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VOL. XLV NO. 240.
Oa Trains, M Motet
Taws Stands, ete.
first photographs to reach this country, taken during the terrific battle around Verdun.
It shows a French convoy taking machine gun ammunition to the firing line to repel the
vigorous J vn attacks.
SHEND, the British com
mander, who, with his gar
rison, has been besieged for
months by the Turks in Kut-el-Amara,
on Tigris, river.
Restoration Not Enough to Satisfy
Republican Army Chief, Who
Will Not Stop Till Presi
dent Resigns.
Troops in Two Cities in Xwang--tung
Provinces Reported to
A Have Risen in Revolt.
m SAN FRANCISCO. March 23.
Cable advices from Chinese revolu
tionary leaders in Shanghai received
today hy officials of the Chinese Re
' public association received here said
Yuan Shi Kai's resignation has been
demanded by the "Republican
Trial by a national assembly of
province representatives for having
accepted the emperorship is also de
manded, according to the same cable
Rebellion to ; On.
The demands are said to be made
by General Tang Chi- Yao, com
mander of the Republican army, and
military governor of Yunnan prov
ince. Indications are, it was said today
by officials here, that the revolution
would continue until Yuan Shi Ksi
leaves the presidency. .
J Troops in two cities of Kwangtung
provinces, today's cable Information
' stated, have Joined the Republican
ry' attacking the province.
Mrtli Trltta, Mixed Deception.
SHANGHAI, China, March 13. Ad
Vices from Hans Hon today Indicate
tno.t the State department mendate announcing-
abandonment of the plan to re
mime the monarchist form of government
In China has met with a mixed reception
In south China.
In two forceful factions, the supporters
of Yuan Shal Kal are said there wilt be
a peaceful settlement of the- existing- dif
ferences as a result of conclusions
reached. Those opposed to Yuan Sha Kal
according to the .dviees declare the man
date has come too late and that people
are too deeply stirred against what they
characterise as Yuan Phi Kal's faithless
ness to his presidential oath to be ap
)eaed with anything lees than his elimi
nation as head of the government. '
- - - r v Kattee . Received.
WASHINGTON, March 2S.-Forma
not lft!"IUion of the abandonment of Presi
dent Yuan 9hl Hal's project to turn the
Chinese republic Into a monarchy reached
the State department today from Ameri
can Minister Relnsch at Peking. No de
tails or explanations were made by the
minister. '
Bar Silver Rises
to New Eecord .
for War Period
NEW YORK, March 2J. Bar stiver
nd Mexican sliver dollars today at-
alned their highest quotation since the
beginning of the European war. Stiver
bullion sold at B-,. oents an ounce ana
Mexican dollars at 46Sfc centsthese prices
representing advances of t and IH
cents, respectively, over last Saturday.
Dealers In silver attribute the rise to
a scarcity of supply in London and In
creased demand on the continent and In
Sixth Death from
Indiana Tornado
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., March 23. The
death of the Infant child of Albert Irwin
of Monon, brought the death toll taken
hy the tornado which swept Indiana early
yesterday morning to six. The child wst
carried more than 100 feet by the wind.
The property loss wss estimated at
upwards of 12.000.000.
The Weather
Forecast till 7 p. m, Friday:
J For Omaha. Council Fluffs and Vicinity
-Rain, warmer.
Or-SarrMperstsrel at Omaha Ye.teraar.
S a. m.
da. in.
... 11
... at
7 a. m.
a, m.
rgm :tS::::::::::::::s
vV JK 53 J
1 D. m
1 tv m
1 i. m
u. m
i p. m
T p. m
8 p. m
CniBaratlv luocal Ber.
ISH WS 1914
Iligheat yrsteriHy 61 Vi 4
IWfit yealerilMy Ji T H
(Mean tempera lure 4 38 31
1'reclpitatiun T ."0 .W
Temperature and precipitation
lu re a from the normal:
Normal temperature
1 eflclf ncy for the day
Tolal defU'lt-m-y sine Marrh 1...
..... 40
Normal precipitation
Ix-fti-lency for the lav
Total rainfa'l almo March 1...
lxtflclenry aince Marrh 1
K.xceaa for cor. ptrlod. ll15
Deficieni y for cor. period. 19H.
.0." Inch
..". Inch
. Inch
.m Inch
.72 iooh
.77 Inch
Heporta froaa Btatloaa at T l. M.
Station and State Temp. High- Rain-
of Weather. T p. m. est. fail.
