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    TIIK HKK: OMAHA. Tlll'K'SDAV. APRHj 13. 1916.
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Latest Negligee ,
Librariani Dig Up All the Volumei
of Shakeipeare'i Worki for
"The Globe Trot," Repreienting All
the Nations on Earth to
Be Preiented.
Mffllff iwn niiynw n 11.11, ,ait.. 11 i..i
ll I 'l "''' -' ' ' ' " '
Th Ntto Horn el Hart Sehallntr A Mart Cloihel,
Oifn' Hr' "
-. v '' 1 . b; y;p'-'P"f'i"r " t r "'' 'Vi Uulvll
TTj.. ..J'.-..r.L ,....u i. 7"ffTT.Jj.u..i. ..j..,CT,jjikitjWl KasHvI
i j mau; j
i a
Special Purchase
Remarkable Values
V nrr offering mmo very un
usual vnliif s in
Suits, Coati and Dresses
Jiit wlirn wonifn nre look
ing forward to Knwtor, Hrnn
dcis Hfrvi'o was never won
in evidence Mian junt now. Orn-
nlele wtoekH of the mont wante
J htylen at modefst )Hccn.
l v M Jl
for Women
Tailored Suits, $19.00
That, have nil the ernartneae of
Ih htaher priced on, allowing all
the many new f future recently
adopted by the enalern maker,
Check, t,ahardlnee, M-rKe, pop
lin, He. Nvy, Hdglun, Oreen,
Copenhagen. Thii, Gray, efc, In
nil'' and women'e alzea.
Smart Suits, $22.50
The; iffpot found In theae mrt
tailor made will lie aalonlabltig
from the fact thai I hy reproduce
nil tli 11 1. I kooiI In the null that
coM much more.
There are many taffeta alike,
t)tt( poplin, Kh(irdlnc, check,
velour, clc, in every wanted color
tit th aeaaon. MUtte' and wom
en' alzea.
faster uressea, $15
Special Silk Petticoat A apec.lal lot of new taffeta, Jeraey and me
aallne petticoat In many different model and every' good, practical
color. Made full and with fitted band. Choice for Thiir- tf0 f O
day, at , ,,, JtVO
Spring Top Coata,
$10, $15 and $19
(!nat for every occasion are to
be found In thl wonderful group,
That price do not repreaent the,
qualMe, and our deacrlptlon are
not ade(iiMta to do them Juatlce,
Kvery color, al&e, and atyle.
Dre Skirt Thursday le offer for critical Inapectlon h big lot of fine
tailored aporf and dre akin, innde. In the full pleated, draped or port.
model, with large glrdlea and pocket. All the amart and ef- tf r rr
fectlve material, An endlea variety of model to chooan from 40UU
Wa have aelected (wo wonderful
group and made them Into at
tractive aaaurf.ment to fit the eye
and figure of everyone. Milk taf
fela, charmeuae, crepe de chine,
crepe meteor, etc, Kvery good,
oft, prucllral color, Women' and
rnlaaea' l7,e, $10.00 and 116,00.
The Greatest
of All Sales
of Apparel
Ever announced by thit
ttor are now in progren
and will continue right
up to Eatter time.
Little Leather
Worth $1 to $2& More
50c Each
window, A look will con
vince you that in this offer
ing you will find something
that you h&ve hern looking
for nd did not want to pay
a high price for. Many ap
propriate (fift for birln
daya, graduation grift, tie.
In the aNHortment there
are i
Collar Bagt
Playing Card Cases
Tourist Tablets
Drinking Cups inCases
Poker Sets
Medicine Cases
Glove Cases
Folding Mirrors
All of fine leather and
simply m oiKl'-rful values at,
rnch - -
At 50c Each
la. . f& Jf J I
W B 1
.' :tg V'A.
