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    3A Daily Bee
Omaha mrwipaper that
. 4 m .1
I give its readers four big
I p t f e a of colored comics.
On Train, M "tt
. , , a
OUR BOYS IN MEXICO The Seventh cavalry machine gun troop croaainfc divide
of Caas Orandc,rhoto to The Bee direct from the Border,
u A .4. t H . I "S.
r.i-' M"U -UK 1 1 . I
I The Sun Jav Tlee is the onlv
Sujiteme Court Holdi that Property
t of Thompaon, Yate. and JIamer
Estate Standi Buck of Dc
fittjrt Bank Deposits.
Capital National Bank Failed at
Lincoln in 1803 and Chrc Ha
Been in Court Ever Since,
W ll'AM V T IX. Atll' a. - - mr-
r annul property of 'hnrlr-i J,. Vittiw,
Ibivld K. Thniiipnon it ml Kills I',
limner, dlroctorg of the t'apltttl Na
llonnl bunk of Mmoln, which failed
In IMS, wiih today held by the u
premr court to ln wibjert to aiitlnf ac
tion of ilepiuillor Induced to becomi!
Mich by fulao r-purl i on tho Imnk'o
condition to (ho comptroller of tho
tn no holding llm court revcrand
Judgment of the, Nchranka toiprcinu
court, which dccldud agulnat the
Jnneg National hunk, th Hunk of
rltaplehiirat, Hi" I Hi a bunk and
Thomn linlley, recovering from the
dliNtom or their eatafea and di
rected tluit Ihn Judgment of tho dla
Irld ntutc court In their favor ho r
Innlated. Hundred I hoiitantl Involved.
About 1100,000 Ik Involved III th cine,
Tho amount ut Judgment, will be prorated
imong tho dlrectm, li, 10, Thumpaoii, !,
E. Vnte and tha eitata of Kltaa 1',
' Tho failure Df the Capital National
bank ut. Mnenln Jnnunry 21, I MA, mill tha
ub,ciiiciit llilHtillnn hi which Hi" depoa
llora endeavored to hold tlm director
reapuiialbbi for the failure, Im numbered
among th'i inol famoua court cute In
. following tin, failure of tha Cih-IIhI
vNuHoniil bank tunny or the tirpnaiioii
aucd tha director, on tho thKory Hint the
director were re.pnnibl for lh nila-
IIUlllgemcnt (if Ihn Hint It II I lull.
Tlm enc were removed to Ih federal
rourt, whern Judgment wera rendered In
favor of tho director.
h'tnir depoallor-Joiicf National hittik,
fiwid; Hunk of Hlipliliint. Mtnio
huml; fllcit bank, t t I-m. mid Thoimu
ItMllry, HffWHrd, nii'-d over nuiilii In )h
dIMrlct court of Howard county,
Tho font' (! wcrn flml removd tit
(ho fpdriil court and tliim rciiiMtidcd,
They we Mi flrot tried beforft a Jury In
Mm ilKirlct court nr nowari rouniy in
arid Jii'lcnHnila rendered anlnt th'i
Tlm Jtiilitmcnta weit affirmed hy the
alole Miiproma court and llnui carried to
Hie 1,'nlleil Htttct IUreltio coutt hy tin)
I te.l Meld Not l lnhle,
In tlio I'llllert Hlnleii aupremo cunt the
Juduuietia wcin teveracd In Muv, Itrn, t h
court IioIiIIiik Hint tlm director were not
lliihli. for iittcdllliu lo fulK" reporta of
Hie honU unlea Hiey hllw of fulot
fl'iilloun In the repoita.
Ttiu cnee were tiled ovrr iikhIii In Hew
urd county In tail, wliero Judgment wnia
uii in rendered ' Hiinlimt tho dltoi toin.
Tlieae JiiilLineiiln ncro revel rd on upp. ai
in the alnlo aiiprcuio uouit.
Tlio dcclchm aunoiineed ypatordny ty
Hie t'liltid Hliile tuipieino cuuit leveu.M
Hie Judiitni'iil of t ! Mute aupri'ine lourl
'il fnvor of Hie dlnulora mid relnutnti'H
lie lnxt Jiidniiutit rendered In the Hew
nrd county dint i It curio teliluildliiK aolu
tnl county illatrki uouit liohllnu tha ill
reeior reitpoiiallilc,
llHi'lle) llenieinliereil.
Tha nun of Joseph II, l iiilley, fornior
riiit tirnaurei-, tit reni"iiiliered In cm
net tlnnfl with thn ftlluie of the CiIIhI
Niitloiinl linnk, Harlley waa reiitemed In
C, In tfntv Villi In til 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 h t v . I
and waa putdnned by (Invarnor Snvttif
aftm- lu aervctl flvp year. and aivmi
inontli. lie faa eonvlt'td of tnheal.
ineiil of iHiblle fund. In nddllloil to tho
IiiIhuii it nteneo ha wna fined $3 rt,7',
t, e of the nilitnint of tha lit fh atloit
1 1 t In the cuiiipliillit
lhi in for th" iiihcjuh'iiieiil f ir
lilt ll he a tullUrti il ' iltl ti ll of 1trt
ol it niinnt onleiKi tliawn P Hie, u mi
liilore tit n linbtiri Ihn pt rmiiio nt n 'hool j
find nf Hi utile fn' a Ihhii tuatnlnu I
it Viiilitui'd on I'iic T'vn, t'uhiiiiii Two.)
