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Minneapolis Authoritiei Ask Dei
Moines Detectivei to Send
Man to Be Present.
(From a Htaft CtiiTMpniMlnl-
UK MOINKH, April ).Hwcll Tain-Kitm,)-CHtff
of Detective M:Lma4 will
a rrrtitatlvi to Mlnneapoll to
nltfnrt exluimln th t.o1y nf tht bby
which Mr. nt Mm. Hfn lwll oiaJro i
tl.Hr Child. Tho flilaf k"1 t fl
fpriliiv by John P. mi William
I. NuN of Minneapolis, Horn)'.
Mr. n1 Mr Vt6 ar hld b-r on
li'R of munW. Thcf r .uid of
uiuritrr of an Infant found on a flump a
ti-vr flav o. Th-y lalm that thy
imow nothing whatever of I be baby found
hrrr, hid that thnlr own "hlll fli'd ''!
was burled In Mlnnnapoli. Ormiar
Koona has orttrtH th hx)y of the lUr
liuinl. rtilf.f Mrlwiatfl hs not 1"
i tiled Whom to -tl lo Minneapolis.
Pwfti'l" MmU noose IUI4.
Two a'itmiioblln load of whisky 1:01c
(kliilhg Mnt wrro wIk4 by a auad
f poili on the Mahway Jul al of
(! Wolnrg Wdn-tHiay iilahl. Thl I
aid 10 b tho largest. iUvr aver mad
lint? ennpt In raid on ttptmu com
(.anlo and diiot. It. bad Iwi-n ahtjniH
fy xir to t.larkaon and It wa tll'M
off to the imllia that th hi uonalgn
mint wa tor l"s Moltm partita. I'o
lie offhr-r went to r.lKriteon, watched
the turn load the whisky Into thlr ma
'h!n, and arreeted Ibom Just before
Hoy reafbed the city limit with (heir
hiK f onxlymiient.
Mmr tountlce Oraeel lined.
Nine couiitlca will gravol ril tlil
iwssort, according to plan md thus
lar, working out a ooinpribnlv y
i'i In each count. Tby are ' lay,
Hardin, Marshall, Cairo UmA, Craw
fold. Ktnmet, Tama, Huena Vlnta and
Jlla'k Hawk. Honda will be Issusrl to
l'y tir th road, New brti of Pr
fimticnt type will be put In by many of
three courillr.
Atlantis aoalbrr .
Anothnr hearing on the animal of the
as of X. K. Hnilth and other agaltiat
the Aileollo Southern Hallway company
from the railway commission of Jowa
wa held lata yettterdey afternoon b
for Judge W, H. Ayr-, The rotmnla
ln ordered the railway to r-ihllh
th operation of the railway between
l,ynin and Villi', The railway com
tfiide that It cannot niaka exp"' hV
opcratltig and I making an effort 10
'llMimnlln I he road.
I)r, HUe llefenda Mrandrle.
Ilabbl irilctilieii K. Uleo of New Voik,
who naa hire yealerday with the peace
Party pekcr, enverrly arraigned Sena
tor Ciimniln for lila opposition to tli
confirmation of IsrandH' aptiolnlmnt
to th eciprcni court bench. He eald:
"Any men who voice for th rejection
f tnle l, llrandela prove hlmeclf an
enemy of that hlnh and dlltiierete,d
iy( of trlbiineehlp unbiily embodied
'luring the tuet ten year In ervl e of
Mrandela to the nation,"
rtlee fur llellrnail t me tnlnetnner,
ft, K. Kulp of Kmmelebiirg, candidate
for lb republican nomination for railroad
omtnleeloncr, filed hla nomination pa tier
with the fTe!iry of elate t'tdny. He I
ihe flrt cendldele for railroad commla
eloner to file. Other candidate who filed
today were Congrceemait William It,
Ureen of Council Itluff. candidate for
relertlon; J. Q. Lauer of Waverly, (lem
octatlo candidate for nomination a 4te
repreeentatlve; J, B, Wb hman of Oarner,
republican candidate for tate rcprcaent.
live In Hancock county, end II. Uuy Hub
ert of Mount Ayr, republican candidate
fur nomlnHtlun a etate repreaontatlve..
t.rte Liberty After K"abl.
finldle rlteele of Moim City, lle M, V.
