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    Bringing Up
Coach Patton of South Hifh Lead
ing Spirit in Campaign to 0r
ganize a Bate Ball Loop.
Coach James Patton of South Plde High
school ha Initiated tha opinio round of
campaign to form an lntreholatlo
haae ball league In Gratr Omaha. Tha
numlwr of auch tama that participated
In baa ball games lest year grav rlM
at tha cine of tha 11lS eeaaon to tha
suggestion of ueh an organisation and
six tana tit tha trl-cltle hav already
slgntried their intention of Joining. An
effort In being mad to get two mora to
come Into tha combine.
Last year South Bide high led tha field
with vletorlea over Central and Council
Bluffs High achoola aa well aa Walr and
a few other nearby vlllagea. Das ball
pint In all tbrea high, aphonia here baa
been good In year a past, tha only draw
back being that the aeason usually vat
at Its bent after tha regular echool sea-
elon had been concluded. Despite thin
there haa alwaya been a fair crowd at
the games. ,
Having all facilities necessary, such
as a number of convenient and modern
base ball parka and plenty, of equipment,
there la every reason .that, a , league
should be formed.- Tha School for tha
Deaf haa generally produced a formid
able team in this 'department of athletics
and Is -anxious to enter into a compact
The t'nlvrrslty of-Orryha. although not
)fi rof flrlally" Informed. ' la espevted to
enter. This school haa alwaya boosted
a t" ball tfm and will hava one thla
ye-? - f o -. '
tt Us . pokelbel .iiat tVa-iotttpof. town
teama In tha near vicinity of Omaha auch
as, UlaJr or Fremont could be' induced to
enter If the proper "bucking were In'cvi-ricijt-o.
This would add a kll ,Jrtorw.'M
twetuing competition to tha fra. Coarh
ration and Central High school athletic
uthmttlcs, 'stand "ready to accept any
proposals made concerning the formation
of a league. ,
Central. South Bid a ns" Commercial
High achoola of Omaha. Council Bluffs
High, the Wchoot for the Deaf and Omaha
tiniversity are tha -si schools ready to
enter the proposed league.
Kansas Relay Team
;MayiNot Take Part
In Indoor Tourney
' The Kansas university relay team may
not be among the participants la the an
nual Indoor athletlo and gymnastlj meet
at the Auditorium Friday night. The
Jayhawk crew wants the auin of f 0,
which la aald to be the amount ef ex
pense which will be Incurred by mskin
the trip. The Toung Men a Christian as
sociation, which la staging th evnt. U
undetermined whether this eipenee could,
be met. An attempt will be made, how
elver, because a relay race between Ne
braska and K arias would be a big at
traction. -The Winnebago Indian school sent In
its request . for entry blanks after the
eutry Hat closed, but by a special acliun
the red men probably wilt be permitted to
antar. ',
Optimism Prevails
in Sioux City, Says
President Zehrung
Frank C -Zehrung, president of the
Weatern league, arrived in Omaha yes
lerdsy from Bloux City, where he visited
Mondsy and made a speech before the
Rotary club, 'Mn Sioux City aa In all. o(
tho' "other Weetm ' league tittle I have
eiMied,'' said the new prel, "T find
iverybody enthusiastic They believe
VUiui City will have a winning club and
;y are making plana ta aupport It. A
i).r)t of optimism prevails and they
'Irmly believe there aa they do In Omaha
'.. and Lincoln and all of the other cities,
that the W'entsrn league will enjoy Its
most prosperous year lu in "
Four More Rourkes
Report for Duty
l K A TRICE. Neb.. MWrch .1 -tSiwlsl
T?lrem. Four members of the Rourke
fsn.liy. ntihers Aiosworin and lirowa
and CaUbers Clair amt Upellinan, re-
ported fr duty today, Thera aie, twvlve
more yet to arrive.
- There are now seven players In tamp.
- aiid the boya took Jhlr ftrst woikoJt
U si Athletlo park this afternoon.
' Pa Rourke stated toJay that exhibition
games would atari next werk. with
U eioux City and probably other Western
league teams. It is planned to pUv
three games esh wtek.
...llpaOea 4 sir's. Hradarbe.
Z I'r. Klng'a New Life I'llla Ui rvlle -
you of toth, clen out the bonels and
nnVt you fetl fine. Sir. All drugKists
Advr rtl.,r nv r.t
Sanozone Bowlers
Take First Money
at Sioux City Play
BlOt'X CITT. March a. The 8ano
son company howlers of Bloux City cap
tured first money in the north weatern
bowling tourney which closed hare to
night. The wlnnera rolled a total ef t,Tl
thla afternoon.