Tho Weather
1 rtiterirr al Ontnbit 1rtrrlH,
' u
til ,t
II n
1 ,' i ,
I c
' I
t Bui-tllla Iii,i llttwrg
11 l ttlllU l l' l
Town in Eaitern England and Scot
land Are Bombarded with In
cendiary Shells.
IXJNIKIN, April 8, Ten inraon
wera killed and fliiven Injured In
Hcotlnnd In Hunduy ntght'a .eppelin
in Id, It was offlclully nnnouuci'd
thla afternoon. Thr wcr no cita
uiiltlea In Kngland,
Tho offplul atHtoinenl u)
"It appiaia that altoaeii,,,' ni y,ep
jtelliia tool purl III thn raid of litl
nltiht 'lli iff rnhled outheit t'oiinile
lif Hcollllltd, oon III" no(lhei( ciimI of
l.imhiiitl mid ill" lettiHlnliig- o cutiirn
t ouiiiNn or I ;iiImihI,
" The veaael Hhl 'li rnlilnl M' t IhihI
crnaaed llm eoiil nt 9 p, in., K l.'i p, til,
nicl I" l i, in,, reapxt lvly, Mild ettila'd
otee aoiillieitalein toiiiille of Heotlnnd
Uiilll olioill I 10 il, tn, The eo'iroo va no
IihIIi'MIIoii of iiy atecln,l locality for nl
tuck, hut, Ihlriy al eploave mid aetcn
loin liieeiidlui-y liouiti werx dinpid on
vm hunt pho'ea, ditiiiiiahia aoiue hoieln nd
dwellitiK lioiiw a (''ulloa Ina am llm m,m
iilile mIiIcIi arti reporlert at preaenl In
fit ol In nd ,
"billed Meten man, no women, tlire
ehllilien; lolitl tell,
"Injured lrlv ninn, two women nod
four elilldien; lolol, eleven,
"Oim eae vialletl Hi nnr'tieiiat cot
and droppetl twentv two oploalve and
fifteen Incendiary honiha, Tha two r
ntaiitliiK ahip t roioied the I jikIIkIi eoaal
oliniil 10 Id p, in, arid cruland over eoalei n
I'Oillilie uulll uliolll J n, 111, They were
inilh enioiiied at varloiia time hy ami
ilnraft artillery mid iered to have
been prevented by thla mean from aaleet
Inn any deflulta loci. Illy their iihectv.
"Tlilrty Ihrao cuploalvo and ally.flve
Ineeiitllary liomli wera dropped by lhe
to veu,.fi. A ur ha linen aaeer
(Mined no rnaualllea wars euuaed 1 l'dig
land," HKUIIN, April l-(lv W'lralaa to
Miiyvllle.) - Kdlnburglt and Ixiltli dock e
ttthlinhiiienta on thn I'lith of Korth and
linnortant ahlp building work on tha
Tyno wei a hi I h' h"i1 In laat, tilaht'a Zep
pelln raid over KiikIuii'I and Ncoljand, tho
admiralty announced today, Tlmro were
numernu fire and violent caplnalnn. A
bwlleiy iir Naweuallo wtia alleneed, All
tlio eppalln relurnnd auftdy.
Tho atalement. follow:
"For tho third tlma a (ierman nlrahlp
a'ltiadron attacked th Knallah eaat coaat
on the nlaht of April M, to a tlma on the
northern part, Hxploelv and Ineenilln ry
bomli were thrown with very good ue
ceea at Kdlnhurgfi and Mllli, dotk ea
tmillahmeiil on Hie Klrlli of Korth nd
at, Newcaalle nd Important ahlp build
ing porta' work, furnace and factorial
on th Tyno river,
"There wera numeruti flra and vio
lent cxiilonlon with eten"lvi dnmaiie,
Una Itiitiery near Newcaatla wai alleneed,
, "Althouish alitilled heavily, all th't air
ahlpa returned anfely,"
Mo (it ha llropiieil on llunblrk,
PA KIM, April I.-A Zeppolln appaartid
ovee iJiinklik laat nlxht and tliraw bomb
Milled killed two elviiiani.
