Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 12, 1916, NEWS SECTION, Page 4-A, Image 4

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Lowest Prices Ever Quoted
Only "Two Days' Sals
' Listen We must dispose of
our large stork of discontinued
Mylrs and used IMnnog and
Player Pianos, regardless of
profit and terms. '
Among these sale pianos you
will find such pianos as Stria-
way. Weber. Emerson, Ftcger '
At Sons, Knahe, ChlrVerlnc.
.Ludwlg, Erbe, Mueller, Vose &
nle lnt only two dnjs., '
tn (i11 Tomorrow.
'row, left to right: John El Summers, P. & S.t '81; Charles S. Saunders, L., '82; Harley O. Moorhead, L., '02; President
Butler; Victor Rosewater, C, '91. Second row: Hiram A. Salisbury, F. A., '15; Norman R. Brigham, F. A., '13; Louis J.
Te PoeL L '05; Dr. Andrew B. Somers, P. & S., 72; Robert W. Patrick, L., '82; Dr. Charles W. Pollard, P. & S., '99.
Top row: Rev. O. A. Hulbert, 03; Charles F. McLaughlin, L., '10; Dr. James S. Foote, P. & S., '81; Walter M. Stillman,
C, '15; Frank Latenser, F. A., '11
Frei 20 Diys in Your Heme FREE
1 Rl5S!5!S!y''
$ 47
.$ 98
.XOTICE Cut In price, for thw
' next two jlny.'
Sf 50 Upright,
:obony ease, now.
300 Upright,
ebony rase, now , .
$325 Upright.
walnut case, now.
$350 Upright. t
oak esse, now.''. '.
$4 00 Upright, rose
wood case, now;.
$300 Upright, nm- djIO
hogany case, now, "P X tCj :
$1000 Grand, rose- " f - f( '
wood case, no , V P 1 VJl
$700 Player, oak, &OGfl
case, now..;.t. .. se7vJ
Terms 81 82 .pwvweck.
Free Stool, ( . ;rce, Hrarfs,,
Free LU3 loHnrance. .
Schnioller G H iscUer
1.111-13f3 Fiwnam Mrts'
) rr'pX' . ... l:-:tmfT M at"'
' v ,.; ' ."4 ' I
j j - . j . . .... ' : :
! i- v-vv.r- ' r ..
l r : l,v .V 1 AfJ
- '
a v. '. s ii i '.'ii oi rii iij
i t I it i y
vt iti:
7: ;f!EPAI!li!IGiisid
j In connection wltv'cur bl storage
.warvhouae w hav livsUIled a num
JImt of ' inovThn . varia" and auto piano
;waon . wnlcn ara. . aauippea wun
very ccmvwlcni "and have heavy
Jrubtip'r' lire., Wa ara therefore In a
JpoBltlpn to niovo any and all kinds
or hnimehold roixw ,anl ,piano ai a
jtvery'.modorate priei ',.-f;." "
l Our Vans and Waaoiia ara In char
iof tlicrons'iiy enpfrioncfd men who
'Jcon, alriil. will,' move" ; your houachuld
ijxoodfi with to mams ertromd. car aa
i hriuiJli' iitx woro dt'liverbnr a conv
itulete. outfit "which had J't bcen: pnr
IJi'hmod from ua ' - I
! Cur, tfrBe warebouae, which
l a .;Uior'ouithly moJprn . build Inar, Is
J-(Hilppi!d , with automatic eprlnHlur
aud airanKed so that household goods,
I !imioi, to., can be handlrd "an!
ntoi-d In a very fconomloal way,
In connection with our blr etoraxs
we fcava excellent facilities for
.parking and chipping aa well aa for
rfpalring-, rcfininlilus and upholater
!ng. Those departments ttfo In charm
lot flint claea mechanics who av ex
Jperta In their particular line of worK.
ur rfiaraes In this department, as
w ll 'a all other departments In
nertlon with our blj atomife plant, are
Jvery, modorate. ,''' "
IT you Intend moving;, having your
I furniture stored, shipped or rcpalifd,
J phone I touRlns 77S5 or call at this Blo-e
when we wi be pleased to elve yo.t
I any and all Information In regard to
Jour warehouse or any. department In
conmHtlon 1th it.
me when I say .lt. I. am nly 29 going on
'W. but when I want your counsel I will
phono you."
"I didn't mean no harm." snld ths Head
Barber, "but you are ny friend and I
don't like to have anybody put anything
over on a friend of mlna."
