. .
' 1 ' - I k i 4
CVirreiipondenca of the Aaaoclaled Trcai.)
U;NUON, March ,Teetolalera and
pr.ihlhlHunlaia bava hallod with Joy an
Inllmailon by navkl l.loyd (Iwrga, Hie
milliliter of munlllnne. that all patont
nhlaky atllla In the RrltUh lelea will be
taken over by tha government for war
work until the and of the war, to be uad
for the production of certain of the In
grcdlenta of exploalvaa.
There will be no ahortage of whlaky,
however. The dliitlllera aav thay have
a Block In bond oulle aufflelnt to etipply
tli normal conaumptlon In thla country
lor at leaat. three yea re, They alao point
out that unleaa tha war ahonld coma to
a middin end their ewpply would leal four
yeare. owing to the laeaned conaumptliMi
fine to the rentrlclrd aale now In force,
inly about a dor.en of tha blggnat dla
tillerlea In flcotlnnd come und'-r the cate
gory of pnteut atllla. In the year ended
Mnrch laat there were dlailllcd In Hcnt
land rJ WMflO gallona, and there were in
atock ,1,WKi,nrio gallona,
There ara many of the other tyte of
Mil or pot atllla not likely to ba taken
ovpr by the government, Jn tljeae fer
mented llauor obtaln"d from tlm barley
la boiled In a pot. The eeraiHiig vap'ir
paawa through a plp, where It la con
dciiaed aa aplrlt, but It la Impure and haa
again to ho dlatllled, The patent atlll I
a complicated eppatelug which, with the
application of eteam, worka quickly ami
renulree no acond dleflllatlou,
President Menocal, with a Good
Record, Said to Stand Chance
for Re-Election,
Bishops in Ireland
Alludo to tho War
in Lenten Letters
(f'orreapondenca of the Ae ctatil Freai.)
I HI HI, IN. April S,Th lrlah Roman
rslhollc blahopa, In their Lenten paatnri
letlera, direct attention to the nacanally
for thrift and for ralalng a muh food
tuffa aa pnaelhla on tha fnrnm. Tin rn
aro frequent allualon to the war In the
paetnraU, the moat emphatic exhortation
to recruiting appearing in the letter of
tha blahop of Tuam, fr. Healy, who
boiea that while the people will till their
llelda, they will alao ba ready to fight
for them aalnat all comera, lapaclally
aaJnat the t;erniana. "Irlahmen ar? able
to fight," ha writea, "aa thay have wll
proved on every battle front In Kurope
They do not want thai' ?ertlle acre
aelzed by the foe. What la to aava them
but the atrong arma and rourageotia
hearta of the Irlah people and their
alllea?" He hopeg that they will rally
to the flag, "not by compulsion or
coercion, but from a aenee of duty na
becomea free men,"
Ordinal Loguo gpeaka of the war ai
"not only the greateat and moat deatruc
tlva war In blatory, but a war that aeemi
to have atirred to their loweat daptha the
aorat and moat depraved of human paa-
alona. The rtlatlnctlon l-etween aoldler and
civilian reema to b Ignored, Kven neu
trnla and their property are no longer
Immune from deat ruction. Feaeeful nil I
xena traveling by aea with their wive
and children are Bent to the bottom with
out warning. Men, old and young, help-
lea women and Innocent children, often
In thetr beda at night, are made victim
of a gudden and terrible death."
The blahnp of Limerick in hit paatorat
pradlotg that tha war will leave the world
In a condition of direct poverty, and
apaaka of. tha imrm which will break over
European eocloty when the war la over.
"If anyone thinka," he aaya, "that the
mllllona of working men trained to arm
In Europe will aettle down peaceably to
atarvatlon at the end of the war In order
to help to reamaee fortunee for their
betiera,' be may hava a rude awakening,"
(I'nrreapnndenre of Tha Aaaoi-lated Praea )
HAVANA, March M-Wlth the holding
of both the eonaervatlve and liberal party
ronven'tlona the naming of the principal
randldalea for the preeldenttal election in
Cuba la completed, aa follow:
t'onaervatlvea : Frealdent, Mario ri
Menocal for re-eloctlon; Oeneral Rmllto
Nunet, aecretary of agriculture, for vice
tllierale: Vr, Alfred Zayaa, former vine
preeldent under tba (tomes administra
tion of ira IS for prealdant; and IT.
