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Officials of National Show Art in
Omaha Makin? Preparations
for Big Event
The prfxe-wlnnlns; hot In tlx Ne
tinnsl Swine show, to be held In Omaha
October t to T of thla year, will Imme.
dlstely Jump to a value of from P.0O0
to SK.Oft) apiece, according; to offlrlali
of the National Swine Growers' auio"1a-
tlon, who arc In Omaha conferrlne' with
lord mm with retard to arrangements.
It ia estimated by officials that the
hose exhibited here will average In vsju
around 1123 apiece, and that the total
Sffirreffated value of awlne ahown here
In October will be imo.Wif).
The piinrlpel breeds ahown hers will
be the Duroc-Jereey, Berkshire, Hamp
shire. Toland-Chlna, Cheater White and
number of the minor breed.
how Two Tfcetisavadl Hoc.
"I ahall be r really disappointed If
there are not over 1000 hot a ahown
here." aald President W. M. McFadden
of Chloaa-o. "Ne-er haa there been such
er -operation amonc the swine arewere
of the country a there U In retard to
thla ahow In Omaha. Of course, there
are some breedera that are not going to
exhibit, but moat of them are enthusias
tic, and even those who have not yet
definitely decided to exhibit thla year,
are watching ua closely to see how much
of a success wa are going to make of
It, There will be more swine exhibited
liere than were exhibited at the World's
Fair In Chlcaao."
President McFaddan, Secretary J. J.
Ioty and bis a. Mutant, Mr. Hyde, both of
Shenandoah, are In Omaha in conference
with T. F. Sture and K. Z. Russell,
rdlior and associate editor of the Twen
tieth Century Farmer, with E. V. Par-
rleh, manner of the bureau ot publicity.
nnd with Kverelt F.ucslnsham and other
officials of the Union stock, yards, with
regard to arrangements and details. The
show is to be held in the now horse
barns at the stock yards, where every
facility of drainage, sanitation, cement
lloors and all, may be had.
Thla la to be a kind of show of prise
winners, a clearing house of champions.
where the champion of all the champion
Is to be singled out and bedecked with
his proper ribbons.
"bow of Prise Wlaaere.
The state fairs all over the country
will be over when the national swine
ahow opens tn Omaha. Thus the prise
winners at all the state fairs will be
shipped to Omaha for the national com
rwt It Ion here. The county falra will
eliminate the first competitors that are
not up to the required standard. The
lata fair in each state will clear up
the matter of which hog la champion of
his state, and now for the first time in
history these champions ara to oome
together for a big national show, where
one In each breed will be labeled the
grand champion of the United States.
' (Continued from Paga One.)
io fceTp In keeplngup lberieoessary move
ment of supplies to the field headquarter
at a point near Cass Grandee. Every
rffort is being made to continue the Una
of transport tn full operation ever the
rocky and sandy trail southward from
Columbus until such time as the da
facto government gives permission to use
the railroads.
There is much pessimism In amy clr
r! over the prospects of capturing
Villa and It Is felt that unless ha la cor
! tiered within the week the bandit will
have outrun his pursuers and that months
may elapse before the outlaw and bis
bend can be ferreted out of their hiding
places In the mountains. Dispatches from
the advance flying columns, pressing
' Villa closely, make no mention of having
come In contact with any of the bandit's
men and the American troops have prob
ably to fire their first shot.
Juaies continues quiet and there haa
been a subsidence of reports that trouble
Impends alone the border.
The eoun- of shooting In the downtown
eotluii of El Peso early today aroused
little attention, as the streets were prac
tically deserteu. FHe aoldiera were taken
In cuetody by the provost guard, charged
mtth having fired the shots while Intex-
"ity Commlisloner Butler wsnts to
poi'd M."" balsnte of the IVindee light'
n f nl for InMallntl'in of Ut-lve
f I. vine inmps In Oiml-a prorer. The pro-
I o. a.1 generated a i l'cusalon on electric
iKhts and legal lights between Mr
Hi tl"r and Commissioner Hummel. The
tcntact 6f wordt fu-cd Into flsme of
iiatury. .
"i r tet aS'lnit this money be ng
csrd tt Illuminate Unimproved lot In
t) nd'o while many hunts are needed In
jettlrd dUtrkta of Omaha." dec a red Mr.
Lull r.
"T:t's Is a matter frr the letal lights to
dcteiiulne." quoth Mr. Hurnmrl.
The comm's-loners will visit Dundee
this week.
