Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 04, 1916, Page 6, Image 6

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The Ilea Puhiiahlng Company, proprietor.
Knferad Hi 'imah jjoatoffpeae eeondla matter.
TUtMS OK uiik:hption,
My lerrler
per month
, ,.&
! .2n;
Hy mull
par year.
4 14
4 'O
4 '
1 00
ruiif nd jni r
tally without Kunday
Kventng and (tunday. .,.,.,
Keening without ftnririay.,,,,
Kvening mil out feurt'Jiy
Monde Im (inly.,,...
I 'ally and Kunday liaa, three yaere In advene.. I0 IO
tid notice if of eddraa or Irregularity in
)iirery to Om ah aJ ""jX'if ' "la Hun peparrm nt.
Flemlt hy draft, tpra or p..etl erder. Only lwo
rent afami received tn payment of amall account.
'raonal check, eircept on Omaha end caatern
flig, rni iwil4
Omahe The lie Itulldlog
Pnnth Omaha-Mi N eir,
(Vxinell Muffe It North Main eireet.
I,lnr.,ln--ii Utile Itulldlng.
i 'hi. a'. urn i'Miri-a " rtuiidin.
N fork- Room II' ?t Fifth vnu.
ft t,nul-f) New Hank if l'innmir,
Wehlnginn7 Fourteenth alrael, N. W,
Addret rnmmunl' ail'ma relating to nawa and edW
tot 11 matter tn Omaha It"", Kultortal liatiarimntt
54,328 Daily-Sunday 50,639
l"wlghi William, circulation manager of Tlia H
ibllahirig company, balrig duly gworit. v that the
iw circulation (or the month of February,
We 4 2I dally and ". M'lriday,
lW((IIT WII.IJAM. tin illation Manager,
ui,crtbd In m prence and a'(0 to before
ma, ttita M day of Mar. h, m
fuvbKltT lIUNTWn, Notary PublM.
0111mm rltMirt leaving the idly tengjwrarllf
ehould have Tit lUm BieJlwl to thmn. Ad
dreee wtiJ b changed m often M rueetvl.
The rope pulling tor nw Union depot for
Omaha fuuvt not U itlloncd to hk.
And tb 12,000 cburlty btng ovor from th
Amwcliitwl IteUlliiM' iioncwrt coumo will com
In might? h&niy.
Anotbt-r !) of Chin U in ravoit analiiHl
Vuan. Th ftnlf-fllectid prcnldunt In glvlnii a
llly Imitation of Honor llunrU In WmIco.
ItRiiiciubcr that mora punpla are Kolna to
rM rich by (nvoatlng In Omaha rnal niitala In
(h futora than hav aotttin rich that way la
(ha paat.
The aama rfRltrtratlon roqulremtmU apply
to tha drya aa to tha weta. You unittt bt rn
llrf4 by nt Haturday If you want to vota In
tha primary,
Federal probfri ara diligently iiiraanrlni
tha Kaarjlina tan In of tho country without dla
turblng tha upllftlnar gayty of the flgurta on
tha alenboarda.
Rata-making cli-rka In railroad offlcea
ahould (ijfrolaa greater care In manipulating
fnurea, Horn day tbvy will inaka a uil(a-e
downward and 1h a promotion.
Warring men on land or 'a bavn a fighting
rhanea for Ufa whan woundtd or In dfrat, Ka
t apa of tha cmw of a wounded alrahtp or aero
plane la aircptlonal for It rarity,
Hnrftary DanlcU la puttlna; tha flnlahlng
itouchaa on tba naval prepared nena Inquiry.
I'nlrni bla talant at a new ieUr baa gona to
ffd, Joarphua ought to produce a atrlklng
front paga.
Tha atory of the Kanaua rale ralaa that
failed empbaalM the ned of rontlnuoua vg
ilanca by Oroaha'i ahlpp'ng Interaali. Kvnn
profaaetd railroad frlnndahlp la do bar to "(dip
ping one ovrr."
At laat the Turku are willing and anxloua
for American fled (roaa aaalalanra for tha
food leu thousands of latum. An amply atoin
ach tarea little whether croaa or creacent brlnn
relief, ao that relief cornea.
