Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 09, 1916, SPORTS SECTION, Image 45

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    Sometimes Hard Luck Will Vanish Before Hard Work
E, , Eawlingi Writci President In
Bron for Entry Blank to
Ganoline Derbies
Til" flirt r.'iinnt f-ir entry blank for
Oih giiaollnn claaab which will he held
) the bnarda iif Ibe Dinah b'yceilwity
thl year ha been rcei', rd by Hrcaiilonl
Hert He Mron. ('., K. ICiwIlti.- of MWI
Drniidwnv, f'hli'fiijo, llm limit who
make Hie rque(.
Itawllng U evidently at rung for til"
Omaha oval hi h Im aakrd for miry
bin oka for ll ruff which will Im held
here. 1 Hron I limbing ready to aend
Tin wilrivm entry blank for both yucca
t which Hill be liclil here. Olia Will tin
tinrd July If, find Hie other during Ale
r III' n,
Itn .'IIiikk In the mnn who own the
OlU'cn car which ei(il Ti.MI Alley dl lt ra, i
Alloy will be ictiu mbrrod n Dm etocky ;
little rlilip Who piloted H Detmetlberit lie lc '
lard .Inly unit wfiit nut curly In tb race
when n hoard throng from the truck ur-1
face and ripped through hi motor, Alley i
ho Imit I he car nut on the Chicago Hack
end ha clipped nif number of mile at
Idr l(') gall.
Sn glrtnt (Mr Itnee,
Hlnwg I'lly rimy tint hold mi iiulomnlille
t ii fit thin year. Wlfnix city v. nit (rrnnind
two ancflon fur rcr Kiln year, one,
for an nitiiile jr men, May , and Km
other fur tin- profi'Moonl riiiiwli', July 4
Thf former event lni lifi n declared (iff
nod now thrra In omr doubt the
lii di rt-y.
If"c ttt. Hlmi f'lty haven't been overly
aueeeae fnl. An a feault ftmiin of the ill
lector nt the pcd'y are opposed to
holding a riii' thin year, capei-billy im
Mlnnrniiollii Im puf-n'tlmr to tmld mm on
Km rnn dny. Mltiiii-npiillx in lrpndy nt
work ltilni( op rtrlvr m nt turn Imidi'd
A lumilwr of tfii" fioiriliicnf mii, Kfou
''Ify turn tint tiikpn ny mepii yt mid t I
f If I'l In ;irlnlri to h n nfi'iitulnry oik",
With Hioux 'liy mil of flu" flfld IhOj
' m tin. i limiilf mi Jul)" 1fi uliould h tnnr 1
nf h mirifKn, in It will he Hi only r''
in thin liiiiiifiliiitf Bcrlloii f llm rouiitry
mid th utivi'd ftitlmnlimtn would (ill coma
to Ollldll,
Pnrrlcn llrlvfra (nliilns.
HI4 Ik iiiiii Miii'MIhk iii'W thfit will
not oli(id vm-y (ill mint, on llm iir of
AniPrlrmi drlvTK, A Imtid of J'iuropn
pllol Mr Krltlii rmdy to nv.d thl
country to (jlink off wmt of tho Juicy
jirl.n motipy offi-rcd hy Ihn vrloii dpifd
wy. It In ld thai Kn-in furfliin Kfd
lioyn will rldn on nil of Km npufdwuy of
tlm country, o Oinnh rn IMilrdn run look
for Homo ral thrill whon tlicy trt to
tool thlr iiiount around th loc oval.
Four nw ear will ha Imported for
four of thi foui'tactn drlvm. 'nicy ara
two (unheama from Knlnd and two
Flat from Italy.
Two BilUn ptlnt will drlva tha Bun.
