Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 20, 1916, Page 5, Image 5

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Tcwaeeaa'a fe ertiajr eeae."
altimere WlTer Eholm. Jwr.
Urkttac HiWM. Bare -Or""-
are Boot Mat It Now Beacon Preee,
aate Ttre Caala, Jaa. Morton So"
tree "T-TU" ahlne1 Sunderlenda.
Klrrere Xade eaa IUJItrt Omsha
Glue Con.. Co., 1612 Cap. Ae. D.
!, Tornado. Automobile. Burflary
Insurance. J. II. Tjumont. Keeltna BWg .
X. C Blohmoaa aTUe Henry C Rich
niond filed Saturday for the democratic
nomination for atate representative.
Mr. BetoU etter Mra. Lea Eetelle,
wife of the district Judge, la Improved
considerably and la not In danger, aa
wit first reported.
Keep Ton Money and yaluablea In the
American Safe Deposit Vaulta. &1 South
17th St.. Bee Bid. Bole rent 11.00 for
montha, Open from a. m. to p. m.
- Croepel Team ' to Crete Pr. W. W.
Ward haa taken the gospel team to Crete
for meetings today, WV O. lloel, Mra. D.
A Foots and Fred Leper. .
aleeraea Wanted Successful aalee.
men will be interested In the announce
ment of the Kansas City Insurance com
pany on rge 10-A- of this rPr
Taaya Mono Trvrrva" elajastflad
eotlon today. It appears In The Bee
SXCLiUaiTXLr. Find out maat the a
rtoua noTlna; picture tnaatera offer.
Teacher Saa B outlet rarer My
Kelly, teacher at long- aghool, la ill with
acarlet fever. Phe ie the aecqnd publlo
school teacher atrlcken with thla disease.
Xel fo Ytolatlna; Dope Xwe Virgil
Pj-lce waa bound over to the federal
grand Jury by Commissioner Slnghaus
under $1,000 bond for alleged violation of
the ("dope" laws. .
Mra. root to Speak Mra. D. A. Foots,
leader of the 180 neighborhood Bible
classes of the city of Omaha, will conduct
her class for leaders on Monday after
noon, March 20, In the auditorium of the
Young Men'a Christian association.
Vee "Tsx-TUe" BMaglea. gunderlanda.
Xsyer Ooea , om Buying Trip E. M.
Meyer, manager of the Berg . Clothing
company, Udlea department, will leave
for New York ; on a buying trip to re
plenish hla stocks, due to the brisk busi
ness of hla .department the last week.
Sea Koines Couple Wad Hera Misa
Emma IsreaJson, .'daughter of Andrew
Jsrealson, and Swan Peterson, both of
Dee Molnea, la., were married by Rev.
Charlee W. Savtdge . Saturday afternoon
at I o'clock at hla study in.tha Brandels
Theater building:
Prise for Temperanoe Xseey Students
of the University of Omaha will compete
for temperance prizes announced by the
local Women's Christian Temperance
union. To the student writing the best
essay on some phase of , temperance a
prise of S16 will be awarded and to the
second beat $10. The local prizes are of
fered by Mra. J. Beklna..
Crelghtoa Xlga to Debate The senior
. class of Creighton High school will hold
its ..annual publlo debate at the Creigh
ton auditorium, Thursday evening. The
affirmative will be maintained by Philip
Oogley, Ralph Wilson and Han an, against
. Lyle Doran, George Boland and Hart Car
roll, representing the . negative. Two
practice debates haa ' been ' held with
South Omaha high during the last week.
The question will be "Reaolved, That con
gress ahould aubatantally adopt the reso
lutions of the secretaries of army and
navy for increased armament."
Superintendent Graff and Others to
Accompany Chorus Clubs to
the Capital.
Superintendent Oraff. Assistant Prin
cipal McMillan of Central High echool
and Dean Towns of the glrla of Central
High will accompany 150 boya and girls
of the chorus clubs of the high schools
to Lincoln on . Monday. Miss Eunice
Enaor, aupervisor of social extension
work In the schools, will havs charge of
the musical direction of the outing. The
singers will travel on a specUl train end
will be entertained at luncheon at the
Lincora. Commercial club.
Bn route to Lincoln, where they will
hold their-annual convention this week.
Monday morning 100 or so delegates from
Chicago and points east, representing the
National Music Supervisors' association,
will arrive In Omaha on a special train
over the Great Western. The train will
arrive at 8:30 o'clock and Immediately
leave over the Union Paclflo for Lincoln,
going by way of Valley.
At t o'clock a special train for Lincoln
will leave over the Burlington, carrying
150 of the Omaha school children, who
during the afternoon will sing there be
fore the eastern musical people, returning
at 6 o'clock In the evening.