Offlrlal aasurancea are given that the coun
try la clear of foot and mouth dlaeaaea, The
fcrmer may ba arrepted without aiieatlon, but
the latter applleatlon, like Ilrer Uabblt, lava
kw on the threshold of a Mumping campaign.
The Urgent part of an order from tha liilt
lh government for million of onu pound tin
lrlab teW want to I'blladelphla compounder.
No better rholea could Jia made. A a miner of
Irlah atewa the Quaker elty la In a claa by Itaeir.
The vlalon of the Hhorthom niagnato ha
the true perapectlve, Tb tutura aieatnea if
Omaha aa a primary ato. k iiiarkwl t a rertalu
aa It program to the preacnt lime, I'am dv
opmenl warrant the eiinilliig proHpt.ri the
futut hold.
A adentiat' reported illcry of fhiid
hldi render tha human body tranaparent
May ha of Internal lu medical atudenta, but
dte not meet lb n ! u( th htoir. A pu-:il-l
fluid (hat will tllumlnat tha Intent be
bmd tha rampaiin protula wuuld fill tha vot
ing world lth Joy ami radiate mlli in t.N
Ira Circle,
Thirty Years Ago
This Day In Omaha
faaallae: ( Baa rikaa.
II It I-. (.f 4li i,itr,lllk
" a i'i'i' iint.t i i ,,, i,
f I'M" ( N'ois t i. ,i,'.i. . (,,
l.y.t4 lit iiiii...r t. (tMr ,ir, a C.r a,
t;t..Muil lia U' tit.i-l li. ,,ia -..1 ,. ,
a lwk aall !!, iU-'i.
ti- " i 11 M. M a .I,,,
! t I' -i .... . 'l a i - t in, , . , ,
- t.l li.t In III.
' K ! a'-.( I . uinti I i haw i . . k.,
i.u .a i ' . i-4 ik 1 1 i
' V VI... nil-. -,., i I .,, , i
I iiitiil 11 l lii. I , I Si I, . .
I " . . . k ,1 t I, lt ,,) I I f M II . , , , -. . ,
wi' M..I. t . I at .' ..!,. k. .'t..aiti.u.t
iim Ha-...
It II 1 M li.H ,. III.
i , i .... . i i- i i ft i. ? i . . di.t.i tl
a i 'i I""' !, ti-
Another Democratic Makeihift.
UepreentaUv Claud Kltchln of tho way
and mean committee ha reported to tho homte
that tha general revenue meaaure, aoon to coma
In from 11 committee, will contain an "antl
t'umping'' provUlon, the purpoao being to pro
tect American manufacturer against rutnou
foreign competition after the war. Tha Idea
I all right, but with trun democratic Inconipe
tuiM'i', Mr. Kltchln pre pure hi protective meaa
ii r a In makeshift form, )lo proiiouc that only
Kiich good aw ar offered for alo In tht coun
try at Ion tban the market price at borne ahall
be ubject to (be countervailing dulie pre
eirllicd, and tho Impost ahall only be ufflcnnt
to bring the American aelllng price to a parity
with that prevailing in tba country of origin.
Tha total Inadequacy of thl will ba appar
ent at a glance. If tha home market I to be
kept for borne IndUHtry, It can only be by mh
provlalon aa makca the coat of production at
home tha ha! for tha aelllng prlc. The rout
of production inuat nocHarlly Include all tha
ciemenla of production, which mean, firt of
all, the wage aiale of tha 1'nltod Htate, and
tha Mtandard of living etbllhid thereon, To
open the gate to tha flood of good produced
abroad after the war, oniy requiring that they
Iim not offered bare for lea than they ara aold
foi at home, la to maintain (he democratic free
1 radii folly, to the necnry reduction of Ameri
can alandatd. What I a'tutlly awaiting may
bo understood from a report from (Jermany,
which I to lh effect (hat mora than a billion
and a half dollar' worth of cheap goodM, made
by women and children, am now held In Block,
and being ateadlly added In, ready to throw on
(bo world'a market, once the commnrce of
Germany I restored.
If tha American manufacturer are to be
poinded from tbla and aimlJar competition,
It. will be by noma mora effective mean than
are provided by the makeahlft meaaure pro
maed by Mr. Kltchln and tla democratic rol-Icague,
Where g Saving- May Ba Practiced.
