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noon Puccini's "Madam Butterfly,
with Ml Tamakl Mlura, at Cho-Cho
San, will b sung. Tn th evening "La
Bnheme." with Kellc Lyne a Mirai,
111 be the bill.
Omaha Hears and Worihips Her u mihiii irmahnar orcbeir. in
TWa "T.'amnr. A, Tr. 1 w "W"' " Breeaei.
avat j Jt, 4M a a iuv a v v w v
at the Auditorium.
Tha Mlnneapotla Rjrmphony orchestra,
under Emll Oherhoffer, conductor, played
(VA nptsi'ama Mtfavitav . h lira
CHARMS theator, opening wllh a mtlneo at which
la great deal of delightful mmln wa pre
By lir.SRIBTTA M, HF.ES. sentsd. Tha annual nf till, excel
ror once umana naa me oppor- fnt mldddl went on hestr, lways bring-
tunlty of Witnessing a brand new la pleaaur to their friend and lover of
opera before many years had ngsscd fffheatrai muale. Tha orchestra, always
over lta eslamishnient In ,-,., "' w P'V ana witn more mapi
.. .. . ration. Mr. Oberhoffer always conducts
Vc....v irFi"i... .i.i-wh th ...nranre. hli Inter
Thursday, when the Boston Opera pretatlons hear a distinct individualism,
Company, with ita ai?grSBtloil of and are Intensely musical. The orchestra
flare and splendid orchestra, opened ' w" baianred organisation, and well
twn.H.v. ....nn,.nt ,,,h equipped for th presentation of the dlf
' " ' flcult and widely different style of music
uniiiurc 1.101 irn ive, oj muu- - ui.i, .,,, .., ,.
temezzi, a young Italian composer, m the matinea the program was
at the Auditorium. Thle opera waa crptlnnally well conatructcd. It a'arted
given lta premier last rear bv the ",,h lh Jnyus, aJwaye refreshing "Hur
u.iMr.lit.n ftn.,. emn.. .nrt Prise" symphony by Haydn, which take
waa ravoraoiy rece.rea oy oom preae chord, , th ,,)Vel ..AnAmi(... whrh
and public. It la an opera In which the old mauler wapglshiy wagered "would
the dramatic element la the main make the ladles jump." This symphony
Issue, and everything elae melody, 'p',", "h beautiful, almost modem
characters, Incidents and action are
annglo rantahtle. which very aonn devel
I Ona tntrt the tn.rrv vlvae. taut urtth
niuiura lugnoer una a lorceiui ar- theme flrat Introduced In the violin
niatle work In tone. The orchestra which afier much clever and well workel
la really the alar throughout. The 011 ' development itarfa Into a. graceful
voice parla, while true to the text fl""1 thm ""ally with th
mjI A ..,. A .A , i,un ninv J flip nnvtmini, w
un.,ur,, ..,,, CB1..rU i- mot .ff.rv,iv -lucldated bv the or
wayi to be more iTe other different cheitra, with careful regard for lie dainty
voire of tha orchestral part than Phraalng and atrong rhythmln put. In
predominant at any time aa aoloa. lh andant and variation Mr. Oner
noirer arw rrom th orcheatr a great
Maale Drama ef I'ower. variety of tonal beauty and many en-
In apit of th fact that no melody la chanting plantaelmo efferu, that mad
to b found, th mualo la flowing and full ,h lovy 'hma and ll filmy tracery nf
of vaat contra.! in color and effect. ;"r"",n"' or m.erpretv
Tha action ta emMrtiv.iv ewirt l,v art. Th quaint minuet read
abort prelude and no arlaa. There I into th allegro dl molto, and th
a cloae union of mualc and text, and ympnony end with great lirllllancy.
mucn errecuv puraaing all tnro"gn it. Thl aymphony In .Mle of the fact that
Thle opera la extremely modern In II i. i. annroxlmatelv ivi win old
alyla and liannonlea, Th. leading mo- ,. . rh.rm mnit .,. m..HU.
