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Accompanied by Cy Forsythe, Pa
and Marty Leave for Beatrice
to Get Things Ready.
They're off!
At :M this morning Fa Ilourka, Marty
Krug and Cy Korsythe will catch a rat
tler out of Omaha for Beatrice, where
they will open the sprint training camp
of the Rourkea. Rourke and Km IT will
apend the remainder of the week Betting
the ramp ready for the athlctea when
they begin to report next week.
Marty and Forsythe also contemplate a
little preliminary working out no they
will have the edge on their matea in the
way of condition and be able to put gin
Iter and pep Into the training festivities.
Fritk fchllebner. Clink Claire and Wal
lle Bpellman will lenve Sunday for the
camp. All fthree of these players live In
Karl Smith, tho scintillating outfielder,
left hl home In Portsmouth, O., yester
day and wilt arrive In Beatrice, Satur
day. Hmlth la craiy to be up an, at 'em
and aaya thia year he'll rang among the
.309 ! uittera. aa well aa retaining the
honor of being the best fielding outfielder
In the loop.'
T,v Will He Late.
Ilsrry Krause and Ernie Kruger will
be a little late In reporting. Krauae
leavea Ban Francisco, Kunday, and will
arrive In Beatrice, Wtdnesday. Krueger
will not leave Arlsomi until April 1, thua
arriving at the cam April 4. Hut Krauae
and Krueger have been working out al
ready, living aa they do where aprtng
haa already arrived, and will be In ahape
when they report.
Cecil Thompson will be on time. He had
prevloualy expected o be late on account
of. pre Ming btnlneaa affairs at home In
Perry, N. Y. Rourke got a wire from
ilia southpaw t wirier yesterday, In which
he aaid he would be on the Job when the
. bell hita.
All of the other hired hands are ex
pected to arrive a per schedule. (
ViLlEHTON. Neb.. March 22. (Spe
cial) In a fast match for the Nebraska
welterweight championship at the Royal
theater Wednesday evening, Adam
Krelger of Lincoln gained a new title for
himself by throwing Jack Reynolds of
Silver Creek In ctralght falls; tho firat In
fifty-seven minutes and theserond In alx.
' Reynolds heretofore held the champion
ship and weighed in at 143; Krelger
aelghed In at 1 -',. The flrat fall was by
the hammerlock and head scissors, but
Reynolds" backers claimed that the head
scissors waa a atrangl and. after con
siderable argument It was decided to call
the firat fall a foul and go for two more
falls, oo the referee waa changed and
Krelger wanted to bet odda that he could
throw hla man tn five mlnutea. but found
no takers.
The next fall was by the arm strangle
and hammerlock In alx mlnutea and com
pletely put Reynolds out of bualneaa. lie
could not "come back" and the match
and belt was forfeited to Krelger, who
will defend It against all comers at 148
Street Hallway Ball atarla.
Th street railway base ball teams
will irt hliisa lodav. The Pierce atreet
division will met the Cornell Bl'i'fs divi
sion at Joe rimith Para at : p. m..
Thirty-fifth and Broadway. . Council
1 1 1 i
Right Pellevue boya ranging tn age
from 11 to It years of age engaged In a
prohibition declamatory contest, held un
rier the auspices of the Intermediate
Christian Endeavor at the Bellevue Pres
byterian church.
Harry Fowler, with a reading by John
P. 8t. John, entitled "Vote the Trefflo
lown," won first place, with Carl Erton
a close second ln the reading "On Which
fcJJe Are Your1 The winner of first place
received an excellent fountain pen, and
the boy who took second wsa given a
gold sea if pin.
!r. Stephen Phelps opened the service
with prayer, which was followed by
prohibition song, "Brewers' Big Horses.'
The boys, lth their subjects, were:
Bernard Combs. "High License;" Irv
ln Khafrr. "Woe Vnui llhn that Oivetl
His NtUhbor lirlnk, ' Kxther (ttnkes
Sre We Kind to MarvT" a story
true life; Carl Krion. "On Which Hide
Are YouT" Claude MeUullough "Th
Kuuntaln of Crime,' by Juiv Morion
tiord.n Dunn, "The Crimson linllot;" Her
old KH, Prohibition in Atlanta," by
II. V. Grady; Harry Fowler. "Vole the
Traffic Down." by John P. Bl. John
eon. "Irv Clean Nebraska Where Yoi
Are," Bfllevue rollea Young Men a Chrla-
'laii (' la i ion qviartet.