Carina Mendleta, a member of the honae
of rrpreaentatlvea, for vice prealdant.
The nomination of 7.yaa and Mendleta
la hailed by practically all factions of
tha liberal party aa ending the long-continued
feud between the aupportera of
Zayaa and the Mlgurllataa, who ara the
follbwera of tha former preeldent, Joae
Miguel tlornei. Thla fued grew ot of
tha apparently Implacable hoetlllly of
Frealdont riomea in the presidential a
piratlona of bla former colleague In the
From the beginning of the feud In the
early daye of hla adtnlnlatratlon Cienara
Home haa declared that nothing could
reconcile him the support ' 7-avag until
finding lilmeelf oulenrraled by the po
llllcal dexlerliy of Ihn latter arid all hope
of hla own nomination vanished, ha gave
hla adhesion to the verdict of tha con
ventlori. That he gave II grudgingly, and
that there la oma doMM whether he wll
Klva hla enthusiastic personal support to
me ticket, s evidenced by the fact that
he refused lo attend tha convention and.
arier tne adjournment when tha trlum
phant Zayletae gathered In front of hla
palace on tho Frado demanding that he
addreaa them, be declined to do an and
delegated the vine prs!dentlal candidate
to speak In hla behalf, That hla follow
rs. however, led by hla own former
right hand, Hpeaker Ferrara, and other
influential leadcra, will loyally support
'nero ia aald lo be no doubt,
The only elements of the liberal party
now outalde the hreeatworka aro the
factions led by former (lovernor Aabart
and Kuaeblo Ifarnandeg, who are de
clared to ba unlikely lo prove of much
Importance, The Aabertlatas, who aio
somewhat numerous In Havana province,
with a smaller following In Matanxaa,
and (he Hernandlstus are regarded as
a negligible quantity. There Is also a
posalblllly Hist both may become re
conciled to the regular ticket. The lib
eral leadera, In any event, declare the
prospects of the success of their ticket
are bright,
With President Menocal in nontrot of
all the machinery of the government,
having tha support of the army, and
himself popular with a good record of
administration, ha will not be eaally de
feated, There la, however, In the con
servative party an element which la op
posed in principle to re-election, and what
the atrength of thla element may be can
J am pa from A a to to Cab of Run
away RTnalne and Prevent
Two bora In an automobile, aft..
raoe throujrh the railroad yarda at Dryad,
Wash., captured and stopped a runaway
switch engine that waa bumping a car
load of dynamite on to the matn track
following a paaaenger train Juat leaving
Moiy. roe train waa aldetracked at Mi
tel! and derailing ore we were sent out
to catch the runaway.
leaping from tha autatnoblle, one of
tho boys jumped Into tha eah nf the .
gtne and atopped Ita flight, through the
yards Juat before If reached the derailing
point, nyda smoothers and Itoy Ku
banka were In the machine.
The enctne belonaed to the f)nlv 1 Aim -
her and Khlogle company. Aa II nm.
gresacd throuah the yarda It picked up
an empty stock oar and proceeded on
to the main Una of the Northern Fe
el flit. The airent at Pryad waa In
structed to derail It hut d.nMwl t l.i
It paae through the town, fearing a dla-
aatroua etpioalou, Hoth cars were badly
damaged when the engine waa stepped,
snii th eiplolve was scattered about
tha loaded rar.-Ts'oma ledger
Aa rear t'leaaant l.aiellve.