,1.. .,r uniM.IXM .11.. r -,. .,,., . . A . .
the dy of Wgner, Uon flmt ... . " "
log doe. not aeen, to 'b. u.ed to any ''''i" '7 7
an ..i .,. .a K"l 'hat many a modern number
aire. of emotion waa colored, Intenalfled d0,,1 not Th M"ml,h "f lo',
and carried forward by tha oroheatral- "."allty or la-'k of dexterity upon the part
ahall I aay background? It waa really of "' ot tl, performer ImmedlMlely
more than that, Th dramatlo clltnaxea ho "P"" " P"H"lied aurfac and mor
of word, action and mualo wer of the Production,
greateat fore and moat convincing Im
pieaalveneaa. Tha artlal heard In the
eolo parta were without exception effec
tive, and both vocally and hlatrionlcaliy
equipped to glv tha greateat aatlafao
Hon and delight to tha llitener.
Maggie la Imeraaalra.
Th "Overture Isonore," No. 1 by flee
thoven followed. Thl majeatlc ovrtur
I a mterpler of dramatic unity, and
niu.d al atretigth, and glow wlib th pac
tion and fir of thl great mauler. It
many theme are woven and developed
with tho moat gratifying reaulta. Mr.
Mis Meggi Teyta, alight and beautiful Oberhoffer conducted thl remarkahl
lo gat upon, far beyond what w have compoaltlon entirely from memory and
com to expect In lh lajid of prima led th orrhetr through Ha many Intrl-
donnae, wa teat for the unfortunat gaclea to a moat effective climax at the
prinreaa. Iter voice I beautiful, clear, cloae with great eucr. An anoor wna
high, and of a timbre whlek carries It demanded at thla time but not permitted.
wnoui any rorcmg io ma rurmeai oik- Two Iehuaay mimbeia wer aive.t
It la wide of rang I "cinuda." In which .irv hiia t i,.rf
and well cultivated, and anawere readily floated nnnn . .,,. ......
Io whatever of emotion or mood ah de ...-.4 . . , '
.manda of It, fhe aang th part moat -"", ?' """ "n"
effectively, allhough perh.p. in. would i'"' COmlnatl?n"' ' ""''""' "n1
look for a little mor. fir. and warmth cn"'r'
In an Italian prince of mediaeval time.
greatly contracted and of a
However. Mia Tryt brought out the J00'1 nature, yet aleo howlng the Im
patrlclan qualltiea of the prlncea to per- Vrwinnltlio Idea of compoaer. Th
fection and won a large ahar of ym- Pmm eioaed with the overture "l ai
pnthy by her Interpretation of th char- nival," by Dvorak, which Mr, Oberhoffer
atter. '" conducted without acore end which
Three Knlenrflri Male Relea. aven a spirited performance
I. 1lmm T in.. a,.,,.. .
1... m. l I coruiany wai
tnnlr tti. .rt nf ArehlhaMn. h. hll,, I ""Hmi II11IM
king, had the lending maac'ulln role, end
both from a purely musical standpoint
and aa an actor he waa all that could to
dcatred, 111. voice la big and renonant,
end especially adapted to the Intensely
dramatic mimic which felt to him. In the
tremendoue cllmaxea of the opera he
brought all hla graat Ulrots to a most
sticceeaful Interpretation.
Giovanni Zonatello more than made up
for a alight uncertainty at the alert by
the warmth and diamatio fervor which he
aria "W.ftly Blghlng," from "Per Frlea
huta." by Weber, and "Ah Mon Coeur."
from "Mlrellle," by Oounod. Her voice
la a soprano of ellvery quality, particu
larly sweet and powerful In the high
hole. Her enunciation Is good and her
technic delightfully clean. Cornelius Van
Met proved hlmaelf a vlrtuoeo ealllat of
the greateat aecompllahment In a "Fan-
taay" for 'cello and orchestra by Bar
vale entitled. "O Car Memoila." Mr.
Van Vllet handlea hi bow with all th
Audience at the First Night Show
Keen Appreciation of Beauties
on Exhibition.
Recent Sales of Registered Stock
Show Big Advance in Prices
Over Last Year.
Of course Omaha appreciates
grand opera.
That fact was amply testified last
evening when the large Auditorium
was comfortably filled with an en
thusiastic ijiuhIc - loving audience
which thundered Its salvos of ap
plause for tho sonKhlrds of tho Bos
ton Grand Opera company In
"L'Amore Iicl Tro Ho" and Ita direc
tor, Max Haiti noff.
And when you add to this attrac
tion, the Incomparable Anna I'avlowa
and her Imperial Ilallet Husse well,
tha combination was IrreslMtlblo
for those who had (he price!