Mere i a brand new ahip
inent of flic well known
t'oronet Ifata, rifht in time
for Kaater, All the new mod-
cn faithfully rcproduecd
the hijr, Mack, ahiny braid
Hailor, with a amart touch
of color; the very popular
all black hat, with wing
trinitninir; the drraay hat of
horaehair braid with all the
tj flower of the field, and a
' number of thoae smart, clone
fitting hata in tailored
The principal color r
black, navy blue, cyclaman
pink, which, by the way. bid
very airong for greatest popu
larity for tbl mid eaon wear. The maater mllllnera and hat artlat
have all turned to Nature tbl year, and abe ha bountifully luppllcd
them with all the llowera of the field, There a a profualon of colora
bright color not to be denied. Thn cheery aong of prlng come In
the prlmatlc of the rainbow.
The genlu of maater dealgner how ilnnilatakably when a black
hat challcngea admiration with Juat the aupplenicnt of a little red roae,
The Straw ThM Show Which Way the Style Coei
la Llr,ere, or Helglan Hp) It . aa It la atmetlme called. Till 1 one of
the moat popular bralda of the eaon.
The blggeat and moat Interesting note of all from our nena aland
point la thla announcement ;
Pastime and
Country Club Hats
will make a atrnng bid for unqualified approval. The woman who d
circa millinery that la "different" aliould take advantage of the first
opportunity to ee theae. Tht la not the imi- to (tjote prlrea. The
proceaalon move, llata, Hut a. Ilaia, conceived In the brilliant at
moapliere of the atelleta of Ktirope but the Influence la alrlctly
Daioty new apring style in
Ited Cro I'timpa, in patent
leather and dull kid. The
rroaaatrap atyle, with aide
cut-out, gracefully curved
heel and high arche. Theae
ahoea are beautifully con
structed, every pair fitted
with' the flexible Red Croaa
aolca. Style and comfort
combined. All dQ QC
men and widthaPJ
Other Excelltnt Offers
White Kid Nhoca, lace
atylea, turned aolca and
liouia heels. QC
All sizea, pair.VTT O
Htile of Sample Shoes and
Pumps, size mostly 4R,
Values to ti. JQ QC
Thursday... 4O0
Beautiful Spring Blouses
Complete Stocksr-Unusual Offers
For the Opera
Pe rein's Hi-Button Length
While Kid (i loves. They
turn the elbow several
inches, I siiallv sold at
$:i,:.o. Sale
I ' . ' p i u
1 m tT I
In p!r of the price advanic tit Hk, we are m ih.h1k.ii,
lliiiMigli mtr Urje lm tn s? prr, In offer Moine at tlu-n
amall I'rice
i n ..- de I'lnne, Jap Silk an I Tub Nil k Pliui'. in
fir ah, Itiue, Ntl f rem, white, it.1, Speet.vl
tieorctte sod l'rpe t!' t hine tlnne id white.
iii. rte .' . ,
m mm
The Best You Can Buy
7 TO
Sewing Machines
K I . .
Any woman wnn piaus in purchase a
sewing machine should know what lite
Itntoacillo iitovciiient means. In tht ordi
nary machine 'here is what we call a half
revolution Kvciy time the machine is
treadled this means that there i a counter
action backward, which tint only make
the treadling harder, but create a imiae
that i absolutely done away with in this
new operation.
The Rotoscillo Movement
mt!! ttt (timiint mn fivfnt teuiiiiitoii vf the me. hanital
ef the machine
Wc Allow Yuu $12 for Your Old Machine
On the Purchne Price of a 'Tree" Cabinet.
The Rett Sming Machine in the World,
i JJ-L
3 f
"Wcnrcvcr" Aluminum Cooking Utensils
Tlif uttir tlmf iH nwlifto In t 1 i4 tip
An fitn " r,irt" im " l.i. t-n
i Klunu iiilniMiniH tit th hm- iun f
wltuinimitt ut mmN nit wt m Hits us'tttl,t
rtcist!s Sit.ii-, -!-fi ttiiii t itivitt ,
Vt sliall ( H r i uioptctc su'ks
"Wciirvri" I'tonsiU nt nil tmirs.
