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    The Omaha Daily
Call Tyler 1000
If You Want o Talk to Thn He
or in An) 001 ronneeted
Wllh The Itec.
TAGES 13 TO 24.
VOL. MA' NO. L'.V).
Friday, April 14, 1916-
411 th l.lnl llnob in lh
TlirnUtliii I llirurr Hi le !'"
lnm niurU and ar hlrr-Onns fmm
-Phone Douglas 137.
was received
with "opoii arms"
alike by the young
and the not.-o-young,
We were ov
erwhelmed, The beauty and
worth of these cop
ie of high eoxt im
ported models hi iji -ply
could not lie
withstood lit this
little price, and our
buyers ngitiii liurried
lo New York with
still larger orders,
Most, of these hove
been completed nnd
forwarded) others
are due to arrive in
time for the curly
shoppers Hat unlay.
All at the one price,
Other buits ttepienenuiig exceptional Values Satur
day at $19.50, $35.00 to $65,00
VliirfrM alt ( . -HrrnnA I'loor,
Host of Brand New Blouses
for Easter Have Just Arrived
Kit blouses emphasize the alluring freshness of our spring
modes. These arc wonderful Jay for Mouse-choosing
here - Interesting to every woman. New style features of absorbing In
terest are presented In Georgette, silks and lingerie, Hi $2.50, $3,95, $5.00,
$5.95, 16. SO, $8.50 and more.
Mouse crisp and frilly, blouses sheer and filmy In dainty pastel
shades, bright spring colors or plain white, Hporls blouses In linen and
silk for golf and tennis.
Jflouses for every occasion that will appeal to all women who seek the
"attractively unusual" at moderate prices.
Knrrn-iwli Co-Kwonil Floor.
Coats Here for All Occasions
$12.50, $15, $19.50and Up
COATS and wrap for
dressy wear in Mack
taffeta, wool velours, vi
cunas, novelty silks
coat for street and
general wear, in Poirct
twill, gabardines,
army merges, men 'a
wear, foreign mix
ture and covert.
Then, too, wo have
just received very
smart white chin
chilla coat rain
and storm coat.
There is no doubt
but. you can find just
the coat, you have in
mind here in this se
lection, and the price
in every instance is of
satisfactory sort.
E a 8 1 e r N o vejt i es
AlA, the new Ideas and many of
the old ravnrlies, table decora
tions, nut cups, favors, hat boxes,
chicks, ksapies, favor plea, soft
blue and while china egg cups,
flowar seeds In decorated enve
lope with an Kasler greeting.
Rosaries 39c
Heaullful assortment In a va
riety of colored Imitation cut
tones, 39c,
flnriMi Muk (' Main Hoof.
Spring Easter One Week Away New Apparel Needed Burgess-Nash
Another Big Feature for Saturday
Paris Conceived and Paris Inspired
Suits for Women and Misses
"KR offering of this kinda short time ago
Special Saturday Evening
Supper 35c
Chi' kn ' 'ri wr M , T'iinfo rmi'
i lu,. vt
Slmwh'rrv Short. Ik ni
Appl. ihirl,rrfr nr Alitl'nt l'l er
Ativ I'luttl , l'rftiit, hmla m Silli'li
T. I'offM .. T
I,., I ('off' MIIS IHltlrriilllk
MurfrM Smmtt o. rli-krt llimm,
ltur(r-ah C. Srrend I'lnor.
Children's New Spring Coats
At $5.00, $7.50 and $10.00
that you Mould have them express
swing" and sprightliness; developed
COATS expressing all
in youthful charm, 1
in cm my riiei'ss, nrmy nerse, RHiinnnne, mtnneis, win alen, new
mixture, tweeds ami so forth; thoroughly well tailored; flared, ti
sod pocketed, with many new Ideas In cuffs and collars, Very spci'UI
Indeed, at thesn three prices.
UnriM h Co. oi I loef.
The New Gloves for Easter
In a. Shipment Direct From France
SATtWHAV we will offer a large shipment of thn finest
quality French kid glove that w hv been fortunate
enough to receive In time for Faster, These gloves were
made according lo our own specification, our own exclusive
color and ennulslie embroidery combination. .The skins are
the finest obtainable: and we are not likely lo duplicate these
for some time. The colors are navy blue, pongee, tan, brown,
pearl, French gray, Also black and while, They aro priced
at f 176, 2.00 and $2.00 the pair.
