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    TIIK FEE: OMAHA, Kill DAY, APRI L 7, lOtfi.
Society Notes -:- Personal Gossip -;- Entertainments -:- Club Doings
i mill ii
iiaW''Wl'i)''i'TiiWW'il jiii ji piii iiilMBiWp !li)(lHiii)pii wni, " - .., 1 wi uy ,,
TA yVeu omi 0 arf Schaffntr & Marx Clothti
Wonderful Offerings for Friday and Saturday
Bargain 'Basement
TWO-DAY SALE that you will have better opportunity to obtain just what you
want if you check the items you expect to buy immediately and then come to the store
bright and early Friday morning. Of course we have prepared liberal quantities of
the merchandise, but even our generous allowance will not last long at the prices we '
quote. '
Bl anketBargains
Fast Colored Iteacnn drib Wan
gels, larse aaenrtment of patterns.
Hit 80x40 Inches. Values to inn,
specie! Friday, OC
earn faOt
Kxtra Large film Woolnsp Wan
liets, plaids and checks; plain gray,
tan mid white. Vale, to 1 ?Q
12.25, spedat, pair. . . , , J 1 U
I-re fllr.e Double Col (on Illankels,
In white end diirk colon. Regular
valuee (0 $1.40, 98C
I! by Crib Illanketa, ele 30x40 In.
While and tun, fast tolored pink
and blue border regular Q
15o values, each UC
Kino Birlctly All Wool Blankets, In
plaids and rherka. Ijerse else. Reg
ular valiinfjio Ifi.G", d .4 fQ
sale price, pair pTOV
Kxtra Heavy Woolnap Blankets,
Ml 72x84 Inches. Wide bound
end. Whit, (ray and Ian, Regular
value $3.00, aala price, 1 Q
pair PaSel7
Urge 8le, While Cotton Filled
Comfort, figured ailkollno covered.
Yalus to fl.26. 70 n
each I 2C
Kxtra I.arge Size Comfort, white
cotton filling, fast colored allkolln
covered; full SOxftO lnchea. Medium
and heavy weights. t 1 QQ
Value! to $2 50 spleiO
Hack Towels, Sc
Three eaaea of full bleached buck
towels, with;; fancy border' and
hemmed enda. Hlze IfixIiS lnchea.
Very special, each Be.
iy9 Toweling, 60
Full bleached, In the damask f
feci patterna of dire or polka dota,
Dutiable for napkina or srarflng.
ftpeclal, yard Be.
lOo Napkins, 8c .
6,000 Mercerlr-ed Napkina, hem
med ready for use. Hlr,e 1818 Ina.,
all In very pretty pa!lernvKach 8c.
lOo Towels, 15c
Two cases of full bleached Turk
lah Towela, hemmed enda. Double
thread and fluffy. Hire 21x43 Ina.
Each 15o.
$1.76 Spreads, $1.49
Two eases of hemmed spreads, In
the crochet kind. Very heavy, In
a range of pretty patterna, weight
2 pounda. 13 ouncea. Size 86x5.
Kach 11.49.
3oKnit;ed WhCloth lo
Away Down in Price
Woraen'i 2Re Fiber Silk Hoot Hoae,
eeconda; black and 1 J
tan, at IOC
Woman's Fiber 811k Boot Hosiery,
double heela, toea and aolea; garter
topa. Black and colora. Hec- fto
end of 35c quality, palr..3C
Women'a Fine Cotton and Uela
lloalery, black and white. All dou
ble heela and toea. Light gauxe and
medium weight' Also out-alaett Jn
black hoae. Heconda of 26o 1 (J
quality, special .....IOC
Women'a Fine Cotton Hosiery,
black, white, pink and blue; plain
and ribbed topa. ftpeclal 1ft
aale, pair 1UC
Women'a Cotton Seamless llonlery,
taat black aud apltt aolea. nt
Uo quality, pair U 2C
Men a Fine Cotton and Lisle Rocka,
black and all colore. .Spilt frnt
and all ahlte feet, J r"
pair at IOC
Children Fast Black Conun Una
lerv, all sites. Regular (t
10c quality, pair U2C
Soap and Household
1'iamwd 'V (. bare 9'c
White lor4 ,tha Hp, ITr
Ivarl Wkne, Ji br fi.r
! NiUi Jrt bait tor y.H
Vion,l J, JV r)te ftp
Jl I(im t.Mi. t'V raie 5p
Jvihnvili yuwr at, 1 16 rn. tJtfl
.:)4u tiir, iK) ia .. .