Wma. Thaodora Plllctta, who fiitlah4
alxth at Indlflnapoll In th Knlmit mo
torad Mrcdc In 1!J3 will Imvo ona of
tha new alx-cyllndcr Huntiaaina recently
hullt tn tha Kriilh factory. Joncpli
Chrlattaeni, another auhjfct of King Al
bert, will drlva tha olher. Them Hun
tiennia ara ld to hava ahown a aped
of 120 mile an hour In praclha In
lorid, They we.ra dflucd fpi;iliilly for
rac;frif on American peedwy. I'cnnln. I
alon to Import thetn to America ha been i
(ranted hy tha HiIIIkIi foveinmenl. '
Rrnlea I'llol Flat, I
Jack SciiIpk, a fnnion Kniclliili pilot,'
will drlva ona of tha llnllnn Hat. Hcnlc ,
ha been worklti at tha Hal factory tn '
ltly. Antonio Koanano, drlvor of tha
old choot, who rode a meithiinlclan with
Kellco Nuitiiiro wlnii tha IhIIi t wa tha
apce monarch of liuropa l y virtue of hi
xlctorle In the French Ontnd l'rlx and
tha ilfrman einpcior' cup race, will ha
Heal' tcamniate
The Italian car are the mime that com
jieled Iti 1914 In the French fliund frit,
wllh tha exception (hat the motor luivi.
hocn n.'dilined. Thiy now have four
vnlvea and Ihn horo Iiiih bicn liMTfnd
to lu lu the pUtun ilUplii' emi lit up to
tha maximum of sou cubic luchea.
Itena Thoma, tlm fnmoua Fiiuicli pilot,
who won tha Iwiliiiiiipoll lu-iby In J914,
ealta for New York 1 1 lea week. Recently
It, waa announced Thornim had been un
able to (teenra pe,rmtnton from tha French
govnmmarit to roino to America, but
Inter advlcca atata that rtena hut aeciired
hi paaaport and will anil thl weak.
Thoma will tool one of tha I'eiiKeot
iiioutila owned by tha Indiunnpnll KMid
way company.
Here's the Story of
How Charley Peters
Became a Wrestler
M m uremics and hnteia tr,.ka Into
their re.n -"live hhmii'M lih'b i' inula or
rt'iitnnMit i' lr it m.-i i !', r n,, Mory cf
l .i I mlil( II , ti ll In. I bU hi' H inl.''d
wllh clii b ia and Iciw .l ie Hi,-In r nmt
Fail i 'mill... I. wi. i.Ui .1 f ir .,ni, tblii Ilka
II aie iiiiii litiitlfl.i' It all wnoUtttg
t:llt lllll tlt'l, . Htnl V lllltl I, IM
imnlHnr b ! li. ii.i (lie I, 1( ri (! n, 1 1
. en,'. l, I'ln.ili y l" li n
I ttmliy weril to ulinlo. Ki'l, . bi l'c"
I). a I'd iitirii HI unh I-i i I
loiikili mil mi ii!Hi,IH mil i' '! it
r.i ib Hint I lliilil'i Wrenlllli ti.. t, I i
', l'tl-rf ('.III Hf Kelrle I 1 .t , I I,
t b
i, ,i i i 1 1 ,
l V I'l .l.
i . t . A ! mil .i .
.-b i 1 I w I" .. I I
, I nil. .it
' (("' t H e
l'l,.l'.l II,. ,.
1 1 h W an p i ni,
I I' ".
HI 1 I -
, ' , t ' :
t et v',1- . ,, ui
llio H l!' ,l.l.t lf
I nub i eii-n
I . '
i w i.
,i4hbv i.iH .'
l' il' 4 H .
i I t- t -t
.ii til I
'I I.
i.t I.
b '
mln in w rilay ma
., 1 1, l
4 i
. -juf-P
w '
J oo Thomas 0
Wild Bob and Mechanician Probably
Fatally Injured When Car
Throwi Wheel.
