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Korth Presbyterian Church Starts a
Campaign to Boost Attendance
at Its Bible Class.
Th North rresbyterlan church hsa
on of the largest adult Bible classes of
liny of the churches of the city, hut It
la not willing to atop with the present
attendance, but lnatead intends to push
the membership to 100 before May 1.
At the prevent time the Sunday attend
ance Is around fifty and a plan has pm
adopted by which it la hoped to double
the number.
At the annual dinner of the class, given
In the church dining room Thursday even
ing the movement to increase the attend
ance was Inaugurated and results are
expected to follow with great rapidity.
Cards for the use of the fifty members
are to be printed. JIarh card la to carry
ten names of adults who are not mem
bers of the class. These cards will be
distributed among the members, who
sometime during the week will call up
over the telephone and Invite the parties
to attend the Bible class the followinK
Sunday. Then the cards will be changed
and the next week the parties will again
be called up and Invited to meet with
the class.
This interchanging of card and calling
of prospects will continue until all the
parties named on the cards are enrolled
as members of the class. In the event
parties do not respond by reason of the
telephone calls personal work will be done
by members of a committee appointed
for this purpose. '
There Is no Intention of forcing resi
dents of the north-central portion of the
city Into the adult Bible class of the
North Presbyterian church, but an effort
Is to be made to make them feel that they
will be welcome and made to feci at
Th 100th anniversary of the birth of
lr. T. N. Haaselqulst. one of the found
ers of tha Augustana synod and its first
president, will be celebrated at the Swed
ish Lutheran church. Nineteenth and
Cass, at 8 p. m. Sunday. The address
will be in the English language. The
following muslo will be rendered: "As
the Heart Parteth," choir; "Not Ashamed
of Christ." Axel Helgrcn; David's
Psalm." aolo by Mrs. Soderberg. Tues
day, at 8 p. m.. there will be installation
of the pastor, with Swedish address by
lev. C. F. Sandahl. Oakland, president
of the Nebraska conference; address In
Kngllsh by Rev. P. M. Llndberg. Imraan
ual hospital. Wednesday will' occur the
annual meeting of the Swedish Evangeli
cal Lutheran Omaha district: Business
session. :30 a. m.; devotional sessions,
2:30 and 8 p. m.; addresses by Revs. J. A.
Johns, C. G. Bloomqulst. A. T. Lorimer,
A. F. Under and J. E. Llndberg.
High Living" will be the subject, of
sermon to be delivered Sunday at the
afternoon service af the Young Men's
Christian association by Rev. J. T. Jonee,
pastor of the First Congregational church.
Council Bluffs. On the same afternoon
Dr. W. O. .Henry, who haa been deliver
ing a aerie of Sunday addresses, will
talk on the subject, "The Lorue rrM.
Fom a Doctor's Standpolht." i
: .,-;Bptut. ' -.:
First. " Harrey and Park.' II. T. Ror-lanU.inister-W:.
ment?" 7:30, "Origin and I Cure q of Bin.
Sunday achool at noon; e.30. young peo
plo'a meeting. .
Grace. Tenth and Arbor E. B. Tart.
Paator Men's prayer meeting. :30; 8un
deS .Shoot. l"; 1 Association with Sin
ns." Baptist Young People sun o,v.
ran in charge of Gospel team. . W. A.
Khler." leader; mission .Sunday school.
VWiO South Fourth, 8 o clock.
Immanuel. Twenty-fourth 2??'
a-JUtTj Morris Pastor 10:30, "The lg-
ncaScl "Symbolism of Baptism;"
Bib e school at noon: char'e,;.Vl,nS'
superintendent; young people e"n,f(;
8:Wt; evening gospel service, 7.30. topio
elected. ,Merf. iVraver-
at the cnurun "."". ",75. V .
and pralae aervlce 8 cUck.
Calvary, iiamiiiun i "V ' v.Th
3. A. Maxwell, Pastor. th"
Religious Newspaper - Cmlrch
lYlodme W a Hotel T reWe Member,
tr C?:1 Bible school at noon Q. W
Nobfni ' W led by ,SamuelBDe"Hoft:
pVaTVndconferece, meetly ot the
ihuiVh Wednesday evening. Men a and
boys' tanquet Tuesday evening.