I or W mt H-p. a tr . . H
A U lr l..'r tii tMl
(if Vui4 '.K.r I'uua KrfiiUr
Switch, 98c
Natural Wavy Hair
Worth $U3
Ttw t a Remark ' ffr
ii'-f !; ! ' i hir "
l.-mri tr;im S,ture
Women's Suits.... $5.95
More than .'100 Suit at Ihiu price. Jut
think of buyitifr a Knit now t go mnflll
a prion, itiwde of all-wool Herges, (f ranit r
cloth, crcpo worNtcd, novelty clotlig, fancy
checks. Dozcim of pretty ntylcs nt thi
price, M the new colors, as well as
Mack. Alao Suits for Ihe junior,
Ifl, 15 and 17-
Three Very Special Lots of Women 'i and
Misses Spring SkirtsOver 2,000
' to Select From
At $3.49
Doxena of pretty, un lo lhe minute alylca,
made of fine all wool aergea, poplin, novelty plalda, fancy checka. fancy
wide and narrow atrlpen, etc. Wide full aklrta, many with high helm,
new pocket and trimming features, etc, Aleo many extra sixes for
slout women', Would be excellent values at $4.50 and 5.00,
At $1.95
Hundreds of splendid skirts at this price, correct stytei In shep
herd checks, while corduroy fancy plaids, all-wool serges, etc. IM
ens of styles, made with pockets and belts. 13.00 and $3.60 values,
At $1.39
A wonderful lot of skirts at this price. Over 1,000 skirts In this
lot. They were made lo sell to 13.00. Many samples, doxens of good
materials, doxens of good styles, serges, fancy cloths, chocks, etc. The
beat, lot of skirts, ever offered for so little money.
Girls' and dhildren's Wear
At $1.00 ,,At48c
; 4 very special lot of fllrls'
Dresses, ages 2 to A, 6 to 14 and
13 to 17 yeara. Many sample
dresses In this lot, made of fine
wash materials, fancy plaids, flnef
French glnghama, novelty wash
materials, repps, pltpies, fine
crepe tissues, etc. )oxens of
styles. A wonderful lot, dresses
that were made to sell up to $4.00,
Hundreds of liirls' School and
Play Dresses, ages 2 to i and 8
to 14. Many different styles, plaid
dresses, fancy chfck and stripe
dreaaes, novelty cretonne com
blnallona, middy dreases, etc,
Wonderful dresses at the small
price of only 48c.
Just a Few Items From a Moat Wonderful Stock,
One Lot of "Magnolia," very high grade enamelware. A
beautiful peppered white color, both inside and outside.
2 Quart nice Hollers, worth 6c
-Quart Merlin Kettle, complete with cover, worlh 79c... , jCnOlCe
11 Inch Seamless Collander, worth 4 He ,,
No. 8 7 Quart Tea Kettle, worth 89c
lOQuart Water Tails, worth 69c
3 Quart Coffee Fota. enamel cover, worth 70c
2 Quart Tea Tola, worth c
14-Quart Dlah Pans, worth 79c ,
Quart Preserving Kettles, worth 69c
(HO 4 Quart High Grade Aluminum ttauce Fans,
they lsst, each
600 7 Quart Heavy Hpun Aluminum Tea Kettlea,
a big bargain, white they laul . ,
One lot of 4 lie parlor brooms, each , Iff
Hmall slxe, gslvanlxed. . . ... i iw i i "tt0
Medium site, salvanlned. , . . J W Alllf (ftc
l.arg slxe. galvanised iTllb 1
Kxlra large slxe, gahaulied. B .H()o
(ienulne Maydole Hammers, any sue or style , 4jj
Genuine Henry Dlston Hand Haws..,. , SI. 40
Genuine "Sheffield" $1 i'l j)Hc
Genuine "HtllUon" Wrenches, Id Inch Vt'Jo
Genuine "fltilleon" Wrenches. Mlnoh njjp
Spring and Summer Hats
Untrimmecl Hemp
Hiindrfttt of smr new blovks In goJ qushiv
Jiie hemp, such a Hi ' ri'ti h',
I'limh hum Milr In rlt rt'-n and straight
thiiin All the miwi antrd. color, slack, sa).
kn't, v, iic IU' ii avntUl la l
It ht i. ti H for, nr
r ( , , .,.iOC
In Our Misses' and Juniors' Section
m Nw Sample 1UU, $165.
HHmwH m fcVei'4V.