A weatern railroad 1 Juat now boaatlng of
tha elnctrlflcatlon of a aectlon of It Una which
travcraea a mountain region, where, water
tower I eaally avallnbln, Tha feat la notable,
perfanp, but It really empbaalr.ea a ltuatln
Ibat la not only erloui but highly dlcrcd
llnlila to our clvlll.iillon. It lmprnlvely call
attention fo a waata In which all American In
duatry aharea In fact, on that la world wide
In It extravagance, Tha waale of fuel, In the
pi ore of producing energy for Industrial pur
poaea, 1 a acandal, and tha mora a ahama to
ur, becaueo It haa been known for many year,
ha been tha aubjnet of deep Inquiry and re
search, with aoma notable prngrna toward
aolutlon of tha problem Involvad. Device that
will permit tha utilization of at leant one-third
of tha theoretical energy of coal ara available,
but wa cling to the ue of tboae that wat
from 65 (o M per rent of tha poiNlble value
of tha fuel. Much ha been ald and written
on tbla point, to the end that engineer
thorougbly undemtand the queatlon, but It ha
a yet bad liltl recognition In practice, Wa
are ultra-conervallva on tha point, and rail
road ara not tha only offender In tba matter
tf waatlug fuel. It I poible, however, that
the atlrrlng up the old thing of tha world are
golfing Jut now may reault U such change 1n
our method that the day will be baatened
when the railroad tbt I not electrified wilt
be tha novelty rather than tha atandard,
Too Much of a Load,
Kee-grarter "Uob" Hmith la ualng every
blandishment to peruade otber candidate for
nomination to hitch up with him on a "late"
hy which ha hope to aave hlmaelf from lg
nomlnou defeat In tha primary. Hut "Hob,"
with hla rotten record, l too much of a load
fur any other candidate, or et of candidate, to
carry and thoe who are wlae to their own In
Ureal will avoid entangling alliance that can
only bring them grief; for "Hob" may explain
hi in i-cl f red In the face axaurlng people that hla
pocketing of tba fee coming aero th counter
of the dlatrict clerk' office la not prohibited
lij law, but he cannot make them believe It I
an hone! fulfilment of hi pro mine to be con
tent with the (nnerou t,nOi) aalary he haa been
drawing for nine year, nor will hla uggetlon
that ba might have tried to take more make
hla offenat look lea cnlul. Hm'h a lond on
the ticket would call for expluimtlon and ex
euae contlnuully through thu campaign up to
the very day of voting In November and put
hla a hoc I a If a on the defective with hltn un
it a they repudiated bl action and let him go
I! a'one.
The time to unload I now, and the way te
unload I to withhold a t enouiiiitlon from tha
falno public officer.
State Control of Standard.
The aupiema court of the I'nlted M(at haa
Jut handed down a decision In a South l
kola (e, reaffirming the power of (ha date to
fn atatiditrd of weldita and lucaaure. In thl
lh principle of "contenia of container" l con
i anted, tha atata having a law that a pound -can
of lard uiuit contain a pound of lard. Tha
lm kin loinpunle rcaiatcd the law to the final
court, loaing ihe dtilniii in tha end living
of atandard I an aitrltoit of aitverrigntv.
Weight and meaaurc went onm determined bv
chance, fcrhapa, tu l lo-rtl cuatom, but mil
ttiimltv fmll ililihfj by lo cdlrt,
and n- than t "plm a a pounit the tri1
around " nt''ianana ai itiiicrneil (a knew
tha baata f "Mr aumlard and inan ruN u
tale curient a tv how hts cr tnliH.
allr f'lf.l What tha fitum at lta want to
ton i ht h h biva a pound 'f a
thin k I letitng a poual, ed not niel
'i ' Tba ( rtta h ner haa bfa lha
r. fof a leiti cf nieit hMliaui tlat I
lv' " rhut4 Ihtowih ih vna.HnrHi
el iiuH Uaa a lhat cf Homi tUV -la I'a.Vaaa
will anil h 1J, and ik ahalitat o
trr , inn'mr. but h light of tht '! t
t- ' t i an eo ba d cr limiiaj
fil lliat rr.N
l'" h l J -in ii Ul 'f ttiyinU of iU.iii
oi. a ,.( " .i!ui iti-ioo, ratio air,i .t h
l.t.ikifit fciu.t ii-tiun if Ilia ml etiHi
Icalf I U li ii. tt irtiior vuti.r
Billions of Worlds in the Skv
Oarratt T. Barrla.