FfiftoNA, f'al,, April I-Bol ftunnan
and Iila mechanician, Bile, Hehrsdor, wera
Injured, probably fatally, and down
other peraon wera Injured mora or lea
acrlouHy when Iliirman' cur threw
wheel In the nlnet y-eventh lap on the
buck at retch, In tha W-tnlla raca hara
imbiy, Hicorilln to a atatement from tha
field hoKpllal 1ven out by track offi
cial. Hurmari reportad to hava had Iioth
leg broken and hi kul fraitured.
Tha race wa won by ICddla O'Ponnetl,
drlvliiK ii lieimenber miichlna. Ill tlma
w !t;3i r,J. ,Jo Thomaa, drlvln hi flrt
big race at tha wheal of a Mercer, wa
e'Timl, while F.ddle Pyllen, tha aecond
Jtereer driver, landed In third place.
Wichita Releases
Guy Chamberlain
WICHITA, Kan., April Ouy Cham
berlaln, end on tha Nabraaka unlvaraltjr
font ball team, who wa alKiied by tb
Wlrhlla Dime Hall rlub of the Weatem
leugua a a pll'her, ha been relead. It
waa announced cl today, by Manaar
If the feuiM) Ivmiia Htut leaau go,
through an plniund tt will have a elay
lot, of manager. Willie Keeler 1 name. I
had the All, ui n team. Arthur
lcllii I named fur U-luuimi, Jlnuuy
Hhe'daril fur U"ri1'iih, Irfiir Hitter for
lhc,tlir. 'i'Ue Coilillt fur I farrlabui g.
I' ,l. liliin, h f..r Vmk 'illke tbinlln
nl hi wiinliil u lend one of th ntbar
. I ila
HI "
i1 C1 lW
rf- '"l ,t t
III J '"
w "' 7
? ;'V C
- ' XN
r a'IV.'
Some Battle on the Cards When
the Bourgeois and Luxus Clash
i .
Ml t
t I . Is
-ml .,1.1
a batue
I Iim, I
I l.,.
1 1.
i - s--,r n. all I' W'li '
;i,i .. . e frat , wli li-.W hue H' I. I
Mtea hi "f ' 'lee lie' lit l-llue '
. I , II, rt'l't i,.',4 I. 'it, l 1-6,11.
li ..... . ,' , ,t ,f I,. li,!-, '".t,,!.!
i . i I i e w I i- It ii ,iii t
II. a I . nuiaie. ' el an, (.j -i.t
I . I tft t . ,
I a '
til Hi"
't -
II,. !
I I.
I ft
t t t
' a
I'l t
.ti' i 't.
i -
t it
" I I . ' - t"
- a ) tt, 4 I
Inniiiil Ncbraikft Track anrl Field
Meet Will Be Held Under the
Auipieei of State Univeriity.
iir Jtl-: I!. l.tttHKX ;,
l,I.''ii,N, April . (Cih'cui nr. K ,
(, f'lapp and Ouy F. Ile.d of tha atbletlc I
diparimeiii of the I'nlverlnty nf ,Va-
jraka. hay ent out preliminary not If m I
of the annual tr k and field meet of fit"
hraiikii hlah e-hool under the u;il'e of
tha Nebmeka llltlli Sehool Athletic inii
clal Inn. Tha meet will ha hel l May I'l. Kit
urday afleiicmti, oil the Nebia ihi f li Id, ;
upeiilrif at 'i
t'lapp and l(td look for twenty achoola
lo be rrpreae tiled III the bl meet, wllh
ihmirea of everl (rmre a nlliuj Indivi
dual rcprieciitallve. Ti e inn la a mi l
of the annual l'ta ilny proaram, vii' i,
i a x ii, 1 1 v (iriivlilf't for the in'erla!n
tnent of Nebniaka bltfti mliinil N'Oitenln .