- t
4 ft 4 Wt"v,
:i-V-4 ts.:t a4 a ' '"
M aits i-4t a.. tfi. tit,
te',-t a i-a t.g, a- !v - . f
i I.. i- '
' I t "- a MS M
U rta4 y ttl ftk aav,t.nt
IU 1 ml ft t it
tl4uft ri ! t 14 t4
I 9 I x r
Hi.ti a ' ia
l ft kftrt J ftH-4 ft k
ftHia( Htft Wt h r-P''
'"f ftt- vi4 t-'ftH s t.t. it
,,f t.l V V ft Jt w ,t , a
The Genuine Herelt f'lasalr, Dress
Gingham, beautiful checks, plaids
and stripes, absolutely fssl colors.
Mill shorts to 20 yards, (tegular 10c
value, asle price, n
yard ,,,b72C
3Hnch Unbleached Muslin, full
standard I,. Ii, grade, soft finish.
Full bolts, 8c talue, ape- n
clsl, yard , 0 2C
Full Htandard Dress I'rlnla, all Ihe
wanted American and Hlinpson's
designs, neat dots and figures. Full
bolts, Indigo and Calcutta blues,
grays, black and while and shirt
ing styles, at. less than mill f
cost today, yard DC
Itest grade, Pure Indigo Dye, Apron
Gingham, all the wanted small, me
dium, broken and staple checks.
8c value, aale price, n
yard Dy2C
3 lnch Hleached Muslin -"Cora,"
one of the staple brands, Kxlra fine
soft finish, free from dressing, Full
bolls, at less than mill "71
cost, rlpeclal, yard 2C
Dress f'errale, full standard grade,
light and dark colors, all the want
ed slrtpes and figures, Remnants
and full pieces now so eyl
scarce, Vard I 2C
Extra Special
From 1:30 to 10:00 A. M.
Mill Remnants of 32 Inch Devon
shire Cloth; 32 Inch Dress Ging
hams snd Kilt Hulllngs, All shades,
beautiful stripes and
checks. Ungl lis easily riff
matched. Hale price, yd.,,,,. .
Never Equaled in Price
Good Gold Kyed Needles, 4 pack
ages for Re
Fast' Colored Darning Cotton, each
for lc
Wash Kdglng, large bolt for.,. 4c
Sliell Hair I'lns,. special, box.,,40
Good Machine OH, bottle...., fto
One fllg ,ot of Good Machine
Thread, spool 2c
12 Vard Holla or Hias Tape, bit, 40
Heat Mercerised Hick Rack, while
only, bolt i0
Good Itust Proof Dress Clasps,
card ...... 2o
HI as tic Remnants, speclHl, piece,
One Hlg IOt of Hllghlly Soiled Nov
elty Rralds, all Imported, worth to
2Sc, bolt 7o
lon-Yard 8 pools of Good Sewing
Good Cordonnet Crochet Cotton,
all numbers, ball 4c
Han HIlk, all colors. Special, spool
tr 3',0
Iarge Hair Nets, eseh,.,l
Greatly UnderpriceH
Women's Fine Ribbed Union Suits,
cuff snd lace trimmed 1 "7,
style. Regular sizes only,, X I C
Women's Fine Cotton Union Suits,
umbrella and cuff knee styles. All
sizes, some silk taped and fancy
luce trimmed. Worlh ng
to &0c. at CtOC
Women'a Kxtra Mile, Cot inn
Shaped Vests and l.ace Trimmed
I'ants to Match, summer weight.
Worth 35e, sale
Women's Fine Cotton and Uale
Vests, In "Cumfy -Cut," sieeveles,
lug slervns and square neck atyle;
fanry laci trimmed. All 1 (
sUs. Worth to 25c IOC
Women's Sleeveless Vests, large
slips, Seconds ef 15,c quality,
specially priced 7V2C
Glila' Cotton Union Hints, sleev.
leas; lace trimmed and cuff 'knee
sttlr All sues Hon' Nhort tfleve
Union Suits, ecru and white, Ail
eisrs Worth Gt SV,
Thre Orfat Axminstfr
Ru BArcalns. These nre
Smith's itest Axminster
Sua WrguUr I'rice Hale True
Hvli ln. hr ., , . .,., , . M
1? N In.-hes , , J J f
3li in, he . 1,'ri
Hag Rug i
wort Te at , I
Just the Thing for HM1
Runner Axminater
Rug Strips
1 ' " .!!
i Garden Club to Meet Nctt Week
j Skill Required to Beautify Lot
1 Around the Home,
H 111 1,1,11 M I 4 rll 0.
