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Society Notes -:- Personal Gossip' -:- Entertainments -:- Club Doings
E. C. Marks; Elmwood, It. Pleper end
A. M. Breun; Fremont. F. Rentllngen;
Ithlra. F. Oatertsg; Madison, A. Wlchrlt;
M irdork. A. It. hrhwan; Norfolk. A.
Wtchman: Omaha. R. F. Poescher; Ptan
ton circuit. A. Ftaum, Vl Point. J.
Oelerklns; Washington, F. L. Wlegert.
Hastings District C. Jannen. Presiding
Elder: Burr Oak, O. B. Bancroft; Colo
rado mission. O. A. Rekow; Culbertson.
A. Hank; tenver. Colo.. J. A. Adam:
(Hand Iland. C. W. Boelter; Guide
Rock and Boetartch. O. It. Hemktn:
Hastings, r. av-huelxke; Huntley, It. Sin
nerman: Idajla. A. Renerman; Imperial,
R. "J. Zimmerman; Ioveland, Colo., H.
Wegner; North Irfiup, J. J. Meyer; Mt
Francl. Kan., C. F. "k-hmldt; Hterllng,
Colo., A. Kersten and J. Jochen; Wood
ruff, Kan., W. P. Bancroft.
Uncoln District J. Mierba her. Pre
siding Elder; Archer. C Fuehrer; Burn
ham, J. Barret; Clay Center. F. Becker;
Harvard, W. C. Frey; Uncoln (Calvary).
.1. A. Mark; Uncoln fSaleml, A. E.
Hahfnrd: Maaon City, R. M. Reynold;
Mllford. I. Kelpphy; Ft. Michael. E. II.
8ohl; Futton, W. Nneranberg; Swanton.
E. Mehl; Western and Gladstone, C. O
It. A. Jochen. member of Gladstone
quarterly conference.
A. Branchle, member of Murdoch quar
terly conference.
F. Bachemeyar, member of Elmwood
quarterly conference.
( Afternoon Gown )!AK TO HAVE TWO
Board of Governor! Alio Working
with Lobeck for Naval and
Military Display.
Appointment made at the Nebraska
Conference of the Kvangellcal associa
tion, which held Ita thlrty-eluht annual
conference and business session at Ithica,
Neb-, from March 23 to 24. aa follow:
Fremont District It. Fohl. Presiding
Elder: Atkinson. II. R. Knosp; Bearer
Creasing, It. A. lTaegermeyer; Crefton.
Chariitice Paintings Showing the
Creative Genius of the Artists
of the JTonnweit.
Pr MF.M.IF1CIA Marrli .
In th. eihlbltlon to h. opened t the
public tomorrow tnomlna; at the public
library are plrturea from the art lata of
Montana. North anil Bouth Dakota, Mln-
li rascmatmg spring and
All Exceptionally
summer mouses
Wo have gathered together hundreds and hun
dreds of the best styles for Wednesday's selling, and
if every woman who reads this advertisement does
not stock up for spring and summer it certainly will
not be because of any lack of opportunity to share
and save. We have made wonderful purchases in the
past few weeks, and as a result arc in a position to
offer now the most stylish Blouses at the smallest
prices you have paid this season.
100 Hand-Made
Values to $7.50, at
Hand tucked and hand-embroidered
models. Advance styles, low or high
neck, long or three-quarter aleeve". Imagine-
hand-made blouses at these prices.
The labor alone would coat' that. ''.
50 Dressy Models, Values $10 to $15, at $5.50
Radium Taffeta Blouses, Lace Blouses, Georgette Crepe Blouses. Just this limited quantity, all
hand sewed. ' !
About 300 Crepe de Chine, Georgette Crepe, QTt
Lace and Linen Blouses, values to $5, at.