riOMK otin waiifa to know If Urn olhur ami mlmil
kj that inaka tin lha ijnlvit dava iilanola rnvolv
Ing around threw Ilka owr n. I lillfi tliMl
I day do, loil. my hcllef la not bawd on dlract vlmiiil
vlliic. It In a inattar if Inferan'1 and of lilli
'laafa of proiiairility. If on a autnorr nlalii 1 "
a awarm of Inao.l i-lrnllng around an elrrtrli- li:it,
and down llio atreet 1 fiari-alve othr eloi lrl HkIiC
I ffi-l JuailfM In conrludlna that they, too, are irol-
a My a'jrroundid ly faa'lnatcd Inmrl. alllioMtili. on
ancount lit lti diatanc, tha tnaocla may riot he vl
I III fin, whrn wa i ok Into Ida aky, wa ara lamoln
auna, dlmlnlalicl to alarry polnla by illaiani a, an I
lure our inn la known to hav attendant pln-i
held In thdlr orhita hy tha aun'a al.traotlon, It la raa
una hla to auepoaa that thoaa oilier mi alao aia
almllarly cnrln lfd.
Thla reaaonlti la tiaawt upon tlia known fio'i that
tha alar and tha aun mi a almllar In their eoinr"i
Unit, that tha nliira ioaa.a tha aama a'avtiatlotial
atlrai llon that, i-har' ferine mir ami, thai (hay r
dial light and hat and nthfr forma nf enaray Juki
aa our ami doea, and that they all rdaar to hava
orlglnalnd a" Hilling to una general Inw of evoluMon
lllffrrlog only In d'lalla,
Wlielhrr wa adopt tha old Irfiplan lliwy of
tha origin of aolai ayatttna, or the lalar iilutintfaloiiil
theory, tha nault la virtually tha aainw, for In holh
caa a central Ixidy la aun) la formnd Willi auhal
illiiiy hodtea revolvlna around It.
lourm , Hi ruinparlaon of Innncla i If ling around
elnctilo light miiat not ba piiMhed loo far The hi-
aerla ara, lu Omlr origin, Inilepeiident of ftm HgliU,
and ara drawn to (hem hy an attraction dlfferrnt
from grvllallon, whlla tha plnnnl aia aprong fioui
tha aaioii oilglnal rotating or awlrllng inaaa that av
hi rth to tli'lr parlloular un,
In tha proi'ea of oondiniaatlon that formad the aim
tha material ftf which the planata cnnalat war" left
outalil tha central condanaallon, awl they condenaod
Into eniallor hodlea which continue te aweep arouril
tha un without falling Into tt, hoaima, during tba
formation of lha ayaiem, they acquired mollona not
directed radially Inward Ilia common c.nlr,
II la concelvahla Uial tlmr may ) aiara that liavn
no lmt heeauaa, owing to (' I J clrcumatancea,
II tha material oulaldo the cantral conilenaallon waa
athorad Into It. Juat ao there might electrie
light that had no inancl flying around them h
cauae, owing to local condition, there were no 'n
amta tn tha neighborhood,
Hut, In general, It la af to aaiime that tha lea
ara lha centara of planotary ayatein. Among tha
exception may be tha large number of alar which
ar known to ha double anna, circling around their
common center, Ilka two dinner holding one another
at aim length, In 'iolj a ,vlm the contending
llraetlnn would probably draw all planela, or ail
lha malarial from which planata might hava Wn
formed, Into nn or tha ulnar of tha twinned aun.
tur aun la a amall nne. There are other hundred
of time greater, Theaa gigantic un may hava
tenia of planet vnatly grnder than our. W are
Inhabtanla of a thatched cnttg tn a mere hamlet of
aimce; tha lielnga who llva In thoaa morn glortoo aolar
gyatam dwell tn tho palcaa of a mighty eaidtal,
Hut there I another fact about tha tar which
ihould alwav a kept In mlnu, nd that I that none
of tharn airtnda faal. Tha whole unlverae I all"
with motion. All tha alar r aplnnlng throngli
apare Ilka a throng of racing Icahonta, gliding hither
and thither over the froan expana of a lak
The gleam of whit aall. the trllttar of tel run
ner, the flaah of btirnlahed rati, Ih awlft, curv.