Great wag the rejoicing when the
tfljcreal Anna herself appeared in
tho "Bnowflakes" ballet on account
of a story which appeared la an
evening; paper Thursday to the ef
fect that Psvlowa had remained In
Kansas City when the rest of the
company started for Omaha. Tha
story originated with an enterpris
ing Kansas City reporter who mis
took another woman in tha lobby
of the Hotel Muchlebach for Anna
Pavlowa, after the troupe had de
parted for Omaha, and wired In the
l ather Stayed el Heme,
Was It khUI that Omaha enjoys grand
opera? Then let the statement be quali
fied. Kciiilnltie Omaha die, eartlciilarlv.
There la no doubt that father's claw
hammer, pleated shirt and silk hat was
laid out for him In many a local home
last evening, the Intent being to plead,
ajule or threaten him Into attending the
opera, but that the? attempts wer not
aucceeeful was equally evident by the
number of women who cam alone or
In small or larger groups, iineacorted,
Heauty wns there, but less of th
Mulc lover thronged th gallerle end
l larg number of foreigner, notabl
musical enthuilnats, wer noticed In the
first night audience,
Coming after the aotnhee, tragic expo-
elt.lon of "Th !,ova of Hire Kings," (show clssalo-e show that will be by far
That the tone of the Nebraska live
stock Industry never seemed more en
couraging than at the present time,
especially pertaining to pure-bred
cat lie, a the opinion of 11. H. Duncan,
a widely known live stock auctioneer
and authority, who has returned
from a thirty days' trip through the
ii r. Duncan on his recent trip con
ducted a number of sales of regis
tered cattle in different towns
throughout the state, ftotno of the
most successful sateg were beld at
Meadow Grove, Humboldt, Hastings
and Grand Island.
The action of Nebraska breeders
In devoting more lime than ever to
pure-bred cattle Is having a decided
effect upon the live stock Industry
In the middle west, Mr. Duncan
averred, and has resulted in the state
forging ahead to the very forefront
of pure-bred cattlo districts.
If the aeveral salea conducted by Mr.
I'uncan are to b taken as a criterion
registered cattle price are noticeably on
th ascent. II found that regltred
rattle of the same claaeea are (elllng
fully 40 per cent higher than they were
at thl time laat year.
Heller Fanning Method.
Mr. fujiioen tracea tha rise, mor tlmn
anything elee, to a change to better
methods of farming snd live stock bleed
ing, Th notabl change for the better
In pure-bred cattle circle I apparent
to live atock men In all part of Hie
state, Mr. I'uncan pointed out,
Th rmirked advance in land value
too, Mr. Puncan added, has occasioned a
cloeer application to tho ijueatlon per
talrilng to eoll fertility and Incrnmeil
grain yields.
Mr. bunr'an la one of th mnet srdctit
booaler for the big National Bwln allow
which will be held In Omaha October
3 to 7. Iricluaive, in hi association with
lv tock men In the laet few week,
both In thl end oiht' state, he re,
marked that h found that Ihu general
live slock fraternity recognUed the pre
niter poaltlim of Nebraska,
lirceders, according to the auctioneer,
are already beginning to make active
preparations for the big Ornsha hog
1 '
nut into th. rota nf Aviin in. i. eTliy of a olo vlollnlt and Interpret
la a full and vlhrant tenor, snd he uaea mu,lc',y- '" a ton of great
it t ..ii,,t u... warmth and power from hla Instrument.
a Manfredo waa decidedly conMatent to " r"lTnr,',d ,0 " ncor wlth hrp "
hta part, hla voice and manner of elnglng '"-""""
making him a welcome addition to the evening concert was also s highly
other stars In (be raal, lie we eapeolally "icyahle affair, the program containing
gcod In tha second act, where much dra omer important nuivbera to be found In
alio expression fell to him. The chorus oro "r1 Warature. Owing to lllne.x
enng ultli excellent eneemhle and In the which conflnea him to a local ho. nil. I
email parte, both in tho opera and ballet, Mr lule Greveure we unable to ,k
obtained excellent cboial effect. He- pw solotat, and Mle Allen r-
berlo Moranionl, the cnuductor. main- Ped the aria from "Her Frelacliiitx
teiiicd a finely balanced Darformance. l','h ,n tbe afternoon and aave
ind brought the orehratra and alngcr from lulse." rr. rierwnnkv,
diamatlc rllinaxee, which were of a mag- ,h" concertmeleler, on hi audlem-e hi
nla aolo number and plnyed en encmc
with a harp accompaniment. The pr
...... .... nn no nagnerinn num
ber. Among tha effective number
lh Phepherd Hey." by Tercy irlniter.
