Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 08, 1916, Page 8, Image 8

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The Be Publlahlng Company, Proprietor.
Kntrd at fimaha ;.etnffc aa second -claa maHer.
lir carrier By m,l
per month pr year.
Dalljr and Hundag i en
Itally without Punday..... 4 ()
K.venlng and flunday r. '
Kvenlng without Monday, 'Ji. 4 At)
Kvenlng without HumJy.... V..... , 4 (4
Nwndy lie only. .,. j 14
lal!y and elunday p, thre year In advance. . lift 09
end nolle nf rhan of eddra or li rguirlty In
rteilvry 10 rrmha hee, circulation Department.
JUmit bf draft, exprrea or poatj order. Only two.
rant etampa reaved In piyment nf email account,
personal r h ka, eicept on Omaha and raatem
change, not accepted.
fwih f h n rmtiding.
etouth Omsha-Wl N treat
fnttricll Muff--!! North Main tret
Uneoln-? I .IK la Hulldlng.
'hi' l J'eoplea (14 Building,
New York- Itoom II'), 11 Fifth avenn.
ft J i)la fo Near Hank of Commerce.,
Waahlnvtnn Tk Fourteenth street, N. W.
Addret rimmunl aMnna ralallnar to new and adl
1'irlsl mttr to Omaha He, Kdlfort! l'ernmnt1
56,628 Daily Sunday 50,628
fewtght Williams, circulation mngr of Tha P
Publisiilne company being duly aworn ear that tha
ever Irctjiatlon for Ihe month of March, line, wa
M.W dully and 'Altai funday
laWl'lllT WILLIAM. Circulation Manager,
Nuhafild In my precri and aworn to befor tnm
thll fcd day fit April. I 'll
Jw.rItJ-.KT IH.'NTKR, Notary PutHo.
tfubacriiaarf leaving tbe dtf toraxil
abuuld li Tb lie mailed to tfia. Ad
dee I changed m oftao M rKUMlil.
Look Ilk a republican year from what'
ever ancle rlewed.
A Joy ride U th coal denier In April cou
atltutti n nhlMtlon of ouWoor tport wltliout
a aprlnfUma rival.
No, 0D(l Header, tio on by the nam of
KoMwater 1 ruonlag for any offtca at in In
b coming primary,
Kaoaat City ot K new Union pepot hy
keeping eternally at It nod that I" the only
vay Omaba ran set It.
Spain baa broken Into tha quizzing cm text
on aubmarlne operation, Neutrality nowaday
afford no aictiranc of tafety.
Incidentally, remember that there are two
police JudKeahlp for Omaha to be filled thla
year Inetead of only one a formerly.
The literary peron Jailed In New York for
UNlng the mail to defraud arbleve the proper
mental hde to match the lilue Moon Muga
rtne. Tb Traffic club rallied a bunky bunch of
(notera for tb new depot. There l room for
more. The greater the pull the eooner remilt
will rome.
Tbe 10 per cent uplift in municipal taie
fall to bnlb the ghoet of a deficit. That
ftaraome ahade already baunta tbe Inflated
Tbe proapecta of reatorlng peare In Ne
braska' democratic family are about aa good
a t reconciling tb . report of wr bulletin
editora. Tbe latter la hopelee.
For tbe flrnt time In thirteen year repub
lliana awept the municipal field at Tula, Okl,
Neither ancient nor modern hoodooa can wlth
aiand republican drive thla year.
German and French reporla on aeroplane
loaae are hopeleaely conflicting. Holtig wide
apart In other eaaeutlali, agreement on plane
I reposition la expecting ton muili.
The celebrated argument of the pot and the
kettle ia fairly oulclaaaed by the mud bnUerie
cf Nebraaka democratic leader. The aim la
food and tbe execution a mighty amear,
Mr. Bryan t fond f Impufnlnj tha alnri-rliy of
ethar matt. It la a bad and (1aitrroiia praciirit -WorldlUrald,
Then why doee the World-Herald rnnMantly
Indulge In thla "bad and dangeroua praetlce?"
If Omaha water ur had tha rieelmil
late of eenta a thounand gallon. Inateud of
II rente, tha aavlng would be worth reck tin
Irg; It would be aomethlng even If we bad the
U-eent rat enjoyed by water ueera of l-lnmlii.