Dainty Georgette Crepe, Crepe dc Chine flfl
and Striped Silk Blouses, $G.50 values. . .PJaVU
New Organdie Blouses with large collar l QC
and frill edee. Rnrpiallv nrWrl 4l.iiJ
and frill edge. Specially priced
Also 2,500 Crepe de Chine, Tub Silk and
Jap Silk Blouses. Sale price Wednesday'.'
All these Blouses , are absolutely the newest models and the newest colorings. Come early,' as these
Blouses will not last long one day sale only. Sizes 34 to 44.
The illustrations give
a fair idea of the mod
els, but cannot depict
their wonderful charm.
Second Floor,
We Invite You
to view our window
play beginningThunday
night at 7:39, and contin
uing each night until
April 6th.
The Week of
In Wednetdiy night's and
Tbuidjr morning's papers wa
aha,M detail remarkable Bala of
Ladies' Hand Bago.
Soma of the roont charming
Bass hare ver bad to sell.
In the Sixteenth street window
wo havo mad a special display
of thorn.
Caramel Day
Our Home. Made Cream
Caramels, vanilla, chocolate,
maple, vanilla nut, chocolate
nut and cocoanut. Special,
per pound
It Will Pay Every Woman -
To Keep Close Tab Upon
TI1K OFFERINGS from this Curtain and Upholstery Department.
Curtain Htretchem, can be adjusted
to fit any curtain. Special
Roman btripe Window Shades.
Twenty-five dozen, each
Extra Heavy Ball End Curtain
Rods, each
Matting Covered Shirt Waist Boxes, baas
wood, with bamboo trimmings. d0 C
Special, each... 4)OoOvl
Red Cedar Chests, our new spring: line is
here. Beautiful assortments f 1 O tf
at $10.00, $12.50 and 3JLO.OU
We are showing hundreds of pieces of new Cretonnes, Quaker
Nets, Scrims, Voiles, Marquisettes, Swisses, Madras and Drapery Goods.
Now is the best time to make your selection.
A Big Purchase of Bags and Suit Cases
From Two Well Known New York Firms.
IT IS EXTREMELY FORTUNATE at this time of tho year for us to be able to an-'
nounee a sale of hundreds f Traveling Bags and Suit Cases at prices that are much less than
they are worth. Mo6t everyone ia willing to pay full prices when spring and summer arrive
here's a bona-fide chance to make big savings.
Samuel Sherman, No. 3 Desbrosses street, and Weingarten & Geberer, 90 Grand street,
both of New York city, have sold to us hundreds of high-grade Traveling Bags and Suit
Cases. Black, brown and rs?t colors. AU sizes. Three big lots on sale here on Wednesday
Valuet as High as $10.00
At $2.98, $3.98 and $4.98
.at 9k iKa.teakt
v :
neaota. Nehraaka, Iowa and Wleconaln,
chowlna; Into what flelda the rreatlr.
enlua of the palntera of the rreat north
west have been Impelled by the aplrlt of
their aurroiirxitnc.
The exhibit la typical It breathe of
tho htatory and geography of tha land
of Ita aiithnra e-reat atretrhea of flelda
of corn, the thraeher and reaper at thelt
work, villa and town arenea, gllmpsea
of the aoclal life of the country.
There waa a queation Juat before the
Montana exhibit waa opened what would
It ftlve? Would It be the commercialism
of the atate. the great belching ameltera,
perhapa titanic amoke atudlea of Butte'a
aky and the awful flare of the Anaconda
blaet furnacea by night.
. Not a commercial acene from Montana
it waa the Indiana, the mountain
rangea, the wlldneaa and glory of the
tat. that appealed to Ita palntera.
They Italat Water, Tim.
On. witty member of the exhibit com
mittee haa called It the "Dry Exhibit,"
the outcome of a little Incident In the un
packing room. Mra. Hallock Koae had
taken canvaa after canvaa from Ita box.
all Inland acenee at laat came a marine
painting; and Mm. ftoae. who la of Maine
blood, exclaimed. "Oh, how glad I am to
aee water I waa ao thlraty.."