luonha Htxh a' boot hi been e,,,r. In
off Km meet wllh ue)i riulrl' ' In re
cent year (hat Ififeree1 hm rnl i r f;iii
ell, but leant two HI I" I I I ' if i Kill
loakn atronif bid for Hie (hum lonehlp
In the comln meet. Moth iln and
fleiilriin have airoti dam and will put
up in leli atlffer coinpell ,ii
4 HiMteil ''rn ten,
Kach team will lie allow ft ten nun. I'r
t'lapp annouiicee, but only two cn'c l.
nl from fi'h low'i will be allowed t'i
tart In any event. N i liid' l liel entry
fee wD be be rellllred AH Mltip fof the
meet miiat he flhd with ;r Clapp on or
bafora May . KiiKlen poelmarkud Inter
than that d:ile will not he e epif d
The order of event will b
Hundred yard daeh. annf'l rtnti, l
,Jrd run. (ik'i-yard r ,o, one mile rn.i, I'.'i
i lain iiuiuie, iji vai'i norm,' an I imr
I mile relay . team to foo at of fniir 10' u. I
I un h to run 'li' yard. !
I I- b id K-enlw-. I'l lault, M p- nifl ,i, (
running bin li Juimii, illneiK thixw. itiu
I tiln broad jump, li niiid hauimrr Ihr w I
In tinier to protect Ibe heHllh of Hi"
I conti Kant, no on I advlacd to niter j
mine than three evenl durum the meet.
While, tijkk and field event will be'
oiik on Kie aioe tiine, eyery p, I
(ton will be mrle to proleii Ibe a-bleltit I
and the peetalora from t'(,lbl" Injury, '
The hammer throw Will be f(ed t 11
o'clock In tha mortiln and Only th i actual ;
oonteaiani mid their attendant will be
allowed on the field. I
any Madeni e.lllallile, i
Iir f'lapp make the further eiuiouoie
trie lit. that any aludent of a tilh m hoof,
who I a member of tha Nelnaaka j
Hlh Hihool Athletic Koe latlon, ' I
ellaltda lo compete In the meet If be j
ctifoim to Ihr reultlon Tin re in
an Inlilal fee for inambeiahlp In the
le.uftie of $.' wbhli may be lon'inuel
each year on the payment of fl aniionf',
Tha Ii.coln l'ooiioerctiil club, In ordi r j
lo limine the retalnln of Ibe annual ,
lil)i '-hool meet In Lincoln. h'i made
n appri prlatlon to cover the etpeoee
of tha ni"et, Ivy, tlapp My. The I'm j
veinlty of ' Ntbiaak will donate lh I
field and aipilpment and avery effort
will b inadn by tha utliorllle to mak i
(he meet and tha blub ''hool feta day n
enloyabln oceaalon for all vlallln )ilh
achool atudent.
"In Ih pact It ha been poalbla to
pay from ft to lo 1ar cent of tha
peine of transportation for all coiilea -nl."
I'r, f'lapp atnte, "and with fnv
orabla weather condition It hould It
poaelblo to refund at lenut (hat much b
each aihlele lakln part."
Hold, alerllti allver and tirnmea medal
will b awarded tha whiini of fitat
aeeond and thfid plce and llli biul
to tha winner of fourth. I'lace eora
(, 1 i and 1 for flrt, econd, third and
fourth, renpectlvely, A banner will Im I
awarded to the winning relay team and I
a handoma charnplonahlp tianner will - 1
to the hlKh achool winning the moat I
point In Ih meat. ,
Track aiinad Dity,,
i.oacn ca,i nan ni track iu.l buay
the antlra week and t more pleaaed
with (ha proapocta. While the men
alt gieen, they are ahowlu op betler
than earlier In the eaon and the HiKke-
"quad elould be much better than laat
eaon. Heed ha arranged another dual
meet that with Wealeymi iinlveralty at
Nebraaka field on May 2 Thl coinplet'
tha Huaker ihedule.