W. N. Paxton. chairman.
Judges, Mr. Ulnar, sir a Ohman. W
A adit ore Maaae Officers.
P1KRRE. 15. D.. March a.-(8perlal.)-At
tls meeting of the atate auditors'
association the officers selected for the
next year were: Pr rat lent. Jack Maua.
Bunhamme; flrat vice preaideut, Frank
J. (lurpby, Meade; aecond vice president.
J. N. Wold, Ieuel; aecretary-treaaurer,
W. O. Nelson. Yankton.
. . - hi . . . T I -W I A I I II II I
I)Mi(fr l.eefcae.
Int. M. St. T t
Mattrer ! 1W f'S'
Klnnaman .1-3 K.J J? W
Karr 177 174 Vl
r. Jarosh...l't l&t 3 I IW
Frits HI 1
Chrlstenaen 1
Straw l7
Week 11
Potter ...
. 34
ToUls IK3 ri. 831 3S74
Carter lkt Ladles.
1st. Id. Tot
Bralley 100 100
Cattln M18 1M ilW
Oould 141 l' iM
Ooldatrom M 101 187
Lovering 11 144 236
Totala "Jill 1108
llsndlcap ..10 10 10 JO
Total W7 44 1M 716
1st. 2d. It. Tot.
A. Bowers. .177 SW3 177 u67
Poherty ....1X3 am ! 1XJ
Hland "
B. Bowers... W M 10 5'i
Zarp 149 TO 148 44.
Totals IMS 1(77 M 7709
1st. Id. 31. T-it.
Rierman ....
I'nderwood .
Prlmeau ...i2 23 181 &l
Amsden 17t 15 171 627
Hnlliday ...l l&s 1M
Kent a ist j-i
Fk-hoenman 14ft 1 122 4IA
Handicap ..14 1". 2a 4
Berg ....
Totals SNI Ml 171 2ol7
1st. 2d. St. Tot.
ITamerstr'm.lM 174 171 58S
Straw 1 1 121 3"
Howell 1 L17 lu 43
Toman IH1 'M 17 fctg
Touaem . ...l..:t 19 2-' b64
RoKers ..
Dlmlrk .
Totals 10 M4 8t
1st. 2d. at Tit.
Balxer 170 1 179 Hf
Teal 1H2 1!J M J4J
Kehm 1 If 1iV 48
Wartehow ..178 2-.'4 lit H
Uoff 187 177 ;01 LSI
Totals...... 8I4 B50 M8 27i2
Olsen 174 i) 11 tOfi
gpeelal Match.
Lsraon 118
Hins .. 145
Coach Pattern Will Organize Eelay
Team to Participate in Annual
Athletio Tournament.
South High will be represented by a
relay team at the annual Indoor athletio
meet at the city Auditorium the night of
March 81. Central and Council Bluffs
High achoola and Lincoln will also take
part. The local school baa not had a
track tenm in three years, and It Is the
Ian of Coach Patton, who starred In the
field of track at Knox college and Ne
braska university, to work up at least a
relay team for thla one event. If sue
cessful a regular team will be organised
nd gent to Lincoln to take part. In the
nnual Nebraska stale meet. -
Albert lliohn. Ueorje Bott and Lyman
orr are three fast men who will begin
training at once for the dashes and the I
quarter, half, mile and two-mile runs. I
Blohn was once a prominent participant I
In racea at the Young Men'a Christian!
asaoctatlon and la a fleet runner. Nixon I
la the strong msn In the high Jump and I
shot-put field, while Bhalnholts Is a close I
competitor. Other good men Include Gust
Rugle, star tali lor of last year's base
ball team and big tackle who played such
consistent game last year on the foot
ball eleven.' Thla athlete is expected to
tar at hurling the Irons and the broad
Three Men Hurt
In Strike Riot at
Parrett, Ohio
HT EC B EN V 1 LL E. o M.rrh
Three men were Injured and ten arrests
wer made today aa a result of rioting
at the mines of the Modern Coal cont-
pany at Parrett. O. Five hundred armed
men, it waa alleged, marched upon the
company's property and demanded that
the men employed Join the union.
County authorities were notified by
Phone and a larae force of rinnuil.. ...
dispatched to the acene of the rioting.