"You have got a loyal heart, George,"
aid the Manicure Lady, kindly. "A loyal
heart and a honest mind, only a little
alow and dull. If you waa as bright as
me and If I was aa good looking as you,
we would' be a grand team."
Ww wouldn't never pull together.", de
clared tho Head Barber. "You gt too
fresh. Tou are all theT time talkltur to
fresh sports, and It has took away part
of your girlish reserve, or something.'
I've got my girlish reserva all right
enough when , a gent gets flirtatious:
declared the Manicure Lady. ; "If . you
doubt that. George, wait till some gay
old dog comes In to have hie nails did.
Then watch little Iceberg Ida. Stop gab
bing now. George, I want to read about
this soolety wedding."
Liven tp Tear Torpid Liver.
Tq keep yo liver active use Pr. King's
New Life Pills. They tnsuro' guod diges
tion and relieve constipation.' At drug
gists, 26o. Advertisement.
Babylomlaa Deere Bet Aaltfe for m
tklld by MlaeoarVa 11 1 ah
dcfriradesj-frpni beta ambJshed ha t V"ili'i. i. "?$" tiH ''JJ
II Yea Have a , .
. IVcak Stomech
; Use Du!(yfs
If you have stomach trouble and
your food does not digest easily and
well you should act at once before
your aUment lead 'to further organic
If taken in tn.bleSDOonful donna In
JexiUttJ. amounts of water or ml Id be
, iniMila aiwl on retiring stimulate
ttlie mut'oua surfacea of the atointu-h
and activates the glands that rut rate
.the natural rilxttitlve Julrae l'nlti
I, there la a sufficient flww of saetriu
h)ul-e your atonuu-h cannot proiwrly
haiK-t the food you eat and ferumn-
Uition roJowa. Oaaea artae and P"l
ona are created In the ayatnen. The
Mood beroinea affected and through
the blood the whole ayatem bet onica
Involved. Avoid theae condition:
take Duffy'a as directed and yuur
health will invariably ba improved.
"Get Duffy's and
Keep Wall". .
At most drugplats
irrocere and dJ
era, 1.00. If tliey
can't supply ' '
h write ua. tTe ful
houjMthold booklet
The Dtiffy MaH Whlekey Co..
IUic healer, N. Y.
The Manicure Lady -
l She Discourses on the Folly of 1
Discourse. ,
''Vdon't know for sure If that ant
which just . went out waa' stringing me
or not."' snld tho Manicure Lady, "but
he told me that he waa In the secret
service." .
"I guess he was bluffing," aald the 1
i lleud. Barber. "Them spies don't often
tip their mitts like that. Part of a spy's
job Is to keep his mouth shut. You would
never ma So a good syp."
"There , Is , others, Oeorge," said f.the
Manicure, Lady cuttingly, "Barbers, for
instants. 'VVho ever heard of a barber
that woutif keep tils mouth shutT 'Nice
morning', plr.' 'Does the rasor hurt you,
sir?' and tU that chatter. I can hear you
springing It all day long. Don't talk to
me about talking, Oeorge I'
"But. aa I was saying, Oeorge, that
gent- Is a secret service man. Gee, how
romantic! And Just to think that I fixed
the nails of a gent that Is all the time face
to face with grim danger! I guess he's
the first hero I ever seen face to (ace."
VYou might b-aveaaWi-av lot of , heroes
ajKt never knew. it," said the Head
Barber, -"Heal heroes- never says' much
shout "Hi -and hardly an of them looks
tha part, oldest brothel saved three
Spanish waiV Jiut yoft .couldn'L.y
to talk about It, unless be was kind of
lit up, " .
'Heroes Is mostly Quiet, gents, klddo.
You'll always notice that..'Jf you know
many heroes.. .That's why.I think 'ihs .j
gent that just went out must have been
handing you 'something. I know he didn't'
hand you no tip." ' " 'I
"Giving a tip wouldn't prove anything,"
said tho Manlcuro Lady. "Nobody tips
ma as as much aa Joe Blow, and good
ness knows,. Oeorjre. Joe Blow ain't a'
brave man. J beHrvo If a newsboy;
slapped him, he would holler .'Pollcel' I
sometimes think- that It takes a brave
man to keep from tipping, especially In
little old New York." - ;
"You jdon't want to believe everything
your 'customers ftn yon." an viae a tne
lliaanicj', , oomo' men i
unloss they ar; strtntftng some young,
Innocent, gtrl 'like you.'''--'
Tea' bee!'!, said; the Manicure Lady.
