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V W 1
IIB next month promises to be
VTr I a lively p for Omaha as fr
I I g music Is concerned. At
II H lltlllR t'l 1 llim-! lillin
are scheduled to follow on
another In rapid succeaaljn,
I'irt many a mimic lover will t economli
in; upon beef and lamb and other high
P'lcrd phy-lral luxuries. whl'h are bad
f r tre system at this time of year any
way. I'l order to have a share of tha
ir.uita' and spiritual necessities prorolied
Ir- t'-p nay of music.
.' i ttoit of precursor of what In to
ri:o t'lC mimical lnteret this week will
!i'i!y center arorml the appearance of
Mi k, Calve at the Orpheum. renowned
t:, un M over for her "Carmen" nh1 at
a fuiii mi prima donna, fhe come at a,
iit of climax to many worthy musl'-il
attractions whlrh have been presented
In jdevllle Oil wsncn.
Then come our own Mendelssohn Choir,
alih. Julia Clausen soloist, the New Yoik
Symphony orchestra with Josef Hofman.
roioist, and Frits Krrlsler' postponed re
iltal In rapid euccessloh.
Ijtfr the Minneapolis Symphony or
chentta and the New York Philharmonic
rmr Joxtf S.ransky, with Frances Nmh,
eolom, and three performance of thi
Boston Grard opeia and Anna Pavlowa
and her Ballet Ruse will b hetrd.
Tut ure reiltala will be given by Osslp
Oabrllowttreh and hla -talented wife,
Clara Clemens Clabrilowltach, and If I am
not mistaken Oodowskl la scheduled for
an Omaha appearance. All of tha soloists
who have been heard In recital up-to date
have1 been I done of the highest achieve
ment and thee, which are coming In
the future are of the fame high rank.
When Kreisler Played in New York
He Created a Genuine Sensation
No artist haa ever received a more beau- tribute than that which waa given
to Frits Krelsler. tha great violinist, at
hit firs! recital of the season In Carnegie
hall. New TorK, "aturday afternoon, De
cember 12, leal. The hall waa crowded
to the utmoat. every seat having been
aold a week before the concert took place
and It aeemed aa though all that waa the
bet and flneat In New York a mualcal
public had gathered to give thanka that
thia aupreme artlat had been preaerved
to them from the trlala and dangera of
wnr. It la evident that Mr. Krelaler'a
aklll, la, to aay the leant, undiminlnhed.
William J. Henderaon In tha New York
Bun, December 1. aald:
But Mr. Kreltlera technical kill,
which dlaclnaea Ittelf ao apontaneoualy,
apparently ao unpremedltatedly, and
which never ohtrudea Ittrtf aa an end. la
by no mean the greatest Item of hla un
eurpaaaahle art. Thoughtful people In
the course, of years weary of tempeetunu
temperamental playera mho aeem to lack
all mental balance and who have no con
ception of the true meaning of the word
"art." To auch people nothing la more
aatlafylng, more reatful. mora joy-giving
than Mr. Krelaler'a almoat Impeccable
taate. He haa plenty of temperament, but
it la maatered by judgment. He ia
truly emotional player, but hin faatldliua
appreciation preventa him from disturb
ing the artistic structure and character of
a composition."
This artlat will be presented at tha
Auditorium Tuesday evening, March 28 In
the fifth and last of the Charily Concert
(Sues Judge Foster
Censorship on All
for Heavy Damages! Messages to Mexico
tfediW. (Tampfcftll
Thoe interested In concerted music are
especially fortunate In chances to gratify
their taatea In that direction. Others, who
would Ilk to be. hav unuaual oppor
tunities to atudy It In varloua forma ana
to practice listening to mora than Just
one part. t,n fact. In the coming music
they are offered a regular high achool
course. ,
Choral music waa the first to develop
historically of all concerted mualo, and It
la upon the divisions of tha voices In
choral mualo that alt subsequent con
certed mualo la baaed. In tha orchestra
of the presenj day the varloua bands
are known aa th "airing choir,"- the
' woodwind choir" and the- "brass choir,"
and each of these la made up of four parts,
corresponding to th aoprano, alto, tenor
and basa of vocal choir. At the Mendels
sohn Choir concert Interested listener
may trace choral mualo from the wonder
ful old "Cruclfixua" by Iottl, written
over 'JOO years ago. through Ita subsequent
development to the Intricate harmonies
and varletlea of effect of th present day
ljotU. the oldest composer represented
upon th program for this concert, waa
organlKt of th chapel of the dogea at
Venice. Thia "Cructflxue" la written In
elahl parte and ia a fine examplo of th
old contrapuntal style of music, , when
one melody wa written agalnat another
for accompaniment; or- made to sen aa
It own accompaniment by atartlng at
fixed interval after the preceding vol.
