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of the
r ntRRtT r. (dbtiii,
Nature U ths great maker and user of
explosive. But Its dynamite 1 steam.
With It she can wreck a world. In the
tax of the noon we see th aspect of
ft little planet which ha been wrecked
tn that manner. Nature' exploding boil
ers are volcano.
The (aunt frames of dead volinoes
of gigantic also cover the face of the
moon, but their motive force is vone
because the moon no longer haa either
free water of sufficient Internal heat
te turn the water Into steam. She loon
like a monstrous Verdun that, ages ago.
was subjected to a storm of shells a
billion times mightier than any that
Krupp's biggest rune can hurl.
The earth haa both, end ranaAoiientlv
, " active volcanoes. This Is the
V. earliest, and, upon the whole, the most
consistent and probable explanation of
1 volcanic action. All the active volca-
I noes are sufficiently near the sea to be
within the probably range of percolat
ing subterranean water. But some of
the water mo doubt comes from the
rocks themselves. Still, there are no ac-
tlve volcanoes at great distanced from the
; ocean.
1 Those found In the far Interior of con
tinents are mere dead shells, tolling of a
i ttme when they were animated by the
gigantic force of steam, supplied from
water sources now lacking.
Whenever ' Vesuvius or Etna explodes
with a furious eruption there are pre
liminary shakings, spurting and subter
ranean groaning, which Indicate the
gathering of the forces In the choked
vents of the volcano, ir a steam en
gtneer neglects his boiler and allows Us
' safety valve to become clogged It will
blow apt.
If th fragments could fall back Into
piece aixer wvery niow-up ml form a
new ohatractlon to the gathering steam,
there- would be an endless series of ex
plosion a long a the water lasted
and the fire burned. 80 with a vol
cano; an eruption relieve the Internal
Jjisssui and dears th volcanic, pipes,
but a soon a the outgush cease th
vent are reolosed, obstructive material
presses In from all aides and th impris
oned force set to work to collect energy
for another outburst.
Of course, there are other gases and
vapor besides steam In the emanation
of a volcano, but they are aubsldlary
to the steam .which furnishes th princi
pal mottv power. In addition to the
flying fragments, the bomb, and th
vast cloud of duet and vapor shot out
of a volcano, are the flood of molten
rook and hot mud that flow down th
rent ewes . or the crater or force their
way. through the flank of th moun
taln, but the uplifting force behind tbeee
i mainly that of imprisoned steam.
When the earth Is Braetloallv
and haa no more ocean It will have
o more vol canto eruption. The planet
Mar ha nearly, if not hutte, reached
1, that condition, and no astronomer haa
- ever, seen a voloanlo eruption on Mars.
- although with modern- telescope th af
fect of en a great a some we hare
had within th last thirty or forty years
-on -the, earth would be easily -visible,
Th black cloud filling thousands of
aquaro mile of th atmosphere would be
aeei forming aad spreading, for the perv
manent sui-fao of Mar 1 plainly visi
ble. It repeats th story of th moon.
A to Venue, we earmot tell with oer
talnty It aolld surface, for some
reason, is not clearly visible. Jupiter
seem to be In a constant state of ebulii.
tton. Ilk a boUhig glob where nothing
retain a permanent shape, except, per-
hap, th Strang region called "th great
red spot-
f K Th'ra U 90 rth WutJfui
' , X. ampl of a Wnd of model volcano, from
whos study th moat interesting Infor
mation 1 obtained, it la the Island of
Stromboll In th Mediterranean Sea, a
ort of fro school f voloanologr. There.
frora ttme Immemorial, frequent, and
mora or leas regular, explosions have
been, going on These eruption are not
- sever enough, to prevent observers from
placing themselves on a slop of th
mountain above th crater, which lies
half down on side, and watching the
working of th forces beneath.
Between eruptions the bottom of th
crater, with Its fiery spiracles, can be
clearly Inspected. Sometime only steam
Is blown off; sometimes fragments of
rocks are shot up with the stifling gasea
and vapors. Occasionally the molten
matter In th crater is forced up to the
Why Dinner Wasn't Ready
"VoVVTlk-htl 1!11. Inter'l. New"R'rr"lce
By Nell Brinkley
Advice to Lovelorn
By Beatrice Fairfax
Dear Mte Fairfax: Is it customary for
one to visit places of amusement, suoh as
theaters, while in moumingT A dear
friend of mine lost his father about a
month ago, and slnoe then has done noth
ing dui en nome ana nrood over his trou
ble Couldn't he go out and enjoy him
self, at the aame time mourn for his
father? Dancing is out of the Question,
but do you see eny harm in any one
going to see a good playT JOHN P.