John Coughlan and iioe Bruggamen,
landed first In tha doubles with l.ll. The
Hurley-Baum team waa second with 1,185.
C. J, Francisco of Ploux City captured
tha alnglea with M2. It. O. Fohwara
weber of Mltohell, 8, D., waa aecond
with Oi.
Tha five leaders In each event follow:
O. J. Francisco, Bloux City, la M1
H. . eV-harnwener. Mitchell. 8. D... S
II. Brugaeman, Hloux City, la ?4
Mason Vould, Plnnx City, la 17
Duff Belangy, Hloux city, Ja 'CIS
Cotighlsn-J. Bruggeman, Kloux Clty.MJt
llurley-Henm, Huron, 8. D t.lM
( I HMI-IS.-H i ncleco. Bloux City. 1S..I.IM
Ashley-Welch. Koux City, la I.1V
Foster-Alters, floux City, ta 1.137
Panoaone Cnmpanv, Sioux City, Ia...2,7M
Martin Hotel, Hloux City, la J.?".
Hawkeys Motors, Bloux City, la 2
Arlington. 8. P J.S7?
Centrals. Mitchell, B. D 2,M
Casting Club is
Formed by Carter
, -Lake Club Anglers
An amateur fly and bait casting club
haa been organlxed among . members of
the Carter Lake1 club and It la tha plan
td hold a number of canting competitions
for which appropriate prisea for distsnre
and accuracy will be awarded, thla aum
mer. , Thla dub will be patterned after
the Washington I'srk Amateur Casting
club of Chicago at the Mart, but later
will be formed In fa a permanent club. '
A lot of fishermen around Omaha are
adept at tha easting game, but generally
confine their activities to brief vacation
trips o the northern, lakea. It haa not
been generally known that casting at
Carter lake amounted to anything. Last
year Al Bloom caught X aasa by caatlng
from a boat, which shows that an angler
who knows how to caat properly can get
the fish In Omaha.
It la thought tha new caatlng club will
prove Immenaely popular because Ita
members will be better prepared and
qualified to land their share of the finny
tribe by being better able to skilfully
cast the fly, pork chunk, frog or spoon
to tha very apot wTere tha big fellows lie,
when they Invade tha northern lakea
The prise competitions, will also add to
tha attractions of the club.
The committee ef tha Carter Lake club
which ia behind tha caatlng club move
ment consists of Albert Edholm, A. F.
II loom, C Olson and C. M, Johnson.
HART1NQTOV. Neb.. March W.-8pe-clat.)
The Hartlngton Driving and Fair
association la desdlegally apeaklng. The
charter under which It waa organised
twenty year ago expired April sO. mi,
and haa not been renewed.
A apectal meeting waa held, at which
a large number ef tha ahareholders were
present. Twenty-elx out of twenty-seven
membera favored reorganisation. Tha
dlrectora elected at the beginning of 111
were authorised to act aa a soliciting
committee to solicit the stockholders ef
the defunct organisation to exchange their
shares for stock In the new association.
The organisation will be known aa the
Cedar County Fair association. Instead of
the old title. The charter members of
the association weret J. M. Lemon. O.
F. Bcovtlle, Frana Nelson. J. J. Uoebel,
M. M. Wilson. Charles E. McChlaney,
John Krauee. R. W. Wallace and W. A.
Six More Rourkes
Arrive at Beatrice
BEATRICE. Neb., March M-iSpeeWl
Telegram -F1lohere Allison and Mers.
Mawnd Baseman Ireland. First Baseman
Miller, flhortstop Kllduff and Outfieller
fmlih reported at the Rourke camp to
day for. duty. There are auw thirteen
of the Rourke family In the camp, and
this afternoon all took a workout.
Outfielder Foreythe hit 'em a mile
and all the pitchers showed up In gosd
form.' A large number ef fans were at
the park to see the Rourkes tske th Ir
itrst real spring workout.
' Coach Mulligan haa Issued a call for all
freshmen Interested In : track work so
that he may form teams to eompte In
the freshman relay raoe during the big
track meet at the Auditorium on Mar h SI.
Tha rumor that a Kansas City athlete
has entered the high jump and can do
something around six feet without an
effort, haa glvsa the local tracks heart
I'AUBftlDOE. Neb.. March .tSpe
Hal Telegram.) The first annual Bhort
horn sale of Thomas Andrews. Jr., waa
will attended. Thirty-nine head of bulls,
cows and calves averaged Ills-. Thomas
Andrews, sr., was one of Nebraska's
tvet known shorthorn breeders snd his
sun Is building up a herd.