Hunklrk, tha northernmoat town of
Crane, I a alronaly forllflod port on tha
Mi roll of Dover, Imrlrw tho war It ha
been freftienily ahellrd by a long raiiK
(ii'ioiuii gun,
Report on Rise in
Price of Gasoline
is Nearly Ready
WAHIIJNUTON, April 3. -Flnlahlng
touches wera totluv beliitf put on tha
prellinlimiy report of thn fetltral gov-crniiii-iit'a
Inrpilry Into Ihn rlae In th
prlee of gnaulliiff, It will he plat'eil Imfor
conurcaa thla week,
Tlm federal trade coninilntion baa had
evoijf iivitlliihli- flrld aenl lit work on
Ihn Invcallanllon and thn I 'epiirlmeiit nf
Juatlee ho forwarded to I he eoinmlaalon
all complaint received by II, Tho ca
en 1 1 n fit, in iiullicri:d liuvc been given
to the department whloli will conalder
tha evldenca with a View to delarmlnlnc
whether prnaai'utlniia aro warranted un
der the Hiitl-truat law.
Tho firm report to conarea In renponao
to aennle renolutlona will contain com
puiHilvn fiaurea aa tn production, prleaa,
ele. Tho report It unilcrttooil will not
fully support the leittil nnnnuuceniiint
of Ih Jii'PHt Intent of the Interior that
mom iinxntine t In lua produced and
' haml than ever before
,..,.,,.,,,, , Pl.-lll 1 ..
iii niiiiti inn , r. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .h h 1 1 ntltlliutet Hie
price lllileimr, A llilld ll polt, tb ftllng
will miv fuel telNliiig to union! tb tlm
inntlnii in ninn, if, tcttircm or pinil nct u
( oiilcinplaleil Inter
Fanners' Pickets
Drive Off Deputies
I lilt' Villi. Aitt .1 M.m ihI ,i.,,i,,
lr li'nil. In llutl willed fiioei HI
ttlni'lii uf Hie ' ltruli,t lit lt i -,it ti
I I. k... I,, i nl itii..ln I li In illicit nt, mil
l,i in i !i!t tl lunidci. HI l itrllll limit
if nick wrfo iluitiped Itili llii t1iul Hi
e'lmd dcimili ii, ni0d I i l"i tiic
itMite I'I, Wt t f"i,-,, Hit-ill lulu tu Hutu-ln.,1-,1,,
rt d'-,o Ifil lit ii, uf loitll
fi ,l-lil Kilt,n in II, c Krtlm, I'liinl.
M I k I'rtuit i'ii lutlxll trfld ItHilc 11,11
.if u li. nil. in U'"' 1'' ll'l'il It l a
, il , I I . 1,1 l-r- I'lll' of I ' I
I . . t i i ml I I i"' Hi" I" i
i I -
. 1 s, ul
i i I, v I '..
1 lo
11 .
1.1 .It
,in i 1
,H 11.4
I Hll
111 !
,'f " II
1 I ' I i
I .
,. Ill,
I a 111 I
' ' li. I ,
, lilt I:
Ll .1.1
ll I I -
I .' I I...
C 4 1 I In III
. i n' )
t t'.H, . tl
uiilll. ill , w
I I I i I 4
4 4 I .4. it. , 1
4 .-. I,
I I 111. li
I ll 1". llll
. 11 '
11 4
, -.
I'. 1 I
All French , P" ""
Forgci I .,s t"'s!,i, ii court
and l.""r4..w.ilt, Wft of
Meune, Taken.
Berlin Statement Sayi Teuton Troop
Engaged with Soldier Hold
in"; Trenchei.
ft K It 1,1 S, April I!, I V In Lon
don.! --All the rcrich pOftliiniiK
north of Torgoa Itrook, between
lliiui'onrt and llthlncourt, wei of
th" Meiiae, In tho region north
went of Verdun ie In (ierinim
haiidn, tha war office imnoiinccd In
day, Thn fe of the Mfileinent U h
"Weatern t neuter: (In Ihn left
hunk of thn Mua nil the enemy
poaltlon north of the brook of
Forge between lluiicourl and II th
Inconrt. ara In our hmnla,
liouoae I re neb f'rooia,
"Hoiilhweat and anuth of Fort
nonunion) our troop cngHged In
baltla with troop holding thn
French trendie und point of gup
port, "Caatern theiilef; There la liolblnu lo
"Alrahlp movement: Army and naval
alralilp dm In the nlvhl atlm ked doeka
at, Iwindon and other Impoiiant military
point on fh Ji;iillflli coat coital, alao
flroti II o nth In I ntl.
"ftomba wero dropped by auiiadrona nf
'leruian aeroplane on lb railway at
tlona at I'ogorjelay and tloroni jo on the
Una to Mlnak iKmodnu front I, hihI on the
camp at Oalrowlkl, aoutti of Mir, Honiha
alto were dropped on railway etlnbllah
meiii at, Mlnak by one. ill our nijnhip." J
Apostle Pleads
For Wider Latitude
Over Amusements
INtF,l'T,Mj5M'H, Mn April Hp
eliil Telegram.) -Hundred of d'leaiiiet
aro m atendanc at tho eonvenilona nf
tho Sunday aehool aaaoehiilon of tha (le
orifiil,fd i'htiili of Jller I'uy Miilnl
and tlia ltelllo Mternry tlntiaral aoclely.
