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Girls! Beautify
Your Hair and
Stop Dandruff
Hair becomes charming, wavy,
lustrous and thick in
few moments.
Every bit of dandruff disap
pears and hair stops
coming out.
For 26 cents you run av your hair.
In lea than ten minute you can double
Ita teauty. Your hair bocome light,
wavy, fluffy, abundant and appears aa
oft, luatroua and charming aa a young
B-trl'a after applying lump Panderine.
Also try thla moisten a cloth with a
little Danderlne and carefully draw It
through your hair, taking one amall
strand at a time. Tl is will rlnanae th
hair of dust, dirt or excess oil, and In
Juet a few momenta you have doubled the
beauty of your hair. A delightful sur
prise awaits those whose hair haa heen
neglected or la aeraggy, faded, dry, brittle
or thin. Hostile beautifying the hair.
lanrteilne dissolve every particle of
dandruff; cleanses, purlfiea and Invigor
ates the acalp, forever stopping itching
and falling hair, but what will pleaae
you moBt will be after a few woeka' use,
when you see new hair fine and downy
at first yes but really new hair grow
' ing all over the acalp. If you care for
pryty, aoft hair, and lota of it, surely
get a 23-cent bottle of Knowlton'a Pan-
derine from any dru store or toilet
counter and Just try It. Advertisement.
Increased Weight
22 Pounds Says
Sergeant Campbell
Rem irk able Expirience of Kentucky
Guardsman, Puts on rleih
At Rapid Rate.
"I got the trial paekaa? of Carcol and vii vry
much oleaaed with It," at a tea Quartarmaatar 9wU
4'ampbell of tha 1 Kentucky In fan try, who aaatla
T ue tti photo above, H raporta that by tha
imm ha waa on tha fourth pachaca hla weight
had incraasfxt H iba, and thai Ha tall Ilka aa
' ether fallow.
"Whan X began to tafca Aarcol. wiHt R. T.
1 veils, "I only weigh ona hundred tlrlrty-nlna
pound-, ivow my weignt aaa laeraaaaa to lai
' ha. .everybody aaya that I am a at tin aa fat."
"I navar felt batter In my lira atnea I bar
heen taklna ttartol. Tha flrat two weeke X sained
ja iba. and am galntnr avory day. Barcol make
ma eat and alep aiwl I don't fn up with a
ttrad fa-sling any mora," wrltae J. C. Wearer, and
N. D. fiandereon adds. ' whaa I atartad Bar sol I
welg-hed 147 Iba. and now I weigh la Iba. Kwy
body la temnc ua how fat I hara gat in tk
U-t month."
Would you. too. Ilka to oulckly put from It ta 9
iba. or gofwj anna "atay-tnere ' neen, rat an
muecular tlaaua between your akin and Donee?
Don't aay It can't ba dona. Try U. Lai aa
: end you free a fiv pachaaj) of fiargol and prve
wnei it ran ao for you.
Mora than half a million '.bin men and woman
ttavo gladly made thla UK m.l that liar go I tJoee
awoea, crm mak. tnln f-jlka rat vn ana:- all
elaa hag failed, la nonelualraiy pravan In our
opinion ny tha trwmendoue buaineee wa hara dona.
So draatte dlat, fWh craama. maaaaaa otla or
emaUlona, but a atmpla, atannleaa, bom a treatment.
Oit out tha ceupao and aand for thla Frae packaca
today, cnrloalng only la cents In all var to balp
pay poatago, packing, etc.
Addreae the Bargot Co.. 74-R Herald Bldg
Binghamton N. Y. Take Sarcol with your meeii
watch it work. Thla will tell tha ttory..
This coupon with 10c In silver to hlp 9 7
ihuiacj. pAoklnR. tt:., and to how kooI
r.lih. nlll holder to on &0c pakajt of
Xiriol fre. 'Addifn The farrol t'g.. 7t-R,
HrM BUl.. Binch.mton. N. Y.
Alkali in Soap
v .... Bad For the Hair
ThcasSeror Mary Page
By Frederick Lewis, Author of
"What Happened to Mary"
Pictures by
n otsi.
Mnrv Ia. artrpiii in rcLiMo1 of the
murder of lvld Pollock nl Is dofrnilod
"V l""r lover Philip I.nniidoii. Pollo-k
Intoxliatod. At Mary' trliil he
mlm phe ha.l the revolver. Her mulil
tentlfies that Mary threatened Pollock
with It nrevlouatr. and Mary a loaninn
man Irnpllcatea l.angdon. How Mary lla
appeared rrum the aoene of the crime la a
mastery. Krandon tella of a atranj hand
print he aaw on Mary'a ahoulder. l'Uither
evidence ahowa that horror of drink pro
ducea temporary lnaanlty In Mary. Tha
defeni. la "repreaaed paychoala.' It
naea deacHhe Mary'a fllnht from her In
toxicated father and her fater a aulclde.