Cheyenne, iloudy ei jn .)
lavenport. clouJy U ' it
Senvrr. part cloudy ba ui .ml
L- M nines, cloudy 44 4 T
North I'latte. cloudy 'o .(.
Omaha, rain 4j 61 T
K:id 'ity. cloudy .10
Hierlilen. anuw Jri 4) .4
.Sioux 'ltv, rain 44 4 ,n
V'xlenl Inv, cloudy a .)
Indicates trace of precipitation.
U A. VVICLSH. Iocal Kureiaster.
"'"'''wa, l"'
-ajs v A
GEtt. Towns h eh o.
Fire Which Starts from Overheated
Bearing Causes Loss of Hun
dred Thousand.
SUPERIOR, Neb., March 23.
(Special Telegram.) Fire, which
broke out in the flour mill of the
Superior Milling company here to
day, destroyed this building, the
mill and elevator of the Superior
Corn Products' company and the
local electric light plant before It
was checked. The losa Is estimated
at $100,000. The-' flames started
from an over-heated bearing.
Fanned by a heavy gale from the
aoutheast, which swept the flaming
firebrands straight toward the busi
ness center, "the city was threatened
with destruction by fire for several
hours by flames which broke out
from a hot boxing In the milling
plant owned by David Outhrie and
operated under a lease jointly by
Ernest Meyer & Bona and the Su
perior Corn Products company.
The mill, as well as the light and power
plant of the South Nebraska Power com
pany, and several frame residences and
outbuildings went before the fire was
gotten under control, and for a time It
was feared the flames would spread to
the most heavily built-up sections of the
Water Sapply Partly Cmt Off.
The water supply of the city was In a
large measure dependent upon the burning-electric
power plant, and when that
failed matters took on a serious aspect,
but by carefully husbanding the supply
on hand Mayor W. 8. Young and Chief
George Johnson were able to get the fire
under control after It had burned for two
hours, and It is not tbought further dam
age Is imminent.
The fire la said by James Charleton,
employe of the mill, who was called from
his dinner by the alarm and was the
first person on the scene, to have started
about a shaft boxing on the second ffoor
of the mill shortly after noon, but It
spread so rapidly that In ten minutes it
was beyond all hope of control, and In
less than half an hour the huge building,
together with the power house, a frame
and brick structure situated fifty feet to
the south of the mill building proper,' was
but a smouldering heap c' ruins, and the
flames spread north to houses occupied
by the mill employes.
Hrandn t arried Half Mile.
The buildings of the Alfalfa rroducts
company, which stand a hundred feet
east of the mill, were saved by the fact
that the wind blew the fire directly away
from them. Fire brands from the mill
were carried half a mile northwest and
set fire to the premises of F. V. Bishop
and the the roofs of several frame houses
In the intervening space, but these fires
were extinguished without loss. Crowds
are still watching the burning erasers, aa
a high wind continues, and with the fail
ure of the auxiliary water supply, the
town would be at the mercy of the fire
If It should gain a start In the district
threatened, which la comprised entirely
of small frame houses. The property
loss at this time is estimated at :oo,ono,
partly covered by Insurance. As a result
of the destruction of the . power plant
Superior Industries are at a standstill,
and Its residents are without lights. (Jas
oline engines are at a premium and local
dealers have disposed of oil lamps down
to the 112 model.
The National Capital
Tbarsday, Marrh :, tOIA.
The euate.
Met at noon.
Ixbate was resumed on the Indian ap
propriation hill.
Finance committee considered the house
resolution repealing free augar tariff pro
visions. Kern amendment to hank law to per
mit bank directors to serve as directors
In other banks waa favorably reported.
The lluxae.
Met at 11 a. in.
Iterate on army reorganisation bill
a and means committee dmocrata
met In perfect the ailimnlst rat in tariff
committee IcxWlat ion.
1 .Natal i-uniritiiice cuii(inu.-i iiaiiiuini ,uc
' f ne healing.
Vicious Drive of Slavi Carry Thenv
. . ...
Krvnnd Three Trenches of tne
Enemy Near Lake
Capture More Than Thousand Pris
oner's and Dozen Machine Guns,
Says Petrograd.
' PKTKOGRAIl, March 23. (via
London.) The Ru-Rlan drive In the
vicinity of Lake Narocz. according
to reports received here, hss car-
tied them through three lines of
German trenches. The Russians
routed the Germans by bayonet
fighting, rapturing more than 1,000
prisoners and a doien machine guns.