Tha young people' nmiinlmiillorl of lite
a ww cliunh Munday ,wa alvii over lo
Ihene nrdiiilkiillniia for Jolnl proKranit
and eoifrence, At the liinrnlii ealnn
a reinnrkahlti choir of ') children an
antttein, reHnea and anlinated chorua
number. An addreaa wa made by
Apnatlo ,fobn , rtuahlon, urging more di
rletloti and lea reatrlcilona In Ih ntatler
nf amuaffiurnt and recreation for young
At Holiday aelmol l.ftld were In ailend
anna, bul pit) of thete being vMlora, who
wot aliown about the worklnga and ae
Hvlllet of till mnanlve lorttl a'ltool being
carefully explained by a committee,
A Junior choir of forty young peopln
fiiriilalioil tha miialo at tha evening hour,
when I,. II, J, Cnny of rillnburg. and
I'rof. Ilenrge N, Ilrlggt, prnaldent of
I lr r',.lim,1 ,,ntl,,i'A u-ma ki.BLni-M
. I
.i.tme Mm or aKnana ny. auperm-1
" U-l. HII.-II.,
lectured Ihla afternoon and tonight;
Thnmna J Klllntt, paatnr of the HI, Itula
eongregatlnn, and IT. Harvey Huitrty of
Kanaita Clly, were the apeakera, Ibc, mil
ale being being ftirnlahed by a Junior or
cltmlra of foiiy children from I he ngi
of a to 4, under the direction of Arthur
II. Mill of thl place.
Former Havclock Man
Is Dangerously Hurt
Olto J. Hchln-k, tm North Twenty-I
aevenlll tlrtel, a llmekneper In Ilie of
flco of Hi" auK rliili nili nt of Hi,, IliiiKnH I
Ion rallmiv tit Hie I'ltlon ibiiol, wa
taken to Ml, Joarph'a hopli In ,i -r 1 1 1 I
cnl condlllnii limi evening aa Ilie reaull
Of n Hlllli Hi'll1,l,l tat Tft,lv.Ht,ll.
, . u
Mr, Hcbltik wta on hit way lo M tnunc ,' t.i ycKti'tdnv evrntng, when an
ami dilvin hy Ni-l! I'm,, who run
a-H K,- Ml IPIliii Hlltlirv, lilt I tin nt bn
tllltlited from Kit. ttreel cHr til Hie
tntertii I'Hi.n, knocklna him aeveral Viii'ln
He ut plckril up nui tn lout. Tin in
liiinl ninn i ciuiici tut,, a i,, .,i In
grocery tlore and the IuckI ,.,l, i,,,iifi, l
I'll-. I'hMli'luii .Mill r and I'nll. e fit
Kent, llmiit tHciil",l Hut Inlme, i, in
III, Hit lnHutl In Hit HI Jinn ,li t lint
pllal 'lb" tin, Inn In Im- h lit
Inn-it tlmll mrl p.iritiil,, inienml inlnrnt
ll It l ,t , H, I.-.I , I - !
U a liti, k nnil niii. itin I i iint i'i
frnm I ln i-tui i, . i-li , ii -limi liivm
I i l l.e 1,11 In i ll I niilii i', , llm
I'l.jl ni In- Imiiiu )' till!) ii'.i
lii-iii , I I t tin i,itltlrin b" nun li',ni
"I '
li I
to PAsuumr milki-
l.-.l .1
I 1 i-
t ,i
i, l l i. .1,1,
.-' 411 l, . . ,
II,' I i lit-1 4 ny mill, I i s -w
4 d 11 1-4 1 I l III
i I 4 t'l It , ,, l,,4
M II.4J I r'A ' , , :i
i . ii. ii a (,,41,1 , . ,
lH Ut I I I !
,11.41 111 )4
! II. I .1 t
I nln Mi
ii, a iikii) 1 1 .. . 4i
a t.'l ll'.lv 4't at-
I t p.' -1 1 ..
en, 1I1 (,i nii 1 4 .i nl l il
I 1 itnl. i, A II I, I-. ,., i a
'l .! tn in iii. .. I ,,,,
1-1 III B I I,'.J1 M , . . ,1 1 , !,
1 '.I 4U' ii, , f , t
-a a
-t - it 1 .
1 "I 4'1 I
If I -.1 .
p 1
,9,.. , ,
Amrriian Commander Ha Hard
Time to Brrure Otn'dea on
Viiln Hunt.
HS ANTONIO, Te., April II. -The
fcr cpr i d ycaleiday at
nriny lii'iidtuiirter that Francia o
Vlllii had eo'Mped from Ihn region
In which (lenerul IViahing'a iv
airy coluiun are operating becaina
ii con vlei Ion by the clo. of loday.