A crueade agalnat overweiabti-d poultry
tipped Into New York puia the dlahonenty by
Implication on wealerii abipper. The Inalnu
i lion la baaeleaa. The fat t that New Yotketa
I ilnt tb gill of anciiin n mak It ml.t
able rtearly ahaa that (iothemltea requiie no
rn tald aalaUnra In aanding f,il play.
Thirty Years Apo
This Day in Omaha
Me AtfiAtl t'Kiu, i th ih.,i,i ..iii,i,..i,i a, t l.ti'ii l aelli- tia (! ifi.r.i fium o.rt,
Kn, ! (! -l ,t iv i t Mu
tui!.. A a" 'f l Hi Ui . ..(,..,, i:.i.,r
rti..toa .; n,ae lilt..i f. ,i
fi f...n ttir ah., Kia ..tfi . u,
n ' u4 i.,i(.if It til a liMifM nt
loill M lt it lti(a MH ltS .!. ! I . Hul.lll
d llt t !! tan . tt t..itt. ..! !..
' ' t ti U tt.f t hi ait a ii l .
a at ' Mi l' a li ft t m 4ti la
in le.a !' t4 Iba iii it.ti.ku.,
t It. r
A ' .!. i..... I it. . , .
fl t4 .. h i.. i. t,i,i , I a (! n. t,
' ll l ton 1 1 a l .in ti n t,ii( i, (. i,
! I I' - 'I t i,t tli i,. !
It en.ih I J.-.,-! i ,t(4 ua t
I,'. -t Mail ..t tfi I ,11,,, H v,,
t..ii.,..t t-s-m l-tga .) !"' .- .
I.ii att w)tt !i5; ii((j
(tiwl (fti H t tv i., ,,., ,.,,!
t-I a!it , -t t M !. .:! ;,t ".. I..
!' 't(1 tl ' !' 'f ) 4 II .I'. I ,,
' ! 'l.ltht it I .- .,.., ( . ...
!" l"t It - , I l I' t ,,. ..,, .
M 'l.a I I II M '-" ( it .;viilU ;,t,
vi, t, m M ,.,,,.1 ,,, , , . , ,
Object Lcnon for Both Sides.
From Mexico cornea a tale to the effect that
the peona have been IinpreHned by the marka
nanahlp of the American aoldler In a greater
t'egree than through any other mean. Ac
ci'etomed to the vague and Indefinite expendi
ture of ammunition after their own fanhlon,
the Mlmple minded follower of Pancho'a for
tune find It difficult to underatand tbe ac
crracy with which th Yankee trooper apeda
Ua bullet to It billet. Thl, however, I but
cne of the objmt lenaona that I being afforded
by the expedition. Th Mexican are being
Uught the auperlority of tbe well organized,
thoroughly trained and dlaclpllned aoldlnry over
the Irregular aggregaliona or group that have
piiaaed for arml down there during the taet
five yere, and the leeeon la certain to have
military reaultn. Aluo, they are I'-arnlng that
the Oringo la not en Inferior creature, nor an
enemy to be dreaded, but la a moat remarkably
bi'man aort df pernon. Then little leanon will
be of great, value In the future, when the two
coun'rlea again reaum the InHmat relation
tljMt rniiat be thelra In the very nature of thlnga.
On thla aide of tbe border we are finding
rut that th Oreaaer la not euch a wretch aa
I opular fancy baa painted him, He la aubjct
and reaponafve to tbe lawa of exlatenre, the
atime a the reat of tia. Ilia I'lnui are not ex
actly our Ideal, perhupa, but thla la on ac
count, of hie limitation In other dlrectlona. Hut
he baa loo borne oppfeitalon, and la Mill far
from emancipated entirely. HI life baa been
bard, and bla future la not especially lumlnoua,
yet he follow bla cycle with the dumb devo
tion of one who know nothing better. When
our people come to know Mm well, and under
atand how he la flrcumacrlbed In lila aaplratlon
end acflvltte, thxy will certainly look mor
kindly upon and deal mote patiently wllh blin,
"The hot trail" may )-d to aomethlng far
better than the mere extermination of Villa'
band. If Ha objert leaaou for both aide ,n
not entirely mlaeppllod.