While admitting that it is not
yet clear whether the fighting which
is In progress south of Dvinsk sig
nifies a general advance of the Rus
sian troops in that sector or whether
it is intended as a demonstration to
attract German forces from the
Kranco-German front, the military
critics lay emphasis upon what they
allude to as the universal success
of the attacks during the last few
days, the vlclousness of which Is
pointed to as being sufficient to
have made an impression upon the
German general staff.
Move In Three C.roape.
The Russian troops are operating In
three groups covering a front of seventy
miles, tiut the severest fighting Is re
ported to have occurred in the vicinity of
i.w. vror. where the Russians' drive
carried them through three lines of Ger
man trenches heavily protected by wire
entanglements. The Russians resorted to
hir favorite method, bayonet fighting
.,.r , Germans In spite of desperate
resistance and capturing more than 1.000
men. Including seventeen officers, a doxen
m.hiu turn and other booty,
The Germans are Invariably countering
.i. . attacks bv advancing at
nther ectlons of the line but from all
i.n..rtni according to the military
obtervers. the Teutonlo efforts lack co
ordination anfi It Is evident that In spite
of the recent concentration of additional
troops In this region the Russians antici
pated any plans their adversaries may
have had for a concerted offensive here.
. tvv Herman atrenath ' was estlsaated
flart autumn to be eight corps of infantry
nnrf SAveral .cavalry aiviin
region but these have since been consid
erably augmented.
Rosa C'aptara Croaslnav
An important success Is recorded on the
Gallclnn front whore the Russians cap
tured the crossing of the Dniester at Mlk
haltche. The Austrian official communi
cation Is cited in reference to this vie
tory as it Is admitted. that the Austrian
were obliged to abandon the position foU
lowing six months' defense after the for
tlflcatlons had been reduced by the
Russian artillery.
Chief of Aviation
Service Hurt by a
Fall at His Home
WASHINGTON, March Ueutenant
Colonel Samuel Heber. chief of the army
aviation service, tell three stories in
his home today and was badly Injured.
He was removed to a hospttsl.
Reports to the War department after
Colonel Reber had been examined at the
hospital were that his Injuries were not
Colonel Reber fell over the bannister
rail of a stairway In his home and
plunged down the areaway to the floors
below. He Is a son-in-law of Lieutenant
General Miles, retired, and recently had
been appearing before a board Investi
gating charges of Inefficient administra
tion of the aviation service. Congressional
Inquiry Into the service also has been,
proposed and now is pending.
"Watch Your Sneeze
Or Spread Disease"
DK8 MOINF.8, March tJ. (Special.)
Because of the prevalence of coughs and
colds and the epidemic grip. Des Moines
school children are taking lessions In pre
vention of the spread of the disease.
The following three sentences ara used
In the writing lessona and are memorised
by the children In the lower grades:
"Cover up your sneexer." "Run awsy
from sneexers." "Watch your sneeie or
spread disease."
alius Nellie Warren, principal of Green
wood school, originated the sneexe pre
caution Idea. The pupils In her school
pent one whole dsy In discussing the ef
fect of the sneexe on public school health.
Berge Persuaded
To Make the Race
tFrom a Htaff C01 respondent.)
LINCOLN, March . -(Speclal.)-Georgs
W. Berge of IJncoln has changed his
mind and after refusing to accept tbe
petition fllina; htm t- - the democratic
nomination for attorney general, today
sends In his acceptance for the same.
FORT DODGE, la., March a. Business
women of Fort Dodge have organised
themselves Into "The Fort Dodge Busi
ness Women's club." Among the member
ship there sre teachers, doctors, ste
nographers and saleswomen.' The club
bill meet monthly to dlarues matters.
I tie solution of which will be mutually
Bill Increasing Regular Army to
940,000 Men Goes Through
Lower Body.
WASHINGTON, March 23. The
Hay army increase bill, providing for
a regular army peace streugth of
140,000 fighting men Instead of the
present 100,000, passed the house
late today, hy a vote of 402 to 2.
It goea to the senate for immediate
consideration virtually as drafted by
the house committee.
The negative votes were cast by
Representatives Britten, republican,
of Illinois, and London, socialist, of
New York;
The Kahn amendment, proposing
an Increase of the standing army to
220,000 men, was rejected, 191 to
2U. '
Campaign Against
Literacy Test Bill
Is Started in Iowa
DES MOINES. March O. A campaign
has been Inaugurated In Iowa to fight
the Burnett literacy test Immigration bill
In congress.