Co n a-re '
Kcnlor Christian Endravor at 6.J0 I rayer
meeting Wednesday evening at 7.JO.
First Twenty-sixth and Harney,
rharlea E. Cobbey. Psstor-Mernlng aer;
vi c 11 a. m.. "Spiritual Knowledge.
Evening-service. 7:30 p. in.. "The 1-alth
That Make Heroes." Senior and Inter
inedlate Christian Endeavor.- f: S p. m.
junior Endeavor at 11 a. m. Bible school
nt :4S a. in. .
North Plde Twenty-second end Lothrop,
G.-orge L. Peters, Hax.or-Hil.le schoo .
a m sermon by Rv. S. Mclaniel,
in a m : 7:3" p. m.. sermon by the
as to ''"The Worth of the Unworthy."
Endeavor services: Intermediate, b p. m..
Senior, :15 P- ni.
Christian Science.
First Ft. Mary's Avenue end Twenty-foiirlh-Serv
Ice. 11 a. m. and 8 p. '':
1,.ct "Pulwtance." Sunday school at .H
ind'll s. m. Wednesday evening meeting
at 8 o'clock.
Second Dundee Hall. I'nderwood and
i.f.l,..KSUrvli'e. 11 . m.. HUliJert, SuO-
wance. sunaay scuuui. . .. -
ncsday evening meeting at 8 o clock.
Good Shepherd. Twentieth and Ohio
Itev Thomas J. Collar, Rector-First
hunday in leni: iioiy immiumuwi.m., r.
lay in iveni. iiw) -
m-. Sunday scnooi, a. . "
prayer, litany and sermon. 11 o flock;
evening prayer wun pernio", h.
'St. Andrew s. Fony-nrsi ana 1.1m. .--
Holy cuiiuuunioii, m.; Sunday school
l. 111.; inoruiMK ' ' ' --
Carl Dorilan. rector of St.
rhurch. will preacn; vmpw
4:30 p. 1- Tuesday communion.
. m.; Wednesday communion. i a.
1 nurnav service, o , 1- -
1 1 . . . , , . 1 ...... i , . , . 1 , t f
r. riev. Annur it. ninii..., v. . ....
ft St
Pauls, will pream; r riuay srrviv-o
a' 4:30
All saints Iynten services am
Wednesday: Holy communion. 7:- a. ni.,
morning prayer and address, 10-.; even
ing prayer and address. 8 p. m. Every
Tuesduv in L.ent, 4 :3ft p. m. tivery
WudneKday in Lent: Holy communion, 10
a. m : lilanv ind Instruction. 4.30 p. m. ;
.......... ! . . . I - u AMmntmm Q L'vrV
. . in'in " .J 1 1 mill. . j vi 1 1 r . D. . . '
Thursday in Int; Evening prayer and
address. 4:30 o'clock. Every Friday in
Ient: Holy communion, 10 a. in.; litany
and Bible reading. 4.30 p. m.
Grace Lutheran Branch Sundsy School
Hall. Forty-eighth and Leavenworth At
2:30 p. in.
Kountse Memorial Branch Punday
School. Twenty-fourth and Ames, Rev. C.
Franklin Koch In Charge Sunday school.
I. I. in., rrri nvuu, puieruiienueni.
A PeTla Danish, Thirtieth and Corbv, Rev.
Aj' H. Barthelsen. Pastor Preaching. 10:3a a.
in. and 8 p. m.: Sunday school. 9 rki a.
j m.; Young People's aoclety every Thurs-
day. 8 p. in.
Immanuel. Nineteenth and Cass. Einll
G. Cliinlund. Pastor Servhve In tha Sed
lli language at 10 a. m. : special music by
Hie choir. Sunday school, j:45 a. m. ;
iniult clarnea for men and women.
St. -Mark's. English. Twentieth and Bur.
dell. L. Uroh. puxtor Preaching at 11
a. m. end 7:30 p. m. Sunday school, 4&
a. m. Chrlstisn Endeavor, ( p. m, Len
ten service, Wednesday at p. m.
nrsce English. Twenty-sixth and Wool
worth, c. N. twlhnrt. Minister At 11 a.