AanlMlont Coach Hick Hutherfnrd In
augurated eprmg foot ball durlna tlm
week under tha most encouraging run
dlllon. Forty three ptoapeitive ctull
date for the varalty have enrolled for
tha prlng tinlnlng. which will lie etrlctly
along rudimentary Hue Tha HubIic,
hnwlng I In de Ided eontraal to jown
and Kanana, where the epiiiig iri!-i'i
were barely worthy of the name,
Harry I,nrd, who lat n tinari
tha Huffed, h el.O"d to liinnam the
Iiwcll team of the l iialem baau,'
Taeoiiia tirl tliiihr,
The TecnliiH Ni, Ibwenlem leaue
ban i 0 a ib at f i r all lo r Ih It
of Ibe ct Irfitiia t'ai'lloaU
! till,
-' bo
to la. h ! i i. , 'V I W'e.i 1 1.,- a
leiiii tie ,18'-hi aii'l I t -! "o u
i,ln. afiee.l t't mi a i.,'i,, I
.It IU,llt l.f. a ,l"t nt 1 i i .,
I I - 4 I nil 1 1 til If 4 te l I lea 'i ' h I
i I M,l te ! - H li -i ' 'PH "l ' " I
i',,-.i, It - tali. iii, a'1
i i lm 1 1 i . i i t i.. , 1 1
' I I
1,1 l-,w
I a l
. , ! I
I'll' l-li.if I
. i, r
i ' M,i
. .. I (
1 1, W III I
' ,
t I
l I V
The Omaha
Three New
Omaha (Jun Club Trap Khootf m ;
Flannintf to Invade Lincoln and j
Winner This Month. I
ttiuaba tiap nhooieia at planning a
couple of putiin.e enpedltlon Inlo Iho
elate II, u month.
The peaceful city of Lincoln will b
the fltt latget of th timaha nootr
The l,ri'o!n '!un 'tut, ao!ii to nlao
, h ,u.,ti (, TWtay .ml
j Wneday. Thl will be tha flrxl rel.
' ur- touinaii.ent of ih year and It will
aiao be a aort of dedication of tha lii'olu
,.,. ,,i,, .i,, m. ,,, ,.,.,.,, ,.,.
Ized A a regult "malm ahooter believe
thla ociaalon ahould be celebrated liy an
ntoiih vleiiirv Hay Klngalev, Ib-rt
KHoo. Henry MclionaM, r)eirg Hdb k, ,
Jon Kohfit, Hen flallaghnr, Krank ,
Kllliuiu, M,tf iilial ttbalpo and eveil other
local maikamen piolmbly will enter tha
Winner will b tha objective of the aao
olid Invaaliui And t'd will be a teal
piiiill'iiii capedlllon Tha f'uiaha 'bin
club li'iiin of ten matkameii will ruah
low ii i,u d inner Apill tt for a tuaiu
lual h wllh (be Wlaner Hun i lull crew.
Hin r hold e ill. Iiluii mar lb Dmaha
'IhI, and lb l'"nl ttniiii aie tblieting for
tiler lle Iroiibr,
lenei la now' the .iod poeiienaor of
the Mule Kopby. i m,iii,i lure thai
In, III, eh, ml, be in iiin.ilni and Heiiiy
Mitioliuhi tha ipioi'li i a pi a In nf lite
iiiiah i ti aiit, la ib ! i inlin d that it ahell
ii . -i i.'iilt t ii.iihIiI l a "ii a to
leM'l nil I llllllleill.'ll ,4 of tile IIWII
all,) Ibe wllii, In will I, .i. 1.1 nl I II, ,,i li In
Ibe iomIi Ii i l, leu brat p.- ,,1 ahunlela
Will i, alii- Ih, liu, , I a. l.i. i, I Him -I
nil llm f,,llnll. In try tut pin, i a i,n the
Irani Hat bloi.iy ,t ,,i.eii, Hul
Ilium. In. 'i U. . 1 1 , Ije.ilju He. Ill k, Heii
'iiUaabvr. t Id.-ui. I l.ilt rbibt,.ieii,
I ' .i in ..II, II I'l r I, I IImII
l n i l-.t ii ''e.. i . i Il g, 4 I I, a I b t
I u .
