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Indications that Hitchcock in At
tempt to Get So-Called German
Vote Overplayed Hand.
O'NEILL Neb., March 21. (Spe
cial Telegram.) There is In this
normally democratic town of 3,000
inhabitants, a sensible revolt against
the administration of President Wil
son. Four years ago Mr. Wilson
mas given a handsome majority. He
will not receive that majority again,
nor any large part of it. Those who
voted for Wilson say this. The war
sympathy here is divided and many
democrats are displeased with the
administration. It is not a vague
displeasure, but definite and stub
born. The president's policies have been
colorless." said one man. a rresbyterlan
minister. "There are many Germans here
and there are many who sympathise with
the entente allies. Tou will hoar the
question discussed wherever two men
meet or a crowd gathers. The milk-and-water
attitude of the government toward
the allied powers has antagonised the
German vote; the voters whose sympa
thies are with the allies feel Just as
strongly that the president displayed
lamentable lack of backbone In his nego
tiations with Germany."
Senator Hitchcock, it Is said. Is In
about the same bout Me made a strong
play for the so-called German vote and
over-played his hand. Those who have
kept their sympathies neutral will vote
against him and many of them heretofore
voted for him. In this connection a re
publican, who, for good reasons, cannot
be named, said:
"What I hear leads me to the belief
that Senator Hitchcock will find he hss
suffered a loss in popularity that will cost
film dear at the polls. We concede he
will he renominated, but he will not be
Referring to the republican candidate
for the senatorial nomination, he said:
'I am an Aldrlch man. I've been for
him right along, but Kennedy will carry
this town and will run even with Aldrloh
In the country."
Republicans here who are supporting
John L. Kennedy are keeping pretty well
posted on conditions throughout the
state. They say sentiment In favor of
the nomination of Kennedy la growing
steadily and they believe ha la tbe logical
man to oppose Senator Hitchcock.
None of the republican candidates for
the nomination for governor has any
apparent lead here at this time. Keith
Neville haa a well developed following
for the democratic nomination.
ground broken for
aurora; postoffice
AURORA. Neb., March a. (Special.)
Engineers Monday marked out the loca
tion of the walla for the new 140,000 post
office in Aurora, Ground was .broken to
day and the excavation for the basement
wilt be complete in two weeks. The con
tractors are planning speedy building
for tha now structure. J. H. Groavenor,
the new postmaster, has filed his IS. 000
bond and la now ready xo bo checked in
as .Uncle Barn's agent here. It Is prob
able that tha change In administration
will occur tho first week in April.
FALLS CTTT. Neb.. March 21. (Spe
cial.) Sheriff Ratekln went to Grand
Island and returned Sunday with Vf. H.
Cochran, who was indicted by the grand
Jury on charge of passing a worthless
check on Grant Ocamb at Rulo, a mer
chant. , Tha check waa drawn on the
Barada State bank, but there were no
funds there to redeem It. Cochran is well
known In Barada.
Notes from Laarel.
LAUREL, Neb., March XL (Special. -
In tha .postoffice primary election J. R.
Durrle won with 11 votes. H. E. Pock-
randt received 14 votes, H. E. Norrls 8
and B. A. Watts 22.
At the high school oratorical contest
Miss Mildred Wait won. Miss Alma
Voter second. There were ten in the
contest. Miss Wait will represent the
school at tho district contest at Norfolk
next week.
Tha following teachera have been se
lected for next year: C. A. Jones, su
perintendent; C. A. Chafe, principal;
Edith Liles, assistant principal; Gladys
Leonard, English; grade teachera. Lulu
Walte, Iva French, Mary Fleming, Mary
Frerlchs. The grammar room la yet to
be filled.
New Btoelc leaned.
'COLUMBUS, Neb.. March 21. (Special
Telegram.) About 180 stockholders of the
Platte County Independent Telephone
company met here this afternoon and do.
elded to issue X new shares of stock
necessitated by buying tho Nebraska Tele
phone company plant. It was decided
to expend 116,000 hi construction work
this year. New lines will be built and
exchanges improved in all cities of J he
county. Officers of tha company predict
a big business.
Syracnse Man Badly Hart.
STR-CUSE, Neb., March 21.-(fipeclal.)