Michael Kearae.
TU'tfHVILLE. Neb.,- Msrch . (Spe.
i tal.) Mi hc K ranis, an old-time set
tler, died suddenly yesterday morning at
the home of his son, Eugene Kearna, at
: " a. m. His death was due to heart
failure. He lived fifteen miles south of
' I'.ualix We, and had gone over to hi son's
Holiday with the Idea of coming to town
this morning. He got up in the night and
f-ll over suddenly without retaining con-
m'loujneas. "
Mr. J. A. BeBBett.
Mrs. J. A. Bennett, aged 7i years, died
Monday evening of heart trouble at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. A. D. Hoeg,
:il Blnuey street. Bhe is survived by one
other daughter, Mrs. F. li. Bordgraan of
New Tork. Mr a. Bennett had been a resi
dent cf Otnaha for a number ot years,
OH Mlllarrd.
Otto Willnerd. aged 44. died yesterday
morning at a local hospital, following an
operation for appendicitis. The body will
be sent from Johnson A Bwanson's chapel
to Oakland for Interment.
Bertea fmml Plaasaaev.
Bertoa Paul Hummer, 17-monta-oId
son of Mr. and Mrs. ( "bilks I Plaminer,
I'll Amea svenue. did Tucuday after
noon of spinal meningitis.
earalaa mm4 IkettUf False.
ftuan'a Liniment U wooilrrfui nuall-
! ne for neuralgia and sharp shooting,
Pains, applied te painful spot: It stops
tt:c ache Only Ad drutt. AUtrr
Motorcycle Bus for Family
.V 'v 'V
Victor II. Roo. the local Ilarley-Dar-
. . ... . . .v. I
tdsoo distributer, demonstrating the new I
rear-csr attachment made for the motor- f
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continued to prevail along the American
line and that there has been no engage
ments In which American troops had a
Press Carre as for Answer.
memorandum to Oeneral Carranxa press
ing him for an Immediate reply to the
request for permission to use Mexican
railways In supplying Amerl'sn troops
In pursuit of Villa, was prepared today
at the Htate department.
It will be forwarded to Queretaro prob
ably late today and be delivered by
Special Representative Ilodgers to Oen
eral Carranxa and Oeneral Obregon.
The memorandum points out that the
problem of supplying troops now more
thsn 2"0 miles from the border Is a
pressing one and need not be delayed
for the protocol covering the general
The general's suggestion ss to modifi
cation and additions to the draft of the
protocol are still under consideration In
the State department. As considerable
time may be required to bring the agree
ment Into effect the American govern
ment will urge that the Immediate use
of Mexican Northwestern llnea be con
sidered separately at once.
Males Displace Motor t ars.
COLVMBUA, N. M., March . (Deleted
Dispatch.) A considerable quantity of
ammunition haa been unloaded here
within the test few days, several car
loads arriving today. Whether or not
this la to be sent to Oeneral Pershing's
command Is not known.
(ftix words deleted.) With the estab
lishment of the new field base 190 miles
south of Casus Grandee the vanguard of
the force has reached a point In the
mountainous region where motor cars are
no longer available for service and mules
are to be used exclusively for transport
purposes. ,.
Newspaper correspondents here were
notified today that the military censor
hip regulations are being tightened here
and at other points where news concern
ing the progress of the pursuit of Villa
msy develop.
Depaurtxaeai Order.
WASHINGTON. March IS. (Hnee.lal
Telearam.) Postmasters anuointed:
lyuray, Marshall county, Iowa. Frank n.
vvilkena, vloe C W. nemlg, reslirned;
North Waalilnt-lon. Chickasaw county.
Henry J. Krlelinan, vice J. lllndorff. re
signed; Pekln. Keokuk county, Jesae O.
Kpry. vice O. O. Toomire, rlned;
Hwedeabiirg, Henry county, Verncr 1
Lauer vice V. H. Iausnr, reeliuied.
The Poetofflce department has accepted
the proposal of the Alliance National
bank to relee present quarter ror the
poRtnfftee. Alliance. Neb., for five year
from July 1.
trace w viand or Fremont county.
Wyoming, has been sniiolnled s teacher
t Metta Indian school, Colorado; Helen
F. Deal of Hallldoyaburg, Pa., at Genoa
Indian school, Nebrsska.
. -. ' ", 's.'!. I
Explains Why
Coffee Hurts Many
. Ir. W. A. Evans, prominent Cliicngo physician, who edits the "How To Keep
AVell" columns of the Chicago Tribune, said in that publication, under date of
March 7, 1915: .