on of th mot ptiputar of th re ent or-
pneatrat mmxltlnn. The final enenre
eaa 'I'reama' bv Wanner
Tn audlenea at both concert wm ..,
targe, but each made up In enihn.h..,n
what they la ked In numl eri and save the
oroneir and Mr. Oberhofier d'.eri
Ptl.u. ,, ,.
nltude, lntrnlty and power equc.lled only
by a few Especially rememberen I the
clos of the flret act, and the vital mo
menta Immediately preceding and follow
ing the entrance of Arrhlbaldo In act two.
other member of the east added a
gret deal to the different minor part.
Orrbeelre e l-'lee Ina.
The oivhestra, lnie In nuuthera and
with part finely proportioned, waa con
ai.nt jov, and Kil-inatc for th alia of
1h butlilins, ter befor ha Omaha
had a ltt from an ir company
which furnl.tud an much In the way of
an orclieair and principal, ajid rhorua,
enrv and rnatumre a that which a
brouatit t our city last night by th
li.i.icn cfniny, It la no wonder that
thv hate met mtth encouraging eurcesa
thnuiti..iil their t-mr. Th audirnc
huh aheut ha'f fin.,t the Auditorium
f-e the iwxt tuttetitig attenthm. and
Kitin ill afl.-r e ti if Itie act ri
fre.f .nt. nut ef whkh war desert rdl
h.rnl r- eMiu-r,
' Mtalrea mt tel.
After ehnrt tntmi,,.ei T-e an-w-faSen"'
tHvt, an.nj.-,) ftm tt,,
f a- krr Vtlta," by T hatkowek. aa
gi!l l Mile.
d ' TM tie. ti)
!. ef tie i.f',,t br th,
tr feo. tshin ,, the gt,- n t4
l '! v a ui ai. ef
r.heiig M Nn'illf.l (( eiv,
' "le T '. !. )a r.
. : fil,, n. uaef'4t an t li
t.l"r U H usee . ti,
v fc-vt a r .. nun, r .i-
!. ani.ll Ki I 4tn, Si4 an I .,.t,,
-' - I .', I t r Urn-
lit ll.. I. H,m At. e
t!-l i K .
. 4
ttv4 '" I aivai tk, fa
"" " WM K ma
e r lh,
! ll.Mii f ,,, ,H..H m,,LM
n m-,ii4 tt,.t i.. .!,,! j..t,t..j.
A Jl....if it 4, 1,-tl f.l.a).,, ,r t
,!,.. l-.: .t t." . . athl i
' -1 t- g ,v i ,..(
" ! lb.
1 ..,...
the airy, fairy "Hnowflakea" from Tschal
sowskys "Nut t'racker" ballet drew
thunderous applause from the gallerle
and mor "lady-like" approval from the
arena floor.
Oh, Von Maggie Teylel
And Maggie Teyte! The dainty little
ngllsh songbird sang herself right Into
the hearts of the vast audience even If
the composer Montemezsl wss unfeeling
nough to glv her o unsympathetic g
"I wish T knew what she waa talking
bout, though. Then maybe I could licit)
her, exclaimed an Imperturbable youth
In the audience as Maggie, torn by her
emotions In the second set, warbled her
line In Italian.
Of course, thl shouldn't h for pub
lication, but It waa n pew kind of kiss
Maggie Teyte and Zcnatello Introduced
unsophisticated Omaha. The "kla
hualnesa" aroused no uncertain snicker
ing In the audience, which. It I aafa to
say, has riot aeen Its ennui fnr length
of duration on any Omnha boards.
The gowns of Ml.a Teyte, who had the
only woman's part of Importance In the
opera, were of unusual rlchne and
beauty, as every woman who attended
will attest.
CHICAGO, III., April 1,-(Rpeca Tele
gram.) -Miss Wllhelmlna Yocum of Kear
ney, Neb., secured a license her today
to marry tllen Rarror of Chicago,
in greeted esninition or twin ever
laged In thl country-whlch man (h
entire world.