Nurae Talton deacrinea tne mnnapinn m
Marv hv 1-r.lliv. 1c and Amr Rarton tella
of Marv atrunitlea to become an actreea
and Pollock' purault of her. There la
evidence that Panlela. Mary a manager,
threatened Pollock. Marr falnta on the
etand and eiraln joes Inaane wnen a po
liceman offera her whiaky. Daniela teall
flea that Pollock threatened to kl.l Mar)
and Lrfinadon and actually attempted to
kill the
igdon a
(Continued from YcsterOay.)
'"Well. then, it waa thla way. I allpped
out and opened the irate, Juet a bit t a
time, for aometlmea It would iret tha ould
Nick In it and aqueak fer all the lard we
put on It. and I took a took out for
Ienny. There wa a man atandln' In the
ahadow ao near t could hava put my
hand on him. but I know It waan't my
man by reaaon of the narrer holdeT,
o I stood waltln' fer him to move on."
Did he com to be watching for any
Ye, aor. He wa atarln' tip at the
Hotel Republic, and I thought be waa
watchln' a man who wa on the flre
raoane. THen I decided It weren't a man
I aaw, but Just a ahadder, and suddenly
a young: lady, all dressed up In erenln'
clothea. climb out, of a winder and starts
down the fire-escape and the man aay.
"Thank Gawd.. Bhe waa low enoiinh.."
"Were you near enough to recog-nlise
the young lady?"
"Not then, no aor. All I could see waa
the shlni.-hcr of her dreae and the light
on her face when ahe passed the winder.
She wa walkln' kind of queer and un
ateady. like a though she might have
been drunk or alck. and when ahe
reached the atreet ahe -juat stood there
daaed. Phe had no coat nor hat and ahe
w drawln' her breath like a bit of a
chllder that' been cryln'."
"Did the man who waa waiting speak
to her?"
"Ye. He said, 'Where In have
you been? I been waltln' a food half
hour. And believe me, thla alley la no
coy comer to lounge In.' But the girl
didn't answer him. She Juat leaned '
against a wall and moaned like. At that
he took hold of her arm and shook It
and told her not to git Oold feet, that
he had It all fixed to git her away safe.
He called her Sadie, but ahe didn't seem
to recognise the name and she wouldn't
go with him. Then he took hold of
her and dragged her , along right past
me, so near I could have touched her."
"Wer you close enough to recognise
her then?"
"Ye. or."
"Wa It the defendant, Mary Page?"
"It waa, or. Though ahe looked ter
rible alck t and different, and 'there waa
like somebody had hurt her bad."
"t'ould you aee where they went?"
"Yea, aor. Sure, and 1 allpped out the
gate and followed them a bit to aee where
they would go. But they stopped Juat
beyond roe on the alley and the man
gives a whistle. Juat tbree notes, like
It might have been the echo of the band
t the hotel, but aomebody wa llstenln'
for it, and I heard a winder go up n
one of the horses across the way.
" "At that the man sings out In a whla
per, 'I got Sadie down here, let it down
quick.' Then I aaw aomethlng comln'
down like a b't of white on the end of
a rope, and I could hear It slap, alappln'
the aide of the house as it hit."
"Could you aee what It wa?"
"Not then. aor. except that It waa
aomethlng on the end of rope.
: "Did the man aay anything that you
could hear to the girl Mlsa Page?"
"Ye. He said. 'Larry la up there. H'
all right, but don't blab too much, and
don't give him a ' peep at the shiner.
Keep close till I git bck. I won't be long.
At that the girl aeemed to wake up a
If she waa comln' out of a dream, and
ahe clutched at hi arm and began to
cry, 'Dave!' ahe aay. "Dave Pollock!"
And the man he laugha. 'So. that'a what'
eatin' you. la it.' he aaya. 'Well fergit It.
My Gawd, you ain't guilty Just because
you wa In the hotel. They can't connect
It up with you. I gkve you my word.' 'Oh,
thank Ood. thank rtod!' ahe whisper,
and begins to cry harder than ever, and
the man ahook her again. "Cut out the
water worka,' he aaya angrily, "nd get
Into this seat, unless you want . the
bulla to pull you In.'"