The men who made the deacent upon the
coal company Dronert were uld t k.v.
come from Plney Fork and other points
In tOat vicinity
At the Iake atreet shops of the Omaha
street railway company work haa aturted
on tne construction of twenty-five cars
that will be ready to go onto the ays- I Improvement club, Esst Omaha Improve
tern early next fall, prooably ahortty I nwnX rralrla Park Improvement
prior 10 in. carnival aeaaon. The care
wl be of the aame type as those on
Farnam and Twenty-fourth streets cross
seats, with aislee down the renter.
The building of the twenty-five cars la
about all the new work contemplated by
the street railway people this yesr. At
this time there ate no plana tinder con
templation for any extensions of lines.
The regulation maintenance work will be
continued, aa In the past, the purpose
being to keep all portions of the system
'.n the very best condition.
Dr. Klaar'a Mew Lite Pills.
Regular bowel movement la essential
to your health. Take Dr. King's New
Ufa Pills and have a dally movement.
Vic. All druggtste. Advertisement.
Copyright. Xttk. Interna
tional News Herrsca,
. 1 '
in 113 41 1 Westergard I'J 151 1 444
1 1j0 4i. Rani 1 14 1.4 40
)S l 'iauller 144 1 IS 4iU
170 191 &M
34 M 1 1
Totals 75 717 733 t.W
U hi U AND P. CO.
lat. M. 3d. Tot.
Osvln .
laard ..
,.14 147 14 4W
..i,i in 144 m
..1M 181 1&4 471
..1M IS 146 438
..10 138 1 isi
Totals 7&.1 716 101 120
dale City Letagcae.
1st. Id. td.Tot.
Koran 101 111 109 19
Htors 146 194 1 47 6M
Gibson 175 166 f 49
1st. Id. Tot
.102 171
Nelson 183 ltt 114 64 I
123 27D
....1S 1M 141 4t I
...100 100 2X)
...IiiO 1"0 'i
...121 US 137
. ,. Tl rrrr
Totals 812 891 8ffl 2616
1st. 2d. 3. 1. Tot.
H.nV.. :.v;:2 i "! !
Chandler ...214 V 142 6a4
Beselln 212 238 111
Voaa ........1M 11 189 J4
677 S08 1083
1st. 2d. Tot.
100 100 200
103 83 1S4
110 8 1W
1W 131 270
75 107 183
Totals S M I
tall'KUY CJIBMON8. 1
Rnord iV tn i7jTR 1
62S b 1036
1st. 2d. Tot.
l.ylell 141 1J4 158 4..S
Ford 181 138 1 27 422
...122 ! 214
...100 100 2M
...H 101 3"
... 08 1 33 2.11
...100 loO 200
i-idS'rSm" m imo S
Totals..... .8i 809,777 1472
626 6.7 1U63
1st. 3d. Id. Tot. I
..197 lso 127 474 1
..lfij 173 159 W I
lne"".:::'5. lW m n
1st. Id. 3d. Tot.
..107 133 183 613 I
101 143 4o2
143 14 4.".i
...917 847 790 1534
Home lor a Lonely
. Old Bachelor Bird
Mrs. If, C. Sumney entered the city
council chamber yesterday afternoon and
viewed the bird house exhibit with won
dering eyes. Hhe walked over to greet I
Helen Thompson, BeUe Ryan, Miss Flynt
and Mlaa Craig, who were busy directing
the arrangement of the exhibit
"I want to buy a bluebird house. You
know, we have a lone bluebird In our
yard. He has been there for several days
and la looking for a suitable location. I
Just know he la a bachelor bird, because
he looks so lonely," began Mrs. Bumney
"Your bird may be an old maid bird,'
suggested Miss Thompson.
"Oh, no, he la too good looking to be
an old maid bird. I am sure he is a
bachelor bird, and when I get a house
for him he will find a mats and aettle
down." continued the visitor.
Robert Oalt. auDervlaor of rarnenterln
work at Fort school, becsme interested I
In Mrs. Humnev'a rasa and aava her a
nice bluebird house, which she took homo
with directions to place the house from
five to ten feet from the ground.
"I Just felt aorry for that lone bluebird,
with no home and no mate." said Mrs.
Pumney as she made her happy departure.
Civic League Will
Meet Friday Week
at thq City Hall
The annual meeting of the Civic leag'ie
Is to be held Friday evening. March 31
In the city hall, when, the city planning
movement will be considered as well as
the work of the CJty planning commis
sion. The following organisations are en-
send deles tea to thla meeting:
OmahA Commercial club, Ak-Sar-Ben,
I arn cluti. crelgnton r Irai aq
dlUo" Improvement club, the Danish
llonecr. The Examiner, The Excelsior,
Field Club District Improvement club.