I do not believe In ever hugging grief
to one's bosom or being deliberately un
happy. There certainly Is a natural re
spect which any loving heart wants to
pay to its dead. But the father who loved
your friend would never have wished his
eon to suffer unnecessarily. And If this
man la getting morbid over hi suffer
ings, he owes It to himself to seek some
diversion which will enable him to find
strength to meet his bereavement. How
ever, it is only natural that he should
be somewhat loath to go to places of
amusement. As soon as he can adluat
himself to seeking a little harmless di
version, such as going to concerts, lec
tures or even to the theaters, it would
e wise for him to do so.
Am rs reassemble Stead.
rtnd who ha been going about with a
Jro,'n m,n,.N. m girl friend and
1. had decided to have a surprise party
In honor of this young man's aUter but
It being Inconvenient for his mother to
have It Just at present, the young man
came to my home to notify me. anT while
inT onerra 10 iaxe me to the moving
1 pon hearing or this mv friend became
Ttlr MaueJ. I think T rr.i-
light, as this young lady Is not en .
r. 1. r.
Tour friend was quits unreasonable lu
her attitude. If you explain the situation
to her quite frankly there Is certainly no
o i-t oti of disloyalty. It must be rather
flatting to this youth to have two girls
How To Get Rid of a
Dad Cough
A BsasMd Remedy that WITl
e It dalckly. t heaa aad
Kaally Made
If .you have a bad eouh or chrtt rAA
which refuses to vield to ordinary rem-
,ronl nT Qf"lW't ounce
of 1'inex (ftu rents worth 1, pour into a
pint bottle and till the bottle with plain
granulated sugar svriip. Start taking
a teaopwnful every hour or two. Jn 24
hours your rough will hp conquered or
very nearly o. Kven whooping cough is
greatly relieved in this way.
'J he above mixture makes a full pint
a family supply o( the finest cough
syrup that money could buy- at a cost
of only ft 4 cents. Kasily prepared in A
minutes. Full directions with I'inex,
This Pines and Kugar Byrup prep
ration take right hold of a cough and
gives almoet immediate relief, ft loos
en the dry, boar or tight cough. In a
way that is really remarkable. Also
quickly heals th inflamed membrane
which accomranr a painful cough, and
stop th formation of phlegm in th
throat and bronchial tubes, thu ending
th persiatent loose rough. Excellent for
bronchitis, spasmodic croup and winter
coughs. Keeps perfectly and taste good
children like it.
Pinex is a special and hlghl eoncen
traied compound of genuine Norway pin
extract, rich in guaiacol, which is to
beating to the membranes.
I , To avoid disappointment, ak your
druggist lor ounce of Pinex," do
not accept anything else. A guarantee
ft absolute satisfaction, or money prompt
J refunded goea with this preparation.
The Piex Co.. Ft. Wayne. Ind.
THE little bride remembered dinner when abe slipped
on ber frilled apron nd tied it behind . her
straight little back I But from that time, when,
with a dainty forefinger against her lower lip, she said,
"creamed cauliflower, he lores that." and leaned to
look into the bedroom just onoe at the Jolly pink baby
lying there on the broad, white bed until a smothered
langh, and a rustle at the door behind her bacjc, and a
big man pouncing on her with cold cheeks And bundles,
and his hair rumpled from a wrenched-oft hat, with
"Where's my dinner?" growled in the voice of the "Big
Bear," brought her up sharp she remembers nothing.
Bhe did not know how many minutes the big man
had larked In the doorway with glittering eyes on the
two who were fiercely his own. But when he had
smoothed her tumbled hair and held ber face hard
against his and then "made dough" out of the chuck
ling, kicking little person with the hair of down, and
had heard her confused, shamed confession, "I I for
got dinner. I was playing with the baby!" he laughed
aloud and Jeered, "The baby! Two babies ware playing,
is the right of It, Candy-Hair!"
The Sort of Girl to Marry
Whos Talent and Beauty Have Won
for Her an Enviable Place In the
Moving Picture World.
A young man Z know told me the other
day that he was going to be married.
"I hop you will b very happy," I
said a I congratulated him.
' fh, Tm sure to. I'm taking no chances
on that." he replied confidently, "for I
am marrying my little office partner.
We've worked together for four years,
and we know all of eaoh other's little
faults and peculiarities, and how to get
around them.
'"when ah come down of a morning
cross, and Jumpy with nerves I send her
out on some errand that will take her
Into the fresh air, and tell her not to
come back for two or three hours.
"And when I'm grumpy, she Just says
to nn, 'Bear!' and make a face at me,
and goea off and leaves me until I have
worked off my grouch. Instead of burst
ing Into tears and having hysterics be
cause I'm croas.
"Tou see she knows how to deal with
an overworked man. which Is something
that few domestlo women comprehend.