Copyright, ling, lotsrn'l Newe
oh: tm iri
Challenger Rum Three Hundred to
Titleholder'i One Hundred and
Eighty-One in Quick Time.
Harry Byrnes, holder of the Nebraska
state blllard chnmplnnnhlp. was ' grapes''
for Albert Cabn. challenger. In a ."00
point, matoh for the title at Bym's' b l
llard parlors laat night. Cahn displayed
the beet form ha lias exhibited In many
a moon and literally walked away with
the match.
The score waa &t to Ml In favor of
Cahn. Cahn averaged nine and twelve-thlrty-seconda
and clipped off high rune
of W. U and H. Symea made an average
of flye and t wenty-sU-thlrty-flrsts with
high run of . IS and 1.
Cahn ahowed aome of the best bllllanln
seen in Omaha In aome time and th
match was Ma from the start. He etirted
out faat and kept up tha rapid gato until
he had run the H-polnt string.
W. N. Chambers came to bat with a
challenge after the match so Cahn will
not be permitted to carry the title undis
turbed. Chambers and Cahn will play
at an early data which will be art shortly,
Julius Lyon referecd tha match Inst
night. '
Chicago Has Chance
To Make a Sweep in
Toledo Tournament
TOLEDO. O.. March 28,-The American
Howllug congress tournament fnded here
tonlnht When .the lat rhotn in the In
!lvdi!l.eent were rolled aliortly before
T o'clock without displacing the former
liadsra. Three of the four champlonihlpa
were won by Chicago which haa a'chance
to make a clean aweep if Frank Shaw
of that city can outroll Ben Huesman of
Cincinnati and Bam Bchllman of Toronto
tomorrow night.
"Pykea" Thoma and "Hank" Marino
won tha double with the maik of l.Jt,
rolled two weeks ago. Mattle Facts and
Charley HUdehrandt, two of Chicago,
secured second place In a tie with Fd
Harkenrldnr and W. Doehrman of Fort
Thoma won the all events with 1 i'9
a comparatively lew score considering the
other fifteen meet. Otto Katlusch of
Rocheater ran second.
Tha three Individual leadera will appear
here tomorrow night and roll three gurnet
for tha national title, the winner of tho
contest taking the medal emblematic of
the honor and f'rst money, while the
two losers will divide aecond and thirl
Gate City Bowlers
Hold Big Banquet
The Oate City Bowling league held It
annual banquet at Charley Lewis' buffet
last night. Over a hundred pin tumblers
gathered around the banquet board to
Indulge In the delicacies piled high, and
everybody had enough and then aome.
There waa plenty of entertainment and
It waa a regular banquet from start to
The fierce Division defeated the Bluffs
Division, M to , yesterday. The Pier.
boys got a ghteen hits. Klstenmachir
and Brown gave th Iowa crowd but one
hit Baughman, Beaver. Wrltht and
Lopten got long drives.
Urwar atara Robbed.
BKATRICB. Neb!, March S. (Special
Tejegrara.) Th drug store of O. C. Con
at liberty, this county, waa robbed laat
night of watches, chain and other Jew
elry to the amount of F00. The robbers
eacaped on a railroad velocipede which
they secured from the Burlington section
house. Sheriff Acton was notified and
weni to Liberty to Investigate the rob
bery, but has secured no clue to the
City Prosecutor McGutre and Police
Judge Foster were Inclined to give E. D.
Bmaila, ii Psrk avenue, the limit, when
he was arraigned charged with delating
an auto without license. Emails and th-t
Judge betb live in the same house, but
notwtthaandirg the fact, the magistrate
was stern, and after deciding on 1100 and
costs, changed th sentence to discharged.
"You had me going," admitted Pmalla
aa he hastened from court to fix up the
license business.
la4lar.ltoa aa iat Iwa.
Indigestion and cotmlpatlun are among
th most common causes of HI l.ealth. A
man never feels so completely uvd up aa
when his stomach goes ba k on him. For
tunately quick relief may be hl by tak
ing Chamberlain's Tablets, and in most
cases this relief be?ome permanent. D
not give cp but take Chamberlain
Tablets, get well and stay weJ as ma-if
others have done. Obtainable every
whet t. Advertisement.
of rr ?
I F'i 1
Swan Song of the
by Ak'Sar-Bcn
Alas, Confetti. I knew thee well.