"What did he mean by 'thl seat?"
Could you see?" '
"Ye. or. The rope that the man had
let down had a eort of awing at the end
of It and he made the girl alt In that,
then he whistled again and the other man
pulled her up and ahe disappeared In a
winder." N
"What did the man do?"
"He waited till ahe waa gone, then he
went on down the atreet and round the
corner. Then I aaw Denny comln' up the
other way and I went to meet him, and
1 found he'd been watchln' too. That wa
why 1 couldn't see him when I come to
the gate."
"That is all, thank you. Mis O'Neill."
said I.angdon; but the Judge leaned for
ward with an arresting gesture.
"And having aeen all thi." he aald
harshly, "didn't you read the paper the
next morning? Didn't you see that a
girl waa missing, or connect her in any
way wtlh the occurrence you had wit
"Well. I ain't sayln' but what T had
my ausplclons." she admitted readily.
"Then, why didn't you tell aomeone?"
"Huh!'' she retorted. "And let that
ould tllvll of a Mr. Watson know I
waa meetin' Denny and maybe givln'
him a bite, and loe me Job? I gues
"Then why." persisted hi Honor,
"have you told now??" (
"Sura, and It' me that'a beln' mar
rled thla week, yer Honor, and I'm
after levin Mr. Wataon last Patur
dav," she aald amid a stifled gale of
mirth from spectator and Jury alike,
hi right to cross-examine, for the mo
ment at least; and l.angdn, with a
cheery and encouraging nod towarda
Mary, called the second of his thre
new witnesses:
"IVnnla tlallagher."
IVnny, whose collar seemed to have
shrunk to even more torturing tlght
ntss during the Interim of waiting, took
hla place on the aland with a face the
hue of Ma flancce'a bonnet, and cleared
hla throat noisily between each sentence
aa If the linen band about hla neck were
omehow pressing his vocal rhords.
He was, he admitted, a private watch
man who had most of the block near the
Hotel Hrpublli". and he usually paid a
visit to the back gate of the Wataon
boardlng-houae once or twice during the
courae of his rounds.
He verified all that the buxom cook
had already told, alnce he hlmeelf had
watched proceedlnga from a dark corner
a little further along the alley, hut hla
account waa amplified and more definite
a to detail.
'Did you," asked Ijinsdon, "know whn
realded In the house Into which the girl
wa lifted hv mean of a rope awing?"
'I did, aor." he answered. "It waa
Parker's, the gamblln' place, you knrtw.
aor. They kep- it dark In the Pack ant
In the front, but It waa bright enough
Inside, begorra."
an awful look In' bruise on her shoulder J Kven the prosecutor amlled, ' waiving
Mayor 8nyder Be-Elected Over Ma
loney by Majority of Over
Three Hundred.
BILiLlNQS, Mont.. ' March SS. Walter
Miller of St. Paul, and Mike Yokel
of Salt Iak City, wrestled thre hour
and three minute here last night with
out a fall in a match for the world
middleweight championship.
Whatever may be your need,
Want Ad will get it for you.
a Bee
.oap should lie used very carefully, if
jnu want to keep your hair looking it
beat. Most soaps and prepared sham
poo contain too much aikali. Thia dries
t,lie scalp, make, the hair brittle, and
lulns It.
The best tiling for ateady uae la 'juat
ordinary mulslfled covosnut oil (whl"h la
pure and grrasrlosai, and i better than
the most expensive soap or anything else
!ra can use.
One or two teaspoonfuls will cleanse
the hair and acalp thoroughly. Pimply
moisten the hair with water and rub it
In. It n akea an abundance of rich,
cicamy lather, which rin.iea out easily,
remo lug every particle of d .:!, dirt.
landruff and excessive oil. The hair
dries quickly and evenly, and It leavea
tne scalp soft, and the hair fine and
a'.lky, bright, lustrous, fluffy and easy to
You can get mulsified ro.oanm oil at
any pharmacy, it's very cheap, and a few
oi.ncca will supply every member of the
' family fur months. Advertisement.
Marie Antoinette
Broadway, 66th and 67th Sis.
SITUATED in th mot con
venient location in town Mod
ern in every detail, absolutely
fireproof, ultMn ten minute
of the leading department
store. shops and theattr.
Convenient to Pennsylvania
and Urand Central Depots.
Rooms, with Bath,
$2.50 Per Day Up.
Suites, $4.00 Per Day Up.
ReMaurant of 1'nuaual Excellence.
Managing Director.