"But, rommber thla la the exhibit of
the northwestern artlata," Mra. AVard
Burgesa reminded her.
During the exhibit the hoateasea for
each day will be:
The first day, Mra. Halleck Rose; the
second day, Mra. Ward Burgess: the tht-d
day or Friday, March 31. Mrs. Charles
W. Ruasell; Saturday. April 1. Mrs. W.
H. Oarratt; Bundsy. April 2. Miss Kdlth
Tobttt; Monday, April S, Mra. George B.
Prlna; Tuesday. April 4, Mra. Ward Bur
geaa; Wednesday, April 5, Mra. C. w".
Russell; Thursday, April 4, Mra. Z. T.
Undsey; Friday, April 7, Mrs. Halleck
Rom; Saturday, April I, Mra. Warren
Rogers; Sunday, April , Mr. K. I Burke:
Monday, April 10; Mra. W. H. Oarratt;
Tueaday, April 11, Mrs. peons B. Prlnx;
Wednesday. April 12. Mra. Z. T. Undsey;
Thuraday, April IS. Mra. Warren Rogera;
Friday, April 14, Mra. C. W. Russell; Sat
urday, April 15, Misa Kdlth Tobltt; Sun
day, April IS. Mra. Halleck Koae; Monday,
. . M
..... i
Jp . v ;
RoMTb. wWarfui "Sunday Moraing
For Spring sports and
street wear it would be
hard to improve on the
Meadow Brook, a grace
ful and practical lace
boot of medium height,
with welted sole and
covered heel. The vamp
and wave top are orna
mented with a perfora
ted design, otherwise
the boot is severely
Shown- in white, iti
light gray and ivory.
Parcel Post Paid.
Shoe Co.
1419 Farnam St.
Spring's Mast Beautiful
hav. bean chosen by ua with a
thought of artuaJly plelatng thoM
accustomed to th. finer tiom. en
vironment. SAH IlEVnAIl
ISO. raraaaa atrMi.
raoae Domgla. .
S I If
ft I " 'Ah
h-:, . lit . -
An afternoon grown developed In navy
blue and whit, striped taffeta. Tb. ar
rangement of these materials Is particu
larly Interesting, In that the bands that
run croaawlae accentuate th. fullneaa of
the aklrt, while the Inserted - pleatlnga
with vertical stripes over th. hips coun
teract, as it were, th. width of th. other
effect. . The . striped taffeta introduoed
In th. cape collar and cuffs affords con
trast on th. plain navy taffeta bodice.
April 17, Mra. Ward Burgee, and Tuea
day, April 18, Mrs. E. 'u. Burke.
Assisting Mrs. Rose tor row will be.
Meadamea '
J. M. Alkln,
. U Baker, -
H. H. Baldrtge,
J. M. Baldrlge,
Joseph Barker.
D. A. Baum,
I. F.. Baxter.
A. J. Beaton.
C. R. Belden.
W. B. T. Belt,
O. H. Blcknell,
. Misses
X. E, Alexander,
Carolyn Barkaiow,
C. W. Axtell,
B. S. Baker.
J. M. Banister.
S. D. Barkaiow,
Milton Barlow,
Daniel Baum,
W. F. Baxter,
C. C. Belden,
A. O. Beeaon,
K. A. Benson,
. Ward Burgeaa.
. Beset. Allen,
. M. (J., Baum.
Zreiiler Concert Parties.
The Frits Krelsler concert thla evening
at th. Auditorium, tha last of th. aeries
given under th. auspice, of th. Asso
ciated Retailers of Omaha, la expected
to bring out one of th. largest audience,
of th. seaaon. Illnaa. and the number of
box holders out of townv hav. made
many change. In th. previously an
nounced hosts and hostesses of th. even
ing. On. of th. noticeable features to
night ia how many of th. parties hav.
planned to hav. supper at th. Fontenelle,
following th. concert.