Farewell, Confetti. I shall aee thy bll
tardy visage no more. No more shall
I cough, choke and sputter with thee
tickling and rlrltatlng by trachea.
For the mighty governors of Ak-fsr-Ben
have decreed thou shslt go. No
more shslt thou whirl and writhe down
the thoroughfarea aa the snows writhe
In a gale. No more ahalt thou grind
the sclerotic coat of mine eye, and send
me howling to the oocullst.
Tea, verily, I knew the well. Meny
a time and oft have I ahaken thee from
the recesses of my trouser cuffs alx
months after tha King's Highway . was
Many a time hava t comber thee from
mine hair. days, even weeka, after thou
shouldst have made thy exit. .
Indeed, many a time hava I even
coughed thee from my lunga where thou
hsdst no business to be. . ,
Tet, thou goest not wholly without
provoking aome regrets. The paper
companies that sold thoe In. wholesale
lots are grieved. Tho vendor who dis
pensed thee from huge barrels on the
Get Your Voice in
Trim, College Men;
Big Night is Near
if you are a university graduate yoi
should be clearing your throat and get
ting your voice In training.
Well, you will be expected to stsnd by
the colors of your alma mater In - the
matter of shouting, at least, the evening
of March 80, when the annual college
night dinner Is to be given at the Uni
versity clnb.' ' -
Harvard ., will try to out-ehoitt Tale,
and Nebraska will endeavor to tantalise
the Jo a hawkers Into madness with vic
torious foot ball yells.
No, no. they will not be the only ones,
for Dartmouth will be repreaented, and
Princeton, Amherst and Iowa, Wisconsin
and Mlchlgan-yes, and all th rest of
the colleges that' have representatives
among the alumni In Omaha.
Thia will be the first of the annual col
legs night dinners to be held In the new
quarters of the University club.
Kntertalnment without end la provided
by the local committee. Home talent Is
what It will be. Tes, It will be home
talent, but strictly alumni talent. For
wherever a college man can sing, he Is
drafted Into th service to endeavor to
entertain the horde of alumni. No re
strictions exist, J.owever, as to whether
the audience must cheer or Jeer, root or
Omaha Companies
of Militia Recruit
Men for Service
The official board of th Omaha battal
ion af the Nebraska National - Guard
held lta monthly meeting at the armory,
Monday night, and arranged to have th
Indoor rlfl range Improved.
Company commander war Instructed
to put all their men through th Indoor
rlfl course. Funda hav been received
to Improve h grounda for the out door
rifle range at East Omaha, and work
will be started aa soon as tha weather
The board also voted funds to fix up a
rest room for the In listed men.
Company comma ndera are lnllsting men
and getting the compsnys in good con
dition in anticipation of order to rao
bolixe. Lietenant Pugsley I giving all
the men a rigid physical examination.
Lieutenant Kerschner needs a few
more men to bring the new company up
to the required strength to stand muster.
He will enter a team In the rifle com
petition Friday evening at the Toung
Men's Christian association.
The Omaha Officers' club will hold their
next banquet at the Elks' club Thursday
John Q. Pen I. gift Larlmore street, fell
down the elevator shaft at his plac of
buainess. Twelfth and Howard streets,
and suffered a compound fracture of the
hip and several minor bruises and lacera
tions. Th elevator was at a floor above
at tha time and the door was left open,
with the result that Mr. Da hi feil soma
tea feet down tha ahaft.
Mandamus proceedings against Elec
tion Commissioner Moorhead have been
started by Zark M. Kills to find out
whether the law making the office of
constable appointive Instead of elective,
is constitutional. Kills hulds that tbs
Job should be elective, sod wants his
name on the primary ballot.
The noonday luncheon of the Rotary
club thla week will take the form of
the regular March meeting, inatead of
the monthly dinner, which waa held a
few weeka since la honor of Allen. !
Drawn for The
, I J l .T
I'm YTrr
Confetti is Sung
Board of Governors
grounds, even now, percelveth his meal
ticket nipped. The occullst scanneth the
horlton and percelveth no patients. The
pulmonary specialist findeth his business
falling off.
Verily, Famson, also, findeth himself
the loser. For did not Bamson annually
porket from 11.000 to 2.5nf) as royalty
en thla feathery traffic? Verily, he di 1.
Vet so grievously did this right arm
ef Samson's offend him, that he cut it
off and cast It from him.