I I I..
1 r w!, Hi
nt i In
IjOnmlia Chap IIiiUtk
1 Ohicaf;i) Auto Race
lor Amateur Pilot m
I t
i , ,ii.
i t i
lb "
1 1 ..
it it,.
ft AM HAS 10TS Of NtRVi:
Vlt I,
I fi a f ...I
- I .1 I ..
- Hi at
1 1 I
lila '
. I
i V,.l !'- t
r n
II1'' i
' , N ( , ' V " f-l
;i ... 'i V d ' ' I'd..1- ;V
: - . & & :m Xj
I f p ' J " " " f J "
llUJMJUJt' JpgZnan- Ca fetor LJJ t U
Members of Rourke Clan
Firmin CHMigiml, Eurofienn Cliani
pion, ami WHkrr Cot limn to
1'lny in Omaha.
tttoiln ( 'aolijiiiil i-f Haiti, ihw l.ur
preii l.ii,'l iti, mi l ii II er i I..' hi ah, IheMi
ir-r: i!
A ' ,m
I v-' J
; s- "iy
' -v7
i , H I I
buy wui'lfi, will play ethlblHmi I.HtUnlt 1 blrl y't VeareMM.
malePe l I he IMe t "Hi it,. Il,,ii, J '"" !1 '' '
ilar ..i.d IthU, it I la .. k I i'l,!"' '' Md 'H T.. It pUy.d w..
will I'n plaint it.
a lai i ,'! i...f
ku that a f., t, i
I I , m I , ., . t
f.,e . ii i
1 1 1 1 1 , iil im i
, ,1 ,1 I
.1 I-
,iu m
ft i
, l'
' . ' 1 1 1
'.I- II
V I.". ,
, It . I) ,
l a i. a I -
I, bill , 1 i t
I 1(1, I -.liu .i
it I I . 4li "
, I... t ..I
1 1'.- ,!l,
I Ilia
i o tin
I i"
I, l!'
" Hi,
' eh I
I He
it M .
an t H e It b . t , w
0, VM.
JUJduff Mori Stop
Farnoui Outfielder Purchaaed from
Boaton Red Sox for Greateit Caih
C'oiiiideratioii Ever Paid,
KCW V'iHK, April -Tillm yp. ker,
ooa of the greati-at oulflelijei and for
Ih laat two y.-ai Ih hlgheat ealarial
player In tha fiimie, wa traded today by
Iho Hoaluii Amerl'n leagnn Imiiii lo
the t'lcveland club of Ibe mini league.
The ileal, which" wa ( lod her lal
lo'luy by Manager VNIIIIam t'atrlK'ui of
Koi'lon and Hoberl McfUy of Cleveland,
i am after miiny rumor that tha world'
champion wta to pint with their bright
em aliir, but netriibehaa It cauaed con
eldiialile aurprUe, speaker wa on of
(he ma Ionia of I he H-mlnn club, both
hi fiebllii and batlln, and con I ii hilled
hifey to Ida winning by hi leam of tw i
woild'a io during hi elht year
wllh Hie Hed Ho.