"The Written Word.
ft tv
Faith Pnve lllmr' Ptindsv school. V a.
nv: I.uther lagie. 7 p. m.; sieclal 1en
ten service Thursday, 8 p. m.
St. Pauls, Twentv-flfth and Evans.
Rev. E. T. Otto, iVstnr aervk-es. 10 a.
m.: evening In English at 7:30; I-enten
themes every evening servtre during
Ient: Punday et-horr at 11:8ft New
scholars and visitors always welcome,
lenten services In German every Thurs
day at 8 p. m.
K"intie Memorial Farnam and Ten
ty-slxth. Rev. Oliver I. Baltilv. Tastor:
Rev. C. Franklin Korh. Associate Pas-tnr-At
11 o'clock. "The Great Tempta
tion." at 8 o'clock. "The Harvest of the
Poul: .Sunday school, !4K o'clock, Oscar
P. Goodman, sunerlntemlent; 7 o'clock,
Luther league; Wednesday evening. 8
o clock. Ienten service.
St. Matthew's English. Nineteenth and
Castelar. Rev. O. W. Snvder. Pastor At
11 a. nr. "The Ird Tempted;" I.uther
league and sermon. 7:30 p. m., on "Satan
Now Temnti, Cs;" Sunday school at 1 !
a. m.. neroea and Martyrs:" annual
congregational meeting. Wednesday, at
8 p. m.
Our Ravlor'a Norwegian-Danish. Hamil
ton and Twenty-sixth. Rev. M. W. Hal
verson. Pastor Services In English at U
cc ock; Sunday school at 10: Mission so
ciety, wednesflav evenlnv at K. f
N. P. Nelaen. 2104 South rifiv-flr-
Wueen Esther circle. Thursday evening.
"v "i n r mrence wilg, 1H10 Vin
ton street; confirmation Instruction. Fri
day evening, at o'clock; choir practice
at 8 p. m.
Zlon English. Twenty-sixth and Tfr-
rvei;.. Wi'or.1m'' For: Eva Nelson. I
tirganlst Constantino rM. r.t.i. r., '
tor Sundav aehnnl .- - . .' '
a. m. end 8 n. m ' Womn 'n-.K iT-rv.
Son Behold Thy Mother:" confirmation :
uVdar roornlnc. thw tw'S. '
evening the
Men a aneletv will rlv it' I
annual festival,
conaistlng of musical
Hanseom Tark, Wloolworth and Oeor-
All- moJT..ti; "u". Minlster-lt
Above the Clouds;" 7:46, "Judgment "
Walnut Hill, Forty-first and Charles
Oliver Kevo. Mlnler-Servi".H. m '
V1' ""l 1.! Sunday school at noon."
League, 6:30 p. m. '
Jennings. Fifty-second and Hickory, R
rnwortKJl;"nt 8"' wl deliver the sermon
s?"!6.7'-John ruImer-,eader;
First Swedish, Nineteenth and Burt
2.h,laiV r1on' Pator 10. Sunday
school; 11 -The Temptation of Our
Savior; 6:30. Epworth league; leader, Miss
Anna Johnson; 7:3u, "The Man of Sor
rows. German Eleventh and Center. Rev. O.
J. Jalser. Pastor Sunday school. 10; Franx
Meyer, superintendent: preaching, 11 and
8, by the pastor: morning, ' Honoring old
Age a Command of God;" Epworth
'r".8","' 7:S0; Augustus Dacring, president.
All Germans are invited.
Dieta Memorial, Tenth and Pleroe. C.
N. Dawson, Pastor Sunday school. :4;
P- J; Frana. superintendent; 11,
"Running for I,lfe;'' Enworth league. 8:S;
Arthur N. Smith, leader; at 7:80 Rev. IT.
G. Brown will preach. Prayer meeting.
Wednesday evening at 8.
Trinity, Twtnty-flrst and Blnney, Rev.
