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    Omaha Dai
Advertising is the pen
dulum that keeps buy
ing and selling in motion
VOL XIA'-Xl), 25.1
O Trli, at otl
Hew Btand, ato, so
Many of Republican Chiefs at Chi
cago Meeting Alien Justice in
Oreatest Favor in Uieir
State i,
Reported Statement of Rooierelt He
Will Take Nomination Arouiei
Interest, (
nnc'AGO, April 7.- Hind for
l l. - t. I.M .. I . . u I ...,,..11.
in j -iu 11 o n n iiajiiiiiiai runvrmiiij,
ahlrh will open In Chicago June 7,
were completed here today at a
metln of fh aubcomwlitoe on ar
tangenient; with the aleclon of
Senator Warren 0. llardliiK of Ohio
for temporary chairman, Henator
Hardin waa chosen for the place by
a unanimous vote on h first formal
ballot, afier an hotir'a dlncuaalon of
varloua men Miggeated,
Other convention officer chosen
Temporary Herrelary - Lafay
ette I), (ilxnaon of New York,
Chief clerk--), Kdward
Monroe of Hf, IO'il.
Offldul Jteporlcr- (norf L.
Hart of Koanoke, Va.
Hergeant, at-Arma - - William
K, fltone of flnltlmore.
Chief Aaalnlant HeTgcant-al-Arms-Krfwln
I', Thayer of In
dlanapollg, Chief lioorkreper John J.
Hun .'on of llaltiinore,
Many Irmlrn Attend.
Today mealing eltriieted In Ilia rlty
bumerou slate committee chairman and
other parly leaders. Among Iheao ther
am iniu Ii Informal discussion of posslblo
presidential candidate and Issue,
llecent report that Colon"! Tlooaivalt
had Indicated g wllllrigtic to a"-'!'! tho
presidential nomination formed Ilia bal
of verl Impromptu conference and In
terchange of view between (ha poli
tician, Heverl tie leader pointed out (hat
about 40 per cent of th daegte to the
convention have ! it chosen and an Id
that an lnvatlgatlon ahowed compara
tively few anpportei of Hooaevelt omohg
ihem, other, parly eicri ograad with
ihla view, allbougl. none of (ham would
allow hla iima lo be nd In connection
Willi a ttrnerit at Ihlg time.
Many of th lander declared that what
aenllment' had riyatnllzed In their t,te
wag largely In favor of Justice Hughes,
although Senator rnmmlna, formar d'n
ator Burton, (,'Iiu-!m W. FalrNnka, I""
ator Hharnian and ofh'r favorlta aona
had many aupportara.
Hexmly I'rr Ipul I'olnatriii'tart,
It a tha ronaanaua of opinion that
about 70 par 0nt of tha dxl'gatca In I ho
'onvanllon would h unlnatrui'lod.
Tha aiihcnrwnltti: adoplad ft raaohitlon
id":rln that aral would ha prnvilnl
only for the axart nntnliar of d'-laitatfa
j,i s lil'l for In I ha official rail find thiit
Niai'a rlrctlnif double th number of
anthoflx'l di'lata Willi hlf a vnta
would hava to anltla tho qnratlon
ti( whn la nilltlid to aoil b'-foia lln
invention inaata.
Tlia 'omnilttoa rnld It would not hear
lonleata from alali a elartlris rt'lfKittaa by
Jlrrct primary and that In bfm alti
tha rtelcgati-a faitlfli-d hy tha aacrclary of
tin I', would lia I'Ihcc'I on tha temporary
lull without nufallmi. Thla action will.
II l linlli'Veil. ifluia lh nunilier ol ton
teata to a nilutinum. Tha only fonleala
ihwa fur teported are from (inorgln and
Jiei-rtury Itaynolila will opan haad
nun Mara In chK'ano to reealva nntiee of
foiilecta atout May 10.
Tha auhrnmmltlea on airftnemeiita will
not meet anln unUI a fw daya bafora
tna convention.
aitnatlnn Trnaa.
I.ONPON, Aprtl 7. -Tlia allunUoii In
llollnnd api'Hrently la becunilng leaa laiina.
Ileuter a A Mwti'i'laol i'orriiiiiileiil vaya
mi linlli hIIoii of lliu elmima la thalof
fiii'ia of Ilia military tranapoi-tallnn alaff
of (In. aliiin ittllw will agiln tm
Ktmitnt li'iiva.
The Weather
li.n-iHi-i HII T n m ShIumIhv
l or iiiiihIiii, l o ilirll iniitnait'i onnni
trio nera I ii era at !. ralertlar.