Children'- Kid Gloves, $1.25
Kid gloves for the children and the young miss, the wash
able kind, pearl, pongee, and tan, $1.28 pair.
Famous Kayscr Silk Gloves
Complet showing of the Famous Kayser silk gloves, In the long and
short styles, black, while and colora. SfClasp silk gloves, 60c to 11.60
trio pair,
Kayger ChamoigetU Glove. 65c Pair
Kayser's fwo-clasp chamolsette gloves In plain white and wllh black
stitched backs, at 68c pair.
nnrfMM-Naah f, Mln I loor.
It's Doubtful if YouVe Seen
Better Values Than These Pure
Thread Silk Hose for Women at 79c
WK do not recall the time when we have seen better pure
thread silk with high spliced beels and double soles and
toes, reinforced garter tops; a I no novelty fancy all silk hose In a variety
of pretty styles; absolutely perfect and exceptionally IiIkIi quality, at
79c pair.
nnrM-NHh C- Mutn floor.
Women's Handkerchiefs at But a
Small Fraction of Their Real Worth
JWnifill one of our big handkerchief. value giving events
V - sample line lrom a big distributer, represenl nig" some
of the biggest values we've offered for a long time.
Women 'i 25c Handkerchief at 10c
Plain white linen with embroidered corner, lace edges and fancy
colored edges; also Initial handkerchief.
Women's 15c Handkerchiefs at 6c
Plain or fancy colored embroidered handkerchiefs; also children'
fancy and plain or laca edge handkerchief.
Women's 60c Handkerchiefs at 16c
Very fins linen Imndkcrchlef. embroidered and fancy lace edge;
usual &0c value, at 15c,
Hurt FM-Nah (TV Mln floor.
Easter Footwear for W omen
New DaintyPretty Models
And such a splendid variety of leathers and patterns.
Women's New Easter Boots
Boots of fin black and colored kldsklns, Imported
white calf skin and white Nile cloth, 3,50 to 110.00 the
Women's New Pumps
Pumps sre considered the extreme styln and what
Is morn pretty than a good fitting well made. pump.
Over til) different models from the plain strap pump to
the high tongue rolonlal. All models ranging In price
from V1.50 to $8.00.
New Strap Pumps for Children
Child's, misses' and young women's
section. Ankle lies, InMep straps and
plain pumps, Patent colt, dull cHlf. white
Nih cloth. Prices fiom $1,00 for thn
small U''H to $3.50 for the young girls.
And There Are Boys' Shoes, Too
Our special shoe for boys, made of toiuih (-itlfkui, ouk tan le,iinr
aoles; no better wearing shoe made; slr.e It to 1,'1'j,, $2.50; nine I to fi, $3,
lnrru Sah i (.Hoiii I'Im.
a G1
You'll Appreciate This Remarkable Display of
aster Millinery
VKKITAIU.K flow cr garden of cuipiinte creations, each
character so reeuguialiUi m JturgcM Nu!t imllun-ry.
diMilunl style
7 At $5.00
IVV' Vol. will fu
cx ks
hoi a imtL'iijii'.'ht iiioiiiii nf rdHluuii oenest trnuincl
hats fir rlastcr, ruilr.icin (h,- mmdII iliiu i-bui ti,ilnis, f .! with
pretl v colurt'd ailki nod hnixlu'd off t gnot grain ribbon Imm,
lar)!', ti,'ntifnl siiibtrs, inrdiuiH site inalnoi bal ctc.j black an 1 ci.