Illikham, whuin the prleun auth'irltlca at
Anamuea refuaed to releane on March 'th,
when hi time wa out, be. alien It aa
charged be took part In Hie riot at Ana
inoea taet winter, waa granted hi liberty
yesterday on habea corpu priH'eedlng
by JudKe Mllo I. Hnilih, at a hearing held
at Marlon. Kteele'e good Hill wae tiiken
aay from blm folhiwlng the riot and
.dulse r'mltli ruled that the ptinUhmrnt
wa too evere, lie allowed ten day for
Hteele'a part In th uprlelng and two day
for minor offeneea, Inaamuch aa Btwle
hnd aerved thai amount of time he wa
Ileahand Mart, Wife t'eJIe Read.
O. P. Millard, manager of th telephone
compeny at Montour, la., fell from a
telephone pol Wedtieaday When 83,001)
volt of electricity paeeed through hie
body. Ill wife, who waa (tending near
watching blm work, etarted to run to
him and fell over dead, Mr. Millard waa
believed to be dead, but later regained
lonai loueneea.
exploelon" on lb hlp which wa tor
pedoed warranted th "certain com lu-
elon that great amount of munition
were aboard,"
Mr. Huxley liowed a letter whb h he
eld hed been written by Captain Thorn
Carroll, French mbrkatlon officer at
Houlogne, Kratice, In which Captain Car
roll eald,
I have luet helped take from the poor
Huaeag, beached nearby, the body of a
woman with a piece of g rjerman tor
pedo Imbedded In her
Ha lie Name ad Semher.
PA ftm, April 14-Th American gov
ernment la now In poeeeeelon f the tn
formation obtained by the Krertoh gov
ernment which led to Ihe aoeertlon that
the ateamahlp Hoeee wa torpedoed by
a tjerrnan aubmarln. Kull detail, even
to the name of th commander and num
ber of the eubmarln. bav been com
municated privately to the American
The mlritetry of marln wa not pre.
pared today to make Ihla Information
public, but It baa been given not only
to lb l ulled Hiate. but lo all other
govemrnerife Interacted,
One reaaon the authority refrain irom
giving out detail la that It I their un
derstanding that they are acting In con
formity with lb wlalie of th American
government. It le aleo Ihe denlr of
Kren''h official to give Oerrneny an or
portunlty to reply to the ttenient that
the name of the commander and number
of th aubmarln ar known.
ft la understood that oma of th frg.
menl of th lntumnt which rauJ the
eploelon found oil th ffuaee have Im
printed Oerman letter and word, In
dicating th town wber It wa made.
Bond Issue Plans
Arc Made Clear
by County Board
To A pe dnutita a to whet will be
dona If the l,7m,0t gid road bond
Utile rerrlee. the Prd of ''emit Com-
lilltelnner h d'i'ted III f 'lll'Wlllg
'To the Voter of tVuigla County:
'll.e rliy of Omnh and alao iNiuale
. fiint y have a alandard elfli'tlnn lent
fur lcg brti k. The pr.n Umetlnii
Ittr that 'brti M lint lee then .'1 per
tent tret' eba'l be UHtl, Any bit k bhh
i.urr, r a greater b In the eiauderd
nalliy tret then II per cent ! be theit
I Hrr lent andeid, and tbtfi ttnuM
t .,!,,-) , I l-r ti k Whl. h autfer
.,,,,!irr l,- titan tl r cent In the
.i ,,..i,h I ir.i a mild l e lwiir than t
iUH'UN t'l, and eoly ih biuk culd
r .jII ..i.i.i. td ui tit 1,1,1 lie
i.uniiti a MOly the twt i,u!tUt ut
, i(iiri.. Wf f :)Mue Mb k fa meet the
It 1 . t 1, lit elan I i I eel, at ini
til a "u',t l ,n,hl lht-avie thef
'".(d In te Ui mia'MH tret hw
a ,i4u t in.i.-i, 1 1, a It r eot
tin i-ir i,,in.iuiii,ii (,f
1 t -t u.i ( '"tl 'ii ,0 tl a
d I, I I bai )lin 11
'.,( a eil tit, M ail ci-(
! Hillnii III iv n u I I 1, 1
1 i
lrta "til.n,
lll . A !,'' t ... ,
,,:..( !, ,..t. t'.. I H'tAll
r'e !- ! t .i-ii
, .1 HL 4 I 1 IV, ' Y V:
' ' e I , '1 i i-.i
i"l H" ,mni.,ii,l,i 1 11 st i 1. ,,,.