I l.HIH. I 'eg
f. a. m . ..
a a. in "'
7 a. in 'I
a, m., t.
a a, in l
! i" ;
H a m m
I ' in .'
I p. in , I
? I- K)
' f I"
4 p m
I e in ,
e in . . , .;
p 1. 1 , . , j
r I oi tlreurg,
1 p In .
t I,-.,.. . I l.H. . .ir
, i I (ii. 1. 1 I (
I Hi, I I I . I
it . , I
? 'I
-t I', 'I
I I H' l(-tl '! Ol lb'!
'tu I
tSa, ,5
i 'f tt il : i
tnl.ill in
i, Mil l
I i
hi-l ' "
I I . I't
"I. ! 1. 1 -I'. I '
I Hull. .11
I.e. r
) . ... It- 'I
I.I I. I.i ttl
1. 1. I I II
.1,1 .
K 1 1
I vli. i
I .'I .I i
t . i. i
I ,ii i. ,
J.. I., .
.4 h '
, , . .pll
. iUi ?. I
u, . t
,u tl I '
I I.
...!. ... .. .(I. l'--l' '
Former Lieutenant Colonel of First
Nebraska Regiment Dies in
(From a Btaff Correapomlant.
WASHINGTON, April 7,--tfpf-rial
TeW'Kram.) Colonfl Oporico H.
'olion, iiovernor of I'orto Klco from
1 00 lo Hill, dlod I n t nlabt at tha
Walter Hed army hoapltal, to whlrh
ho rame aaveral daya ago from hla
home" In Connartlcut, I'olonol Col
ton had haen III for two montha.
Coloija) t'olton waa n wldowrr.
Two don and two alatera ara llvlnn.
The aona ar Frand t'olton and
fiorK Cotton and tha alntora urn
Mm, llandall II. Hnanar and Mra.
Archibald l'la, both of thla city,
Woloic"! ('niton, alio a ahout 'fi yei
of ma, waa a native of Illlnola, Print
lo Me appolrilon'iil lo Ilia iovernitieht
aaivlre ha waa a I'luliler of a hank af t'a
Vld I'll), Neb, I Mil ln th I'hlllppllia In
aiirrei tlon lie aerveit aa, lleoleoant colonel
of tin" J'irat Neliraeka retinent, lie an
(erel (he cualoiua aarvlca to Iha Philip
phira In Allium, l'l. flint aa a deputy
collactor and then aa a rnllactor of eu
torn at Hollo,
In ItWi ha waa aeleele y, oimil.e ha
Immltilon piiaioma aervlea and aeiveil
thera aa I'nltad Htalea rcelvr, In IW7
ha returned to tha Philippine, havlna
been appointed I'ollecior of rualoma at,
Manila, tie returned lo the I'nllad
Klalea In IWi and aaalaled In tha revlalon
of tariff lawa of tha phlllppinea.
In Ion-amber, l'fl, ho tmrn appointed
governor of I'orto flleo and held that
offP-a until Novemhar (, 1fl3, when h
realKimd to anaaaa n prlvita bualneaa Jn
(lie I'nllad Klatea,
Waito Gavo Himself
Typhoid Fever by
. Germ Inoculation
NMW VOHK, April 7.-Additional rvl
dene rcaardlng the Ufa hlntory of )r,
Arthur Wurren Walte, who haa con
feeand lha murder of Ida father In law,
John V.. Peck of flratid ftaplda, will be
aouahl by the dlalrlct , attorney' offlea
In ilrand llaplda, Ami Arbor, r,nln
and Kn In Din mm, .It waa annoiinoed to
nlaht, An alt.nt dlalrtct attorney
and a detaetlva will leava tomorrow for
Michigan to begin tha Inveatlgallon, JIvl
denea that Walla liiorululed hdnaelf Willi
typhoid genna, which ha had purchaaed
fr tha alleged purpfaa of caiialng tha
deal ha of Ida wlfe'g purniila, waa ohlalnad
todny by Platelet Attorney Hwnnn.
Walla waa trekted for typhoid laal N"o
vamber, It waa learned today, ahortly
after he had purchaaed tha ba'llll, 'i'hla
waa (wo montha after Ida onrrlnga,
Hert it, Illch, attorney for Kugena
Oliver Kntia, tha embalmer, whom walla
aald ha gava to (eallfy lha fluid h
iimhI In embalming Mr, J'eck f body con
tained arariilc, tnado a formil demand
today for tha return of tha S7,W0 which
Kana dug up from tha anot on Iong
leland where ha had hidden It and turned
over lo th dlairh't attorney. anld
lha money waa a. "gift front fr. Walta."