ors, rvrrj t.itc an ,l tlue,
At $7.50
I rctly ij;lit ,-fli..rii f,(rd w itii cbiff.'ii and Innnmd with
fl n.l,.,ii, l,.i m, i I,- I'iiik and white l,oiin
t(i ,, rff . Inch Willi M e k ulitl I'llil.uii, Mill fin
- H Mtt bt.l'lllfsil
be 1
At $10.00
l' t ll Hi i IIij I I
vufiti Mi)d tout uimMid
, rta (iiit WtUn iinin
lum'lv !k, i-hi trillion
' ' C " 1 1 a' mat k r t
UMIllill, ' I I l!ll I. n '. I
like ft al (''- t i',;M,S
t i U!' ! ti ! . mi fin j ll, '
Hl't t jfi'n S,ti lu lclw tin"
i r i' d 1 1 i : rntKrui iiif ( oe i r l
Un n 1 lagil l i.hl fa Midi
w ttl .ul j urn, . -t at jut Ilia fiw'l.t
I i t I l! I S'l'ijiM t M 1 deetrd
nil. auk iii titlli t.e ! prr t t
t ' i -i 1 1 i . t ! imii it (,ui,-ii' (
' ; '.ck t li ii t ii-ti .c, i'iiik ao-l
Silk Chiffon Auto
Vcils,$1.25 Kind 79c
I H I Hi.. HiIiik In
' auloliinlitle llii'nii
aetr In the
lioly A in ti
das. Our selection H rry blond,
riiibrai'liis a id" fjee of colon,
lh values are er iiiiiimi.iI
Boudoir Ciipi,
25o to 50o Values, 10c to 3Jn
H'li-lul'.-l i" foi let liiill,
lnlp III - I I I of (He'll (.1 I I,
of i!k IH-pe l.ll Mini Hi-1 , ll'"cM
loioi. Motor Huts,
$tOrt VsIum, $t. 10
Mo li-n 1,'nt-t N ,.i.o t ' I
l!k K -I wll ...o I ..I ,i t,,
OK, I) oh. . l 11
lliiirf.. I H.ik lMt
Fresh Cut Roses
49c the Dozen
MJ !!ll fi . , ,,' lour l
I- I ) ) l'l!l,. 41. , ,41 11
' , i-l' l ' 1
lUittr I'utiti
H'4 Irli i I '.,.i( it(..ii trt
-4Cl ,0 04l If I
"I Take My Hat Off to the Biggest Values in
ai $16.50
That I've Ever Experienced
'IMIK above miuirk wan inadf n wtH kiiowii p'li-
tlt'iiian who xviih licin hliown llii'oiitfli our jricn'H
clolliini; tlcparttiicMt one Any this wct k, jiimI who. In the
wuy, in rerognized an a nu jikIkc of chdhini; valiips.
Wo heartily aKfee with him, too, for wt; know that
for real ntyle, value ami thorough witihfaelioti you'll K'
a lon' way before you liml their etpial,
Kvery uaniieiii in utrietlv haml-
tailored throughout by expert, lailorn
and made, according to our Hpeeil'iea
tioiiH, the
Bujurgeco-MaQlu Stanniaird
of quality, whieh meatiH the bent po.s
Kvery new Myle feature ih repreHent
hack JWloIkH
breaKted Raft
The Jiiaterials are tweedn, liouieHpuiis, wti;ted,
eaHhinereH and fanev fabrien, an well as hlrietlv
fast color blue serges and blacks.
A ntylc 1) unit every type of figure.
Other Suits, $13.G5 to $10,00
tlMrM-Nh (, lniih I'lmr,
'J and .'5-buttttii hacks, double
form tracing, patch or plain
ible at. Ihef 1 V.
Your New
II KTTKIl come here Hattirday
Bring the Boy Here Saturday
W Iv'VK proyided a remarkably well elected line, with the
needs of yotniif, ((Tfj wiiiK' lioyg in mind.
Boys' New Easter Suits, $3.05
New Tommy Tucser, llulkan and Win, Penn suits for age 2 to
yearn; plulds and combinations, with extra set of wash collars and cuffs
to match.
Other Suits Up to $12.60
Boys' Norfolk Suits at $4.03
Norfolk soils, wllh two pair of knlckerbocker pants In funcj snd plain
colors, for ags 8 to 17 years; very attractive selection, at $495,
Hoys' hut and cap, 10 to H years, 50c to $2.50
Hoys' now neckwear, all shapes, .25c to 50c
Hoys' new blouses, all color 60c to $2.60
Hoys' new shirts, all color,. 60c to $2.50
Hoy' II. V. I, union soils, at 60o to $1.00
Hoys' wash suits, Vk ' year, at BOc to $10.00
!liir-NMti Fourth floor.
Men's SHIRTS That Are the Regular $1.00,
$1.50 and $2.00 Values for Saturday Only
and pick It out, We'll asnre
you there
better place, A
style lo suit every
JliLl HIi 4.VV ' iT
c.ial rials, soft, or
Hats at $3.00
Hurgess Null
feature hats, aoft
or stiff.
Stetson Hats
You know the worth of a Htetson,
many new style as well a thn old
favorites, $3.60 to $5,00.
larM-,Mh To. Fourth floor.
WK linve licen neciininlatiii(f different, lot and liroken
line of shirts from many sources for some little time past,
and have, what, we, think in the finest, assortment of men' shirts of
all aizea that, wc Imve ever pleed on sale at, sin li h ridiculoim riee.
