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-101 IX A. SWAXSOX, Pros,
"NVM. U IIOLZM, Trcas.-
Pool Declares Candidate! of Parties
that Do Not Affiliate Must
Go it Alone.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. March (Special.) No
candidate for office on ore ticket hai
any right to appear as candidate for
office on another ticket, according to Sec
retary of State Pool, and whenever a
protest Is entered against auch double
representation, the secretary of atate will
hold that the word affiliation simply
means that a man cannot affiliate wtth
more than one party.
The matter came up on the protest
of F. P. Corrtck, state chairman of the
progressive party against the names of
republican and democrats going on the
progressive ticket. Some withdrawals
had been made, and the matter finally
dwindled down to consideration of the
names of Congressmen Sloan and Kln
kald, who as republicans had been filed
for places for congressional nomination
on the progressive ticket by. bullmoose
petitions and acceptance of the same had
been received.
Pool Raises Bar.
Both had been the candidates of the
bulmoose party in two previous cam
paigns and no objection had been made.
However, Mr. Pool holds that as the
national organisation of the republican
and progressive parties do not affiliate,
candidates for office are barred from
Hower, while republicans are barred
from the bullmoose ticket, moosers can
run on the republican ticket, and such
will be the case in the instance of A.
II. Blgelow of Omaha, candidate for con
gress In the Second district, who late
yesterday accepted a filing for his name
to go on the republican ticket for con
gress, and as no one took enough Inter
est In the 'matter to protest, ths prim
aryballot will show the name of Mr.
Blgelow on the republican ballot con
testing with Judge Ben Baker and David
Mercer for the nomination.
In the case of C. H. Sloan and M. P.
KInkaid, there were no candidates for
congress In their districts on the pro
gressive ticket.
The same old farce of peoples Inde
pendent filings on the democratlo ticket
will still continue, although that party
has, no organization and mighty few
District lacks Candidate.
The Seventy-sixth representative dis
trict will have no candidate for nomina
tion for that office on either of the six
primary ballots, no one having e'nt In
their filing to the secretary of state.
The district comprises the counties of
Banner, Kimball, Cheyenne, Deuel and
Garden, represented In the last session
by William L. Bates of Lodge Pole.
Newspaper notices indicated that Mr.
Bates had filed for the republican nomi
nation with the county treasurer of his
own county, but no receipt for the fillnj
fee or filing has ever reached the secre
tary of state and so no name will ap
pear on the ticket.
If Mr. Bates had really made KIs filing
In hfs home county and'Vald the filing;
fee and the official had neglected to for
ward the same to the secretary of state,
It Is. possible that mandamus proceeding
might compel his name to be placed on
the ballot. However, that would be up
to Mr. Bates to take action It he so decider.
Four Hundred and
Twenty-Two File
at Scott's Bluff
SCOTTS BLUFF, Neb., March 24.
(Speclal Telegram.) Four hundred and
twenty-two filings were made here on
the fifty-one Irrigated farms under tho
extension of the government canal. There
were over seventy on one track. The
drawing Is to take place at Alliance to
day. This city Is still full of land men
seeking desirable Investments.
ALLIANCE, Neb., March 24 -The land
drawings to settle conflicts In filings on
"farm vnlta" under the new Irrigation
ditch known as the "high line lateral" of
the Pathfinder dam project, began this
afternoon. All the forty-three "units"
each containing forty to 130 acres of
Irrigable land, are Involved. Filings began
last Monday.
Insane Patient
Hangs Himself
NORFOLK. Neb.. Mrrh 91 Srv.i.,i
Telegram.) Joseph Smlsek, 58, a patient
at the state insane hospital here, slipped
out of ranks while marching to breakfast
this morning and hanged himself In a
srova of trees with a handkerchief.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. March it. (SDeclnl.) Food
Commissioner C. E. llirman will not be
a candidate for the democratic nomina
tion for governor. In refusing to accept
the filing Mr. Ilarman says in part:
Many matters are now pending in the
department, which require my personal
attention, and som of them will un
doubtedly result in prosecutions, and for
tills reason, if for none other, 1 feel that
would he derelict In my duty If I did
not give theo matters my personal atten
tion and which I could not do if I be
lume a candidate for office. 1 feci that
I should continue the work that I am
deeply interested in and thus give to the
I coulu of till state my best efforts in
their behalf until my term of office as
deputy food. drug, dairy and oil com
liiixHioner has expired.
I am grateful to those who have urged
rue to become a candidate, since the fil
ing was made, but feel that I can render
greater service to this administration, my
party and my state by sticking to the
job I now hold.