Following Is the personnel of the Omaha
William Alley Stuart McDonald
J. V. Blossom Spencer MacCrone
Perry Boreherding Hen Marnolan
Peace Orators
Plan Big, Contest
At Creighton U
The Nebraska Intercollegiate Peace
association will hold Its annual oratorical
contest Friday evening, April 7. in the
auditorium of Creighton university.
At a recent meeting of the executive
board. Charlea F. Bonaardt. Crelnhtoii.
president; William B. Thompson, Vnlver
stty of Omaha, vice president, and Anne
M. Johnston, Bellevue. secretary, er
rs nrementa were made for a contest in
which five schools will be represented
Creighton, Bellevue, Oman University,
Wesleyan and llsstlngs. Invitation to
this contest were extended io all Ne
braska college.
The Bellevue college preliminary con
tost will be held Friday evening. March
21. 8eymour Smith, atar debater and or
ator; Perry John, a freshman, and Oar
wood Richardson will be the contestants.
Mrs. Button of Fremont Oires De
lightful Talk on Bird Songs,
Which She Illustrates.
Key to the Situation Bee Want Ads.
Starting last October with a mem
bershlp of but ten, the Omaha Au
dubon society haa grown to an or
ganisation of 161 members, It was
reported last night at the regular
monthly meeting at the Omaha pub
Uo library.
The wonderful strides made by
this society of Omaha bird lovers
were reviewed at a short business
session which preceded the evening's
Besldea having paid back to the donors
the guarantee fund of ll. which was
made tip In order to bring to Omaha Er
nest Harold Bayne, famoua bird mil
and naturalist, who lectured a week ago
last night under the ausplcea of the Au
dubona. the anctety now haa in its treas
ury 4I. derived from the lecture after
all expenses were paid.
Practically the entire membership, of
the society attended last nlght'a meeting.
One of the moat delightful and inter
esting featurea of the pmaram' waa the
talk on bird aonga by Mrs. Uly Rugg
Button of Fremont, s member of the
Nebraska Audubons. She Is the wife of
Judge Button of the district court of
Dodge county.
Re ear a ef Bird as.
A tslented musician, Mrs. Button Is an
ardent lover of bird Ufa and haa col
lected after extensive research and ax
hauetlve attidy a large accumulation of
records of the aongs and notea of a large
variety of song birds.
Her talk to the Omaha Audubons 'dealt
with the difficult! and pleaaurea which
aha encountered In obtaining these rec
ords. Aa Mra, Button explained he heb-veitlsement
tta and characteristics of the different
songsters, she gave by whistling the call
and notea f the birds. . She explained
and demonstrated how song birds give
their calls, showing that they vary their
tempo Ilka the beat mualcians.
Hafctte of Water Fawl.
Miss Helen . Treat lavs a talk. Illus
trated with atereoptlcon views, on the
life and habits of water fowl on the Pa
cific i-oaat snd In the PsClflc northwest.
The data and view were secured by
Miss Treat on a trip whKh ahe made last
At the close of last night's meeting ths
members of the Audubvn .society were
urged to visit the exhibit of bird houses
that will be held In the city hall on the
last three days of this week. Over 400
bird houses, made by the pupil In the
manual training department of the public
school, will be on exhibition. These bird
houses will be placed In the various city
paika this summer.
TVe weeaseful "Sundsj Mwiinf Bath"
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i proves it 25c at all druggists.
You mill foel fine. !fe. All druists.-Ad-
Fred Bowaer
Dell Bowser
Rlchsrd Brady
Itusaell Brsndt
t'harlea Brewer
J. Burns
Henry Carmony
Clyde Case
Dwlght Chase
Edwin Clark
Harold Clark
Edward Co Kan
Thomas Oncan
Clyde Crltchficld
Munson Dale
Bob Fessler
Max Flelsher
Kdwln Koy
Wlllard Green
Maurice Greenfield
Harry Hobaon
Hart Jenka
Wendell Klrscbner
Holger Kjelgsrd
Clarence Landen
r erold Lovejoy
Arllne Abbott
Mildred Allen
Kdith Alperaon
Grace Bailey
Oladya Barlow
Helen Beleel
Dorothea Berthelsen Ethel Miller
Ruirene Maxwell
Irwin Medlar
Harry Mogge
Harry Mole
Harold Moore
Nathan Miller
William Newton
Nela Norduulnt
Norrla ORle
Gilbert Oleson
Flovd Payneter
Hllbert Petersen
Phil Phllbln
O. B. Porter
Ralph Powell .
Roger Robertaon
Tom Robel
Pierce Rogers
Clarence Rundqulst
Raymond Sage
Edwin Soloman
Vincent Shook
Theodore WauRh
Hmerson Westgate
Richard Wood
Mary Jackson
Ruby Jones
Colinetta Lear
Ethel McCullough
Madeline McKenney
Lillian Meyer
Young Woman Will
Manage' Play for.
Omaha University
Managing a college play.
That's the work of Mlsa Rita Carpen
ter, a Junior of tha University of Omaha,
who was elected to fill tha managing
bill of the "Maneuvers of Jane," a four
act comedy to ba given by tha Dramatic
club April 1.