Ing tha, thrown Into oval, circle., elllpaea, par.
l,ola-II theaa animated can are repeate'.l t.y the
atara in the heaven, but only for the eye of a being
to whom a thouaand year are aa tha tic of a aec
ond. To ii tha tai aeem mollonleaa In their
ephara. tha,apeedlng Iceboat eam mollonleaa to
lb photographic plat InalanUnaoualy eirxiaed. but
whan w link up tha obaurvatlon of cetiturlea w i
find that tha ona(elallon ar dlaaotvlng and re.
forming Ilk cloud. All thoaa million of aun Willi
their hundred of million ef planet ra o many
dancing mole In the unahln of eternity.
nornaliine (Ihough rarely), w hav reaaon to be
lieve one ir croaae another' path, bringing llnon
o nar together that. If an actual collUlon doea nut
occur, their planate t aent flying Into new oiblu.
nd It I poaaible that III uch cln:umlancea a world
revolving on lha outaklila of tla ytm may I
analched awy to hecooi a member of another aolur
family, or lha turmoil In tha two ytema may lie an
great that nwny planeta are aent ctaahlng together
or hurled Into lha flame of their own un.
Twice Told Tales
Irlah Heparlee.
Hlr ttobert l'lnlay, .. I., tba fomou lawyer, ha
been apeakln vlgoroiialy In the Moiiae of fommon.. on
tha advlaabllHy of making fmid contraband aa well rt
artlclea of war, a far aa Oermany la connenied,
Hlr Holrt waa once In Ireland when ha met an
Irlah drover with a number of cattle going along a
country road.
"Where are you going to?" h Inquired of the a. n
or Kiln.
"To Wat'rfniit l itlr, your honor. "
"Indeed? And how much do you etpect ( gel fur
Hie animal:" aUrd . .1 lloberl,
"Mme, an' If I get eiglil pountla each. I hall not d i
hadly," aiuweied 't
Vh, there a aainptr of yoot ,-oimtr!" aal.l itr
rtiil.cil "Now, If you would lake them, to Knglend
)oii would aeiiie I poiiiola each."
Th Irlahnian, knowing full well that he einlld on
affuiil Ibe oiiinr ! Knglaiut. and feelm a tilfli
bull at Hi Implied poteily of ha native land, limkeil
Indignant fol a niuuent, but aicidenly bi face bilgbi.
'.ii"t )i bunot " he retorted "and If rt e
lit take the 1 a Kr of K lllaroey to nu mini v in mni!,
tel a g'lloi diop fi Idem" UiiHlun Ania
People and Events
Hi fiotai( on celion make liimin ame in
IiuH, but (li "IiiU ante til iiui.p a trout I t
I a b pnlda i a.'ulitiiig ninltl.
V n iii.iiVi.ii tn l-'ie Hill I uiuit . tba iiu uni i f
I nii lu t"ibli iil miia jw .i Hi n'r
ft See ,li i. t e li" at tba Ntnamt-ai ru. ti n
Tba a "'"I i"il mmeoieiil I tuaking iwilv . .i,.
In thu
VI Mt t i oieo .tt .ld .ie it 1. On n..t f.i
e- iii.lo m io-ue UH!ai i..iiit iiu n a bftn
Cv f I'. t up by William !'.. a t. i..
..I VI -"a I i'ia.t' Hi. i lw ii tn Vi a , i
ii ii. !.l l in mi .i.. V r I. ,'n i a iae
In a oei ili a ,.f S. 4rttaei ae.imi I
V . nil i f.. It Hig a tllii I .Owtr.l In
t .ii.ii to, ii.l at ai an t r . i i..u ,i
tii aaffiria U niiiiir a tin. a pf ii,t
' i .er ' e it.-- t v ..- aprt-'a s
faanli tl.k'egt o. ii.-a hat at it"'r..-(
I i.. a In t'.a vM .. t t to.. i.n l
i h- iMia Im. lu.tli.g it.fitl ft . tan. .hu t
it,ll4lt.i .(! .! tti MKil HI ...