Xoit ft Fertinent Reminder,
A communication from a gentleman who
baa eom to Nebraaka from another tate lo
aak ti for a primary vote r,f endoraement for
the nomination for vice prertldent on the re
pi bllcan ticket, after giving the atory of bla
life and atating hi poaltlon on aeveral pend
ing laauea, cotielode, "If I become prealdent,
I will not be afraid to act," That remind tie
of aomethlng we had almoat forgotten, towlt:
That In recording a preference for vice preal
dtot, we may be In a remote degree helping to
make a prealdrnt. Tbe auggeatlon of the vice
prealdentlal eflf-atarter referred to would In
dicate that be baa not overlooked thla con
tingency, but la banking on the fact that the
vice presidency la eo.ulvel't)t to n Inaurance
pt.lley on the life of tbe occupant of the Whit
Ifbuae. We have often cblded nominating con
vention for tialng the vice prealdeney a trad
ing atock and refualng to take It aerlnualy, but
tbe concluelon la uneacapable that the people
It, their direct prlmarlee lake It allll e aerf
ot.aly, Hai Nebraaka Too Much Money?
Secretary Itoyau of the Hlle flunking board
aetinda a warning ia the board and the banker
of the elate In connection with a condition that
baa been the aubject of deep thought among
hanker for quite a wbll. Tbe aecretary point
out that, under the working of the depoalt
guaranty law, It la poaaible for Nebraaka to
ait too mucb money on band, and that the
r'angey llr,e la near. Cnneervatlve bankera are
o''tbe opinion that too much money I not a
danger In Itaelf, but too much bank capitaliza
tion la. Tbe preaent plethora of money In the
banka la due In a meaaure to tbe fact that the
guaranty law make Nebraaka an attractive
place for deponlta, Thla fact Herretary Hoyae
f otea, and aa a further aafeguard be auk that
a law be paaaed that will limit the number or
brnka, If Nebraaka la to entirely ertcape the
fate that overtook Oklahoma, nhcre the guar
anty law brought with It dlxaater becauae of
tbe uncontrolled operation of banka,
If Hocrelary floyae I Juatlfled in hl eon
tlualon and recomnieodattona, then the proph
ecy made when th,t guaranty law w under
Cfbata la being fulfilled. It waa then aaaerted
(fiat tbe worat effect of the law would be It
encouragement of wild cat, or recku-Ha bank
ing. Aa It alanda, It enforce on reaponalble
tanker tbe condition of becoming aurety for
the lireaponaible, and In thla regard It limit
le amended. The beet guaranty for a bank la
the character and Integrity of ta management,
rnd thia can not be provided hy Icgielative en
ettment. The procpertty of Neliranka la eatabtinhed,
rnd Ihe enterprlne of ta people la admitted.
Much of development remain to b done be
fine Ihe Btute (ly realise on it rfrwurcee and
I'm opportunities Thla attratt hllher the ad
venltiroua. and gve empbaala to tha warning
of the acnetary. The banking buainea of th
aiate iii'int he kepi on a af lutaia,
Scttlnir th Clock Ahead.
The very methodical (let matt, a.-ior.ling
tillable report, ere planning t ..t th tlo.
nf lh rmpire ahead one hour on May I ,
tulff In gain another h-ur of tUilnht.
tl.tia aund the m.o of artlfi. i light Thi ,lunp
la cumttiendable fur ti good rfaaoim. hut
I ) Wt't at all lot( Itielhud of ti,ilvlig one t
at If A number of Aunru,m title b uurd
the athedulr, end taaa ,( on Mm arctpitaad
lot tuitaba, tint ti'i'in fi t , K.ttr.a o.c upatlon
t ariitfatil u,-, j I,, f,.lo(j a aubtnl . Itat.n S, ulif a i:iiim ti., in,ri all)
in adt.iii.rd ft i.ttriini lltf m ,,i(t of
tUiillht b putliei. (. at;.,i,i,a th tn,i,
tf Ihe ,, Sa and u.idmght u b ik
i,hia .(e .t, M I I, 4it . i ii.l,.iir o ati
tl i.tu.u hour, tiia bin ,.if int. i hu,h
ita tl.t hit'ir coiiina tr ,., , 4W n (j,
.!. !. i.t lh. t.j,- I. Mrr
if al UI .t l l.i t, .on, ti,t ,,.