Sl'l riAl, A Wmitnn
likr llllhtldtioti, i t.tttl'lt tc
r ; tMu.illv
f ..
It will saw yt.u time v moiuy if yc-u u;V HKK WANT-rtPS.
By MKI'Mfl'M prtl tJ.
A very prtty affair w.ll he aiven
uMav afternoon at T.rpln'a hall, In
hlrh future bellra r( Omaha will ila'
promtnfnt parta, unler the rtlreftlon nl
Mlaa Kathertne Orable.
The two dauahtera of Mr. and Mra.
Arthur frlttenon Smith, Irae an'l
Kthr. urn! Klaner, daughter of Mr.
and Mra, Floyd fmllH, will have lead
in parta In a beautifully t danfln
ai-ana In r'mtume. Mta Mrai-e Smith
wtll danra aa "Nltht." Mia Kalhr
mlth will b 'Tlraflv" and Mia
r.leanor Smith, "Nlhtnal."
A reatum dawa, "foquatte," will be
Ivan by Ml F.lMnor Hmlnth. Mtaa
rerothy Sherman wtll rtan" "The
"Tha Olohe Trot," flrat alven In Nw
Tork a year ago laat New Taar'a a th
home of the lata Mra. Sluyveaant Klh,
will be proaented tn 'mah for tha flrat
time. Thla coaiymed dance atva tha
atapa of all nation of tha earth, each
by a roupla In roatt,me, none overlooked,
whathrr of the Or'ent or th Rotth Saa
lalea, Tha yoim danrer In theaa rolat
r lookln forward with kn Intareat
to the event of Saturday afternoon and
are Invltlnl their llttla frlanda and tha
parenta of lhalf frtenda.
Woman'i Club Luncheon.
Tha literature department of tha Omaha
Woman'a 'tub telabratad- It cloaln
meatlna today by lvln a luncheon In
the palm room at tht Hotel Fontanalla.
Spring flowara brtahtened the luncheon
tablea and quotation frm Brownlna
marked' eh plapa, Covara were , laid
Annabal Itotha'hild.
.1. ). tllaa,
". ! Itarepel,
.1, W, Olll,
ft. M fiarrelt,
A, R. McKarland.,
K, A, Howard,
3. T, Jnhnaton,
Kdwln Jawall,
W, 8. Knlaht,
U. M, f.rd,
Millard Mntfeld,
e K. ImrM,
,1, J. MaeAlllaiar,
Kunlea Knaor,
!. M. Hvfort,
V, ft, 'err,
. ,1. llel(,
tl. K, flahfr.
I , Adani.
Difumwa, I i
l. ', Honnar,
it. J. Ballev,
M. t. ,rlh,
(.', h. Coon,
I.. V. M,
laaacDoiitlaa, ,,
T, H. fernor,
O, B. rarr.
n. O. Hroek field,
A, Farualrt,
J. K, Kerauaon,
J. It. Klray,
Abardatn, ), D,
J. '. Hammond.
Mra. A. I,, fern Id waa alactad leader
of tha llteratyr departnant at a moet
ln whkh prAcadad tn lunchaon. Mra.
Farnald rplaca Mra. ('. II. Mullln, who
baa led tha lltaratur department for sev
er! )ara. Mra. J. rV. Gill waa re-elactad
t? J'.c'iV
Kin -
f. H. Marley,
D, M. Me(ahy,
C, H, Mlllln.
O. A, NVkum,
I'. A. Sherwood,
T, W. Tlbblaa,
J. ft. yaiaar
lly i-4 Hf.f OSTKt SK,.
It ta hard to believe that tha sarment
llluatrated la a negliaee, To tha raaual
obaerver It. would undoubtedly aeem to
be a charming dan'-a gown. Tha mate
rial la a pattern of, figured Hk that
ahada froni a ro to a rich gold ton.