"Tee hWvGeorge Ypu erc;a comical per
son soincUmtia. Just whcn'I think I sm
grown !,iitq ablo , to paddle myMlttle
oanoe.!Hlinjrityoui(eoma with your, ath
erlv ajvloi' and makai .me feel like one
of them .c'lriiilng'. chicken ypu see pic
turcs ofon . the. society, page them
debutants1 nean. . ".,'. . '-.tit
There. I lots of --things. I don't know,
Goorse','b"l there' is lots of nthor things
I am .w ise toN and hope you will believe
son was born Jn 190G. Later his father
died, and a year later the latter a foster
mother died, leaving the boy only 1.0,0)0.
The court here holds that hs possesses all
the rights In law of a natural child to
The circuit court of Ft. Louts, which
decided tha suit to break the will of the
foster grandmother adveriely to the child,
unable to find any lster precedent ap
plicable to the case, went back to the
code of tho Babylonian . King Ham
murabi, who died In ?1S5 B. C. Thla Baby
lonian code provided that the child of an
adopted child had no rights as an heir
after the death of the adopted child.
Su Louis Republic
' Read Bee Want
them for result.
Ads for. profit
The supreme court, has declared void a
Babylonian law of nss B. C, which pro
vided that the child of an adopted per
son had no rights as an heir after tho
death' of - the- parent, decreeing Loula
Lornero, 11 ,-yeara old, a heir to property
said to be , worth I2,000,000.' Tha court
announced the . new doctrine that tho
natural child of an adopted, child Inherits
from the adopting parents.
The father of the boy, was brought, to
Ft. Louis from Italy by Louis Bernero
snd his wife In If0 on the promise to
hls'parenls thn,t .they would adopt, him
snd make him their heir. They had no
children of their own. Tha husband died
In fit, Louis In 190 and the following year
his ) wife T adopted the young , man and
made him her heir. - II married and his
Need Not Tight if '
It Hurts Conscience
(Correspondence of the Aaaoclated Press.)
LONDON. Feb? 29. The position of the
conscientious objector under the new mll
Hsry compulsion act is thus stated In a
circular Issued to tha local authorities:
"Tha man who honestly and aa, a mat
ter of conscience ' objects to, combatant
service Is -entitled to exemption. While
cars wUl ba taken that 'tha man .who
shirks his duty to his country does not
find unwoithr shelter behind .this pro-
t vision. vVry considers tfoit will' be given
to tha man. whose objections genuinely
rest on religious or moral convictions.
"Tha local authority, in making ap
pointments to the exemption tribunal,
should besr in mind that the -tribunal will
have to hear, among tha applications.
those mads 'on the ground of conscientious
objection. 5 Men who apply on this ground
should be able to feel that they are being
judged by a tribunal that will deal fairly
with thelf casep."
" Ths Instructions go on to say that "the
certificate' of exemption may be from
combatant service only. In which case
tha man would not be exempt from serV'
ice In, for Instance, tho Iloyal Army Med
leal corps. The exemption should be the
minimum required to meet the con'
sclenttous scruples of the applicant."
Railroads Get Information to Have
Transportation Facilities at
Hand Immed'afly.
everything Indicates that perhaps
within a few hours the regular soldiers
of tha Department of the Missouri will
be an route to the Mexican border to take
a hand In quelling the disturbance there
and avenging the death of tha Amer
ican citizens killed by the Mexicans.
This afternoon Northwestern railroad
officials received from the War depart
ment Instructions to assemble equipment
at Fort Meade, S. D., and Fort Robin
son, Neb., preparatory to moving tha
troops at these two points on short
notice. The movement if it ocours will
cnslst of two trains, one of tourist cars
for the officers and soldiers and the
other a freight for carrying tha animals.
The movement will ba by way of Ortn
Junction, Cheyenne and Denver.'
At about he same time that the North
western officials received their notice
o move the soldiers from Forts Meads
and Robineem. Union Pactfte officials re
ceived instructions to assemble equipment
for the movement of the regulars from
Fort Ruusell. near Cheyenne. To handle
this movement will require probably four
trains, two of tourist sleepers for the
officers and men and two freights for
tho animals and camp equipment.
The movement over the Union Pacific
will be by way of Denver, out on what
road the trains will ba operated south to
tho Mexican border Is not known.
Koy to tha Situation Bee Want Ads.
Germaa Cora Reserve.