had entered. Choral music of th present
r:y haa not aurpaaaod many of these re
rrarkatl old classical n the Interest of the
I art, nor In the maximum of effect ob
tained by the least mean, but with the
development of harmony and freer writ
ing man- more and different effect have
hern obtained.
. One of th Interesting modern numbers
to be sung by the choir Is called "The
Bells," by Clarence Ijucas. In this the
effect of many bell to brought out wed
ding bells, tolling bells, church bells and
merry, tinkling bella-ln fact, all sorts
of bells. This number, worked out with
H the freedom of modern means and
eung with the finish of Interpretation
which Mr. Kelly bring from the choir,
will probably be one of the striking num
bera of the evening.
"There will tie two spiritual song by
Wtirlolgh. the colored composer, which
wl'.l Indicate other modern tendencies In
choral music. ' As a request number the
anions Balmoral Choir arrangement of
"Annie Laurie" will be given. In this
rlevorly written setting of the well-known
favorite no one will have the least difft
eu'ty' In following the varloua volcee, nor
in appreciating the many harmonic ef
lecu in evidence. ,
-.ft .
. 1
There is opportunity for the greatest
(ojoynient In choral music,' where the
words have helped to bring out the effect,
where the great development In the use
of concerted volcee can be seen, and, aa
Is tha case with our Mendelssohn Choir,
where the finest examples of choral
music are presented with the most artis
tic clearness and care of Interpretation.
The human voice la the most marvelous
of all Instruments, and when well used
In a. great choir the results are over
powering. After this concert, where the
words have helped In the understanding
of the music and the listener haa heard
its highest development, he will have
three chancee to hear the great concerted
instrument developed In modern times In
the symphony orchestra, llcre there are
many "cholra" and many different ton
tr sillies In th Instruments whlrh by
thfmtclvea or in different combination
lili etch other are capable of almost un-
limited possibilities, Sometimes all the i
airings are pitted agalnat the woodwind
or tlie brass; sometimes one accompanies,
or portion of each section will hold dla
logv.e; sometimes all Join together In
Htgn:flc--iit climaxes; there are Innunter- 1
table .mean which are employed by the
ureal composers to attain the dcalred re
sults, and under the baton of the men
who direct the splendid organlxatlona we
will be privileged to hsar these desired
renults will be brought before u, and it
l up to us to get the full enjoyment ou
'f t'-ent.
In the coming grand opera there will be
nm. !. that la Interesting from a musical
i landro nt. The operas to be presented are
hi n one the newer ones. " L" A more de
Tra P.." by Montemeaxt, which had Ita
premiere at the Metropolitan only last
-r. Puccini's "Madame Butterfly," and
"1. Eotieme." In each of thtse the musk
Is Us principal factor, and the aucceasea
w hich they have made depeud more upon
th music than any other part Poor hat killed many a good libr 15.
but good music has kept alive many x
poor one. In graud opera tbe libretto,
act.on. and scenery all elucidate th
niuklc, and tbe mueie In turn Idealire
and exemplifiea the rest of It.
Tlioee who are most greatly Interested
la music will bare s busy time of it and
aiiancee to biar more varieties of aauale
In the shortest space of time thn have
ever before fullcn lo the lot of Omshs.
M an leal Notes.
Mr. J. H. Hlmms, orgnnlst and choir
master of Al Halnts' Kplacopal church
at Twenty-sixth and Harney street, an
nounces that during lnt rhoral vesper
services will be x'um by the full choir
every Bumlay afternoon at 4 o'clock.
Police Magistrate Charles K. Foster I
made defendant In a $3T,,Ono damage suit
brought by Ray Jordan, who charges
conspiracy to Injur" him.