Mlaa C.'gtherliin Pack, alaier of tha mur
dered man, nlao demandeil tha money,
but It wilt he held aa avldenrn In (ho
Milk Dealers Grant
Demands of Farmers;
Consumers Suffer
i'UJ'Aiti, April 7.-Milk will be ad
vanei'd to D centa a ouart, an Increaaa
of t cent, by one of Hie Ihree. leading dla
trlhuilng i ompanlea lit I'hlcago, It waa
announced today, aa a teault of the atrlka
of Ifl.ofirt milk producera. Tho Inoreane.
will beeoma fffiirtlva Monday,
Tha Ira J. Ml company, which an
nouneed tha advance, granted (ha de
mand of tha farmer to pay II. W, In
alead of II M'i per W pound. Till ao
llon leave tha Borden and Bowman
eompaiile nlooa In tha fight with tha pro
ducera, ,
A lainporary Inluncilon restraining
meiulierav of Ilie Milk Producera' hmo
elKtlon from interfetlng with the bual
nee of the Hostnuni I miry company
wn grunted In li'. iill court tndny,
Chicago Anarchists Plot to Kill
All the Crowned Heads of Europe
I'llli'A'lM, Apill .' i:kll ice of ail
tiilrrnailmial anan hlstlc plo m assa
uliiiile all ruler of Europe n been ib
i ,.' end beta, a cm. ling a fm m il '
mem "rd l-idav t Ma.inv,
! gllolltcy of 1'iink inliol
Tha a 1 1 e 4 . I plui tii rai'lhe I ' lb
!! IH-'IIK) lil-ll n'.l'c (in. -.l ialli'M
lha a.i It. II Ira of Jeao ' a piu.oiri f lha g-ias'-a l In
baii piel HI b-oior of An bl-lli.. M in t.'
! ii ( e- a
Ti.a itn !. i. aid Hi1 li' '
Ilia -lii-i-a. lli.H.-ii (
in na m 'i I ' l io-rtif ttiiim
' "id en It-i Ul
A 'l .-.'bi.a lo lb tii'.ni,i..n h.i. h
t. l.r-l II. tlala, l.. pl'(
i Wii'imi I ine M-n til van... a
.Hi bi go.arieg. it bi '.i"i
i ma ien i..m 'i t o !!
I.. l h:'t - ii
-.a..-ail- H
l l"l. l'l UltU'il l.'...:t.
I- i I I'm. lea la I - ! i i a. --a- l-.-i
I al.' lha dlti .f lh a''-' I I '-'I
it(i, ..I Ihal l a but al leu .f
lh- -.,(.1 , ..."4l.,. l'l I.
I .' I . I.I ' ! I . f II il -I I I I'll!
1 l.i a-- l-r n .. ! . i I .
Vli 1 1 ) .a a . iin.aiil l Vli.l.Uni
' al. ( l t.i. a Mil a h - . t I't !
i' 'if a I H n... a1-! I v ! I I a
I i i.',
Fire Moiwii Pris-MO, $Jh(HK $.UH), $l.00--For the Fire I!est
Sol ul ions nf The Bee's Shakespeare Tereenlenarfi Fu::h See Silurian's Issue
200,000 MEN IN
Teuton Caiualtie" i',, '"';! 'rive
Prussian Reinforr ements Practically
I Used Up as Fast si Put in
j Line.
I I'AIIIH, April 7. Tho Unman'
lonea beforn Vordnii up In th piea
ent tlmn havo rouehod tho hugo tuttil
' of 200,000 men, ono of tho tti'fttoat
hnttlo loaac In lha mIhiIii range of
warfare, according to oatliiuit''
I mads public h'ie tmliiy from a aoml
' official Hourpc, "tho leanlt of rare-;
fnl inquiry mado In lh hlghoat
iiiarierg In which lha figure have
boon rlsnroitaly rhecked and veri
fied. 'D'Miiiiientfiry and toihal lentl
motiy jjathorod and unthontlciitod J
permit Ihn giving of pruclao tlflalla
rum crnlng the oc anfforod by tho
tJerniBiia and by tin on tlm Verdun
front," aaya the hmiiI official rom
munlrstlon Riven lo the Aaaoi'liitud :
lead In a 'I bay tome,
"foiling (b period from February 21
when tha Imllla began, to April I, It I
known that (wo army for pa, namely th
Third and tha Kightenlli, bavo been with
drawn from the ftonl, having loal In tha
flrat gtta' ka al leeal one (bird of Jhelr
forca. Thy have teiippeured aluc and
have again aulfcred Ilka Ion",
"Tha Herman relnfon emenii r prac
tically iid up aa faat a lliay ar P"t
In ulna, Tha total efactlve of tha Klghl
aerilli oorp bva In (hi way lol K.oo
mon and tha Third eorpa lui loal irj.oo
"I 'onceriiliig lha (ina Hundred and
Twonly-flrai illvlxlou, which took poa ei.