An effort will be made to Influence the
Iowa congressmen to oppose It by a com
mittee composed of Rabbi Mannhelmer.
R. Marks, S. Engleman and Mra. 8.
Levlaon of Des Molnee, This committee
also represents the Hebrew Sheltering
and Immigrant Aid Society of America,
of which Leon Banders Is president and
whose advisory board comprise Ixniis D.
Brandels, Jacob II. Schlff. Issac N. Pellg
man. Oscar Straus, and other men of na
tional prominence.
The local committee will secure slgn
rs to a petition directed to the members
of congress Immediately, as there Is fear
of aotlon on the measure within a short
time. The petition follows:
'I respectfully protest against the pas
sage of the Burnett immigration 0111,
which is now pending before the congress
of the United States. I believe this meas
ure to be contrary to the best traditions
and principles of our country, and I am
convinced that the existing law provides
sufficient safeguards against the admis
sion to the United States of immigrants
who are physically, mentally and morally
unfit. I believe that the adoption of this
restrictive measure seriously Will hamper
the commercial progress and development
of the t'nitcd States."
SchoonerLoaded with
Munitions for Villa is
Stranded Off Mexico
NEW YORK. March itS.-The schooner
La Provtdencla. which went aehore on
the coast of Mexico last week, was
smuggling arms and amniTltlon for
Francisco Villa, according to word re
ceived here today by Juan T. Burns,
consul general fur the de facto govern
ment, from the Mexican ministry of war
and marine.
Alfredo Rlcot, supposed owner of the
schooner, and several other persons on
hoard were arrested by the constitu
tionalist authorities, the message stated.
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y fv vii fsx
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j - , ... . . . .J-- f I f.j.t .-...... s .. - T .-fy: ' ... . i , a
rfUk.-' VMS.- C.Kt t - . . . - aW v. j.. . V , at r . ... 4
H ,.i vK .J -. Vt .- 1 ' 'T?'. " ' '-'J' ' -. '' ' " if
W linKllU-. llfi Jllfl' 1 I W lit III! II III .. jaOX -J ' -., . r f Xn raMas. s . iiw.4i .Si. : . H
BimiiiiMiis si iisiismiii siiii mi i HI' 1 1 1 ilium I I mil m "I l " ii i n aiwse-m Wl, iy i m h mm Zl
AtttTVMrtOH CONVOY. Osn rLf SVZyrcM .
a.aM.aaawaawMMaBaaaaMwaiaawwawaa.MaMiaMawMaaaaaaiaaaiaaHia n aa a
Mrs. Emma Manchester Brings
Action in District Court to
Prevent Curtailment of
Her Powers.
Mrs. Km ma D. Manchester, as su
preme guardian of the Supreme For
est of the Woodmen Circle, women'a
auxiliary of the Woodmen of the
World, brought suit In district court
yesterday against the national execu
tive body of the woman'a organisa
tion, alleging that they are Illegally
withholding from her certain pre
rogatives and authorities.
Mrs. Manchester for eighteen years has
been the chief national officer of the
circle and was re-elected last June at St.
I'aul to another four-year term. She asks
the court to restrain the members of the
executive council from holding In effect
a resolution recently pasaed, which she
asserta, deprives her of the right to ap
point committees and officer as provlfioci
In the constitution of the organisation.
'Members at ' Caanell.
The members of the executive council
are Miss Dora Alexander, supreme clerk,
OniAha; Mrs. Mary La Rocca, supreme
adviser, St. Paul, Minn.; Mrs. Ida W.
Kelly, supreme banker, Dee Moines, la.;
Mrs. Maggie Hydo, supreme' attendant,
Dallas, Tex.; Mrs. Mary Taylor, chair
man of the board of managers, of San
Antonio, 'Tex.; Effle Rodgers, Little
Hock, Tex.; Rmma F. Campbell, supreme
manager. Port Huron, Mich.; Mamie E.
Ixng, supreme manager. New York City;
Mrs. Annie Watts, supremo chaplain,
Merldan, Miss.; Mrs, Florence Rolling,
supreme Inner sentinel, Hammond, Ind.;
Mrs. Msry C. Delahunty, supreme outer
sentinel. Charleston, S. C. ; and Mrs. C.
M. Kelly, supreme manager, of 6t.
Louis,, Mo. f
Attoraeya la Case.