line or lo fr hing e New Mr t1l
at night Insure a fr-e and ey move,
ment of the bnwets Mu. All druggleta -
e IV
'"t A-
u..e- &.'-so&im 0tmM At law Mum 0 nmrnmi
For Slate Representative
Ho la a Champion nf Join I anil
hint Iawa for Kverj'lKMly,
only ba developed during tha course of
the csmpalgn. On the other hand the
voting atrength of the liberals la un
nneetlotiably great and will he Increased
by the support of many Cubans who,
without any dlsllnet political affiliations
or hoatlllty to the admlntatratlnn, are dis
posed to welcome a change
What the liberals profnee to fear l
thet Ihey will be denied a fair count
and that tha party In power will aduiu
the tactlca of ballot boa attifflng They
alao aay that, since the Incorporation
of the old rural guard In tha rnicuar
army there la grave danger nf military
terrorism at the polla. Hence there Is
renewed discussion of the abvlsablllty
nf aaklng the I'nlted Hlatea government
to appoint a enmmlaelon to eupervlse the
registration and voting aa the only
means nf assuring a perfectly fair elct -tlnn
and obviating the peril of revolt),
tlnn that might result from any sua
piclon nf unfairness. It la unlikely, hoiv
ever, that thla step will be resorted lo
for some time, at leaat until party pes
along should become dangerously arnueed
The political campaign will probably not
reach an acute atage until the period
between the close nf the sugar grinding
season In July and tba election, which
takes place on Kovemlier 1, nf rrone
political Issues there sre none, ilic
atruggle being simply for office
(Correspondence of The Associated Frees )
I.ONPDV. March Florence
(taker, widow of lr Hamuel White
Hsker, euthor end explorer, who died
twently at Newton Abbot, Devon at 74
yeera cf age, waa known as one of the
moet daring axplorare. In ,Ml he accom
panied her huaband upon an expedition
for tha discovery of the Nile enureee. The
party went on without Interpreter or
rilde and In defiance of the opposition of
the elate hnntera who attempted to bar
their prparena. She also accompanied her
husband Stan ha commanded an upedl
tlou to Central Africa oignnlised by tha
Khedive for the iiippn-snloti of the slsve
truffV. She was the first white woman,
na her huaband waa Hie first man. to
set foot in th region nf the AlberS
Nvanxa lake.
l'OMTIf'41. MIVKnTIlfi.
Turn old furniture, boiistiotd goods and
clothing Into cash with a flee Want Ad
Judge Albert J. Cornish
Candidate for
Judge of the Supreme Court
In now Hon'ins: hi '-I ft
yt'ir nf .liiilgft nf tho I i w
Irict Ctjiirl of ljinciihlor
I If is Fair, AWt nml
I liiiiuin.
I I in liniiic people Iirvf 5
(inif'H wmiiIimI hint to ho
Ihoir ,U(lnt.
A inMeil IH mi. -. N If. Si.
IIfj'p i. wliat lhf ripw.-jiupFi-s
of his homo town
think of him:
"Judge Cornish Is remgnlaad ev
hla naialihora aa a isHllv big man
sod they believe Ihsi If the votere
are Inokliig fur that kind of a man
on the auprrme bench Ihey net
eeek no furlhei ," Nebraaka Biaie
"He haa been upon the dlafrlct
lienrh nf thla county for looie
llian twenty yeara Ilia
iIki Islone have aiood far betier
1'iari tiirtse of nuiet Judgea, tho
I. ai cf the higher tribunal." Lin
coln Psllr "'sr.
'Asa member of su-
iir"me court of Nelimska, he will
lie one of the ablest, nieii tbel ba
ever bnen aefanied to memoershlii
In the hlah'st court of thi
aiate," Lincoln Trade Review,
Central City, Neb.
Onmllilut for
Supreme Judge
On NoiiinrllaHn Jtiilli'liiry lUilloi,
IVininrira, Tiic(ij, April 1 Ht It.
Equality before the law,
Jtemove tha law'a vfixntloiig dnlHj'g,
HuhalBntliil Juailce unhginimrfd by
Purify tha roiirtg by anvera punlah
inpnt. for porjury.
No politics or favoritism known on
tho bench,
"To do tha right (Jnd Kivca nio
lo gca tha right."
Wkl a' S MM M
I th.
.ention! RepiiblicaHS
iSiifct'HH for (ho ItV'publicnn party in l!Hi dcpt'iicls on tho it uniting of nil fuiitionn of
luirty nloiitr proirn-HHivr liiuw ami f ho burial of all tliffororn'CM. Tin? candidatps
iiaini'tj bnlow, for dolofcal.08 mid uHfrnatnn, to tho IN'fmblionn Xational Omrpntion at
(liionjro, Htand for a "flKT TOdKTJIKU" policy nntl a "KH-UMTFiD PARTY."