The baiam hem with tta wreath of
dalhly roaea la a, dlatlndiva feature. Tha
bouffant hip drapery, round necked bo
dice and flowing rhtff'in drapea are par
llriilarly noiabla,
Have Dark Hair
and Look. Young
Don't tay gray! Nobodj can
tell when you darken gray,
faded hair with Sage Tea
and Sulphur.
firandtnother kept bar hair beautifully
darkaned, gloaay and attraxttv with' a
brew of Saga Tea and Sulphur. Whan
var her hair look on. that dull, faded
or atraakad appearance, thla etmpl nil
tura waa applied with wonderful effect.
By aaklng at any drug atora for
"Wyaih'e Hnge and Bulphur Compound,"
you will gt a larse bottle of thla old tlmi
recipe, Improved by tiie addition of other
Ingredient, all ready to uaa, for about
Vi tenia. Thla almple mixture can b de
pended upon to reatore tiatuial color ant
beauty to the hair.
A well known downtown drugjlat eaya
everybody uaea Wyeth'a Sage and Sul
phur Compound now becauae It darken
o naturally and evenly that nobody can
tdl It baa been applled-lt'a ao eaav to
ue. too. You alippty dampen a comb or
aoft bruah and drawn It through your
hair, taking one xtrand at a time, Hv
morning the gruy In lr dlaappeara. aftci
finothar application or two, It ta rratored
to tta natural color and lonka slnay, oft
ami beautiful. Thi t.reiarallon la a da
llBlitful toilet reo,ulalt. It la nl In
tended for the cure, mitigation or pre
tention of ilo -i erllneinent
Ills t.".
m. n iiiiw i .i :m
rirapraof. erereea.
Ittk aa Oavtiat.
oatAiA. . . aaasaaiav
State Trada Specially Invited
ItiMiiru, I ih ami II..VI
With Itath. Il.t nl I p
Cafe tht Very Best
IVlttilar II lie
utop AT TMK M A I.
ASK FOR 18.92"
Purr Spun Ahmlnum
CooklnH Utf mils
atAf mill iait Jer li eM
aeoretary-treaaurer; Mra. 1.. M. Lord waa
made chairman of the eorlal eommltte;
Mri W, , Knight, library, and Mra.
Milllln, of tha open day program com
nllttee, Anniveriary Gueiti,
Mr. and Mra. Cbarlea S. Klutler r
eapectlng Friday morning Mra, KlfUt-
ter'a alaier, Mra. F.manuel Klnatler, of
Chicago, accompanied by bar young
daughter, Julia May. Mr. Klnatler and
her daughter ar coming to be preeent
at tha ninety-fourth birthday annivereery
of Mra. William riothachlld near Batur
day, Mia. Rolhachlld la the mother of
Mr. Klgulter'e mother, Mra. Alei Tol
lock, and baa received her frlanda on
every birthday elnc aha waa 7B year
College Women Give Maiqne.
The mania aei tlon of the Aeaocia'lori
of Oollealat Alumnae mata Thutaday
at 4 o clock with Mra, John R. McDonald,
114 North Thhty-wcond avenue, Mae
Millana "A Modern Maeiie," will be
given. Mlaa Maty Irene Wallace, who
haa directed all plaja thla year, will
beraelf aipear In tlin eaat, Otliera taking
f art art; Maadan ea Walter AbSoit, R. A.
Van Oradel, Anan Raymond and II. K.
Newhrancli, and Mlaaea Mary Ryan and
Taullna Roaenberg.
Siam Missionary to Speak.
Pr. .1. W. McKean, Treabylerlan medi
cal mlmlonary to Mam, will addreaa the
Ixiwe Aenue i h.rih Miaalonary ao
tlrty at the homo of Mra, It. M. Mc
Clanahan, Friday afternoon, at 3 o'clock.