TKCCMSEH. Neb.. March SI. (Special.)
-In a fall of twelve to fifteen feet from
a ladder Peter Burrup, a man aged 7
years, suffered severe injury here yes
terday. Mr. Burrup makes Ms homo
with his nephew, George F. Morrlssey,
at the Arcade hotel, lie had locked his
key In his room on the second floor
and went up a ladder on the outside of
the house. In attempting to open a
window Mr. Burrup lost his balsme and
fell to the ground, lie suffered a com
pound fracture of the shoulder. Mr.
liurruo was taken to Lincoln on an
afternoon train, and he .i operated
upon in a hospital th re last evening.
2.1 U thought ha will recover.
Prairie Fire Burns
Over Large Area
in Lincoln County
NORTH PLATTE. Neb., March 4.
During the high wind of Tuesday a
prairie fire broke out near Naxton and
burned south to Somerset, on the Bur
lington railroad. Much loss of stock and
buildings Is reported, the exact amount
of which Is unknown.
Thomas Griffith, a ranchman, was
caught by the fire and badly burned.
but Is expected to recover. Among the
heav losers are Ous Malone and F. W.
Tonker, both conducting horse ranches
In that neighborhood. Other losers were
J. Wagoner, a new 11,400 barn, and T.
Sykes, houss and barn.
A full report of the damage has not
been learned owing to the destruction
of the telephone lines by thu fire.
Sventeen Hurdred
Employes of State
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, March 24. (Special.) Ac
cording to a statement given out by State
Auditor Smith It tikes 23 people to do
the business of the state at the state
house,, not counting the Janitors, he fire
men, night .watch and the elevator man.
Counting the entlro force taken to run
the state, there are 1,734 people. The num
ber In each department Is given as follows:
Governor 6
Secretary of state 3
Auditor of public accounts 10
Attorney general .
Treasurer fl
State superintendent 1U
Com. public land and buildings 7
itanway comminsion it
Adjutant general 8
Insurance board R
Board of , commissioners 9
Board of JrrlRRtlon 9
Board of Enunltsatton 1
Bureau of Labor 8
Bureau of Printing 1
Board of Educational Lands & Funds 12
Game and Fish commission 8
Hotel commission 3
Live Stock Sanitary board 8
State Banking board H
State Prison board 6
Board of Health 4
Library commission J
Historical society 7
Supreme court, state Ubrarry 29
..Grand Army of Republic 1
Fire commission
Food, drug, dairy and oil corns 23
Total 223
District court Judges 29
Pistrlot court stenographers zo
State university t"i
State Normal schools Il
State institutions -
Total 1.72
Srgeant Tolman
On the Retired List
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., March 24. (Special.)
Charles W. Tolman of Wymore, quarter
master sergeant of company F, Fifth Ne
braska Infantry, bf that city, has been
placed on the retired list of the Ne
braska National Guard by Adjutant Gen
eral Hall. i
, Sergeant Tolman has served contin
uously in the Nebraska National Guard
for over thirty-three years first enlist
ing in the Wymore organisation, which
at that time, November 24, 18X3, was a
battery. He Is 57 years old and has been
quartermaster since 1894.
Two Kearney Normal
Teams' Lose Debates
KEARNEY, Neb., March 24. (Special.)
The Kearney Normal debating team
lost In the debate held here last night
with the Hastings" college, the decision
of the Judges being unanimous for the
visitors. The question argued was, "Re
solved, That a Minimum Wage Law
Should Be Established by the State Gov
ernments." t
Kennedy, Robinson and Harding repre
sented Hastings and the Normal was rep.
resented by Miss Florence Kellogg, Lewis
and Forsythe. The jurges were Judge
Mould of Lexington. Rev. Mr. Buckner
of Aurora and Superintendent Wendland
of Mlnden.
The Normal team going to Grand Island
lost the debate there, also. The home
team debated the negative, and the trio
going to Grand Island argued the af
firmative of the question. Prof. George
Martin of the Normal accompanied the
team to Grand Island.
Edley J. Kegley It Winner of Choice
Eighty-FiTe-Acre 'Tract in
Land Drawing.
ALLIANCE. Neb.. March 24.-(Spedal
Telegram.) Three hundred and twenty
four applications were filed on the Irri
gated tracts In the riatte valley In Scotts
Bluff and Cheyenne counties. The filing
closed at t this morning.
At th,e drawing this afternoon Edley
J. Kegley of Kearney, Neb., won first
choice on the most desirable tract of 85
The following names won first In the
drawing of the 29 other tracts:
Simon 8. Bollinger. Lucerne, Colo.