"furthermore. I know about 11,000,000
things more about getting along with
women, from having worked with them,
than the man does who has never seen
any woman at close range except Ms
mother and alsters, and he Isn't much
acquainted with them.
"You never hear of any man getting a
divorce who has married his stenogra
pher, or office assistant, or even busi
ness woman." added my friend, trium
phantly. And I don't believe I ever did.
Of course, there are a great many
reasons why the business girl should
make the best Sort of a matrimonial risk.
One thing Is that the training in an office
correct many of th essentially femi
nine faults. It teaches a girl to be prompt,
orderly and decisive. Bhe must do things
on ttme; she must do them properly, and
she must make up mind on the spur of
the moment without any ahllly shallying
and filing back and forth between "I
will" and "I won't."
Then, having earned money herself,
makea a woman careful of how she
spends It. She know every dollar comes
through weariness and anxiety, and is
bought with Just that much of life and
blood; and she doesn't throw It away
with the subline carelessness of ths
woman who seems to think that checks
grow on trees.
ou,rrellnr over him. Settle your dispute Tne buaine.e life teach-e a girl an Iron
t,d To -! the trifling situation that j M-lf-rontrol. No matter w hat ulic ,i.e.
rurd I'. th ha to 1,-arn to ktcp temper, and her
tongue, and to take criticism of ber work
and her opinions Impersonally, Instead
of considering them deadly Insults. She
ha to learn to keep her precious little
feeling to herself, Instead of spreading
them all over th place, and howling
whenever anybody steps on them.
But the chief reason that the business
girl makes an Ideal wife, 1 because
having worked herself, she haa a sym
pathy for her husband, and a com
prehension of what h does that no home
keeping woman can possibly have.
The average woman regards a man's
going downtown of a morning In th
nature of a lark. Bhe thinks it would Just
be fun to spend the day with a lot of other
people In a nloe office or store, seeing
fresh face, and hearing new stories all
day long, and ahe thinks It all pretense
when her husband says bs Is too tired
to go out of an evening, or even to talk.
The girl who has been In business
knows, the frightful strain of getting up
every morning and going to work at a
certain time, whether you are weary or
rested, or sick cr well. Bhe knows that
no battlefield was ever the soene of a
greater conflict than goes on every hour
of the day In store of countingroom, and
that the higher up the man. the more
his expenditure of brain and brawn.
Bhe knows what it Is to come home so
nerve worn and exhausted that It aeems
that Just to have to make one more
effort would be the straw that breaks
the camel' back.
And so from her own experience, she
refrain from adding to th burden of a
man who ha already got all he ean
bear, and she coddles and comforts hlra
as no other wife does her husband, be
cause the other woman doesn't under
stand, and never can understand how he
needs It.
That's why. If I were a man, I'd pick
out a business woman for a wlfs.
Spring Painting Tips
Paint brushes are expensive articles,
yet they are frequently permitted to be
come almoet worthless through neglect
In order to keep them In good condition
procure a dish or tin can deep enough
to stand them in and pour into It water
to a height that will cover the bristles
of the brushes, and than our In a little
machine or lubricating oil. The oil pre
vents not only the rusting of the Iron of
the brush part and of the tin, but also
the evaporation of the water.
Wrap the ' bristle of each brush in
paper and tie the paper In place with a
string. This keeps the oil from coming
in contact with the brtmles and also pre
aorve their ehan.- WHh such rare you
will find our brush In l-n1iii cundl
t ini for the in-xi Job.
The Treatment of Cancer
When It oomea to forms of treatment
of the r than the surgical operation, we
must confess our embarrassment, almost
our helplessness.
Numerous as they are, w are com
pelled In the present state of our knowl
edge to say of all of them, that they
should be considered only after aa oper
ation haa failed, or is out of the ques
tion, or aa aooeseoiies to operation, to
diminish the likelihood of recurrence of
the growth.
This sounds like a sweeping and dis
couraging statement, and will probably
be bitterly resented by many eager en
thusiasts with the X-ray, radium and
with various serum and cultures. But It
aeems to represent the sober Judgment of
the profession and of those who have
had the widest experience with the
disease at present. The future we hope
may make a better showing.
A great variety of methods other than
surgical have been eagerly tried, the
latest and most frequent being the - In
jection Into the growth of Irritating or
coagulating substance. In th hop of
destroying It or causing It to breach
down. ,
Then com th application of heat
In various forms, from sealing with a
hot Iron to electro-cautery, the X-ray,
the burning-glaaa, concentrating the
sun's rays; ths so-called Finaen light
through huge blue lenaea; using ths cold
or ultra-violet rays of light; radial man
atlons, figurations with electric dls-
charges, etc., etc
Next come the Injection Into the growth
of a variety of serums and cultures; In
the hope that they will break down the
cancer mass and destroy the cancer cells.