i . hp I . t. . t b I. ' it
I li a an an. irai i.,, ,
ll III ,thlH ,.(' n (,,, ,.,,HA , ,t
M".4 I i lie !. ta lJ'ft D.! ha( II i
lit ... if I a i-i I i. ..I , , I,, .,'! . 4
ti e atM Ota .-m i li.ina It. . a.trr tin
P-nl thll lid ! , ,t, l ! I (P,
Risky Kindness to Bobbers
Xdterarr Dlgaat,
pvON'T tnvltit a huralar Into your houaa or your
J apartment whrtn you are ahacnt, and don't hand
your money to a plea-pocket on Ih afreet, It
would iwiti that, euch advlr would be hardly n'".
ary, and yet, according to I'ollra Commlaalonar
Wood of Nw Vork an alarming numhar of people
'a aullly of )ut auctj hardihood avary day In New
fork t'ify, and th Inference 1 that they art not lea
ao In other commufiltlea. Th htiralar I looking
erly for an awiaalhle ahodn whare h miv ply hi
lrada tuidlaturhed, fon't advartlae the fact that your
home I Ih vary placa for whlrh ha aeeklna "f
eourae, you would not do an purpoeely, hut when
you lea avldenea In plain view ahnwln that no
ona I at hnma, or whan you leave a window lnit
ltily pn that ran be reached by an athlnllu crlm
tnal, or lev your valuahlea In pla a where thy can
aaally he found by evn tha moat cajnual atudant of
hutnau nature, j.xi are In rffnr.t leauing uch an ad
veril...rr,, uml, for all praetlcabla purpoae, yyj
mlit'it well Inaert an ad In the dally paper, Onnt
rtana-Ut your money temptingly In tha fe of a mn
bruit on rolit'lng you, you don't? Conalder, If you
happen to he one of th gentler !, tha pocket hooy
you rnrry ehout lit at reel with you every day yni'
to abopplng or mHrketln. iJoean't It hang carelely
from your hand by leather or cloth (trap that on
r ut of knlre would aever? Then do not l attrprlaed
If a mnri wllh knife nme day hppn by.
In an Itilmlew with Mr. Wood, (leaned by Anne
Jlerendeen, tlie i ommloioner place upon Ih woman
moet of Ilia hlam for aitalatlna predatory criminal.
Wliife the Interview wa alven, be ha hei'ome a
married mnri. Probably thl I pootlo Juatlce. el
thotiKli there eru to ba luita Jutl In bla com
plaint, lit cite a few caaea that eem twtclualve,
bealritiltig with tha atory nf "Mra. A.":
"It hapiwheil that Mr. A. wanted dinner ilien
In a hurry, Ho aha potd off to her favorite depart
ment lore, After a few minute of looking, ahe
found juat what h wanted. Would It heed much
alteration? Mra. A, dropped ler raincoat and um
brella and poiketlrook upon the nearear chair n1
followed Ihe cler k Into tha fitting room. That pocket
hook, valued at M, and containing M, a ring of
houae key, mill four theater ticket, never w aeen
again I ahall refrain from pointing out the imml
r,( tltl nd, true atory.
' Not long ago the boua of an altnt to a
pronilnetit New York clergyman waa robbed, and fh
btirglara got In through th akyllght. Tlie mlnUtey
then hd the kyllltt fixed o th burglar could
not get In that wy again. On night a few day
o, however, hi wlfn went out and left th follow
ing note talked to tb door;
" inv d" at fomer drug afore; pnbody home
for the evening '
"When rha rrn bttck tlie houxe had been care
fully looted,"
"Agnln, lake Mr, . Bhe doean't know Mr. A,
or th mlnlater wife, but they r lter In rtil
futltin. Mr, II. wa fond nf dancing, and on even
ing laat ummer h Joined a party of frland en an
exr-uralon to one of th heachee near New Tork City,
After a eliora-dlnner, abe went to th wh room to
wnah ber bril, and laid tbe two vary beautiful
ring aha waa wearing on th marble aland. One
wan ber eneaKement ring, valued at MOT In money and
at how much more In eoctlnn a bachelor police
rnminlMlorier lannnt Ventura t.pon aaylng. The other
wa a gold band e wllh alxteen amall diamnnde,
valued t I'fl Poor Mr, ft ! Hh mld th ring
arid returned for litem almoat at once. ut they
war gone, end bv not been found up to the
preaent time, In pH it tha great amount money
and lime and patience that h gon Into the aegrch
for there. Can you wonder tht when thl wa re
ported to headquarter we felt Jut a little bit-?''