BKRLIN, March 11. (By Wireless to
flayvtlle.) Althoush It had been calcu
lated that the German corn reserve would
not total more than 260.000 tons, it is now
atated by the official census bureau that
It will reach i0.O00 tons, aays the Over
seas News atjency.
f..;. : A'. :
A'A ' 'A; ;'
. -' .... . . ,s "
i- "''
' '
A. U'
Louis A. Wetmore, former literary ad'
Itor of the New York Times and well
known as a student and writer, will lec
ture Monday afternoon at the Acadumy
of the Bacred Heart. Thirty-sixth and
Burt streets, on "Heretics and Orthodox
in Modern Literature,'' ; Mr. Wetmore
spent many years abroad, first aa a stu
dont at Oxford and later in travel and
association with great writers. His
Omaha lecture will Include criticisms of
Helalre Belloc, G. K. Chesterton, Rob
ert Hugh Benson, Q. W. Wslls, Oeorge
liernard Ehaw and Francis Thompson.
the Drug, Caff sine,
In Coffee Is A
Habit-Forming Agent
'VmW.-";-;. V
rssaas' auixsYtN. wv sf';:
y. J. . ' ' I
' . Bulletin 393, U. S. Department
of Agriculture, entitled "Habit- ,
Forming Agents," referring to caf
feine and other ingredients used in
the -manufacture of certain soft
drinks, headache mixtures, etc.,
my : V
Until recently it was claimed by
, 'some that' these, agents were harmless
and did not belong to the habif oraing
group. . ' Later investigations, however,
clearly show that this position is . unwarranted.
The average cup of coffee contains about grains of
caffeine. Mothers give it to their children and wives give it
to their husbandi3 unconscious of the harm coffee does to
' A "pf mi iwiiswiiiwArt
'?lrk?-W:i USE-A MENACt TO TDK ' V:.5,? v
"Vhcn the nerves cry out, or indigestion, biliousness, headache or heart flutter
begin to trouble, it's time to look to the cause.
An easy, sure way out of oof fee troubles is to quit the coffee, and use
f the pure cereal food-drink.
There are two forms of Postum. The original Postum Cereal must be boiled;
Instant Postum i quickly soluble in hot water, more convenient to prepare, and
has the same rich flavour as the original Postum. Some prefer one form, some the
other; both are freo from the habit-forming drug, caffeine, or any other harmful
substance, and the cost per cup is about the same.
'There's a Reason" for POSTUM
If every woman who is
thinking of paying a high
price for a Suit, will look at these
most moderately priced offerings, she
is sure to find what she wants at
a much smaller cost.
SUITS in serge, wool poplin, gabardine, Poiret
twill, broken plaids and black and white
checks, having such characteristic style ten
dencies as high military necks, full sleeves with
flare cuffs, rippling peplums and small capes;
skirts that follow the individuality of the suit.
Many are silk trimmed. It's the strongest line
we have ever carried, and has earned a shower of
compliments. '
$ 1 9.50 $25.00 $29.50
i .
JUNIOR SUITS designed for the immature and
growing girl's figure. Sizes 15 to 17
$15.00 nd $19.50
Jaunty Spring Coats
A multitude of new and original ideas in French genre,
soft wool good 8, In putty and oyster grey, black and white
checks and overlaid plaids. Many coats are lined through
out with rich, lustrous satin. Fresh from the best New .
York houses. i '
Two High Water Marks of Value, $17.50-$19.75
M riaTBSl
S A -. t A .
1516-18-20 Farnam Street. ,
"Xa nts Glasses"
3. M. VMiUlri,
Registered Opto.
Phillips "Change of Location" Otter
Twelve years in the Brandels Stores. Now In new
quarters In the Brandels Building. In order to properly
acquaint you with my new location I will accept thla
card as a
v 10 Discount on Any Pair of
Eye Glasses or Spectacles
If Thla Card Is Presented Within M Says.
rnoae lUd 3416.
807-e Braadala Bldg.
Takes Home
m Paf
d)U )) Oil a Full Gallon
A rtj-ft msanv ri hsrs m It O
yers old. only... ...... QUART
2 Quart Bottles of Beer. 25c
Cackley Bros.
lflth and Capitol Ave.
fiend Us Your Mail Orders.
Humphreys' Seventy-seven
For Colds, Influenza,
i" "" ri i"" " v
t6o and 1. at all druggists or by msll.
A Useful Tonic For
Loss of strength; Loss of Appetlto;
Weak or Impaired Digestion. Con
tains nothing harmful nor injurioua.
Large Flask $1.00.
ror sal. by all Drug gists or wtmt;
celpt of th. price. HUMPHREYS
HOMEO. MED. CO., Corner WlUuun and
Ann Streets. New Torn.
New Orleans
Two Solid Steel Trains
Tickets and Information at
407 South 16th St.
. District Passenger Afent.
Phone Douglas 204.
I ' S