Jordan In his petition relates thst Fos
ter haa on several occasions acted unu
sually hitter toward him and that In
pursuing his pernecutlon the magistrate
exceeded hla Jurisdiction.
Joidnn haa been arrested numerous
tlrnea on various charges. He once was
sentenced to serve time In th federal
penitentiary for alleged Impersonation of
a secret service officer.
It lakes but a minute of time to save
dollars when you read The Be Want Ad
NEW TORK. March 11. Messages for
Mexico are subject to censorship, the
Western Cnlon Telegraph company an
nounced here today. English or Ppanbih
must be used whan messages sre routed
by wsy of Kl Paso, It was stated.
"uperintendent English of the Recrea
tion board has been given the use of his
automobile sgaln by Chairman Hummel
of the board, the superintendent's supe
rior. The return of the automobile marks,
It la believed, the beginning of th end
of the storm which brought the Recrea
tion board Into the apotllght during tr?
Training Freshmen
by Fellows Wrong,
Says Dr. Wilbur
11. There wa lively discussion on the today of a speech by Dr. Ray
Lynwn Wilbur, Stanford'a president,
championing freshman freedom.
Freehmen," said Dr. Wilbur; "should
be allowed to do as they please. There
is too much tendency to force people Into
a mold and no on has the right to Inter
fere with the free development of a stu
dent' Individuality.
"The anawer that they all do It' la no
answer at all. W ahould be Independent
and should do some fresh thinking for
ourselves. It Is eaay to accept the com
monplace, but that means you are not
thinking; that you are bound up by what
It beyond you. The Institution of fresh
men training Is wrong.'
Dies in House in
Which He Lived for
Forty-Nine Years
Romalne Palmer, a resident of Omaha
for forty-nine years, died Friday at his
home, 4416 Emmet street, from pneumonia.
He wa 'il years old.
Palmer came to Omaha In August. 147.
and made his home at the above address,
where he resided during his entire life
He wss a veteran of the civil war, en
tering the army In August, 1M2, apd serv
ing until IStiS, when he was mustered out
al Buffalo. N. T.
He Is survived by his wife and three
Funeral services will be held Sunday
from Dodder's chapel ot 2:30. Rurlal will
be In Prospect Hill cemetery.
Mendelssohn Choir of Omaha Has
Splendid Program for Its Concert
Kxtra rehearsals are now In full swing
for the Mendelssohn Choir concert which
Is to lie given on Tuesday evening, March
21. at Royd's theater. Owing to the pos
sibility of perfect acoustics at the Boyd,
the Choir Is doing some of Ita most deli
cate numbers, whose fine point might
bo lost In the larger apaces of the big
auditorium, In which previous concerts
have been given. The saintly old "Crucl
fixua" of Antonio Lottl will be one num
ber; It waa written yeara ago in
Venice by one of the rarest of the old
maaters. Contrasted with thla la the
Clarence I.ueas setting of "The Bells '
that wonderful music-poem by Edyar
Allan Poe. It ia so musical In Itself that
It would aeem well-nigh Impossible to
adapt It to actual notes, but Clarence
Lucas has accomplished the impossible
and given the choirs, who sing his work
a chance to do some mighty difficult
study. One of the greatest singing Oi
ganixatlons of the continent remove.1 It
from rehearsal. Its many difficulties
when smothed out are rare and beautiful
Pome negro, "Spiritual Songs," In theig.
proper choral arrangement by H. T. Bur-e.
lelgh. will be given. Mr. Burleigh 1
a musician whose work Is being sunf
at the most prominent concert In this)
country by men and women with white
skins who delight to present tha work
of this young genius.
Madame Claussen. the celebrated corvt
tralto. whose reputation preceded he
here from Sweden and from London. It
the assisting soloist and her splendid
successes In New York and Chicago at
the opera, as well as her many festival
appearancea have made her a valuable
attraction. Her splendid personality and
her glorious voice always win an au4
The accompaniments will be played fof
Madame Claussen, by Miss Eleanor Scheltf
of Chicago.
Advance sale for subscribers la Thurs
day morning at the box office of Boyd,
theater, when their tickets can be ex
changed for seats.