Hut Helen to the re nf Mr. C.V
"Mr. ', I th wife of uccefu New Vork bnl
pea man, nd he la greatly Inlerealed In curloua
Jewelry. In common wtlh a aurprlalngly large num
har of poopla, ah dltruli afe and aafety depoalt
hove, and lept wllh her Jewel collection under hr
ni t iti itaviimi ah wora thorn In a chamola
bag around ber neck. They were never out of her
"tint n, mnrnln aha waa called from bed by tbe
telephone. Tit meeeaga ah recalled cud her to
decide to remain up nd dre In the meantime tint
maid made ber had. endlng the pillow Ilp containing
lh Jewel to th Imitidrv.
"Tbtit I where (he police enter upon the acene
After a earch nf many week w lutve ami ceded 'e
finding one plec In an up-towit pawnahop. And w
have hopea nf locating the ret. But why-?"
While three are not eartenllally moral tale. Mr
Wood ppetirt a few moral tht my or may not
a to the example given. They rnnalltute ahrewl
re, iiiiimend'tllnn for protection agatnrtt theft, baae I
on experlen. gained bv tb police department from
many hundred of cacea that have cme before them
They tun aa follow
I to mil pluce our ring on Hie tnd when whmIi
ln vour hand.
lio not take a rnan! without calling up the per.
on who lgn ber reference,
ro not Inform ettav vlaltota thai "there I no
body ele nl home."
Auk KHenien. telephone repalrei. ete., to ahow
you lliclr hndge
I to not take a text with two men on the box
If jou are attacked, be nre to get a good look at
your aaaailant'a fac.
Im k o ir window. pclally thn leading t
fir racapea.
Chattga tlie lock on th door when you move to a
pew apaitntent.
Ii n"t put n.'il.e on hall bell or dumb wallei tlml
you ara out
fin nut bide monev or leaeltv under carpet, tn
v.. or lu bureau drawet Tltue are the flral
pin e ei,rilie, by tbe thief
t lint adveilUa the fact that you r gnlna out
bv nulling dimn the window ahadea.
Take a final btk. im nittr In how great a hurry
tiefoi vu have home t.. n thai all w.ndnwa an.)
i..ra ate facetted
Keep lis lit but ulna In Vl apaitmenl at lilM It
(uii fc.i n"l a imiatai twi'i - "
aa apa'tioetit
Twico Told Tales
Ilea, kal Mwcb lle.
In ) i.ilial. .ftl.ri Wl.vl bad tMMHt, Uiru. ill lli:..
i,,,..,!,,! - kiu. In li'Hi .Hi hi tei.uii tiuiu th
'..nit aei.l l' l.l t'-it'k .i i1 en t'f bta vb. ka
1. .; at Ihe ' nUr ttt.tea vf Uti tr c.
. ,'.niii.ti ll.iw will ' la l
I .. t.. ! I a t l"t d al tb aol liei. an.
I. ai. t ' ! ! ti . ' i
i, t !, II. ma (bt lb e runt . t'
: .( n , me a t-4 thl t e l it.,i '
I'lll.l l? I"H I'l'll ".
M I ti .( !."! n btit ih -t
I. i.t ttnl i -ti t tu'if l l 'i ' I e i t
I' I tr .l , ! g' t"f J tWIPi
I.. . f ,i lb l.imH Ivlil !
I 4k.
!.. ltd I ea -l ! ka
r t , ut"t t ' I I
im - i p J
f : i.t i.i-.r -! t i.''4 !" b i m-4
. ,,.,..... .. I w t I t " tt f i
'- j
. ti t . a , .-..m v.!- l t. l )
., I'll .tl-- l 4 I l
t ' - ' I.. ' .
V, e i. . Mt,..l , ,t e I".. fc .
I ,, h t I ,1.11 I 1 III , .11.
t in ,! ii Ol In I 114 ' ! tl't.t. t .-
i I ( . '.