August Wiese, a young farmer residing
on the WellenBlek farm south of town.
was seriously injured yesterday when his
team run away with the dUc while work
ing in the field. He was thrown from the
disc and one of his knee caps cut In two.
He received other cut and scratches
also. A physician waa called and gave
emergency treatment and tne sufferer
waa taken to an umiha hospital for
treatment. It U feared that he will be
permanently crippled.
Second Slate at Crawford.
CRAWFORD, Neb., March 21. (Special.
Tbo cltlsens' caucus has nominated
full ticket In opposition to the people'
ticket, which was nominated last week
It follows: For mayor, Georga H. Adams
clerk, Clair Hall; treasurer, Clyde J,
Hornaty; engineer. Page T. Francis
councilman. David B. Wagner, Erto A
Wlrkstrom. John C. Herline.
. have used Chamberlain's Cough Ram
,,),- in treating my children for colda
and croup wtth the beat suor as. We d
not feel safe without It In the house.
on n ret peak too highly of It." writes
Mrs. Joshua Nutter, of Swlftwater, N. H.
obtainable evtry where. Advertisement.
Red Clond Man Haa Sent in Petition
for Judge of Tenth
( From a Staff Correspondent.)
MXCOI.N. March XL (Special.) I-ouls
Rlackledge of Red Cloud has filed for
the Judgeship of the Tenth Judicial dl
tilct, hla petitions coming In this morn
ing. Petitions and filings for Judicial posi
tion can be made for some time yet, ten
days before the primary bolng the ex
rltalton llml
Promotion for Johaaoo.
Joseph Johnson of Uncoln, formerly a
clerk in the City National bank, hxi
been made chief clerk In the office of
the State Banking board to fill th
vajancy made by the appointment of
Samuel Hlnkle as postmaster at Have
lock, who I aa ien acting In that capacity
alms the promotion of Chief Murphy to
the Insurance department.
Ilarmaa Tarns Over Fees.
Chief Food and OH Commissioner Har
man turned over to the clerk of the su
preme court this morning oil inspection
fees amounting to IH.T72. This Is on an
orjer of the court pending the legal con
tirtversy over the disposition of the fees
between the department and the oil com
panies. Mr. Harman also turned over $V7f fees
of his office for commissions snd other
licensee Issued, which money goes to the
school fund and was turned over to tho
state treasury.
DUNBAR, Neb., March 21. (Speclal.)
The sixth annual convention of the Ne
braska Christian Endeavor union of dis
trict number three, comprising Lancaster,
Cass and Otoe counties, closed the most
successful convention held in the history
of the society here last evening, after a
three-day session.
The following prominent state workers
were on the program: Revs. R. A. Walte,
H. H. Harmon of Lincoln; Rev. H. G.
McClusky of Plattsmouth, Rev. B. K.
Brlggs of Nebraska City, Rev. W. M.
Klledge of Weeping Water. Rev. M. K.
Lumbar of Dunbar, Rev. Arthur K.
Kerry, president of the union, of Ne
braska City; Messrs. Ray G. Fletcher, E.
B. Chappell, W. I Tope, Paul Kennedy,
V . L. Overman, Ernest Lundeen, C. R.
Hatten of IJncoln; E. G. Nlelson of Ne
braska City, Melborune Wcstcott snd
Will Harrison of Dunbsr; Misses Gladys
lies union t and Eunice Hilton of Lincoln
Vlda Learner of Wakefield, Marv Smith
of Havelock and Mr. Glen Rawla.
The following officer were elected
President, Rev. Arthur B. Perry of Ne
braska City; vie president, Walter Over
man of IJncoln; secretary. Miss Florence
an Home of Syracuse; superintendents
of missions. Mioses Pearl Wagey and
Ora Camblln of Lincoln; superintendent
of quiet hour. Miss Edna Shopp of Piatt
mouth: superintendent Tenth legion. Miss
May Winters of Lincoln; superintendent
oltiienshlp. Rev. W. M. Elledge of Ween
ing Water; superintendent of efficiency
and good literature. Mies Marie Kruse of
,-. Town Flarht at Arlington.
FREMONT, Neb., March 21. (Special.)
A cltlaena' ticket composed of J. B.