,..,ititm ! '. 11 .nm V, l.M,
a i ! v t ' v. i I1 .! I
t h '. I ! of I : !, t' . b ii aa m m
a'.'H! m 'i' alina f r l.i- '.. i Ti.i ,,,i.ii I
talis te ' k tb-ae a-' 'ei . t
I . k it" I' 1 1 f H I" i .' l -I
Ma '(van .a I'.i liiv l C. i.i ..i i,, - .1,
r'it I n..eal I. I in e t, iei I
i-i.i a ti n..ihif wt'i.,a ' f-... U f
t II ll'tiit
1 wzi
Hob" I iHiiuhl wllli lha l.ooda.
UMAIIA, April :i.-To Urn Ivlllor of The
II...; 1 huw ihat April Kool loiter" of
Hob Hnillha regarding the lncrae In
illairlct court (: nod withholding In
aimlly and other fe.a and I am frank
to admit I mlmlie the nerve of the mull
In trying to bluff If off. for the preeenl
1 will dlrg;ird tlin ho moan lu I", aa
fwr Hie rtivlaert fee bill. However, h
to loioinlly feca, 'There never wa a
dollar .uld me Unit I did not report and
pay to Hie county treiiaurer goonrr than
tha law required."
Thl la not truo rind Hob know It la
not true, Itnhert Hrnllb filed With tho
county tinned hla flrat claim for lnrilty
fee on Mepionher 17, iwe, for tM.Wi,
Tho couiiiy board laaued a wnrrant In
luiyiiicnt on October lb, for Ijih.IJS,
deducting i. I for overcharge. When
tha bnard laud lint wurrant the ' In tm
wit paid to nil Intent and purf.oao.
I ild "Hob" report tbcae fee tn I!? No!
in i'o.' .Vol Nor in miii, inn, ima, iH
nor It'll, t'ut on I'Vbruary 34, I!I5, ba
thought hotter of II, and reported lonan
II y Inea of H , currlnd by him 111 l'"J
uihI collected by him In I!"'.
It 11a Hie bow ho collector! Ihean fee.
Ho got hi warrant for m:S 011 4anu
nrv S, !n, and k"d thl wrrant until
l''(ibrury 'tl, l!l, when b praonll It at
tho treMurer'a offlon and received the
citnh, or Ihren day after ho reported the
fee In hla K'lfi report.
I.llicwlie hi ki 1. unl 1 UI111 for Innanlty
feaa, which be fll'"i with tho county
board on liecembcr Z. Ii, for 7Kfl.H0.
''lot hoard Imued a warrant In jaiymant,
deduclliig t'if .( for overcburgea. When
tha counly board leaned Ihl warrant tha
clnliit wa M'ljudlciiled. )d Hob report?
O, yea, aevett year lalog he reported
there fee, on Kebruiiry Wf, and ha
eaahud the wnrrant for :i4.Ji), which wa
leaned In Hi. on February 29, lU, eo
cordlng to tho treaanrar' record.
"Hoonor tloin the law required" I tint
auhatHLntlatad by the facta.
Of eotirae, after lha an'ond claim, the
board aald that all thean InaanMy caae
were In court rmd they refuaed to ellow
any morn, conaeiuently none were fll'd
fur aeveral year and none paid and re
ported until tha cne wa flnlly atllnd.
I'oiiular Sollooa of gelence.
Kf.AltNKV, Neh., April -To the Ivl
llor of The lie: An article In The l
aald tbla world wn made from nothing,
Have you ever aeen anybody make any
thing from nothing? Thla world Nature
madn from water, mineral end mh robna.
Water, rrilnrritl and microbe lire the
maierinla In our bodlea, alao In ell veg.
tatlon In the world, Nature went about
tl tha tonne a in making a hall of yarn.