A Bcioat for Haahe.
uMAli A, April 7. -To the Kdltor of The
Bee: Then I a movement on foot by a
certain element, principally In Ihe eaatam
prt at tha t'nlted Htat, the object of
wi.lch t to aeeur th nomination of a
hunr man for pteldcnt on th rpuh
Mean ticket. W probably are all agteed
that the preldny ahould b filled by
a man of bualn ability, who, of count
would not necrmmrlly he a man engaged
In bualneu. There r a good many
Qualification required of a preeioani
other than bulnea ability, H ahould
b a man of marked executive ability;
h ahould be Judicious by temperament
and hould be well vein, tl In matter ol
Off all perann nierttloned tor Ih nom
ination on the repunllcan ticket, thile
K. Hughe more nearly combine all of
th eaaentlal iUnllfiallon ftr that high
offlc than any other man, Iremonrat
aa well aa republlcana recngnl?, thl fact.
Th democirat ar afrld that h will
he I tin nominee of the republican con
vention, Juatlce Hugh' name will not appear
upon the ballot III Nebreka. There ba
been conalderabln aglinilnn aeektng to
prevail upon repiihlh nna to writ In ill
name Thl my be done by a aufflclerit
nu in be r of voler, that .limllre llughi
would on preferred above Ihe catidldul t
whoa name will appear upon tha hul
lo!; however, It I a giupendou under
taking, and even II .uali'e Hugheg doe
not rank blaheat at the Nebraaka prl
marie, It I no refutation to the Itlgh
eaieem In which he I held, nor of th
growing demand for hi nomination at
Ihe republican convention,
rtepubl!cn In thla tltatrld, through
th candldne of William K, (lurley, on
of the rnodl'liite for delegal tu Ih
National Jtepuhllcan con. :ut Ion, liii
have an opportunity to Indicate their
preferenc for Jutc )fugh by merely
voting or Mr, Hurley, He haa un'tilvn,
rally taken th people Into hi cnnfldanc,
and ha ataled that ba I for Kughea and
Borah. Mr, (urly la entitled to a great
de of credit for nnounelng hi pol
tlon, It would hev been much eaeler for
a man of hia wide acquaintance end
great popularity to hv merely com
peted with th other candidate without
ommlttlttg blmaelf,. If Mr, iJurley If
elected a a delegate from thl district,
It will he a clean-cut Indication of th
fet that republican voter delre tha
nomlntlon of Chart B. Hugh.
W. t KIlAaKR,
lloer In Vote for lleahea,
OXKOItO, Neb,, April 7,-To th Kdltor
of The Une: I am In full sympathy with
your "Write It In" Hughe campaign, I
think, however, you are In error In eil
matlng Ihe carele and acoldental voice
of 1PI2, My opinion I that tha !(o vol
I no guld whalaver, a quit a few of
hi vote cme from thoee dlngutd with
th party quarrel, and th balance from
free It like tl) candidal. I can't hut
bellav that It I greater tak than you
eem lo think for to Invtrtict our del,
gate for Hughe, but It I not Impo
0l. The pee' campaign I certainly bearing
fruit, and I think It ucc hinge
largely on th rpon and Work nf
thoo editor in th Mat favnrnhln to
th nomination of Hughe. If each of
thn editor will place tlie name of
Charle K. Hughe In bold type over a
brief reon for hi nomination and th
impoalblllty of hi refuelng If nomi
nated, coupled with caution In writing
and marking the name, a powerful In
teret will hn put, In working ihap. IM
them requeat Inlerealed voter le put out
notice and gel buay working for vnt
In acb precinct nd reult ahould b
oiitrflned at 111 poll, With bet wlalie
for your aur rea and pledging my mite, I
am, respectfully A. C, RANKIN.
Pee l.roft Here.
OMAHA, April 7.-To the Kdltor nf Tb
H.e: 1 wlh to lle that If I mlcld
to erve cnunty treurer, I will not
only report ll fee collected of what
soever nittui, but will give en ltont
and buliielike adrnlnlatratlon.
While acrvlng courtly iommllonr
tlo. Minnd 1 took against the Jail reeding
piopoaltloo and th Insanity fee graft, I
well known and la a mnlter of mcord.
Thank for th i banka.