alon of North Van i. out Mgrvli ", wa
bava preclie Information. Mora than one.
half of lha aevenlli regiment, of It r
erve wa put out of action by our mn
chltim gun In (he Ineffectual attack
agalnat lha aloie of (he fort, The al
lleih regimeni met almllar lone, of
which lha lotnl reached W per cenl of
Hie regiment effective,
"Th Nineteenth 'Icrmaii infantry had
nlrfdy goffered almlbir loaarg In altack
log the village of Vang on Match , II
thlrtmh eompnny wn aorvrlai'dj.and an
nihilated. In entering i.b "lltagn twnaea,
It flrat batulllon wa red'ie.' i per cant.
"Thra leglmenl of the h'lavenOi J',a
varluii divlioii, which lid the attack mi
tin, Malmicourl Mud Avocouit wood on
March W and a, were each reduced one.
half, Their oae varied between V) and
W per cent, Tha Mine i Irur of lonee
of tha fourth regiment of tho Wec.ond di
vision of landwclir engaged under almlliir
iirrenl Aclnnl l.oaar. ,
"Tha foregoing ate only loex riming
tha ai.dunl atimk and do not Include the
loaae ofreglnifiil In the trcip'hc or in
roaerva lind'-r lha fire of our caniioM.
They era aolely the currcnl anlual oe.
Wa know tlial ceitaln O.'iinan unit hn'e
bad vory high current oea, tliat I to
ay, lof;a from artillery when no aeii.oi
of th liifniitrya In progrea,
"We cite for Instance, the llilrly '
evenlh regiment of Infantry which wn
uiplliK'd by our fire on the march to th'
(rciiche. It loel liut VO men and from
thla fact wo o reduced that It could not,
on Mm. I, 10, take prt In (hn altack 0,1
the Ullaae of Van, a wa ordered, in
place of the nineteenth regiment, whlcii
had been deelmuted by our map hlno
Snn Man Handle .ni,Mne.
PITTriMI'lt'lll, Pa., April 7. The Auto
mobile, hrnler' aHoclntloti of l'lliburgh
a( a meeting lt night adopled reo.
lultona condemning Ilia hluli n of
gailne In I'lttahuiKh. The noilai.,u
plan to buy gaaidlna from i-ompanie
ontalde the city and illil I'lhute It among
Iim al dentcre at C"l t' ".
, The itatm alt"ini,v nf'iii'1 In divulge
(lie Idi-lilllt of Hie lii.tli rthi. nunled I he 1
altennl pint, aiid ii il'Hl !'i-J In-e-Ol I
gnioi' s.iliOi to n.olliin ibe mile
no lit".
' Tbla man -a 1-1 I Id i aeiifl in a I h a, j
I. avr I .en bl 1. 1 In I 'bl. Ma'i and H III!
Per ,t ... t It 1 I' lltlea ti Ml II. illi'' ' ltn
tal'l In nHeli'l'il a i.ieiliii-t In II. n iil
al villi, I, 1,11 il.- ll'ill f. i 1 li H mi
.,. i.t t e k 'i f i'.e it ' li ao l tlial
n.e iu. Hi. i i an (j iai'li .t iliat only j
I I. .. l,.i r.e tin- a--.l 'he
It a l.-i ii' i I' f .Il I I . ii eie l.lli I I. a ,
f...ill In I .it "II. a '
I I.,- .ii. . ail. I . .,-i. .1.
',i.l. i" I", t ilif-'t Mai l"li '
iinbi at i I., l. .. I .nil. . l jf
a' l 1 1 i,e. a.a'v vi M'ii ! . j
lie a a. I. il l
' Y M'i. i 'l la --iH'i I"
H.iifei'.l It! ! ! l
,, . ' t . 1!,. ''e .. ted j
I ' , t. ! I 1 j
I ' lll I.'-" " .'V'!"I 11'- ,
li. o u i i ii. i.i i' i' li. a i
in. . I !. . -.. I ml h it.i
a I m' I -
I e lui .i.a 1 1 1 1 a I 'i ii' ' -1 . t . ,
4 a I.. I i I I . i I. I I- ' 1 e i- ft :
a. ., t .' ' a i
1 . a j.... ,.. -a'.l II'' .'.'... . ml
H I i-ili I ,l .. t ."ilii.ii ' I -.''
fca' I to V- .! i' ! t i. ,
.ha i 1 li.. , I a j
the doff tents of the soldiers encamped near this Mormon colony, now the principal base
from which the chase for Villa is being1 directed. The Mormons have aided the soldiers in
every possible way, principally with f,ood supplies.