C,ty of Flo"". Noon-Day club. Omaha
Ad club. Omaha Association of Build
ing Ownera and Managera, Omaha Auto
club, Omaha Bar association, Omaha
Bee, Omaha Builders exchange, Omaha
Clearing House aasoclatlon. Omaha club,
mh Country club. Omaha lai.y
N' Omaha Ktectrlcal club. Omaha
Or"-1" exchange. Omaha Field club.
0h Estate exchange. Omaha
I rveiau uroct rs association, vnin
QUd. Omaha Trade Exhibit.
Tribune, Omaha Woman a club. Play
S.ym.r Lake Country club, the Tech-
nlcal club. I'nlverslty club. World-Her-
laid. Military ..venue Improvement club,
Lincoln Avenue Improvement club. Ne
I braska Ar.-hltecte' aasoclatlon. Pouthweat
Ui,,h r,r. u.rA IIMI tmr.rov.ment club.
Central Park Improvement club, Happy
Hollow club. Central Labor union. Car
ter I-ake club, Douglas County Medics
society, Lincoln Heights and Hltcheoc.
Addition Improvement club.. Prettiest
Mile club. I'nlted States Civil Service
Employers' assoclstlon. Newport-Belve
dere Improvement club, Omaha Manu
facture' association, mayors of Omaha
Bei.aon. Florence and Bellevue. Teachera'
aasoclatlon. Poclal Settlement association.
Omaha Rotary club, city commissioners,
county commissioners. Board of Educa
tion, Forest association and Omaha So
ciety of Fine Arts.
I Ksv tn i ha Bit luhim-Ilea Want Ada.
Teachert in Hih School of Com
merce Demonstrate that They
Are Some Players.
At basket ball Wednesday afternoon the
faculty of the High School of Commerce
defeated the pupils, II to 11. on the
Young Men's Christian association floor.
The Commerce Hlg?i quintet fought the
Instructors to a standstill and the game
was In doubt until the) last minute of
play. It waa the basket shootiag of
Drummond. Linn and DetrlAg that put
It over the school team.
... . ... .
The soore stood 7 to t at the end of
the first half. In favor of the faculty.
T ?dMta bmck ln
"1 beginning of the second half and
overfook the lead and held It untn the
jai!t throe ninutM of play. Rokusek
was the individual atar for the students,
with six points to his credit
Preliminary to the game the Com-
merce Reserves walked away with the
Commercial Tramps hy a score of . I to 1.
B"" Tramps was the only point
getter for tila team, with a. field goal in
the flrat half. The Tramps were unable
. . vu MwMi.h vi
the close guarding of the Commercial
Seconds. nrl Vlrhnlinn nlavau4 In
tr fashion for, the Reserves. The
lineups were as follows:
Mlileherg F.
ltokusek F.
F Detrlng
F Knotts
W. Reeves C.
Conhiser O.
C Linn
O Drummond
Carlisle a.
C Tolsnd
Substitutes: Nicholson foe Mlllhm
Johnson for W. Beeves. Brott for Knotts.
r leia goals: Kokusek (2), Johnson. Con
hiser, Detrlng (i), I .Inn (2), Drummond
.n. rout goaia: Mini-erg. ftokuaek (2)
Linn (2). Foula committed: Commercla
HlahL S: Faculty. 0. Referee: Marfar
land. Kcorekeeper: Ruasum.
Nicholson F.l F Brown
I' lxa F. F To and
Johnson ....CJC Harsh
Moakovitx O.IO Dutcher
Ci. Beeves.
...O. Q Melcher
Substitutes: Klx-er for Fixa. Chlsium
for Tolsnd. Field seals: Johnson 2
Fix. Moakovlts, Brown. Fouls com
mltted: Reserves. 8; Tramps. 5. Referee
Three Men Killed
As Freights Crash
MINNEAPOLIS, March 2.-Three men
were killed and three Injured, two prob
ably fatally, when a freight train on the
Minneapolis 6 8t, Louie railroad craahed
r anoiner rreigni tram a
hair east or New Richland,
Minn., during a snowstorm today. The
A. C. BTQVKR, Minneapolis, engineer,
FRF.D HART. Albert Lea, stockman
OLE WANEQEN. Albert Lea.
The caboose and three stock ears
burned. The victims were caught In the
burning wreckage,
Heary Ris of lee.
nrnRE. 8. r March a. (Speclal.)-
A heavy run of Ice has been Coming
down the river 'all today,' with a stage
of about nine feet Thla probably clears
the river, as far up as Mobrldge.