(!oiit style, French wnd stiff cuffa, neck hmnl ticli?ec and n few
ilaicd Vhirta-not, a shirt that could he sold regularly at less than
$1. (Ml -many of them as hijrh a $l.f0 and $J.00. Thi mile i for
Saturday only at,, COo.
Men's $2,00 Mercerized Lisle Union Suits, $1.10
Whli mercerl.ed llsl union suits of a very high grade, manufacturer
made right, and will fit right, ' sleeves, Inseams, reduced for Halurday,
lo $1.10.
Ecru Color LiBle Union Suits, 60c
'i Sleeves, Inseams, well made, fit guaranteed, all to 4ll; they
are positively fl .26 values, reduced for Hiiturday to 69c.
Men's Hoiie at 0 Pain, 60o
Hlai k. navy, gray and tan. a big cleanup lot of three different weluhts
from the lialilest roll ai l) g.iue to a medium heavy weight. Colors, weights
and M)le to pb'iise the most f.inf IiIIihih In honli-iy mhiiis at only a fraction
of l lit ir real worth, pair to a customer only, and for Hatuidsy only, ti
pairs, 58c.
Men's 25o Fiber Silk Hose, 17o
Several of the leading rolois, all sUes, the gi'iiulun flhcr silk mailo by ona of Ihs most relUble mills Not a
pair worth le limit 1,'f.c, some of them wortli innie. reduced to To,
iuMo Swh It - Willi I Uur- J ul IikIiU llrnf S, lor.
How About Your Easter Corset?
WK hase in mtud a numlicr of ! .tut i f u lly made minlcU of
eiiiitil, I'tcM'tli' Imiicd tn ifive nii that support ymi need
Slut lUlnllt SAi'llfli lli iiiliifnit l ( lii illh the tium-M vtll iii, I girt Ihn
ritnh p.iil of Hie this'l In n Viiii sit iln H t his I'l'inTi'lt ti nliiro lm
III 'iMil' sh'll )in sie flUi-d ii.. In s' hi' imp pot 'el 1 hold
ll,,. well In litfi' I'nrr I 00 lo U'(K),
tit Villi I t,.l !!.,
Women's Fibre Silk Sweaters
That Are Usual $5.00 Values, $3.49
n I
t VI' the Suit i'f iMHikrtit iu( IK'i.l fu? tluii liml rU'iiHii,,i
. ti, , it ,i , i. .i
tmnsiin.-i Mi.).' i i nn ni'ir in I'uui i-iuin, huh
i'niliii,l injf ti -.minii'if an. 1iill.nn
Wumit tl Ik) 'ihr tlAvaUri, 4 M
I t'.xu u Id- I ! i 'l' !-!' h t !' ttitp,
"t'S tri'iuii.o as-l I Mt .,r $4 Ml.
Women, M 01 fiber 8x.4tfli, $4
' 1 1 H '- . I ' t . '"4 I ...i ul t t i
n .! I i . I 'f l J
imtM S I 4
while 1-1
VI , I
Drugs and Toilets
lut Wllch
lUiel 29o
Pi he i ll t'Hilh
pKie, Rile, slue,
for ...?
cniliri'v, ti'in
MrlHIflVa l.U
cum piw der , l.'e
ItHnl l.i'lu y
and I in o a d
n-iiil , , . , J1n
I't-'C i t
lin re h ii i n I
ii UK
l'olle' l i'i I
luiii ta,, .'o
l'.lll.t I
I . Ul J Hull,
Aliini luiii i a,'l tf -,
lloiiHehold am
omnia, t 't..11o
(i t'edar oil, tfio
lie .14
Hand e r u h
briihea, Jfm and
.l.',i lisU , , . , tig
l oin bi nation
rtue, S il
Ui $100
t"UH (is per.
Iimi kind, k milt,
for .. ,,, 1U
Hl III '".. 4,
n-c suit td
Jd sails, I'.e
t rr ji a ( in
It i'i.
!HU- li IU
t. r .".
',ri pHt',
( H( ''111.
in, Wi, , fit
1'i' kn I a f ; luiifti.
t"t , '4 for , , ,
it,M sh i - wu
Hslep foot,
tabiw fl
mil flush, i-ti
kH,i ,.,,...
h :.' Hal
Burgess-Mash Gomemy
'.I r . e '
ll Hl