Mra. Joaeph Baldrlge'. box will b. oc
cupied by the George Bernhard Prlnaaa,
th. O. C. Redlcks. Mra. Daniel Stapleton
and Mr. Frank Hamilton. Mra. B. B.
Davis will occupy her box with a party
of deaconesaea from th. lmmanu.l hos
pital. Mr. and Mra. Louis Nash will b. th.
gueaU of Mir. and Mra. C J. Smyth and
Mr. and and Mra. E. Buckingham in
their box.
Mra. T. U Kimball, juat back from a
winter In California, will have In her
box her guest and cousin. Miss Marlon
Rogera. of Ung Beach, Cat.; Mr. and
Mra. Lowrie Chllda. Miss Arabella Kim
ball and Dr. Paul 11. Ludington.
Mir. and Mrs. Thomas Qulnlan will hav.
a family party with their three aona,
Oerald, John and Thomas, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hoagland
will have Mr. and Mra. Wul Hoagland,
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hoagland and Dr.
and Mra. J. E. Summers.
Omaha Boy Recovering.
Mr. Arden Bucholx, who was operated
on In Chicago last week for appendicitis.
is making a remarkable recovery, ac
cording to his physician. The patient was
seised on the train with a very sever.
stuck of appendicitis while making
southern trip with his parents. Upon be
ing rushed to Chicago, the operation waa
rerformel and Mra. Bucholi remained
In Chicago with her aon. Mr. Bucholi
leavea thla evening for Chicago and ex
pects to return Thursday morning with
M-s. Fuchols and ArUen.
Leave-Taking- Luncheon. !
Mrs. Jsmes P. Slater entertained twelve
( tests at luncheon at her nome yeater-
day for Mrs. O. B. Akerly. who, with
Mr. Akerly, will soon leave Omaha to
live permanently in Creston, la.
Congressman Lobeck is buey
around, the army and navy head
quarters In Washington trying to rd
a naval exhibit for AK-Sar-Ben this
fall, and trying to get the loan of
some federal troops for oe or mora
of the big daylight parades to be
held during the fall festivities. The
Rovernors wrote him about the mat
ter, and he said he wouia do all In
his power to get theso attractions
for Ak-Sar-Ben.
The anvprnnra at tlielr mptlni Mon
day night decided definitely thro Fhai
be two daylight parades. One is the bir
historical parade to harmonise with tha
celebration of the fiftieth nnnlversavy
of Nebraska's adinlpMon to stnt'hnori,
and the second ia not yet definitely de
cided upon. The governors want to mike
the second a manufacturers home prod--nid!.
but the committee of thi
- . t... tK',- tttpr under
advisement has not jet decided upon
the question. They will probably meet
r..UMy lv lit ll
the matter over. The third parade, of
course, la to be tho big electrical pageant.
None of the datca of the parades have
aa yet been decided upon.
A committee was appointed to make a
decision on the photoplay or arenario
contest. Scarcely over a half dosen
soenarloa were submitted In the contest.
The names of the committee of Judges
are not given out, as It la not desired
that the constestanta know who their
judge, are until after the decision is
Miss Kate Ball is
Scoring Triumphs in .
Her School Work
Miss Katherin. M. Ball, who will be'
remembered aa the flrat supervisor . of
drawing In the local schools, and who
now director of art In the San Francisco
public schools, ia winning a great deal
of attention there through her efforts to
develop artistic ability In Juveniles.
The San Francisco Examiner give,
much prominence to Misa Ball's system
of art education, one of which Bruce
lVrtar, eminent authority on art. declarea
a marvelous on. in developing the child's
innate originality and keeping it In vital
contact with a real sense of beauty.