The McClanahan raaldence la at 1)11 2
North Fortieth atiect. An Invitation to
attend boa hf-en extended all women ln
tereald In mlrxlonai y oik,
Gillet-Selling: Wedding.
Mine Muabcth H-l tin c, uaughter of Mr.
mmI Mr, Wllllain Helling of Renaon, will
lui marri-d Una ecnl at the home of
the bride a parrnta to Mr. Fred 'illlet of
Hiooka. la. The offl.iaunK rlergjman
Kill le Rev. Arthur Mcclung, paator of
then llcnanii rrrabvtertan church. The
brlila (ll be attended bv her amler, Mra.
Riill Waleh, and the bridegroom by
lb bride a brother-in-law, Mr. Ituell
A neil'liha dinner III follow tha rare
niony to ilia wnblina gueaia, ho are all
relaiiea ot tha famltlee ut the bilda and
After tha dinna tha hfidal patf will
leave tor their fill -ir home In Hrooke,
Trrional Mention.
Ilaglaleritig a h lime! t.'ipm In
New Voik Cltv dorm li-e laat weak
bate e I, 'tantt and Mr
Tlinnii I ' I nt
Mil I II H.n-l. n n , vim la iitHing
in V ifk I'm ) rnvi'rit to tatitrn
lb Mli'I'l of (KM Wk
Wedding Flam
t 1... ' 1 1 it Mud .la- I'ner f Mr
nt M Milton I' l '4 iil I" narrt4
aaier t.iu pnl at t Mr i a4il
hi. i "f M( . ev
lti ng m i ! ..imli. 1 1 at I
?!.. l if i- n i aome f
It a ante i ii.i ! i f a f
Kilt 111 .oll I, t "I v n'l t ltl
I1 Tit a I wi't :.'L.ui Mim toil
t !" In ri f' "'
i h iix i-1 I v la I. ' ' 1 -
ii i.a' mt i'l-t il a'
..i. ' a i 1 I
. a .-i a" a
M I t !" ''
. ? i 1 i
ta Maai Taetlf I Owe aUtt ' ''
a--il alat !. a-s-lj l l I I
ia ' -
aeaviii ) - a.
Did you ever hear of a run on a
library? Tbe Bea'a 8hakepear
Tercentenary cauaed a run
on tbe public library. Librarian
Tobltt duatad every volume of
Phakeapearo, and lnre Monday
i.iornlnj the demand for tb book
fxeeeded all prevlou record. Many
tailed to copy a lit of th charac
ter of 8hakepeare'a play. Did
you ever top to think Juat how
many character there are In the
play of th mn who wa born 400
ycr ao and whoae name atand
lnmortall7.d before tbe worldt And
fltdlDf combination of thee names
In the letter of Tb Bee's punle Is
more than a few hour' work, but
11 1 lnteretln.
Willi) lrted In t the putl aft
he earn horn from Sunday er.hool laat
unday, 11a Juat kept at It and rw o
Intereated that bla mother red to urge
htm to attend hla meala. Ma ruehed
homa fn,m achool to gat back at tha pua
ale, Whan h flnlahad a. Hat of all th
character h could find, h want back
over bla long Hat to rnak aura he had
not ahlpped any, And, aura enough, ha
did find aeveral which ha had mleead In
the flrat examination, When h had hie
liat (Ompleted ha checked bek to make
atr I a had tha exact number of the let
teta rn th aheeta h eapee.ted to turn In
to the piixisla editor,
Had Vmn, Anyway.
' Well, If I don't et a prli. I aura did
have aoine fi,n flfurlng out that puzisl,"
aald Willie.