Cultures from case of crjslelua, iul
tures of two or three germs mixed to
gether, as - tn the well-known Coley's
fluid for the special form of cancer
called "Sarcoma," serums made from
patients who have recovered from csn
oer, or from the blood of those who are
still suffering from It; and so on ad
There are almost as many kinds of
eures as there are cancer, and the sub
ject Is hugely beyond the poeslblllty of
consideration In detail. But one gen
eral principle and hope underlie all of
these methods, and that Is the discov
ery of some Influence drug, heat, light,
germs which will have a selective ef
fect; t e.. will destroy the cells of the
cancer and leave those of the surround
ing tissues untouched.
A will b readily understood when we
remember the mushroom growth and
fungus softness of the canter cells, there
is no great difficulty In producing a cer
tain amount of effect of this sort. In
fact, many of the Injectiona and raya
will pioduce a noticeable shrinking and
breaking down of ths growth, sufficient
to arouse the most glowing hopes of a
compute cure.
Indeed, the cancer cells are so tender
and unstable that almost any Injurious
Influence applied to tbem will kill more
of them than It will of the body cell
about It Is strongly suspected. In fact,
that the remarkable temporary results
sometime ' produced by the X-rays,
radium, by violet light, eto., are merely
due to the amount of heat which I mad
to penetrate the tumor and shrivel up
the more sensitive end delicate cancer
But, unfortunately, when It comes to
a permanent cure, the ease with which
a cancer may be made to shrink Is In si
most exactly Inverse ratio to the oer
talnty with which It can be. kept
shrunksn. The reason 1 painfully clear
again from the nature of the cancer
Although almost sny Injurious Influ
ence can be so applied as to kill them and
spare the healthy and surrounding tis
sues. It Is practically impossible to so
apply It as to reach thoae which have
progressed two, four or sis tnchss Into
the body, I. e., without burning a hoi
in th patient' body of th also of a
derby hat.
No matter how completely the original
or aurface growth ha shrunken down
and disappeared under the Influence of
radium, the X-ray. or violet rays. In
eltrht cases out of ten so far a ths seed
cells escape and the growth comes back
either In the neighborhood of Its origin
or in some of the Internal organa.
Almot the only exception to the regret
ful statement I th case of certain super
ficial cancers of the skin, the eyelids,
the none, face and hands, which can be
completely cleered up by expoaure to
either radium or the X-ray.
But these, unfortunately, ' have been
known for forty years, for some strange
reaaon. never to throw off seed cells
which penetrate the deeper cells of the
body and produce secondary cancers. We
still have hopes that with Increasing ex
perience and Improved technique better
result may be obtained. But up to date
the number of cases of proved csncer
which have been cured and atayed cured
for five yeara or more after treatment
with the X-rays, or radium, or serums,
Is painfully small. And, of course, we
don't begin to uae the term "cure" in
connection with cancer until at leaat
three and usually five to seven yesrs
have elapsed without any fresh signs.
Why, you haven't more than half mowed
that lawn."
"No, ma'am,' said Weary, "bat you see,
lady, I kind o thought some other poor
feller want In' a Job might be coratn' along
aoon. and if I don It all there wouldn't
be noth'n' left for hlra." Sunday Visitor.
Spring TIma Is Ring Tims
$50 WW $5
m m j 1 a m
li t i Ktv A Xoatk
Toe ar thlnklac Dlui essiBit
rltis. perhaps iHi(irln i. u oiavt th
iiwiue of a rlns hlom ueuxh fnr HKI1.
All fom hr to tn la Ut ovn a shar knraunt
UK u. Oir lrtl "Perfection" DUnon
Kin No. M. IM value rvl at buir
an Mir 10 sImm. The mall parment ef
UN wars, or It month, will aerar be
siUm from eur par enrdope.
ratal; le ITS., !srf'i TIM tM
rail er write fur lllutte rataloe No let.
rnon rwxixlM I44 an oar lma will aalt
with axtlulea onlraa.
I10FTIS 1-V..T
Ca BROS & OX!. 1 ZJieoS?
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'1'"" i1,Hiaa,irfl
An Untdfith Soul
Weary Waggles, having eaten a hearty
lunch, turned to say good -by tn hi
"What!" she cried. "Goli g already?
Do Your
Growing; children
need nourishing
food that will not
overtax their delicate
stomachs. They need
food that builds tissue and
muscle that pleases their
tastes and that can be eaten
in large quantities;
is the ideal food for crowing children, because they
can eat as much as they like and the more they eat.
the better it is for themmacaroni can't make a
youngster sick.
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