Attorneys for the plslntlft are Stout,
Rose A Wells, Arthur Mullen and Judge
J. J. Fulllvan. Her attorneys declare that
the petition filed yesterday which asks
relief from the resolution adopted by the
supreme council, Is the result of a con
troversy that has been waged of late
among officers of tbe order.
Mrsslsg of Reaoletloa.
The resolution in effect compels Mrs.
Manchester as head of the Circle to sub
mit all appointments of deputy supreme
guardians, general, special and local or
ganisers and managers for soliciting
members and organising groves; also
lecturers, adjusters and assistants and
all action fixing their compensation snl
paying them, to a committee of officers
consisting of Mrs. Manchester as supremo
guardian; Mary E. I .a Rocca, supreme
adviser, and Dora Alexander, supreme
clerk; and compels submission of sll ac
tions .taken to the executive council
whenever it la in session.
Commercial Club '
Takes Up Fight
for a New Depot
The public affairs committee of the
Commercial club took up the project
of a new I'nlon Opot for Omaha at Its
noon meeting and Instructed Chairman
II II. Baldrlge to appoint a special com.
mlttee w hich shall .confer with the rail
roads with regard to the advlaabillty
of a new t'nlnn depot. This committee
will be sppolnted. Immediately.
Women Stand in Line for Hours
to Buy Tickets for the Big Fight
NHW YORK. March U Women stood
In lines for hours early today waiting
for tickets to be placed on ssle for the
W'lliard-Moian fight on Saturday night.
When the box office at Madison Square
Garden opened, It was besieged by a
crowd of several hundred persons to pur
chase the U and $5 tickets which were
placed on sale. Msny of them had been
standing In line since midnight, some
bringing breakfast with them.
The ticket sellers bad t.OuO or the lower
priied aeata to sell, but could have dis
posed of m.OUO. Only two tickets were
sold to a person, officials said. In sn
effort to keep them out of tha hands of
Lieutenant Gorrell, Mining; in M ".
ican Deiert, Picked Up by
Motor Train.
COLl'Mni S, N. M., March 23.
Lieutenant Edgar R. Gorrell of the
United States Aero corps, who has
been missing since last Sunday, waa
found today three miles south of
Ascension by a motor truck train
under Lieutenant J. L. Parkinson,
Twentieth Infantry according to re
ports made tonight to Military head
quarters here. . Lieutenant Gorrell
waa uninjured, but waa out of gaso
line and had lost his way.
Wireless communication with the expeul
tlonsry base at Casss urandss wss re
sumed today when It was learned by Major
Sample, commanding the army station
here, that all the transport trucks and
wagons with their drivers and guards
were sate at the ' temporary base. Two
drivers and four 'guards, "who left As-
eeftslon for Caaas Urandes last Mondsy,
who had been missing reported today.
The trucks were delsyed by the heavy i
sand trail. . ...
No additional Information was received!
today' of the reported defection of Gen
eral Luis Herrera, Carransa's former
military governor of Chihuahua, and In
army quarters here It waa aald that an
nouncement of Horrera's revolt may have
been prematura.
Tugs Will Escort
Nieuw Amsterdam
Through War Zone
ROTTERDAM. March .-(Vla Lon
don.) The Holland-American line an
nounced definitely today that the Nleuw
'Amsterdam would sail at 11 o'clock to
night. It will be accompanied as far as
The Downs by tugs, with llfe-aavlng ma
terials. These tugs also will escort the
steamship Rotterdam Incoming from Nsw
York from The Downs to this port.
Negotiations with the Sailors' union
have been concluded satisfactory, so that
no trouble with the crew of the Nleuw
Amsterdsm is expected. About 6150 pas
sengers boarded the Nleuw Amsterdam
yesterday evening and are waiting for the
vessel to sail.
TUB HAai.'K, Netherlands. March a.--(Via
Ixindon, March 21) The stesmshlp
Zeelandla, slstur ship of the Tuhantla,
which recently waa sunk by a mine or
a torpedo, will not salt for Buenos Aires.
March 2D. as had been arranged.
There la much discussion of the
geslton that Dutch steamships be
voyed by warships. .
Swedish Socialist
Editors Charged
With High Treason
STOCKHOLM. March i..-Vla Lon
don.) Three socialistic editors, Measri.
Hoeglund. Oljelund and Hedon, have beer
arrested on a charge of high treason. In
consequence of the passing of a resolu
tion at a conference ofHwedlsh socialist
organisations, that a general strike snd
a revolution be stsj-ted In esse of war.
A great sensation haa been aroused over
the Incident, ss Mr. Hoeglund Is one of
the most prominent members of the Swe
dish Parliament.