, .
Total Production of Winter Crop
Forecasted at Four Hundred and
Ninety-Five Million Bushels.
WASHINGTON, April 7,A total
lnodiKllon of 4 915,01)0,000 luaM
of winter wheat waa foreruat today
ly Ihn iXpHrtnifiii. of Agriculture,
Iralng It oalliiialo on the eondltlon
of the crop April 1 and an aKaiimp
linii of atorugn abandonment of
airoiigo gnd averago Influonceg on
lie crop lo harvcHt, That rompHrea
v.lth ofi.i, 010,000 btialiola, (be i-all-tiated
productlun In 1915, and
rM.OftO.OUO Ininhcla In 191 1,
Cnndlllon "f Winter wheal, on April 1
wa 7S..1 per ;enl of a normal, agalnat
,S Jaat er, ft'.. III l!H4, and S7.3, tlia
averaa fur (be nl leu yaara, There
waa a decreaaa In condition from liecern
ber 1 lo April I of 0 4 pnlnle, compared
with an average decline of Sft point ba
lneal) l bona On Ic lu I he at ten year.
Tha a'eiage cnndlllon of rya on April
1 wa per cent of a normal, agtlnnt
l t on April 1 tnt )''ir, U S In 1H 4 and
Hi,- the avcrag r Ua laat ten yar,
Aereaaa la l.onar.
The Iicpgrtmenf of Agilculturg In a
alatemniit analyaltlng tha laport. aald:
"The amall productlnn foracgat I du
partly lo a reduction of about 11 per
cent from tlm acreage of lh preceding
year ami (o a low condition of growth,
naoiply 7,il per cent of .normal, which U
lower than lha condition on April 1, In
any year elnc 1'mt; It la 10 per ornt
poorer than the ten-year gvcraga. on
April 1.
"Tho ofiioie of Ihn low condition wa i
wci cold fall, caualng poor '-d bed
and poor atart for wluteilng. Much of
(he crop wa aown late, partly timn v
(cy of the aenaon and partly lo avoid
llcaalan fly,
"Tho iIchIiiu fly I reported present
anil active In tniiriy ertlou of the goutn
ern purl of llu lull.
Weather Hard on I. ale Wheal,
"I'llmiiih condition were bard"! "O
Inle than on early i-iled wheal. The
winter now covering a lighter tluin
naual, often lacking, ahd damagel
field bare of anovt; con1dirahl gral.'i
on low land " deatinyed by flooding
and the Injuring from fraaalng and thaw
ing wa grealer th.n naual. Tha southern
pin I of Ohio, Indiana and Illlnola and
port Inn of Mleaourl wera worst affected.
Tho relatlvaly beat aertlon are the moat
eaatrm and far weatern state. Tt.
season I lata and Ilia e extent if
ihniiagn In c obli-nial h'ul in the northern
port mn of tin- bell "
Needn't Sell Films
To More Than Single
Theater in One City
W -It I M il IV. April 7 The Kedelal
't'lude i iiiiimlHMl'ill li'dliv upheld lilt- rlt;lit
id lii'ill.ii, pl'lll.n film llUllllllllllg II
i rrii I'l Ii fit I'l Hell In litnie lliuli one
llieKlel III H III' '1 tl" .pnall'itl H4a
ml., I in iH,' n .;, M. hi mn of 'I., il. i
liUliHi f HaHltial a ltll I IbilHll liiil
a bl- It be i-l itig-'l l ad "ht rai'hutia
labia In f ilm I.i I"" i . . 1 1 t -a-1 ll'tr to the
aaiue cut 'IS. i ..iiinil .al.ii be!l Ibai to
li hliaMI.e ..f llili-lil In . .IO (I'll Ilie
in. a I'l pulp.. ii'.nii.i Ibe li-!" r 'in
oil a i i. "i I'ii i . i !' i'I I- n
i I-
FivnLaml Office
AppointinentK for
Nehranka Are Made
it v .iii'vuiiis piii r - i' t ol iv
a.., I "111 "Mllt.l I He ''l'".l. n -I'
I : t I . I -fit , .
i . ea I I a.... a ' ' ' ' I V- at
S . ,'. Ii .in- K .
, i i
i i ' .
I" " ..I ti- a
I I ii I. Hi I -
i . . ' , I .