I Quit Meat When :
Back Hurts or
Kidneys Bother
Says Uric Acid in meat clogs
Kidneys and irritates
A glass of Salts is harmless
way to flush Kidneys,
says authority.
If you must have meat every day. eat
It, but flush your kldneys with aalts oc
casionally, aaya a noted authority who
tells ua that meat forma uric acid which
I a,mot Paralyses the kldneya In their ef-
10ns to expei it irom ine diooo. inry
become sluggish and weaken, then you
'th "J"1' TIL'VX' Tl
region, aharp palna in the back or aick
headache, dlsslness, your stomach sours,
tongue la coated and when the weather
is bad you have rheumatic twinges. The
urine gets cloudy, full of sediment, the
channels often get sore and Irritated,
obliging you to seek relief two or three
times during the night.
To neutralise these Irritating acids, to
clease the kidneys and flush off the
body's urinous waste get four ounces of
Jad Baits from any pharmacy here; take
a tableapoonful In a glass of water be
fore breafaat for a few days and your
kidneys will then act fine. This famous
salts Is made from the acid of grapes
snd lemon Juice, combined with lithis.
and haa been used for generations to
flush and atlmulate sluggish kidneys, also
to neutralise the acids la urine, so It no
longer Irritates, thus ending bladder
Jad. Baits Is Inexpensive; cannot In
jure, and makes a delightful effervescent
Utbla-watar drink Advertisement.
Drawn for The Bee by George McManus
Dave Northnip is
Owner of Elephant
With Some Appetite
Dav Northina, simmerclal scent of
the Great Wentern tn Omaha, has become
sols oaner, proprietor and possessor of
on bonest-ta-goodneM elephant, assets
unkmowa. but appetits la the pink of con
dition. The anrtnal has arrived ln Omaha from
Red Wing, Minn. It came in a car by
Itself with a liberal consignment of feed
and all charges pal- The animal is
blued at 8.000 pounds net weight.
'Why the elephant should be wished
onto him la a mystery Northrup Is as yet
nable to solve. Not contemplating any
opposition to the circus trust at present
Northrup Is Inclined to regard his ele
phant as a white elephant.
Home months ago Northrup became the
possessor of one automobile, and the up
keep expense threatened to bankrupt him.
He managed to dispose of it and thus
escaped. Now he's got an elephant that
can eat more peanuts than an auto can
gasoline, and a, constant chsnt of "woe
Is me" can be heard emanating from the
Great Western office.
The Graham Ice Cream company has
Just purchased from George Barker a
lot on Jones street, between Fifteenth
and Sixteenth streets, for the purpose
of erecting a modern Ice cream manu
facturing plant. Contracts will be let
Immediately and work on the grading
will atart the flrat of next week. The
building will be two stories high and
basement and will be entirely modern.
Construction will be pushed rapidly and
It Is expected the building will be com
pleted In ninety days.
Valuable Health Hints:
The Roosevelt Conservation Commission
on national vitality indicated in their re
port that -in the United States -every
year- there are . 600,000 deaths which
should not :have ocourred.
Think of it! 1,(44 deaths every twenty-
four hours which 'should have been pre
vented a Titanic a day. Is it not fright
ful to contemplste?
Their report also indicated that . at
least half of the S.900,000 kick beds con
stsntty kept' filled In the United States
Should not be needed.
Many people fall (11 and die because
they do not know how to keep well, while
others simply neglect to apply to them
selves their knowledge of the laws of
When' you realise that Impure, impov
erished or impaired blood la tho prime
cauae of disease, you will understand
the importance of keeping your blood
pure and vigorous, and If it has gotten
In bad shape from any cause, you must
quickly realise the very great Importance
of getting it back In good condition With
out' delay. The surest and safest way
that haa been found to keep the blood
pure and also to make It cure after It
has beoomo Impure is to take 8. 8. P.
the Standard Blood Remedy for fifty
years. Do you know that
Is not Just a local soreness? The pain
in the muaclea or . Jointa Is merely a
symptom the cauae is much deeper.