...-. I ...I, I VI I I -J
Ci l . i i . t , t. n ,,.,,.!, -1 i
1 ' . - ei - I
,ii , 1 . I 1 i 1.
' 1 I I --, ,4 t , .
, , I W.i, t !;,..,., j ... I
1 1 1 . , . t i ? . 1 i-,. k 1
i . I 1 I bi lii I" tt sl-.ii,
I 1 4 I ' . f
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Baldrige Strong for
Hughes as Guaranty
Of Party Harmony
'Continued front Page One )
lmng bed nd ateady bend, We want
peaee, but a muat hv n honorable
peace. Thl I no tlma for war lord or
mere politician. Thl I no time for
lb mollynoddl In politic, or th ro.
pbyln In elaleemanehlp, There era other
time for th opportunist nd rxporl-
meniiiet, Tb nation need an able
lender who will be trualed at horn and
respected abroad, We want man who
bun proved hla mettle a Hughe did a
governor of Ilia great Iftnplr alula, one
wllh dlHcrlmliiatlon enough to know the
right and couragn enough to do It,
"I bav known Charlea K, lluiihe for
nun lhn twenty-flv years -seeing
trior of blm a a lawyer In th pracllc
In former year than In th recent one,
but f know that ho I a. man of Inde
fatigable Industry and painstaking re
search, with great breadth of vision.
loftlncea of Ideals, tenacious In th ad
herence to hi convictions and unswerv
ingly devoted to Ihe duly In lis ml, 11
atanda for a high type of clean cut,
etialghtnut national Ameriranlarn In In
ternal a well ee International affair.
Tha voter of thl elate cannot vote, for
blm unless they writ thl name Into the
ballot, I do not believe (hat the voter
of thl tal should be confined In their
choice to Ford, Fatahrook, floe and
dimming, I deeir to say plainly that
If I ant elected delecato-at-largn from
thl slat and hav th opportunity to
vole for Hughe, I (hall do so, believing
that t am rendering thereby th greatest
posxlble aervk to th party and to th
Th Star of Th Town
Channel! fa Captain.
ller Channel! fc.a ).... ....
plain of th Buffalo team.
look first ( th
shopry Many.
JfsAinty shape 'modrfsflbat
Ijbok tmit ftndbriikViUfwt
becoming cohipttuqili, AVtll
made (ifomfamoai Slelion
materials that inkumfood
wear ai will as twxjoks.
In Ihig tfoti Vtvtttll (ndrrompt,
rourtiKMi ieric, la f your
$3.50 to $15
Browning, King
&. Company
1. 10. f. HflJiUV, ,W.,
! if iiMMfl,lllrmiir,iii'iit,j Wiwiftiiiiwtiir n
l n I team rWNM At 1 rvt
1 t
Conference at Independence Hears
Close with the Choice of Men
for Position.
'Continued from Pag On)
IN ti (CI'K N l KNC E, Mc April ll.-tHp-
cal Telegram.) Klder e-arnuid Twombly
of Kansa wa th (peakcr at th Latter
Day Halrit' roiife,ren thl wonting,
Charlea Hawkins of Han Jo, Cab,
we (boien to th office of MkIi priest
John VV, Wight, John V, Oarver and
'Joorg K. Jtrlgge, ll of l4imoril, Ia
were chosen on Uraelend college board
of trustee.
Myron Mcfonley of Denver wa chosen
to ucced Oeorge W. Plalr on th a'idlt
log board, arid panlel M'Oregor of Al
berta, Caned, wa chosen to succeed
himself oil the Seine board, to which aleo
Albert II. Knowlton of Independence wa
added for thl year.