1 . ., : I 1 f. , I ; t tt
V i'l, I'.i.l. V I-
' I .. t' I,. 1 . . I . I , i t" i, Il I' V , ) t
ai i. - ii'.
f, -...i i V'.u '.hi f i -... i '. -,l
. , I '
: ' l . p
':,'-' . i i. , ; .
Health Commissioner Connell Says
that All Cause for Alarm is
Now Passed Here,
"I can announce that tha scarlet
fever situation bag been checked to
nn extent (hut warrnnta mo In feeling-
at eiiHo," at a I cd Health Commla
aloncr C'onnnll,
"Of course," lie added "we ahull
net relax our vigilance over acgtler
Ing caaeg which will appear from
jinio to time, but the record for Ihla
1'ionih show that I lie danger point
baa been panaed,"
iHirlug the first l dat of Ihl innmh
Jonly nineteen case ware teporled, una
ra wa rcporteil Thiirarbiy, lha first
dy for four month, whan only one cae
wa reported, !r, Coniiell feel ihat by
tha hint of thla month nomal condition
will hav bean restored.
Tha mil break umad a aerlou aspect
during lha school vacation last Peecmhrr.
Mlnco January 1, IM cae bava been im
ported. ,
Large Coast State
Of Declares Against
Against the Empire
HAN Fit A, VC I Hi'D, 'al., April 7,-Taal
Nal-Wang, tt high civil officer of,th'i
yuan Hhl Kal government, baa been ex
fcuiad in Kwang Tung province by the
riivolullonarlea, according lo a cablegram
to tlm ('hlncsn Hepuhlh: uaauclntlon here.
The incaaiiKC, cniiflrmcil I be Indnpendnin e
(leclnriitloii of Lung ( hi Kuang and
Klated that cnndlllous III Kwang Tung
province ar not unsettled.
Kwang Tung la the flral aeacoaat prov
ince lo loin force with the revolution
against Yuan Mil Kal, i whose resigna
tion and exile baa been demanded
tho price of III aeceplauc of the cm-
peroi-ahlp, which I." later i-eno incc-il.
jTbeia are now seven provinces, all In
aoi.lheaalern Ch na. which bava ile
Icbireil their liulepiinlence of Yuan Hhl
! Kal, hut of theae Kwang Tung la the
must Important. In point of population
and Ha atralcgb: position on Hi aea
i 'anion, th chief city of Kwang Tung,
jbaa a population ilf ,ii and l hy far
lha greatest olty noinlnaled by tha revo
lutionist. The Independence of Kuan, Tung la
tlia upshot of weeka of continued mili
tary operation there hy Ihn revolntlnn
lit. I'uhli-n. directly to lha north, on
the cot. I the tiet province of Impnr
liinna In tha pa Hi of the rebel,
The province, ia hose gov ct hum have
j declared liidpi-iiiliu-n at Yunnan, where
i I bo revolution -Iiiii ill are hieijiili'ii, j
'Knei'hnn, Klang Hi, Hunan, Ktvaiigili
i and Kaang Tuna '
N fi b A Ti il t' , lw .April An rullu
fuinliv nt l pei anna m w ipeil mil In
llir Vtk. illali'el laat nlabl obeli
111. Wi Mni U'lli , bin lr. Hli'l .i.lhr-l In
Ian and lliiei- iUI'Irt-n m'- lent ! ir.t
Thill h'ii itu'l fn.n l.'iii'lintia were
I", Hint nm li.elr Iniiaaa an I i .Mia ai iit
't 1 t. eiiiii.i w a liai-.ivtril ! ro a in Uh
bii mi He 'HI a I ili.i
Mam b'lie Ik'Hii lra I IhM n- iliilti S i
lla (.f h. ini.i-leli-i ba-t lull
Firs' Aeroplane, Scouting Over
Mountains, is Complete Success
t Ii -tt I N-i I IMI' It s,rtt"S
" tlUf 1 '
. V V ! '
4. . !.. 4 lb.' ,.-,', I i ('!
ia.,g t i iMl lt .'-4,-;j
( i t i . ii - i - . .h J iii i-
- ! tti i I' l1 I I t t I .' -, v t. '- i ti i s"
id M' f )l!i I, iU t
I, I , . .4S I ft I 1 t H
t.l M 4 if i 4 nf i -v i 1 ' t-in I . f V U
li I v I . i f - 1 I t i '
y t - i I. i t - -.4
I' M . , l. 1 ' H 4 i h V (tt. I
. , . ttmrni--i ..... V fit
-.a f, ' - . f J
tL. fH.M JtLUviCL
Gain of Oermam West of Meuse is
Nearly Wiped Out by Counter
Attack, Says Pans.