"Coffee is a drug. Those who are addicted to its
use are drug addicts." From the standpoint of
public hygiene the coffee question is worth while.
It is the most widespread form of drug addiction."
Some coffee drinkers go on for years without seeming harm, but with others
the telltale effects of the drug, caffeine, in coffee, show in various ills and discomforts,
such as headache, biliousness, indigestion, nervousness ood heart disturbance
When the health of a coffee-drinker begins
to puffer it's high time to quit th coffee.
The change to
is eay and pleasant, lietter health usually fol
lows, and a ten days' trial proves.
Postum comes in two forms. The original
Postum Cereal must bo well-boiled 15Nand
25c packages. Instant Postum a aolublo pow
der is made in the cup. No boiling required.
SOc and 50c tins.
The two forms of Postum are equally delici
ous, and the cost per cup is about the rame.
t v I V.
.cyclist who wtuhes to take with
two or more pen;ers beside himself.
d(Uned or UachwJ , ,hlrty
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collected by Its diplomatic representa
tives abroad.
Cabinet members said the decision to
make an Inquiry of Germany waa In
line with the policy of collecting all the
Information before a decision was
Photild Germany admit the attack, but
claim the submarine commander ex
ceeded his orders, officials believed that
would te regarded as evidence that it
was Impracticable for submarine com
manders to attempt to dlntlngulah be
tween the armed and unarmed veeael.
The possibility that the attack on the
Husse might lead to a general clear
ing tip of thai submarine Issue was dis
cussed at the cabinet meeting.
All Reports Kerore Cabinet.
The decision to make the inquiry was
reached by the president and his advis
ers at today's meeting of the cabinet.
The president and cabinet members were
furnished with all reports concerning the
dissster which had reached the State de
partment from dtplomatio and consular
representatives In France and Ensland.
Members of the cabinet aald that evi
dence In possession of the United States
was not conclusive enough to ''warrant
decisive action at thla time. For this rea
son it was decided to make Inquiry of
Germany. A majority of the cabinet
members, however, believed preliminary
reports clearly Indicated the Sussex was
Vienna Says Russ
' Gains in Galicia
Are Unimportant
HIOnlJN, March 2.-By -Wireless to
Bay villa. Only outpost skirmishes have
occurred In Galicia In the last few days,
and the victorious results by the Hus
sions In the Dniester sector were not
gained ovr large bodies of Austrian
troops, says an official report from trie
war office ft Vienna. The statement,
under date of March IS, follows:
"The engagements near Latatche, on
the Dniester, described tn Russian re
ports, were merely vangard skirmishes.
Austro-Hungarlan reconnolterlng detach
ments withdrew to the main positions
when strong Russian forces advanced.
"During the last week the Russians
have attempted no attack against the
main army of General Pflanger.
"Italian front: Italian artillery shelled
Doberdo height and the Fella district,
s well ss some points on the Tyrol
front. East of Ploerken pass uitro
Hungaiisn troops entered an Italian po
sition. Attacks of the enemy in the
Sugana valley were repulsed." )
'There's a Reason" for
Score Alio Injured When Flamei
Sweep Through Floor of Apart
ment Houie in Cleveland.
CLEVELAND, O., March 28. J.
r. Lewis, solicitor, and Mrs. Eliza
beth Slnipkons, a saleswoman, were
burned to death, and a score of per
son! were Injured eary today when
the flames swept through the third
floor of the Foster apartments at
1117 Prospect avenue. The police
believe the fire was incendiary.
Police are searching for a masked
man who, according to the story' told
by Miss Bessie Relmer, a waitress,
entered her room on the third floor,
bound and gagged her and set fire to
the building.
Most of those Injured were hurt by
Jumping from the third floor windows.
One hundred persons were rescued by
means ot ladders and fire nets.
Fire started In the buldlng yesterday
morning In a closet In Miss Relmer's
room. She was rescued by firemen and
taken to a hospital. The fire waa easily
extinguished. Last night Miss Relmer re
turned to her home. According to the
story she told the police, a masked man
entered her room shortly after 1:30
o'clock, gagged her and bound her hands
and feet, after which he started a fire
In a bundle of paper. Miss Relmer man
aged to gain her feet and hobbled out ot
her room. She waa rescued -y fire
men. ,
Foer Arrest Made.