Rump, F. H. Menklng and C. O. Mer
shall was named at a caucus at Arling
ton to select candidates for the village
Board of Trustees. Tho business men of
tho village lined up against the present
administration and nominated the ticket
by a big majority.. The old board had
Ignored he application of the present
principal of the high school and hla suc
cessor and were . conducting the affairs
of the school board contrary to the
wishes of the business men. There waa
also a fight on In connection with the
light plant.
Dodare Man Rada I.lfe.
DOXKJH. Neb., 'March 21. (Special )
Frank Maraouri, proprietor of a flour
and feed store of this place, committed
suicide by shooting himself In the head
with a revolver last night. lie was found
dead In bed by relatives.
Domestic trouble seems to have been
the cause of bla deed. He Is survived by
his wife, several brothers and sisters.
3 x30
4 x33
Committee of Party Objects to Cer
tain Candidates Using the
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. March 21. (Kpe ial.)-Pro-
tests aRalnst republican and demooratlc
candidates for office accepting petitions
filed for them on the progressive ticket
were filed by Fran P. Corrlck this
afternoon with Secretary of State Tool.
The protest Is made by direction of the
executive committee of the progressive
party and runs agalnxt the following:
George E, Hall, democrat, state treas
Wilbur S. Wslt. republican, secretary
of state.
H. U Cook, republican, land commis
A. ti. Thomas, republican, state auper-
P. I m. Hall, democrat, state university
'. V . Reavla. republican, congress. First
C. H. Klosn. renubllcsn, congress,
Fourth district.
A. C. iihellenlierger. democrat, congress,
Fifth district.
Mooes p. Klnksld. republican, Sixth
Some of these have not as yet accepted
the petitions filed In their behalf, but
Mr. Corrlck protests against those who
have and those who msy at some future
time before the limit runs out. Mr. Rea-
vis and Mr. Thomas have withdrawn
their acceptances an! Dr. Hall had not
accepted. The petitions of Cook and
Walte were incomplete In that they had
erased the word "affillute" from Oie reg
ular form.
FREMONT, Neb., March 21. (Special.)
The Wols bakery and confectionery
business which George F. Wols, the well
known Fremont booster, has operated for
thirty-four years, hss been sold to four
young Fremont business men. who will
take charge April 1. Mr. Wola will re
tire from active business and devote more
time to public affairs. He Is president of
the Fremont Commercial club, state con
mi f T l-nn tltv.iirv - n .4 4,lrJn.
-jDM. v. l i' uiii-.uiii 11,11 n n, cava
the summer will have charge ot the
commissary department of a series of
tractor meeta the tractor manufacturing
firms will hold over the country. Mr.
Wols will continue his residence In Fre
mont. W. J. Klrkpatrlck, C. L. Klrkpat
rick, John Sullivan and Stewart Living
ston are the new owners of the business
TEOVMSEII. Neb., March 21. (Special.)
The Board of County Commissioners of
Johnson county has appointed Miss Jesslo
Dow aa clerk of the district court to fill
the vacancy caused by the death of her
father. Colonel J. . 8. Dew, who waa
clerk. . Miss Dew had boon her father'
deputy and continued" Illness keeping
Colonel Dew away from the of Ice for the
last year. Miss Dew had carried on the
work. Miss Dew Is a republican candl
date for nomination aa clerk to succeed
ItlseHa' . Csscai at Crete.
'CRETE, Neb.. March a. (Special.)
The cltlsens" caucua for the city of Crete
was held here last night and the fol
lowing candidates were put forward:
Mayor, John Kerat; councilman. A, C.
Davis, William Ilrauer and Fred Boekel;
clerk. Axel Smith; treasurer, Fred Mrk
vlcka; members of the school board, M.
D. Oaterhout and M. O. Johnson.
Plaw to Bell Dyke.
FREMONT. Neb., March 21. (Special.)
At a mas meeting of cltlxens of Valley
and landowners in Douglas county along
the Platte river it was voted to build a
dike from Valley west to the edge of
Douglss county to connect with the
Fremont drainage and diking district.
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Where Was Mayor
Dahlmaii When tho
Time Came to Talk?
(From a Staff Correspondent
LINCOLN. Neb.. Marth 21. Speelil )
Where was Mayor Pahlman when the
peaking was going on?"