Mary A. McIermott. Alliance, Neb.
(jtr. M. Anderson, Stromsburg, Neb.
Charles V. Foster. Mema, Neb.
Claude J. Hall. Merna, Neb.
F.lmer S. Miller, Merna, Neb.
Kdward U tloll, lllue Hill, Neb.
William F. Peterson, Bayard. Neb.
B. B. Nlcolal. Mlnatare. Neb.
Harold D.. Marshall, Weeplngwater,
Nen. i
Warren J. Snyder. Fort Collins, Colo.
Horace O. Edwards. Bavard, Neb.
Henry Dlerks. jr., 8cribner. Neb.
Charles Sagelbart. Mlnatare, Neb.
John Scott. Scottshluff, Neh
James E. Hyatt. Scottshluff, Neb.
Edson A. Voorhees, Lincoln, Neb.
Edward T. I, Pacific Junction, Iowa.
Casslua M. linpheer, Campbell. Neb.
Lucius G. Stone, Falls Citv. Neb.
Iroy Lambert, Hutchinson, Kas
A. K. Bur-quint. Omaha.
Firnest o. Johnson, Alllnnce. Neb.
Fred Ballweg. Spauldlng. Neh.
Neal Pelos Toumana, Mlnatare, Neb.
Mayhelle V. Hamilton. Uncoln, Neb.
Mark King. Anuora, Neh.
Emll A. Walberg, Mlnatare. Neb.
Oeorge A. Birmingham, Columbus, Neb.
But thirty tracts are being filed on,
the remainder will be open to entry after
today and will be probably taken up at
Location of Choice Tract,
Of all vacant land under the reclama
tion project which has v,n .
filing previous to this time but not filed
upon, about 40 per cet of the most desir
able units have been taken up by new
entrymen during this opening.
Of the total applications filed during
mis opening 60 per cent covers 5 units
the balance Is scattering. i:nt t i
cated 4H miles north of Mlnatare, is the
most popular, containing 86 acres of Ir-
iBuig inna.
, A " majority of the land seekers
have signified their Intention of locat
ing In tho North Platte valley and In
case they fall to obtain the land filed
upon In this drawing will choose home
steads from the less deslrablo units not
previously taken or will purchase Im
proved lands.
For Homeaeekers Only.
While this drawing has not been as
Popular as some of the previous govern
ment land openings, on account of the
necessity of depositing the payment of
water right charges with the application,
the reclamation. service is well pleased
with the results, as It limits the appli
cants to bona-flde homeseekers.
May Protest Kea worthy.
The Salt Lake club, to which Bill Ken
worthy reverts under the peace agree
ment, may protest the signing of this e
outlaw by Oakland.
Wonderful Exposition of New Spring Clothes
True to the Last Word of Fashion
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jOMMa swAMtOtims -tssysf'.TIJW'W ;V? PWWssjiuhswO.i
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(From a 8taff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. March 24. (Speclal.l-It cost
117,711.26 lewi to run tho state of Nebraska
for the last quarter of 1915 than It did the
previous quarter, according to figures
prepared by the state auditor. Tho thlnt
quarter figures were $1.1I4.!?2 81. v-hile the
last quarter the cost was but S1,1W,!0C8.
FALLS CITY, Neb., March 24. (Special
Telegram. ) W. J. Erven spoke here to-
day on "Temperance" before an audience
of 1,400 people at the Park auditorium.
Omaha Home Furnithing Headquarttra
tt Sit 415-17 So.l6'St.W - O
1 Phone D-335.
Creton Storage Bags
Made up full length for storing away your
winter furs and coats. A patent arrange
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flaps and are dust proof. Nothing made
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$."5.50 values, Saturday, each. . . . . .$2.75
4 Poster Colonial Beds Congoleum Rugs
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Genuine black walnut dresser, 20x
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four drawers, wood knobs, 22x-S
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Chiffonier to mach, same price.
Adam design, black walnut
dressers. Price 823.75
Full slie wood panel bed to
nialclr 818.50
Princess dresser to match, with
30x40 French plate mirror, each.
at 835.00
Bedroom table to match, 80.05
Open face desk to match,
at 813.75
An Adam dresser of more elabor
ate doBlgn, at 837.50
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1 j? f
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Dresser $32.50
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Last week there were
three vacant rooms.
Now there are two.
These two rooms, however, will make strictly de
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they are not what you need, call and see us just the
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:. v., n rri t
3.1' m WSfTK.
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