In return for tha fmoo player, n,ion
will leenlve, Manager Carlgan ald, two
pluyei. Hllrher H. I', June and another
to ba clioaan lalcr and a roeh rHildar-
an 'Ihn amount to be paid wa not
aot'Oiini cd
Tha ieleae of speaker l ld to hav
bei n i uie. .y iii'ihilii v tn c'luue lo tiirmi
on Ih" iUealuii of anlaiy. Two Vir
ami when Mpenlinr wa eagerly ounht by
the I'l-di-iala, b wa Kivin a ronltait for
two yean al a ealaiy reputed to hava
In ii t',i" tb blgi.e.t ever iald a bull '
player. Tu cloao hi deal. Joarpli J
laillil'l, OWIier of lb lle. 4i, ii'(
irpiafccr al the dw k iipnn bbi rituin from
a lilp ii H ml
(lie wi'il.l with an all alar
team Al h
ailiiK away of the 'e I ,
Hal Iciu'in. IJilil.Ill i.irelKl hMk,r
i i,ii,,. i ..i ihla yntr nilUua fur a nun h
en a b r ealaiy, -al I in l a Hi.i.ut mo I h,
Miull waa thl (In y failad I i cum Hi
teaia lh tie .Nt.nh 1 1 hu. ant
I'.iti wi t to ...i..i( m Hi Wi tt Man
, i H..,, i f I, ia fn )ai. I l.tthal Inn
ai. na of ti In b ilil I year Im
w -, all" li e In I e..i la ..
" 1 '". l'i It I U I III a ' I let
I ,
i " i ' ' til' I -i H Ml mi 'ih bl i
I' 'I lit. II I
,1 -i.t t e 1 1 l at. I to f,ftt algt t yairii
'il '.. l, HH l'a, l,,, ai Vf.
but t t . i i. ' r e a (K.r i li bar,
t' It 'lull' I ni". tab 4 wo llme
ai. t i at titbi uii Iti t - I ' i. t '
1, Wa I
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Several Likely Looking Btrinp
Arrive at Eat Omaha to Pre
pare for Harnm Seaton.
Ienpll the Hillllriea and aomewhat lo
clemenf weather on , iu of the day of
j the lent week training av-tlirlttn at I)
I Kaat iiioului track of Itia CrtnaJia firlrlng
-.lib went on aiwe 'laany and oo
I anient pre iMwm ixirformannr on tb
part of oni of tha boarder at th Be
t'li.iihw Ktabh Im teinled to trior flnrd
liHtiihn the opl ilon of Ivirawrnart rnak
lo their lieaibiunrli r hr that thl
Ira. k haibi.t th rooet promlaln array
i of t ai n racing atock In Ih middle
i Wel,
! Willi the arrival of errral Itaen 1votr
ll g ali inri the teal few day tha Hat of
' home Uing trained at IhI lnt wu
I lie ri a d to o er fifty heed, an unnuall
j ltgn numl ir for thl time of th year.
I ol'ireiliiane I ooie Here,
Advb e hv hi en received at th Kf.
rinalia elablea that ttolorado hirTnn i
are plannltig lo to M' h to Nebraaka only
greet wealeru ilnult trak lo Wlmi tip
the training eaon
t 'oloiiidoan will little, ti fn, prafl
II ally i n liorai tai lng of ronae plane In ,
Ibelr native elate thl yr, mcoiillng i ,
r'orli. A a rea ill neveral of th well
Inowii aia'di In K,at alale are jrattlnf
ffady to liium b and bagKig to more I
rtomUlo field and fimaha, will oon
l glilo abetter to aom amMtlou
tpfier frm l we!ern lt. If hd - i
vla are rrld out,
lui Hunan, In char of the Fl '
Omaha lrk and or a of lb fiuebet tr,ln- i
er alon the 'tnt Western clwilt, ha j
In'ormatlon (bet there will I from ;
twtily fha to thirty bead In tb 'Worao
delemitln. They era ip,J to arrive 1
(odd of Ihe nent tan day.
ebamlait Arrive,
A noiabbi addition to th talenl it
Ibe M-t Dinah racing Jido,urtr w
tcaiyed a few day uo by Ih arrival f !
fob I etaailan frmo hi winter retreat '
Heuiet, ( al, Mr, febetan brought With
him a tiliig of pielly Inuklng animal
lioraee Hint lava alteady howd tnuflll
''ep" on Ih lor I trek.