I'lsna fur siil n lis suit l- illfjlii
Ihwiim h i kI I I. ) .inl- sin sieii'ly i.ii
i1cf wsy, Tim (Isflfti flulp, ciniN:ied of
sell .known insli'iiis, will iiifi eiiil
u-l wis m ml ii 1 ( pjh,ii Hi" work of
III'' nl'llng sii'l K'lliililil'.
A lll, "Kluners fr V'pur in1'ii,''
will Iph Ml"n si llif Ippiiii Woinen'r
Tlilflllsii dMi'llliu I'rilnv evening s1
n'cli'li liy iti, Hi-i,tw M. I'syne,
wtioxe kMi'leii' t I'n irwi e for nimiv
esr whs ipne of the slniv flmtei and
Hir.l, (ilnifd nf Hie ell).
Tliei In iiiiii'li mure lo Hie kh.bii.s nf
lil'illis still flnwein sli'iill Imiiie Willi
II nwti Kliailnwn, U'ik nik u"i" "r
"islile than Hi mere pulling- In of seeds,
rents er Inillis. Aii one esu t'siit s
field, cultivate II, mill It will grow,
fllit S lionse I'll Is if He It different
matter-there HI" flnei anil e'ii-illi
for full sutillaM. oilier fur half llshl,
Kill) SSHltl Hie lieiillllflll, f It : I IK Wllil
will leaf sn t flow r In rIimi1-.
Il n Hie tiesiillfvlnt of (lie lileult aiol
n lie unci i i,f ihe tionne or the gaiiine
lhal reuulrea some spnelnl Slinwleilan,
There m sr.iiifllilng llnil will inake
liesullful eery spot nf earlli, but one
miiat ulvs i some Inveallsslliirt snd
Ibfti.ghl. That Is why Imnks on flower
and shr ill live inn wriilen, and why
lovers of the beautiful have given tln-lr
time snd enemy sll Iticne year trying
t Interest the heedlcaos,
Unitersity Seniors Affairs,
senior of Hie t'nlverslty of Omaha
were entertained liy the women fei:y
metiihers Tuelay ftinooi at Hie (,inne
of Ml All'-e. IIipsX with S "'"t "h high
les," The tables a ere decorated In green
snd while, 111" Has color, Kipeilal
tvntrh reading and song were given hy
Mr. A, Walt, M' Kllsaheth flnrdon
and Ml Ils. Those prenent were:
loiroHiv M''Mmrsy,
Aniriiam Knlglil,
Melius Anderson,
i:,iua Mnnior.
Kllsalieth Uordim,
I', Howie
lluih I peters,
Uls'lix Tiillmadge,
,,a I'lerce,
Knle l,'lugh,
I'misy 'A'lllliun.
Vera ('Ink,
I'ffle I'lelliml,
M'smis,"' -VI,
lor iPellolf
( 'hai e Krandsen,
M" lames -'''1,0
fsji SVlilei.
'V, N Unfi,
I. f'lbert,
l, Dill lie,
Messf ,
Hainii-I Hlftiky,
:,l-ln Hells,
Me la nii -
y 1 iri l.i id
II, h. flinnl,
A. Walt,
K. l-e...
Pie a la
S a home dessert
our Ice Cream
served with pie,
gives a popular
form of dessert
for the home.
. The Fairmont Creamery Co,, Omaha, Nsbflj
We have a special service de
partment offering valuable ex
perience to you In selecting your
Let us f u r n I s h this ssrvict
without cost to you.
Sam Newman
1S09 Farnam St.
Pawns Dsugla 41.
Triday Bridge Luncheon Club,
The Kilday Hrldu l.nii' heon l'il niei
Hits iiflernoon wi.. Miss hlUali") h liavl
and Miss Melioia itls, Mrs, Hen Wood
wax (lie only nunilier not present. The
club lll nnillniie, lo m t eveiy Mmidny
fenior,M ruling 1'Ht Willi the tiss-s
Inivls In nil1 for l"''l ehsrltlrs
White-Purdy Weddin,
Mr. and M , 1'i'genr I'uidy anuouni
the msitliige of their ilfitislilel , Anna
t,oralne, to Air, MenHt t.yle While of
Ids tiro's, In, The rnarilaHf ws solemn
ized Tuesdav morning flt,1l o'flo'k if
Iha parsi'tinge of the Klrsl Methodist
cliurrli, tlev. Tllns liwe, officlalltig,
Them wet no wed'Hna auesls nor bridal
II II "ll'll! nl ,
The bride Is a xrndusle of Hie Culver-
silv of ImiimIii. and was the (earlier of
dmnestlc silence In Ihe parlfle Juni'lluii
nnhld' schools,
Mr. aid Mis While will he at home
at Ida iUnh nfler April IV
On the Calendar,
For the first time In fuilnlulii Hie
Original fookliiK (lull lis enough mem
ber home lo hol'l a meet log, The elnh
will meet nei Tliurday afternoon wllh
Mrs, Ward M. flurges.