John F. Poucher, Pastor "The Encircling
Light;" 7:30, "Personal Influence;" muslo
by choir; E. F. Williams, chorister; Miss
Flora Sears, organist; Sunday school at
noon; Willard Chambers, superintendent;
Epworth league. 6:30; W. 11. Horcherdtng,
president; official board meeting Monday
evening at 8. . .
Methodist Episcopal, Twentieth and
Davenport, Titua Lowe. Pastor :4R.
Bible class; T. F. Sturgess, superintend
ent; classes for all ages; 1L, morning
worship; Mls-i Mary Shsnnon of Burmah.
India, will be the speaker; 6:30, Epworth
league; 7:S0, Rev. Mr. Lowe will give n
dramatic Interpretation of "Tha Trampled
Grove, Twenty-second and Seward, Rev.
Griffin G. Logan, . Minister 11, children's
church sermon by the minister on "The
Kid and tha Kingdom: 6:30. Epworth
league; 7:80, Evangelistic services; Sun
day school, 10; class meeting at noon.
Wednesday evening, :;, pauriouo serv
ices under auspice of the Tribe of
Gideon; H. P. Scrugge and II. B. Fle-
hartv. and bthera will epeat.
West Q Street, Forty-alx arid S Service
at 8:30 a. m
First, At Young Men' Chrtotlan Asso
ciation, Edwin nan jenas., asior
Preaching, 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; Sun
day school at noon. Christian Endeavor at
6.15 p. m.
North, Twenty-fourth and Wirt, M. V.
Hlgbee, Pastor The pastor will preach
at 11 a. m. artd 7:30 p. m.: Sunday school
at 8:45 a, m. ; Young People's Society of
Christian Endeavor. 6:30 p, m. Fellowship
meeting ' 7:45 Wednesday evening.
Central United. Twenty-fourth and
Dodge. Hugh B. Speer. Pastor Morning
worship, 10:80, sermon bv the pastor.
"Redlgglng the Spiritual Wells." Sabbath
achool at noon. Young People' meeting,
p. m. Evening worship at 7:30 by the
pastor, "Fishing for Men."
Towaaead'a for aj-portlnf Oooda."
Baltimore Silver Edholm, Jeweler.
ZJghUcs; rixturae Burgess-Granden.
Kara Koot Mat IV Now Beacon Preea.
Caa "Tex-Tile" aUnglsa. Bunderlanda.
Anto Tlra Oaalm, J as. Morton ft Bon Co.
rir, Tornado, Automobile, Burglary
Insurance. J. H. Dumont, Keellne Bldg.
Br. Tanca ImprOTea Dr. J. H'. Vance
continues to Improve at Immanuel hos
pital. Mayor Hme Sunday Mayor Dahlman
la exoected home this morning from
Excelsior Springa.
Talks at Social Settlement F. W.
Bason of Fort , achool spoke to boy
acouta and other cluba at the Social Set
tlement Friday evening.
Todar'a Movie rrarraja"' claastflad
action today. It appears In Tha Bee
EXCLUSTVKLf. Find out what tha va
rtuua moving picture tneatera offer.
Keep Tour Money and valuables In tha
American Safe Deposit Vaults, 118 South
17th St., Bee Bldg. Boxes rent IL00 for
8 montha. Open from 8 a. m. to 8 p. m.
. rarmar Tiltm Baakrupaoy ratlUoa
Andrew C. Sorrensen, a farmer at New
castle, Dtxnn ocTiinty. Nebraska, filed a
petition in bankruptcy. Assets, 8X6; lia
bilities. 8H.T7.
Clothing Is Swiped A. M. Perry, 2110
Davenport street, reports to tha police
that his room at the above number waa
entered by thieves, who carried away a
considerable quantity of wearing apparel.
Tour Divorcea Granted Divorcee were
granted by Judge Day aa follows: Bessie
against James Edmund Smith, Margaret
against' Fred Heater. Fannie Kauth
against Conrad Kauth, Hans against Eva
Rasmussen. '
forfeits Xla Bonds Sam Coffel.
charged with the theft of a wagon tongue
belonging to H. Uuss, 1621 North Twelfth
street, forfeited bonds by hla failure to
appear in court for trial. The atolcn ar
ticle waa recovered.