Hw Blaffa Officer.
Mayor M. B. Snyder (rep.)
Treasurer.. Prank T. True (rep.)
Auditor.. ..John K. McAneney trp.)
Solicitor Henry Peteraou (r.p
Knglneer Erwin K. Hpeuiian tdein.t
Citv Assessor.... J. F. Huntington idem.)
Alderman-at-Large....John Olaon trvp.
W. A. Williamson irep.)
Park Commissioner., H. Q. Mi Gee (ti p.)
Flrat Ward John L,angtrom frep.i.
. Second Ward Frank M. William (re .).
Third Ward Edaon S. Damon (rep. I.
Fourth Ward Jullua Johnson (rep.).
Fifth Ward Henry Qerber (dem..
Sixth Ward Gus Claw son (rcp.
KepuTJiican q Council Bluffs yes
terday nearly swept the platter clean
of democrats. In the city election,
only three of President Wilson'
friends who were running were re
elected. '
At 2 o'clock this morning s if detent
unofficial figurea were received from the
the fourteen election precincta to make
it certain that Mayor M. B. Snyder
had been re-eiected mayor, of C-ounc:l
Bluffa by a majority several times
greater than he received two year at1.
when hi plurality wa 82.
Rayder'a Lead :rom.
Mayor Snyder a lead over Thomas
Maloney, former democratic mayor for
tbree terms, waa then J10. There wi'l
not be more than one democratic alder-
man, Henry Oerber in the Fifth ward
Mayor Snyder has carried all of the re
mainder of the republican candidate
safely through, except Reynold for clt; !
engineer, and (lor ham for assessor 1
snd including John Iangstrom, repuh- .
Ucan opponent of Alderman Kelly.
The council will tie aeen republl"an
and one democrat.
City Enrlneer E. E. Spetman and
J. K. Huntington, elected asaeaaor. will be
the only democratic officials save Coun
cilman Oerber on the roster, both winning
out on late return by a small majority.
Th hardest fight In the whol city
waa made to defeat Alderman Hochman,
the fighting republican member of the
council. Democrats, socialists and some
republican fought against him.
Barer Hrtimi.
A hard fight wa mad by the friend
of Alderman Hoyer and his democratic
confrere., former Alderman !. Evan,
but John Olson and W. A. Williamson,
republican nominee for aldermen-at-large,
defeated them by decisive majorities.
Alittte Core and
War Cold Are ( Be Drraaea.
It Is not the cold Itself but the erlout
disease it so often lead to that makes
common cold by far th roost danger
ous of any of tb minor aliments. Th
cold prepares your system for th re
ception and development of the germ of
pneumonia, consumption, diphtheria and
other gertr. disease. The quicker joj
cor the erld the leas the danger, fo
aeromp'lah thia you will find Chamber
lzLV Cough Remedy moit effectual. Ob
tainable everywhere. Advertisement.
Wonders for
IMrflnd Slsin
The Soap to cleanse, purify and beautify,
the Ointment to soothe and heal.
Sample Each Free by Mall
With S2-p. Hkin Bonk oa request. Ad
dress postcard "Cutieara, 201,
. (told throughout th world.
Maternity! Tho
Vord .of Words
. ... ... . '
it is written into life's expectations that
motherhood is the one gubllma accotn
plbhinent. And
iner i anytning, no
natter bow simple,
bow apparently trivial
It may seem. If It can
Id. help, assist or In
ny way comfort th
expectant Bother, It I
a blessing. And such
I a remadr failed
Mother's P r I . n
You apply M over tb
atomacU muscles. It la
rently rubbed on tb
urfaoa. and makes
the mmpIm
thl relieve tha strain on 1l..m.nt. ...,.
expansion take place without undue effect
ttpo the nerves. And a tli tima
preaches, tb bind baa goo through a p.
itod of repose, ct gentle expectancy, and
this ki aa nuquestloiied Influence upon tb
uiure rmi.'i. taut 11 true I evidenced
by tb fact that three generatlona fit mother
hav used aad recommended "Mother'
Friend." Ask your nearest drursist for a
hottl of this splendid remedy. He will get
it for you. And then write U Bradorkl Reg
ulator Co., 47 I.atnar Bldg., Atlanta. Oa.,1
for a rvt Interesting Irx.a of Inrnrmatl-in
ii pnw.teiive mothers. II Is mailed free,
(To Be Continued Tomorrow.)