I.amonl, la,, w tb place chosen for
tb general conference; rtext April, Thl
place la located In southern Iowa, and
I at th present tlm the headquarter
f th rlorgnlzed letter f)y Halnta'
chuich. There the official publishing
plant of the church la located, frorn
which weekly paper, ffunday school lea
son, ri;arterlle, magaalnea, pamphlet,
etc, ar ent to all quarter of the
John V. Oarver wa eleeted to aueceed
himself as member of tha nodal purity
board, The other member I ftalph W,
Kerrel of Roston,
Klder Prank A, nuaaell of Colorado
prlng w the vrnlng peker. Muelc
wa furnlnlied by th fWndy school
govemrnant In MYioo and igrewT to
send an expedltlonery fofe Into Mexico
for a eertaln purpoee. How long can
w let tht. army etay In a foreign
country where friction already exist
nd where mor friction I bound to
develop? If w gdher to our policy
toward Mexico, w cannot keep th army
ther. To my mind th only alterna
tive I withdrawing th troop aooner
or later 1 intervention"
Mcl.emor, llae Reeolatloa,
Reprentattv Mrlemor of Tex,
who resolution to warn American off
belligerent ship railed on of th liveliest
row of th prent congrees, Intro
dijesd today g reavdutlon declaring that
"th American military force muat not
for any raon be withdrawn from Max
Pa until Franc'.s'-o Villa ha been killed,
captured or forced Into xlle."
Tti rewilutlon w referred to th for
eign fflr committee.
system, and alo expect to !) Arbor
fltate park and have It platted Into city
Til pabtpv nvvv
prnAT.TJua apmv zuelow imas iiugnes
is Most ropuiar Man
Wymore Electrician
Wins His Long Fight
ftKATftirT!, Neb., April 14,-'pelal.)-damuel
, th city lectr1clan at Wy
more, who w dlchred last winter
by Adam Mi Mullen, who w ' then
mayor, but who refuaed lo turn over the
key to hi office, baa bad all hi war
rant lgnd by M. U. I'tawllng, th new
mayor, and ha recelvnd hi par In full,
although hi warrant wer held up by
Mr, McMullen after h w handed no
lle of bl dismissal, II had been ap
pointed temporarily a hd of th light
and water department of Wyruor by
Mayor flawllng. Tb new council now
ha th plan under way for a ewge
FREMONT, Neb , April 14.palaU
Otto Zuelow, republican candidal for
oongrea from ftcluylcr, while In fremont
on a r,amialgn tour eald that everywhere
h h been th entment for Hugh
for president ha boon almost unanimous.
Republican ar almost, united In their
demand that tha New fork governor
mak th race thl fall, Mr, Zuelow
PBATftlfW, Net)., April 14 -tHpe' lal
Tl,r.rn the res jit of drunken
Muarrel In a bunk car on the Koclt leleud
track her this morning Tony Oarcla, a
Mexican, ehot and fatally wounded John
Mesa, another Mexican. Mesa died at a
local hospital thl afternoon, Two shot
wer fired, one of which entered Mesa
arm and tb other hi abdomen,
Mesa cam here laat night from Plue
gprlngs and w given A bunk In th car.
The shooting occurred flcr th two bad
quarreled, Oarcla reeaped after the
shooting, but gave hlmaelf up thl after
noon, II ha worked here six year.
He I about W year of ag tid Mesa V)
.KWAftD, Neb., April 14,-(Hpclal Tel-egrm.)-Th
Kederetlon of Woman'
llub of tb fourth district I In acsslon
here with fifty-three delegnte. Mr.
Myrtle Atideron of Hewrd W eleiied
presldmit, Mr. Vsnwlnkl of York, vice
president, and Mr. Hlshop of t'llca,
(Continued from Paga One )
truck, during which bullet flew agalnat
th automobiles and poured through th
brush which covered th mesa.
The bandit ecamed to think th cut
ting off of th rer tr tck would b easy
I because some of them got wllhln a fee
feet of it before th Amerlcanx. who were
' wltbholdlna their fir, cut lo.
The American eoldlor thought they bit
om of th bandit, Harry Oosnear of
the auto truck train, a resident of Phil
adelphia, got a bullet through hi hat.
Three Hendll Killed.
At th constitutionalist camp, within a
few mile of the ac.ene of th fight, It
w reported that three landlt were
killed during the flrat part of th wank.
Lieutenant A, II, Christie of th aero
siua4 commanded th men In th fight.