Verdict for Or sea After brief delib
erations a Jury in the case of Mrs. Ralph
Bennett against Hen-y Green, Fourteenth
and Howard atreet saloon keeper, for al
leged starting of her husband In tha
drinking habit, returned a verdict for the
Burd r. Killer to Lecture Burd F.
Miller will lecture on "Tha RUht and
Wrong' Method In Astrology" at Tha
osophlcal hall, suite 701, Bee building,
Sunday evening at 8 o'clock. This is the
I ant of this series of lectures on astrol
ogy and is free to the public.
Frixa nghter Evangelist Talka Alf
Allen, the prize-fighter evangelist, will
occupy the pulpit at the People's church,
KIT. North Eighteenth street today, both
morning and evening. This evangelist tot-ether."
took part In over ldO boxing bouts, siart- j m
Ing his pugilistic career when a youth. Commissioner Drexel returned from Ex
but now he haa changed his ways and celslor Springs. Ha reporta having wit
Is preaching the Gospel. incised soma real society dancing at tha
She Is Using Indirect Influence
For the Candidacy of Her "Dad"
Since Minerva Rae Qulnhy was 10
years old. she has been actively Inter
ested In woman suffrage.
Every since that time also she has
been told that woman should use her
Indirect Influence In politics Instead of
being granted a ballot.
Minerva Rae has taken them at their
word at last.
She la now using that Indirect Influence
on all the men and women aha meeta
In Greater Omaha In the Interest of the
candidacy of her father, Laurie J.
yulnl.y. who la a candidate for Charles
Otto Ibeck's place as congressman from
the Second district.
So Miss Qtilnby Is constantly bustling
about the city with a pack of "Dad'a"
cards In her hand, fhe places them
where they will do the most good, t-he
haa a wide acquaintance, and she haa
every acquaintance tabulated and sched
uled as to his value to her In her cause.
Thus, she knowa that Mr. Jonea is a
member of the so-and-so club. She col
lais "Mr. Jones" and reminds him of
his long acquaintance .with the family.
She reminds htm that her father la an
honest man and that he need not search
far to learn that. Then she reminds hlin
that if he will take a bunch of
cards and distribute them at the so-and-so
c,. and particularly If he will make a
little speech to the so-and-so club, set-
ting forth tha congressional qualities of
"Dad," he will be rendering a great
No young man haa yet been found
who could resist her. Sure they distri
bute cards. Sure they go before their
club and make stump speeches, and some
of them who never made speeches In
their lives are now practicing In order to
fulfill this obligation.
"I ask every man who Is an acquaint
ance of mine It he Is for 'Dad,' " said
Miss Qulnhy. "If not, why not? Ar
you doing all you can? If not why not?
Inquisitive Edwin had nothing on me.
and I find out all about It before I
let a man alone.
Miss Qulnby is a member of the Polltl-
Fifty Thousand Carloads of Cereals
. Go to Central Poweri by Deal
Just Made.
(Correspondence of the Associated Press)
BUCHAREST, Roumanla. Fisb. 8.
Flfty thousand carloads of cereala, or
about 10,000,000 hundredweight, go to Ger
many and Austria-Hungary from Rou
manla as the result of negotiations which
have Just been terminated. An option
for another 60,000 carloads has also been
secured by the agents of the central
powera. The Roumanian government has
sanctioned the transaction, and export
begins Immediately. A great deal of
grain bought by tha central powers
months ago, but so far unex ported for
various reasons, will also be moved now.
Shipments will be made over every avail
able railroad and on tha Danube.
Negotiations wra conducted by 'the
Roumanian Grain Sales commission and
the Cereal Central of the German, Aus
trian and Hungarian governments. The
grain consists principally of Indian corn,
wheat, barley, beans and lentils. It will
be paid for partly In gold, but tha greater
share of the purchase price will be In
German paper currency, marks. Tha
transaction Is remarkable for tha fact
that for tha cost of tha cereals th Rou
manian government will get a credit on
the Deutsche Relchsbank In Berlin, for
which the Roumanian National bank will
then issue notes, these notes reaching
tha sellers of tha grain. .