The city commissioners have submit
ted to the county commissioners a prop
osition for the rental of a room In the
basement of the court house for munlrl
psl court purposes. The room In ques
tion Is being used by the library for
storage purposes. The city commissioners
will consider next Monday morning the
Idea of establishing one of the municipal
Judges In the South fide city hall. Judge
Murdock lives In the South Side and
would be the logical one of the three
Judges for the proposed South Side branch
of the new court.
A. C. Johnson, passenger traffic man
ager of the Northwestern, ; In from Cht
cago to spend Sunday with his father
who resides in Dundee.
N. H. Loomls, general solocltor of tha
I'nion Pacific, la back from Topeka.
Kan., where he and Mrs. Doomls went
to attend the funeral of an aged neigh,
bor woman with whom they were Inti
mately acqtmlnted when they resided la
Topvka a number of years ago.
y. A. Campbell, for a long time con
nected with the Burlington passenger de
partment here, but for several years chief
clerk In the office of the general passen.
ger agent of the Chicago & Oreat Weeteni
la In Omaha for a few day a, accompanied;
by Mrs. Campbell, visiting old friends.
T-nst Monday J. K. Brill, assisted by
Mis Grace Slabaugh Iplano) and the
baritone, Rudolph Schuller. of Vienna.,
gave a ronrert at Seard college, Seward,
Neb. Mr. Mi-Ill played the fourth con
certo of Vleuxtemps, the Kollln variation
of i'orelll and two groupa of smaller
The other nlcht at Rrownell Hall. Mme.
Llssnewska iilnyed Hie entire collection
of pieces entitled "Scenes of Childhood,"
by Robert Schumann. Of these "Trau
merel" Is bv for I ho best known. The
names of each of the scenes waa given
In Kngllsh on the program, however, and
the following conversation wns nverhenrd
between two prominent women: "She
ntaveri 'TrnvmervV What fllil she Hn !
that forT" "Why, she certainly did.
didn't she? Isn't thut strantcc! I m sure
I don't know why she should Insert Hint
Omaha music lovera always know whst
they want when they want It, but, alas!
some of them do not recognise what they
get w-hen they get it. For Instance, last
Sunday Mr. I'Jman received a request
for the Beethoven "Minuet" after he had
already played It.
A piano recital will be given by Pupils
of Alice Virginia Davla and Cecil W.
Berryman at thn Schmoller A Muellor
auditorium. 1813 Karnunt street, Thursday
venlng, March 14. at, S la o'clock. Those
t .1 r I .. ...III W.. . V.I. , K I 1
..nii.H i-n v ii i nr. inured maurriy, i
Mar.lorl Smith, Miss Irma Still, Miss!
Madeline Collins, Mian Mnry Leslie. Miss
Morenre Dow Jtlss Alice Redgwick,
Mies Nellie Ryan. Mrs. Kuegla, MissUer
trucl Ann . ; Miller and Mr. Kenneth
Mrs. M. M. Hentonstall present Miss
Mildred CIhiisoii; Mis Mary Jackson and
Minn Etta HotchklM In recital Tuesday,
March 14, at :1S. p. ni.. Mr. Cox'a studio,
third floor. Patterson block. Seventeenth
and Farnam street. They will he as
sisted bv Miss Mabel Compton, accom
panist : Miss Mildred Wolford. pupil of,
M I f'nmi.fnn - ul.a 1 ....-. I - . i 1 1
- " "'"i mi. i, ... irm nimuau, iuiin
punll of Mr. Cox. The public Is cordially
A successful piano recital waa given by
pupils of MIm Helen Mackln on KrUKv.
March 10, In the Arlington block. Th
program constated of sixteen numbers of
sacred, modern and classical muaie for
the Piano. On March 1 a program- will
be elven nt the Hen llur lodge by pupils
of Miss Mackln, assisted by vocal pupil
of Mr. Patrick .O Nell and violin pupils
of Mr. Frank Marh.
Wood Aleabol je-tal.'
TIMMINB. Ont . March 10 An k.i.i.n I
Is dead, another dying, and three are aerl
ously 111. aa the reault of drinking wood
Call Kpeetal BeaalOB,
MANAN AOt'A. Nicaragua. March 10
The president has called an extra session
of congress to consider th canal treat v
with tha United State. irraix
i I Nest" - W liLk:"
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