Th planet are all madn that wy, Thl
planet I ma hern enlarging for I2u,0oo,fliin
year el leaat. The aun la a planet the
ante a I lie real, end the heat and light
enlata In tho apace between all the plan
el. The aun travel ao faat that It rut
the hat and light from lb almoaphere,
the Miiis aa when we mnke light with a
match; there t no fire In the match, but
Hie fire come from th mutch. When
w airlka It It bring tha light from th
attnoiipbere, When th aun meet another
planet Hie friction make the heat end
light. J, l(, CAIU.HON,
a tn lha lena mil,
OMAHA, April J. -To the Kill or of Tho
Ibe; I wlnh to call to y.nir attnntlon the
oilumler.tiiudlng which aeem In eitlat
In I Im liilml of Hi., cniiaunilug publl
that (lie niaHKC of the Mlrvena bill will
create tiionopollea and nbect the pon
aiimcr In other forma of liuiioallioii,
Section A any that manufacturer
ahnll not hove any monopoly or control
of the niitrkel for article hrliinulng to
the aama general cbiaa of roarcinille;
tmr aliall a manofiicturrr be a parly to
any agreement, combination or unlei
landing with any competitor In tegard
lo the price at which tha aume ehall he
old either lo deulere at wholeaala or re
I11II or to the public,
The qiieatlona Involird nr moral a
well aa economic. They are, whether Hie
public a to be decoyed bv cut price
"bait" whether Hie email retailer la to
be i' no. 1 1 11I nod Hie Independent email
inenufnctuier I to be deprived of a
market tnr hi hooml ware,
Hie great benefit to I he eonaiimer will
aicriie from competition In rtprllctioe n.
tween tiiariufnciurera who me now I 1-
clind tu 1 "I iinallty In inec'lng cum-
pel Hon In price, i:cry elncrt miKhl lo
take an InleteHt In thla Lglelatlnii aid
("ii that bla cnngreaatnnn a'ipnorta tha
Kievrti bill for the willmn of hi coin
niunil). T. U t:(iMH8,
Women's Activities
The Twentieth Annuel t'hlld Welfare
.'niiietn will ba held In Naalnllle,
Teiin , Vprll I to IHeri tte I en
tilled to aeiut three atate delegate The
1 bllil Welfare eunfereiic) In, IihIi-k the
Sail,, pal i nner of Mother and tin'
parent Teacher' i. Utim
l.iliei i nuier Mm K. imiii uf Man I'lan-
llaiii, win, cnillil lint ne III 111 llf.i
lil.i el. lion brumiMe br biibainl mi Ml,leit. wilt nut suffer inn
more no thai account her huabaad
l'ir tbirden Mecketttir, ha ftle.l eppli
ailmi lor 1 1 ' n.-na I. ti 1
The 'if'ilt In We Yin are anil
a.titrh al enrk an ) lha in.-n at Vll m
have. in. difficult! In tentrtiibvi ing Hut
a ,Mih.. aiOi'ii'M'ent ,i Ida te .nil
tiititinii I i nit a' eiit'ie t
'"In a thiot Hoi a,i In e irs
i'1'y t " ' a'..s lor I1. ana,'
th 1 ni iiaatino et gia't anii iig
w.norii ..lia i f 1 M. i,.! to
nia 011.1.1111 l lit 4 iiltliittiifti at
1 i. b t'.i r e n b pl-. I a e.oean
1 1. li l faifi-iiu To mayor mult fin
aa -lirn m.e.l ai, 1 a,il ,1 .n a an,
l.t ii fit.or f it hi, ,ti t a.
Vita Stair !'. f th n
a.. 11 1 .f a a w,i t.,,y anii,n
r a tu t i.i-'r ! t' '! ,.f a a ef
lii Hi bt ' !to I..I .iii'. Inn
r r a 1 , n. .... M t . ie - I ," , I
a I ! 1 . i.' In . e ii- ... ,, ,
tfli.iuiiu e ia t in f-r
t'.i y.-a a d 1.1 il.mli "l .
Im . if.- 1 n. i , in t el., 1 a . 1.
lie.. - 1.1 V . i.t n
; i, V 1 , 1 , a 5 I ( iii.h iii.ii. e
lam t l-i t. 1 . l aiel a t..i
" I .. .i i .11: iti. i. ... - t .