PA HIS, April 7. Tha French lo
a grenada attack have retaken por
tions of the tranche raptured from
(belli by tha Hermans between Hth
lncourt and Hill 285, norlhweat of
Verdun, and made progreaa In com
municating Irencbeg In tho aama
legion, according lo the French of
ficial communication Igmied tonight.
A German attack) over a front of
over a mile and a quarter around
llgneourt waa repulaed,
mcni.IN, April 7. Hy VVtrelcas
'ii Sayvllle.V Capture from Ilie llrlt
Irh of mine rratar poaltlona aouth of
Ft. Klol, poHr Vprea, wag announcoi)
1'day by army headnunrtera. Tha
poaltlona were defended by Canadian
Iroopa, ,
- . ., . w a
PARIS, Aprf( 7. 'iernian forces
have penetrated g French trench' of
the flrat lltia between llethlneoiirt
end f'hnttanrourt, according to an
nouncement made today by the
French war office. Thla locality Is
In tho Verdun region west of tha
Mouse, A French counter attack at
once drove them bark from a, large
I .-(iportlon of tho poaltlona thus
aol zed.
Tho text of the atatement follows:
"Vrt of lha Meuae, In a night attack
delivered aftar a violent preparatory
bombardment against our position be
tween llethlneoiirt anil hill No. 2H,'i, liar
man fore nuiilo their way Into a lrrnnch
trench of lha first Una on Ihn highway
between l1etl)lncoiirt gnd hat lamoiirt.
"We at one ma do a counter attack,
which drove tha Herman back from the
grealer part nf lha pnntilous (hey bad
been able to sel-a. At present Ihn enemy
hold only certain advanced ei-iloin
along a front of about rt an!a.
"Kaat, of lha Meiiaa thei baa bean
an Intermittent bombardment and w
bava continued, to make prngresa In tha
eommunlegtlng Irencbe of tlia enemy
outhwet of tha fort of ttouatiinont.
"There have been artillery ej.-hangaa
lu the Woevre, but the night along the
remainder of the front passed nulnlly."
Belgian Woman
is Executed as Spy
by the Germans
AM-i.lll'AM. Apill 7 I Via London. I
' The asaeitlmi la made bv the Lchu
I'.elaa Hull Mies liat'rb lle I'elll of Mid'-n-Im
i Ii, l i Igl iio, lias In i u put lo ilc Hi
In t!i roiitna, after lit il by nnirt innlthil
...ii a , lutra't nt l l.a mn It la H I ! si !
i -i" i .hi. hi. ii 't an bii'iMiuii Imi I" 1 1 n il
ih, ib. Ii.i.i.hI iif i iir ma ii v iiieinii-a
The lie ai'ipi-r aiJ't SUli s Hi tl L'i'llat
V I '. I ellrnialea of Nile, baa . i-n a. n . (
(.M-., i.i ibeib, but thai Hie eeiiieine
las Inn i' nun Hi. I l-i Imp' ln.iiiiin lit r-n
,,,,11 f i-.,4Y M rl id Ut 11, tr(
tt-aM '( hm U ti ehli'h' f-l tv
j In t ( I m Hi f it-i t f flMrli yrt
Ian l'.. hi
11 i.i. tluT In., ii. tale
s.Mi, .1, Vh. mi, Smi.
i . t,.Hi H I'u , i hft .'0 H
K i' l . U. - -ii f . t ll-e.
V - I t' 4 t )l if, g
( i !- ih- ! i ii:- i, -m t ?- t -tt I !!
N ..i I I H-.w -4 I i t. v
H-t. V It 1 i t Mtttiji'l tt ti m i.-... l
(1 I r- . .1 It-VI , I - S . '!
... 1 1 it !,', t f t - '
" t'l I" ' hU I ' If
i a Ihat iw mi t "i t , I f t- 4 a t hi
r- n , . J . t'U.I I ' 4
Ten Outlaws Are Slain and Two Art
Captured in Skirmish at
Cieneguillai on
Captives Say Chieftain Left Town
with Two Hundred Men Early
that Morning.
F.n I'AHO, April 7. Kranclarn
Villa waa definitely located at La
Ho'iullln (onlght In a coda meggajtaj
received here from Torreon, IVfex,
I.g Hnnrjilllla I fifty, mile (Olifha
eat of Hatevo and about an equal
distance norlh of Itirral,
HAN ANTONIO, Tej,, Aprtl ,
fanegrr Villa waa at Clenaaullles,
ten mlloa aouth of flatevo, on April
4, according to (Joneral Lula Duller
Tt, commanding the Carransa Iroopa
In Chihuahua. General Jlell r
cdved thla Information from Chlhua
luia and tranarnltled It to General
Funaton today. American ravalrf
are pushing forward along the tralla
to and beyond fiafevo.