Tha foodstuffs so procured will be di
vided among Germany and Austria-Hungary
as follows: Six cars of each ship
ment to Germany and five to Austria and
Hungary- Cars and means of river
transportation will bo provided by tha
central powers.
Roumanla Bells All af Crop.
With another 60,000 cars held on option
by the central power".. ! w'th Turkey
and Bulgaria also In the market, Rou
manla disposes of her entire 1915 crop,
of which but -little had been moved.
Available also is still a good share1 of the
1014 crop, which Roumanla was not dis
posed to sell to tha central powers last
spring and summer, owing to tha belief
that the Dardanelles would be forced by
the allies. Soma of the cereals sold to
the allies were moved via Turn-Beverln
and Kladowa, whence they were taken
over the Serbian railroads to SalonlkL
The conquest of Serbia closed this route.
With no prospect that the 1915 crop
could be sold to neutrals or the entente
group, Roumanla was obliged to sell to
the central powers group, . at a price
which la said to be very advantageous to
the latter. Figures era not available,
however. But that tha central powers
drove a hard bargain Is said here to be
indicated by the fact that very little
gold changes hands, whereas all previous
purchases -In Roumania by the central
powers were made with gold as tha only
acceptable equivalent.
The transaction was dhtcussed In the
Roumanian parliament and waa stoutly
"I want to see the mayor!"
"I want my automobile" Superinten
dent English of the Recreation board.
"Put it In writing and it will receive
due attention," states Commissioner Jar
dine to all complainants who telephone
their grievances.
"Who is
going to be the next post-
"Why are so many lawyers Interested
in getting pardons at tha mayor's officer
fire alarms were received on
This bon mot was found st school head
quarters: "A small girl told her teacher
that she loved her mother and father
first and bestest of all and then she
loved her nurse next." "Good-night
nurse!" rejoined a red-headed bojr.
Commissioner Hummel fell into Carter
lake during the week.
Two dentists snd a deputy sheriff are
on the Recreation board. It Is expected
! that thm hoard will tinn.rrrrh -r.nll
1 Heard in the City Hall
1 '
a nrf rT '
W7 a ft
ffincrva Rae Quinby
cat Equality league and has been since
Its organisation. So the suffrage women
are strong for her and her "Indirect In
fluence" campaign.
In thla unique campaign aha haa al
ready enlisted auch peraona aa Miss
Jessie Towne. Mlsa lone Duffy. Mrs.
Gralghead, Mlsa Alice Mackensle, Mlsa
Maude Shlpard and others.
opposed by tha friends of the .entente,
among them notably Jake Jonescu.
Toma Jonescu, Flllpescu and Mllle. Gov
ernment members snd tha grain and
landed class Interests took tha position
that Roumanla stood in sore need of tha
revenues to be derived from the sale.
these being tha only Income Roumanla
has with which to cover Imports. Very
stormy scenea ensued, but tha opposition
, Roumanla' s position is due to its com
plete Isolation from the world's grain
consumers. Tha closing of the Parda
neJUea left Roumania r.o other route than
that through Serbia, which Is now closed
also. To tha central powers,' Roumanla
would not sell, and what little waa
bought had to be taken at prohibitive
prices, to which vast sums In the form
of extortion of on sort or another had
to ba added. It la believed that the
present transaction cleana th slate. :
' " Fall Pretreat Bale.
Agents of tha entente governments
were active to prevent tha sale, but were
defeated by the fact that Russia, - the.
only allied power -with whom .Roumanla.
now has physical contact and communi
cation, does not have to buy grain In for
eign markets. Tha possibility of moving
tha grain over tha Russian railroads and
through a Russian port Into, England and
Franca was then held up by tha entente
agents. But Roumanian grain' producers
could not share this view, nor ware they
able to sea their Interests cared vf or by
storing all tha grain on optlqns. They
were willing to sell their prod acts and
store them on a caeh-ln-hand basis.
Many of them . had loat considerable
sums by storing their grain In 1914 under
an arrangement with entente agenta,
who later refused to take up their op
tions and promises on the plea that
faulty storage had spoiled th grain.