Her Health Restored by Lydia
E. Pinkham'a Vegetable
W v'll
Indlananolis. Indiana. " M health
was so poor and my constitution bo run
down tnat 1 could
not work. I was
thin, pale and weak,
weighed but 109
pounds and was in
bed most of the
time. I boRan tak
ing Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Compound and five
months later I
weighed 133 pounds.
I do all the house
work and washing for eleven and I can
truthfully say Lydia E. Finkham's Veg
etable Compound has been a godsend
to me for I would have been in my grave
tvUv hut for it. I would tell all wo
men suffering as I was to try your valu
able remedy." Mrs. WM, urken, as
S. Addison Street, Indianapolis.Indiana.
There iahardlv a neighborhood in this
country, wherein some woman haa not
found health by using wis gooa oia
faahlnned root and herb remedy.
If them i anvthinir about which you
would like gpecial advice, write to tha
Lydia E. Finkham Medicine irna,
tor a fine
you must do something more
than use cosmetics. You must
keep the blood pure, the liver
and kidneys active and the
bowels regular. You must also
correct the digestive ills that
cause muddy skin and dull eyes.
offer you the needed help. They
are mild in action, but quickly
strengthen the stomach, gen
tly stimulate the liver and regu
late the bowels. They put the
body in good condition so the
organs work as nature intend
ed7 Backed by sixty years of
usefulness, Beecham s Pills
are worth
Pinrtira f Sssckl Vskn t Wssm w netin,
14 everywhere, la beasa, 10c, 2S.
I iy that I cm conquer rheumat lura 'wlih
lmil home treat man t, U hunt Hsu in l Uhi
mnt, trtnicDt diet, vaJinnii hatha, or In fat
any othr tC th uaual traainMnis rfjc-unimeu'lad
for lii c ur cr rhauuiaMtru.
I ton 'I ahut our fe aad y "tmpwiibU, bu
put ui W tM lat.
Tu wmr hav tri4 vrryihltia rou trar hoard
m aa atmi jour monr richt aul left
ar "wait and goon " let ma trov my t talma
vitrifMit a-posa you.
11 ma au(t you without t-harga a trial traat
tnant of DKlANO fl hHKl MAU; ( ONOirhUM
I an willing to Ukt lh (.banc au4 auraly iba
! Will ll.
9m aa4 m four aaaa an1 lh iawt Uwalna
will ba ant vt at one I arad von
I wil) vrita yo?a BBora tHillr. anS wli ahaw yt
imm aw traauamt la aC only lor baalahhoaT rbau
naatam. but atojt4 ft-ta claaoaa ha at-atam mi Trie
Ada an. giva grval banaril la hi4ay trMtai ao
arp ih avnaraj aaaiT
Thla avlal offer will nf b hll pa,a latfrff
U-ly It will la umrmmamrw tor you ta maa yur
a4rH tlca aul'klr Aa m aa thta d4vary a
rornw latir a now I shall -aaa atNdina: f ra
lrvtaiaiiu aa4 aiail taa rhanv a aru fr thia
aisxovrrv hin will bm ia aroportt)ia Co i' araeJ
vaiua. Ho laaa adtatitaa of ibia uff r wrfora It u
tfo III. H-minra t. lo ti lutis Ttii abaotnial
do' I. ma K ixiano. Jib, l-laaa HI tig Hyr
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"Gage" Hats
FRLSSMI, Lovely.
HAT& og Every
A LARGE number of
entirely new "Gage"
hats will be a feature of
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'Union and 'Balance'
Make Stable Tires
United States Tire, in more than name
only, cany out the principle of 'union' and
'balance' which makes a great stable nation
out of the forty-eight individual States of the
United States Tires hare that complete
'union' between rubber and fabric which
absolutely prevents tread
separation and disintegra
tion under the tread.
Chaw' Tread
On of th Fiv
They have that complete
'balance' which gives equal
wear in both the tread and the carcass
neither is weaker nor stronger than the
Every part of each tire helps every other
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NobbV 'Cbaia' Useo' 'Royal Cor.' 'Flai'
ins- iiiimi
ji il
I.n s.
vr9 C
In I
Makln an entirely new and novel beveraie from tha choicest American
cereals, WITHOl'T MAIvT. without fernaenUtton. without eugar, not
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In a class of its own.
For sale at all drug stores, hotels, restaurants, soda fountains and aoft
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Omaha Beverage Company
ramJly Trad anppUaa ky
wauM jama,
aooa at.
nM zveoa-las 4831.
COO-i to aoia Bouth SOtn Rtreet.
lttuo Houth 12fl7. i::. it u a luuk yen wij eajcr.