The last meet In nf tile season of the
Trinity Parish Aid society will h held
Wednesday morning st 11, ! o'clock wllh
Mrs. Thomas Hriwn, The sodely will
not meet a mi In iinlll (he last Wednesday
III Heplemher.
Mrs, llenrge Xoiilrca nil) he hostess Krl
day aflernooii st luncheon at her home
for the Fortnightly Auction tlildge club.
For Guests from France,
Mr, snd Mr, August Wot he liorgluni
nli;rfnliifd a few Intimate friends at dhi
tier al their heme very Informally Wed
hcsihiv enlng for the (roii and Huron
ess e Malanessne of A lx, I'rovenre,
Fiiic, The baron, who Is In Hit coun
try on sick lease, recovering- from a
wound received In hatHe st Arras, Is of
nnn nf the best known families In France,
Ills sister Is Ihe Countess d Hray, whose
largest estate near Itrusails have, been
literally wiped out In Ihe war, Harone
de Miilunescne, was formerly Mis l! ri h
of lies .Mollies.
Lenten Affairs,
Twenty mciiiliers of the Ti hilly Pariah
Aid society met wllh Mrs. K. '. llcnrv
St her home yesterday,
Mrs, J. Frank Anson entertained Hires
j lahlea at lulilg'i thin afternoon st her
Women's Golf Club Social,
The Prettiest Mile, l adles' 'lolf cuft
was entertained Tueaday evening b
Mis. Frank Jtissell, who wss assisted
by Meadames Wllllsiit II, Prurnr, Harry
tiorst, Iiavld M'-fafferty, Charles Zlr
hsrth, Cliff lllddleslon, Frd Irkln snd
M. J, Morell, The'cluh eolors, green anf
while, ware srtlatlially coinljliied In the
floral decoralluna about the house and
lh the attire of hostess snd ssslstanis.
After the huslnes metln a Sie-la'
tirogrnm followed, consisting of "A Moi'V
Marriage," by Mlsans Northrup snd
. .1513-1515 AfffK HOWARD ST.
Will Savo Ygu Mono " TWeS A Reason
It Pays to Get Our Prices Before You Buy
Crowds Continue to Flock to Fine
Arts Exhibit and Vote Their
The large crowds vlHltinjj the ex
hibit of northwestern arllsts, whft'b
is being held at the publlrj library
under the nMsolers of the Omaha
Cine Arts society, ronttnne to show
I. preference for Ada Walter rlhul,'
The Cabin Mother," the paint Inn
that ia leading; In the wiIIiik In the
popularity contest.
This wldely-dlscoHsed canvas now
I as a comfortable lead over the rent
post popular pulntlti, "Ills le
rianic," by K, ft. I'axson,
"'coulee," from the brush of Or
tendt J, Karnes, althotiKh having re
ceived scores of votes Wednesday,
remains In third place.
Many Omaha art loveS were enthuslss
He over two paintings In Hi enlillilf from
the brush of Kan rOnieniig of Hsu
watosa, Wis, "Autumn," a wmk that, at
tract much attention bees us of (I rl'h,
delicately blended i Mum nd effect of
tone, has received many vo'es In the tst
few ila,
"Mllwanbee litter,"
Mr, Utolte tilieig's other palntlns, "Mll
wijudes Hlver," lna also been the sublet
of much favorable comment.
One nf tbe. pnlriHngs that, has shown
wonderful gains In Ihe popularity ontl
Is "Nesr Turkey Mountain," tha work of
an Omaha art l( -'Jeorgs Parker, jr. A
large number of vote wers cast for this
rants Wednesday evening,
ftbhert Koehler, represented st ths tofsl
eshlbll wllh two finely sseeuied pslnt
ln In oil, "At Oloncesler, Mass," snd
"Portrait of U Osusls," was born In
(ieriosny, but wss brought to this coun
try when Ii wss only ye. n old. Me
later returned to Munich in study, Mr,
Ko4ler bs been director of tba Min
neapolis fP'hool of Fine Arts since pi'pf
Me has won honorable awards In Cranoa
snd In Kavsrla was given the cross of
ihe Older of at,. Ml-bael, It's palnflng,
"Th Holiday Occupation," hana with
the permanent collection In the Pennsyl
vania academy, Philadelphia.