UMAIIA. April 7.-To tb Kdltor of Th
Hee At the regular mnrtlug of the Re
tail Publicity Ituyeta club, lha aecre
tary wn lti(rucled to wrlle The Pe,
thanking them for their aastntanca In
mttklng the "Week of Wonderful Wln-
Uowa" audi a great aucceaa.
Kveryono of our member fully ap
preciated ihe valuable spa' that yo"
gave to our rauae.
HKT A 1 1. PriU.IlMTV IlI'VKHS ti.t'n,
Heel etary.
the Plaa lavlolabl.
HitAM Irtl.ANIt, Nb April T.-T Ih
Kdltor of Th lc; Th letter en tb
l& 10c
leieciatliitl nf the i- lgned ll V- II
V-S iMga
i t manlfemly written In pur Unmwnr
that I imlur t.i auawer tb utit!in It
iriiptiiin.1 Tb wrltet . 'Mui w
xamltte every plei nf ilolh or plr t
sea If Iheta I f'a prllttd en U hefot
w ihmw It y er bum It tti " I aa
ai, lerlaloh I' It br lb flag,
ll I M.a fU In aitblng but
b.iiilii-. In H.e ua A tnee Ar
tx. i.ina our hot aed glr'a tn tb
. Ilii.'i. lo n il V i,.l rtlll-ni4 null '
I iiai mute inn h nt I ti writer
irM .l ,inliiy e tha tHighUt of
u a ii.rc i an He... i it.-. il a l-i atiat
m il. a fr.-i-. i .u-.ik wikh an Im aa ni l
pr tu i-i I rid -f f'l
U.inlv I'. Minn ib huH kunw V (lag
I -Kit ,i i - t t r I T' lt o th
! o .i.ii.i... n. iii ii i letui a ,eiihr
I... ran. i. i.tti m ear I It
ii. .1-1 ! btitio.l ttitri lha (ant tar wt'.t.
ti K .m ...l liti ll.h'e ant
..ii i.. . ti i- i.mii i. t cihi
1. 1 1 . a rl m iv I tu ii list ai
(I .lulnall Will J a It-1 tll'll
u-i. . I l e c .ni!oi!y in I. Uii I
l.l an H--r wtn i.l war HH IiuM-.-i
un l..l I .ffil -H It l-wi
tc. . f lam 4-w a aa Aa.rt an
. i-ii II ai a i.t t' (
'nl f h lha , ntniia flan
i.i.t... tl ii lu ltK m il n....i-
- I It ' o kl ttmi'l fct t
Mlt' t ' It l . i,i, ,
I t -I Ml. fUg "l I! t I wl.'..g
" t ' ' aa i'i l. ii 1 ,. t
It l- e i t it- r i t . i tioi
i ' a I :"t l i n oi ! ff
i t . an a H t - i. U i. I
e hi ! i it a i
I I - h IKa t-t n- . t -i in '!'
rf tri-v a i , t i.t i n .m. a
I a m - .it i t-, ic m
I t
China h returned to the monarchical
form of government. Hut even so. Ten
nyson would probably not y today:
"Metier fifty year of tttirop than a
cycle of Cathay." Judg.
"What poMid thoaa vulgar newly
rich peopln m your neighborhood to lety
an alraiilpT'
"I uppoe they found out it was tin
only war In whlnh thay could .get v,;
In Ih world." Haltlmoia American.
elrl "
Can she make acherry pie-
the other fnectlously.
"I don't know about that But. speak
ing of ihei-rle, she can mix a tlpt'P
rock tall. "-I-oulavllle (3ourter-Joiirnal.
aiiked him
"Wa h
hk my
4 (. 1...-,"
GrCr ANOlrtEK (f4RL(
Jesse n. dure, In Judg.
Fv. on Ihe level, ain't It queer
Th wav a fellpr lurk will runT
I never met a girl In prlng
Whose pialse nil atimnier I would ring,
Whoae love I held es. edlng dear
Through all the year;
I never loved a elntile one
Who didn't mean, "I flirt for fun,"
Vet lamp Hit fct: When Ohrltmn cold
Ilrlnx thought of gift to chief or
riellKlotisly I hav to reck
Itie writing out of some sired cheque
r seal ten ng of gr een or gold
Where gauds are gold
I 'or then Madge, Prue, Oraee, Chlnei,
Inquire "Aln t 1 your little girl'"
Oh. to the way of womankind
Will ome one om day mak m wis?