Harer owned by local normn r
ln being trained by the well knawn
t'lillfornla handler,
Mr. Kebaatlait wa enlhultl over the
H'onthjuej Cn I'aga Kour, f'olumn filgj
Omaha Field Club
to Be in Missouri
Valley Tennis Loop
The iiuiaha Field eluh will be mem
ber of the MIaour1 Valley Tamil or
lion, wll h la now belu formed, and will
compilae the alale at Mlanourl, Kama,
lew and btanka. Thl territory wa .
formerly a part of th Vtrn Iwit
Tennt aaaiiclallon', hut tha dlvl!on I '
being niade becauaa tit lb geographtoiU
bulklnea of the wealern terrllory, A
'ommlilee, headed by John C, Neely of t
(,'bbago, ' now at. work perfecting the
oigiililxolloii, I
Hutlliigion, Ia Mod., flrlnndl .n4
Hlou i Hy In Iowa, fit, Ixml, Hpiing
field and lne f'lty In Mlmnirl, Jnd 1
peodence and Nnidi.h In Kana, and
Ihn 'mm ha Kfeld flub will h th mem
lii of th new valley aucltlon. '
Bradford Returns
to Omaha to Line
Up Brandein Team
Tred Hrsdfotd, manager of th Itran
de aeiul pro team, tie returned to
Omaha after ependlhg th wlnler month
In the Munflower atata, and I huay lining
up hi ein, Hredford declare th Hran
dele will S9 the rrek aeml-pro aggrega
tion of I hi aectlon of tb country and
that flailing team are going down to
defeat when they vlelt thl city,
Tha playeta have been working out reg
ularly, getting rid nt th winter" oou
mulatlon of klnka, and peet to b In
good form to meet th Itonrka nagt
Nunday, Hay and Olson, th Hrandet
""" "
ara now In fair hp to hurl nln In
ning. fth men probably will work
alnt tha Hon ike. fat J.yrdt will
handle th hulk of th receiving, having
daclied to pat u,, joining th prof
lonal rank for another year,
Missouri Base Ball
Team is tho Goods
I CI i ,1 M lit A
Mn , April ( -Wllh tha
; l eal
It. till material reeaitl year
ml rlatilini or wriuv playnr of yar-
ally i either In itrawr from tb t'nivaratiy
itf Miaamirl I eipei'led in mk a hard
lf l, th' mar fur tha MUaourl Valley
hatte ball rbainibinablp.
'I I, a hifinhl will llflaii fnl
H n that bate man; M iMIIIeii a4
ui. I l ai ! Ibli't, rrriir, h.tttiitiii
t ma Hut baa, i, tan end illlllly f'aldet
i'al.iln Mi,.. lr tt. tiweti nf laai year a
leant wl'l be tegular inl fiithtnn TIkh
ia half i.teii i.liiiii fur lha etl-ar
i..aHu,t ant tt i , tally will , tt lite
ml.. I bli'er
Ple.stina to Meet
Ootch on Friday
Ma I'ti.iii. II. rbl.a tptia
a II.. I i . i, l-i I i ' fir h t..t ' I
lit in 1 1 I a oil i, wiih y r(
i ill - k l I (i'l ii tiitk.a il ti
ttk I , Hi
it i ,.,1. h a I l-
t i a ' i . .
. - i A-
it'll II I t liy
t. I I t ta
le ...llf I'll U Itlfltl
i . . lat 1 i !,. Tata
II i l a Id, , t,
i, tn i i.t, a yt ti
I i - I hitl . ,i a a
in I. .I i'ti a ii-i-'-i-, i
I l.
I i 'X -t ' 1 - en i
it It H-a tt a
f I- -. l,.l',
"vv"Itougm tucK row rocfS;
MS' t '' te'aitail ti Will
H t, t t, (i a i - I. 'a t t,.a a i . t e-n
. 1 1 thai . all II la i t f
ii t , I r ! hiM ti I I, iv. n
tit ii i I
iHi I
It! i- a -i ii s