The first work of Miss Carpenter was
in .the disposal of tickets. By apportion
ing them amona the different clasaea and
offering a prise to the class selling the
largest number she has created a rivalry
that Is certain of filling the large school
gymnasium to capacity. '
It will be a nifty looking set of ehar
acters that blossom out on the ataga for
Mlsa Carpenter with true thesptan skill
has engaged all ' the .' special - costumes
necessary for tha production. Mlaa Car
penter haa alao attended to tt.e epedal
decorationa and acenery with the result
that John Jacoba . Memorial hall will
house a spectacle unequaled in tha an
nals of Unlveratty of Omaha - college
plays. v. ',".-
Eighteen characters are In the cast un
der the direction of Miss Woodrough of
tha Omaha conservatory. The proceeda of
the play will be turned over to the ath
letlc board.
France Brengle
Hteua, BrewRter
Marjorla Bryant
Margaret Carlson
Helen Clark
Marie Cejnar
Mary Cleland
Esther Cotter
Roberta Coulter
Begs Oummina
Mildred Daley
Aiico uay
Ienora Denlson
Mary Doud
Ruthlne Douglass
Gladya Drlebua
Grace Dukea
Genevieve Eagan
Anita Edmiston
Florence Kile worth.
Irene Fiorell
Kathleen Glveen
Ruth Gordon
Dorothy Griffith
Ruth Hall
Mildred Hamilton
Ruth Hart
Dorothy Hltchena
Inea Ifoa-le
Mildred Hungate
. Miss Isabel B. llolbrook, national
lecturer for ,tha Theoaophical society, will
live a free public lecture at Theosophlcal
hall, suit 701, Bee building, this evening at
o'clock, the subject being "What Will
Come Out of the Melting Pot?" in which
the evolution of the race will be traced.
In that tracing," the "race Ideas" ba?k of
the present European conditions will be
shown up and what the law of evolution
is sure to bring out of the present strife.
-Morris Abrams. who waa formerly as
sociated with. Mr.- Freedmah of the aklrt
stoi-e on North Sixteenth street, hss pur
chased tha Miller' a Ladies' Tailoring com
pviy on the fourth floor of tha Paxton
block. lie haa secured tha services of a
Chicago designer and will show Omaha
'soma, good .dresses, a beautoful assort
ment of this aeaaon'a lateat creations.
Marguerite Mohrman
Elisabeth Moring
Dorothy Myera
Agnea Nelson
Irene Nelson
Ruth Ntckum
Katherine North
May Belle North
Kathryn Ostenberg
Ruth Pardo
Marjorie Parsons
Lucfle Peters
Frieda Petersen
Winifred Potee
Katherine Reynolds
Grace Robel
Josephine Robinson
Pauline Robinson
Virgil Saunders
Lots Shook
Charlotte Skldmore
Ruth Htine
Adallne Btone
Evelyn Strollcy
EBther Tatel ,
Aleda Thompson
Phyllis Waterman .
Muriel Wetter
Dorothy Welgel . ;
Helen Wlster ,
Harry B. Fleharty, Omaha attorney,
will be a democratic candidate for con
gress at the April primaries, he announced
"I ' am making the attempt at the
solicitation of many of my friends," de
clared Fleharty. "If I win, at ths
primaries, I will adhere to whatever plat
form Is promulgated at the democratic
convention In 6t Louis. I am in ao?ord
with the platform utterances of the last
national convention and have no personal
'ilsme'' of my own to promulgate."
- E. 9 Tarn Ilontea. ..
E. J. Van Houten. age 45, died at one
of the Omaha hospitals early this morn
ing of tuberculosis. Mr. Van Houten has
two brothers In Chicago and a aiater in
Oakland, Neb. Funeral arrangement
have not been made aa yet, owing to the
fact that communication haa not been
received from the relatlvea.
The "Come-back" man waa really
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wwrk. They are wonderful! Three of
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bladdttr. stomach derangement or other
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erican. Don't wait until you are entirely
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Thev are
Haarlem OH Caputs
MEDAL on every box.
the pure, original, imported
' Mr. and Mra. John T. Yates. Mr. ard
Mis. Oould Diets and Colonel B. W.
Jewell .are enjoying a temperature of
eighty-five in the ahade at Jacksonville.
Fla. Lettera from them to their friends
in Omaha Indicate that they are enjoying
themselvee, and that balmy Florida ia
(seat at this season of the yesr.
. Severe tel Oatckly Cared.
"On Deeemi-r 1 I had a very severs
: cold or attack of the grip aa it may be,
and waa nearly down alck la bed." writes
O. J. Matcalf, Wsatherby, Mo. "I bought
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til I was completely restored to health.
1 firmly believe that Chamberlain's
ugh Remedy la one of the very best
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At your druggist's, In too and 50c jars,
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