Why should a maiden turn rne down
With iiucy scowl or fnsy frown
'Til Christie come? why then not
Mv rapture kind?
There greater mystery than lies
Hencalh Ihe surface of her rye!
Mr Kwlr-rld you ever an ti ono
of thnai. astrolngera?
Mr. Ulunderby-No: hut my da iht.r
Kle i Jnt craay to hv her p'trlac tpe
read. -Holon Ttanacrlpt.
"I preauin you underatand an tuto
lliorotighlv? '
"Thoroughly. Tht l, I know when
It won't run there is something the mai
ler wllh It,"-Itetrolt Kree J'res.
riualne ('llr 'looking st photograpli)
Thl I a pi' tuiw of Mr, f'ecklnglfii,
1 suppose?
I'ecklnglon -Ve; that' her when site
Permanent Relief for
Chronic Constipation
Knowledge and Practice of Cor
rect Daily Habit the
Great Eetential,
Constipation I a condition effecting all
classe of all people and can be per
manently relieved only by acquiring
hrtbli of regularity,
Th most natural time for th ellmln
ailv proc In th morning when both
the muscular and nervou sytem re
reld by aleep nd rt, When relief
doea not com readily, It I n excellent
plan to tak a mild axat.v at bedtime.
Cathartic and purgetlv, that by th
violence of Ihelr quick action hoek and
dlsiiirb !h aysiem, ahould not be urn
ployel, An effect I v laxative remedy that Is
vary dependable, and which dor not
grip or otherwise disturb th organ In
volved, I found tn a combination of lrn
pi laxaflv hrb known a Dr, Cald
well' gyrup I'epaln that cn h iKrugbf.
at tha drug itoie for fifty cent a bottle,
Mr, C, C. Allen, 216 Koam St,, New
Monterey, Calif., wrote to I'r. Caldwell
that ah "found Or. Caldwell Myrup pep
sin Jut what wa needed for ronatlpa
tlon and d 1st res of th tomach alter
, v ., h- v .
.1 ',
elln it ahould be In every household."
t.rt a botllo of Dr. Caiowell'a Hyrup
Pepsin and keep It In th house to ua
when occasion arle. A trtsl bottle, fre
of charge, cn b obtained by writing to
Hr. W B, Caldwell, 4,4 Washington Bt.,
Montlcello, III,
Colonist Excursions
To California
Tickets on sale daily via Reck
Island Lines, March 25th to April
14th, 1916. Only $32.50 from
Omaha Similar reductions to
North Pacific Coast points.
Go in a Rock Island tourist car-
big, roomy, comfortable, and at
tached to fast limited through
trains. Dining car service.
- '4Hrtff"
Choice of routes through the
historic Southwest the direct
route of lowest altitudes or
through scenic Colorado.
A otomatic Block Signal
Fintst Modtm Ar7-5f Eqaiptrmmt
Spb Dining Car 5anrce
Let me help outline you a trip.
J. S. McNally, D.P.A.
14th and Farnam W. 0. W. Bl
Omaha, Neb.
r "we
If BkS..
3. Ilk i
The National .-Jj
'I l rV t . J
Ikfft J
llvarvbotly tveiywhet like
Spaghetti. And it ia perfectly
because ther r fw wb
aetv4 in o many tty Utah auj app
titing rombiiutuun
Vat it ia th moat oouruhia ef all food
A ln- nt pt ka contain mur dry nutri.
ment thn a (,'t'IUr't worth of meat r'ut
fpghel it i inileol I'uruin wheat, tic b in glulea
th itrength and tiaao builder lutisl on hav-
i il At )out r.H r Writ (ol fre tt ie temk
MAUIL PROS., , levi., II. S. A
.. f, - , . i ... ... . . . ,
i nl 'ul itii..i . V ,11
Persistence is the cardinal vir
tue in advertising; no matter
how food advertising may be
in other respects, it must be
run frequently and constant
ly to be really sueceessful.
.r--gettlng her pictur tak. n.-i'h.'li-drlphla
1 m enaRgcd to a nice, domeetle
I in tit;. .
? 3ret guns! I thought he'd
hand off." Town Topics,
'X:Vi "
. rat 1
fir natural,
aich ran b V i