Confidence Is the keynote of the Moran
camp, regardless of tha fart that Wlllard
is sn overwhelming favorite among the
pugilistic experts and the average fol
lowers of boxing. Keports of the cham
pion's slxe snd physical process elicit
nothing more than a smile from the man
who la to try to wrest his title away
Saturday night. Moran's confidence In
his ability not only to outbox Wlllard, but
to knock out the gigantic Kansan Is lit
tle short of sn obsession.
Moran admits that hs has never seen
Wlllard outside of the "movies," but
claims thst this Is no handicap, aince
he has teen able to study' every move
of the conqueror of Jack Johnson st his
Carranza Commander at Jnarei De
clares Bandit Beaten by Cano
and Now in Flight Before
American General at El Paso Con
firms Report of Chief's De
sertion to Outlaw. .
SAN ANTONIO, Tex.. March 23.
General Bell, at El Paso, sent to
General unston today a message, aay
inn tha this (Bell's) report of yester
day that General Herrera had re
tolted has been confirmed. General
Kttnston advised the War depart
ment. EL PASO, Tex., March 23. Gen
eral Oavtra of t he Juarei garrison
received further advices this after
noon regarding, the battle hetween
Tancho Villa and Colonel Cano near
Namiqulpa last Monday. General
Gavira aald the Villa troops were
routed and fled toward Namiqulpa
and that forces of General Luia Gu
tlerrei went in pursuit to give Villa
further battle.
According to a telegram General Oavlra
says he received, the battle which took
place seversl kilometers south of
Namiqulpa, lasted several hours.
Forces Advance oa Yllla.
Villa, according to the telegram, la now
In the vicinity of Namiqulpa. Forces are
advancing upon Villa in command of
Colonel Cano, from Las Cruces; Colonel
Palas, from Babrlcora; Colonel Hernan
des, from Tenehusnes; General Qsrsa,
from Santa C'lars. and General Cavasos,
from emosacts, the telegram added.
Further confirmation that General Luis
Herrera of the Chihuahua garrtaon had
not deserted to Villa wss received by
Genersl Gavira of the Juares garrison
this afternoon In a telegram from Gen
eral Herrera himself.
The telegram said: ''Tour tetegram of
yesterday received. Deny In mr name
emphatically the rumor that the reaction
aries' have circulated in Ban Antonio,
Tex., saying I have gone ever to Villa. '
On the contrary, I am ready to fight him ';
as energetically as possible."
Fa astern Prepares.
BAN ANTONIO. March .-Qenerl
Funaton proceeded today with his plan at
preparation to meet the altered. tttlou
that would be oreated by any injection of
new forces' lnta the Villa organisation
that General Pershing fighting. No ad
ditional evidence confirming the reported
defection of General Luis Herrera and '
I.Ooo Carransa troops In Chihuahua was
No report has been mads to General
Funaton of arevolt at Torreon or in ,
Bonora. Unofficial reports were that
many of the troops In Bonora yesterday
proclaimed themselves adherents of -Villa.
. 1
General Funston todsy sent to General
Pershing at Caaas Grsades orders to
make earlier and more detailed reports
of his operations.
Whether the Seventh cavalry had en
countered and defeated a detachment of
Villa's men near Namiqulpa, as reported
last night, waa not known at head
quarters. Jfa Mara Trttsi Asked.
No additions! troops have been asked '
for since the Fifth cavalry and the Twen-ty-foueth
Infantry were ordered to the
Oeneral Funston la yet anxious to use
the Northwestern railway tor tha move
ment of supplies. The quartermaster at
Columbus reported that less difficulty
now Is being encountered in moving sup
plies with the automobile trucks, but'
staff officers regard such a method aa
No Information concerning a report that '
Oeneral Pershing Is using a actios, of
the Northwestern railroad for transporta
tion of troops was available at head
quarters here, but General Funston said
It might be that he waa uslnr that part
of the line south of Casss Grandes to the
Cumbre tunnel. It he was using It, Gen
eral Funston ssld, it was with the eon
sent of the local commander.
ay Mare Ksteaaea Map.
Staff officers of General Funston'
studied a more extended area of north
ern Mexico today. The probable moves
of Herrera snd his 2.000 men were care
fully considered and at every point along
the border where they might disturb the '
peace on the American side careful note
was taken of the positions of American
troops and the time it would take to get
them to the scene.
That phsse of the situation did not
(Continued on Page Two, Column Three.)
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