Misa Ball gave a lecture before th. San
Franciaco Art association last week,' In
connection with which a demonstration
of drawing by flrat grade children un
der ber car., wa. given. Ten llttl. boys
and girl, executed Illustration, to a folk
lore story told by th. lecturer and pro
duced ten drawing, of wonderfully varied
Interest, betokening genuine artistic abil
ity of no imu order.- Th. children drew
th. picture, from Imagination after J
hearing th. folk-lor. story told. Mis.
Ball claim, this develops great' orig
inality. "Art as tt la generally scheduled In
eourae. of study in our schools ia not
vocational but educational. It does not
claim to produce artists, but to give a
training designed to develop th. facul
ties of observation. Imagination and
graph!, expression," say. Miss Ball.
Working on thla principle, sh. haa car
ried out her own system of art educa
Commercial Club
Committee on New
Pepot is Revise
Th. special committee of th. Commer
cial club to Investigate th. need of a.
new union depot in Omaha haa been re
viaed at th. request of Randall - K.
Brown, chairman of th. executive com
mittee. Th. revised committee will con
sist of J. A. Sunderland, H. II. Baldrlge.
C. M. WUhelm, George BraBdels ani
Victor Rosewater.
This Horn Made Hair Tonic Will
Quickly IWniove Dandruff and
8toia Falling Hair.
The following simple recipe, which you
can mix at home or have put up at any
drug atore at very little coat, will remove
dandruff In a few 'nights. It does not
color the hair and is perfectly hsrmleas:
Water One-half Pint
Bay Ram One Ounce
Texola Compound One-Quarter Ounce
Glycerine One-quarter Ounc.
A half-pint la all y.u will need. Rub It
well Into the scalp at night and after a
few applicationa the dandruff and scalp
eruptions will disappear and the hair mill
atop falling out and be soft snd glossy.
Today'i Events.
The Franco-Belgian Relief worker,
met with Mra Joseph Barker thla morn
ing for luncheon and an all-day session.
Th. work for th. French hospltala con
tinues to be th. demand upon the society.
Tb. Thimble club waa entertained t
Its regular fortnightly . meeting this
afternoon by Mrs. Isaaa Carpenter.
Mrs. Douglas B. Welpton gav. a class
tea this afternoon from J to I o'clock- at
her borne.
Social Gossip.
Mlas Virginia Robinson of Beatrice Is
the guest of Misa Either Smith. After
Friday Misa Robinson will be th. guest
over Sunday of Misa Thede Reed.
Dr. and Mra. B B. Davia leave Satur
day evening for New York City, wherj
they will be Joined by their aon. Her
tert, wha la a student at Cornell uni
versity. Dr. and Mra. Davia will spend
two weeka In New York with their son.
Omahani at Excelsior Springs.
New arrivala at The F.lma hotel. Kx
celalor Springs. Mo., from Omaha are:
Messrs. and Meedames
F. J. Ulrss. E. M. Morsmsn. Jr.
W. J. Connell.
Mrs. Arthur Mets.
Misses Misses
Ola-a Metx. Morsman.
Edna Birss.
Personal Mention.
Mlaa Julia Millener. sister of Dr. Mil
lener, ia in the city for a visit of a few
day a. en route to her home in Buffalo.
I N. T.. after apending the winter on the
Pacific coast.
Mr. and -Mrs. R. E. Camr-bell of Lin
coln are the guests of Mr-ab4 Mrs. Jo'm
Campbell for the Frits Krelsler concert.
Bb. Like, rkaaaberlala'a r.gk
Re seed y.
"I like Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
better than any other for children becau-e
H glvea th. quickest relief, and is ab-n
th. only on. they will take willincly "
writea Mra. Jamea Kern. Manchi'.j, ,
N. T. "It ia equally good for ol.I i r '
croup and la deaervlng of all t' e " I
. i
can aay xor n. i n--r . . .
the lions for it Is Hva'-iiVc W- n
needed." Oh'a'nnMe evciywh re. Ad.
v . rf
i (