No report from Mexico Muted f fit f.
he hud ilhtiippeured, bul till Infor
million aeciired Indlcuted that lie
wm gone,
(ieneral f'crahlng'g report re
ceived after noon, contained Hie
tiewa that lit learf a part of the dla
pnaed Viiln force that wa driven
from Oueireio aMnh 20, atlll waa
moving In Ihn dlairlct norlhaaut of
that place, hut no mention of Villa'
w hereabout waa made,
Tlm report waa dated yetlerday. Mix
column of rivalry were yet riding In
Ihn hill and pl'tln In that ailii, while
leoula weie enileavorlng lo pi' k up (he
trail of Hie etl,,ed bnndlla, at Well aa
that of Km If ftgH!vl chief.
One Hand Located,
one fone of , 1 1 In men, eiinated at
I'm, eoiitmnd' d hy Colonel llellrmi, a
located mar llaidneva, about Iwenly five
j mile liorlheaat of Kunirero, and Infor
! iiiallon waa alhere ibat Indicated th
remainder or u.e i or a-iu wc,a n
mat region, rw, rererenra waa m-io to . .
that report nf an encounter thai waa J ' ' r ' f "-," " "
meniloned In pie dltpad hea from tha I at 4 ; 3 0 Monday morning, aiu
fr""t lalned a atroke of naralyala and waa
Infoimiitlon gathered from virion
aotircra from Oetieral I'crahlng Indicated
Hint the Inlelllgenco officer of llm pnnl -IHo
fore wre bavlitg to contend with
dlffienlllca created by th receipt of rnl;
Infoi mill lou liberally gupplled In dla'rtcia
Ihrougli wbn h VIII or hi foltowci bad
paaucd, (ieneral I'erattlng alio retried
Hint lie bwd difficulty III leeurlng rnllald
Ilia atateincnlt that It had hetn t-
porlod lo him that 1'olniiel I'nitn bad en.
gigd a Villa f"i'-e In a fight on th
aiimo day Unit tho Americana wera driv
ing the bandit from Ouerrero, arvd to
niilet aomewhiil, tha fear lltal had artien
hero I bat t'ano bad revolted, a repot t
that appeared well founded,
Mar Need More Troopa,
Which way Villa ha gn l now
largely a iiueallon for Ocnnral fcralilng'
coula to imawer. It wa pointed out at
Oc.M-rn' Funaton'a headmiarter ttial once
the nail wa picked out, tha troop would
rexumo llm ihaaa further Into th In
terlor, atlhougli It wa rullaed thnt thl
aecond phnao of tlio punitive expedlllon'g
work will lie for ntor difficult Hutu waa
Ilia flritt.
l not Improbable, It wa
M Ui))l wm ,rm))) , , ar,arty
. .,,.. ,l h. ,,, ,.
Th topography or h cnuiuiT aomn
of Oiieiieto la atieh tht uc eatf ill pur
eult can be conducted nnly hy a wide
deploying of force and tha ulllll.atlon
of it huge part of tlio Infnntry, Jt waa
polnled nut. thai the further tha troopa
penetrate Into Meco Ilia gmter will l
thn ftei-eaalty for atrengt benlng the llnea
of eommiililcftllon.
Cioiii th border th extrama outh
ern poalllona, tlm advanced pot already
ba (raveled WU mllea, wlten thara la
litlen Into iiccotint the twlatlng of tha
Iriilla Hiey linv (ravelail,
llonil ol Heine I aeg,
The Xnrlhwalern railroad la not ye
titnu , "", " , ,.
linn in i. fn hire nf ileiieial tlaura, aim
i , , n, il ia u rHimr f ,! lift
ii-n-i 1 I'.dl to reach an ngreement, The
IlinilV plil'lng III service lif more motor
inn Ut iillevliitnl leiniHtiarl'y the tiipiilv
ell mi 1 1 Ion, however, mid (Ieneral I'rrtli
I Inrf irimiied Imlny llutl oiniiir inn at now
..... .1. Hi in Inn tntililict lo a liolltl tlllltli
. I
nf Ni,..i.,iilp. alllioat w nine, i i . n-
'''''' . ,, , , . ,, J
cneml I'eithlna alto reported tlial be I
1 1
l.-il round ei tin nf an Inferior f ade for
hnibit mill mule. Ind iiiae It ecarce
itnl tlm i il for bav It pietiiliig
'ln iii I, "mi i Hie l"'il H'd fnl mi
iniiic I. el ween i iiiuitm lublnn and
Hie and llmi nnnin oon HI be
tpiilriii.-iili-d bv a wtgnii wired ti :tt t Iii mi tfiiil fiii ;iii in i
l ,iti' 1 1 biinfrt
Severe Injuries
In Auto Accident
i 'It l
V . I
in. l.C
il iti 'I e
,wa l.btllltn, Itlci
t -, n mm I 1 1 i
1 1 ill i in M.H ' I
Ml I
I ., 4 fill .
I ll' Hit'
. t ll. I.
1.1.1 ll
I i 1.1, 1 11
, .V I ,
. nl II,
,-l Mi
Ill .
(ii ,
', i . . in
l ' 1
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n tat. t 'ii.