Voto for Four Vote for Four
I. It. OUTLVHY, Fremont 0. 0. KNYDKH, O'Neill
I). Ij. IIRVEU)NH, Hoatriro W. U AXDKHSON, Linroln
A. C. JOPPEHSON, Clay Center A. H. 'f)f)l), Oerini?
Nf. P. Omaha J. F. W1HTH, Iilair. "
Primaries April 18, 1916. Polls Open 8 A. M.; Close 8 P. 51.
Cut This Out For Your Guidance.
I'liiiiini. rNrisin,
Wants every voter to remcm.
bcr the name and when voting
make a X after It on ballot.
Vote For
a ('ami hint for
Oim nf the lriiit Jiulgea.
Emil A. Ericson
For Delegate to
Republican Convention
Mi -J
V,-' I
" '' (e-'
f r , V
Vote at the Republican
Primaries for
1 1. 1 .
(.1 tdtt.K I,. (MMl'KN.
(Member American Society
Civil Engineers.)
One of the Directors
Ag City Knglnner of Lincoln, I
Planned the reconatructlon of tha
Munlflpal Water 8ytem and con
itrurled I ha Municipal Lighting
Plant. A. Water Corarolloneir
and tttiprrlntendent of Publla
Works of ton Canal Zone, Isthmus
of Panama, I mada the Interna
tional water rates, which were
adopted by the Republic of
Tenaraa and th Unltrd States
Government, and had thttrKe of
the maintenance and operation of
the water works, sewer and pav
ing of the titles of Panama and
Colon, Including, the collection of
all wstiT rents. Wag Asalatant
City KnglneiT of Omaha three
5 ears.
Twenty years experience in construction, maintenance
and operation of municipal utilities.
For District Delegate to
Republican National Convention
. y
First If tli'i'tfil. 1 will rmiMiliT tbn( the Vtr
wirki belongs to the people uinl lo ln run iu tlifir
Second I will g reaprctful niiil courteouii
li-ittlntl In hII riiiiii,iiii!'. nii'l iitv wtiT i"uu-umir
will !' t !" t 1 with fairin'H". Hihl Willi lli aiilllii roll
tnliMH(Mli Mini n Mii'i'i 'a fill iticr.'luuil irtVrn In liH
iU lltte'.
Tliirtl I will Dm- ia) iff.ui. fur tlu low(pt rattt
I b I ri.tiih.tia ju- tifv , m it it. I of 'tfiitrf up unnmcs.
nry surpy-i
Tourtb I I'tiviT ii .' immetliAtf rrtluctton of wter
rutfl for t,.r:r,.;l ion in (huc ra:i mi jiistirn
in Uu j m M'nt rivl" wl f (ir.'r'i i t-r f i! '.'
lliin,iinj gslSnne f.r all r n. . in l! t i-.uutni.,li.ti
tf hnt!H', hiiMii'Mi Mik ttl ittii.i iMiirnl
Tlfth I fitvnr I lie pavwnt of waes to rruployf
rtt i'tl -ll,tl l Mna. J l I tiMilt illlli fl I M I
Mil fJ'iirn rVi-rv iln'.m .i Hlrti ! u ll V fi
I- illu uf he nfi i W'nil '
8hth I nisi . in it . it'io ir- of ih, Vtnr
Mirtl, n woll m Iln rmplityo nf tli1 Wetttr Work",
Itntiini dint tin) ! politics or anv other business
except for which they are employe.
Seventh I l'anr tin plnn to thn at of
witti-r innin titiMtMnii" now made, or to be made, to
lli iiliulliiiK' pnipi tty, tlif sunn n Iim tin tloii. in
thi 'Hl, loit w ln'ii tin witter rMt fnun eoniitTtiom
tofldi' to thi itnrt!m nf tin nti-r irutin i-tinainu
M Ii Jr I'rtit tij oti thi m! f the ttv!!itn .
tiiit.1', tliH tin total coat tr ""'intit without in
lervt will l. refunded to th property owner, I
lo tu.l fitvor tin iitt.'ti.'i of I'l.t.'iiiif unrtntitiitiKtrt
litinli n uj-on tlo loiildfta nf mtr Tity, Till i nub.
titt!iiiM tli, plan mlnj ti'! Iy tho fity of I hit'injo,
Eighth If tlit -tntnjeii(n n.l j. rnliu of th
Munlciptl Mghting pknt i jlrtv. in th hnndt of
On Wn'-r I'mid, I woul-1 krivi tioon the b"!i.ftt of
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