Negotiations will soon be undertaken
for the sale to the central powera of
about 8M.0O0 tons of benslne and gasoline
now held In storage, and the monthly
output of 16.000 tona of the same fuela.
The export, of Roumanian meat cattle Is
also being discussed. Roumanla' posi
tion Is such at present that, aa opposi
tion members In the Roumanian parlia
ment have pointed out. she has become
the ally of the central powers econom
ically If the military situation does not
change In favor of tha allies.
This is true also In respect .to Rou
manian Imports, which at present come
from Germany and Austrian-Hungary
and which, with most stores virtually de
pleted, will go far In offsetting the coat
.of the grain bought by the central
Took Everything; Bat Room.
The management of a local hotel Is
considering the removal of tha sign In
each room which serves to remind the
gueets that they are to leave nothing
in the room when they are leaving.
The sign contains only the one phrase;
"Stop! Have you left anything?"
It proved so forceful to a guest leaving
the other night, however, that he left
nohtlng In the room that he could carry
away without the aid or a moving van
Elnen, towels, table covers and even the
;ldeon Blhle were missing next morn
ing, and Ray Boyd, clerk, says the new
Hlgn will read:
' Stop! Will you please, leave some
thing? Minneapolis Journal,
springs, but did not get into th terpelrh
orean game himself.
Art Shields. Chief Dunn's secretary,
spent the week at New Orleans where he
visited the Mardl Qras. He ssys ha did
not have to wear his overcoat In New Or
leans. I
Assistant City Engineer Townsend re
ceived ' a letter from "Alexander Moses
Bible," chief of the bureau of lighting.
The city bought four new 'tlnllxilea"
during the week for officials who have to
do considerable traveling.
Superintendent Oraff received a small
silver vase from tha Rotary club for hla
birthday anniversary on Friday.
The city clerk'a office claims more
athletea than any other, office Iq the
city hall. They all want to go to Mexico.
The Welfare board
the "Farewell board."
hag been dubbed
winrieid ecott hargent knows most ol
the base ball celebrities of the country.
Chairman Kt urges of the Welfare board
visited the Recreation board Friday even
ing, explaining that hla wife was out of
the city and he thought he would spend
a pleasant evening.
New Furniture House Hat as
Heads Men Well Known
in Trade.
Tha Itaymond f imllure store opened
Its doors to the public yesterday and la
a welcome addition to the business rlr
tles of this city.
Every floor of Its spacious quarters at
j 1MJ-1M6 Howard street presents a stock
I of excellent quality, with the arrange
j men Is and decorations harmonious and
. modern. At the opening muslo waa pro
vided and flowers presented to the
'ihe Raymond organlxatlon which will
take Its place as one of the best In the
city, la composed of men experienced In
all home furnishing lines. The stock will
I represent ana mirr m inr iit-u vi
classes from period replica down to th
. ordinary furnishings for the ordinary
j hen-.e.
J. T. Collins, manager, was formerly
a banker, after which ha engaged In the
furniture business. He comes to Omaha
from the well known house of Duff .
Kepp of Kansas City.
Ilonaht Early.
. Waller Smith, buyer for the Raymond
store, was on the market early thla sea
son and spent several weeks In making
the selections of stock. Ha had extensive
experience In the Max Kleenan storea
at Terra Haute and Hhelbyvllle, Ind.. and
the Root Furniture compa"ny In Terr
Haute. The experience ha haa had fit'
him for the position he will occupy with
the Omaha firm, and ha knowa what
right buying means in serving tha public.
Having the buying power of the Ray
You can turn most any
thing you may have into
cash by using a Bee Want
Ad from your services to
an entire businessfrom a steam
yacht to a kitchen table from
a thousand-acre ranch to a fifty
foot lot from a pet goldfish to
a team of horses.
All you have to do is bring, phone
or send a little Want-Ad deserib
ing what you have for sale to
The Bee office and somebody--'
somewhere-some place will see it
and answer it.
Don't hesitate, get your Ad ready
NOW and see that you get it to The
Bee in time for tomorrow's paper.
Phone Tyler 1000
Greater Omaha
"The City of Opportunity"
Not a "boom" town but a City of steady, persistent advancement. Population
now 200,000 and growing larger all the time. As the years go by Omaha will be bigger,
better, greater, and grander than ever!