Captain T. V. OooiJ of th aero u.uad,
who ba th command of tb truck in
front, forrnod hi men to aMark the
bandlU, but th fight wa over too
oulckly for hi men to get Into action.
Th first car attacMd carried th per
sonal effect and food for Oenetal Persh
ing and bl staff-
llovlnat Ha ode Wear l ine.
COM;M!it.'(l, N, M April 14,-Tom-mnder
of American troop along th
American line of communication ar be
ing kept Informed to th progr of
diplomatic relation between th Pnlted
Mate and the Carrsnx government, It
wa learned today,
fnofflcial report reaching her Indi
cated that tb number of roving band
of Mexlcana hot ween her and I'gaaj
'Irande 1 ln'reaalng dally, However,
(leneral (lomex, with 4,100 '"arranxUta.
four piece of artillery nd twelve ma
chine gun, reported todjr to b a
few mile wet of the motor supply route
tetwecu noca Orndes and Acenclon.
Two army air scout left here today
for an unannounced detlnatlon.
Barbed wire entanglement have been
thrown up at Colnnla Iniblan, Acencion
n,ira firs nde. and additional en
trendimehi and mall rlfl pit have
been dug.
SIDNKV, Nli April 14,9pclll Tele-gram.)-At
a meeting of th Board of
Education held lt evening th followinn
teaohora were elted for th eomln
vear! Principal of hlh achoul, H. O
Dunlap; high chool tichr, Julia C
Hcbul', Ruth Webb, Jeunett Johnon
and Kthtr Pevlne: irlnclpal of Centel
school, Mm J, Wbltei nvmh gTridc
Itos I Hulllvnn; lxth, Martha tl, Oreen
lee: fifth, Winifred Wood; fourth, Mr
It. O, Dunlp; third. Ollv f Mann c
ond, Orc McFadden; first, V1eks
Nauhauer; North Hide school, Jtaeln A
McCBnn, principal; manual training, Solo
mon Willi. Th ntualo supervisor has
not been secured.
At a meeting held In Fehrmry fliipertn
tendent W, J. P.rhm wis re-elected for
period of Ihre year.
Mis Cess Hodge, present seventh gradn
teacher, w not n applicant for re
KRKMONT, Neb., April J4.-'"pecl1.) -An
unueual Incident for so early In the
season happened near Wahno Wadnes
day, when tha rail on th Northwestern
line spresd sufficiently In cans a delay
of over two hour to th passenger train
running from Mncoln to Fremont.
railroad men do not recall when It wa
hot enough by the middle of April to
cause a widening of th rati.
I . , , - 1 1
By far, the Most Attractive
Easter Cards
A large variety of beautiful new
designs that are dainty and artistic,
Art Department ThJrd floor.
The Wnon Curler of MMJNei.
Toilet Goods Specials
Young's Victoria Cream, for tan
and freckles, 60c.
Whitft Bear Toot Powder, for
tired, aching feet, 25c.
Menncn'i Bath Powder, 25c.
For the Many Who
Rightfully Expect
Much From Us
Fashion never reflected or
iginations more appropriate
to express the flower and
youth of springtime.
And it is fitting that this
store should present in a great
spring garden the blooms (the
choicest) of the prevailing
mode, giving forth from all
sides evidences of a discrimin
ating appreciation of fashions
that portray in original ways
the styles of the moment.
An Easter Sale of Silk Hose
Values to $3.00 a pair Starting at 9 A. M.
Saturday, $1.19 a pair
We consider this the most extraordinary sale of
, silk hosiery we have ever offered Omaha women,
When one considers the high price of silk and
the scarcity of dyes
Prices Have Been Advancing Rapidly
Notwithstanding, we will not deviate from our
usual custom of a twice-a-year sale. All sizes in
t colors and black.
Values to $3 Saturday $ 1.19 apair
The Store for Shirtwaists
"The Shop of Offtfinality
Nicety, Distinction,
Refinement, arc ex
pressed here as no
where else.
A Special Showing Saturday
Three Hundred Exquisite
New Trimmed Hats
The Leghorn Hat is Here
also All White Trimmed Hats
New black shapes trimmed with flow
ers and imported novelties; new tail
ored hats that are very chic; new
dress hats in all the best colors.