Mayor Dahlinan was on the program at
he ltran dinner to give a dry talk on
the best wsy to destroy the liquor bual-
ies. Why the Omaha mayor was not
iresent is not given out. but It is hints'!
hat he waa hard at work on the sub
ject snd got so Interested In the problem
hat he could not leave It. No excute
was given ry tne thatrmsn for tne non
appearance of Mr. Dahlman.
Mate Chairman W. II. Thompson In
speaking of the democratic stnto offlcrs. j
neglected to mention ftste Treasurer I
Hall. It Is a well known fact that many
damocrnts are disposed to be Indisposel 1
toward Mr. Hall, but It nas thought that M COOK. Neb., March 21. (Special Tel
tho state chairman of the democratic egrsm.) Mre In the bssement of the J.
party would boost for all the canrildtt"
nd especially for one who hsd made!
such an efficient official aa Mr. Hall.
But he says he "simply forgot" about
the state treasurer. It Is noteworthy in I
connection with Mr. Thompaon s lapje
of memory that he "simply forgot" tol
m,flnn Mr 11.11 In tha Hastlnus meet.
Ing also.
AVROrtA. Neb.. March . (Special.)
Aurora is the first city in the state of
Nebraska to make a start toward, T? Vl tl m n ti am RnfferMTl to
. iiiii auiiii iur tin i ,-iiitici.. mi.
the provlalona of chapter ITS of the Uwi
of Nebraska for 1915. Judge W. L. Htark
today turned over to the city council a i
certificate of deposit In the amount of
100, tha Income from which la to be used
forevtr in caring for tho grave of Alden
Nichols, the eccentrlo bachelor who
died here last November with no appar -
ent heirs. The new act provided that
money, stocks, bonds or other Income-
producing personal property may be ac
cepted by cltlca owning cemeteries and
the funds so received must be used for
the purposes named by the givers. Judge
Btark waa appointed administrator of the
estate of Nicholas after the discovery
of heirs In Massachusetts. The eatste
amounts to about Jfld.OOO and the heirs are
a sister and nephew of the doceased.
Al DtAlnlUC. rVIAT If
BEATRICE, Neb.. March 2WSpecUl.)
The committee on entertainment for
the bankers of Group 1, which will hold
their anual convention In this city May
17. held a meeting last evening and nr -
ranged for the entertainment of the vis-
ltors. The meeting will convene at 10:
and the mayor -win aeuver me aaarca.
of welcome. The business session will
close at 4:90 p. m. and autos will be pro
vided for a drive about the city. In thi
evening a home talent minstrel show will
be put on at the Paddock opera house.
Two of tho district schools In the neigh
borhood of Adams have been closed on
account of an outbreak of scarlet fever.
One fatality has been reported, the vic
tim being Mrs. John Unneman. Three of
her children are 111 of the disease.
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Mayor Bryan Greets
the Music Teachers
LINCOLN. Neb., March SI. -Formal
opening of the eeaalons marked the meet
ings here today of the national conven
tion of music supervisors, with sn ad
dress of welcome by Mayor C. W. Rrysn
for the city end Superintendent F. M.
Hunter for the schools, with a response
and the president's address by President
William Farbart of Pittsburgh. Or. John
V. Withers, principal of the Hsrrls
Teachers' college of St. louls. was the
principal speaker of the afternoon, hla
subject being "The Place of Music In the
General Scheme of Democratic! Educa
tion. " The morning was spent in vialtlng
music classes In local schools. Tonight s
progrsm Is sn operetta given by the pu
pils of the locsl Junior high schools.
niiPiiire'e ni nni
. . . .
K. Kelly brick building at an early hour
this morning caused quite a heavy dam-
'age. Tho fire waa confined to sir. Kei-
ly's Insurance and land office, which was
badly damaged, and the furniture and
equipment acsiroyen. inner aamnge is
smoke and steam. 1 ne rurnuure
on ire equipmem in-mru iur
land the building for 7,0Wi
!TZ,TT - ;A
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Out of Joints!
Eat Less Meat and Take
Rheumatism Is easier to avoid than
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We are advised to dress warmly; keep
ithe feet dry; avoid exposure; eat less
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,ffncMi soreness and Pain called rheu-
m ,,-
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