Saeeeas of Show t.aitretl.
Mv stock men sr of th unanimous
opinion that th progreash spirit of
Nebraska, breeders alone Insure th ur.
cra of th show,
Th Omaha auctioneer is msklnr plan
to conduct thla summer what, he says
will b the "largest rule of Improved
farm land ever attempted by on man."
Me will sell at public auction July 11 to
IS, Inclusive, twenty-four Improved farms
near W'laner, Nt-llgh, Crelgliton and
Krtelow. The farm, th property of
J. W, Fleming of Wlsner, comprise over
l7W acre.
The Alpha Alpha chapter of the Thl
fieta t'l medical fraternity of Crelgliton
Medbnl onllcR held It annual election
of officer nt a smoker at the Uiysl hotel
yesterday evening.
The new officers chosen to serve for the
first semeeler of th next school esr are
follow: r. K. Kne, Butte, Mont.,
archon; J, I Draney, Heneca, Kan,, vice
archon; U J. Ta liacher, Ht. Mary's, Kan ,
aocretary; It. F. Mullln, Omaha, treas
urer; nay Traynnr, Omaha, editor; II. H.
SUpleton, IVnrceeter, Ma., chaplain.
Th guest of th evening waa Dr. W. R
leonard of the Thete chapter of the Uni
versity of Chicago.
Bead ' W ant
Ihetn for result.
Arts for profit, t
Mr, I dwenU
Olhe Tablet, lirt .1
lhe lu and Item,,. j,t
.ta... T.el.ta isa . .k...
' ' :".l. a I ..!v ..n . i
ln..a .d br ,.1. ' M M,,,",,, - th ...,
iH't alfii t.j ,h , t , ...
d tL at (vlUl Iks.,.. ,1. - .
, ' - ."'. IT I U (1,,.
... ... rr MJ br..ih a. .it .
It r ) im, T'.(t . t ... ...
fc'.ltK htm 4 Ml4tt !,,, ,-1 ,,
ike k'. .4 ottt ig f.,l,u.t i, ...
' (!....
Tv.i a-. ih il.h ,i .,.i
4 ""f" f IS N l ft. t, i.
All I U.fu ,.4
S'HI .. .,,.., i rvvt l (
' :, T..,i ., gM(U
'' " ,.l i., ,,,
I r M l. i I 4 ik, ,v,
a''., i.,..i , n,.,,,,,1
"-e m ti
' Mf eiih et ii a, 1. 1
i- 4wi. V M tM.. a,e ...;, !
e .!.. . .,-.. im.,,,4 , t
i :: .., , !,., v,
Sky blue and
onyx color. Full
standard size.
r .ajj.'isaaaaaafg!
f. v.. 0 if A P..! sfi?!
V t f, v--l.. l, ...
-.r VI
If 3 ' m'I'M;.'!l!IlffllI!H.. -V
High nllj, mtatrst wool tlnsA r-
rn.r.M.r, esactiy 'iki em. tf no
The re
frigerator season
f rent V
' rt.'iie y
J''"'1 """" tMpr
lt Day !, CeS . Bkr i . 0t
- l t.llas) q ..
V )
-- ! Iilne t tihj rn,
I f kl ttW tr 0i tH.h I on.
' . . .
Your Used
Office and Store Fixtures
Typeivriters and Supplies
Books ami Periodicals
Cameras and Kodaks
m m v a m a s a at a
Furniture and Household Goods
Lumber and Building Materials
Pianos and Musical Instruments
-W at
Jewelry, Diamond am
Machinery and
Or anything else that has
outlived its usefulness for
-f .
you, by putting
"Want Ad" in
wiuimio cvciv uctv lur lUbl Lilt Lilinu
1 1 . .
you may be able to supply them w:
at a profit to yourself, so
By all means bring,
or send your Ad in
Get it here in time foi
in re? Fv r
l lbMatawWatef ktoistsV' L
tt mr t Sk
r t .... 7ltgf
., m k ttit . ot !wt
hwil , , ;s
9 P.
at ue te tu
. ' 1 , '
A Saft
.9BT1'wyi.'l"'l'"l"","' wyi
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Oi ruf
Fyrnitui Ml
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rUce to