Dutlerre reported that Carrani trnmeg
engaged fifty Villa m)1 at nanagiilllag,
killed ten and captured two, Th pria
onerg aald Villa had left thera early In
the morning with ifi mn, leaving th
fifty a g rer gurd.
aeran Tenopa 'Sloafag,
Oeneral tiell reporlad that Information
from Melcan aouree Indicated that oma
thousand of the fja ttr.'.n go-yarn meet
troop wera being moved aoyth of Chi
huahua, With tha ostensible pilrfto of
checking the -elre( of Villa.
Another column of Amfrtrtn earalry
arrived at rulhulrlehlo to aupport that
of fololiel W, V. Ilroari, who reported
there April 4. aeeordlng to report
Heneral Kuuston' headiiuarter today,
'olnnai riron pllnd bl delay In
rendering g report, f!r th engagement
a few ! ago at Agug Callenl, near
Hacbtiieva, bv saying he and hi fore
bad exhausted their money and be bad
bono lo pay tha eipena of fatting a
ttieeage I" a commercial wire.
npply Train Arrlfe.
Tb arrival of the eo,nnd column of
troop at t'ualhulrtaehlo, April G, w ral
dilated to glv freh pnpetua to (h force
following Villa rlong the. trait througt,,,
Naiavo, Polonet rtrown, It wa learned,
had fllan back on tha Cualhulrlaehle on
account, of th eomplata hntlon of
hi auppllea. The column that followad
him Into ftilhiilrlebla convoyed hvy
Pek train and hare, It I believed prob
able that, newly pro vlsl oned, he haa r.
aumed hla chaae of th handlf chief, now
beading toward the walling force of
Carramta, according lo report from Chi
huahua. Colonel Tlrown tnada rrangmn(g to
aacura money from American mining com
panlea operating In that dlatrlct.
onsnl l.eti-her Ilepo--t.
WAHiriNfJToV II. C. Anrll l-Am.e.
lean fonu Itohar, at Chihuahua, In
oiapaicn received at tha War dar-rl.
ment today throllill Malor Oenaral trim.
ton, told of ome of tha reauit of th
cianra Oct wean American troop md
Villa force at Agtia Calient on April
I, and thn fluht between tha bandll and
Carranna troop ner Clenegulllg threa
daya later.
l-efiher reported peralatent rumor
In Chihuahua that Villa ha bean
wounded. Ha aald tha fight at Ague
Caflenle reaulled In tha killing of thirty
or forty bandll by troop of th Tanth
cgvalry under Colonel Prnwn. nrown'
trooya wera reported aa living for tarn
weak on beef and corn with auppllea al
most eihausti'd. A mining company,
I .etcher aald, bad relieve th ahortage
by endliig spe.-l train with tup
pllea ami forage.
At tha fight of r'lengutlle, th rrran
tf'oiillriiied on l'aga Two, Column Two )
Proposes to Prornoto
Colonel Q, A, Dodd
WAKHIMi I'uN, i r., April t.A Mil
In autliiillae Ihn president to promote
Col. met ileum.. A Ihi.IiI, who recently
l"l He Annul. nn Iroopa In Mi-dcii In a
dash aaalnst Villa force, to lha grade
or pr'gn.ii.'r lienrial, waa Inlrod l.-ad la
ilsy by liapiesaniallva Kb of I'enn-
ivtila Ilie il'limal Bill telll nll
t nlSht It. ill lioit f Hr llan.tar
Hi'savll emu hi f..iiiiarly dran nt lh
tt.-iilta of iu.. Il ina aol iiiiadtii pt
. a..l ,,t i ll lair . i, i,f iim lni(it,
f I 'tiiii'-'tii , ,i-. U..I .ilit tn.iti bl
Plilaa - -t I 1 1 - 'til (.tug alLKbl rt ten
t a lu.-i.ii ai hll.l lililni h lo lit
ilw ai.i.i. i Ai- tiaiilrr, all. i eat
.. in n i .v eat lha antH-i e a a "
-r et on I' al " . a il'll
lui" It auiii- til,
I Wish!
" I wUH I "v!.l M-ll il.;vl
hII luinihiii','
"I wili I t'uiil.l m-II 1 1 1 a t
h1-1 WllUll,"
"I vi iili I c. ii!. V J (tut
til. I Hint liUlt'l V,"
nil r.tll, if I tn ettip )i
ii'a., Mill lit ft ItHlf ti l in
'Hut U i- hu i ,