The serpentine, too, muat go. Con
fetti and serpentine together must be
For sayeth the mighty Samson, 'It
gtveth the roughneck a chance for hood
lumlsm." , Nor must It be forgotten thst the show
men themselves are against confetti and
the serpentine. For who la there amongst
ua that layeth out a farthing to see
the diving girl, when on the midway,
wholly, without cost, we might scoop up
a handful of confetti and gravel from
the street and stuff It forthwith Into the
mouth of a fair damsel?
None," verily, I say, none.
Albert, International president, who vis
ited Omaha.
As It Is necessary for the Omaha Ro
tary club to report at an early date to
John O. Knutson, district governor, in
regard to the local club'a action on the
question of "Involuntary Past Rota
rlans," the noonday luncheon Wednesday
will be largely given over to a - gen
eral discussion of this problem.
R. M. Harris will preside aa chair
man ef the luncheon and meeting, which
will be hold In the Henshaw rathskellar.
A new member, R. M. Doater, assistant
general freight agent of the Missouri
Pacific railroad, will be Introduced at
thla week' meeting.
Many Cases of
Rheumatism Now
Says We Must Keep Feet Dry,
Avoid Exposure and Xat
Less Meat.
Stay off the damp ground, avoid ex
posure, keep feet dry, eat less meat,
drink lota of water and above all take
a spoonful of salts occasionally to keep
dowa uric acid. .
Rheumatism la caused by poisonous
toxin, called uric acid, which la gene
rated In the bowels and absorbed Into
the blood. It Is the function of the kid
ney to filter this acid from the blood
and cast It out In the .urine. The pores
of the skin are also a means of freeing
the blood of this Impurity. In damp and
chilly weather tha akin pores are closed,
thus forcing the kidneys to do double
work, they become weak and sluggish
and fall to eliminate thla uric acid which
keeps accumulating and circulating
through the ayatem, eventually settling
In the Joints and muscles causing stiff
neaa, soreness and pain called rheuma
tism. At the first twinge of rheumatism get
from any pharmacy about four ounces
of Jad Salts; put a tablespoonful In a
glass of water and drink before break
fast each morning for a week. This
said to eliminate uric acid by stimulating
the kidneys to normal action, thus rid
ding the blood of these impurities.
Jad Halts is inexpensive, harmless and
Is made from the acid of grape and
lemon Juice, combined with lithla and la
uaed with excellent results by thousands
of folks who are subject to rheumatism.
Here you have a pleasant, effervescent
llthla-water drink which overcomes uric
acid and Is beneficial to your kidneys as
well. Advertisement.
k'newi Nebraska Farming
Ha It ever occurred to you that
during- the last fifteen years Nebraska
has not had a governor who was cot
Intimately connected with farming at
the time of his election?
This seems to
aivs practical
form to tho idea
expressed not
long ago by a
well-known pub
lic man that "Ne
braska should
n e r e r elect a
governor who is
not well Informed
upon th agricul
tural conditions
and needs of tbs
In the forth
coming primaries
Hepubacans will be given th oppor
tunity to nominate a man who la am
ply qualified In this respect He waa
born and reared upon a Nebraska
farm. He has resided constantly In
the state and has been In th closest
touch with Nebraska farming during
most of the tim as publisher of The
Nebraska Fanner.
The name McKELVIE ha been
most rloacly identified with Nebraska's
agricultural progress during th last
thirty years, and tbs McKrlvie farms
In Clay County ar well known even
beyond the bounds of Nebraska.
Republicans wbo are looking for a
strong candidate to head the ticket
bave these facta In mind when they
refer to MtKalvl aa The r stents
m v y hump- ' r
It II I I''Jm JLA I f I
Bee by George McManus
Bl 'U tlPl eat
i I r-r vi ii v . .
Wednesday morning, March IB, the Harley-Davldeon factory
received a telegraphic order 'from Fort Houston for 12 Harley
Pavldson motorcycles. They were shipped the same day. Uncle
8am now has 181 Harley-Davldsong hunting Villa.
You slionlil hnve one seeking pleasure.
Call for demonstration.
2703 Leavenworth Ht.
Week of Wonderful
On Thursday Evening, March 30th, at 7:30
o'clock, will begin the. Week of Wonderful
Window display in the retail district. The
merchants are sparing no effort or expense
to make this show really worth while. There
will be free band concerts on the streets, and
we believe that spectators will be well repaid
for an evening trip to the shopping' district
during the week. , , . ;
Street car service will be ample.
I Omaha and
Street Railway Company
J ft
iffy a ;t
ii r-
General Distributors
A "Growing With Growing Nebraska"
Omaha, Neb.
Council Bluffs
1 .
9 .M-
31 iX
Omaha, Nebraska