Millinery that is unapproachable for beauty
of design, quality of the materials em
ployed and colorings of artistic merit.
The most remarkable values in trim
mcd hat that we have ever shown.
$8.75, $10, $12.50 and $15
Hats for Girls
Hundreds of new dress and street hats on sale. Saturday,
$2.95, $3.95. $5, $8.75, $10 and $12.50
Milllnorj linn HMiii I loor.
A Busy Day
on the
Hascmcnt Balcony
French Kid Gloves
Imported, ns in tho past,
from the finfht glovo making
miler in Franco, mid offered
at practieally Hie namo prices
as were effective before tlie
prcH-nt scarcity of fine proven,
It is well worth while to buy
several pairs in stead of one,
to guard afiuinst what neenis
will he an assured shortage be
fore fall.
Select from the
New Spring Models
In Reilfcrn Cornets that will
mould your form to the lines
decreed by fashion.
Kach model posHenseH a dis
tinction, n grace, that is typi
cal of Iledferu (W'try. Kach
in wine cnbtle way accents the
fine points of the wearer's fig
ure. Our rntantlfrn will Rlailly al'l
you In Urn ai'loiilim of Hi lyl
beat ailati't l' )"r Imllvlilual
Uurs, th ItHilfenv Ittal lv
you t ti. "nirriH't llhouttti,"
$3.50 Up
Ptr. wtlfi TUlr ri.or.
Recent arrivals
include Georgette
Blouses in two tones
$6.50, $8.50. $10.50
Other New Stylet more
moderate in price will meet
with your approval
12.95 and 13.50
Voo'll njoy aperullng few moment In till artlshi- DIoum Store.
There is Every Advantage
in giving Immediate Attention to
Your Wardrobe Requirements
for Easter
A delightfully varied ensemble
of Spring Fashions for Saturday:
New Arrivals Direct From New York
Will De Shown for the First Time.
Women's Suits, $25 to $100
i.i i
,1 -,... I
ifcto" t;:. (.,. i ' V
i? " ''v,1',.;.iri'i
A large collection of dlstlno
tive hand-tailore4 suits, includ
ing Sport models la checks, rose,
golf red and tennis blue, in addi.
tlon to complete assortments of
fine suits for street and dress
Very unusual values for $35.00
and $39.50.
Dresses to the Fore
Tills has been our most success
ful dress season, greater number s
having been sold than ever be
fore; but by careful planning and
alertness we have kept our show
ing always complete.
Saturday's offering is the best
of the whole season, and we can
help you solve the dress problem
for less money.
Priced, $18.73, $25, $20.50, $35.
I Wash Blouses, 95c
lnuuul Mtluc, l"irnbK
Mb', ju t a few li down
frtm I low nril Street Ui tiuMt
ivimtrkithlc tlfoiins.
AU Olt Ci !!. !.( rlnittHig
t'f Middie
5ic and t5c
A few itepi down from How,
n,rvl Street to lowtr prices.
Footwear for Spring
Knit Undcrwcarj Kayscr's Silk
Gloves forSprinf
One of the many hwd
tome ncw itjlei Is Ulus
tmtcd: It i a front lire, 0 inch
boot in white ivory, gray, and hrowu kid
with whito tops, for strtet
snd dtTM wtJir; $10 A a
Sorou Tumps, in all of
the Utet itylesi for Spring
and Sam.urr wear art
ready for your innptHtion
Summer Weight, for
Women unJChtlJren
Mmin-H'i rl, (in rttil4
(un u.' uw itiV, ltd !.,
W intuit intuit fculta, Ht rn.
4 u i a . lua k nn li'vt . fi-i.Ml
I tr Hit. daii.M t Hum hunt
r,l'tw.l( l" . tut ,! ,
f .tl I r i l V ii. . . hoi". '
Oiil, li.-it's l.iiM I'auts K .
teilllli, alt Of,
of the
I'ndcrur-ir Section
Min AiIC"M.(n 1 lotr
j Now aorimaitt of hlla, Mk,
!iitii-, tiM nt ir, 50.
UrlmliTf I'ltiUh Mmr Itianuil.
wt 1. 1, ,., tnta mil). fiOf alr,
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