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1 ri mgr ij ri vm irifiki
j J I nin' I1 kklMk IIU"1
at li a in
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Ki-m-.r'MiWM 4
II',, lJTlr- 1 ! '.J-. 1 i f . I
"t;.:m t -W3 . .
William Henry Kent, Proof Reader
for The Bee, Stricken While
at Work, Diei Later.
w,illam Henry Kent, nltht proof
taken lo bin home, Hl Capitol av
cnua, wbern ho died at JO o'clock,
never having regained conacloua
lie, To member of hla family,
frlnnda and aaaoelataa, h had often
fxpreaaed thn wlh that he rtl In ther
hiirneaa, gnd ao he died, yrrfl
Mr, Kent hnd been In 'gppaffut
yoiid health. He hnd worked on rh
proof reading deak during IhVulgbt,
and when Ihn regular night force
'lull, work ahorlly after 2 , If) o'cloik
Monday morning, he, remained to
reatl proof on aomn tlmo ropy,
hud atarled rending a proof aliect
and hud marked error for aomn dla
tancn down, when auddenly he col
litaped, nt oncn bccHmn iinconaclotia
and fell hack In hla chair.
Mr. Kent I oivke by hi widow and
One diiuglileri, Mr, Mall I'hilippi and
Mli. Hl'-warl Wllg, of Onmlm, and
Mr. Mry llmliNm of Tmka. Kan. A
aon, William II, kM, waa killed In H
tnllroad aicldent In Kntitet five yet it
ago, Tb body will h bo led In Onmlta,
but, no arrangement bare, been mad for
th fiin'l. '
Member of the Old (iwaril.
Tha dentil of UUIIinn Hen, Kent
innrka Hie putalov of one of Hie old
guard In the newtpiper field In lb
central wel, nd a man, who lltlily
or an yeaia ago waa on of Ih moat
brilliant writer.
Horn In Wllllainpirt, Ind , tldy-tlt
year ago, lhr WlllUm Henry Kent
grew to manhood Ho afMndrd tb pith
lb eiliool tber and iilii'iienlly with
honor waa giadniilxd fiom Wbh ml
lego lit l'iwforitvlle, ind Tbei lie
almlteil law tlid m,t ndutlllcd lo th
:iar In lV, piacll.lm Id prnrettlon iittlll
l, a, wlnn b came In iiiniilii) In Hi
Hit uiitline Mini In 1 . 4 be vttt liltllled to
Mitt llnttln f llli" of li h fi.filt, II it
I poll hi aithe
In iimatiii, ttiimali In,
bad iii i er lind ,in, ,i, v tinipet cuj,, t ttt, .
llittend of t'oiiliiming In Mm nt-tl.e ol
law, be enteitnl lumo i..ui imllni I- i. i,,k
law, b enteitiil iiimo imiriinllti l
y . () ,,, ,,,, .r,
Ne, tn a'len ,tNiiv t Imt I',m Mm
, . , , , .
,,, ,
.neptndeil piiblli til. i, n fi w inniitl,. I,il,,f
Klintllv nflei lilt b" I.MHiin, a lepolter
mi The n, ninlir Al Uni.tifiit I,,,
Wilt Hull illy clllm I,, a iiii,t,lb.
later Kninitini wmi i., tin, nr,lii, kii
H'l Ki-ni lititnic iln ,ii..i i,r 'i l,
In llil,
Mil, i
- It I i
tal f l.e
ii,i i
Inter I ellre t o a
: ! in Ik 4 tin tpc ii
i ' i t '
in Ut , I l.n
m tl tl, nl
in. I it d'liimi in,,
H f.nllnl Httlf ll, ml i,n , ,,
heel mi llm i-iltiial Htl'f 'I tl
l,., In. I II.. I (.,., f,(, Iv in,. I 1.1 tll tcii
fi el. nl litllt nil nl linn i, i, i a t.
ni.i I, tnl i.ii..hiiii,ii. t i, i n,
tin II i i, i. ,1 i , i li., ,. ( , n In i ,, i,
III, lui't Mli 11 l I , I I...I4I i In i
i.i i
I .. 1 I .ill .1 1,14 , i.c
.. 11
1 1 i , 1 1
i , .1 i
.., t HI I w ,i il
"ii I"
Illume for New Haven Collision
is Placed Upon Dead Engineer
1 1 1 '
i in- 1 in
1 .. ,, 1 ,
Ml I. I I I
I'M I ... I
.1 .n ! I ,
1 S..-. Ht .
i iti
;ii ,..,i ,.,
i . 1 1 1 t 1
1 n n
1 n i-
i .i i , ,
1 n,-i 1
1 . . 1 1 1 4 1
.1,1 .
lr 1-
li 1 ! 1
1 .1 .
Iii I.