' e ' ' lmii t e
1 ., (., T'a 1 ni t a I .!,
IK,..., t.. ,at '9 I e. iv, 0 . ' -i ifctt
, . ,1 ii re - I T I
1 - a I ih a t 4 . i . . . . v - a
T 1 , 1 l 1 m tn t
t . I a .' 1 1- .! " . if ! 1 '
e . a t,i t . ' 1 V . a -j at . 1
ii. 1' 1' . 1 1 I
"Thla la lnlertlng,"
"How now?"
"Mctenilat atiite that a man nitt get
elniig with a vmlmlary nf ', word- "
"rnioe old gioiichea don t need that
miniy They fori era In grunt "-l.o ili
Mlle lourlr-.lourniil.
Whe 1 mini Ing to a noted blood p
clllati-W bo la that dlatlngulHlied-lonklnir
(In (th, that only a circulation tniin
aget'. t'ornnll Widow
Nounelle This la my neweat drca, how
do you Ilka It T
Uabrlallo- It'a beautiful; I had ona ex
actly line It laat year. - I'uck,
Captain Whet ! Yoii want another fur
lough, two Inaldn of a year? Why, I
haven't been Imiiiim once lu a year and a
Tommy Atklii Tbat'a all right for you,
air; but me and my mlaeua aln t that
kind lloeton Tranacrlpl.
'1 hr you are going to give a big
dinner dance," chirped tlin anep.ty 1.
"I don't, know whether I am or not."
ld Mia Klulidiih "Nobody aeema to
want to rome, the cook Ihiealeoa to
bavn If I do, and my hualwiid I making
bad talk about lha emienae," Iwoilavllle
t'ourlf r-Journl,
' Whut bring you here?" kd the
eliuple a'lvitgc,
"I want to leach you to lead a peace
ful life," replied Ibo rnlaalonary,
"i Jot, back to your bout, Tlwit a what
you people anld you weie trying to lo-
ura all the (Una you .were Ip"""
kind of exploitive."-Waahltigum Blar.
I a ic, r.
id langulta. V
"The trapew ierfornier who tolaaed lit
hold and me down performed a para
doxical action "
"What wa I' '"' .
'Though he landed on hi hnd, el .the
aroe tltoa be fell down on h fe'.
ilalllmo;. American.
II...... I,.,.. I ti'liul IIH WlMOt
.... I u,U.. ..aC Iimm li
iill.. io win. i...".. . .
moke olgitreltea, whlH roaid tho of.
flc or get into nila' bief,
Applicant (diagnaiedly) Vou don t want
.... 1. . . ....... u uiH -.Hoatnn lran
acrlnl a'
"Im you remember Hie old copvboog
In wbli'h you iied to wrltu '110111 la
the Heat l-iillcyV "
"Vc," replied Hernitor Horghum; I tn
efralil .m of lha bov had to writ that
motto over and over ao ofl"0 that thv
got a little tired of It and tried to forgot
It "- Washington rUar.
I'lttnlmrgli f 'hroiih l Telegraph.
('In V b-wly, lng It lowly,
Old familiar tune!
unco It ran In dance end dimple,
I.Ike a brook In tune;
Now It aob 11 long Hut meure,
With n aoiind of feata;
Prnr old voice echo through It,
VunlHhcii with lb year,
I'lay It liiwly -ll I holy
A an evening hymn;
Morning gladioaa tiuabed t padne
Kill It to Hi brim.
Minmrlca come within the mne,
Hieiillng through iim bar;
Thought within II unlet !
Itl and ! liko ami.
Hippie, ripple, goe tha love eong
Till, In glowing tuna,
Kiirlv aweelriea gro'vn cnmplelene
Flood Ita every rhyme;
Who together learn the muele
.if n and dealh unfold,
Know that love la but beginning
I 'mil love I old.
Hinging, alnglng, tbroiiiih the roe
Went nur lover 'wgln
Wna there ever aueit a roa time,
Could there be again?
Now they tell 11 "I'lva-and-twenty
June we've aeen Hum blow;
Fi'erv Jutie'a complrer, aweaier
Well we lover know !"
Contains No Alum
Some punch
to this Hal!
It's a
nf Good Storti
1 "i. 7 "-' M
I T. w .ew ''m
lam ittln V
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