Buy and Build in Omaha
As the City grows your wealth will grow because your property will become more
valuable. And in considering realty investments always
Use THE BEE as Your Real Estate Guide
mond store behind him, will maka It po
slhle for him to meet all requirements.
V, E. Klrven. who assumes the duties
of assistant manager, comes from the
well known houae of Robert Keith. Kan
sas City, where he was associated with
the sales fores of that house, which
handled high class decorative furniture.
Paul Benton of Omaha, well known
to all Omaha furniture buyers through
eighteen years connection with the Mil
ler. Stewart A Beaton establishment, will
have charge of the contract department.
Mr. Beaton knows, and Is known by, the
Omaha furniture buying public, and will
brlnii a host of warm friends to the In
st tutlon with which ha Is now allied.
Tie Baytnond store carries the con
viction that great care and wisdom has
been exerclsod In making selections of
slock In all departments.
Nntiensl F.ntenclle Spiritual. 2414 Cum
ing. Mrs Ella (Inrdlner, mesaaito bearer,
sen It e at Mi p. in.
At Ihe Moose hall. Soulh Side. Sunday
school 10 a. m. Prenchlng, H a. m. by v.
E. Stoft, and 7:M p. ni. by I'aul N. Craig.
Omeha Holiness Association. W. E.
Foshler, rresllent iospe tervlre at t
p m. at Nnrweglm-ManHh church,
Twenty-flith tmd Decatur streets.
Beoi rnnlsed Church of .Jesus Chrktt of
t.attei lsv Saints. Twenty-fourth and
Oh -Sutuliiy s-hcol. 8; 1.1 a. m.; pi-enfh-lm
11 a. 111.: re.lglo, 8: 0 p. m.; preaching.
8 p. m. by Ap.Mle J. A. tJllhn.
People's. Mi North Eighteenth. T!ev.
Alfred Allen, I 'a stnr Morning, "Trayer
Life of Jesus." i.venlim, ' The Greatest
Sentence Ever Written.'' Sun.liy school
at noon, I'rsyer meeting Thursday even
ing. The Aa.iocls.ted Blhle Students, Eyrlc
BulMIng, Nineteenth and Farnam Meet
ing at 8 p. m . Ir:if. .1. A. Ollll'H'le repre
sentative of the Brooklyn IIIMe house,
will lecture On ' The I'hillosophy of the
Development of the New Creature, or
What is a Christian?"
Sunday afternnon John t. Negley will
address the omsha Philosophical society
on "What We Hope to Accomplish by
iiimhb 01 a ew v. unei u wi nn, hi incir
rooms In the Lyric building, Nineteenth
and farnam, at 8 p. m.
First Unitarian Sunday services In
1 1
Si M o
Turpln hall. Twenty-eighth and Farnam,
10 a. m. Bible study i-Jnnea for adults
and High school pu In. Sermon at 11 s.
m. by Kev. David l iter of lrver; music
br Carl Nnrgren. hnrltone: lluri Har
kr, Jr., violinist, nntl Helen Bennett,
First Reformed, Twenty-third and Deer
Park Boulevard, John F. llnwk, f'astor
Siimlav school at 0:45, Dr. II. Bushman,
superintendent. Morning service st Jl a.
m., "A Fst Worth W hile." Mission bsn.l
st 3 p. 111. t'hnstlHn Kndeavor at 6 .30.
Evening service at 7:., 'Oneness With
First Progressive Spiritualist. 1'16 Har
ney Regular services, followed by mee
rnges every Rtindav at 8 n. m. Regular
menie aervlce every Friday at 8 p. m.
Buy a Genuine Aeolian
. Pianola Piano
The standard Playrr
ft Piano of tho world,
ijj With its oxclnsivo dc-
! vices the Metrostylo
1 nnd Themodist, you do
not linvr to bo an artist
to jlny the most diffi
cult music correctly.
VV tnvitm Inspection
Prices $450 and up
Easy Term
1311-1313 Farnam St.
Inclusive- HopreKentAf lvf
Music Kolls to Fit All