Rubbing' the sore spot with oils or lini
ments may bring a certain amount of
temporary relief, but the disease Is still
In the system and the pain will come
back. Rheumatism Is poison in the
blood that poison must be removed be
fore the disease can be cured. It can be
removed by using S. . 8.. which acta
directly on the blood -purifying it and
removing the poisons ' that cause the
disease. B. 8. 8. Is, purely vegetaDie
and not, only purlflea the, blood, but 'Is
gplended tonic for the entire system
The symptoms ot catarrh are moat fre.
quently treated Instead of treating the
disease itself. Catarrh la the result of
mpurittes in the blood these impurities
must be removed before the disease can
be cured. -
The most common symptom of Catarrh
la an Inflamed aad . tender condition of
tho breathing paasagea and the blocking
of throat and noatrlla with mucous. .
The use of washea, nasal douches and
creams merely ease the local Irritation,
but do not reach the disease.
To cure Catarrh you must go to the
seat of vie trouble tne wooa ana
Ill yfli
a,jfiBaWseassjBS ,. w. ...". - .
Irving Barr Made
Bookkeeper at the
Omaha Postoffice
A bookkeeping department has been
organized at the Omaha potofflc fol
lowing Instructions from Washington, it
la located ln the large north room on th-j
first floor, formerly the office of the
superintendent of mails.
Irving F. Barr, formerly assistant
cashier, is bookkeeper, and Miss Mabel
Hart, for five years at one of 4 ho stamp
windows, has been promoted to the
postlon of assistant bookkeeper "be
cause of her faithful and efficient ser
vice, unfailing courtesy and constant
effort toward the best Interesta of ihe'
department," says Postmaster Wharton.'
New desks and other furniture have
been Installed In the new office and
new linoleum will be laid.
Miss Clara Peterson has been trans
ferred from the money order department
to the stamp department to take the
place of Miss Hart.
Flta the knot of a four-ln- hand
or bow perfectly. 2 far 25c'
Cluett, Peabody & Co.. Inc., Makers
cleanse and purify It with 8. 8. 8.' Its
action' is to cleanse and strengthen the
blood corpuscles so they: fight off the
disease. "
Diseases of the. skin are caused by
poisons In. the blood. You. cannot cure
a skin disease until the poisons in the
blood are. removed -
The -use , of . salves and ointments may
give some temporary relief, but the
poison that cauaes them is atill In your
system and will break out on the sur
face again.
You must, go to the root of the trouble
and remove the cause.
8. B. S. haa been purifying the blood
and thus enabling nature to drive away
sores, plmplea, ulcers and other akin
troubles, for half a century. It contalna
no harmful drug. It will do for you what
it has done for others give it a trial
before It is too late.
Aa stated In the introduction, the
cauae of most diaeasea is polson-lnfecteu
blood. You cannot have a hewlthy body
if you have impure blood running in
your reins. The blood is the great source
of nouriahment for all fleah tissues.
When the blood la not pure It carries
poisons and Impurities to all parta ot
the body, causing local Ills that cannot
be cured until the blood la purified. Jm
pure blood shows Itaelf in many wyi
lack of energy lose of apipetlte, sleep
lensness, may all be evidence Of an im
paired condition of the blood.
8. H. 8. haa been Bold for fifty year?
and Is known far and wide a the aur.
eet remedy for all blood troubles. It la
nature's remedy, being made from ron'e
and herb and acts directly upon th
blood corpuaclea making thm pure an,
healthy ao thry can do their work ii
fighting off disease and toning up tae
entire system.
Malaria Is a pots-nous srm whl h gc'.s
into the blood from external source snd
is most powerful for evil ln thoe cons'l
tuttons which arc satursted with other
nnlaons already present In the blood. It
is more apt to attack those whos boil
la impoverished or impure from any
cause, than those whose systmn ate
normal and whose blood is pure.
The beat treatment for th's prevalent
malady la that which will destroy ma
le r Ion Krma In the bloo.1. tosether with
all other poisonous material that may be
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Its Sweet Juicy Flavor Is
Wholesome, Satisfying
2nd Lastinn
In order to really enjoy tobacco
you want to taste the flavor.
There is only one way you can
do this and that is by chewing it.
And the most wholesome and
most satisfying form of chew ever
invented is hiph-grade pressed
plug, like Old Kentucky.
A fruity-sweet chew of Old
Kentucky has more satisfaction in
it than a whole plug of ordinary
Take choice Burley leaf sun
ripenedmellow and luscious
press it into golden-brown plugs
by the most modern methods,
without allowing a particle of the,
natural juice to escape and there
you have Old Kentucky, the per
fect chew.
There's no other nhirr tolir
made that has the delicious, appe
tizing, wnoiesome flavor of O'
Your dealer has Old Kentucky
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