Naturally, a punle which haa attnete-l
auch wldeapreed Inlereat, raulia In many
telephone inquiries, Keverel boya and
girl called In to aak how many ehar
ac.tera ware found by thoae who hava al
ready nt thalr puxzlaa In. Of ceurae,
It would not be fair to glva thla Informa
tion tintlll all ;f th anawera ar in and
tha awaida have been announced,
"I would Ilka to meet th man whu
made that pui'.le," waa an axpreaalon of
an Omaha woman wbc aent In a aolutlon.
at Centre! High achool and la a alalar
of Mle Baulah, Byrd, bead realdent at
th Hoclal Battlement.
Research Club Lecture.
The Raaearch club will meat Sunday
afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at Bt. Barch'
man'a academy. Th lecture, given ax
clualvely for women, will ba "Threa Mod
ern Myatlca." Number on th progrrwm
are a aong by Mr. Arlington Ferrla and
a recitation by Mlaa Helen O'Brien.
Social Gossip.
Mr. and Mr. B. T. Mlerehall wlU leave
thla evening for Chicago to b preaenl.
at, tha formal ball of tha South Rhore
Country club, whb h will h given Thurs
day evening at lb new million-dollar elub
houee. While In Chicago, Mr. and Mr.
Marahall will be tha houee gueala of
Mr. and Mr, Albert T. Thompaon of
Hyde Park and Mr, and Mire. Cbarlea
Meyer ef Rvanaton, making a two weeka'
Star Whist Club Notes.
The atar Whlat club held Ra fort
nightly meeting with Mr. C. B. Laugh
ry Tueaday afternoon. Th gueeta of
tha occaalon were Meadamaa Pearl Wei
ahana and George W. Ing. Prlzea war
won by Mra, Will McDonald and Mia.
Jacob Oluck.
Tha neat meeting of the club will be
Tueaday afternoon, April a, with Mlaa
Millie Kendrlck of Council Bluffa.
St, Barnabas Church Sale.
Th women of St. fcarnabaa parlar,
guild will hold a baaar and food aale
all day Palurday In the guild room of
th church. Fortieth and Davenport
alreaia. The proceeda will he th Eaater
offering of the womn to the church
building fund. Tiaaed doll, apron ef
all kind and fancyworli will ha placed
on aal and home-made ronferllona will
be aold,
Clnb Kensington.
Mr. Agne Mug entertained tb Daliv
bi at a kenaington vt her hnia
Wedneaday afienionn. Thoa preaant
M.dait) -Charlea
John tliha
ill Hlellt.rg,
WVl Xnaw.
John Kroupa,
Forl illaaa
Andv t hritnen,
Una Mavadnrfat,
FranW Ma.hal,
I barlea I'm.
For Mrs, Kemper .
Mra t'hariea lv F-annlng entertained a
email party of girl tnformallv thla ef
(arneen fr Mra Mtrnard llenrv Kempa
nt Clii atn, lionte guaat of Via t ut Tha a'falr waa a tttailn parlv
at tb iiit'ii'ii'ii fiHiiad b t at tha
Miaa Mar Callahan will b kea'aae fr
Mm KemiHti' l.ininrtiiw
most: DOUGLAS .V Jl
u. at tie tie,
taia 4i.ia avis.. ei4o.
To Wed Brother of
Her First Husband
(.. ta) ta iiiil a '-"a f at
it,r -- n ta a Jnnee, la h
fain.-1 a vat
I 4 T J. e tt aia all. aa t a-a
it !! tl tan a t nt eM
r i I. t a trt a i-n li i
Wnl HI I
ti. la aii.itiii.g a !" fi
aiw a i . a a ami t.i T. Ana.' M,
w kal !, HKisiil i ramal a l
lae I hi (4-v.1i, a,tit am n aha f.-
t t il .
r i mi tn (!' ea aitkti
iaa he i ! .c mil awf
j tii t !V..i at l b
fta tc-ire-l
, f, I ;,( a - I I 1 1 f i i
S.i. t -'' ' ''
I t- I i
l i.i l l ' . in r hi i t ik,
t a ttiul aim S ti 1 h f
iia a
I ' i , at f at
. t at l"t M t a ri