Praise for Minneapolis tint,
Kdwln it. Hewitt, who painted "Vto
lets," a well spoken-of canvas In the
local exhibit, la also e A! Ibnespoll man,
lie Is president of the Minnesota Ktata
Art commission and a din-dor of the
Minneapolis Hchool of Kin. Art.
J-.dwIn M, Jiawea, represented In tha
Omaha exhibit with "New Yorii Har
bor" and "Woodland Jllllslde," la truly
n srllst, nf th northwest, Ms was born
In Iowa, Aa en artist, Mr, Jiawea waa
nllrely self taught. Mo has ben "Winning-
swsrds each year since 1 at. tha
different held m north western
Fllnn, Mrs. K. ft, rturke, seenmpanlst;
filiation by M'lrne J, p. Hprsgue,
Flmer Wonder and If. ft. TJagcli, ami
s'ltiga by Mrs, Frances Krlls and Mrs.
P., A, Newell,
Ihe members present were;
Meadame - Mesdanie ,
f.ula N. Jerome, V, II lllnn,
l.ouls It. Il,iikliis, l,d ward ft. Iiurke,
Twevci-v-v. -u..
Every One
of These
have jong
deep linen
drawers and
double cabi
net doori and
lined drawer
for lilmware
Our Prices;
tixiuilnn (jnsrlriril nss, r tuineil.
tieniilne uuarteted i'k, anblen r f iiiied,
tli iii.lns qua'tend k. -lden or l unrd,
r"i ei
ih $13.25
., , ,
1 ' VJ
-7M ' i
' fcj . . I . s
A biBiPtul (ttlden mis llulft't, Imhvi Inn, cmulna
Uatttt ed us a , , , , ,
Dining Room Tablca-Our Prices
IJilnih t'l' tin't siiruiliirt, gmulne i l I qisrtste.t ia, nldes
r f ! - .-ill
41 Ini-h lip(p, S fi-ol tlciisitn, anMlne srlevl JIllffJ IMkk .l.le
r U.t.
(4 Ittrh ti' a fpit ilsue. ssnuine et auartsftJ v, t to
fdeet.J -HIU..'V
M tin h inp, fit eiisBsina sauij vl I auanerd .k, rest m,
I old a vr fmurd , , f'J I ,IU
1hs ta'dra at solid quarter ! oak t a . ai t
A, .. Hebants,
I,. l i srr,
V, W. Pfleglng,
J. II, t'uloff,
f. J. 'lei, II lib,
(', il. Mlddleston,
Krank llussell,
Charles TUIessetl,
Hay lUilnliolt,
P, .1. t'reednu,
I'lnur Wonder,
I. W, Hprau'ie,
Iiavld M. i 'affiirty,
II. .1. Mnlih.
M. .1, Morell,
Waller A. Meyer,
W, II. Primer,
Prank l Johnson,
(', M. Mortenseri,
Prane's W, krlts,
II. II. Liggett,
llarrv Ipnrsl,
I'. S Itslnlpolt.
ttalnh W. Krnerson,
1. H, gulsintierry,
fliw e Northrun.
t'siher'ne Morri
son, bus Hmiih.
(jiura lyek.
V, '. Kascall,
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Social Gossip,
Mrs, liul Marhall of IJncoln, wh baa
Ipean Ihe gumt of Mra, Arthur II, Walsh,
has returned hiimn,
Mlas Hiirtnrs llahm, who ha bepen
srsnillii her spring acalum wllh her
parent. Mr. sod Mrs. J. II, llahm, baa
teturned to her sludlea at MnnllrellK
aemlnary, tbslfrev. III
Mr, A. II. t'urrle ha returned hom
sfter a visit with hia parenia In rob.rsda,
riay at Settlement Home,
A one. a. I far,, ' Th Trouble st ft
lir . s ' will La linn i hi. h,i,i,(
h H'H Is I Hlenient homm hr th Mi
tiik rmp fir Oirls under lh r)
re-llon t.f Miss ll.trii tlarvtn aid MiM
.eta Hiildtrga. Taking .art In u.s play
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t'ai V i.l.l.
Maim KllUait,
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