Tli fire wss of incendiary origin, ac
cording to the police. Three men and one
woman are held at police headquarters
and a police guard was placed at the
bedside of Miss Relmer at a hospital,
where she Is suffering from a broken
"We are convinced the Relmer girl
knows who stsrted last night's fire, as
well as the fire yesterday morning In
her rooms," said Detective Farrel.
"Some of those held by the police were
Involved In a white slave Investigation a
few daya ago, following which one wo
man was sent to prison, in this case the
Relmer girl was the alleged victim.
Indians Who Fought
On Geronimo's Side
Will Trail F. Villa
WASHINGTON, March 28. The Indian
scouts who will be sent to aid General
Pershing are men of advanced year
and who fought with Geronlmo, the
Apache chief, whose flight Into Mcjtlco
led to the last expedition across the
border by American troops. There are
a number of the old warriors at the San
Carlos agency. New Mexico, and Fort
Apache; Arts., who were in Geronimo's
band and surrendered with him to Gen
eral Lawton in 1&8S.
General Scott is personally acquainted
with many of them and believes it will
be possible to find a few who are phyai
cally capable of taking the trail lfdesDlte
thirty years. As hunted men''" they
learned every trail of the country where
Villa bandits are seeking refuge.
Miss Ruth L. Johnson, daughter of
Thomas C. Johnson, and Arthur Moran.
both of Center, Knox county, Nebraska,
were married by Rev. Charles W. Savtdg
at his study In the- Brandels Theater
building, Monday evening at t o'clock.
They were accompanied by Mtss Fanny
Hensman and Mr. Everett E. Gants.
Da lmrtkls( tow Your Cold.
At the first sign of a cough or cold
take Dr. Hell's Pine-Tar-Honey. Tou
won't after long. 16c. All druggists. Ad
vertisement '
(r M t
Mx eaaulv Mai t a """"
Hrm mIi mm. Sm ""
tar ,rip tns ataar
Postum O
turn Cereal CZ Limited
BamaciaBh SUaa, II. a. A-
Brother Sayi He Will Tell Full
Stor7 of Death of Millionaire
NEW VoniC. March 28. The case
(.painst Dr. Arthur Warien Walte,
aiTUBed of murdering his father-In-lfcw,
John E. Pock, millionaire drug
gist of Grand Rapids, Mich., by ad
ministering poison to him, la ex
pected to be virtually completed
when District Attorney Swann goes
to Bellevue hospital to receive the
confession which Frank Waite,
brother of the accused man, told the
district attorney today the young
Ct-ntlst was ready and willing to
The prosecutor snnounced that he
would go to the hospital late today ac
companied by a stenographer and Frank
Walte. The prisoner, his brother de
clared, waa prepared to make a clean
breast of everything.
In that case, the district attorney said
he hoped certain discrepancies In the evi
dence thus far collected would te
closed up.
'It will be recalled." he said, "that
the negro maid swore that she saw Dr.
Walte pour liquid from a bottle Into Mr.
reek's soup. We know that the arsenic
from which he died wss given In powder
form. We know also that all the arsenic
tr. Walte bought was In the form of
powder and thst the virulent disease
germs were In liquid form contained in
No Relief in Sight
for Butter Prices
With butter selling to the retail trade
at 36 cents per pound for the best and
34 rents for second grade, farmers and
dairynvn are getting 31 to 33 cents per
pound for their butter fat at the cream
stations through Nebraska and western
Iowa, tributary to Omaha creameries.
With the express rharges added, it 1
coating the creameries 36 to 3d cents per
pound tn Omaha.
Omaha creamery men see no prospect
of creamery butter for nesrly a month.
They anticipate that the prices paid for
butter fat will remain at present prl?c
until about April 20, when pasturage w II
become good and cows will get out onto
"V5" pills.
An Effective Laxative
. Pores? Vegetable
Indigestion, Biliousness, .
Q or :QQ ni
vHsVsW scVsVsWsMs
Otwewlate-Ooated or Plain
II mi m ft If ""J f SB Tf SLRXUl
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
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all l"otton-Iayer and Roll
Kdge, In as many different color
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1.AYKK Construction, made of 11
layers of Pure Felt, free from
dust or LUMPS. This mattress
Is shown in the window In a Hue
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rse Deafles SMS.
Bistribatore ef Brlervort Stead!
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Opea Setarcar evealas; matll e'eleek.
Hjo Fashion Cenler offte Middle Wesl
A Style
Exclusive Apparel
For Women
It is a showing that ap
peals to well dressed women.
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servative, but with such
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Evening Bee.
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