.,. I l.n
' '
"fvii0t ;
V ' ;
Bandit Leader Said to Be at Satevo,
Fifty Milei SiHth of Chi
huahua City,
Vh f'AHn, Ten , April J,- - t'anho
Vllln, iinwoiindd and aecompanled
by eight men, wa at Kuro, fifty
mllea aoiiih ,f ('hlhuahiitt t'lfy, two
day ago according fr informa
tion rcelved here; today from Me
bag aoiir', which hay proyed na
tiatially rellabln In tha paat. If (big
Informal ion la eorracf, villa la
heading toward I'arral gnd la lead
ing hla American ptJMiier by at
leant lty mllea.
HA! A XI OX Hi, Te , April I - Tlw da-
j la hment of villa fore defeated at
Ouerraro by Afiirinn, lr, Wdndy
Wl located ymlrnUy lier l' bloeva,
itoriliet ut tiwrront, according to 'Jen
eral I'eml.lng, who reported today to
Oencral Cuinton. HI refeirt W lent
The remainder of th dlaperied for',
b anld, wa aenllerad Ihroiigh tlia region
li,rlh( of Onerreri and Amri'n
troop urn continuing fhelr purault
General I'trablng tnld Villa Itlmielf
bad not been bi,td and added thai til
'"i'iiigeo, neparimenl h1 bean nW,n
' ",," t mtaleadlng Informalloii and lhat
aeciirlng reliable g'lld w becoiolng
nio,e difficult, llraielng for th anlinal
w ce', h rrpnitnd, but aoin grtln
had been found.
I lah llh tvleelaaj Villi!,
April i - Oly Aempiana to I'olonU Imb
Ian and by Kndlo to f'olumbu, S, M,
April i- Amorlcn cavlrmn ncoun
(red a flteliig foe of Vlllata near --
r1y tod and aoiind of flrttig hav
been beard from that direction, but no
report lie lieert mad ta head'urtra
a to tb reaull.
Th moon'iilne of frurrr ar being
combed Iborougbly for Kranei"o Villa
by lb Ameilenn foroe. bul liollillig lit
benfi letrned to lilt where limit older
1 1, n ii raptured bandit laid h w being
in riled farther Into tha mountain In
hi pilling i n. h.
ieneral I'rmlillig mioioi e, today Hint
I roup of Hi Infantry t to b uted fur
iiiicinl tin ullmbliig In iha m Ii for
Vllln, i n iipeiating wtii lb lavalrymni,
'win, I. tie hom Hie brnut of lh flv-
IuIhiiIi y.oen l,. I.nii g g Hutiiigh
I,l,.i,li,a i,,ei,aall..i.a In lilll t limbing
.n,),,, r,,r . , we.ka and
;""liei tnl they ar III r.i.llent l.l.
I lot II. hied Ilia,
the Iricip weia ilotely I., VIII
yetii idny, enletliig lb village i f
aluii t if tltit i bad fli-d finin
li H Ht .litpniid thai h might It
In. lib ii in it f II tin' inl ,IV pi
.fin. ,ii t luki-n In ffl', I Hi itl'in"
I'e. i i, ,.. nf ilnlli (iiilninl Hi
Mlm.a I' 'In ...."'lli' .lie lllllill.ll
ii nil I .ii u r.ti all. .it lit. I been in.. I
tut lim i ) i )' 1 1 1 1 wllbll ftllld In ll'
I a , til p.,. .! tl Im 1 1 i 1 1 1 a)
ii.i. Ill, in In,, I tMi4 ll-nt' ili tl"l .
,ilh ill. cul. I M ft'.li, l. Hunt In
tl... I i. I lit, mi.. lin I.i mil itrlei
li - I ... ban I i n abl In
i i, . ' - Hit ii . -i t .tn . 41 1 ii in. tl a.
I.- , III. til",, 111 I ,,, I. I I , 1 1..
a - i.lilif VI, ml llni.i.ii h.,.
I I, v 1 it tin, 1 I.i In, 1,., ,., . t
al- I'.t ii,, 1 1, a I .i i.ftn it, I
Inn ill 45 4 a Lain I alt t.ii il.h.-it
'ili 1 .1.11, , i t i iii. l.), . ,1
in. jit it. 1 . 1,1.1, all .nl,.,. t,uii
1 1 I. lull all, 11 a .liiiiild I nit I
I -it . 1 I, ill iln, I .it.-iill n, la
n la II al i.itf I .1.) kutiiptlatil
."." in. I, at PI l-l .igi.l li.tttni .f
11 lima' ., -t' l'.. II. p., I
' 1 1 - 1 " '11 '.- I 11 ..ii ..: 14' ,t .
r 1 i.i - hint '
Bandit ftlipt Through Net of th
American Cavalry si It Vi
Cioin)f About Kim and
Coren His Trail,
Carrsnzf Official S'ut Reborti thai
Ha Will B Able to Get th
arrivw to Revolt,
hi l,i ri,
VV AJUMNiJTOV, April , A fight
between on of the gmaller group
'if Villa and t'ananr.a turf, th
tatter unier roionei t no, on jMarrn
tl), wa reported to thn War d
parlmen thla afternoon by fienarat
Ftmaton Vtmnui llog, lha villa
leader, waa ail'ed,
t I'AHO, April , rraneiari
Villa haa again beconia fha roan of
f lyatery, Almoal with'n lh gr
it th American cavalry, gfiar tha
I ) nt dun rum, th hgndll la y
; xrtd I't ( allpped through th
net cloning about hlrn and to fcav
4ercd lb frail of hla flight, Mxt.
ran official fn Juarar, aooghf Infor.
t'.adon of lb brlrand'a wheretboufa,
let fb land line brought no dafln.
H word,
f Ilia a lb M,
M(ii rmfia hd II that Vltla and
n,thr t,nd nt hi follower war mor.
fu tm riiibotho nii in Intemion f4
getting lb rur'tmm nf th da f.elo got
eminent to revdt d otn hini again
Hie American, The rprt brong-ttl
here ty lrtli were y,uied by Mal
an ' oii.iil (t,b .
Whll b bandit mln roniman4
, altered al lb ball I of ljirrr, U, ll
Mllcved hr thai VIII b eve,J other
laig bodle of men dltp of t eh
vei,t pot II Inn. on th conllnenlal dl
d, and lb. I Colonel J odd and bif
ir'Hip may m In enntaet wllli ih.m at,
any flro Whll lb rch for Villa
enifnid I'olmiel fiodd will al ek la
delr,g lbei armed (wlle nt Vlltli,
who are g r,nii,t men in ih ln
nf AtitmiUnn cnmmunbailon.
Thr I no light on th r'n pr
lino t,t Urn f'arranca force lnt Ihg
lllta, liirl ffertard ba nt n
leporl Hi infi bed'i''aHr tor vt
era) flay, i,d what aetl.lanij Iha tr'top
i,t lit d fi g'vfnmnt la giving
'jenetal l'e,hlng gnd hla inn It '
Trffl nr Ih Mule Wof1itrg
rllwr I beeomio; mr gmtir tnr
Ih advnl trf lb Aoierb .n eipedltlonarf
fore In b (' tiraufaa ed Mdr
dl.irlci. A. fmtHht train nrrlr.4 from
r'aaa flrande Oil morning. Itr In
Ih day nld pogr and frlh
fialil aiarled out for l'roi, IhlHy
mite aouth of !' firande. T. ear.
load nt ,il and I wo carload nt pr
mailer, ghlpped by prtv.l partlea, fca,t
e.peci.d vmuaiif tn reli tha army,
mad tip tb freight onalgurnnl, Tha
panget In'luded tinny Amrl"na. r
niifilng lo th tnierlor fir flight to lb
border following th. Colombo. mMs-
II err. r la al l.aaaaa,
Horn light I thrown on Ih mov.
(l onlliiued on I'ag Two, Column Knurl
Smith Bot the Fees,
But Abraham Is No
Nearer a Citizen
Abraham Jkn lllalohloeky, 41 Boat a
Twnty ninth irt, turnd hla eertifl
rt of naluraintailon In to tha I'ntud
hii. court for cancellation, and aakad
Hi. I Ih ult of th foiled Nlatna agamae
him h diniid, Iii ault waa dn, Thl c,-i tf let. wt granted blm Ta
ruary 7, III, and hi trouble lrd b
ran Malrlet l ourt I1e(k llobert Hmtih
Intltted lhat a cerllfbai he granted him
In .I'll nf lh fm t thai h h.d not mm
plie. with Ih law In aupifirHng hi p.
llilon by a de. of Intuition, Th.
deputy ilerk Intl. led on having thl dee
In, .in, it Ind Ktnlilt men iilnd tha deputy.
Tb dam li been midline. Itlaio
blm ky baa bi mi rleei) nf Hie chaig of
eeciiilng iiniiiralUtilmi IUllv and A ginal tb-a I of work wit
leipilien mi Ida p. it of tho ll. I Lil . f u I Inn
e.nntiiii-r, the federal ennit clerk and
r'edmal J ut Monger to undo th bann
thai enillbl,. ip,i.,t Itniiiatt, of Hit
law did,
And lllaloblm ky I n.t nmr. a I'nll.d
ll.lit cllmeli 11. til ll. W. ttt.tli In,
latli.) to ,t bl. I a pi-1 .. Ilnl I. b.t
paid b fe 111 In anillli in.) I,. ,g, a
di al nl wot i y .lid tliMilr Itiln ll,a .,,
ilttnii et.if 1 'nir.tiam.irnl i
1 niMMI I'i IN, Al'tll I tainnlal Tt I.
.ta iii 1 t be 1, ate Ian mi. . i,,, ,,..n,i
inliftiiiif.l t pi, W. V I, ...ii. I,, l,,1,i,
of Hn- fr 111 ilitlilil i, .Saniaaa. lti,
V If Ullligel, di.ei Mi
""" 'IPtiimnl ., li. bt.11 -'niiii
leti le Hi. a. 1, hi. tm- 41.,, 1, H
A iVw VantA(lf
in r.xrlmnjro for lot.,
of answiTH. Call
Tyler Khio- any-tlmo.